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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 13, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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will move next year. it is always something that happens and unfortunately and i cannot move at that time >> patrick: she rents the condo from the owner, she says that she is nice, but the problem is the laeg that the condo sociation is required to fix. >> it went from leaking to having a big, water circle around it. to molding really bad. >> patrick: the leaky pipe was above the ceiling in the common area, you can see the brown spots, the bubbles and the water drops. for three months, they tried to get the condo association to fix the leak, they wouldn't, and then -- >> and everything came crashing down, and you heard a big bang, and everything was flying. debris everywhere. all of my stuff in the bathroom hilt the floor. >> patrick: she had just walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom when the soggy ceiling came smashing down. >> it was really bad, i was in more shock and disbelief that it happened. and a piece of wood that fell into my tub was massive and thick and big and it could have
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>> patrick: she was stunned but she was also, steaming. >> to know that it could have been prevented for three months, e-mails, text message and phone calls this needs to be fixed. >> patrick: by the time that she called us five days had passed the association finally sent a maintenance guy to fix the pipe and did not clean up the mess or replace the ceiling. >> just leave and be back and never returned. >> patrick: look at the pictures of the renter's nightmare, who has to pay for the repairs? the association, the landlord? or the renter? >> reporter: because the pipe is part of the element meaning that it is under the condo associatio they are responsible, they have to maintain the pipe, they have to fix it in a timelyy manner and they have to repair, any damage caused by the leak. >> patrick: we called the condo association, several times and went to their office. they would not talk to us. finally the landlord, aberto got tired of waiting on the association to repair the damage
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and he sent them the $800 repair bill and repepased to pay it because they claim they did not authorize the work. could sue them and get the money back. but he said that he is not going to bother. >> if you are a renter and you have a major pblem like the one that janine had, your solution is to send your landlord a letter giving them 7 days to correct the problem, or you will consider the lease broken, and prove out and by law, they have to return, the security deposit or any money they owe, you, if it is caused by the association the landlord has to go after them. >> patrick: her bathroom is back to normal and her landlord felt so baed for her, he gave her a break on next month's rent. >> hee was able to take a couple, $300 off of my rent, so that i can go ahead and buy back any anything that was damaged which there was. >> patrick: if you are a renter in an apartment and condo, that 7-day letter can help you out. if you own the condo, a rule of
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is behind the dry walls and services more than one unit, it is the associate's responsibility, like in janine's case, if it services one unit, it is the owner's responsibility, unless the condo documents say differently. >> a slow, dripping problem training draining you? ready to burt through with a solution,? contact us, worthless as a retear man, but when we show up, things sometimes seem to get done, i'm patrick fraser, seven news. >> belkys: coming up on 7 news at ten, she was told that she would never make anything of her life by the people who were supposed to build her up. >> craig: but she proved them wrong and is back to tell kids in south florida, her incredible story, it is the night team, sfeshl assignment report, l le lesson. >> reporter: a big difference, so far last year it was pretty warm across south florida, only one day with below average temperatures, so far, january, already, five days below average. can we expect another cool night?
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minutes. >> belkys: 20 years ago, a teacher told a north dade middle school stult student that she would never amount to anything. >> craig: but look at her now. she is back in south florida, with an inspirational story. the night team danielle knox has more life lesson >> reporter: in 1996 she was an honor student. >> that was the same day that was nominated for the most succeed. >> reporter: but the accolades
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asked for help in math class. >> i raised my hand if he could elaborate on it more and he scribbles on the board. >> reporter: out the frustration, she tore up the assignment. >> he planted his hands on the desk and said is that how you are going to tear up your welfare checks in >> he was wrong but e should watch what he was saying averages her family protested for the teacher to be tired. she never forgo the got that day or what the teacher said. >> i do remember that feeling, that feeling of inadequacy and worthlessness. >> reporter: but 20 years later she looks back at how that incident impacted her life. >> when that tear came down my eye and just how i looked down. definitely brought back memories. if anything, it pushed me forward. >> reporter: she got her high school diploma and on to college and then on to medical school. in ethat journey has taken 13 years.
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>> reporter: she helped to publish a book and is a world traveler. i spent three months, doing research and eqypt, and had our honeymoon there and london >> they are accomplishment, her twin boys, they are the reason that she has decided to relive that day. >> to show them the importance of resil ans and courage. >> reporter: the teary eyed teen in that story is a far cry from the woman she is today. >> i am very proud and she has come a long way. >> it gave me strength. >> don't you worry about it, because you are somebody. >> reporter: strength she hopes to pass on to her children and to anyone who needs inspiration. >> i will gladly be the sacrificeal lamb so that another child can be encouraged. i am dr. ariana monica martin,
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>> now, seven weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: cool and cloudy day across south florida. we had the morning lows in the upper 50s to the mid 60s and the afternoon highs the low 70s, it is still mild out there and the temperatures are in the 60s all across south florida, the wind out of the north anywhere between, 6 and 7 miles per hour. there is some rain, just south west of florida. and that will start to move in over night, and during the day tomorrow. all due to an area of low pressure that is developing in the gulf of mexico. dry tonight, but that will move away by tomorrow, areas of rain, across south florida. and then by friday, still a chance of rain here, over our area. meanwhile, here is the latest on the subtropical storm alex 60 mile per hour winds and by the way what is a subtropical system? well a regular tropical storm has a warm center, this has a cold core. basically getting all of its energy from thunderstorm
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now, this is a record for the earliest activity in the atlantic? well if we talk about subtropical systems, it is a record, the old record is from 1978. however, if we are talking about your average typical trocal system, then no, that would be storm number one. back in 1938. it briefly became a hurricane, with 80 mile per hour winds, between january third and the 6th. here is the marine forecast. for tomorrow, slight chance for the rip currents and the biscajne bay with a moderate chop. and the next high tide, 11:47, and 11:32 in fort lauderdale, and 1:14 in key west. the clouds remain and the stray showers tonight and not as cold as tomorrow, and mostly cloudy skies and a better chance for rain, here is your extended out look, wet on friday, and warmer on saturday and then cooler again, for the start of next
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forecast. >> belkys: oh, my,he final season is taking off and one contestant was taking it all off. it was entertaining but not exactly what the judges were looking for. >> belkys: not exactly. the night team shireen sandoval is in the plex with more on tonight's auditions >> reporter: a lot of famous singers have come from filly, but will the american idol judges find the talent they are looking for in the city of brotherly love? >> reporter: the american idol
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city that is home for the liberty bell, cheese stakes and rocky balboa. >> helping the search is the runner up, clay aiken. >> former star, up first, do you remember brenda from the 80s? >> i used to go to the same dance studio to rehearse. >> reporter:fter a reunion, she made her mom proud. they call the rising sun >> reporter: 15-year-old, isaac cole showing the judges the blues. >> reporter: they showed him the yellow ticket to hollywood. >> three yeses. >> welcome to hollywood.
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in my bones jen from the brokz bringing i with the radioactive by imagine dragons and she did not have to use her imagination to get to hollywood. >> it is the way that she moved on the dan floor >> heart breaker harrison, coeh woed the judges with tips from his casanova grandpa i want to love somebody like you >>eporter: broad way singer, john author green from north carolina was great. but, >> although for me it is going toe a no today. >> i am going to say yes. >> i am curious to know what else you could do. because i am going to say yes. >> reporter: and just like that, another americaca idol dream is
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the next top on the idol audition, tour, denver and little rock tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on seven, live in the news plex shireen sandoval seven news night team. >> belkys: how could harry give him a no? that guy was great. he was good. but he is going to hollywood. >> craig: they got them thugh. >> belkys: i love how you call her jlo like you are besties. >> j. >> up next, tough start for the panthers tonight as they try to get back on track in calgary. >> belkys: and dan campbell has
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tells you where. >> time now for seven sports with steve shapiro >> steve: the 12 game winning streak ended and a hang over tonight in calgary, the panthers in the first minute, and doug hamilton to sam, and rips it passed and the panthers trail, one, nothing, early and pick it up, two nothing, and sam bennett trails the rush and bennett makes it three, nothing and the two galz for sam and it was not done, and sam bennett, gets three goals in the first period, and derek and saved and bennett on the rebound, and longo was disgususd and they pull him, and right now the panthers trail,
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the heat just started against the clippers in la, the clippers without griffin and jordan. the heat are without, gore and will miss the last three games of the road trip and was sent home and injured his calf, on this fall at golden state and on the way back to miami. nba, and the wizards in white, and john in the bak and goes lefty. dunks and the wizards win, 106, 101 and 19 and 8 assists and elsewhere, anthony is out for the knicks at brooklyn, and the nets in black, larkin back to lopez and had 20 points and 8 rebounds, and larkin had 17 and 5 assists, the nets beat them, did not take long for the dolphins, coach dan campbell to find a job he is the new assistant head coach in new orleans, the giants have a new coach, and promote, ben mac ado and the browns, meanwhile, hire, cincinnati offensive
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one of the smulations get rid of johnny, and the browns degree, they will try to trade, manzel or cut him, but johnny dumb bell will never play for the browns, again. former cane's greater, pro, ed reid is back not as a player he is a defensive back's coach with the buffalo bills. he played for the baltimore ravens when rex ryan was an assistant at baltimore. the mar lynns signed two free agents, and they do the right thing and give a new contract to the hits leader and golden glove, second base man, dgordon, five years and $50 million, the first in fielder to win the title and the gold glove in the same year. and he is also, steal bases, i is safe. >> the top seeded panthers hosted seattle on sunday. the game right here on channel
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point favorite at home, the panthers led by newton and much made by the opposing teams, after the touchdowns but not from the sea hawks. >> you get your hands on an nfl game and you deserve the right to celebrate and you have worked hard and you are a professional athlete and you don't get to celebrate in the pros, when do you get to celebrate. maybe you do when you do something, great, and nobody judges you because nobody is watching and as you are watchingg him, enjoy it, he is enjoying it and he can enjoy his craft. >> carolina already, beat seattle in week six, with he will know if there is a winner, what will bosh and wade do if they won the power ball. >> charity. no, first item is to move it in my house. >> going into hiding. yeah. yoknow, be like i don't know,
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something, and have a secret lair in a cave and you know, j uft really cool stuff. >> steve: i am not sure what
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belkys are back after this. >> belkys: that is a wrap for us first at ten, chow chow i'm belkys nerey >> craig: i'm craig stevens stay
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continues. >> this is seven news at eleven. >> craig: well we are going to begin with a night team news alert. the power ball numbers are about to be revealed. talking about $1.5 billion dollars, maybe a little more by now. the highest jack pot in history and it is up for grabs and you are going to city that drawing right here on seven news at eleven, it is just moments away. >> belkys: sure is, the count down is on, a lot of people out there holding on to their tickets so see if they are the
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>> the record jack pot, and it is coming to you right now, get ready, this is power ball. good evening, america i'm sam, and tonight's jack pot is approaching $1.6 billion. that is billion with a b, i hope that you have your tickets good luck, let's play the power ball, 8, right after that, america, we have 27, here is peter, from massachusetts, peter won, $is million by watching all five white ball numbers, the next number is 34, and after that we have the number 4 and then we are going to wind it up this evening, with the number 19. and all right, for your winning power ball number, good luck to you. it is the number 10. tonight and that power ball, multiplier is two. >> belkys: all right, there they are, 8, 27, 34, 4, 19, and your power ball number 10. so go. run, check. >> craig: you are reaching for your tickets did you get yours
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