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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 22, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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oh, my, my. >> that wasn't a dance, that was walking. >> hot! >> let's just start with our best in show, that goes to full house's jody sweeten, her backstagelook, shades, robes and slippers, a she tansed a mean tang goo. >> i actually met her a couple of ago, she's delightful. she's really sweet and we're welcoming her into the family. we saw them just sharing ice cream, they're adorable. we really like her. the hot guy we didn't know before last night, but we really want to get know now. the first completely deaf
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>> he was kind of hot. and then emotions. pull it together. but he's still hot. >> there is a little bit a risk when you come in and you're so good, you start up where do you go? >> even higher. i'm going up, i'm not going down. >> going to uncover what is hidden inside capone's vault. >> nice try goes to 72-year-old geraldo because he technically didn't dance sorry, not sorry. lisa barton's performance was called slightly sedated, but i've got to say, this is a big step since her four-day -- and kimmfields get our keeping it real moment describing what only girls understand. >> excuse me. >> i went said hello to
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paula dean, she was in the audience. >> last celebrity support and interest as12.4 million watched last night. erin andrew for the first time after her$55 million verdict. mar la mapl producing that embarraing mom moment everybody daughter hates. >> i can do this. >> the judges say how good it was to see lyn goodman back in the judge's seat. it will always be the praise the dancers can get on that show. >> he is a tough but we know that under it all he's a softy. from dancing couples to real romantic lives, there is a lot of pda going on, blake shelton just can't quit gushing about gwen. >> shelton beamed as he
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pes, they're that couple now. >> i need an expert to tell you guys. >> a country m expert. >> i'm getting there, now. >> also shot. >> the taped segment aired same day stefani snap chat edted. to the kissy couple we call kabloom. or bloom and katy perry caught kissing full on. they weren't alone, check out the uninterested dog sleeping at his feet. now do some love birds on ice. >> great accomplishment. that's carrie underwood with her hubby mike fisher and her adoorable 12-month-old son's saya celebrating mike's 1,000th nfl game in nashville. the player was honored with a silver hockey stick and this.
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his wife and musicians including brad pais and his wife youtube's bono. and kim and kanye had a music home date night. singing to the biebs and getting down. the go-to move, thi wild bob, mrs. snap chatted her hubby's dance like no one's watching. justin bieber's shoutout to the man he calls one of my inspirations. p> he's abelieber. after the tragic terrorist attacks in brussels today, no interviews were allowed. the studio issued a statement that they wanted to move forward rather than yield to terror. another big event coming up in
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birthday, now to mark the occasion, kate middleton sat down for her first ever interview without her husband william and she spoke about their little princess who was born last spring. >> the 34-year-old's a comit shy and giggly in a new documentary to celebrate the queen who's turning 90 on 21st. we're finding out kate's just like us, trying to impress her in-laws, especially william's grandma who's taken the duchess
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>> kate will one day be queen herself and she's a commoner so getting lessons on how to be royal. >> i need to learn a little bit more and pick up a new more skills. >> that's what makes brits love her and she's connecting with them just like princess diana did. s really down to earth. she the queen home made gift at christmas. as a doting mum to prince who will also someday wear the crown, the queen is a bit of a softy, when it comes to her great grandchildren.
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come for their grandparents. ten members of royal family didinterviews for t occasion. melissa mccartney's recipe for comedy success. >> what about t thing with the spray tan. and little wonder, we go inside the recording studio with the stars of the new jungle book. animated classic back to life. and real housewife teresa and her husband joe just hours before he goes to prison. are they giving up reality tv? >> cameras, no cameras? but another high profile couppe in tumpl oil. >> i know, i hope that people don't get sick of us. >> could a bitter divorce be a
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family's executive producer steve levitan. sometimes i just feel like i have to scream to let you know how upset am. >> divorce papers origi filed in january, he earns a staggering $2.4 million a month and she wants spousal support
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clothes and almost $8,000 for letting the case get to him. pop star leona lewis o cf1 o
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critical water issues worldwide.ri it's kind of a working vacation, she's been taking in the sigh teaming up with he hubby is just one way that this couple follows melissa's recipe for success. >> if i love the character enough and i love the story, all i can focus on is trying to do that to the best of my ability. i think you have to be true to what you do. >> hello. >> the first ingredient in mel melissa melissa's respect by is work with your family any time you can. ben directs her for the time around, the first time was 2014's camey, all can say is he's a brave, brave man. >> what kind of tennis ball is that? >> melissa like, it should
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>> you're like, no, no. >> you don't have any money, you stupid ginger. >> like this frightening scene wiih co-star kristen do you ever wear that thing in your mouth? >> you can't keep drool in your mouth. it's literally like a spigot. and i was like, okay, kristen bell. and then there's that trademark leg move you saw first in bridesmaid. >> meli is doing this thing with spray tan. >> that thing,that's what we can call it. i can see yo vagina. >> congratulations and you're welcome. >> was that really her? >> yeah, that was really her leg. >> i said it got intimate with melissa and i, very intimate. >> chris is melissa's former -- after doing after doing time for insider
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that's another ingredient, j being sweet. >> i'm very family and my friends and i always to get people together, take vacations with people. i am not a lone wolf. comingup, joe giudice's prison plan, how will the real life housewife maae do with her husband gone. >> am i in the right monkey temple. and we have casting news from the new tanya hardin movie. you'll never guess who's playing
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find out right after this. in on the casting news, margo robby is going to play tanya harding in a new movie. harding was the infamous
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her ex-husband and bodyguard to injure nancy kerrigan. harding later pleaded to being a con conspirator in the attack and told us she didn't know about it until after it happened. >> back then, it was like, i didn't understand the law, didn't understand anything about what was going on. >> she's an aussie, but she can an american. >> we're pretty sure margo will look awesome in those '90s skating costume she's going to have a big say in how she looks. meanwhile, john devereaux had his hand in redesigning the jungle book. he took the animated classic from 50 years ago and made it all so real. we're going to find out exactly how he did that in this first look. >> the original jungle book was
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>> to live scenes, it all looks so real. t scenery is exactly an entire digital jungll. with more than 70 creatures and a set that includes fire, water and 100 million different leafs, more than 800 graphic artists more than a year to create. >> what make able to make this movie now i the ability to have animal animation. >> the only live action character is mobley. >> as all of my sflimfilms it all starts the cast. so when john devereaux said would you like to do this, i really couldn't say no. >> neither could scarlet johansen, here she is with her
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bill murray is the free spirited bear balle >> she's the leader of the jungle. >> man is forbidden. >> and he goes on this deadly pursuit. >> mobley, he's a 10-year-oll, who's grown up in the jungle. >> these will two different animals, but they have formed a family unit. >> mobley finds his own family. that's the beauty of thestory, he creates his >> animals come in all shapes and sizes, but it's a story that everybody relates to. >> jungle book has entered theaters in april 15. let's move on joe giudice's final hours of freedom. teresa's husband will begin his more than three year sentence. an emotional time for them. teresa just got out o prison a few months ago. >> and our senior news editor got the only inter with the
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fractured once again. >> teresa home two months ago and now you're about to go in. has that reality hit you yet? >> i'm just ready to go and get it over with. >> i think would have been done already, and saved a lot of money, a lot headache, a lot o'crap. i'm not going to the electric chair, i'm just going to do a little time and then i'm going to get out. forever. >> joe ask scheduled to spend 41 months in prison. his sentence will seem like for ever to his daughters. >> how about yo daughters, do they know where you're going? >> i'll call you all the the most of not slg your husband at home? >> him being so handy around the house. i'm going to miss him at night
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i mean he keeps me warm. joe will be here at ft. prison in new jersey. he will leave in the middle of the night making it hard for the paparazzi to get a shot. his plans to lose weight and drinking. >> i haven't stopped drinking i don't know how long so i could definitely use it just for that. which is probably going to be a good thing for me. health wise, anyway. and i'm just going to look at it as a, you know, just going in and working out, doing these programs and, you know, that's it. a little break from everything, how's that. >> yesterday, teresa was shooting new scenes for the real hoosewives. but when joe's sentence i over, reality tv life may be over as well. >> what do you see your family as now. >> cameras? no cameras? >> no cameras. >> just to be together and
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>> that's if your family stays healthy, that's all you can wish for, who cares about the cameras for whatever. >> a lot of people are wondering how joe spent his last night at home. teresa went to the dock area o one of his favorite bars the blue outh new jersey. there was about 75 people there, just really close family and friends, everybody brought their kids along and everyone was joking and laughing and having fun all night long. and there was even a mechanical bull they brought out that teresa and joe together. the party wrapped up around 11 11:30 p.m., and that's when people started to get emotional and cried saying goodbye to joe. >> i'm sure it's going to be very difficult to say goodbye his kids. thank you, jennifer. in tonight's "e.t" birthday,
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icon. at, ladies. >> story of my life. >> wast on wine? hilarious video offthe wine tasting adventures you'll want to watch over and over. >> a walkie-talkie. a walk.
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indianajones. and is demi lovato okay? what has fans concern it's all on >> time for the ans to tonight's "e.t" birthday tv icon once played ranger bob on the canadian version of "howdy doody"? >> take a look at what we're working on for tomorrow's "e.t." >> i've been working a lot -- >> teresa takes joe giudice to prison. i have heard that they have left joe by now. >> why this jersey housewife is standing by her man during their final moments together.
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