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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 18, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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rise and receive the bride. there she is, bouquet in hand. about to walk down the aisle with her father. the song you hear playing is the wedding march. everybody have a seat. because this wedding is about to take a drastic turn. [ bleep ] the deejay switches the song on her and started playing "i'm in miami." how do you make that mistake. it is a wedding. a big deal for them. >> i would have thought -- >> people in the audience are like, she's quite progressive. >> from the wedding to the reception, you know, the first dance. all eyes on the bride and groom when certainly the best man joins them, turns the party into
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get out. >> this one is never getting invited ever, ever, ever, did i say ever, again? he grabs the groom from the bride, pulls him into the pool. the bride is like, i got your last name now. you're never invited to the house. st. patrick's day, getting ready to have fun at the bars? you may want to keep some things in mind. this video, a couple of years old from moscow, shows a young lady and her friends at the bar. the bartender serving up one of those really cool intricate drinks. little fire involved there. holy cow! that poor girl is now on fire and her screams, terrifying.
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couple of years old. we like to get the story behind the videos at "right this minute." we're going to do an update. though you may have seen this particular video, it is going viral yet again because it is st. patrick's day. here is what you may not have seen. that's the girl interview ed by a russian television station. she is completely crying. doesn't even look like she sinked an eyebrow. this woman was paid damages in the area of 2 million rubles. >> how did she escape with no burns? >> i think the screams you heard were more of fear than anything else. the alcohol that did catch fire was around her shoulders and not really on her face. they were able to put it out rather quickly and she's okay. >> but didn't she look like she was fully ungulfed? >> it did. but the alcohol is what is burning.
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suffer any serious injuries. >> a kayaking trip took a brief detour on land in brook county, west virginia, because there was an animal in peril. can you guess the animal? >> a possum. >> no, t rex. >> a deer. >> bingo. it is a deer. this deer is not doing yoga. it is caught in some fencing. that deer appears to have gotten caught trying to jump over that fence. the people approaching are saying, hey, do us a favor, don't kick. >> just trot through the forest, pushing through sticks and twigs and then suddenly -- >> it stayed perfectly still while they're able to break this thing free. >> they are approaching this thing like it is a t-rex, using quite a bit of caution. >> wouldn't you? >> now, once it's free, he's
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caught in more fencing as it makes its escape. i've seen quite a few rescues of raccoons. this time the mom made it very convenient for wildlife patrol in ontario, canada, because mom decided to her babies in that cooler. >> crack open that cold beer, mom. you earned it. >> she finally peeks her nose around and realizes, you know what, these people want to evict me. she sees the net. but as you suspect -- >> big old raccoon. they're macking it ingmaking it much more difficult than it needs to be. take her out to the woods, open up the cooler and let her run free. >> as long as the cooler has an air way for her to breathe in. they were eventually put into the truck. >> and they'll be reunited with
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>> quartet of videos that are going to make your day. >> first one, on a bike, trying to go over that ramp that's been set up there. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> did you see the body snap like a whip? >> on the chin. >> yep. watch it again. here comes crazy biker. right on the handlebars. what are you thinking? that one, took it all right here. >> play another one. >> this guy on the snowmobile, you can see this in the video. he's maneuvering through some of these poles, electrical poles. he's going to move them right around. >> i think he needs to go to -- aims straight for it. >> yes. >> what's next? >> this mountain biker on this
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he's got the shot. someone is recording it. he gets the go. >> he made it, yeah. >> yeah. landed on his -- >> he didn't even jump. just a high speed downhill, right? looks like the ground was slippery. front wheel washed out. >> you get out there on the slopes, sometimes you want to ride some rails on your skis. >> no. what happened here would happen to me. >> and that is why you never have done this. this poor guy lands square, flat on that rail. doesn't even slide one inch. >> no grinding there. >> yeah. >> a man at a restaurant starts actingstrange. see his sneaky plan to try to score a free lunch. plus, this little cutie
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call 1-800 jelly belly jelly be an closed captioning provided by --ors, like very cherry. get real. get jelly belly. the improvements in camera technology has been beneficial in one particular area. catching sneaky people. we start in china. hot spot restaurant. you can see this couple, they're just sitting at this table enjoying some -- but you notice the guy checks over his shoulder, like he's up to something. he foe goes over and checks out the trash can. later in the video, he walks over to the trash can.
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and you can see here, he brings something out with him. put s it down and causes a ruckus. oh, my goodness! i'm not paying a thing for my food. >> after he's eaten half of it. >> pretty much most of it. the old classic, i'm not paying for it, look who put that in there. fortunately for everybody involved, they went back and checked the camera and you see where that came from. >> so what was it exactly? >> i'm not sure what it was. but there is more as well. we head over to santa cruz. what is happening here is i believe it is a crime. correct me if i'm wrong. she's walking up to this mailbox. which isn't hers and decides to go, that's mine. that's mine. the owner of the house is watching through the doorbell camera. she just casually flits through, suddenly -- >> can i help you in. >> i'm sorry.
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just an error. >> not taking my mail out of the mailbox. >> santa cruz police got a hold of this video and they're putting it out there in the hopes that anybody can identify her. most of us use gravity to walk about our day, never really think twice about gravity. i believe he uses gravity as lunch. he chews it up. here he is in alaska falling in some kind of controlled manner. >> oh! >> he eats it big time there. the rest of the film is nothing short of incredible. watch vincent basically use this mountain bike like he's skiing down that loose eroded gravel. fearless riding by rin sentvincent. i love watching it.
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this old mining area, that is beautiful. part of it does look like you're on another planet. some of the nature here just creates perfect quarter pipes for him to just rip on. >> pull the 360 with a little bit of muscle power there, building himself a ramp. not only does he just ride down, what looked to me near vertical cliff, does it with style. second half, more lush setting. shows he has controlled chaos not only in that loose gravel, but also in some of the forested areas as well. he's an extension of that. happens to comprehend the moment. that was a tree. for him, he's just in a --
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christmas and his mom is going to deliver. a little late. this is his fifth birthday and ethan is opening his present. >> good present. >> he got a new book. that is a good present. look at the book title. oh! >> wait, wait, wait, wait. >> wait. >> he didn't ask for a book. he asked for a baby. >> he wanted a baby. and mom is going to deliver. it is going to take him a little while to figure it out. >> just a book. >> what have you been asking for, forever. >> mom holds up a sonogram. puts it over her belly. >> this is your baby. this is the baby you've been asking for. >> can you imagine just before christmas, he's asking for this and dad is like -- all right,
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>> we got to work on this. >> it's in here. >> it's in there? >> yeah. >> the baby is here! >> it is so awesome when the kids are excited for' a sibling versus -- >> congratulations, ethan. you got what you wanted. >> an avalanche. >> no, no, no. >> flying right through . >> next "right this minute." and still to come, it is a shocking scene in the streets. >> watch because it happens fast. >> see a child's miraculous escape after one crazy takedown. plus, this dog is mixing up something good. >> you think you got all the ingredients, butter, sugar.
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>> he it didn't seem to slow him down. he's trying to catch up to his siblings. >> no injuries? the right arm, the shoulder, the head? >> nothing. >> i don't know how that driver didn't see that child. >> what you don't see is what happened before theed have video started. maybe the kid darted out. how do you not notice the thump. >> i'm astonished. >> you're going to be astonished in the next video as well, also from china. >> you see that man has two gas cylinders on his bike, right? >> what they use for cooking. >> exactly. and authorities say there was obviously a leak and when the light turned green for him, he sped up to go. and maybe the heat from the exhaust caused the gas to ignite. >> like they were both leaking. like he loaded them on and turned them on. >> forgot to turn them on. >> right, crazy. >> the man jumped off the bike
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fortunately also not injured. this little doggy takes the cake. quite literally. she's a 5-year-old english bull terrier. she's baking a cake. you got all the ingredients. butter, sugar. never mind her hands. the hands are her owner's. >> i thought they bred these dogs. >> i'm impressed with this dog. >> most dogs, she's kind of behaving. >> you see she is licking at the eggs. that will continue. what do you expect from the dog? >> even the flour. >> dogs will eat anything. like tasteless flour.
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and, well, one of them pops it in the oven. you be the judge. let's see if it sticks. the old one, two. looks like it is good. >> you say the flour, it is not going to stand a chance. that noise you make, it is a wrap. >> she's the woman who is turning heads because she is a real life barbie doll.
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it's this may look like an absolute disaster. but this is training. these guys, simulating an oil tanker fire. do everything in unison. have to basically choreography to keep each other from getting injured in a dangerous situation like this. >> is this a controlled situation where things start going bad, they would be able to turn the fire off and then everybody backs out. >> highly controlled. that fire is not going out until the commander turns the gas on. >> however, what you don't have control over is some of the new guys learning what's go on. keep your eye on the fire fighter up here, maybe trying to offer some instruction. >> no. >> just got blasted.
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>> he did. luckily doesn't seem to knock him off his feet. >> imagine what that will feel like blowing into your ear. that would have been horrific. >> charlie and the dangerous balloons. >> oh, no. >> hey, charlie. >> barbie has evolved over the years. malibu barbie, my favorite barbie. she looks the most like me. nice little tan. and play with barbie toys and big dashbarbie dreamland. >> then you grow up. >> and reality strikes. what if that is your reality. >> i know parents talk about me, gossip gossip, everybody else. but i really don't care.
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what is this? meet 42-year-old nanette kamman, she is a real life barbie doll. when i say a real life barbie doll, i mean she has the barbie cars. she has the barbie waist. she has the barbie dream home. >> this has gone way far beyond what we have seen before. >> in total, she spent about $500,000 achieving this look. it doesn't stop there. she's also a wife and mother of five. she didn't start off this way. she used to be a brunette. when she was 21, she had a breast augmentation. >> what? >> those aren't natural? >> they're a 28a. >> you're going to say the lips aren't real either. >> she just enjoys botox here and there. tanning, fillers.
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>> she has more plastic in her than a barbie doll. >> i'm perplexed by the tanning alone. that causes so much damage to your skin. >> her husband is a businessman and it is a family affair. they take most of the photos. >> the kids don't seem to have a problem with it. >> but the malibu barbie has gone the whole women's route with the different size, different weight, different color. what is she going to do now? >> old school barbie. >> happy st. patrick's day. thank you for joining us today.
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this minute."ight this minute." "the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. numbadele's post-partum confession on stage. >> i've got the baby blues. >> as madonna's family troubles -- then that was ben and new fiance caught out their


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