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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 5, 2016 1:07am-1:35am EST

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have a great weekend.ha boaters spot a desperate man adrift at sea. >> the story behind this is crazy. >> how he managed to survive until his miracle came along. a store camera catches a driver trying and failing at parallel parking. why the only winner is that guy with the walker. they said they were all out. >> he just learns they are out of chocolate donuts. >> that's bad news! >> the moment he got something so much better. and -- she's an internet sensation. >> this is miss calissa howie. >> meet the woman behind the voice going viral. >> i just love to sing and am so thankful to god for the
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this is off the coast of mexico. we can see some people on the boat and they are waving at somebody. somebody out there. they are saying, don't worry, we'll rescue you. calm down. the story behind this is crazy. rescue that man is currently enjoying a meal off that bird. this guy was shipwrecked and has been drifting at sea. apparently he set off from acapulco. as he comes up, you can see how sun burnt and skinny this guy is. they reach down, they grab his hand and lift him into the boat. >> they just asked him, how did you catch the bird? he said it landed on his box and he got it. but he's caught and eaten four birds and a turtle. >> yeah. he's been out there long enough
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it gets worse. he was shipwrecked with somebody else that didn't make it. this guy spotted guys. they found him, they pull him onboard and save his life. another miracle escape comes from oman. people are out in the water doing water bashing with a dry riverbed, but with the rain and melt and everything happening in a different part of the country, suddenly these turn into a torrent of rushing water and you can see a four-wheel drive full of people now in the middle of this now rushing river as these guys struggle to catch them and help them. this is both lucky and very dangerous where it catches here on the side. and they are lucky that it didn't roll over. so they back another four-wheel drive up behind it and are attaching a tow rope. but in the rush they attached it to the bumper because watch what happens. >> it's going to rip the bumper right off. >> exactly, nick. >> that's how people break legs.
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get a good attachment and back itself out bringing the four-wheel drive with them, a very lucky escape. parallel parking, one of those skills that seems to escape some people. we've got a security camera inside a shop in the netherlands here. beyond that window, youver car in reverse. >> easy, easy! >> look at the poor guy with the walker. >> he's lucky. he walked just enough to miss being hit by that car. >> i'm pretty sure that's the fastest he's gone in a while, once that car goes zipping by him, he picks up the pace a little bit. whoo! inside that vehicle is an 82-year-old woman doing her best and failing at parallel parking. thankfully, though, we can laugh about this. there were no serious injuries
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it does open up the ongoing conversation about when it is sensible to stop driving. >> definitely then. >> i think you can also apply that same statement to this. a scene in quebec, canada, where blizzard conditions created such terrible driving on this highway it's actually been closed. the road is closed. the police officer here was simply patrolling the roads to see if anybody was stuck. the officer himself got stuck. the road had been plowed just an hour earlier. he got unstuck by a series of back and forth motions but just a little while later as he was coming back on the same closed road, he got stuck in the same exact snowdrift. >> who do you call in this case? i did it again. >> he does get help from a civil road crew to help him up. the point of the guy posting this video, if they say the roads are closed, there's a good reason.
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and that's why homecomings are that much sweeter. this one is out having donuts with his mommy. >> like i went to get a donut and they only had my kind. they said they were all out. >> disaster. >> that's bad news! >> oh, but good news, it's right around the corner. >> they say they gave the last donut to that guy right over there. >> they are about to find out who took the last of the chocolate donut. >> aww, forget the donut! >> you can pick me up now. >> he holds on to dear life. apparently, dad has been away for five months and the little one didn't expect him home. >> five months at that age is forever. >> it is. and this hug goes on forever, too. the rest of the video they just spend it hugging and holding each other. it's so cute and heartwarming.
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dad's face and looks at him and hugs him again. it's adorable. he forgot about the donut. >> screw the donut. it doesn't matter what age you are, it's a good day when the family member comes home. this teen opens the door -- she's so shocked she runs away from the door. >> look at her face. >> it is all tears and hugs from there. >> are you happy? >> yes. this is a really cool video of a dad and daughter out on a beach in new zealand. the waves are coming in, she's having a great time. it's going to be a great day. but then watch this -- >> hey! >> did you see that? >> dolphin fin? >> no, that was a shark fin. and it comes up quickly. these guys never saw it.
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>> it swam right between them. >> so you go home, you play the footage back and see that and just realize you were never any wiser. check these two out, they are swimming in the ocean. keep an eye on this swimmer, he's about to be joined by another swimmer and not a human. look who creeps into this shot. >> wow! >> he's screaming at the guy in the water who doesn't appear to have any clue that there's a shark swimming right at him. basically gets him right at him, eyeballs him, is completely uninterested. he looks around and swims away. >> the shark was like, oh, no, it's one of those crunchy humans. no good meat on them. >> the shark already had lunch.
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shark, which is particularly uninterested in humans. kids roam the streets of brazil looking to make a swift steal. why things get sketchy when they start swarming. and when they think their owners are away, the pets become -- >> escartists. >> that's a complete jailbreak. i love that.if you're going to say"better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's qualityguarantee: love your pizza, or get anotherone, absolutely free. get any large pizza up to5-toppings for just $ only.
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ca gold bond rough & closed captioning provided by -- reduces bumps 72 percent. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. like us on now back to the show. it's like watching a wild
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but these are human beings on the streets of rio de janeiro. watch this gang of young kids just one after another attack people trying to steal. watch these kids just eye up their victims, walk right by and -- >> no! >> this is not the first time. i'm worried all the time, because this is not the first time i have seen this kind of video, it's like a swarm. >> and they are not subtle. they are out there spawning, moving quickly and getting away with this stuff. >> more and more. you wouldn't believe it. you're on a bus, think you're safe? think again. watch this kid casing somebody sitting inside the bus on their phone. doesn't quite succeed there, but that doesn't matter. it pays off if they keep working. >> they look so callous in doing it, which they are, but apparently some of the kids are street kids.
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together and it's their way of survival. >> something has to be done. keep in mind, this is where the olympics will be held. this entire video is from the same street corner and looks to be the same group of kids. they run right by with a cell phone, a piece of jewelry, the nuttiest part about this, there's a facebook page designated to this facebook page. the amount of videos posted to this facebook page seems endless. all of the same opportunistic crime clip after clip after clip. i just kept hitting show more and there's more and more and more. animals have instinct. and i'm going to prove it in these two videos. the first one features a momma squirrel in a bit of a stressful situation because this thing right here is her nest. her babies, because it's a windy day, have fallen off that tree. >> oh, no.
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already rescued her babies, but now she has to get the nest back up the tree. >> she's going to rebuild it? >> no, she's already done the work and has to get the whole thing back up there. >> looks like she tore it out of the patio cushions, too. >> watch her start carrying it up in smaller bits but eventually she manages to get it up. >> hopefully build it more secure this time, make it a little more wind proof. >> she's not a dui master. >> apparently she is. she built it not once was twice. they are definitely escape artists. you see that door shut at the very beginning? that's to give the animals in the other room, the dog in that kennel and the cat also in the room the illusion that they are now alone. no adults, no humans in the house anymore. the dog wants to get out and play, the cat wants the dog to
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the dog runs right now and now the room is all their domain to mess around. >> that's a complete jailbreak. i love that. see what's going on there? >> yeah. >> this is a really cool tool that basically means you can recycle any of your plastic bottles, any plastic bottle, and basically create this kind of cord. it is all about -- you can go, there are so many different ways to use that cord as a rope, a decoration. in fact, even if you pull it apart, the amount of space that a plastic bottle takes up on the way to recycling is greatly reduced. it's a simple device. just literally a wooden block with an embedded razor in it and a cutting guide that enables you to do it. >> simple crafty invention. i just don't see people taking
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you know, people don't even cut their six-pack rings and we know how damaging those can be around animals' necks and stuff. >> well, check out their kick-start, the page, there are lots of people out there that think this is a great idea and a product they love. it's going to cost about $15, $20. if you order it from outside europe, the shipping cost is just about as much as the product. for us in the states you are looking at about $40. but what a great, simple invention. it's a monday reeler fake with e-bombs world. >> guys are that stupid. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, he likes to surprise his lady at work. >> excuse me, miss. >> he does that every time. >> see why giving her a scare is actually super romantic. plus, find out why this slick set of wheels is sure to impress. >> it's sexy, man.
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>> ooh! ah! >> a lot is going on. >> he does that every time. look. >> excuse me, miss. >> it's all the caffeine coarsing through her vains. >> she has a short-term memory. >> this happens every time. ah! my coffee! >> because every time she's just as surprised. look, here she is again. >> excuse me, do you know where the -- >> it's no wonder he keeps doing it. you get a great response every time. >> part of the reason she's so shocked and her face is a shock and a smile is because he lives two hours away. >> oh! that changes the game. he loves her that much that he will travel two hours to surprise her just to take her some coffee. old school meets new school in this new vehicle by morgan. morgan, a british manufacturer,
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the beauty of this the morgan ev-3 electric vehicle, morgan taking their old school craftsmanship and putting it together in this beautiful three-wheel electric sports car. >> no way. >> it's sexy, man. >> dude. >> it's part "star wars" pod racer part antique old school british look. only 62 horsepower, but such a light vehicle this thing zips along with a range anywhere between 50 and 150 miles depending on the mode that you're driving in. >> it's just a crazy, sort of like, blending of old school and new school. you know, world war ii and it's the future. >> okay, how much does it cost? >> into the six figures. >> no, no, between $50,000 and $60, which is still pricey for a one-person sports car. >> but look at the buttons. the switches, those are -- i love it.
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i'm in. it's the singing performance captivated the web. >> this woman can blow.
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yet from this vocalsometimes we use k-y ultragel toenhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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learn what is inside, two golf balls, and it's the what's in it channel. you can see a shocking amount of balls or the 2016 golf balls from the very brand. and it is quite interesting to see what is inside. >> let's see if i can hack into it. >> i just want to see this guy's son. >> it has this rubber plastic, kind of clear material. >> that's pretty common with all the 2016 balls. they just got different colors, different shapes, some look like an eye. the interesting part is they brought out a 1990 golf ball as well. yeah, that's what i always thought. like little strands of rubber instead of solid. >> i feel bad for them when mom comes home and sees her cutting board. >> yeah!
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celebration of spirituals that month. month. this video has surfaced from one of the festivals that happened at barea college just a few weeks ago. amen amen >> i think people hearing that thought it was the angels. >> and that was just the practice. this is miss calissa. her video has gone viral and now the gofundme page has starteded to get massive numbers. she's raising money for a cd project. the song you heard is "hear my prayer." here's another snip-it of "give
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give me jesus >> she can sing. >> yeah, i feel like she should be singing. give me a contract. let's meet the lovely lady behind this big powerful voice, miss calissa cally day, welcome "right this minute." did you expect this to go viral after your practice? >> no, ma'am, not at all. >> how does it make you feel in moments when you're singing? it seems incredible, what does it feel like to you? >> i kind of lose myself in the music. i want the audience to feel what i feel. i just love to sing and am so thankful to god for the opportunity to use my voice to spread his word. >> what is it about this practice video that is captivating people so much? >> now that i cannot answer. i mean, i'm blown away about it.


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