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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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memorial highway heading north towards harmony. you're heading out in the next few minutes we are seeing minor delays southbound. the truck lost logs on the southbound side. 49 miles per hour so minor slowdown now is the traffic picks up. people see a bigger impact and you can use 21 as the alternate. in charlotte we are looking at 77 near trhs st. southbound north towards the brookshire freeway. no big problems here in mecklenburg county. overnight in northwest charlotte. police are searching for the person who shot a man three times after 1 am. mcdonald street near lasalle and beatty. officers tell us the man was hit in the leg and it appears to have started as a robbery with a medic took him to cmc. channel 9 is asking police if they had suspects. we will bring you new
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parents packed into this matthews church. to get answers from cms leaders about whether their children will have to be best to different schools. outside of the government center to explain how leaders addressed parents fears about reassignment proposal.>> reporter: as you said at many of the parents were there last night because they were at the meeting because they were concerned the district would start busting their children to schools outside of their neighborhoods. cms board member elyse dashew tried to delay fears telling them that the majority of the board did not think there would be massive changes to blessing as a part of student reassignment. the ideas to create more i -- diverse schools but the board did not outwardly say that busing would it be a tool used in any plan they create and
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just that. >> i am stressed out about this. parents got a chance to write down their comments and concerns which will be passed along to the board of education. cms board members are the only ones considering changes to education policy. coming up i will explain the reason why leaders want to introduce universal pre-k and have a plan to pay for it. angela hot. north charlotte. police are looking for two people who crashed into the back of a city-owned truck and ran away. it happened at 1230 a m on i 85 northbound. officers say the people inside this supercar ran from the scene and left the damage car in the middle of the interstate. police said they had to shut down three left lanes before towing the car. the city truck driver was on her.
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have a description. investigators looking for the driver who led troopers on a chase through two counties. we brought you the story last night on eyewitness news at 10. the chase started in union county before 9:30 pm after troopers try to stop the driver . it ended in southeast charlotte. the driver stopped on east independence near margaret wallace wrote and jumped out of the car and went away. . cp officers will be scattered at convenience stores aiming to prevent car thefts. joe bruno is life outside of the trip in west charlotte were officers say they have seen a spike in thefts were drivers are leaving the keys in their vehicles. a lot of people don't think anything of it. they park their car and they leave the car running and then
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according to cmpd there have been 85 vehicle stolen with keys left in the ignition. that is up 67% from last winter with 51 vehicles were stolen. police said the crimes have been happening in private driveways and public areas. police say drivers most of the warm up. offices will be at several trips today and giving them tips. officers will be here in 90 minutes and they are rewarding to drivers by giving them a drink coupon when they showed that they have their car keys. mecklenburg leaders are closer to closing the book on the botch property evaluations from 2011. last night tax assessors gave us a better idea of how many people were impacted. since 20 1100s of families in
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that the county overvalue their homes and overcharge them in taxes. the 2011 had lots of issues. there is no doubt about it. but the biggest thing they did not take place was the county responding to our citizens at that point. bss is said as part of the front to make sure if the error happens again they respond in a timely manner. they requested a report to close the issue. the county refunded $99 million to property owners. for the next few days voters in south carolina will get the chance to ask candidates crucial questions. cnn is hosting two town hall events and all six candidates are expected to attend. two other republican hopefuls plan to make stops in our area before the primary for tomorrow night jeb bush will be
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ohio governor kasich will be an indian land in sun city carolina lakes. local voters are getting hit with calls and mailers from candidates aiming to get support. >> trying to put the bug in your ear to vote for them. if you get a call about donald trump or mail about us senator ted cruz, that person will be on your mind when you vote. a mixup in the campaign for marco rubio. his new america add. his weekend. it features dan cooper skyline in canada. it is morning again in america harbor in vancouver.'s campaign responded, we are not going to make canada an issue. find a section of dedicated to the elections. click vote 2016. south carolina senators
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for fixing state roads. amendments to the proposal are expected which would add time to the debate. one of the plans would raise the gas tax by $.12 a gallon. an estimated $723 million will be put into words but the proposal only cuts income and taxes by 400 million. daytrippers are explaining why they shut down to local interstates on monday night that stopped traffic for hours. we investigated crashes as part of i-77 in iredell county. dozens of drivers were stuck for up to five hours. troopers blocked i 45 on the north side of town for two hours. they understand some drivers were frustrated that they did it to keep people safe.>> it wasn't convenient for some people but it was also a safety issue. >> a spokesperson said freezing rain washed away the salt crews put on the roads. big problems for people in
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to transformers blue which hours to homes and traffic lights it. state trooper said they responded to 500 accidents. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. some of our mountain counties still looking for improvements with their roads but it is nice out there. we are trying things out. some clouds in place and that is keeping temperatures mild. already 41 so a mild start to the day today. warmer air to the south and we're still holding onto the cold air in the mountains today. we will keep an eye and granite falls and morganton. it is 26 and banner elk. you will find slick roads out there. we will talk about a bigger jump in temperatures and they will be here by the end of the
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weekend looks spectacular. iredell county, an accident. it is a logging truck that overturned and spilled logs on i-85 northbound near 901. the logs it fell in the southbound lanes were a second accident just occurred. two cars hit some of the logs for you had 77 down to one lane in each direction near memorial highway north of statesville. used 21 as an alternate. a huge delay but as traffic builds this will cause a bigger issue. in charlotte we're looking at the billy graham parkway is looking great. damp roadways. usc charlotte student gets the shock of his life when he
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stairwell. she didn't look like she was in any pain. stick around for the story. the move the mother made immediately after giving birth. a south carolina mother outraged after her son was left stranded on a broken down bus for hours and no one told her it was happening.
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admit they did. 5:14 am. ground there. you can see it on the grass and the words out there. avery county schools are closed this morning. there are some delays as well. list. we have learned that apple is fighting a judge's order to
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information stored on an iphone that belong to one of the san bernardino shooters. apple released a statement and here's what they are saying. they say the request is too dangerous but the company does add they had turned over other data to the fbi. they killed 14 people in the attack against coworkers in december. they believe the couple did so in the name of vices. both were later killed in a shootout with police. district attorney will decide of charges will be filed against a hickory man who shot another man he says was breaking into his own. tony pitts heard a knock on his door monday night but it was so late he didn't answer. 10 minutes later he says someone smashed his sliding glass door. pitts grabbed his gun and he fired three times hitting the man twice in his chest. >> i am disabled. i had to do
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he was standing over there and we are asking police for he will face charges. the men had surgery and is doing okay. fbi has a plea for help in finding a cleveland years ago. the agency publicized a $25,000 reward in the case of asia dupre , she was nine years old when she disappeared on valentine's day. the fbi is working with investigators to retest evidence and follow leads. we learned about a website dedicated to finding asia. it urges people to come forward with information. the website launched at the beginning of the year. asia's mother is not happy about the site saying it is truths. >> general motors recalling
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toccata airbags. from 2003 until 2011. owners will receive letters notifying them of the recalls and another letter with the dealer has the parts available. the airbags can throw shrapnel during a crash. the history. how you can protect yourself. check and put your vehicle identification number in and even if your car is not on the list keep checking because the recall is growing. shorefront seatback as far as is comfortable and safe to be further away from the airbags. a south carolina program is helping homeless people get back to work. an effort to get them off the road to the recovery. it is a five-week boot camp where people learn how to get a
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create resumes and polish up on their job skills. homeless people are then matched with potential employers. the first class graduated 19 people in december with 14 of them landing a job. a police officer is getting a lot of attention on facebook after he spent time playing football with the neighborhood kids. ofc. caleb costner was called to a home monday afternoon after a neighbor complained about the children but rather than punishing them he spent time playing with them at throwing the football around. >> it was like oh my gosh. he is going to play ball with us. this is cool. koster said he wanted to show the kids that police officers can be their friends. we post a picture on our them. we have seen a lot of this
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oh my gosh, it was a big change yesterday and we went from really cold and it got really nice later on. let's keep this going. >> a few steps backward temperatures today but they are still upward as we had to the weekend. out the door this morning with wet roads in charlotte and to the west in the foothills, hickory through morganton down to lincolnton, temperatures above freezing but still barely. i will watch this closely. we're at or above freezing by a degree or two. it will be close. we will keep a eye on the conditions. 2 to 4 inches overnight last night the second the roads will be snow-covered. other main highways looking pretty good so far that you will find slick travel for sure. close to 40 now and the clouds are thinning out early so we will be back with sunshine today.
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beautiful and sunny at noon. only a few degrees warmer in the afternoon things to the northerly wind so not as warm as yesterday but still very nice. these of the clouds zipping out of your. for everybody after 9:00, the clouds will be slow to he wrote in the afternoon but you will start to clear as you look ahead to clear pictures into this evening. as we get ready for the weekend it looks great. the numbers slowly climbing up back to the 50s but the weekend mid to upper 60s and overnight lows in the 40s. 's spring preview coming in as we head into saturday and sunday. what a difference from last sunday. we had 19 last sunday morning and temperatures closer to 70. a huge turnaround. this will be short-lived. we will cool things into next week. five day forecast, a lot of sent for the next few days and completely dry across the board
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as the numbers climb close to 70. not a record. the records for sunday are in the upper 70s. it will feel very nice. time 5:21 am. we are seeing some delays now. traffic builds this morning because of the accident that we are monitoring and iredell county. it is north of memorial highway and if you are heading north it happen in the northbound lanes with a logging truck that spilled in the southbound lanes and some cars hit the logs. we're dealing with issues here and we have a lane blocked in each direction. traffic getting through but a little slow so 21 could be used as the alternate route we will monitor this throughout the morning. south traffic building out to us 21, 67 miles per hour. if you are traveling to the side
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they are working on damp roadways. unc charlotte student learned a lesson that you can't learn in the classroom. >> he helped a stranger deliver her baby outside his apartment. >> i am like excuse me, do you need any help and she said yes i do. i am about to give birth.>> the call for help he made before dialing 911. >> county leaders want to offer kindergarten for all children under the age of 5. how the
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he a contractor for google fiber is accused of slicing another utility line in charlotte. yesterday marked the second time since friday night with crews had a gas line cutting the heat off to 300 homes in the highland creek neighborhood. piedmont natural gas said the lines were marked before that maine was cut on friday. state appeals court ruled
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dashew can prove a authorized involuntary sterilization 40 years ago. for documents say the woman was involuntarily sterilized in 1974 after a social services worker account desperate to take her children. her case does not meet the criteria for compensation for south carolina mother spears turned to outrage. a four-year-old spent hours trapped in a broken down school bus. >> i don't know if something happened. the previous offense with the best. melt the -- mecklenburg leaders are calling for universal pre-k for students under the age of 5. i will
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out the plan. commissioners want to offer free pre-k to every child under 5 in mecklenburg county. the biggest hurdle. connections the patients have to one another and what health officials are doing. good wednesday morning. i am stephanie maxwell.>> keith monday is in severe weather center 9. warm up and dry comes up quickly after rain last night, it was in and out very quickly. the morning drive is damp. once you get west of the catawba river uc five. numbers here are still above freezing but just barely so watch this closely around hickory and lenore. icy travel yesterday in lincolnton and barely above freezing at 34.
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charlotte. mountains with light snow last night and you will have some issues up there for this morning. the secondary worlds will be icy . cloud cover this morning, timeline looking great. keep the glasses with you today. it won't be as warm as yesterday . we will talk about the winds gusting later this week in a moment. let's head back to mark taylor with an update north of charlotte. >> iredale towards harmony north of statesville. traffic building through the area. we're seeing minor delays for good accident happened northbound north of memorial highway it was a long -- a logging truck that rolled over. you had a second in the southbound that cars hitting
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this will be a big problem. the traffic continues to build in the area. charlotte, no big accidents. this is 77 furthermore -- north at biden. no big issues into charlotte. 68 miles per hour in charlotte right now. health officials and mecklenburg and iredell county are monitoring two cases of mumps in a case of an outbreak. >> we have been following this story since we brought it to you yesterday at 5:00. officers reported joe bruno was in charlotte. >> reporter: vaccines have made cases of mumps where but there are still a few cases each year. channel 9 learned to adults for mecklenburg and iredell counties have the infection. the two adults work together and the cases are contained. the health department is
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that may have made to prevent an outbreak. mumps is contagious and -- shared by seizing or sharing food or drinks. symptoms are similar to the flu but with swollen glands. the health director sent an alert to parents. the infections are severe so people are knocked out a little longer than the cold. there is no treatment and antibiotics are not effective for their treatments you do have mumps can take to relieve symptoms. joe bruno. in lincoln county man accused in a shooting is due to make his first court appearance before deputies arrested james small yesterday and he and another man david greene got into a fight yesterday afternoon and greene chased him on school road in lincolnton. small shot greene in the arm. small is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. a south carolina school
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changes to bus routes after 17 children were stuck on a broken bus for hours. >> they had no access to food, water or batters. some didn't get home until 9 pm. no one called parents despite repeated calls to transportation officials. >> i don't know if the bus driver got kidnapped. you never know. we could get no answers. >> the school superintendent said this is the 10th time the bus has broken down. it is owned by the state and the district is stuck with whatever the state gets it. they said there aren't enough mechanics working for the district is planning next year's bus routes early to make sure students spend less time on board. mecklenburg county commissioners are pushing to offer universal pre-k for children under the age of 5. >> the board chairman introduced to that proposal yesterday at the state of the county.
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>> reporter: >> as you said leaders announced the plan tuesday at the government center during commissioner trevor fuller announced that universal pre-k would be implemented in three phases. first all kids currently on a waiting list would be placed into programs in the second phase, all four- year-old served and lastly reaching children up to three years old. it is unclear who will pay for the initiative. fuller said that support would be needed from the state and federal level as well as businesses and nonprofits. >> no child in our community will be denied because of his or her families financial condition. researcher shows that children who have access to early childhood education are more likely to succeed academically and in their career.
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changes that may mean their children would go to a different school. coming up, i will explain how cms board members try to ease parents concerns about student reassignment and passing. reporting live, angela han. thousands of voters in mecklenburg county may know which congressional basis they will be voting for. until the supreme court decides whether to redraw brontks lawmakers are moving ahead with plans to redraw the lines. a panel of judges set for existing districts were based on race and changing district called boundary will have a ripple effect on the neighboring districts. it is not just a simple as change 12 and change one. it will have a domino effect.
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to stay on top of this developing story and we will let you know when the maps are believed. carolina water service has results of dangerous levels of lead mac in water of your county communities is cause for concern. the partners at the herald say the study showed homes and river hills had high levels of lead on january 22. follow-up tests show the lead levels at safe limits. ralph norman sent an email to lake wylie community members saying the report is very disturbing. he is calling for a public forum of legislators and regulators and the testing agency. surgeon general says most plan to michigan children exposed to toxic lead should be okay. usa today reports the surgeon general says the problem is not knowing which children will develop complications moving forward. michigan decided to save money
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to the river. after the switch residences at the water looked and smelled and tasted funny. tests showed toxic levels of lead. a new report shows a majority of suspects in all marijuana arrests in mecklenburg county are african- american. requested a list of the marijuana arrests from cmpd. just the past two years, 2014, police arrested 451 african- americans for cases of small marijuana possession compared to 12 hispanics and 36 whites. in 2015, 311 african-americans are breasted hispanics 8. 26 whites. you will not -- notice a drop in arrest. breasts were down 35%. officers say there is an increase in violent crime with large amounts of marijuana is about. 50% of all violent home invasion this year have been drug-related.
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are related to high crime areas in charlotte. three-judge panel here lawsuit challenging a new option to select some north carolina supreme court justices. the general. assembly passed a law for retention election meaning justices elected in close elections can agree to an up or down vote on whether they should remain in office. i want to say it is unconstitutional but lawyers disagree. viewers will have to make up days mr. snow and ice. charlotte mecklenburg students will have to go to class on april 25 and may 27. union county students will go to school april 25. a decision has not been made for lincoln and gaston county. parents say they don't envy the decision leaders have to make when deciding whether to cancel school. we look back on it now and it seems ridiculous. that they canceled school.
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is safe. >> the snow is so bad students have not been to class since february 5. all thanks to whether. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here is keith monday. still have closing this morning. >> watauga county has it again today. the snow is done and nothing more accumulating. the rain is charlotte has moved along. their temperatures in the mountains that are still well below freezing especially into avery county. that will leave the snow- covered roads for this morning. dry skies ahead for the rest of this week and we will start to warm things backup. yesterday close to 60 in charlotte that will take a few steps back today because of a northerly wind direction. i will show you feature cast in a moment.
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taylor. 20 minutes until 6:00. the roads are wet. >> damp roadways in an accident. i-77 north at statesville, a logging truck that overturned northbound side of 77 n. of memorial highway but the logs ended up in the southbound lanes so we have left lane blocked and a second accident occurred and it is making way southbound. no serious injuries. minor delays for today in both directions at 77. use 21 as the alternate route. we are checking conditions in south charlotte 485 getting onto i-77. a new report gives south carolina mostly failing grades when it comes to improving the health of children. the key to fixing the problem and that one area where the state scored a letter a. a lincoln county man who admitted to driving over a woman and leaving her to die
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family. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud.
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t rates for grea unc charlotte biology student got an unusual lesson outside of the classroom. >> he and his roommate helped a stranger deliver her baby outside of their apartment at university city. tuesday started out like any other day for daniel kepple. but changed in an instant. >> originally i thought that maybe she got locked out of her apartment or something had happened. i didn't know. she didn't look like she was in pain. i am like excuse me do you need any help and she said she did. i am about to give birth she said. i thought what facts --? . he called his mom on the way
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>> by the time they got back the baby was already two thirds out there was another lady down there helping her. what happened next made it unusual. >> the woman stood up and said okay i have to call a cab i said no, you need to sit down. firefighters arrived and took the mother and baby to get checked out. leaving the roommates with quite a story. >> as soon as we sat back down inside we are like phoning in texting. >> the adrenaline rush of doing something like that. >> oh my gosh. >> and the confusion. i like how he called his mom. >> as much as i talked to my mom it would not be my first call. >> they helped out in the baby is just fine. she should name the child after them.
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here is keith monday in severe weather center 9. right place at the right time i suppose. some fog out there this morning . charlotte, roads are wet and went to get into the foothills a pocket of fog is settling into catawba county. visabilities under a mile. temperatures, big problems yesterday in this quarter and it is close, 32 in lincolnton. above freezing for catawba county. still no reports of any icy travel appear that these numbers may go down a few degrees and if they do minors level -- minor travel conditions may appear. 39 charlotte. 40 s. 39 charlotte. 40 s. numbers are warmer than yesterday by a few degrees. we will aussie nice weather as we work our way to the rest of the day.
5:44 am
at lunchtime today. normal when direction so a few degrees cooler than the upper 50s yesterday. the mounds, and other day to go before you can start to warm things backup. you will see son today but only into the middle 30s. in the afternoon and flurries leftover wrapping up quickly. secondary roads will be snow- covered. up north in iredell county, a lot more sunshine today. 53 with a nice sunny sky for the windsor light for the next few days but the when direction by friday is back out of the southwest. 10 to 15 mile-per-hour winds will boost temperatures backup to near 60 by friday afternoon a look at the weekend. fantastic. numbers approaching 70 by sunday. five day forecast, tons of sunshine for the next several days.
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cold at night but those numbers jump back to 40s and 50s as we head into early next week. >> i can't get over that. a long time coming. 11 days in a row with low temperatures. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. we have some really big issues now on i-77. mark taylor is taking an eye on it.>> this is north of i 40 near harmony. north of the i 40 interchange is where you will see delays, a little bit further north of 901 , that is where we have an accident with an overturned logging truck. it happened in the northbound lanes but the logs ended up in the southbound lanes. 77 is down to one lane in each
5:46 am
you can use 21 as an alternate. keeping tabs on the damp roadways and charlotte getting onto i-77 but coming out of valentine or pine going 45, novix fluid ounce. a committee will decide if an accused gang member will face death for his suspected role in the murders of a like desolate while the couple. ways attorneys may try to
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defense. will apply for the newly available flights to cuba. leaders signed up on the deal yesterday. it opens up 110 flights to cuba on us carriers. 20 will be to have been a.
5:50 am
rights to the routes. given the limited number of had them a slot couriers may wage aggressive campaigns. this will mean lower prices and increased competition and it will be easier for americans to get down there. >> even with regular flights to the country american tourists cannot travel to cuba unless they fall into one of 12 approved categories. tourism itself is not one of them. charlotte knights will make a number of announcements and one will be about the televised aaa all-star game. the game on july 13 will bring the best players from baseball to the charlotte area per channel 9 will be there for the announcements and let you know what they are today fip and. five day forecast is a 10. >> this morning fog to deal with in the northwest in the
5:51 am
close to freezing so watch out for minor icy patches on i-40. widespread but a few minor spots here and there. coming up at 6 am, we will talk about the numbers coming. let's go over to mark. >> an update on what is happening. accident 77 northbound in iredell county. overturned logging truck and both loud -- travel lanes are now open. if you crash is coming up next. growth and charlotte, neighbors concerned about an increase in crime. the new approach cmpd is
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(phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answer the cal breaking news. i-77 just reopened in iredell county north of statesville after a logging truck crash. thanks for joining us. >> we want to show you these pictures coming in. lie from the scene. near memorial highway, 50 miles north of i-40. you can see where the truck is sitting right now on its side. we have crews there as well. here's the good news. in the last 10 minutes we have learned logs are in the median
5:56 am
road is open in both directions although a little bit slow in this area. the crash happened in the northbound lanes in the logs rolled into the southbound lanes. two drivers crashed into those logs. they were not injured. the log truck at the driver did go to the hospital and they are having onlooker delays. obviously lots of flashing lights and people want to see what's going on. crews got to see this and they will ask questions about this. the cleanup here is going to take some time and they will have to get this truck flipped upright and you can see all four wheels there and they will have to get these logs cleaned up. that could be an issue throughout the morning and the morning drive could be affected by this. let's go over to mark taylor who has been watching this since it happened. we're seeing minor onlooking delays.
5:57 am
impact with the other state. here is i-40 on i-77 head north -- heading n. near memorial hwy. it is just north of that. i-77 north and southbound, all travel lanes are open. you can still use 21 as an alternate. will continue to monitor this in the traffic center. minor delays expected on the s. brown pkwy. and south of the valentine's common parkway. the rain has moved out and still wet roadways and charlotte. to the northwest on i-40 from statesville through hickory, fog settling in and temperatures up there are close to freezing and still above freezing but just barely. no reports of icy conditions right now. wet roads here and no trouble in the mountains. squirrels are out again today
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