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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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commonwealth. warner met with the leaders at the central virginia community college where he discussed how to improve virginia's economy. we had a crew at the meeting and we will bring you more on 13 news this evening. it seems only a few days ago we were shuffling snow up our driveway. now we are expecting temperatures in the 60s. melissa le fevere has been tracking the changes in the weather center. what is the latest?>> melissa: a nice warm up on the way as we head through the next of the work week and into the weekend. check out the temperature trend. mid-40s for your thursday. lower 50s friday. low to mid-60s saturday and sunday. a quick check of your weather. 41 in roanoke. upper 30s in blacksburg. 28 in hot springs. we will see temperatures warming up a couple more degrees. right around 46 this afternoon. great and tranquil weather continues through the weekend.
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we will take a look at the full forecast coming up. stepped up security right now at northside high school in roanoke county. that is due to rumors of a threat at the school. roanoke county school officials say they have increased police presence out of an abundance of caution. police determined there was no validity to the threat. an update on a story we brought new this morning for the henry county sheriff's office says 62-year-old rutgers bell woman reported missing has been found. officials put out an alert after receiving a tip bernice proctor's vehicle was left unattended near old liberty drive. she is currently being treated for hyperthermia and dehydration. the amherst county economic development met with consultants to map out a future for the county. leaders talked about how to increase the tax base, encourage investment, retain current jobs while creating new
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this comes as the county prepares for the closing of the central virginia training center. >> we know the training center is going to close at 2020. that is a threat and an opportunity. what are we going to do without land when it does close?we don't on that land. the state does. we can come up with a wonderful redevelopment plan.>> mona: ctb --ctvs is there largest employer. the primary just days away. the pope is joining in on the conversation. >> reporter: pope francis returning to rome from france had this to say about some of donald trump's comments, a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not about building bridges is not christian. the pope would not advise americans how to vote and said he wanted to give trump the
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>> i'm christian. i'm protestant. i'm presbyterian to be exact. >> reporter: in an appeal to evangelical voters, trump has been adamant about his christian beliefs on the campaign trail going to war. a challenge are now emerging in marco rubio. >> the next president of the united states, marco rubio! >> reporter: the popular governor of south carolina nikki haley gives him her endorsement. >> we're so happy and grateful she is part of our team. >> i think nikki haley is a big deal. she is drafting out for marco rubio. marco rubio was in a close third. he can easily pass ted cruz. >> reporter: jed bush was conciliatory in his remarks. her endorsement is a stunning blow. >> i think bush is starting to make a plan for long exit out of this race. >> mona: donald trump planning to return to virginia ahead of the march 1 primary.
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appear at an event at regent university february 24 in virginia beach. john kasich scheduled to host a town hall meeting monday at vcu in richmond. virginia is one of several states holding a primary contest on so-called super tuesday. a bill that would reduce the emphasis virginia high schools put on standardized testing is advancing through the general assembly. it was approved by a house committee yesterday. the virginian pilot reports the bill puts the focus on critical thinking over standardized testing. it also directs education officials to emphasize internship and technical training. right now, appalachian power crews working to restore power to around 1700 customers in the roanoke area. the company hopes to have all power restored by tonight or friday morning. appalachian power said inks are taking a little longer because
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at one point, there were about 50,000 customers without power. crews are working 16 hour shifts and extra help came from tennessee and west virginia. more now on the battle between fci and apple. many customers have rallied in support of the company. some legal experts say apple refused to unlock terrorist iphone set up an extraordinary legal fight with implications for consumers and privacy. elizabeth hur reports. >> reporter: the white house wants apple to do what a california judge ordered, hack into the iphone used by the suspect in the san bernardino massacre and help investigators get some answers. >> they're not asking apple to redesign its product or create a new backdoor to one of their products. they are simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> i think being a good corporate citizen is important. >> reporter: apple customers
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up for all of our security. >> reporter: apple standing firm bowing to appeal. tim cook said the demands are chilling and the software is something they do not have an something they consider too dangerous to create arguing if they find a way to break into that phone they will be able to then break into any phone. >> apple has made clear it's going to fight and i can guarantee whoever loses the battle is going to appeal. this may end up in the supreme court. >> mona: legal experts say this is a landmark case. microsoft and google are weighing in saying they are with apple on this one and believe there should be no permit backdoors into your devices. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. an army veteran says he was kicked out of an oklahoma gun range because of his faith. he is now suing the company for
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a florida news, award-winning coverage of lynchburg, danville, bedford, roanoke, and the new river valley. thousands of active duty troops suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder and depression. a new study reveals the military is struggling to provide adequate care for them. the rand corp. study reviewed 40,000 cases. the group found many of the troops with ptsd and depression are not getting the minimum number of therapy sessions. officials blame it on a lack of mental health professionals and
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turning to civilian therapists. a gun range in eastern oklahoma under fire accused of violating one-man civil rights. a muslim man suing the business after it posted a sign banning muslims. tom george reports.>> i'm a muslim and i recognize what a blessing it is to be an american. >> reporter: a blessing that called him to join the army reserves. with a better and try to shoot at the save yourself survival and tactical gun range, he found an unwelcome sign on the door calling it a muslim free establishment. he told owners he was muslim. >> they started treat me with suspicion. they had been kind and friendly up to that point. >> reporter: court documents say that is when the owners as to him if he was there to commit violent jihad and accused him of being there to kill them under sharia law. the owners arm themselves with handguns and refused to let him use the range. >> i tried to alleviate their fears by discussing those
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in dialogue and that was ultimately unsuccessful and they asked me to leave. >> reporter: supported by the aclu and council on american islamic relations says the gun shop is violating the civil rights act based on religion and their confident the court will agree. >> it will likely be the first forcible desegregation of the business in oklahoma and i would say half a century perhaps more. >> reporter: we call the gun range and the owner referred as to his lawyer who told us the case is not about discrimination, but safety. >> the law does not require a gun shop or gun range owner to equip or train the next san bernardino type ii hottest, or anyone who might pose a safety risk. >> reporter: for him, it's personal. >> no one should be denied access to a public business based solely on who they are. a florida teen facing charges for impersonating a doctor.
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calls himself doctor love being taken out of his clinic in handcuffs. malachi robinson was busted in a sting operation after he was caught giving a medical exam to an undercover officer.he is facing a grant of charge and fraud were allegedly practicing medicine without a license. >> i do currently hold a phd. and what, i don't feel comfortable disclosing the cause that is not the issue here. what i face now is accusations. >> mona: police say he treated an elderly woman for severe stomach pain charging her $3500. still to come, meet the florida couple now over $300 million richer after
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we are ta a forecast you can count on from the abc 13 weather experts. it has been beautiful the past couple days. once we got through the wintry mess, it has been tranquil. a live view of our danville tower cam. we will see breezy wind, but less than 10 miles an hour for the day. blue skies and sunshine out there. checking out pinpoint doppler radar. quiet all across the area. high pressure building in. that means the quiet weather continues throughout the weekend. temperatures warming up a bit. it is now 41 in lynchburg and roanoke. 36 in blacksburg. pretty two in martinsville. 45 right now in danville. quiet for the east coast.we do have a high pressure that's going to be building in over the great lakes today into tonight.after all that messy weather monday and tuesday,
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coast. active weather out west. all throughout the weekend, we're talking a warm-up and sunshine. get out there and enjoy it. if you're heading out later this afternoon, as you're heading home from work, no worries in the weather department.mostly clear to partly cloudy overnight tonight. no issues as you are heading to work tomorrow. we will be cold with temperatures in the mid to upper 20s friday morning. then, low 50s and sunshine in the forecast tomorrow afternoon. 60s for the weekend. for this afternoon, about 46 in lynchburg and bedford. 42 in lexington. 45 in roanoke. 48 in altavista. near 54 danville and south boston. 40 degrees in the new river valley. temperatures will drop below the freezing mark, so grab a coat tomorrow morning. 25 as you're waking up tomorrow morning in lynchburg. 25 in smith mountain lake. 27 in roanoke. 25 in martinsville. everyone is talking about the
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it will be pleasant and mild. for the most part, it's going to be filled with sunshine. look at the morning lows, around 36 on saturday. your high will be 63. even sunday morning we will wake up to temperatures around 40 degrees. you will notice clouds beginning to increase sunday afternoon. a 20 percent chance for a stray shower. it's not going to be a washout. overall, pleasant and great for outdoor activities.a nice warm up to mid-40s today. low 50s friday. 60s saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we begin to see clouds coming back into the forecast. monday will be cloudier and cooler. we have a high wage of pressure building in tuesday into wednesday, so clouds increase and we will have a lot of wet weather heading our way tuesday, wednesday, and possibly into thursday. what we are watching for and
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way to the heart of virginia? that will determine how much precipitation we do see. back to you. here is something you don't see every day, a slow speed police chase involving heavy machinery. a man in florida facing multiple charges after this alleged joyride in a bathtub. police say it started when the 59-year-old man dumped boulders on the roadway. deputies eventually stopped the backhoe with spike strips. the driver was examined at the hospital and taken to jail. the florida couple who purchased one of the three winning powerball tickets has now come forward. >> how did you do this you ? >> mona: maureen smith and her husband david kaltschmidt kept it a secret from the family
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change in your is nascar more fan friendly to christians in the national football league? according to the consumer, yes. the group recognized for fate the quality and says nascar is more face fairly than the nfl. he gave nascar a higher scar than the nfl. the report comes as the racing world is gearing up for this weekend's daytona 500. each week, we are partnering with chideo to bring you new stories about cause and giving.
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takes a look at how one child's unfortunate diagnosis brought hope to so many others. [music] >> reporter: joy crews started team connor after her son was diagnosed with a type of cancer that attacks developing nerve cells. >> we wanted to start team connor to be the voice for childhood cancer. >> reporter: coins for kids with cancer became a movement because even your pocket change can make a huge difference. >> it is named team connor, but we are fighting for the thousands of the connors. >> reporter: donations go toward better treatment options in finding a cure. run a coins for cancer fundraiser at your school. learn more at coins for cancer. >> the more i spoke up and said you will not treat me this way, the more violence entered into the relationship. >> reporter: the most difficult and for many women in abusive relationships is how to find a way out.
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>> reporter: one nonprofit in grapevine, texas has created an oasis for women like these. the gatehouse can house up to 96 families while providing free counseling services, food, clothing, and most importantly a safe environment. >> it is so important our supporters know we are so grateful for all they are doing family. >> reporter: to donate or adopt a family, visit gatehouse.
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when we come back, you time for lynchburg pet of the week. heather smith is here with buddy. how old is buddy? >> buddy is one year -and-a-half old. he is a great dog. he is a hound mix. he deviley has long legs. his tricolored. he loves to be outside running around.
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to play with. >> mona: he is very calm. i don't see him jumping up like a lot of dogs. he is extremely calm. >> he likes attention. he likes pretty much anybody. >> mona: such a pretty face. how does he work with other pets, cats and dogs? >> not a problem. we have had no issues. he is pretty much perfect dog. >> mona: nice. that is a big title. what are things he likes to do? >> tennis balls. he is a big lover, too. once you have the opportunity to sit with him, you get the i'm not leaving and get to hairy. >> mona: what would be an ideal family for him? >> maybe not too young a child, but maybe five and
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want to get exercise and get ready exercise at the same time. >> mona: if you would like to adopt buddy, the number is on your screen. i'm going to send it over to melissa for a last look at the forecast. >> melissa: a great look at the forecast. we will be the mid-40s today low 50s tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds each and every afternoon. our nice warm-up for the weekend. 63 saturday and sunday. we are keeping an eye on next week. it is going to be messy and wet, especially tuesday into wednesday. keeping an eye on the temperatures. we could see a wintry mix. we will keep you updated. for the short term, enjoy the 60s. >> mona: i'm going to ignore monday and tuesday and take a
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