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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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next, we're going to bring you this is abc 13 news. thank you for joining us for 13 news midday. i'm noreen turyn. we're staying on top of the investigation of the death of nichola bell. police are holding a news conference at 2:00 today. there's no word on what they're going to reveal. we are still waiting autopsy results. no gun was used. lavelle's classmates have created memorials all over the school. they have left messages, drawings, and notes for nicole and her family and four of her friends created a sign that is now on display in the cafeteria. students will be wearing blue
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as far as the investigation, reporter abe ingram brings us up today on the developments. >> reporter: two virginia tech students behind bars held without bond in connection to the death of a 13-year-old girl from blacksburg, virginia. >> she was a typical little girl, talkative, friendly. she looked out for a lot of the younger kids that came in on the bus. just sweet. >> reporter: 18-year-old david high eisenhower charged with kidnapping and premeditated murder. nicole's mom telling the "washington post" police believe the 13-year-old matt eisenhower online. authorities believe on kick. eisenhower, an engineering major and track star. >> it is difficult to hear. i don't want to speculate. it is allegations at this point.
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>> reporter: natalie keepers, and engineering student who once interred at nasa accused of helping eisenhower get rid of the girl's body. >> she didn't seem like that type of person. >> reporter: her parents say she pushed a dresser up against her bedroom door before climbing out the bedroom window. on saturday, police discovered her body 80 miles away in north carolina. >> noreen: the press conference is at 2:00. we will stream live at the virginia tech community on edge from this news and trying to figure out how two students could be involved in such a heinous crime. this while seven divers took to the pond searching for any clues. students like nick says the mood on campus has been dark
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students have been charged. >> worried about everything. it could happen to anyone really. you don't know what people's motives are. no one knew they would be able to do something like this. >> noreen: students are sticking together and thinking about the families on both sides. we have the latest information on a shooting last night that injured a danville doctor and his neighbor. police say doctor randolph neal has been moved to wake forest baptist medical center after being shot as he was walking home from dmrc last night. neal told police two men approaching amount vernon avenue. police to have no suspects. an award of $10,000.
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behind bars after employees say he confessed to breaking in. frederick used a cinderblock to break the glass of a door monday morning and made off with about $300. the 29-year-old was wanted on two warrants charging him with restaurant. knoll is charged with breaking and entering, grand larceny, and property damage. a tractor trailer fire has been causing massive backups on i-81 in montgomery county all morning.police said it appears either the brakes or a problem with the axle cause the truck to overheat which caught its load of milled corn on fire. they had to unload all of the corn to get the fire completely out. one lane was open and traffic was being rerouted. the driver was complaining of smoke inhalation, but did not end up going to the hospital.
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crucial hearing in his sexually assault case of pennsylvania is underway. his defense lawyers hoping to convince the judge to dismiss the case. they are claiming the charges filed against the comedian are illegal. elizabeth hur has the details. >> reporter: bill cosby back in court this morning. by the end of the day, he could learn of the criminal case against him will proceed, or if he can avoid prosecution. his attorneys argue crosby had charged. last december, just days before the statute of limitations was set to expire, the comedian was charged with driving and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea in 2004. of the dozen women accusing cosby of sexually assault, this is the only case against him. cosby has denied all the allegations. in an interview last may, cosby reacted to the allegations pouring in. >> i have been in this business 52 years and i have
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>> reporter: the defense is asking the judge to dismiss the case saying the 78-year-old struck a deal with and district attorney bruce castor in exchange for cosby's testimony. in exchange, no criminal charges could result. cosby later admitted he had a number of affairs giving quaaludes to women he wants to have sex with and giving constance hills at his home. today, castor, former da, is expected to confirm the agreement existed. cosby has yet to enter a plea.
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constance was consensual. the campaign for the presidency is getting more interesting after last night's iowa caucuses. more on that after a quick check on the forecast with melissa le fevere in the weather center. >> melissa: we have been talking cloudy and cool conditions all day for your tuesday. taking you out to satellite and radar right now. the clouds are hanging tough across the heart of virginia. right now, a live view of danville. everyone out and about. 46 in lynchburg. 52 in danville. 46 in roanoke. 41 in blacksburg. 36 in hot springs. temperatures not going to warm up much as we head throughout the afternoon due to all the cloud cover angst or wedge of high pressure. 47 this afternoon in lynchburg. 52 in danville. 46 in roanoke. 43 in blacksburg. the heavy rain set to arrive in time for the morning commute. i'll have details coming up. the first votes of the
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after the iowa caucuses. senator ted cruz and hillary clinton won the night for their respective parties.overnight, the presidential race shifted to new hampshire. marcy gonzales reports. >> reporter: just hours after victory >> that is the most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner. [cheering] >> reporter: and defeat in iowa. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> reporter: it is now all about new hampshire. >> this is now the center on shared with anyone else. >> reporter: donald trump trying to reclaim his front runner status following last night's loss to ted cruz. marco rubio working to maintain momentum after surprising coming in a close third. another iowa surprise, the
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in some precincts, it came down to a coin toss. >> i breathe a big cyber lease. >> reporter: clinton behind bernie sanders by fraction of a point. >> a political revolution. [cheering] >> reporter: mike huckabee and martin o'malley dropping out of the race. the rest of the candidates now full throttle. some of them are ramping up before the caucuses were over. some campaigning in new hampshire to get a head start on their opponents. marcy gonzales, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. jerry falwell junior is defending his support of donald trump. >> trump is uniquely qualified
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proud to be endorsing him. >> reporter: sends falwell announced his private endorsement of the candidate, he has received backlash among fellow conservatives, some who have said they don't believe trumps values fall in line with true evangelicals. abc 13 caught up with falwell after his whirlwind we can come panning with the trump for response. >> he will do the best job for the united states of america and that has been pounded into me since i was very young. i just respectfully disagree with the folks who say he's not good enough, or not as good a christian as i am. i just don't think our job as christians is to judge other christians. >> noreen: falwell is not ruling out for their campaign trips with trump. flint, michigan continues
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amounts of lead were found in
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just ahead, why you're watching abc 13 news, award-winning coverage of lynchburg, danville, bedford, roanoke, and the new river valley. people in flint, michigan crisis. now, names usually seen on tv or theater screens are joining in. stephanie parkinson reports. >> reporter: people in flint are pushing for answers as there still told their lead unsafe. inside first trinity mission, it was a packed house.
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>> reporter: russell simmons, real housewives of atlanta star, jamaal bryant, almeida stop for this town hall showing their support. >> everybody knows i'm a lawyer and a real black woman who supports real people. >> this is crimes against humanity. >> i called will smith to get a truckload of water just now. >> reporter: as donations pour in, activists pushing for the republican governors ousting and prosecution. meanwhile, before the same crowd, simmons expressed how he wants to see more from the democratic president who has turned down funding requests from governor rick snyder.
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is about finding a solution to getting clean water. until then, this is the safest option, the bottled water. that is why celebrities like russell simmons are making promises to the people of flint. >> i'm in it for the long run. i will be back and i will send more water. an ongoing story that has sparked outrage on social media has reached a happy conclusion. a retired police officer in marietta, ohio, will be able to keep his k-9 partner. matthew hickey developed a close pond with ajax over three years of working together, but when hickey retired after 30 years, under ohio law, ajax was considered city property and had to be sold at auction. the public raised more than $60,000 through a gofundme page, but the city managed to work out a resolution appointing hickey as an exhilarating officer which allows him to keep ajax.
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online campaign says any excess money will go to charities and organizations that work with police dogs. did he or didn't he? next, the prediction on when we
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we have been talking about news crews never want to become the story, but abc affiliate kg tv confirms two employees were injured while covering severe weather for their morning show yesterday. the reporter and videographer were preparing for a live report on high wind and tree damage when a tree knocked both of them down. the videographer was able to call 9-1-1.both had injuries that required surgery. good news for air travelers. free snacks have returned to
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airlines flight and soon they will be back for american airlines customers as well. american is offering more free options. free snacks may not be a huge change, but it does signal competition amongst the carriers in an attempt to airlines. apple is the most valuable company on the stock market, but for a brief time yesterday google's parent company held that title. alphabet, the newly created parent company of google, made big gains as it revealed some of its most secretive projects and showed the sales data. even with a $3.6 billion loss in risky ventures, fourth-quarter expenses were down nearly 50 percent year
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beassociates danville-lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory. ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. >> noreen: pennsylvania's most famous groundhog did not see his shadow and that means he is predicting an early spring. crowds gathered for the annual surrounds a german legend that if a free road and sees his shadow february 2 winter will last an additional six weeks. in reality, a group decides the prediction ahead of time. records going to 1887 said he 17 times. i'm glad he did this time. >> melissa: i am too.i'm glad we're going to see an early spring. hopefully phil is right. it does not deal like spring.
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the 40s and even 50s all day. 46 and lynchburg. 46 in roanoke. 48 in martinsburg. 52 in danville. 50 in farmville. a lot of cloud cover out there with overcast skies. you can see live on our saxton tower cam that it's going to be gray the rest of today. temperatures are going to stay in the 40s. let's look at satellite and radar. probably light rain showers and drizzle will continue and even be possible the rest of the day, but the heavy rain is said to arrive as we head into wednesday. look at satellite and radar. an impressive storm system indicating a low pressure system. we have this line of storms moving ahead of the cold front. we could see severe weather from the lower mississippi valley all the way up and the ohio river valley. look at visible satellite.
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we have the storms firing up ahead of the front. good news for us. we are not expecting severe weather, but you are going to need the umbrella tomorrow. a wedge of high pressure today. cloudy and cool. a big low pressure system and cold front tomorrow. we are talking rain through the middle part of the week. let's get a look at the rain chances. a 30 percent chance today. rain chances increase later on tonight. it will be a wednesday washout. 100 percent chance for rain. if you want to get outside thursday, friday, saturday, and even into sunday, looking dry and cool. let's take you through futurecast. steady. we begin to see light showers develop later tuesday night continuing into early wednesday morning. it is going to be a bit of a soggy commute with heavy rain set to arrive after lunch time. you can see the pockets of yellows and oranges. we even have reds about 3:00 or 4:00 and we could see the heavy
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you could even hear under as we head into the afternoon. it is not going to be an entire washout. we will begin to see rain chances tapering off. skies gradually clear as we head into thursday. we will see anywhere from about a half inch to over an inch in some areas.not expecting any flooding concerns, but you will need the umbrella and the rain gear tomorrow. high temperatures today not the high. 47 in lynchburg. 46 in roanoke. 45 in the lexington area. temperatures only falling a couple degrees tonight. we will be in the low to mid-40s. a look at the next seven days.
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thur police in the netherlands training eagles to take out drones.the dutch national
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target unmanned devices some consider nuisance. they are being taught to swoop in and dispose of any unwanted electronics. the dutch company that came up with the idea calls them a low-tech solution for a high tech problem. very interesting. that is it for midday. thank you so much for joining us and be sure to join us back
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