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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> patti: a number of schools are closed today. this will mark the fourth day of canceled schools. many students will have been a week without classes. the snow ended saturday leaving parents wondering what is keeping kids at home. lingering snow is a danger on many residential roads. it has been a few days since the last snow. many are in the process of digging out.
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at home it is all in the name of safety. >> you never know you might hit black ice. it got my kids and other's kids. >> patti: city schools say snow days are built in the calendar and prepare. they don't have to put kid in harm's way. public work system asking for patience as they make their way to residential neighborhoods. >> patti: several of the districts are closing school again including lynch burke, camp campbell county and danville. they set up a fun day. working parents drop kids off from 7:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night at the recreation center. help kids burn off energy and give parents a break. children from five-12 can take
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>> melissa: after 6:00, we saw light showers last night and a few early this morning. as we look at radar the rain pushes to the south and the east. we are seeing overcast skies. temperatures now are mild compared to where we should be about 43 in lynchburg. 42 in danville. 39 in roanoke and 35 in blacksburg. 30s and 40s. you will want the jacket as you head out. for those who head to school today. get a check of the school day forecast. we will see morning temperatures stay in the lower 40s. we'll be arounded 42 by lunchtime hour. temperatures in the mid 40s this afternoon. you will need the sun glasses because the clouds will give way to sun later on today. a quick check of the next three days, we will see highs in the 40s.
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and 60s in store other weekend. i have will details coming up. whitney. >> whitney: a man who took no action after his wife smoth erred their baby to death learned his sentence. yesterday a judge sentenced michael smith to 10 years in prison. this after his convictions on methamphetamine charges and child neglect charges. in the courtroom he was upset during the hearing. attorneys say he was not directly involved in the death of the 22 month year old jordan smith. he was responsible for not taking action after a child's mother informed them they killed their son. >> there was not evidence to indicate that mr. smith had anything to do with the actual murder. all the evidence pointed to the fact that he -- was in the bed
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place. when he became aware he did not act. >> whitney: smith has been behind bars for two years. he is serving a 52 year prison sentence for suffocating their son to death. she admitted she killed her baby to win her husband's approval. >> patti: an incident where a woman attacked her neighbor with a hammer. deputies arrested holly davis on sunday and charged her with malicious wounding. she was upset her neighbor called child protective services on davis 'daughter. their feud turned physical char she was hit in the head and chest with a hammer. >> not aware there was a previous problem between the two neighbors. apparently there was an issue or something that was observed by one the reason why child protective services was notified.
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comment but the man would not comment. the hospital has not told us what the condition andrews is in now. a long time local radio personality has passed away. bob abbott work instead the radio market starts in 1976 at wlll, wgol and many other stations before requiring. his family says he passed morning. he was 65 years old. we will let you know when we get more information. >> patti: police trying to determine who sexually assaulted a woman on thursday night on second avenue. the victim did not know the attacker. the suspect is 18-21 year old man, 5-6 and 5-8 dirty curly brown hair. if you have information, call
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>> patti: still to come, new treatment for depression offer new hope. we will look at two in health check. >> whitney: a look outside. it is 39 degrees in own woke. 43 in lynchburg and 42 in danville. ice is starting to melt.
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want to watch out the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement.
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>> melissa: good witness stand morning. after 6:00. we saw showers over night. you can see quickly pushing to the south and the east, we're left with the cloud cover. it will be dry for your witness stand witness stand, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. you are heading out the door, temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. 43 in lynchburg. 43 in farmville. 42 in danville as well as martinsville. 35 in blacksburg. 39 in roanoke. your hour by hour forecast for the day, overcast for the for the part of the morning.
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off and we see sun for the day. temperatures 42 by lunch. 45 for the afternoon. many of us in the mid and see upper 40s like yesterday. the more sunshine you see, the warmy you will be. there is a look at that cold front that continues to affect the east coast. bringing unsettled weather and showers from the southeast up to the northeast. behind it, high pressure will build in that means quiet and sunny weather and great weekend weather. if you have cabin fever being hang in there, you got sun, 50s and 60s in the forecast. for your wednesday by lunch timer if you want to grab lunch. looking good. high clouds out there. sun will prevail. cloud cover, cloudy for the afternoon as you head home. tell be dry. if you have plans for tonight. dry for your wednesday evening and early thursday. if you are headed out the door.
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with our temperatures above freezing we are not concerned for black ice. that will not be the same story as you head out tomorrow morning, we will see temperatures below the freezing mark. by thursday, partly cloud and he highs in the 40s. 45 today in lynchburg. 47 in@a vista.; cooler in amhurst. 43 in roanoke. upper 40ary and 50s for south boston. 40 in the new river valley. wide spret temperatures across the board. partly cloudy, dry and coached be alert for slick spots as we see that snow melt. quick check of the next seven days. look at this. the 40s wednesday, thursday and friday. saturday and sunday 57 for the high on saturday. 61 on sunday and monday. get out there and enjoy a fabulous weekend. looking to the start of february, we will see the
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well above average that is weather. here is your weather photo of the day. you see steve hammer sent in look at that virginia, beautiful shot of the bridge. and the love sign. if you have weather photos this weekend, continue to send them to patty? back to you. >> patti: thank you. new over night. two are dead after a shooting at a homeless camp in seattle. police say, five were shot and it appears they were targeted. swat was call indeed to look f two sense. no one has been arrested. huge award for punitive damage for a woman who claimed she was harassed by the founder of bibbing bikram yoga. ran down out of the courthouse and declining to talk to us.
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the plaintiff with hugs and smiles and taking selfies. a celebration after awarding her punitive damage of 6 and a half million dollars. >> i'm still a little [inaudible]. the same jury award her a million dollars in compensatory damages for retaliation and sexual harrassment at hands of her former boss the yoga guru. >> i was threatened with deportation and threatened have me and my daughter killed. >> the threats started when as legal council for his companies she refused to stop investigationing allegations he raped a yoga student. >> anyone who did not go with the program and do what he wanted the way he wanted it done, would be fired, their lives threatened. children threatened.
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broke. near bankruptcy. his attorneys presented these instagram photos of his fleet of luxury cars. his lavish home and this video of him showing off a new watch. how much cost. two million dollars. in the video the watch was a gift from the watch maker jurors were not buying his story of poverty. were seen openly laughing in court. >> you see through he was a liar. >> whitney: the governor announced virginia's level is the highest in the common wealth. reached 3.8 million in december of 2015. virginia's adjusted unemployment rate was 4.2 percent. average weekly wage was more than 915 dollars in december.
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jobs and grew 1.5 percent. >> patti: the virginia tech researcher who test the water will present his finding in black burg. mark will present an over view of flint water study tomorrow night at 7:00. you can watch it online. he gained attention after tap water was found to be contaminated with to beingic levels of lead. >> whitney: 6 million bottles of water are sent to students. the bottles are donated by wal-mart, coke, pepsi and nestly. gleaming for the world is also sending water as leaders struggle to provide clean water for residents. >> patti: a wireless company will low are bills. >> whitney: we have detail in tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes how far would you go to lower your cell phone bill. >> we'll showow device when is
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each month. -- a way to show your go provideos. users live stream via i phone. >> the new feature on display [inaudible] coverage of the x games. uber unique new way to deal with drunk passengers. >> the driver begun leaving a toy called, bob it on the back seat. a way to distract passengers. >> or just be nice. >> that always works.
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have a great day, everyone. news. depression is a common but serious medical condition that affects one in 10 american adid you tells. it can be mild or so severe it prevents a person from functioning. good news, it can be successful successfully treated, more in health check. >> reporter: jerry spencer dealt with depression most of her life. a few years ago it became dibilltating.
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medication she enroll indeed a clinical trial in boston that is testing a new and promising nondrug treatmentful near infrared light. >> the infrared light through the forehead gets to the powerhouse of the cell. which are the might kondcondria and leads to more energy in the brain area close to the source of light. >> the doctor says the light decreases inflammation in the brain and increases connections between neurooffense. all which helps a depressed person feel better t. is an experiment but jerry believes the treatment works. >> now i'm functioning. i'm working. >> reporter: another approach the use of small dose of a drug. depression is the most common mental disorders in the u.s. and likely caused by chemical
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>> a lot of people don't realize it is a treatable condition and they can feel better and sometimes in a few weeks. >> reporter: in boston, cnn. >> whitney: a look at the most viewed news stories on icy roads mean more school closures today. many of you are reading about the president of college announcing she is retiger irrelevant reading about the fundraiser on saturday for a pennsylvania family that lost their home in a fire.
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nis virginia rallied from seven down in the final 17 seconds, capped by a go-ahead 3-pointer at the buzzer to storm back and win 72-71 last night at wake forest. the cavs looking for their first acc road win of the season, 0-and-3 going in. wake came out fired up, the alley-oop to doral moore put the deacons up seven early. virginia rallies, malcolm brogdon with the steal, coast-to-coast, part of a 10-0 run, cavs down two at the break, brogdon had 28. second half, wake heatin' it up, bryant crawford's three put the deacs up 11, they led by as many as 14. less than two to play, devin thomas got the dunk and the foul, wake by 10, fans in winston-salem think it's over. but the cavs roared back,
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seconds left draws virginia within one. down 2, last chance, darius thompson from the corner, banks in the 3 at the buzzer to win it! virginia escapes with a 72-71 win. 3 the lu women got some big-time payback against gardner-webb last night. the runnin' bulldogs beat the flames last month, not last after one and never looked back. catherine kearney led all scorers with 19, sadalia ellis and brooke alexander added 11. liberty rolls 73-51. 3 high school boys at v.e.s., the bishops battled blue ridge. first half, admir besovic gets his own rebound, and puts it back for 2 of his 12 points for ves. later, off the miss, sacha killeya-jones will get the one-handed putback. 2nd half, killeya-jones with the one-handed jam. but blue ridge drilled 11 3s and won 78-58. 3dennis and the acc 3football schedules are out. check out the hokies and cavaliers games at that's a look at 's a look at sports. >> melissa: 6. . 25 get a look at weather headlines.
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of the heart of virginia. we will see decreaseing clouds. we got a dry and cool afternoon in store. a bit of sunshine as we head to the day. you still see shower actiftd across the southeast am reaching to the mid@laneck. everyone thattings to the cold front conditioning to push off the coastment high pressure, that means quiet weather throughout the week into the weekend. hour by hour forecast. we are starting in the upper 30s, low 40s. we will stay there as we head to the morning. around 42 by lunchtime. mostly sunny. that trend continues in the afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 40s. partly cloud we temperatures in the 20s over night. where you are seeing slick roads you want to watch for black ice as you head out tomorrow morning. your temperature trend we have been talking about a nice warm up for you. here is a look at the numbers. 45 today.
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44 on friday. cool, where we should be this time of year. saturday 57 for the high. even your weekend, 61 on sunday. enjoy sunshine this weekend. tell be cool and dry to start. we will warm up to the upper 50s and low 60s. that snow that fell last weekend will continue to melt throughout this weekend. patty and whitney? back to you. >> patti: next, liberty university president has announced his own dorsement of donald trump t. did not take long for his brother to respond. >> whitney: a copy of the new search warrant in the case of
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>> whitney: social media is buzzing with the latest drum endorsement it come from a name in lynchburg. trump announced that liberty university president is endorsing him for president. fallwell says it was trump's
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his endorsement over ted cruise. trump said, falwell's support is an honor to have. >> falwell says his support is personal and not on the behalf liberty university. >> patti: not search jumping on the trump band wagon. jerry falwell's brother is speak out the pastor of thomas road baptist church. he made it a practice not to endorse candidates and urges his congregation their exercise and right to vote. whether or not we agree on making endorsements or agree on the best next president. america is need of divine innervention if we are to solve the great challenges of our day. view jonathan's results on our website. >> whitney: trump is shaking up the republican campaign again saying he will not take part in
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>> the network issued a statement mocking trump for attacks on meghan ketrump fired back calling a pathetic attempt to build ratings. >> less than a week until the iowa caucuses. trump stupg the political world. refusing to take part in the final debate. republican debate hosted by fox news. i will have something elsewhere we raise moan for veterans and the wounded warriors. >> trump's absence will leave the stage without a big ratings draw and a front runner. see how much money fox will make on the debate without me. >> trump blasting the moderatoros social media. meghan kelly biassed against me. >> his rival ted cruise reacting to the news implying trump is scared of keand he offered a challenge. >> i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a
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between now and the iowa caucus. >> on the democratic side. sanders ash peering to closing in on clinton. so confident he took a detour to minnesota drawing thousands at rallies. >> what a turn out! wow! >> reporter: clinton ahead in national poles emphasizing her experience. >> i do want you to know i'm not just shouting slowingance. i thought this through, i have a plan. >> reporter: bernie sanders vsz the white house for a private meeting with president boma. come after the president praised hillary this week. and dismissed comparisons with himself and sanders. abc news, new york. >> whitney: fox news says trump is welcome in the debate but not be allowed to quote, dictate the
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>> melissa: good wednesday morning. we are halfway through the work week. lite jump to our weather and show you what we are looking at across the heart of virginia. overcast skies the rain we saw this morning continuing to push to the east. temperatures 43 in lynchburg. 42 in danville. 39 in roanoke. 45 in brooknil. 44 in blacksburg. 28 in hot springs. what do you need throughout the day? you will want a jacket. it is a cool start and temperatures stay in the 40s for the afternoon. want to dress in layers and keep the glasses close. you don't need them to start the day. you want them later on this afternoon because our overcast skies give way to mostly cloudy skies for the morning. mostly sun tow partly cloudy throughout the afternoon upon
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after that early morning shower, dry and cool afternoon in store. i got 50s and 60s in the forecast. i will tell you when we see the nobody's climb. >> whitney: attorney for the man shot at lynchburg general is shocked by the search warrant. yesterday he gave abc 13 a copy. and the warrant lpd detective davis 28 year old warner attacked security officers in the dillard building. warner took his taser. fired it and nearly hit another officer. the detective writes, after assaulting an officer warn ran through the center and that's when he opened fire and shot him several times. it is that part that warnerary attorney says proves the officer used assessive force. cent rais deferring all questions to lynchburg police but cooperating with the investigation.
6:31 am
the bedford attorney about the board's vote to allow county employees to work with a concealed weapon. they passed that on monday. officials tell abc that the prohibition on concealed weapons was out dated. patrick says it was a logical progression to allow workers to bring a weapon to work. >> it is second amendment right. why do we treat the general public in a different fashion than county employees. and for security risks as much as we see mass sthoot shootings in the news. our public employees have a right to defend themselves. >> patti: most of the people that abc spoke with are supportive of the move and make county buildings safer. the founder of a group that taped planned parenthood executive talking about baby part system maintaining his innocence.
6:32 am
are facing felony charges. documents show they created fake id's during their under cover investigation. judge baird says the offense is serious. controversial videos sparked national outrage as well as state and federal investigation. the videos prompted some stated to defund planned parenthood. >> because the explosion from the video has been so large that i would think this is not a case they could sweep under the rug. this has to be prosecuted. >> whitney: he said, their actions are protected under the first amendment. online petition pushing to drop the charges has more than 30,000 signature. >> council is defending merit the group writes the jury was supposed to investigate planned parenthood and now charging the whistle blowers.
6:33 am
effort to silence her. >> whitney: a look at the newly renovated >> vanessa:ian. an artist rendering of one of the rooms. company handle the interior decoration. it was riddled with bed bugs and closed down in 2014. the 25 million dollars project partnered with hilton will be completed in 20 establish. there will be 115 high end guest rooms. ball room and conference center and cafe. >> patti: food, gas, music and medicine. those were the top needs named for the downtown area in an online survey last fall. they conducted the survey, 700 residents took part revealing most live nothing downtown lynchburg are young, educated and white. 75% have a graduate level degree.
6:34 am
live downtown took part in that survey. >> the interesting thing about the results is that the nonresident who is responded say we need the same thing that the residents said we need. number one is a grocery store. fortunately, there is a move to establish the grass-roots local market that allows music, dry cleaner, more bars. i think that is reflective of how many answered the survey. >> patti: the data proved that economic development groups needs to attract those businesses. still to come, relations with the u.s. and cuba continue to improve. a look at a move set to benefit both economies in today's looking ahead. >> whitney: outside this morning starting in the 40s. 30s as well. 43 in lynchburg. 42 in danville.
6:35 am
means >> melissa: you see we have a bit of live showers pushing to the east out of our viewing area. we are seeing cloud cover to start and temperatures they have been in the 30s and 40s. it has been mild. what can you expect as you are
6:36 am
a cloudy morning and dry and cool afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 40s. near 50 to the south side. 43 now in lynchburg. 42 in danville. 40 in martinsville. 34 in black burg. 39 in roanoke. you will want a jacket, it is cool. a bit of good news we head out the roads are wet. with temperatures above the freezing mark. not expecting black ice for that commute. a quick check of your day cast. temperatures in the lower 40s through 8:00 and 9:00 hour. mostly cloudy skies give way to sunny to partly cloudy. sitting at 45 degrees by 4:00. the reason we saw that shower activity was that cold front we have been talking about all week. it continues to push off the east coast. behind it our friend high pressure system that means we will see cool temperatures where
6:37 am
quiet weather and lots of sun to go around. a check of your future cast. we will see the clearing from west to east am by the time we bet to lunch, mostly sunny. may see partly cloud tote south side this afternoon. but no wet weather to report. tell be mostly clear to partly cloudy over night. tomorrow morning, you will have to watch for that black ice, we will see temperatures drop below the freezing mark. we warm up to the 40s tomorrow with mostly sun tow partly cloudy skies. high's today 45 in lynchburg. 50 in south boston and danville. 44 in roanoke. about 40 in the new river valley. over night i promise you temperatures below the freezing mark. dropping back in the 20s. partly cloudy, dry and cold. with light wind, be alert for black ice as you head to thursday morning. get a check of the next seven.
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throughout the week. saturday and sunday, high of 57 on saturday. we are looking at a high of 61 on sunday. that childmild weather through the start of member, whitney? >> whitney: starting today the treasure department will get rid of financing restrictions on most exports concerning cuba. follows an announcement about improving relations with the u.s. and cube a. u.s. set a allow more commodityies to be exported. >> a family in pen pebble lost their home in a fire last october are rebuilding. friends of the family are holding a fundraiser at eagles in sutherland on saturday. begins at 1:00 and goes through mid night. a family of four lived in the home. no one was injured. the house caught on fire on the mother and teen's birthday.
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the snow the master gardener's club isset going ready to host hundreds from virginia and surrounding states at the conference. organizers tell abc 13 more exerts than ever will be available to answer your questions. anyone interested in gardening is invited. conference is saturday at the institute for advanced learning and research. if you have not registered get their at 8. . 15. tickets are $45. abc 13 giving food for free. good eats contest. today through monday. log on to or the abc 13 facebook page for your chance to win. find the form if you go to the station tab and click on contests. we are giving a 50 dollar gift card. look for a different prize each day and good luck. >> get a lot for 50 bucks. >> patti: that will get you a big meal. >> whitney: more ahead.
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recovering after a trending
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>> patti: he has a warning for >> whitney: voof a two year old girl gone viral. >> my daddy to my mommy. ash amen. >> put the toddler to bed without asking her to say her prayers. they were in a rush they wanted watch the panthers in the nfc champion game. after mom and dad left. sutton decided to pray on her own inform the video on the baby monitor she calls out the names of the people she is praying for conclude withing an amen. i know! sweet.
6:42 am
she did not need mom and dad. >> i bet the parents don't miss that again. they could have missed the first couple minutes of the game. >> it will always be there. >> patti: that's right. >> melissa: we are starting today cooler. but then i will tell you i'm looking ahead to monday. >> temperatures from saturday through the week 50s and 60s. i will take it. the snow will be long gone. i wanted to start with another viewer photo. they are beautiful. kevin sent this. it was a quiet evening. you see snow cover out there continue to send the snow photos while you can before it melts. we got quiet weather in store for the heart of virginia as we head throughout the week.
6:43 am
continuing to push off the coast with our cold front. high pressure will begin to settle. on top of us by tomorrow. that means lots of sun. cooler weather for the week. and a nice warm up in time for your weekend. we will be 40 by 8:00 this morning. 42 by lunch. 45 for the afternoon. it will be partly cloudy. temperatures drop in the 20s. we will watch for black ice as you head out tomorrow morning. today, a cool start. grab the jacket. you need it for wednesday, thursday and friday. look at that saturday a high of 57. you like 57, i will give you 61 for high on sunday. that warmer weather statistic around for next week. patty and whitney? >> patti: thank you. a washington state teen is recovering after receiving injuries while trying to pull off a stunt he found on you tube. >> whitney: the boy wants others
6:44 am
>> reporter: sky are fish had time to think as a nurse removed 48 staples from his head. he is in pain he is not complaining. >> i'm really luck tow be alive. >> reporter: the pictures show how seriously he was injured doing the duct tape challenge. a search on you tube and several videos pop up. to break free from the duct tape. >> fish does not remember much. he and his buddies gone to academy on saturday where they duct taped his arms and legs. when he fell he hit the window frame. it crushed his eye socket. when his eye soak was crushed it pinched off the nerves in his eyes. >> fish does not know if he will get his vision back in that eye. his head smash indeed the concrete concrete.
6:45 am
warn others about the duct tape challenge. gi want people to stop and can there are risks to the challenges, they are dangerous. >> reporter: as pish heads to the hospital for the rest of his recovery, he told me he wants something good to come out of this. >> teach others not to do it. when i think about it, i have become sad. and like -- really happy. because i'm happy because i survived it. like i almost died. >> whitney: that was kim reporting the cd crashing expanded the list of places on the travel alert. the virgin islands and dominican public where virus transmission is presentful pregnant women should avoid those places and asking doctors to screen infant
6:46 am
those places. symptoms include fever being rash issue joint pain and red ice. last for a few days to a week. 80% have no symptoms. it has been linked to a rare birth defect for babies to be born with small heads. cases in the u.s. are up to 19. hawaii has the highest number of case. six have been found to have the disease. one case confirm indeed virginia. the woman poses no risk to others because it is not mosquito season in virginia. other states include florida and illinois. >> whitney: still to come, a big local name endorsing trump for president.
6:47 am
what the virginiian in lynch pat this morning trump gained an endorsement from a big name in lynchburg. yesterday the trump cam participate announced that liberty university president jerry falwell is endorsing him for president. falwell says it was trump's business experience. trump saying, fallwell's support is an honor. fallwell says hi support is personal. >> whitney: taken for man shot at lynchburg general says he is shocked by the search warrant. he gave abc 13 a copy in which detective davis writes the 28 year old warn are attacked a security officer in the dillard building. warner took his taser. fire it and nearly hit another officer. detective writes after
6:48 am
discharged taser warner ran through the center and the officer shot him several times that part that warner's attorney says proves the officer used excessive force. cent rais deferring all questions to police. it is fully cooperating with the investigation. >> patti: a look what the newly renovated virginian will look leak. this is a rendering of a room. company will handle the interior decorations. apartment building was once riddled with bed bugs and closed down in 2014. 25 million dollars partnered with hilton will be commroet in 2017. there will be 115 high end rooms and luxury ball room and conference center, lounge and a cafe cafe. >> it is that will be -- >> melissa: we will need a heavy jacket. about 41.
6:49 am
mostly cloudy. rain kicked out to the east. highs in the mid 40s. may see 50 down to the south side and then as we head throughout the next couple of days the story is the warming temperatures. 50s and 60's this weekend.
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we are back with
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