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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 31, 2019 6:00am-6:56am EDT

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justin, good morning. reporter: traffic accident that then escalated into something far worse. a man shot. now, fighting for his life. e suspect got into a vehicle that police want you now to see. come take a look at your screen here. that four-dooran seddark in color, is what police are now looking for. you'll see it has some heavy rear end damage as a result of this wreck. police say when the car was last seen, there was a man and woman inwade and the woman driving here. now, this all began close to 3:00 p.m. yesterday.he near third street tunnel near the 395 northbound lanes by the massachusetts avenue exit here. that's where that crash happened. ford suv rearng endi that sedan there, parties from both vehicles then got out of the car to take a look and that's when things, police say, went from bad to worse.
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>> both exited their vehicles. thete was an argument t occurred on the scene of the arment and a gun was introduced into this argument and our complaintant was actually shot. >> reporter: at last check, the man who was in shot was in critical condition. d.c. police advising should you see that car, you should not approach it. the occupants are deemed dangerous. instead give them a call and let them handle it. >> justin, thank you. ni new thisng in the district, it appears police have cracked a series of sexual assault cases more than a deca old. 41-year-old levi roughen was charged wth child sex abuse possibly dating back to 1999. he's also charged withea brking into three different homes in theg middle of the and sexually assaultng someone a knife point. those cases were between 2003 and 2007 in northwest d.c. >> for the first time an african-american woman is set to lead the fire department in prince georges county. current fire chief benjamin
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barksdale announced his retirement tuesday and then county executive introduced chief deputy tiffany green as the interim ief. >> green has been with the department for 24 years. she says sheo hopes t inspire other young women to join the force. she's definitely a role model. 6:06. now to decision 2020. democrats running for their party's nomi tion took aim at president trump. >> it was the first of two nights in the democratic presidential debates inde troit. news 4 jummy joins us now with a look at some of thegh hights. >> it was certainly a night that first group of ten candidates took to the stage trying to stand out from the crowd. e only topic they could agree on, though, is president trump. >> donald trump disgraces the office of president everyng si day. >> little kids literally woke up this weekend, turned on the tv and saw their president calling
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their city, the town of baltimore, nothing more than a home for rats and i can tell you as your president that will stop. >> now the candidates didn't ho back on several topics including health care, immigration, gun control and climate change, but the key theme, of course, was making sure that president trump is not re-elected. >> rson we are going to defeat trump and beat him badly is that he is a fraud and a phony and we're going to expose him for what he is. >> we'll call his racism out for what it is and also talk about hisceconsequen it doesn't just offend our sensibilities to hear him say send her back about a member of congress because she's a woman of color, because she's a ca muslim-ameri >> and really all the candidates had things to say just like that. it is of course, early in the election cycle. for some of the candidates these two nights could make or break their situations and their m capaigns. the ten other democratic presideial candidates,
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including former vice president joe biden, will take the stage tonight. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> jummy, thank you. new this morning, president trump wasted no timein hitt back against those who say he's a racist. >> the president told cpan the word racist is overused. >> such a disgrace. i can tell you i'm the least racist person there is in the world as far as i'm concerned. and they use it almost when they run out of things to criticize you. they say he's a racist. he's a racist. me cases it's true, there are bad people, people who are racist. but with me, they have a hard time getting away with it. and they don't get away with it. >> meanwhile, a new nationwide ll is outfrom quinnipiac university, 51% of respondents said they lieve president trump is racist. 45% said they do not believe that. you can hear it, the president did not get a warm welcome yesterday at an event meant to celebrate democracy.
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the president was interrupted during his speech for the 400th anniversary of the firste represative legislative assembly at jamestown. hern don area virginia delegate held a sign reading deport hate, unite myfamily. he was escorted out but later tweeted no one should support racism or bigotry. >> there is nothing more american than raising a voi to authority. >> some virginia lawmakers boycotted the president's speech. they held an event in richmond commemorating the 400th in an effort. it was held at the lu kin's slave jail a place toriously known for holding slaves. a nortirrn vginia congresswoman has joined the chorus callingim for eachment inquiry. jennifer wexton released a statement on tuesday saying, quote, i did not run for office with the purpose ofpeaching the president, but i did take an oath to uphold the constitution. wexton says she believes
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president trump would be indicted for obstruction of justice if he were not a tting eresident. thre now more than 100 representatives in the house calling for an impeachment inquiry. disappointing news for metro riders who use the re lin fix to cool down the dupont circle will take longer than expected. metrt says the projecas encountered several delays that require design changes. new pods that circulate cool water into the stations are expected to be delivered in the coming weeks. the project should be completed by mid august. metro will continue running those tunnel funs until the a.c. system is backp and running. it's going to be hot in there, though. >> yeah, more hot days to come. ten minutes after 6:00 a.m.on next ews 4 today, a stranger's selfless gift helps a little girl go back to enjoying childhood >> i was just sitting here. oh my word, she's running and being akid. >> more on how makayla's rld has changed after a life-saving lung transplant. >> and passersby look on in horror as a child dangles from a
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balcony. the miraculous rescue is caught on camera. we'll show you the eart-stopping video. chuck? >> time for your dog-walking forecast on this weather alert day. get your walks in early today because there's a likelihood o strong to severe thunderstorms starting as early as 2 or 3:00 . p.m. toda this is adam. he's a 1 1/2-year-old guy ready for adoption from humane rescue temperatures into the 70s this morning, near 90 before the storms get cranked r afternoonfo
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♪ well, weave temperatures out there right now that are going to be into theto 08sy, bn we go for jazz in the garden, g listen, we've the jazz in
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the garden this is happening later on this afternoon. i'm sorry, later on friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30. we have a pan america salsa band will be. it between pth and 9th treat as far as what we're looking at for that, it's on friday. again, this is the scene. temperatures are going to be dropping through the 80s. iit doesn't look like will be the best day out there. we'll continue to see some storm chances as we go through the afternoon on that friday. th will be something we'll watch. i'll be back with another thing that you can do on your friday but we'll talk about rain chances for thatvent coming up. the quick ations of the community in china likely s the life of a 3-year-old boy. these terrifying moments show a todd clinging on to the edge of a sixth floor balcony on monday. neighbors sprung into action when they noticed he was struggling to get back up. they formed a circle and hld a
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blanket to help break his fall. the boy is expected to recover. police say he was home alone atw the tile his grandmother went out for groceries. he is lucky to be alive. i mean, there's no telling a that height if the blanket would have actually worked, right? >> enough to hold him to keep him from hitting the ground, too. a warning about a scam someone pretending o be a police has been calling people in our area demanding money. >> jummy is working for you this morning in the news room with more out of nthern virginia this morning. >> aaron, eun, scammers are posing as alexandria police officers. they're calling people's haes asking for charitable donations. there have even been reports of scammers telling people they needo pay money over the phone to stop an arrest warrant. police say they will never call erasking for money ovthe phone. calls like this are nhing new, though. police say there isn't much that we can do to stop them. hang up on the caller right away, ofsay, and don't call them back. some callers have been asking for drivers license numbers.
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police say don't give them that information either. make sure you report any suspicious calls back over to police. aaron and eun, back to you. >> jummy, thank you. an gan donation is allowing a 5-year-old girl to breathe normally for the first time ever. ♪ momma called the doctor and theidoctor sao more ♪ makaylas jumping on the bed >> makaylas crosby ha cystic fibrosis. it's a disease that affects h her lungs work. she couldn't run a lap around the kitchen. island after getting a new set of lungs she is running and jumping just like every other kid her age. she's not quite out of the woods just yet though. >> she could be fine the rest of her life or she could need three more. i just think it's all depending on her body and how her body reacts to them. >> makayla has been taking more than two dozen medications each day to make sure her body accepts the new lungs. a
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she her mom say that it is worth it. we're hoping those lungs keep rking for makayla. take a look at this. what a catch. 34-year-old maryland fishing record has fallen. that is a 72.8 pound hi mahi caught off the coast of ocean city over the weekend. the guy who caught it, jeff wright on the right said it took about5 minute togs reel that fish in. he said literally 25 minutes. the old record was 67 pounds set bacin 1985. he and his friend were out there practicing for a competition, a fishing competition, and. >> real thing. great picture and a story to tell. >> i'm glad they weighed it. i feel torn. >> right. >> you want to release, catch and release especially once you've broken the record like that. that's an awful lot of fish to eat. get me some wasabi sauce we might feel differently about this. congratulations to them. for what we need to know about today, you need to stay weather
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alert on your wednesday. weather alert mode because there's a significant chance for stg thunderstorms around here during the afternoon. the highest risk area is highlighted in the yellow here. that does include all of the d.c. metro area and the i-95 corridor rightp through baltimore, philly and up into new york city. traveling today between here and new york, you'll be going right into the thick of the severe weather chances. not much going onng this some rumbles of thunder pretty active cluster of storms there moving up towards about in northeastern pennsylvania. some lingering rain showers not severe storms, though, but rain showers already taking place in eastern west virginia. as though showers take their own sweet time to get towards the d.c./metropolitan area, we'll warm up quickly this morning. we're in the 70ed, 60s and 70s now with more than enough su80nshinehimos tsgrn st toin around 90 degrees by lunchtime today. that much heat and humidity will be the fuel for storms.
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so with a pretty harmless area of rain now in west virginia will become increasingly strong thunderstorms as we get into the ternoon. so here is 2:00 p.m. severe weather likely from martinsburg to winchester to the warrenton area as we moveinto 4, 5:00 p.m. now, bubbling up of what could be some localized severe storms in and around the d.c. metro area and across northern virginia and suburban maryland. things will about 6 or 7:00 p.m. this evening but the evening commute today could be hard hit with ng some stro thunderstorms by 10:00 p.m. all is settling back down once again. so, your currenton conditi 76 here in washington with some clouds around. temperatures in the 60s and 70s pretty much areawide. gardening forecast then, up close to 90 degrees today before those storms really start to geg ng. your gardening tip, early morning is the best time to water your lawn for sure to gi ur plants time to absorb the water before all the heat
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evaporates it away. five day forecast, may notneed water the plants the next few days, pretty high rain chances right through the rest of the workweek. satury could be rather impacted by rain showers as well. sunday is back to just an isolated storm chance. ten-day forecast in the next half hour melissa? >> all right. thank you, thank you. right now first 4 traffic alert a couple thingsg. happenin one of them wheaten just a short time ago georgia avenue now reopened. those northbound and southbound near reedie but we still have apparatus on the scene because of this building fire in a trash room is theon originati area. georgia at reedie may still have slow-downs there. taking a look at my map now, big delay in frederick, eastbound 70 near 15, the left lane is getting by that work zone here this morning. so we do have some delys inbound there. northbound 95 after 17, still have this crash. it is on the left side of the a roadway causing some pretty big slow downs. westbound 66 after nutley right lane blocked at the crash,
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southbound 123 before hampton road a crash reported there as well. everything else looking okay. we'll have live pictures from chopper here just a minute of the fire in ashburn. aron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:21, next on "news 4 today," feeling froggy. >> ribbit. g, feeling groggy this morn your phone might be able to help with that. >> find out how sleep experts say you can get the most out of app's design to promote better sleep. >> feeling froggy. i'm sorry. if you're at home this afternoon, don't miss keanu reeves will be on ellen this morning. >> do you know why that's so unny to me? her show will air at 3:00 p.m. on nbc stick d for news 4 at 4 this afternoon with pat lawson and leon harris, too. we'll be right back or maybe we won't. somebody else might be in these chairs after this break. we'll see what happens.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." a new survey from consumer reports shows 80% of adults struggle to get a good night sleep at least once a week. >> that's not good. more and more people are turning to smart phones for relief, but are they effective? >> news 4 is working for your health getting advice from sleep experts. >> reporter: sleep apps have become a booming business with downloads increasing as much as 20% over the past year.
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an app called sleep as androids habeen downloaded more than 18 million times since 2010. although the science on this isn't settled. >> while there has been some research on theti effeeness of sleep apps, it's preliminary at betet. >> repor noise apps can help by blocking out that barking dog or street traffic. >> hi, and welcome to relax melody sleep meditations. >> reporter: other as lead you through guided imagery, meditation and even hypnosis to calm your racing mind. ne >> reporter: but of the most effective treatments is cognitive behavioral therapy, or cbt, where a trained therapist can helpyou fixbad sleeping habits. >> the american academy of sleep medicine says that cognitive h behavioral tapy is the best first step in treating chronic insomniat that's because i can help you change the thoughts and behaviors that can lead to seep
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>>problems. reporter: and what about those sleep tracker apps that claim to chart your sleep patterns and how long you spend in deeper stages ofsleep? even though some people swear by them, doctors say they aren't reliable and shouldn't be used to diagnose sleep disorders. >> at this point, they can't te you when youshould sleep. they can't measure deep sleep. they can't really -- >> all right 6:26 our time. still ahead our coverage of last night's debate continues with a look at a fiery exchan health care. >> the two ideas being debated and what it would mean for youre cove plus, good news for a local vet who feared he lost a family heirloom forever. ather? how about our >> all right. our weather could turn a bit s ormy on s theond half
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>> announcer: new begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. we're in for another hot and humid day, get ready and we're watching the potential for severe weather this afternoon. good morning, everyone i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 6:30 your time now. we are i weather alert mode this morning. we're also following some breaking news in ashburn, multiple homes have been damaged in an overght fire. you see live pictures from
6:26 am
chopper 4 here over that area right now. .ews 4 megan mcgrath is on the ground for us she'll join us with a live report in just a few minutes. we do want to begin, though, with a check on your forecast and the commute. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is standing by with your forecast.'s but legin with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. melissa? >> some real slow downs this morning on 70. if u come o of washington county or frederick county and head towards 270, i want to war we still have the left lane getting by the work zone. it's a slow ride over to 270 as you're headed eastbound because of that work zone. allow extra time for sure. brand new problems southbound 270 after montrose road, crash on the right side is blocking lane. we're expecting that to get slow. in wheaten, northbound georgia avenue at reedie, left lane getting y. the fire department activity part of the southboes of georgia also blocked because of is earlier fire. northbound 95 here after 17 rea right now
6:27 am
you're just getting by on the right side. we have some pretty good delays headed northbound. and a storm team 4 weather alert for you today. already some thunderstorms in northeastern pennsylvania. they're not going to concern us, but already developing rain across parts of central west virginia, that area of raininess will come our way during the peak of dtitime hea. so there is a risk for severe weather today all across the news 4 nation. the highest risk, though, mincludes the washingtonro area and this yellow-shaded area goes all the way up to the i-95 corridor and will impact the rncond part of the aften. so if you're one of the 40 or 50,000 people headed down to nats ballpark for today, it's a noon game, 12:05 first pitch. the game will have no trouble gettingcooing but there ld easily be rain delays in the later innings. temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90. stormens cs as high as 70% for the evening commute.ut i'll show youe weather coming up. >> chuck, thank you. we'll see you then.
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6:32. developing in d.c. this morning, police are still trying to find the driver who shot someone after a car crash on 395. >> there were plenty of witnesses, but police still need help finding the other river. news 4 justin finch joins us now with the latest on the investigation. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. hearing police we're the driver or rather the person who was shot, the victim is now in critical condition. fighting for his life after t being sho near the third street tunnel yesterday afternoon. this all happened close to 3:00 p.m., police say. a fender bender was the cause ll it initially. all parties getting outside of their car and then this tragic event happening here, a ford suv they say rear ended ark colored sedan, blocking traffic for hoursre he on 395 northbound near the massachusetts avenue exit. it was then after that crash with all those parties came together outside of their ehicles that a suspect here pulled a gun and shot that male
6:29 am
victim. >> this was unnecessary, this is truly tragic that a simple accident, vehicle iaccident,s an accident can escalate into a shooting. >> reporter: and as youar he an escalation there leading to this, police say the suspect got away in that vehicle, that dark colored sedan, four doors should be a late model with heavy rear end damage fleeing thescene. police say at last check a man and a woman were in that car. the woman, they say, was riving. police say if you see that car do not approach but do instead give the a call. we're live here in northwest, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you, justin. 6:33is now and th morning a local btq activist is speaking out after threeob rberies of transgender women in the district. police believe each crime wasd commit the same man. the suspect was captured in surveillance photos you see here. the first robbery happened last
6:30 am
monday on second street northeast. the second and third happened two dayslater within about 30 minutes of each other near sixth and k streets and hunt place llrtheast. police say in a three robberies the suspect hopped out of a car, flashed a gun, demanded the victim's property and then took off in that dark colored suv. we don't know all of the details yet, but it is good to see the police parering with e community and reaching out for more information. >> theobberies happened just as the lgbtq community is mourning the recent murders of two transgender women. we're getting new details out a murder mystery in fairfax county. >> a man is on trial accused of killing his wife and tryi to cover it up. prosecutors say he shot and killed his wife donna and then shot himself to try to cover up murder. they say he staged his wife's death. prosecutors say their 13-year-old daughr came home and found her father in the bathtub with a gun. she also found her mother shot and ki bed.
6:31 am
she also had a gun. prosecutors say dona, the wife, could not have shot herself. this happened back inar janu of 2017. next weekishe defense expected tot presen its case. 6:35 our time right now. and some really nice news to hear about a local vietnam vet this morning, william holly has been wireunited the family heirloom he thought was lost forever. his wife's uncle served in world war i. when he diedheurial flag was given to them. well, it fell out of a moving truck about two weeks ago. another veteran found it in prince georges county and immediatelyiz re its significance and turned it over to police. holly's daughter later saw onhe tews that officers were searching for the owner. that flag was returned yesterday back to a position of honor, i believe, with his family. >> such an important part of that family's history the memories. >> it really. i was ven my grandfather's flag when he died a few years ago, it's something i can't imagineg. losin it's -- if you're still
6:32 am
hoping to plan a last-minute summer, federal law enforcement has a warning for you. >> thieves are tricking people into rentingroperties that either aren't available or aren't real. news 4 jummy joins us from the news room with details. jummy? >> if you can believe this one, aaron and eun, the better business bureau saying this morning that already this year thousands of people have fallen victims to this scam. they go online, find a place and pay for it only to learn that it was a phony listing. this is happening here in the u.s. and overseas.e plenty ofle have traveled far and wide only to learn they have nowhere to stay once they get there. these scammers are finding photos and addresses of homes c that are aally for rent. you google it, everything appears legit. before you book, do a reverse foogle image to see i that home is listed anywhere else. also don't only look on one bs e. officials say use multiple si booking webtes to try to find a place to stay. avoid paying by wire transfer, cashiers check or some of those
6:33 am
app-based payments likevenmo or cash app. it's also important to note that this kind of scam isn't only tsed for vacation rentals. college studene ware if you're looking for apartments, those are also easy targets. back to you. >> jummy, thank you. still lahead, attle more than a day after news broke of the capital one bank hack, there are new suggestions for people's whose information may have been compromised. >> we're working for you with details how to keep your info safe. plus, drama on capitol hill. the nomineedefends himself against sex assault allegations while his accuser sits in the room. at she had to say afterwards when news 4 today continues. good wednesday morning, everyone. today at 4, there is a new way that women in our area can acquire birth control without a trip to the doctor's office. and it only takes about 20 minutes. >> it's really just about getting it to the patients who need it. >> where you can find
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well, welcome back, everybody. we have the scene in for one of our scene things today we have truck-eroo. this is down by the bull pen at. nats par we are expecting some rain unfortunately but maybe head out there. download the nbc whington app. mperatures will be rolling down through the 80s. it's until 11:00 p.m. of course go to, type in the o scene and of se there's several things i think 100 things that we listed for you things to do during the summer.o we have month left of the summer and only two truckeroos left. get out there this friday. >> lauren, thanks. . the u.soast guard wants you to know about the dangers of climbing aboard an illegal charter boat. military leaders discuss how passengers can identify and report illegal charters in annapolis yesterday. boats who operate without a license may not have proper
6:37 am
safety gear. that includesnd navigation communication equi ent. peopught operating an illegal charter could be arrested and face significant fines. uber drivers are now earning how to combat human trafficking on tad. >> drivers across the country spent yesterday being trained on how to spots. victim uber is now partnering with the polaris project, a non-profit that runs the national human trafficking hotline. experts estimate there are more than 24 million victims worldwide. they say you don't want to y intervene ifou suspect someone is a human trafficking victim. that could make the situation mo dangerous. instead, you should call 911 or the hotline. you can find that number andre mo information in the nbc washington app just search human trafficking. now here is your cnbc morning business repor g >d morning, i'm dominic chu. choosing a college major can make a bigger impact on how much you earn in your career than deciding where to actually go to school. a report by financial news site pay scale ranks the highest paying majors for associate and
6:38 am
bachelors degrees. at the top, petroleum engineering with average yeaayy pf $82,700 followed up by operations research and industrial engineers. also ,actuaries chemical and bio molecular engineers andublic accountant. with your cnbc morning business report i'm dominic chu. it's a storm team 4 weather alert day today. widespread thunderstorms are expected this afternoon. some of them are likely to become severe with damaging winds and hail. y i'll sho your future weather and time out the threat coming up. and right now, several problems including a delay on the red line one on 270.d
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♪ 15 before the hour and we are in weather alerto m on this wednesday morning. another hot, humid day ahead of us. we're keeping an eye out for the chance of severe storms as well as this afternoon storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will join us with a lookour forecast in a few minutes. right now we're on top of breaking news. several homes damaged by a fire overnight in northern virginia >> news 4 megan mcgrath is live on mill stead drive in ashburnth with latest. megan, what's going on now? >> reporter: well, eun and n, aaroire officials believe that this fire started in the home that you see behind me here. you can see extensve damage especially up there on the
6:42 am
second floor. now the residents were not home t the time. so the flames really took hold. then it just started to spread from there. it affected four houses all right next to each other. take a look at the chopper video and you can get an idea for just how extegeive the dama is, especially to the two houses. the house where it started and the house right to the left f ie is whet spread. you can see the roofs are gone, the upper floor completely gutted and also veextensi damage down on the first floor as well. the flames then and the heat also t damaged buildings, the houses on either side melting the siding. so, a lot of damage here. this happened a little after 3:30 this morning. now, one firefighter did get a burn injury, a burn to the neck, but we're told that he's going to be okay. that is the only injury because again i'm told by neighbors that two of these homes were not occupie at the time. the residents were elsewhere.
6:43 am
so that may have contributed as well to this being reported to 1 getting firefighters here on the scene. we spoke to one neighbor who describes what she saw when she came outside. >> the who roof was on fire, just red everywhere, both houses. so, it was scary. i don't know how else to explain it. >> reporter: so fstefighters l here on the scene. they have the road closed, and they're just trying to figure out at this point what started this fire. a but total of four homes eyfected. two look like the pretty much a complete loss. back to you. >> megan mcgrath, live for us in ashburn. gan, thank you. we turn now to decision 2020 and a look at last night's democratic presidential debate. ten of the candidates hoping e secure party's nomination were on the stage for the first night of another two-night event. >> immigration, gun control and president trump's fitness for office were all discussed, but once again, the issue of health care cauitd a spl amongst the
6:44 am
candidates. news 4 jummy is here to break it down for us. good morning. >> good morning to you. we know health care is a big thing among many voters. and those ten candidates agreed that health care should be a rightand not a privilege. they want every american, they say, to be covered, but when it comes down to the discussion on how to that, the candidates seem divided into two groups. the first group suggests a medicare for all plan. ofyou probably heard that before, which would eliminate private insurance and put everyone on the same government-r plan. then there was the second group of democrats that believes people should be allowed to keep their private nsurance but that the government should also provide an option for those without insurance. now disagreement over that exact issue led to this you're about to see between former maryland congressman john delanie and senator elizabeth warren. >> they're running . they're running on telling half the country that your health insurance is illegal. it says it right in the bill. >> all right, t wnk you. >> don't have to do that. we can give everyone health care
6:45 am
and allow people to have choice. n way. the ameri >> thank you, congressman. senator warren? >> so look, let's be clear about this, we are the democrats. we are not atoout trying take away health care from anyone. that's what the republicans are trying to do. and we should stop using republican talking points in order to talk with ocher about how to best provi that health care. >> senator warren there was then asked what she would do and if taxes would go up for middle deass in or to pay for medicare. the cost would go to billionaires and corpora ons which she says aren't paying enough in taxes right now night two is tonight and that debate will feature cory booker and kala harris and joe biden. back toyou. >> jummy, thank you. be sure to check out news 4 at 11 after the debate tonight to see howda the candis did. you can also download the nbc washington app for coverage any
6:46 am
time. just search decision 2020. drama also played out capitol hill during confirmation hearing for general john hyin, the man that president trump nominated to take over the second highest position in the u.s. military. >> the general was accused of sexual assault two years ago but yesterday he once again denied the allegationshile his accuser sat in the room. she spoke afterwards. she accused him againof lying. a lengthy air force investigation found insufficient evidence to charge the general but those same investigators also found no evidence that she was lying.i >>nt to state to you and to the american people in the strongest ssible terms that these allegations are false. >> bottom line is he lied about sexuly assaulting me. >> senator martha mcsally a former fighter pilot and sexual assault rvivor says she supports the general. c theommittee could vote by the end of the week. we're working for you and
6:47 am
staying on top of the capital one data breach. about 100 million customers were impacted and ts morning the company is aufrg more tips. first, freeze your credit to prevent hackers from opening upd accounts u your name. also, you will want to sign up for free credit monitoring. capital one has promised these services to everyone. be sure to change your password. security experts recommend that step, even though the bank says log-in credentials were not compromised. finally sign up for push alerts on ur bang accounts. that will alert you to any account that isn't you. we posted all these tips in the nbc washington app. 6:51, turn to the storm team weather alnit this mor. here is chuck bell. >> what you need to know about the weather, weather alert day today, strong storms likely to a get goingound 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. and should be coming to an end by 8:00 p.m. the main threat will be possibility of some damaging wind gusts up over 60 miles per hour and bef periods of heavy rain as well. and coming during the evening
6:48 am
commute could really slow things down on your ride home. right now, though, it's all quiet, 76 in washington. little bit on the steamy side for sure. mid 60s in the shenandoah valley, little more cloud cover early this morning. your commute, not going to get ained on here early but temperatures jumping to near 90 degrees as early as lunchtime and then dropping ito the s with the moving in of the thunderstorms this afternoon. again, the highest risk for severe weather today is thishi ghlighted yellow zone from theas wington area through baltimore, philadelphia and new york. no severe weather out there yett butre's already rain in the mountains of west virginia just general rain showers at this point. but as it comes over the ridge and over the blue ridge and interacts with what will become a very hot and humid late ours ng and lunchtime around here, likely to see that general area of rain turn into a round of thunderstorms once you put a littledaytime heating in it. so future weather, here is 2:00 p.m., rain turning into thunderstorms through thedo shenan valley, some possibility of stronger storms
6:49 am
as far east as culpepper by 2. bym. 3:00 p. strong storms near dulles airport and popup storms potentially right over downtown owashington, dtown baltimore and this hit and miss area of strong thunderstorms right during the peak of the evening e commute, tween 4 and 6 or 7:00 p.m. so keep in mind, that threat of severe weather will then progress on to the eastern shore. things should turn quieter later on in the evening. a lot of rainchances the next few days. this first round of storms today will be the most likely to have severe weather with it. another stormy day coming on friday. hit and miss showers on saturday. sunday still looks to be the drier half of the weekend and next wook lks like it will be plenty hot to get the month of august under way. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck. first 4 traffic alert, couple different problems on the beltway right now. capital heights outer loop left side two lanes nowlocked by an accident there. and landover, outer loop after central avenue left side blocked by a crash. we expect the east side to
6:50 am
really slow down quite a bit here pretty quickly. rest of the beltway and tiner l loop isoking okay overall. southbound 270 after montrose crasdeon the right you can see those delays really kicking into gear now as you're headed southbound this morning. wheaten northbound georgia avenue at reedie left lane gets by the fire department active. part of the sthbound lane also impacted. 95 in virginia after 17 left side blocked by the crash and delaysaded inbound as well. northbound 395 after seminary roadeft lane shut down because of a disabled truck. efshington, near the third street tunnel lane is blocked by an accident there. train signal tracking betweenco ta and red line. travel times 66, 39 miles per hour. 95 northbound 54 miles per hour as you look atry mand here, 31 miles per hour southbound on 270, top of the beltway 28 miles per hour on the outer loop. guys? >> melis, thank you. you know in most baseball fights the batter charges the
6:51 am
mou. >> but in cincinnati last night it was the pitcher starting the fight. take a look athis scene. reds pitcher garrett said he heard som conehirping from the pirates' dugout. look at him go. he takes to go and fight ithem, guess. whoa. players poured on to the field. it turned into an all-out brawl looks like every player is out vthere. >> eybody. >> seven players were thrown out of the game and this is the second brawl between these two teams this year.s that' bad blood or something going y >> when is the next game? >> 6:55. four things to know. right now firefighters are dousing hot spots on an overght fire in loudoun county. several homes were damaged on mill stead drive in ashburn. this is video from chopper 4. we're told no one was inside the home was hurt. one firefighter is being treated for minor injuries. e latest in the nbc washington app. alexandria police are wning that scammers have been posing as office and calling homes asking for money.
6:52 am
if you receive a call like that and you thi it's suspicious, hang up, call the police department yourself. check out the nbc washington app for more details. northern virginia's representative in the house has joined more than 100 other democrats in callingor an impeachment inquiry. jennifer wexton released a statement tuesday saying president trump wod have been indicted for obstruction if he wasn't in office. see wexton's full statement in the nbc washgton app. tonight is part two of the second democratic debate in detroit. former vice president joe biden, senators kala harris andory booker and new york city mayor bill de blasio will take part. o check "today show" next for a preview plus a look back at last night's debate. >> there's yur extended forecast. a weather alert for you today. likelihood of strong to severe storms 2:00 p.m. and p 7:00. this afternoon into this evening. so keep that in mind. pretty high rain chances off and on right on into the first half of the weekend. >> thank you, chuck. right now capital heights outer loop aftere richi marl
6:53 am
borrow road left side blocked by crash. belt way will get slow pretty quickly. >> melissa, thank you. that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up for us. >> "today show" is ne we'll see you in 25 minutes for local traffic, weather and news. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody.
6:54 am
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good morning. dems d. >> i do know. i wrote the damn bill. >> things get heated in a hurryv progress and moderates clash in a contentious showdown. >> you are playing into donald trump's>> hand. roch gained momentum, which lost gund and what we should expect when front-runner joe bide takes center stage tonight. breaking news, north korea launches a new round of missiles. the second weapons test in less than a week. what kim jong-un is up to and the white house's response straight ahead. face-to-face. a woman accuseing a top pentagon nominee makes an


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