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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 30, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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chief was on the scene. i talked to him by phone as he wa surveying what was going on. this is what the chief had to sll. can you tee what you know about what happened there today? >> what we think happened righ now, it's just preliminary. some kind of a traffic accident followed by a trafficispute. looks like the suspect shot into one of the vehicles, and we haven adult male who was taken al a loc hospital in critical condition. >> reporter: okay. how long do you think the tunnel will be shut down? >> that we do not know.w re going to try to get it open as p quickly asossible because we're in rush hour but we do have a crime scene to process here. >> again in, that processing o continues it's a lengthy process. they have to take measurements and look for clues. they have to look forfo ation. again, the center of attention is this gold-colored ex yorer.
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if look over to the left, can you see some scrape marks on the wallu of the tel. police were looking at those earlier. perhaps they have something to do with the crash or t altercation that led to this shooting. again, this happened around 3:00. this is t o heart rush hour. the third street tunnel northbound has been closed down for about two hours. i've got to give you one other thing. this is the lookout. the lookout that they are asking people to see. it's a lookout for a gray honda accord with a bik. rac they believe there's a man and a woman in this gray honda accord with a bike rack. they believe the woman was the driver, the man the shooter. we're on the scene. we'll keep you posted of any more developments. now back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. we have more breaking news this time out of fairfax county where chopper is over the scene of a tractor trailer crash in the vienna area.
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hunter mill road, this is near hunting crest lane. it's closed because of this. that truck hit some power lines when it tipped over. dominion virginia power is on the scene dealing with that they will also need some heavy duty tow trucks to get that tractor trailer back up. >> in rockville a car crashed into this restaurant here on morebeck road. chopper 4 capturing the scene at the urba barbecue restaurant. two people in aide the carnd those inside the restaurant were not hurt. we're working to find out what caused the driver to crash. >> let's get a look at our forecas tnow. doug isracking some rain out of our west. he's live in the storm center is this going to be heading our way? >> reporter: right now we're heading towards east and right along the blue ri here. very strong storms, a couple is of severe thunderstorm warnings. this forage county south of luray with another storm that's developed. look at the storms vem develop over the last s 15 minutes or
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much. had a severe thunderstorm warning around frederick county. thisse re storm died off. they build up and become severe very quickly and then they just completely die off. that's what happened around frederick, but it's not h happeninge. we're not seeing this one die off just yet. a lot ofli tning around port royal and another mess around thluray. severderstorm warning for clark county and northern county and northern rappahannock county and extreme fauquier which goes until 5:30. can you see right here. i want to show this area in towards warrenton. watch out other storms f me around the boundary that. boundary is ving our way and will give you a cnce for severe weather tomorrow area-wide. we'll break it down and take hour by hour. i'll be back here in a couple of minutes. >> we'll see you then. doug, thank you. >> prosecutors say he staged the crime scene to throw off investigators, and tonight laszlo pentek of fairfax county is on ial in the murder of his wife. news 4's drew wilder joins us live from the fairfax county
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courthouse with the latest. drew? >> reporter: jim, good evening. the man accused of killing his wife wasctually in the court today while the commonwealth presented its case against him incling some rather head-turning photos showing donna presidentek shot and killed lying in her bed. donna and lasz presidentek's 13-year-old daughter came home in january 2017 to find her dad shot but alive in the berhtub. h mom shot and killed in bed. police recovered two guns. one in donna's hand and the i other the bathtub with laszlo. the commonwealth argues that based on how donna was shot in her head s couldn't have shot herself. after a two-year investigation a grand jury dropped a valentine's day indictment charging laszlo will donna's murder. the commonwealth says he shot himself then to cover it up. at trial tuesday the commonwealth's attorney played an audio roaring of the first time fairfax detectives te
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iewed laszlo. still in the hospital he said he was in the bathtub and told the detective vickery i had soap in my eyes and must have hit my head on the tub and must have passed out. i heard voices, people there, and then i woke up in the hospital. when i woke up, they said i had been shot. the doctor who led laszlo' surgery the day he was shot testified on tuesday that laszlo was awake and alert when he got to the hospital though distacht and not speaking. so we expect this trial to take about two weeks and wrap up towards the end of next week. making nse will start its case coming up early next week. reporting live in fairfax count de, drew wilder, news 4. >> thanks, drew. >> an historic moment for the prince george's county fire department. the deputy fire chief tiffany green will become the interim chief. she will be the first frican-american woman oversee this did. our bureau chief news 4's tracee wilkins explains that green is reaching out to young girls and
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encouraging them to join the department. >> reporter: prince george's county fire chief announces that he plans on retiring very and his replace cement a historic one. >> the truth matter is the althoug she's a female, she will be made as interim chief because she is qualified. >> reporter: coun executive angela alsrooks is naming nate f-prince georgian and veteran chief deputy testify any green and will be the first woman to lea the prince george's county fire department. she will replace chiefks bale. >> he's came here with a strong reputation is and is leaving with that strong represent usglags what i enjoyed most about living here a being a part of the community and being fire chief toerve of. >> reporter: green has been with the prince george's county fire department 24 years beginning as a volunteer before becomi
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career. she's a married mom with a daughter, and she believes there is a message in her rise to chief for those other young girls in her native county. >> this is not a career that women would look at as something that they can do. they can be great at it and in 20 years they can the chief. >> reporter: green will lead a epartment of majority men also divide of volunteer versus career, all something that green is prepared to manage. >> one of the things about beint paof this department is coming up in the ranks so the men and women know me, seen me come up from eutenant all the way to chief deputy. she will be named interim chief afre ba th'stcerch siheef sd hales to go tahrough with the county council for final approval. tracee wilkins, news 4. w >> green l be named chief of the fire department just as the county is experiencing an increase infrican-american female leaders. angela alsobrooks is the first woman county executive.
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ayisha braveboy the state's owner and monica golson the state of school andll green wi be the fourth female fire chief appointed on the i-95 corridor betweenere and baltimore. it has happened yet aagain, hack that's left the information of millions of americans out there on the dark web for the taking. nearly 24 hours after we learned about it how do you protect your attorney? the accused hack ar former tech company software engineer fromeattle. court documents reveal she obtained the data by hacking a server rented by capital up. she obtained credit scores, credit limits, payment history and transac oon data more than 100 million americans this. impacts consumers and small businesses that apply for a ne capital o credit card from 2005 through early 2019. we're workingyofor this
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evening with some tips to protecting your information ou think you're a victim of this consumer reporter susan hogan is here with what we need to know. susan. > this capital one breach is equifax level bad so the best advice for you right now is if you'rerying to figure out if your infoation was hacked assume it was, so here's what you need to do right now to protect your personal information. freeze your c free with allhree credit bureau, equifax and transunion and expirion which prevents the bad uuys from opening any account under your name. go to each website and fill out the form. it is free a can you lift your freeze if you're applying for a loan and then you just refreeze it again. super easy to do. sign up for free credit monitoring. capital one will offer identity protectionservices to everyone so take advantels of tshiff fre. change your ipassword.
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capital one said log-in y r password. sign up for push alerts. i le these. they are a all of my bank accounts and should be on yours. it will alert you of anycredit card or bank account activities so if someone makes a purcha on your card you'll get notifi immediately to verify it. all of this advice isn't just forho tse who are customers of capital one. this is for all of you. with all theecs heover the years, target, equif, ebay, be t.j. maxx, assume that tion is outal infor there and you have to be proactive. >> you just walked me thugh that step by step and it's pretty eersy. >> sup, super easy and you have to do itr fosure. >> right. >> you mentioned how this is as bad as equifax. >> yes. >> people have been wondering e claims process. i mean, this is years oldo tw now. ything new on that? >> a great question.
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last week we told that you equifax reached a $700 million settlement with the ftc and will pay back millions of americans e impacted by t breach. now can you go online to ee if you are eligible. htee this form rig there. i did it this afternoon. can you plug in your last name land yourst six digits of your social security number. if you were impacted it will i it it today.le a claim it literally took me less than three minutes to do, and we have these exact links for you so you don't have to do anything. go to our nbc washingtopp and search equifax to bring you to the links and if you get a lin in an insolicited email to do it. n't do it. go to the ftc website dectly our a and go to the equifax search. t> thanks so much. a spotligh today on a global issue that you can do something about locally. only on 4 the program teaching ride share riders to spot the signs of human trafficking.
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>> the newandidate to become police chief in montgomery council meet with members of the council today. ahead at 5:00, we take look athertonia chapman and the controversy surrounding here. >> we've seen him grow up in burgundy and gold. you in a red stine fan favorite playing for something more than himself. >> just looking a my little girl and holding her and seeing her smile and hearing her laughs it's lyri man, this is the best thing of.
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tracking these severe storms right nowgh in throunorthernit virginia. looking at front royal and over towards warrenton this. blossomed along 66 and to t south of 66. grand new severe thunderstorm warning for fauquier county including warrenton. that going til 5:45. this around page county until 5:30 and another one around 5:30 this. includes warren cound clark county and western fauquier. right along 66 here, so it's going to be a mess of things coming out of prince william
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county in through fauquier county and through the frontal royrea. track the storms all moving up to the north and east. i think these are on a collision course fororthern fauquier county and eventually into loudoun county. we'll continue to watch them for you as they moven through. any new warnings, we'll bring them to you from the storm center >> thank you doug. today is world day against trafficking in person.ob it's a glal problem that you can do something about locally. there are warning signs you can look for if someone is a vctim. as news 4's mark segraves reports that uber drivers in the district are getting thein day training on human trafficking. >> trafficking is a shelly hard crime to get dataon. >> the training is going on across country in classrooms like this one. uber drivers learning how to identify a victim of human trafficking and what to do with drivers like burdett bridges brown. >> they may in danger which puts us as risk so we need to know
5:16 pm
how to be safe. >> observe thesituation. >> reporter: elaine mccarton with the polaris project and also runs the national hotline wants more business tdoing. >> the entire community needs to be involved in this. we're looking at a $150 billion global crime. >> reporter: it's estimated more than 40 million victims orldwide, most in forcedr. labo this uber driver says just a few years ago a driver in california spotted a passenger he thought was victim, and he did the right thing. >> and i made the phone call. >> the pimps were in the back of the car with her, and they were rooming her so to speak and teaching her what to do and keith was memorizing what he heard and memorizing where th dropped him off and then made the known call afterwards to law enforcement. >> that call led to three people being arrested. as for what shouldor look f and
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you suspect that someoneis a victim of human trafficking, is songbody treati them in a way that seems like a controlling measure. in you do suspect spun is vicmising call miss. >> round t for the democratic presidential can't datetics off this evening. the cofwded feel 20 democrats will take the stage over two nights again. the setting this time is detroit. next's kristen welker takes a look at what you wil t want watch for tonight. >> reporter: good evening. it's round two of the democratic debates near detroit, michigan, a critical state for democrats in 2020 so three things we'll be for first. to what extent do the candidates tonight go after president trump? will they ent irhis culture war tafter he's reap ily taken aim at congressman elijah cummings? second, will the candidate take
5:18 pm
aim atme for vice president joe biden and third will the progressive candidates senator berns and kamala harris take aim at each other. so far they havent. will that change tonight? a preview and all of the key details you need to know coming up tonight on "nightly news." >> president trump's appearance in jamestown from a disruption of a virginia delegate fro herndon. the delegate held a sign that read deport hate as you could hear chants of trump erupted in the audience. hevwastually escorted from the ceremony. this event was intended to mark thery 400th anniver of jamestown's first assembly. it was written on twit their president trump was unfit for office. some black lawmakers in the commonwealth boycotted this se event becauof president trump's presence there. there's a new poll that shows about half of american
5:19 pm
votersde think presi trump is racist. this is according to the quinnipiac university national poll.e 51% believ he is. another 45% don't agree with this. broken downy race, 46% of white voters say the president is racist. while those numbers jump to 80% among black voters, 55 among hispanics. >> he's ban fanavorite for year and this thing the's some new things about ryan kerrigan. spures joins us fr richmond to explain least of which is not the new look, sherree? >> the new look is a part of it, but when you see the redskins defense you think ryan ker'sgan. hene of the longest tenured redskins player here at camp, and he is sporting the longest hair we'veeen since arriving here in washington so i caught up with kerrigan about that new do, a newan baby d new leadership emerging on this team starting with jonathan allen.
5:20 pm
>> reporter: kind of a collective ing, we got a bunch of veteran players on theteam, guys like that younger like john. john has really embraced the leadership role and got to works.him so it i would like to consider myself a leader. i'm not a big vocal guy, but i' going to de right things and show guys the ropes, so it's kind of a collective thing. >> a non-football question for you. blocks are coming back. is it the decision or are we ust rolling with long herrick the purdue look? >> it's not the purdue look. that was a bad look. i look at picture and said, dude, what the heck are you doing? trying to push it back a little more. i wife likesand wants me to keep letting go so i'm going to follow her rules. >> happy wife happy life as they say. >> yeah. >> luce guys have a date. what's it like being a dad in. >> it's best thing ever. i mean, everyone said it would be and it really has been. just looking at my littleanbill holding her and seeing her smile and hearing her laugh it's like, man, this is -- this is
5:21 pm
the best thing ever. everything she does i feel like i'm ready to crime. every time she laughs oh, my gosh, look at this. it's the most amazing thing. my phone is all babyot ph especially now at camp when i'm not with her. i get so many pictures. thank goodness for technology because if i had to not see her face for three weeks, i'd be a frustrated man. >> he's already been gone from the family for about a week now, but kerrigan is telling me that his wife an daughte lincoln there will be coming this weekend for fan appreciation. guys, back to you. >> that's a happy, proud dad there. ght. i think it's kind of a bandana mullet, but if theife likes it, that's all that matters. >> that's all that matters. >> thank you, sherree. >> a milestone and the purple construction with transportation reporter adam tuss on how the light rail project is
5:22 pm
progression. >> storm team 4 is tracking storms to our west, and when are ourhances that we'reoing to get rain for the get rain for the re
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is. well, it looks like it's raining now the mountains but not here. no. not around here. >> d.c. is fine, dinner plans going to the nationa game, i think you should bey. oka tracking some big storms just o in our westeounties
5:25 pm
here. fauquier coun along 66. 66 a mess come out of prince william county and all the way out towards front royal. take a look at radar and show you what i'malking about. not around d.c. storms in through portions of loudoun county, prince william county as well. right along 66 you see what i'm talking about. this is over the past couple of hours. these are the three warnings. warnings around clarkty counand warren county and over towards fauquier county. this storm is kind of dying off. this is the storm right here that i'mwaeally hing. this is just to the north of warrenton. severe thunderstorm warn is in effect for warrenton. i' be surprised if another warning popped up in our northern zone north of 66 but right now front royalrd towa 66 over towards marshall, here's marshall right there. a lot of thunder and lightning out of this storm. again, this is all moving off to the north so i wouldn't be surprised to see a new warning up and towards northern fauquier county, possibly even into loudoun county here over the next couple of minutes as that
5:26 pm
is exactly what this storm is doing. it's moving very slowly to the north. look at how all this developed with th past fewurs. you see the storm an right around our you're yeah, you see thve start to delop in and around the -- in and around to the west washington butdo ntown, i mean, just a couple of storms, that's it. 4 degrees and winds out of the south at 14 miles per hour. the heat index has been an issue all day. a hot, hazy and humid day, so as i like to say the three hs in effect, hazy, hot and humid.he currentt index in d.c. 103 in quantico 157bd hundred in easton. if you're going to the braves game tonight, nationals taking on the braves, very important game for us, of course. 92 degrees at gametime. 86 by 8:00. it does say a slight chance of a shower or storm the next few hours but, again, i'm really thinki this is going to be a dry game. not worried about this storm at all, the showers at all.
5:27 pm
should stay to the west and i'll be tracking them for you in and around our area. rthis is all fom a front make its way in. this system moves closer to our region tomorrow and we have a better chance for severe weather and also have a better chance o eeing cooler weather. look behind us. t d.c. and raleigh and 80s and 80s backthe west and that's the kind of cooler weather that's coming in here. time this out for you hour by hour, today and into the day tomorrow. 10:00, a couple of light showers around remaining and by 8:00 a.m. nothing on future weather. we'll be dry during the day. early, is being, looking at some storms back in our western zoneo ard i-81 and watch what happens here during theer afton around 3:00. a god chance for strong and oossibly severe storms during the afternoon sonce again we're tracking that for you tomorrow. could be a weather alert day so stay with us on that one.ur 88 on thay and 86 on friday. best chance of storms the next couple of days tomorrow and on friday. best chanc ofvere weather coming up tomorrow. >> thank you, doug.
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a symbol of sacrifice and service los f itell out the back of a moving truck. just ahead, the meeting of strangers who found it in the middle of the road and the family who held it close for some 30 years. >> just meanso a lot te family. but as velo veterans we understand the story behind this flag and what it stands for. >> i'm darcy stepser in rock sri, the county executive has xtde his choice for the ne yo shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also ge? a back-to-school bag that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and itfieels even better when them for less. at ross. yes for less. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. wait, at? shhh. one hour. out of the question. one hour with the tablet, and my client will walk the dog. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes.
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ful montgomery county, the county execive has made his choice for the new chief of >> plus, some members of the council want to know more about why she left her last job. tonya chapman was the chief in portsmouth, virginia. news 4's darcy spencer was ere hen chapman arrived in rockville for a meeting this afternoon. >> darcy joins us from rockville with the latest. darcy? >> reporter: well, that's right. she's been meeting privately one--one with some membersf council over the last couple of weeks. she is introducing hersel she's answering questions and, of course, address any concerns they may have after she leftler ast job under a cloud of controversy. news 4 was there as tonya chapman arrived in rockville for
5:32 pm
a meeting with a county council member. she could be the next chief of police. she's the county executive's choice, but she comes with some controversy. chapman was freced to sign as chief in portsmout virginia after three years on ihe job. >> you were pushed out because we were makingchange, and there was race involved, that is actually a qualification for me. that's someone not afraid to corn fro confront the status quo. >> reporter: she put out a memo asking if they were team players and ax few to employees were left to contaminate the whole environment. >> just a small group of endividuals, that you know, do not like direction the department is going, andhey try and bring everybody else down. >> reporter: in a memo, chapman says bias, abuse of authority and racism were factors in her resignation lastearch.
5:33 pm
sh's -- i'm looking forward to having an opportunity to speak with her about what happened thered her previous job. >> reporter: chapman would have to be confirmed by the council and some expr disappointment that the county ioner wouldn't be present. >> i've been with he and his wife at various events and i'm truly a supporter of marcus. >> reporter: so this is by far not a done deal there. will be a public hearing and a final vote sometime in september. wendy, back for you. mm darcy spencer, thanks, darcy. a coment to country and good old-fashioned police work that led to a ry special reunion inrg prince geos county today. news 1's corey smith was there as a family ha loom was returned to its rightful owne
5:34 pm
moving that even whenou leave the military your service never. stop >> the handing of the simonial first plaque to the family is usually a solemn occasion but not today. >> i now return yes flag to you. >> reporter: the flag was given to the wife after the death of marcellus rris, the world war i vet. the heirloom last week disappeared and he couldn't yet tell his doubter what happened. >> she caught me by surprise when she said -- there was a hesitation and i said, no, it fell off the truck. >>eporter: you might cat a coincidence that tom jarrett happened to find it or maybe ay fate a role because in this veteran's other time ofed
5:35 pm
nenother man stepped to the plate. >> i didn't feel right. >> reporter: the flag was found along this busy stretch ofnt cel avenue in prince george's county. it was folded and in a shattered display case so jarred immediately knew it was nt significa to somebody. he did the right thing and turned it in. many veterans got the flag back to its rightful owner. >> we helve to h others and have to help the community and serve the community in every way possible. >> reporter: it tells me that there's still gd people out there. >> no matter who you are and whr you s the commitment to yourb ther in arms never stops. >> reporter: corey mith, news 1. >> en after finding the flag tom jarrett still cntinues to go above and beyond the calf duty. >> 's found someone to make a n display case so that flag can once aga be prominently isplayed in the holly household. nice to see that. >> that's really nice. >> it is.
5:36 pm
drugs to treat heartburn are widely prescribed and are considered low risk, but tonight at 5:00 a new study isg rais questions about their links to allergies. >> i'm adam tuss, a major milestone for a huge transportation project in our area. i'll tell you why it all has to do with that beamight there. and we have a new severe thunderstorm warning this effect. the one just north of warrenton right here is going to gotu acly until 6:00 p.m. now it's just coming up from the national weather service. this storm is moving very slowly towards the northeast at so miles per hour producing a lot of lightning and very heavy rainfall. there's a better chance that you're de
5:37 pm
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the u.s. coast guard is going after illegal charterts boa the coast guard announcing the crackdown in annapolis today. militaryeaders say they want to make sure you're protected u when yoimb on board. boa that operate without a license may not have the proper safety gear, and that includes some navigation and communication equipment. and if you are caught operating an illegal charter, you can be arrested and face some significant fines. the landscape in monomery and prince george's county is changing fast because of purple onstruction. remember, this is a light rail line that will connect betts did a and the new carrollton metro station. not scheduled to open for three tion years but as transpor
5:40 pm
reporter adam tuss shows us tonight a big moment happened today. >> reporter: construction crews are a close-knit each work site with its own individual member, story, etickers on helmet reflected jobs comd, men and women standing shoulder to shoulder to raise and build something together, and today a momentous day for a very large construction project in this region. signatures and messages go on am steel bea to mark the topping out ceremony of the main building of the purple line. theitfinal beams f into place and the framework complete. >> i wrote my name and the initials of my wife and to you bo who are 7 and 5. they support us, they support our time and effort he and without them we couldn't do that. >> reporter: a lot of workers us aren't jt thinking about a building. >> i hope it's more than just structures and -- and dollars and numbers. i hope it's more about the
5:41 pm
people in thecommunity. >> reporter: this is a huge milestt.e for this projec make no mistake about it. this is the nerve center of the purple line. this building here, two football fields wide. it will basically run everything along the project. >> in 90 days there will be a nd shell arou this building and in about a month we hope to lay e first track for the project. so it's coming together. >> reporter: a lot of these workers will reflect on what they are accomplishing. one more thing, the evergreen christmas tree on the beam it's a symbol for safety because the evergreen never dies and no one on the project here will either. in riverdale, adam tuss, news 1. >> big doings. optimistic ti frame, by th way, to open this project is late 2022. wendy? >> it's the hottesticket in town. tennis star coco goff plays in the first round of the city open today and team mcfly is live with mre on the scene around this tenniss sation. >> oh, it's cooking out there
5:42 pm
today and working for your health this evening. oreen gentzler reports on h to protect yourself from an
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
the city open is d.c.'s tennis traditionhi t year they are serving up excitement with coco goff. >> oh, boy, has she had a run. the tnis phenom playing her first tennis tournament post-wimbledon in washington. tommy mcfly is on the sceneith the latest. a hot she gave er all, but you've got an update for us, right? >> reporter: yeah, wendy, jim. breaking news just moments ago. coco lost to zarina diaz on this court next to me. got some new tennis friends we made. people who checked out the match. what did you think of it? >> good strokes and played >>we. eporter: good post-game analysis. tommy, what did you think? >> i think she played well. she started off a little
5:45 pm
nervou she keptoking at her box when she made a little mistake but she played great. it's great to have her other. >> that's precisely what i'm thinking. >> reporter: and she's still in the doubles. >> reporter:dotill in the les. i'll tell you when you can see her come up. also we talked to fans on their way in about the excitement and the coco mania. eck it out. what's a good coco fact that i' don know? >> her first name is cory. >> there you go. >> i've been following her for a long time, so it's nice to see all these people turning out, absolutely. >> reporter: her family wanted to come to d.c. so she's happy to be here and loves the reaction she's gotten from the fans. she's in a good place. now we got a quick shot of cocould making her way to the players' village and i saw hert ng selfies and being real awesome to fans as they caught up with her at city oh. you saw another star makng hi way. >> we got so see andy murray warming up and doing a little scrimmaging with his brothr:.
5:46 pm
>> reporo much good stuff and coco will be playing in doubles tomorrow at the city open and if you want tole n about air conditioning and food and cocktails, wendy, i know you want to hear that, just search scene. all that for you. >> she looked up. howl, it is hot out there. >> you need hydrate. >> reporter: wendy, we can serve up some good food nxt time. how about that. >> it's a tennis joke. it's a tennis joke. >> okay. tomm thank you. coco is still in the doubles. andy murray said there's so much still to watch. it's justst gettingrted. >> yeah, and, you know, next couple of days, today was the big day far as the rain is concerned and tomorrow the threat returns as far as thunderstorms go. watch out or somethe storms as they move on in here. hear from the thunder and make sure you're undercover. outdoors right now. have a couple of the strong storms. one in particular. one around 66 in fauquier county. at is severe thunderstorm.
5:47 pm
severe thunderstorm warning until 6:00. notice around the d.c. metro area, all dry here, and it's all ack to the west of i-95, down towards luray and farther south. another severe thunderstorm warning in our southern zone. one warning. that's no longer there along lur yale. pretty good storm there. watching this one. look at the incredible amount of lightning here right around marshall, and as i just about, it's moving in towards middleburg and parts of loudoun county and i think it will continue to move into lodoun county. in towards western prince william county right around 15 and west of 15, where this should stay, ju to the west of the airport most likely. going tbe tracking that way for you. we'll be making it this way through the next hr or so. more of a tror or a cold front associated with this as it moves on thcoough. we'll inue to watch out for that. out there right now no. cloud in d.c.,ut we're in the shade because of the storm off to the west. how about that. that storm actually produces the
5:48 pm
shade around our 94 degreight now and dropping through the 90s and into the 80s. 85 degrees by 9:00 and 80 degrees by 11:00. amelia, we're talking about another hot and humid day tomorrow. don't think we'll hit the 90s tomorrow but still a really good chance of severe weather during e afternoon. >> yeah. >> because the cold front will be had a little bit closer to the area. the biggest concern for severe weatr tomorrow is going to be slow-moving storms that are producing extremely heavy rain. that could lead to some floodind issues aaybe strong gusty straight line winds as well. the risk falls especially between about 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. aso you do w to be weather ready tomorrow afternoon. shat being said, most of your day going to be completely dry, especially the morning and midday hours. we're startingff warm at 75 degrees. mid-80s at lunchtime. a high tomorrow of 89 degrees, so 4:00, 6:00, ou00, tout the late afternoon and evening teurs, this is when we'll be seeing scatd showers and thunderstorms. 82 degrees by 7:00 p.m. still humid out there and still
5:49 pm
a great pool day. notice storms tomorrow are likely later in the day. the risk only at about 30%. friday, not a great pool day. here's why. there's a chance for some showers and a fewes rumbl of thunder around throughout the entire day. not a washout not looking at any oriny days this week. these are just st days. don't want to cancel outdoor plans and that being said, i wouldn't wash the car either. again, if you want to get something done outdoor, the earlier the better bases on the afternoon storm chances tomorrow and thursday, and also just more comfortable, and, doug, while we're cooler tomorrow, we don't real see the humidity levels drop all that much. >> no, i mean, you'll notice the difference as we m far as temperatures go. not in the 90s, but 89 degrees with a heat index into the low 90s, still hot and hum and a 60% chance of storms and down to 30% chance on tursday. we'll still see a couple out there.
5:50 pm
friday though as amelia pointed out. more in the afternoon but also a good chance right afterthe noon period so they could be during more of the afternoon period and then 88 degrees on saturday and 40% chance of sto there. as we move into next week, looks like the heat wants to return as we head into august. chance of storms next tuesd and wednesday as temperatures top out into the low tomid-90s. >> all right. thank you, doug. >> news 4 is working for your help with a warning whenit comes to your prescriptionnt aids. a new report says it can increase your risk of allergy. a study in austria looked at more than 8 million health records and found when doctorse prribe antacid medications people were twice as likely to need drugs for respiratory allergies such as hay fever or az map. the research doesn't prove that takng antacids will cause allergy. >> well, a health warning tonight as you head out to hike, bike or just relax. tick bjorn illnesses are on the rise with cases reported in , every state but there's a tick
5:51 pm
that you may not have heard of, andts bite could make us allergic to red meat. who wants that. news 4's doreen gentzler joins us now to explain what this is all b.doreen. >> i know, kind of strange, gh ri but first of the problem, tikds can be as small as poppy seeds and hard to spot and they can have a big impact on your health if you don't catch them early. experts say our wet winter is probably to blame for the record number of ticks that we're ht seeing r now. >>summer thymtime is prime time ticks. >> ticksan transmit a variety of different illnesses. symptoms include aches and pain, fever, fatigue and muscle weakness. watch out for the lone star tick because its bite can cause an
5:52 pm
allergic reaction to meat. the adult female has a white dot or lone star on her back, and these types of ticks can be found along the east coast and in the south. >> like an anaphalacticesponse such as people have when they are allergic to bee stings where your throat closes down. you have difficulty breathing, your lips and tongue swell. r disease ters control and prevention mapped out tick regions all across the people to take precautions before heading outdoors or heading out on a hike. >> if you're going to go walking on a niceoo wd trail. stay in the middle of the trail and avoid the tall grasses on either side. >> the best advice is prevention. be sure to use a bug repellant and spray your shoes to help keep ticks crawling up pant legs. if you do spot one, here's how to remove it. >> use fine-tipped forceps.
5:53 pm
>> simple ways to enjoy the great outdoors and protect your family from tick bites. after you've been outside check your clothing and hair for ticks and take a shower to reduce the risk. a tick needs to behe attac 36 hours to transmit lyme disease but other infections can be transferred more closely. if you do find one, seal it up in ain could taner or zip log it bag and keep in your freezer, if you can. your doctor may want to see that tick if you develop symptoms later on. for a closer look of the cdc's map of ticks in our region, head to our nbc washington app. check your dogs for your ticks as well, becse they are susceptible to some of these tick borne illnesses as well. they are out there. thanks so much for the update. never ask wendy to remove a tick behiuse were you fli just watching that. >> i saw so many ticks. oh, my god.
5:54 pm
well, this story coming up ne is just a heartbreaker one was a small town at leet with a big heart and another was a 13-year-old who wanted a puppy for her 14th birthday and onewa a 6-year-old boy whose uncle called him the roommateic. >> they were taken from their shootings in that mass in california over the weekend, and tonight we're learning more about some of the survivors, inuding two business owners who confronted the gunman. we'll hear their storyaight ahead. >> she told him a few choice words and said you are not going to do this this is t going to happen.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
that these are the faces of the three people killed in california, a o 6-yearld boy, a between-year-old girl and a ma who is coming to meet his fiancee. they were going to get married soon. 12 others were wounded and that includes a couple running a booth at this festival. family members of that couple say the wife confronted the gunman, an he shot her at close range. her husband also shot multiple times. tonight they remain in intensive care. nbc's roz platter has their story. >> yeporter: the sky range can seat area where the company booth. up their just behind it is where kristine
5:58 pm
seville first saw the gunman climbing over a fence. >> the first thing show did was run and confront him. she got right up within ten feet of himnd she told him a few choice words and said are you not going to do this here. this is not going to happen. he then shot her. >> reporter: sedillo says her brother-in-law came running and the gunman shot him, t she said he walked up to her and her husband and stood above them and asked them are you okay in a calm voice? >> the couple played dead fearing he would try to finish them off. then the gun jammed. >> he then dropped the gun magazine right next toer head and loaded another and just openedire on -- towards her booth and everywhere. >> the granddaughter, one of the workers, likely saved the life of the couple's 3-year-old son. >> thank god for that little
5:59 pm
10-year-old girl who saw him running for his mom and dad on the ground and smashed him up and put him on top of the table and lay on top ofo him t shield her. that is with a the bravest thing i ever heard. >> reporter: with the couple down, a friend tried desperately to stop their pleading until paramedics arrived. >> reporter: we are grateful for all of them. >> ahe couple haseady had many le surgeries, fa more and a long recovery. friends and family have set up a gofundme account to in san jose, roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> reporter: shots fired in the third street tunnel and news 4 cameras right above the scene and showing you the damage that held up traffic. >> hacked, the latest data breach making 100 million people vulnerable. fo>> reporter: we're work you tonight to answer the question what do i do now?
6:00 pm
and the racism question. >> i am the leastacist person there is anywhere in the world. >> tonight a new poll says more than half the country disagrees. >> the heat is on, but some major changes heading our way including a chance for strong to severe storms. i'll show you where. >> news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news >> and we begin with an update to a situation we've been covering shooting creating a major traffic issue in the district. >> yeah. this is the th street tunnel downtown now where the northbound traffic has been shud n for about three hours at this point. >> news 4's pat collins is just move the scene there. he's learninge about how this may have started in the first place. pat? >> reporter: doreen, it appears to be an act of road rage in the third street tunnel, an accident, an argument, a shooting, a man in critical


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