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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 30, 2019 4:00pm-4:50pm EDT

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>> and we all want to get better sleep. >> i just can't get to sleep. >> the solution may be in the palm of your hand. we test out the popular apps that promise to help stop those sleepless nights. >> and firs at 4:00 this afternoon. breaking news downtown. a man shot in the third street tunnel. nowhich led to a crash, an rie northbound side of 395 in the distct has been shut down. >> it's all ngunf but in the past hour or so near thet exi to massachusetts avenue. >> that's right. let's get right to news 4's pat collins who has made his way live there to the scene. pat, what's the latest? >> reporter: leon and pat, down on ooking live now the scene at the third street tunnel,ed northbound lane. about an hour ago there was a crash and shooting or a shooting and a crash. at this point i can't tell you which event came first. there are police here from the u.s. capitol.
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there areetropolitan police here trying to figure it all out. i can tell you that one man was sht. he's said to be in serious condition. he was conscious and breathing when they took him from the scene. i can tell you they are looking for a dark-colored sedan with a man and woman inside. they believe the woman may be the driver of that suspect car. as we lookown on the scene now, you can see there's a gold-colored ford explorer. thesh wild is bashed in. back in the tunnel, back in the dark side of the tunnel, there's another car in the center lane. there are a couple of women in that car. i don't know what role that car tays in all of this. again,s happened around 2:54 this afternoon.s there wa crash. there was a shooting or a shooting and then a crash. one man shot. he's in serious condition.
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the northbound lane of the third street tunnel has beenut sh down as police investigate this and try to figure out what happened and what caused this all to happen around 2:54 this afternoon. we're on the scene. we'll keep you posted of any developments here. again, the northbound lane, third stet tunnel has been shut down for this police investigation. >> now back to you. >> all right. thank you, pat he right at the beginning of rush hour, too. a bad time for that to happen, as it is there was any good time. thanks, pat. >> more a thunderstorms develops to our west. you cat see th popping up on the radar and we're monitoring s storm chanc for the rest of the week. doug, what can we expect tonight, doug? >> reporter: got the storms out there mostly in our western scenes. i think that's where they will stay. n and around the d.c. metro
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area and pointseast, much less of a chance of storms here. storm team 4 radar is tracking a couplero sba wa thdf s vale. a severe thunderstorm warning for this storm coming right here through shenandoah county butn much around the d.c. metro area, and i don't expect much. can't rule it out but what we ad luray and port royal. pretty big storms. usis o hneinas from jthis right up towards winchester. there's one if you live innc wister rain falling down in your area, too, all part of a front and system making its way off to the eve. you lan see thee of storms ev. erunat ew york.arts of n for us tomorrow i think a much better chance of area-wide storms, some of which could be severe during the afternoon. that's what we'll be tracking for you. a fewtorms this evening. a better chance tomorrow afternoon and then tracking rain chances pretty much all week. leon, i've got to tell you 97 degrees. that's the current heat index in
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the city. that's a h one as well. >> we know how the formula always works and that means storms will pop up and you've got chanc r ofin every day through saturday, right, so what does that mean? are we looking at washouts? >> that front just kind of meandering over our region the next couple of days. not seeing washouts. any te this time of year normally what we see are afternoon showers and thunderstorms. a much better chance tomorrow. thursday a little bit of a chan and then friday we're now talking about a 60% chance. storms and download the nbc washington app you'll see that. when you look at something like6 , that's what we're talking about with that chance. you hear the warning, a new severe thunderstorm warning for warren county and also page county and in through parts of virginia. this goes until 4:45, so,a in, very strong storm right here just formed, just to the north of luray. 4:45un severe thrstorm morning and once again for warren county and page county. we'll continue to update these storms backhthe from the storm
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center. >> as doug remind you a second ago, you can down load alert fo tomorrow's storms and keep your app there ready to keep you updatedinn what's happeng. weather alerts when we're not on the air. >> a northern virginia man is acc hed of killingis wife and then shooting hfe to cover it up. >> that crim happened two years ago when fairfa the husband was indicted on valentine's day and now the murder trial is wa >>news 1 ow dew urnde wilder ju got out of the fairfax county courthouse. tell us what happenedin the courtroom today. >> reporter: well, pat, today the commonwealth is making its case presenting evidence, calling witnesses. as you mentioned, the commonwealth says back in 2017 laszlo preside laszlo pentex shot and killed his wife and claims he shot tr himself ng to cover it up. today i went to the attorneys and said if that's not what
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happened what did? the defense says it's not ready to say. in january 2017 the daug of donna and laszlo pentex found her mom an dad shot in separate rooms of their fairfax home. the woman was shot in the head and killed in bed and laszlo had been shot in his abdomen in the bathtub and was still alive. two years later a grand jury indicted laszlo alleging he killed hisn wife ourt tuesday the commonwealth's attorney played an audio recording of the first time fairfax detectives interviewed him. he described heas in the bathtub and told the detective joan vickery, quote, hi soap in my eyes, boom, must hav hit my head on the tub and thought i passed out. i heard voices. people were there and i woke ups in the htal and when i woke up they said i had been shot. the doctor who led the surgery the day he was shot testified tuesday that he was awake and alert when he got to the hospital distant and not
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speaking. >> so this trial is expected to last through next week. we expect the defense to srt presenting its case coming up on monday. reporting live from fairfax county courthouse, drew wilder, news 4.t? pa >> thanks, drew. a dozen steir bus like a convoyeur belt full. >> especially i think tomorrow. today we've got some in the western zone. hat's most likely where they should stay. nats taking on the braves. i think the heat and humidity is the bigger story today and the heat is going to be the bigger story and the tomorrow the bigger story today. take a look outside. cloud h in the way of a cover out and around the d.c. metro area. temperature 95 degrees and winds out of the south at 14 miles per hour. when you talk about the heat index, we're now at 97 and you see 1, quantico 8 is and annapolis and it's a hot one for sure. got a couple of thunderstorms including a brand-new severe
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waunderstorm warning. ten until 4:15 or 4:45. orht here that just popped up, i mean, literally, just popped up, and, boy, it went severe this is a severe warning until 5:00. severe thunderstorm warning. amelia is listening to me. remember, taking it off of magic track there if we do have it on there. fm jeffersonounty to washington county down to frederick county maryland so until 5:00. boonesborough just north of brunswick and west of frederick. these just fired up along an outflow boundary from a previous storm. watch this, nothing, nothing, nothing and boom. see them all ju fire up. these are going to be briefly severe. you may see some strong storms and imagine some very strong winds in that region. you noti it's really firing up along and just to the east of this boundary. we'll be watching this cold
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front come through during the day tomorr however, it's kind of just going totall around our area, and because of that we can expect rore of these storms during the afternoon tomorw. tonight, if you're heading down to the nats game, down there at nats park looking good at, that on the hot and humidside, temperature around 92. there's a chance of an isolated shower or storm. right now the game should be just fine, definitely able to get it in. er at 8: and 82 at 10:00 wano win. how about that game yesterday. here's what's happening around our region. frn you see where the clouds are and where thent is back to the west. not a lot off to the east this. front is also going to change things as far as temperatures go. let'se a look at the numbers. out ahead we're into the 90s. 95 nd back to the west only in the mid to upper 80s and is s temperatures go coming in across our region the next few days. as we makec our watch what happens tomorrow afternoon though. here we are on future weather,
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1:00 not a lot and by the afternoon. around 3:0 starting to see area-wide storms. some could be strongup moexndt n 88 degrees you thursday and 86 on friday and right now saturday coming in at 88 and a chance of storms just about every da >> all right. >> get used to it. >> and another pattern. >> thank you, doug. new advice not just to help you get better sleep but smarter sleep. doreen gensler is working for your health. a little later on she shows how to use our smartphones to get b ater night sleep. >> and then cuckoo for coco goff, the tennis phenom back on goff, the tennis phenom back on the court and
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worldwide. the polaris project, a nonprofit th n runs theional human trafficking hotline, provide the training for the uber drivers. they say that there are some signs to look for if you think someone is a victim. >> does somebody like like they don't nt to be there? is somebody treating them in ay waat seems like a controlling manner? me if you suspect someone is a victim it's red that you not interven m that coulde the situation even more dangerous. what you should do is call 911 or call the hotline. we've got a link more informion at nbcwashington.come. just go there and searchhuman trafficking. >> we're getting red for the annual clear the shelters event in a couple of weeks but some folks couldn't wait a few weeks to find their new pet. derrick ward reports on special event today in bethesda. >> well, here at sunrise senior living in bethesda they arepp wraing up a big event today to make sure some loving animals go to loving homes of they have teamed up with the humanec r
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alliance, sunrise senior living hand news 1 to clear the shelters. these pets are up for adoption as is this cute little pit bull puppy who has already found a home. weked to the folks here at sunrise about how important this kind of companionship is for the residents. >> i think we can all agree that animals make great companions buhatt's especially so for seniors and thatve cats and dogs in each of r communities and why we're excited to adopt ten pets over the next two weeks which we're super excited about. animals provide amazing benefits to seniors, lowering blood pressure and emotional benefits. >> you can go by any sunrise facility in the dmv through august 11. they make you fill out a bit of a form and will do some back and forth and make sure you and the animal are the right mix and if all goes well, pick a pet and o take it hme that same day n.petts did a, derrick ward, nes 4. now every year nbc 4's c ar the shelters campaign helps er animal shelt and rescue
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groups find new homes for pempts our annual pet adoption initiative this year takes place august 17th, and we invite you to learn re about clear the shelters in the nbc washington app. >> comi bizarre 0, warning about ticks, ticks. the bite that could make you allergic to red meat of all things. we'll explain how to protect yourself from that. >> but, first, the stage is set. we're just hours away from the next democratic debate for the party's presidential nomination. we're live to tell you what to watch out for and tommy is live at t city open. >> reporter: hey, we're right outside the court where coco ff, the phenom is playing. we'll take you inside the fan action and also the food and beverage scene here at city open coming up on "news 4 at 4:00."
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and hello, everybody. taking a lok at stormeam 4 radar right now. not mu going on in the d.c. metro area points around est of i-95. tracking a couple of severe thunderstorms. one back towards shenandoah ounty and warren and page county. another just formed the last 20 or 30 minutes. severe thunderstorm warning until 5:00 and frederick county as well as washington county and also in parts of jefferson county. a lot of thunder with this and lightning with the boonesborough area and heavye rain just to
4:20 pm
north of luray and around and royal.f front watch out. could be localized flooding. we'll continue to watch and notice this here in loudounty coun actually a boundary right here in western loudoun county. a few more storms will fire up. for right now, guys, l eyes on the system coming your way. a ch better chance for area-wide severe weather tomorrow. >> i'm wendy buyinger in the newsroom. le's get you caught up with four things to know. right now police on the scene of a shooting inside the third street tunnel all traffic on the northbound side has been closed off for more than an hour. we're told the shooting vict a is man in serious and police are looking for a sen with this. for now northbound traffic in the third stet tunnel shut down. a fairfax county man is on trial for the murd of hi wife. police say laszlo pentek killed his wife and then shot himself to cover up for it. his trial is expected to last
4:21 pm
through next week. prince george's county is going ve its first riunmetyaf-an ncari executiveng alsobrook named deputy fire chief tiffany green aste m chief. beginning in october she will replace chief benjamin barksdale who is retiring. greens been with the and go ent for 23 years through a process at the county council for final approv. there's been a major data hack at capital one. a seattle woman is accused of stealing and sharing informatio of 100 million people. the breach affects consumers who applied for a capital one credit card from 2005 through 2019. the hacker obtained credit scores, credit limits, payment history and transaction dat back to you in the studio. >> all right. weod deal. thanks, y. turning now to politics and the big focus which has shifted gears to motor city. >> that's right. democratic presidential hopefuls all set to face offin a second
4:22 pm
round of debates starting tonight. the first ten candidates taking the stage in just a few hours. that lineup including two senators with similar progressive policies, berens and elizabeth warren. nbc's jay gray in detroit now with a closertook a what to watch and watch out for. jay and everybody looking for a big breakout of some kind >> reporter: hey, you have to think so, leon, and can i tell th a 'sad fallout from the first showdown anred a tyensee a couple of we campaigning out on the trail. now many of the candidates say tonight they will co. out swingi right now the spotlight is focused on the historic fox theater where for two nights 20 cndidates will gather on the stage for whatld be a political free for all. >> i expect fireworks. each of these candidates will have to distinguish them sells, one frorethe other >>rter: joe biden will likely be the primary target. new quinnipiac poll shows the former vice president has a
4:23 pm
double-digit lead over the crowded field surging 12 points in the past month. >> you also worked with them to oppose bussing. >reporter: and after a rough first debate biden says, quote, he won't be as polite this time. the candidates may find some 'smmon ground when it comes to president trump social media rants against representative elijah cummings callg his baltimore district a quote disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess. today he defended the posts. >> people have called from baltimore thanking me so much. there's all that ney that has been spent over 20 years has been stolen and wasted by people like elijah cummings. >> the second debate is being held in the heart of the struggling midwest manufacturing corridor, a traditionally democratic region thatedurned r in 2016. >> are you ready to talk about revitalizing our state and the midwest all together? >> reporter: voters demanding answers in tonight's showdown
4:24 pm
here. >> this first group of ten candidates tonight includes several with dies to the midwest all hoping, leon for some sort of home field advantage. >> okay. we'll see how it all playsut. jay gray reporting from detroit. ahead o ofe we invite to you check out our nbc washington app and search debate guide and ake a closer look at all the candidatesd how tonight has ree matchups that a expected to resi dent celebrated the 400th anniversa of the jamestown settlement amid some . controvers his speech today focused on self-governance and touched on the impact of the slave trade. >> now tothe tennis phenom coco goff. >> the is a-year-old phenom is on the court today and tommy
4:25 pm
mcfly is there hoping to catch a little glimpse. hey, team. ♪ >> reporter: so -- all right. we're outside at the city open. you having a good time? >> yeah. >> rep iter: coco playing right behind us. you've been inside. what's the match like and how is she doing? >> she's doing pretty good, and i won points. she hits the ball super hard on the ground and itbo unced it over the ferns and it was really cool. >> reporter: what do you think about someone so young being so awesome at tennis. >> i think it's so cool she's determined to play these other players when she's only at age of 15. >> reporter: appreciate your commentary and appreciate you coming out. get back into the match that's happening right now. it's going to be according to storm team 4 stormy and hot all week long here at cit s open they have got you covered. plenty of air-conditioned opportunities f all ticket holders, and inside they have got -- [ n aio ]
4:26 pm
>> it looks like we've lost tommy. here are some pictures of play earlier today. >> tommy, you're back. tell us about the food, man. >> reporter: hey you got me. >> weoffgout now. tell us about the grub. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. you know how i get upset.ef besteak and tacos and gelatto, all of the things inside the market square tenth whics air conditioned, by the way, very important for this city open and we've talked to some purveyors of adult beverages that can go with your tennis fun. >> today we're serving a greatc ktail with vodka, a take on a classic drink. d.c.'s numberne vodka, sweet-based vodka. also has lime and ginger beer. just another way to enhance the inexperience of be out here, a refreshing cocktail that goes great withthe summer and the hot weather, and so people out here thirstied and we're here to
4:27 pm
serve of them. in>> reporter: we are hav fun out here with our young fans. coco is still playing. coming up at 5:00, how you can still see coco this week at city open. b k to you guys. >> sounds like a plan. get inside and get cool, man. have fun. >> all right. an american flag lost dura g move, and this one has special a meaning to local family. >> we have to help others. we have to help the community, and -- and serve the community in every way possibl >> new on "news 4 at 5:00," how a stranger found it and then went the extra mile to make sure that it got back to its grateful owner. >> first we all want to sleep better, and sleepa apps hve back booming business. doen gentzler will show you which ones will help you get some needed shut eye. >> and not only are wetracking scattered showers and thunderstorms out there right now. in fact, some very heavy rain but hot and humid conditions as wl. 59 so far for a high today. so how do we stack up so far
4:28 pm
this year with heat hand whatca ee expect for the rst of
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ag news 4 is committed to bringing you cov of our changing climate. plenty of summer still to go today and we're learning we may soon brea another temperature record. amelia draper will explain. e's a , leon and past he look at the global temperature l anoms, and you can see what i want you to see here is the
4:31 pm
past five years the ate top, so over the last five years we have had the hottest temperatures globally on record. 2019 isn track to be the third warmest year ever on record ased on the temperatures that acwe've seen ss the earth so lor this year. now ally, today is the 35th day that we've hit 90 degrees or higher our yearly average is 36 on average in august. we see about ten 90-degree days so we' likely be well above average wit9 0-degree days this yea august herer area is predicted to be above normal temperature-wise so it's going to continue to be hot. now nationally june capped off the wettest year on record. our entire country has been ealing wit a lot of water, most lately and we're on track to be the third hottest year. >> amelia, we've talked about record rain as well as record tu temperares so far this year. related?e
4:32 pm
>> they really are reled, pa because when you get warmer emperatures, the atmosphere can hold more water so warmer temperaturesreally super charge the amount of water in the atmosphere, so that's why we're seeing w tmeremperatures and record rainfall. our extremes are getting more akextreme, and speng of heavy downpour pat, we're tracking doug and i will have the latest on those ming up around 4:45. >> all thank you, ia. >> i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. chopper 4 is live over vnna where a tractor trailer has crashed just a minutes ago on hunter mill road near hunting crest lane. that is closed right now. it's going to be some time as can you imagine because the er lines hit some po when it tipped over on to its side, as you can see, and it's pulled them down well. dominion virginia power on the scene to deal with that issue. now they have to wait for some
4:33 pm
heavy-duty tow trucks to get that tractor trailer upright. we'll keep watching this and bring you updates, but "news 4 at 4:00" will be rig bac at 4:00" will be rig bac aftehtr we are sisters. and we just moved in together. why alissa and aleah chose fios.
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stor kicking up he radar. doug and amelia will be back here in a few minutes withrewha the of the night looks like and our storm cnces for later this week as well. >> nowle to the strugg to get a good night s eep. it'san issue that many of us can relate to with a growing number of people rning to smartphone apps to get some relief. >> but are the apps effective. news 4's doreen gentzler joins us with new research from "consumer reports." this seems a bit counterintuitive. >> where is your cell phone whe you go teep at night. >> in the kitchen downstairs. >> it's on my dresser, but it's turned off. >> it's turned off. >> same here. >> mine is in another room because i don't want the -- anything vie bright or blinking
4:36 pm
or whatever waking me up and n disturbig my sleep. now though some people argue that their phones are actually helping them go to sleep an wake up refreshed thanks to appshat are cheap and easy to download. >> i'll be b laying in and my mind is going a mild a minute. >> nancy hernande is like so many of us. she's a working mom who struggles to fall asleep at nigy. usuall she gets about four hours of shut eye before her larm goes off. >> i justcan't get to sleep, and i've tried everything. >> reporter: over-the-er medications helped her in the past, but doctors agree those shouldn't be used long term. according to a survey byo umer reports," 80% of adults reported trouble sleeping at least once a week, and many ar turning to smartphones for relief. sleep apps have become a booming business with downloads increasi as much as 20% over the past year. an app called sleep as android has been downloaded more than 18
4:37 pm
million times since 2010. although thescience on this isn't tled. >> while there has been some research on the effectiveness of sleep aps, it's preliminary best. >> reporter: noise applp can he by blocking out that barking dog or street traffic. >> hi, and welcome to relaxability sleep nsmeditatio >> reporter: other apps lead you through guided imagery, meditation and even hypnosis to calm your racing mind. ♪ >> reporter: but one of the most effective treatments is cognitive behavral therapy or cbt where a trained therapist can help you fix bad sleeping habits. >> the american academyof sleep medicine says that cognitive behavioral therapy is the bestf st step in treating chronic insomnia. that's because it can help you change the thoughts and beviors that can lead to sep problems. >> although these apps can help, they work best after several in-person sessions with apr
4:38 pm
ofessional. and what about those sleepck trar apps that claim to chart your sleep patterns and how long you spend in deeper stagesf sleep? each though some people swear by them, doctors say they aren't reliable and shouldn't be used to diagnose sleep disorders. dr. danny lewin is the associate director of sleep medicine at children's national health systems. >>tt this point they can'ell you when you should sleep. they can't measure deep sleep. they can't really adequately measure sleep disruption and even the timing of the sleep period. we see more sleep disorders associated with people coming in saying oh, mye devic was telling ue this in fact when we use a validated meas they are totally inaccurate. >> and if you read the fine print, you'll see most apps are marketed as entertainnt or lifestyle. these are not medical devices which means its effectiveness is not evaluated by the food and drug administration.
4:39 pm
if you decide to s try aep ann, be sure to keep your phone face down so the d lightoesn't bother you and keep it inai lane mode so you won't get calls or texts that cansr t your seep. adults need a about seven to nine hours of sleep every night and anything less than that can increase obesity, high pressuret headisease and strokes. seven to nine hours. we're getting that much. >> not even on vacation. >> all dreaming of getting that much. >> the best solution involves some hard work. cognitive behavioral therapy to retrain your brain. >> your brain. >> just thinking about the phone is so --s >> thi after. >> i need an app that says your bills are paid.
4:40 pm
>> there's probably up out there that will do that for you, doug. just got to find, it doug. we do. right now we're finding severe weather out te. got severe thunderstorms in parts of our area right now. most of us onry the side and heading to the nats side against the braves, a big game. should be not worrying about storms to the east and off to the west, that's what i'm talking about. ofa couple severe storms, one of which is a very strong storm now. this is over towards front royal and it's in parts of clark county and right along 66, extreme northern areas of rappahannock county. heother severe thunderstorm warning up to t north that's dying off. this one has been ongoing now, and if you live in and around the portroyal area get in your house. you could see strong winds. we may even see so pension for ash flooding here. it's been raining for the better part of an hour.
4:41 pm
rates around tw to three inches per hour. look at all the lightning here, too. we could see possible lightning strikes in this area so watch out once again. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5, is a 5:30. this one is dying off. still under a severe buunderstorm technically, i no longer think that this is severe and that's what these types of storms do. they get severe very quickly and pulse back out and when they do that they send out the boundaries and we'll be tracking thatfor you. all because of a boundary making its way on through. more of a frontal boundary. amelia, we think this will hit us tomorrow afternoon and we think area-wide we have a much better chance of seeing some storms. >> absolutely, doug. that's why tomorrow we may be weather alert. wwant to be weather ready between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. i was just looking at the latest information. it's like really heavy rainfall in slow moving storms and could
4:42 pm
see flooding issues. also could see a microburst and winds from the thunderstorms are trannderred down to the grou and you get straight line wind damage out there. that will be the focus tomorrow. again, the storm potential mainly between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. start off at 75 degrerm. a wa start. humid day. a high temperature of 9 degrees, but as the cold front approaches the area, w have a little bit of a better trigger for area of rains and thunderstorms area wide tomorrow. notust confined more so out west like we're seeing today. w,ading to the polls to the earlier the better and you'll be just fine. thursday the chance for another shower or thunderstorm and friday a chance for some s, shower even rumbles of thunder throughout the day. doug, this is a stormy pattern, not a rain pattern. don't want to cancel outdoor plans. don't get the car washed but still head to the pool early in the day. ri talking about a 60% chance of rain and on fy, if not all day rain, this is summertime rain meaning most likely in the
4:43 pm
afternoon. friday could be a little more area wide during the entire day. 89 degrees on wednesday and 86 on friday and saturday coming in at 88 degrees with a 40% chance t showers and afternoon thunderstorms aen we're back into the 90s. more heat coming in next week as we start off the first full week of august. couple of chances for storms, and, guys, we'll be tracking tomorrow very closely. could be a weather alert day. p >> kee the umbrellas handy. >> these two people are checking what's coming up at 5:00. on?y and jim, what's going >> hi there. a business afternoon coming up at 5:00. a symbol of sacrifice and service lost after it fell out of a back of a moving truck. >> an american flag left to a family by a world war i vet, but it was found in the middle of the road by a stranger, turned over to police and today we wert there asas reunited with that family. >> plus, unable to eat meat or any other kind of animal protein. it's just one of the ways ticks can have a big impact on your health. and with our wet winter, experts
4:44 pm
are sounding an alarm now about an increasing number of the insects. doreen glentsler will join us at 5:00 with ways to protect yourself. >> ways to protect yourself. > no red meat to. me that'se apocalypse. the last thingwa i to the o) this is annie.
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the man set to become america's number two military officer is fighting for his reputation. >> nbc's craig boswell reports. >> high trama in a senate hearing room over who is going to be the number two military officer in the country. in his confirmation hearing to be the vice cheryl to be the joint chiefs of staff general john hyten denied sexual assault allegations as his accuser sat watching. an what i want to state to you and the americeople that these allegations are false. >> outside the hearing woman the woman accusing him told her ameras forront of tv the first time. army colonel katherine spletzholzer. >> he lied about sexually assaulting me. >> insufficient evidence was found to charge the general. >> nothing happened ever. >> those same investigators also found no evidenc that she was lying. >> what we saw in there today was at call spectacle done at the expense of an innocent
4:48 pm
victim. >> senator martha mcsally sexual assault survivor supports the general. >> the truth is general hyten is innocent of these charges. sexual assault happens in the military. it just didn't happen in this case. >> reporter: the general facing questions on whether he's the right choice to address the growing problem of sexual assault in the military. with facts have left m concerns regarding your judgment, leadership and fitness to serve of as the next vicerm chaian of the joint chiefs of staff. >> reporter: the nominee getting support from president trump. t i am a fan of the general, and we'll have see how it all turns out. >> reporter: leaving the hearing the general looks forward to a vote. craig boswell, nin news, washon. >> hi, everybody of the right now at 5:00, we want to get you caught up to that break news right off the top. we've been following for the past hour a shooting inside the third street tunnel here. >> police are still on the zone where there's also been a crash
4:49 pm
and traffic has been hut down on the northbound side for more than an hour now. this has been unfolding near the exit t mass avenue. >> right at height of rush hour. let go straight to news 4's pat collins who is just above the scene and you just talked to the police chief. hat did he tell you, pat? >> reporter: we'ing to hear from the police chief in a minute, jim. it appears this is an act of road ragetohat led a crash and avi shooting lea one man in critical contion. let's take a look at the scene down there now. his happened around 3:00 this afternoon. you're looking live now at the northbound lane of the third street nnel. there is a gold explorer there. that seems to be the center of attention. we believe that's where the shooting victim was when he was hit sometime around 3:00 this afternoon. a few minutes ago the police chief was on the scene. i talked to him by phone as he wa surveying what was going on.
4:50 pm
this is what the chief had to sll. can you tee what you know about what happened there today? >> what we think happened righ now, it's just preliminary. some kind of a traffic accident followed by a trafficispute. looks like the suspect shot into one of the vehicles, and we haven adult male who was taken al a loc hospital in critical condition. >> reporter: okay. how long do you think the tunnel will be shut down? >> that we do not know.w re going to try to get it open as p quickly asossible because we're in rush hour but we do have a crime scene to process here. >> again in, that processing o continues it's a lengthy process. they have to take measurements and look for clues. they have to look forfo ation. again, the center of attention


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