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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 30, 2019 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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exposed. capital one bank says tens of thousands social security numbers and bank accounts have been breached in the u.s details ahead. policere still searching for a motive isun ay's gilroy, california, shooting as we learn more about the young victims in the horrific attack. two shark attacks reported at beaches just a hundred milesi apart. >> never felt force like that from any animal. i was in shock. >> how to stay safe in the wave. that siri device, someone's always whistling but who else is
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on the line, alarm sound being apple and eavesdroppers one vehicle leftertical on a busy highway "early today" starts right now good morning we're frances rivera and phillip mena. >> breaking news this morning, a massive capital one data breach has put over 100 million customers at risk this morning, the banknsists credit card numbers are safe but the breach exposed card applicant namess,, addresse birthdays and credit history. we're live in d.c. with the latest, and i understand the fba already de an arrest in this case. >> reporter: they have 33-yeaold paige thompson former software engineer from seattle already arrested authorities went through her home and found what they say are devices containing some of this information and they believe they also traced a message that was posted back in july claiming to have taken the information. but it was an anonymous caller
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who reached out it capital one back in july saying just a few weeks ago saying hey, we think some of your information is on this datsha ing website, and in fact, turns out it was more than 100 million in the united states another 6 million the company says in canada whose information may be at risk not log ins or credit card numbers but social security, 140,000 plus people and other information could be at risk here's what the company is sang, they've notified people who may be affected. they're offering free credit monitoring a identity theity protection the big question will be how did the hack happen and what will be done with those security systems to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> those security breaches all-too common problems nowad s nowadays, thank you. p is stokingt tr the flames in his feud with
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cummings, asis comments jah denounced as racist hebl doue downed on his tweets saying cummings never even went to the southernorder and screams the very people who make it work and then went to baltimore sang quote billions have been pumpnd in over the years to no avail. the money was stolen or wasted ask elija ih cummings whe went he should investigate himself with his over sight committee. >> the president touti by tweet a privatmeeting after his public attacks on the city of baltimore calling it a disgusting rat and rodent insted mess and blessing the congressman who represents the city >> i find it hard to believe when you consider the th tgs doneo the black community.
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>> do you think today was an attempt to damage control by president trump. >> no i don't. >> cummings slammed the homeland security secretary over conditions at the border. >> what does it mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? can't take a shower. come on, man >> now in a series of least 0 tweets the president is attacking not just thema african-american lawkers and majority-african-american city but the african-american civil rights activist al sharpton describing him as i conman and troublemaker. >> yeah i intend to make trouble any time racists and bigots move around in anyway, shape or form including the tpresident. >>he president's defenders insist he's not racially motivated by citing back agains. an antagonis on the campaign trail -- >> what the hell do you have to lose>> but some in baltimore suggest
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he hasn't stepped up our reporter is there. >> reporter: what do you think about the president's tweets >> i think it was idiotic. i think it was hurtful i think it was i bigotd. >>hink he is a racist. not only his tweets but i think he has some issues as it relates to diversity >> and house republicans have long been set to hold their annual retreat in baltimore this year coming up in september. ep in mind the sitting president speaks at that retreat which means it may not be the last time we hear about the president and this city. back to you. >> thank you. after a hard-fought battle the 9/11 victim fund is in law president trump sienlgned a bilo ensure there will always be money to compensate victims of the 9/11 attac >> it also provides pensions for nose who are suffering from cancer and other illnesses
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stemming from the toxic debris that were exposed to in th aftermath of the attacks many effected were firefighters, police officers and rsher first responde and i was down there also. but i'm not considering myself a >> the signing follows weeks of intense lobbying from 9/11 first responders as well as from comedian and advocate john stewart. gilroy continuing thl e vigi to honor the victims of the mass shooting that took place at their annual garlic festival spoke to those gathered. >> there will be a day when we start to heal and start to move on with our lives. and the reason for that is because we cannot let the bastard th did this tear us down. >> together we are stronger than anything that tries to divide us
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we are -- we are -- ong! gilroy strong! >> as the community continues to rally, investigators are lookino recover what happened and why. here's our reporter. >> reporter: the band was playing it's final song when gunfire began. >> ah! >> chaos and carnage at the al gilroy garlic festiv thtee enage gunman unloading round after round. >> this is crazy >> fans ran for thei >> just came up and started spraying rounds all around >> killing three people an wounlding a zen more -- wounding a dozen more spraying 60 shots from a ak 47 style rival. >> he was just shooting. officers arrived killing the suspect nofiw identied as
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19-year-old wearing tactical gear, bypassed security by cutting through a fence, never wtering ad as he reloaded halfway through the shoot zbrg h -- >> had officers not reacted quicker would there have been more bloodshed. >> absolutely there would have been. >> some trampled others critically wounded among the deadar 13-ye-old 1 25-year-old and 6-year-old who was shot in the back his father at home when he got the news >> he was more of a friend to me than a son i will miss forever. >> after early reports after a second possible gunman a massive man hunt was launched but came to a close with no arrest. >> any tima life is lost it's
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a tragedy but when it's young people it's even worse. >> not releasing a motive, police areuzzled by why would there teenagpen fire a killg spree that took three lives, including a little boy who was gunned down while celebrating at a festival with his family nbc news, gilroy, califoia in gilroy, bags of evidence were received along with a tactical rival case pulled from the home of the 19-year-old gunman less than a mile away from where he opened fire on a krod of people. >> our preeminent concern at this point is motivation, ideological leanings, was heit affiliated wh anyone or any group. >> in a post from his now deleted instagram profile he advocated racism, sexism and
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dominant violence and posting picture of the festival come get wasted on overpriced expletive he found a back way into the festival this is the creek that runs between the shooter's family home and garlic festival on the other side. investigators said he cut through a fence wearing camouflage those who saw him open fire described him as eerily subdued. >> looked as calm as could be. didn't look nervous about what he was doing. >> investigators say the ak-47 was bought legallyast month in nevada hardened security through heavy fences were in place butsecurity like this where 58 were killed were soft targets in publicpaces where permanents are -- perimeters are difficult
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to secure. >> at the end of the day you have thousands of people coming in and it's a challenge. >> now more questions over whether any public gathering is safe and again,ea phillip, pl reiterating they responded with gunfire killing that suspect within a minute into that attack even though they only had their sidearms and were outgunned now someembers are wondering what they will do to increase security next year, hoping the garlic festival will be back as this communitying not to let fear in. >> all right thank you. turning to weather, summer stor have brought wicked weather to colorado. the person who shared video said it looked like a monsoonhu or rricane rolled through town, hammered by wind, rain and pea-sized rail. >> other parts of the country dealing with major heat let's check in with our meteorologist. >> good morning. 29 million und heat advisory
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no heat warning. the humidity is high but not like a week or two ago will feel like 90 to 100 in most areas. heat index in new york city 96on bostould be highest 97 even northern vermont will feel like 94. this cold fronoot will cl off some people in ohio valley and great lakes. the temperatures behind the front back to normalbeauful at8 chic clou will keep temperatures down along the east coast. not until late in the week we'll see humidity levels dropping and temperatures returning to normal in d.c., boston, philadelpa and new york that's the big weather story of the day. closer look at the day ahead check out salt lake city with forecast high of 100 degrees denver in upper 90s. thunderstorms through kentuckyan
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d ohio right through western new york that's a look at your tuesday forecast. >> tnk you very much in today's quick hits a freak highway crash in new jersey left one of the vehicins dothat, standing upright the accident shut down south bound lanes at the garden state parkway, with no serious injuries. new york governor consumeo signed a bill to decriminalize use of marijuana saying it is top priority for 2019. kelloggs is cereal inspired by insanely popular litt wark. itill be available at sam's club in august and walmart in september. we'll be right back. ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there.
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>> reporter: apple is fending siri >> hey, siri >> reporter: as its popular voice assistant on iphone, ipad and apple watch, they told the newspaper that human contractors can sometimes list tone what siri hears among the chatter, confidential medicanvl sations, drug deals and even intate moments according to the whistlebler nbc newsas not confirmed the whistleblower's story, but apple did t deny the allegation, telling us it uses the recordings to make siri work better, adng only a very small random subset, less than% of daily siri utterances are used to improve siri dictation. but with commands made every month, tens of billions could be listened to. applnge responded sa siri is not attached to user nam other identifying information. adding that all reviewers are
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under the obligation to adhere to apple's strict confidentiality requirements apple frequently touts that it prioritizes privacy. >> privacy to us is a human right. >> these technologies are really reliant on, yokn, human review and continual sort of process to make the tenology better >> reporter: apple's head ofac privy emphasizes to me that it's only trying to improve its technology to opt out, turn siri off. in settings tap siri and search. turn both of these toggles off >> all right, that was jo ling kent reporting >> just ahead, the hot new way to cool off this summer,no and dy can resist eating a fry or two when you're in the car. not even the delivery driver the shocking amount of deliverers who admitted to taking a bite out of your order. you're watchin"early today." my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. th e tenderness. the psoriasis. thhad to find something worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me.
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this is trending this morning and it's kind of disturbing especially if you use this popular food delivery like uber eats and door dash new surveys reveal unsettling data when ordering and delivering meals, on admit to tasting your food before delivering it t 54% considering a taste after smelling the order it was kuktded by u.s. food. it fou out nearlwoy 500 delivery ers surveyed, 1500 adults. >> the smell of the order isn't the problem. >> getting in there, opening it up with their hands. >> fingers, around the think about what's going on there. >> it's a violation.
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>> it's a true violation youwould think more people would notice it's happening unless it's like french fries. >> fry here and there. >> air conditioning sounds cool, something out of science f ny is bringing it into reamount a portable a.c. poeaet your inside your clothes. it is silent and can lower your body 23 degrees. it's set for a march 2020 release in japan and hopefully it will come to the u.s. soon after. with these temperatures that we're feeling, we can see how genius of an idea that would be. expensive, too, when they come out with the price tag we'll see how much it costs. >> better than a heat stroke >> that's true still ahead, another billboard record, plus katy perrloy ses a copyright battle you're watching "early today." ar wife to meet you at the doctor. because yodidn't have another dvt. not today. we discussed how having one blood clot puts you at risk of having another,...
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ngood morni next on "news4 today," 100 million people who have capital one credit cards may have had at their infon stolen by a hacker. how to find out if you're a victibe chuck l is tracking another heat wave. >> temperature into the 70s on your tuesday morning. mid-90s again th afternoon, ut higher rain chance and low
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good morning, everybody. it is just about 4:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's tuesday, july 30th, 2019.
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messa mollet and your fast traffic will make it to your work on time. it's a hot day around here. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us how it will be. >> 94 yesterday and probably in that same zone of 94, 95 later this afternoon. there is hope on the horizon out to our west. there is a weather front now going through parts of the great lakes and driving rain shower down into parts of the ohio valley. generally speaking, rain chance today will be highest along to the west of the blue ridge mountains. around town, i can't sayhat there won't be a stray shower or two but i think our highest rain chance w en stt ihe of the blue ridge where the rain chance a lowest, temperatures will be the highest. mostly in the mid to upper seventh around town now. your planner for today is hot andhumid. best chances for cooling rain showers today come out toward i-81. those rain chances come here to the d.c. metro area


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