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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm EDT

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and you score the you knowperfect outfit? ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats gettatg the latest trends ci20 to 60 percent off spety store prices. at ross. yefor less. a massive data breach of a bank based in our area. 100 million customers affected. tonight we tell you w it happened and what you need to do next. plus armed and dangerous. we've got a warning from police
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tonight after three recent robberies with similar vihoims. w being targeted by this man. and hot and humid out there tomorrow bith the chance of thunderstorms in te forecast. not just tomorrow for the majority othe workweek. i'll have the lest timing in my updated forecast. first to that breaking news. another major data breach, putting the personal risk of millions at risk. good evening. i'm dory gentzjr. >> i'm adley. this time it's a bank based right here at the center of this sitest leak. if you do buss with capital one, you want to listen up. jackie bensen is live near the headquarters of capital one in mcclain with what we need to know. >> reporter: this breach, and it shapingp to be one of the largest in recent memory, was brought to the attention of capital one employees on july . 17th they immediately contacted the
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fbi. let's take a look at some of the numbers. here is what this looks like, according to ka tall .one 100 million, that's how many american customers are impacted. 140,000, that's how many social security numbers were compromised. 80,000 is the number of bank account numbers affected. capital one says no credit card account numbers or log-in credentials were stolen. the company says the hacker accessed credit card application data from a time period from 2015 to early 2019. it also includes information about credit scores, credit limits, payment history, and what capital one refers to as transaction dat now a former seattle tech company software engineer, a 33-year-old woman named page thompson, she is known by the hacker name erratic, was llrested earlier today. capital one tus they are in
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the process of notifying customers, letting them know what ey can do what capital one is willing to do, what it is going to do to help them. jackie bensen, news 4. >>jackie, thank you. capital one said tight it be making free crediton mitoring and identity protection le availabo everyone affected. we'll let you know when that happens. now to new details on that mass shooti at a california festival. a little while ago authorities gavenan update o their investigation. we've learned 19-year-old en no william mcgahn cut through a fence to avoid security and opened fire. three died, 12 wounded. among those killed a 6-year-old and a 13-year-old.ic offers did kill the shooter. tonight police obtained two search warrants, one for the gunman's car, a second for the house of a person who knew the shooter. >> our preeminent and principal
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concern at this point is motivation, ideological leani s leaninleaning leanings, was he affiliated with anyone or any group? >> to that investigators say the shooter had posted online about a-n ni manifesto. this evening organizers held a vig to remember those killed and wounded in shooting. more breaking news. d.c. police are trying to find the person behind several armed robberies in northeast d.c. and leon harris join us from the live leon, the ct seems to be targeting certain individuals? >> yes, apparently seriously does have a single m. ooction, if you will, all the victims are transgender lmen. poe say he targeted them overnight after 2:00 in the morning. these robberies started a week ago. the first last monday just before .4:00 a on second street in northeast. here's a look at all three of the places that he robbed each of these women. the second d third robberies happened within 30 minutes of
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one another last wednesday. near sixth and k street,then a 15-minute drive away near the nd d.c./maryla border on hunt place. police say the suspect hopped out of a car, approached the sh victim flag a gun, demanding their property, before speeding f in a dark-colored suv. we're told he is a black mann s 20s or 30s. if you know anything about these robberies, d.c. police want your helhe in fact, t's a $10,000 reward for any help leading to an arrest in this case. we have more information on, search "robberies d.c. police are asking for your help in locating the gunman who shot four people outside the howard theater this weekend. they released this new video towsight. it shohe man police are looking for in connectionith the shooting on t stt et northwesrly sunday morning. two victims were treated at the hospital and two victims refusem medical trt at the scene. all of them are expected to be
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okay. meanwhile, another shooting on t this time in southeast d.c. that's where police are investigating the shting that injured a juvenile earlier this evening. >> people who live nearby say hey heard several gunshots while it was still light, and they told news 4 sharmmari ston they're fed up with the gun violence in their neighborhood. >> it's scary. i he kids. >> reporter: this mother is too scared to show her face on camera. her 10-year-old told her she heard gunfire in southeast d.c. this evening. >> we thought my kid wa joking. shooting., there's she's 10. that should not be her everyday reality. >> repoer: reality set in. moments later d.c. police responded to this rowhouse on the 1300 block of t street. detectives haven't released details but we have confirmed a juvenilwas shot and medics odrove him t a hospital, conscious and breathing. >> it's unfortunate, it's really unfortunate. that this is the city that we're living in right now.
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this is not okay. this is dangerous. >> reporter: this latest shooting comes nearly two weeks after 11-year-old caron brown was killed, shot at a gas station when several adults got in an argument. >> i love this city. i was born and raised here. but i'm scared to continue to raise my children here. >> reporter: while police interview people in this latest shooting, this mother hopes they figure out what happened. was this a self-inflicted gunshot wound? she asks the question and thanks police for doing whathe describes as a tough job. >> they are working hard out here, we city th-- we see them time. shamari mentioned the death of caron wnbro today his mother had to bury her little boy. hundreds of people showed up here to the funeral to support her. the crowd was soig it overflowed out onto the street. people in the they're heartbroken and they're angry.
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including the cousin of makiah wilson, also lost to gun violence. police have charged 20-year-old tony mcclamm for second degree murder for caron's death. power crews are replacenng equiat a substation in northst d.c., equipment malfunction leaving 39,000 customers in the dark on saturday. but the bigger issue at the moment is you're s live pictures right now from florida avenue where pepco started working on the substation. theyre moving a transformer there. people who live in the u street and shaw areas may see extra crews working, and they cou hear a lot of loud noise tonight. pepco says they hope to be done with this sometime this week. this week is not a good one fall asleep without ac. we are back into the 90s again this week, folks. >> yeah, and the numbers aren'tn coming dowor a few more days. amelia draper is tracking the temperatures and some potential
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storms this week. jim.ey, doreen and we had a high today of 94 degrees. tomorrow we'll have high temperatures in the mid 90s. and right now it's balmy si out. we're at 83 degrees tomorrow morning. we're also warm 7:00 a.m., at 76 degrees. we do have plenty of sunshine out there during the morning hours. we're alreadyn the low 80s by 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., a temperature of almost 90. not only hot tomorrow but humid as well. our average high now 88. tomorrow will be the hottest day through saturday. you can see here on your temperature trend.ow after tomorr the temperatures do start to decline. but i have storm chancesn the forecast just about every one of these days. i'm going to have much more on the timing and impact of those stor coming up at 11:18. the city of baltimore has come out swinging against president trump's direct and continuous attacks on their co munity. city, county, and state leaders are pushing back as well as trumpargets representative
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elijahcu mmings. mr. trump has said the city of baltimore is rat infested, then he said his comme-- many say hi comments are simplyracist. former maryland lieutenant governor michael steele wants more than an apology from president trump. >> streets are ready for you. the neighborhoods ar ready for you. folks want to talk to you. just show up. put the tweet dn and show up. >> bernie sanders is also pushing back against the president. mr. trump said sanders should be labeled a racist for equating baltimore to a ird world country when he was running for president. rising tennis star coco gauff is one of the most talked about tennis players in the world, and we've got her this week. all week she is in d.c. playing in the city open at rock creek park. there she is. tonight ahead of doubles match. this is gauff's first u.s. appearance since beating venus williams at wimbledon, advancing to the quarterfinals at the all
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england club earlier this month. for young tennis fans she's become a role model. >> no matter how old you are, your ethnicity, your gender, it don't matt r, thatyou can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. >> at just 15 she's a role model. gauff wonig tonht's doubles match and will play in the singles tomorrow, main draw. washington castles owner mark ime took over, benefiting the washington tennis and education foundation. fans can eat at gourmet places that overlook the practice court e tournament runs through august 4th and it is quite a transformation out there. i going thursday. i have a feeling she's going to be in it tell the end. my money's on coco. >> mine too. so great all the young tennis players in d.c. have a chance to see her in person here. >> it really is so exciting.u mch more ahead on "news 4 at 11:00."
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changing dna. at-home tests give you answers about your ancestry, or do they? >> i'm not entirely positive that i'm half irish. >> a consumer alert about why your results could change. plus, are you being spied on by siri? >> hey, s -- >> tonight a whistle-blowour ons up abthe way appepl
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a consumer alert today about those dna kits that promise to tell you about your heritage. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you tonight on your ever-changing dna. she found out your results, they
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could change. >> think about it. you swab ur cheek or spit into a tube. weeks later, maybe months, you're going to find out you have ancestors or liberia or ireland. those results can quickly be out of date though. ever look in the mirror and wonder, who do i look ke? >> i have a pretty good ideaat th'm european, but i really had no idea from what part. >> reporter: like millions of others worldwide, jennifer decided to ht for her heritage. so she swabbed her cheek and sent off her dna to be tested and waited. >> and those ads on tv were like, the guy's dancing in a oh, i want that. arrio >> reporter: while jennifer may ot an zulu warrior, there were surprises. >> it came back as europe west, 60%. scandinavian, russia, iberian peninsula, ireland a scotland 27%.
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>> reporter: 27% irish? that was a big surprise. >> i was like, maybe we should go to dublin on our next vacation: >> reporterthe luck on the irish may not ob her side. several months after her first round of dna results the company sent her an update. jennifer's irish roots dropped a few percentage points. >> so i guess what i came away with was, i still want to go dublin. but i'm not entirely positive that i'm th irish. >> reporter: and jennifer gained two new surprises. >> 5% france. ooh-la-la. and then 2% norway. so that was kind of a lot of changes. >> reporter: the reason for the change? dna testing companies are constantly updating their algorithms. think about it. your dna test results ar only as accurate as the data behind them. and in this case that data is other people's dna. so as more people take these tests, the ethnicity reference panels grow. for example, ancestry says if your early result claims you were cascandinavian, they now
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break it down to norway and sweden. which would explain jennifer's newly discovered norwegian roots. >> my husband and i were just in norway. they're nice people, some of them look a little like me. but it didn't make me go oh, i'm norwegian. >> reporter: while jennifer isn't 100% sure of her ancestrys sheays it is fun to have a clearer picture of her ros. andonders where her next dna update will take her. bottom line, your na doesn't change but the methods that these companies use is evolving constantly. and they will automatically update you when there is a new change. we've got another heads-up. if you use siri on your ihone or apple watch? >> yeah, somebody might bein hearyour personal conversations, accordinto a new report. apple contractors regularly hear recordings with medical information, drug deals, and even intimate moments.
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that's what a whistle-blower told the newspaper "the apple hasn't denied the allegations but emphasizes the security measures taken to protect users' security and only a verysmall, random subset, less than 1% of daily siri utterances, are used for analysis. >> it might be enoughin rmation in recording itself to be able to identify you. >>yoto help protect self, minimize the number ofs trigger that activate sirch other te companies also analyze user conversations to improve voice assistance. both google and amazon have been criticized for similar practices but thoan comps say users can access and delete all voice assistant inquiries on their accounts. siri is listening, we have no privacy anymore. helps to lead a boring life, nobody would be interested. who res? >> honestly, that's so true. one time i was talking with
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friends about getting a swatter, mosquitos. how boring is that? i pull up my amazon request, what does it request? onof those swatters. >> no. >> yes. >> it happens. g 've all had it. >> we're all havinird experiences of, how did siri and alexa and facebook and all tse know? >> the robots are slowly taking over. >> it does seem that way. we've got some more heat and some more potential storms? >> yeah, and you know what, tomorrow it's just going to be hotand humid out there. and it's going to be the worst day outwef the as far as the heat and humity go. in addition to that, some showers and thunderstorms are possible later in the day tomorrow with the best chance coming oowwednesday. nheck this out. today included, we have hit 90 degrees or higher for 34 days. the average for the entire year for us is 36 days at 90 or higher. we're going to get there by
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wednesday. and i was looking at the numbers with joseph martinez, our meteorologist on telemundo. we were saying, okay, august. how many 90-degree days can we anticipate? about 10. so we're running well above normal as far as the 90s go, lthking at the rest of year and where we think we're headed. it's hot again tomorrow. then i do have storm chances in the forecast each d this week. that being said, it's not a washout. there's going to be plenty, plenty of dry temps. especially during the morning hours. for instance, tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m., notice we're completely dry. lunchtime, the area'srytill d heading into the afternoon hours, 2:00, 3:00 p.m., showers and thunderstos firing up. maybe some isolated activity during the afternoon hours in the metro area. but notice where most of the especially the brighter colors. back around the mountains, around the i-81 corridor. as we move into the evening hour about 5:0 6:00, i can't rule out showers and thunderstorms in the metro area. storms tomorrow could have some really heavy rainfall and strong
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inds as well. so a heads up there. 9:00 p.m., still a chance for scattered showers out there. maybe some light rain in spots e ovight. the chance of rain tomorrow at about 50% with the best chance for rain west of washington. a high temperature of 95 degrees. right now we're generally in the 70s in the suburbs and low 80s in washington. 77 gaither berg and frederick. torrow morning 8:00 a.m., walking to work, maybe getting some exercise in, temperatures already in the mid to upper 70s. so it's a mild start. by the afternoon with the humidity levels, it's going to feel like 100 degrees. 90 for a high on wednesday. feels like 95 with the humidity out on thursday feels like we're in the low 90s. so great cool wetter the earlier the better with thunderstorms in the forecast during the afternoon and evening. the risk for rain tomorrow 50%. 70% for thunderstorms on wednesday. as the cold front moves through
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the ar p, thats our temperatures into the 80s through the weekend. thursday maybe a shower or thunderstorm. some storms potentially out there on friday, saurday. again, plenty of dry time, it's just that summer-like pattern where you see the clouds bubble up. you might get rain, might not. >> as long as we've got 80s in the future.>> >t was a grand night for our nationals as they begin a huge series with a bang.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> braves are in town. >> they certainly are. the nats looking good. great opportunity for the nationals. huge divisional series for the nats hosting the braves. 'm calling this the jeffersons series. because if the nat dozen well, we're moving on up! up the east standings! that's right.
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entering the night, washington trailing atlanta by 5 1/2 games but leae season series 5-4. world cup champsel lavle, pugh in the house. the washington spirit stars throwing out the first tch. mallory -- that's going to the wrong guy. adrian sanchez. that's cool. rose throws to eric beatty. oss the streams. the two laughing about it afterwards. so we told you at j6:00,n soto doing big damage against the braves this sea that continues tonight. first inning, rbi single off dallas keuchel, nats 1-0. soto doing it with his bat and his glove. patrick corbin, 6-1 in his last seven, gives up two runs today. here's the big reason why it was two. so at the wall makes the leaping grab. to rob them. saves potentially a three-run homer. it's a sac fly. no robbing this one. bottom six, bases juiced for
11:26 pm
anthony rendon. grand slam, the third of his 500th carrbi for him. to celebrate, hey. teaching the dougie in the dugout. >> do they still do that? >> only anthony rendon. the nats 4 1/2 gam behind the braves in the n.l. east. >> looking for a ball over the plate and s if i cano some damage. i had to go back to my high school days. i did the dougie for a little bit. >> it was a wild moment.yo ve got to pitch to hit and he hit it fa loud, it was clutch. earlier today, max scherzer placed on the 10-day il with a mild rhomboid strain aka back injury. no word how long hned be sideli he is he's been dealing withb ack pain. in 20 starts this season scherzer -5, 2.41 e.r.a., and
11:27 pm
an n.l. best 189 strikeouts. aftntducing herself to the world in stunning fashion at wimbledon, 15-year-old american tennis star coco gauff taking d.c. by storm. she cruised through the qualifying at the city open, faces serena dais tomorrow in the round of 32. she won her doubles match alongside katiena mclly to advance to the quarterfinals. other big matchups, single stars nick curios facing an sebastian cabal and robert farah. check this out. cabal on the forecourt. what? he just sunk hisnd racket a curio -- >> no. >> yes. that was like hanley rn the courtight there, come on. take anothelook. bringing it, watch this. incredible reaction.s it'like the globetrotters here. playing tennis. cabal and farah, they advance in
11:28 pm
three sets. >> that's good stf. >> right? >> they were just like at the end like, let's just give the fans a show, whatever. it was impressive. >> that's fun. >> good stuff. >> coco gauff tomorrow. so i would not want to be serena diaz tomorrow. >> think there's going to be
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prince william county police took in a couple of partners in crime today. >> they sure did. the officers weren't "kidding" around when they spotted them walking along dale boulevard. check it out. this is a good look at the troublemakers. the two officers loaded thel h
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ff to hets local animal shelter. >> first they snapped a few photos, of course. now the question is,which one is the "scapegoat"? >> you said it, you did it. >> i know,
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