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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 29, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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following the very latest in yet another mass shooting. this time at a popular festival in california. hear more from those impacted by the tragedy. president trump in hot water with some constituents right up the road. i'm tracie potts, coming up, his twitter fight with the city of baltimore and its long time congressman. and we've got dry conditions out there right now, but rain is on the way. e could see a few drops before this monday is over. let talk about the timing, let's talk about the heat, that's coming up. >> announcer: news 4 midday starts now. and a good morning to you,
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thanks for joining us, welcome to news 4 midday, i'm eun yang. >> lauren ricketts is standing by with what e need to know heading into the lunch hour. >> we're looking at some temperatures in the 80s, it's hot out the, the humidiis out there with us, so, again, a very warm day out there it's shaping up to be.ow lo mid 90s is where we are going to top out. if you're headed to the citi cen as it depose through this afternoon thereld be a stray shower, i think mainly we're going to be dry, i would say about a 10% chance we will see a st shower over the d.c. area and t citi open. temperatures will be in the low 90s, plus you tack on a little bit of that humidity feels more like the mid 90s out there. no rain out there right now. this is our next rainmaker ov to the west, that's going to increase our rain chances through this ek. spotty shower today, better chance of rain tomorrow, best
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chance of rain comes on wednesday. we will talk about timing of that, talk about these hot temperatures, we are in the middle of a heat wave, that's coming up. now to the latest on the west coast where three people including a little boy are dead after a man opened fire at a food festival. police have nowe identified th gunman killed during anudpf"u ee ith police and in the case that followed many believed there hadeen another shooter but so far no more arrests. >> reporter: gunfire at the gilroy garlic festival and in c the denowds at the end of the evening there was nowhere t hide. this is actually crazy. >> reporter: confusion and terror rippling through the crowd and witnesses say as many as 40 rounds fired. >> active shooter at the garlic festival. >> there was like a pop and we both turned and saw him standing there and he was reloading his gun. >> reporter: police engaging and killing the suspected guan
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identified as santin william legan by a federal law enforcement official, even though police response was fast, less than a minute, three innocent people were killed, another 12 hurt. >> you got two more wounded near booth three. >> reporter: a six-year-old boy among the dead, his mother and grandmother were also shot, but will sursve. hi father is in shock. >> my son had his whole life to live. he was only six. >> reporter: the gu bypassed security and carried a high powered rifle. >> the indications initially given to me is that they used some sort of a tool to cut through t perimeter fenceo gain access. >> reporter: a massive search for a possible second g nman turned up nothing overnight. >> you úkknow, you always hear is kind of stuff onhe news, you never know that it can happen to you. >> reporter: a volley of gunfire that in less than a minute endev three l and changed this community forever. nbc news, gilroy, california.
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>> once you leave for work chech e nbc washington app for updates, it will send breaking news alerts to your phone. one man is adeader he was found shot on a sidewalk this temple hills. police made that discovery in the middle of the day on sunday. news 4's justin finch is live at prince george's county police quarters where they just gave an aup jit. da. >> reporter: just before we came on to the air prince george's ounty police released the name of the victim this case, identified as 31-year-old jaques liles of no fixed address. they say that he is the man they found gunned down yesterday on what neighbors describe as an otherwise quietk. bloc this happened close to 2:30 on sunday afternoon as neighbors were home in that temple hills i neighborhoodthe 4,000 block of 21st place. one neighbor said she heard about five shots ring out.e
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also sh says that's a sound that she's never heard in that neighborhood, nor a sight she's ever seen.m that lying on the sidewalk where neighbors say they've liveddeor des and just cannot believe this happened in a place that they considered safe for so long. one neighbor who heard those shots, too, tells us what he saw next. >> it's unclear right now whether or not this was a targeted attack or random. our investigators are working to develop suspects and motive. >> reporter: and police also saying, too, th at this time they are still working to make the motive known in this case, identify the suspects, too.s it doe appear at this time we have the victim, of course, identified, still looking for who is behind this and,of course, how they were able to get away. we do know at this time they want to go through surveillance video from cameras of homes nearby, also still, too, looking for leads from anyone who may have saw or heard something before those shots were fired yesterday afternoon. we're live here in palmer park,
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i'm justin finch, news 4. happening right now a mother is saying a finalod goye to her 11-year-old son. funeral services are being held for karon brown, he was shot to death in southeast washington earlier this month, just days after he died his youth footbali coach was ked in an unrelated separate shooting. the team says they will play in honor of both of them next season. police charged 29-year-old tony mcclam with second degree murder. karon's jilling is sadlyst one in a rash of shootings plaguing the direct this summer >> and the gun violence isn't asowing down. there were at le eight shootings over the weekend, most centered in southest and northeast washington and in some cases multiple people were shot at one scene. officers found four people shot early sunday morning outside the howard theater. we are working to learn more about how the victims are doing in that case. and saturday afternoon gunfire on kennedy streetin northwest
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left a man and a juvenile hurt. officers found the man nearby on ingra street,hat juvenile walked to the hospital for help. a routine errand for a bowie father and son ends in tragedy. >> 17-year-old barba koroma admitted to stabbing1se his fat o a re their suv crashed i fence on friday. bowie police officers found the father in a wooded area near the crash. officers say they saw the teen walking out of the woods and he was taken to the hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. mrs. koroma says she can't believe what happened. them. he was going to take him to the library to do his homework because he is in summer school. >> koroma told detectives he stabbed his father nd then dragged him into the woods arby. he has charged as an adult with first and second degree murder and is in jail with no bond. the president lashed out at congressman elijah cummings and
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his district that includes part of baltimore city. there are claims of racism after he called a, quote, disgusting rodent and rat-infested mess. news 4's tracie potts reports on the fallout from the weekend twitter attack. >> reporter: president trump is under fire for what house speaker nancy pelosi called a racist attack on oversight chair elijah cummings. the president called cummings a racist for focusing on the mueller investigaon instead of his own backyard, baltimore. mr. trump called the city a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess. >> as mucas it hurts to hear things about our city that we love and cherish dearly, our city is in need for help. >> we have some rats, but not as big a rat as the one we have in d.c. right now. he >> reporter: thite house is defending the president. >> if i haveportin my isict li tey hven baltimore and i spent all of my time in washington, d.c. chasing down this mueller investigation, this bizarre impeachment crew side i'd get fired.
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>> reporter: what set it off, cummings saying this about immigrant children in >> -- when a child is sitting in their own feces. >> that's >twrong. >> reporter: some republicans say mr. trump is off "ü @r(t&há% >> we should be talking about how should we be doing and bringing opportunity zones to baltimore to help the community. >> reporter: cummings' response that he wakes up every day fighting for his neighbors. and lots of feedback from people saying even if the president is right about some of the conditions in their city, it was insensitive what he said and how he said i and he completely ignored some of the great things about baltimor like its tracie po nbc news, washington. a judge will hear arguments on a lawsuit filedy president trump which hopes to block a house committee from seeing his new york state tax returns. the lawsuit was filed in the district last week. the president's attorney call the request to see the tax returns, quote, presidential harassment. in a response the house ee committ filed its own lawsuit
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against the treasury department and the irs, both of which have refused to turn over those tomorrow president trump will visit williamsburg, virginia. >> last week the white house confirmed he will attend an event marking40 the th anniversary of jamestown because the president will be there several democrats say they will boycott the celebration. in a statement the democratic leaders of the virginia legislature said, quote, the current president does notpr reent the values that we would celebrate. jamestown was the first representative democracy in america. democratic lieutenant governor justin fairfax says he will attend tuesday'son cerem we also have an update from puerto rico this morning, the woman in line to replacethe island's outgoing gernor says she doesn't want the job. puerto rico justice secretary wanda vazquez says she hopes governor ricardo rossello will appoint a secretary of state before he resigns this friday. formerecretary of state luis
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marin would be in le but he resigned. nothing says summer quite like a dip in the pool, especially this kind o weather. bout some ws 4 midday continues things lurking in the water. what you need to know before you take a splash. that when we come back.'s
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the citi open is under way in the district. other young tennis players are having others dreaming big. news had'sre molette has details on the partnership helping those young players. >> i'm here with my friends from the washington tennis and education foundation. oh, my goodness, they all love tennis. what's it like to play tennis?
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>> amazing. >> pretty amazing. urini says she's really good. how good are you? >> good. really good. >> reporter: you got it. okay. you guys play tennis how often? >> every day. >> reporter: and you love it. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: you really love it? >> yes. >> reporter: and what have neou lear? >> i've learned how to be bv2ahu with my back hands and forehands. >> reporter: okay. so we're inside the players gym sport house, i have devin jones working with alexandra zang. we want to know what's it like to get to where these guys are, ayey pl in ward 7, but how do we get them to be elite athletes? they're working on an agility drill. interrupt you for just a second and ask how we make all of that happen? >> it's going to take a lot of dedication, support from the d community anard work. >> reporter: hard work. >> yes. >> reporter: working out all the time. >> working out all the time. >> reporter: how often are you working out?
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>> five times a week. >> reporter: who has got a good back hand? who has got a good forehand? and tennis is what? >> ameping. >> rter: that is the latest from all the citi open fabulous falities here in d.c. backdryou. over the weekend alexandria's noah liles upon his first u.s. 200 meter title. he finished the race at the u.s.a. track and field out or championships in 19.78 seconds. that is super fast. remember his name as gear up for the 2020 summer lumps in tokyo. >> i think we will definitely seehim. they're proven theiroccer skills. tonight two world cup champions will take av÷qc crack at baseb. they will be at nats park throwing out a first pitch before tonight's game against the braves. the washingtonts spiritars are returning to d.c. after helping
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to bring team u.s.a. their fourth wold cup title. they will meet nationals players and get a chance to tour the park as well. >> very cool to see the twos teamoming together. >> our located at athletes here. >> and the spirit play in our area in german town. the next game i think is the 24th. >> we will get tickets. now to more changes under way at the white house. top president's t intelligence official is set to leave his post in the coming weeks. >> andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: president trump's national intelligence director dan coats is out. the president announcing dotes'r departon twitter, saying he will nominate texas republican d congressman riffe to replace him. despite that statement the president and coats have been at odds for at least a year after mr. trump told the world he believes vladimir putin's denial of electionnc interfere over his own intelligence officials. >> my people came to me, dan coats came to me anme others, they said they think
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it's russia. i have president putin, he just said n it'sot russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: three days later coats was caught offguard when we told him the president had just invited putin to a white house summit onic at whtimer. >> say that again. >> vladimir putin -- >> did i hear y ? >> yeah. yeah. >> okay. that's going to be special. >> reporter: coats also broke with the presidentn north korea telling congress kim jong-un wa unlikely to give up his nuclear weapons and that iran was abiding by the nuclear deal. >> i disagree with certain things that they id. i think i'm right, but time will prove that. time will prove me ight, probably. >> reporter: at afi conation hearing radcliffe one of the most conservative house republicans, could eioect quest about whether he would politicize the 17 sent jens agencies. after his aggressive questioning of former special counsel robert mueller lasweek. >> can you give me an example
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other than donald trump where the justicdepartment determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innonce was not conclusively determined? >> i cannot, but this is a unique situation. >> that was andrea mitche reporting. in a resignation letter coats wrote about his pride in what the intelligence community had accomplished to protect threats to u.s. elections. in nominating congressman endcliffe one of his chief defenders, presidtrump also signaled at the bypassing the deputy intelligence director, a highlyrregarded caree official sue gordon to be acting head of the intelligence agency pending what could be a lengthy conrmation process. the dog days of summer are here, many are cooling off at the pool. an n if the pool looks c there could be parasites that can make you and your family sick. jummy is over there talking about what w need to keep our family safe. >> it's hard to hear right before lunch but this is
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important news whent comes to your pool you never know what parasites might be lurking below the surface. the most common is crypto for shor it is spread through human waste. even a small amount can contain millions of germs. >> if a child has an accident a pool, in i type of elimination in thto pool we know we have treat it right away. >> relar levels of chlorine will not kill crypto can i with survive in well maintained pools for up to ten days. thedc says swallowing a mouthful of water infected with crypto can leads to weeks of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. you can protect your family by not allowing anybody who has been sick to b your pool. everyone does shower or rinse off before they get into the pool. >> we still have a few weks of summer left. there is an innovative lifeguard program that is making a difference and savingore lives. nbc's morgan radford explains
11:20 am
how a group of lifeguards in new york is making more than a splash. >> reporte 17-year-old kakel spending her summer working as t lifeguard ane of new york city's busy ymca pools. it's prettyrk remable since just two years ago she couldn't swim. >> it'sike you kind of watch it on tv and youve know you ha e move your arms. >> reporter: shis a graduate of a special phys ed class at w york's grover cleveland high tchool where sents learning how to swim also train to become lifeguards. >> with a show ofds how many of you knew howo swim before starting this program? nobody? ne of you were swimmers? 70% of students here come froms fam that are economically disadvantaged, meaning they are far more likely according to u.s.a. swimming to ha no or low#us]7á swimming abilities, p them at risk for drowning.
11:21 am
the skills they learn in this class cou save their own lives, too. lifeguard certification is also a pathway to a well paying summer job, up to $800 perek we at city pools or beaches. >> i'm going to put into my college fund and like recently puerto rico had a hurricane and my grandmother and my family over there, they're really strugglingth money, so i'm going to like send money over there. sullivan says it's about much more than just the money. >> it's amazing, the change in them, it's -- i just makes me feel so like gratified to a see kid become a young adult. >> reporter: since it started 13 years ago thepr class has oduced more than 325 lifeguards. >> the schoo quote for swimming is never satisfied, that's something that all the swimmers go by. >> reporter: lifesaving lessons paying o in and out of the pool. morgan[d radford, nbc ws, queens, new york.
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>> sounds like an awesome program. >> it is. especially for those communities where those swimming skills arer so necessand important. >> they can get these great jobs in the end. we're still reeling from thr y heat wave in the dmv last week. >> and there are plenty of folks around the f world stillling the burn. how high temperatures are getting up north and when we could see the repeat of another possible heat wave. this is annie.
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and this is annie paying back her friend for theickets with zelle® before the previews start. and this is annie getting ready to enjoy the show. ig[whispers] this is your here, right now bank. this is wells fargo.
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pretty soon payless shoe source will be a thing of the last. one woman took advantage of th als at the s closeoutle by buying out her entire store for the community. she picked up all 1,500 pair of shoes in the store. she made the decision after her wantedr found a pair she to pair for her friend. she asked how much it would be to buy the rest of the shoes in the store. t that's what i all about
11:25 am
and in the grand scheme of things in this country this is a tiny blip, but if it continues to grow and it - just it makes you do one little thing for that student fixing to go back to school, then it matters to that e kid. >> since word of the good deed spread, the family has had many people reach out wanting to donate, they have decided to throw a back to school bash before classes begin. just love how more people are getting involved in such a great cau s. >> it ish a great story. let's switch gears to the weather now. a sweltering heat wave is r north. folks to we are talking about toronto, canada. >> uh-oh. >> the measured grou mperature at city hall there reached over 100 degrees yesterday. officialare warning people that hot and humid weather may bring t aihelirlevel. they are suggesting kids, pregnant women and=z people ut working ors take precautionary measures. i know we say the same thing here, but i was born innt to it does not get that hot up
11:26 am
there. >> we're used to it. >> yeah. >> hot and humid omes with the territory in this area. >> alaska has been dealing with it, portions of france and europe have been dealing with it. >> yeah. >> and you were talking about the ai quality, the air quality in some portions of our countiea toy, anne arundel county and arn ruatylert stuatn he notrthere.teas again, a code orange. unhealthy for sensitive groups rly, here, children, el those with heart disease. we do have an air quality alert because the air is so thick and will only get mont stagna as we continue through this week. we have a lot of humidity building. temperatures in the mid 80s, it fnls a little warmer tha that. the humidity is increasing, we are feeling that out there right there, could have a stray showet today, br chance of showers west later on tomorrow. everybody will have a chance fo scattered showers and storms on wednesday, we also have more rain with more humidity on thursday. take a look at these temlrratures, baltimore ady coming in at 91 degrees,
11:27 am
annapolis 89, washington now at 86. we are headed to 94 here in the city. similar to yesterday, we will have some e, maybe a stray shower or storm this afternoon but they will be highly isolated. if you are headed out to nats park not looking too bad as we take on the braves at 7:05. as you walk into the stadium re temperain the low 90s and, again, could have a stray shower but i'm pretty much keeping nats park dry. i think they will be north and west of the district if we see anything. your p.m. commute a stray shower possible, especially if you're u traveling of the district. pool time, hot and humid, get out there, outdoor lunch, it's going to be a little warm for that. nothing out there right now so you will be dr butou can see this frontal system, that's what's going to be coming our way as we get into wednesday and thursday. a stray shower possible this afternoon, tomorrow morning's commute dry, maybe foggy for those areas that get rain. as we go through tuesday most of the showers lining up along the ion 81 corridor. as we head into wednesday, all bets are off, swat erred showers
11:28 am
and storms, some will be heavy es as we lead into wednesday, also a chance of rain onthursday.
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 midday. we are back now with the latest from cfornia where three people including a six-year-old boy were killed after a man opened fire insidecp poar food festival. >> this all unfolded at the annual celebration in gilroy was winding down. >> this is actual azy. how do you shoot out the garlic festival? >> reporter: the attack left another dozen people wounded. police say the suspected shooter died during an exchange with officers. "ayrand an assault rifle.gear investigators spent hours searching for a possible
11:31 am
accomplice but so far no arrests. at this point there is no clear motive. the gunman appeared to fire at random. police say it appev that he cut his way through a fence to t inside the event. there were two separate keark attacks off two beaches in florida this wee. summer vacation at the beach means a lot of people are in the water and often they are swimming with sharks whether they know it or not. nbc's gabetsutierrez repor from jacksonville beach. >> i literally just latched on to my arm. >> reporr: this morning pro surfer franklin o'rourke is recovering after the scare of his life. >> i've never felt force like that from my animal or anything in my life.r: >> reporte this video shows o'rourke and other surfers in the water. the 23-year-old says hebe has surfing his whole life and has seen sharks before but not like this. >> i've never seen one that close and that kind of aggression, you know, it was coming at me not around me.
11:32 am
so it was definitely interesting. i was scared for > sure. >porter: o'rourke says the shark caught him by surprise. >> you think, oh, wh s ahark comes at you you can just punch it. no, you are going to be in shock, you arewot going to kno what's going on. i know that firsthand. >> reporter: lifeguards treated his wounds which were superficial. 100 miles down e coast a smyrna beach. it is considered the shark bite capital of the world. just last week incooa beach icin 60 miles south roin daytona beach a shark spotd very close toswimmers. >> my baby was bitten by shark. >> reporter: back in jacksonvil le o'rour ake says h will stay out of the water just until his wounds hee and then hll be back on his board. >> i'm still living, i'm still here. there's chances you will get
11:33 am
injured but that's all part of the >> reporter: o'rourke thinking it was lightly a black tipped shark that bit him. he went right out and bought a lottery ticket figuring that if he could surviveo a cl 3vháñshark,s were in his favor. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, jacksonville beach,ri floa. >> certainly very lucky. news 4 working for your health this morning. a new report just released a highlighting america's unhealthiest restaurant meals. nbc's sara dollop has a look at the shocking calorie counts. >> reporter: crammed with calories, full of sat rated fats and sodium. the 2019 extreme eating awards are out. ghlighting what the center for science and the public interest describes as nutritional nightmares. >> most of our award winners had more than an entire day's calories. >> reporter: imagine consuming four double cheeseburgers from burger king alongith a large coke, that's the caloric
11:34 am
equivalent of one order of top golf'sqe inject i believe dough news rolls. sin mankes are 2,000 calories and 32 teaspoons of sugar. >> that's like eating 11 glazed doughnuts. >> reporter: jimmy john's 16 inch sub has morean th 7,000 milligrams of sodium. >> the big problem is over time consuming a steady diet of these meals or even typical restaurant fods raises the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. >> reporter: the cheesecake factory issued a statement saying in partanyuests want to celebrate and not be concerned with lories. others want to share their dish. the chain also has a lighter mensection. but with americans getting about a third of their calories outside their homes, the cfci would like toeaeehier options become the majority of menus. sara dollop, nbc news.
11:35 am
>> i feel likeof a lot people do share those sugary desserts. >> and in moderation. we are not eating some of those big dessert items, but every once in awhile. for certain items or so you thought. ki >> we are talng about money orders. when news 4 midday continues we of savings and service.
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real.
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geico. over 75 years of savings and service. welcome back. a new warning about an old scam. experts say you need to be on the lookout for fake money orders. >> nbc's chris clackum explains. oftentimes your bank won't even catch them until it's too la. >> this is what i got in the mail. >> reporter: it was in robert pike's mailbox three years ago, a legitimate-looking cashier's check paying him to become a mystery shopper. >> i was supposed to go to walmart, th courtesy of the clerks, t cleanliness of the
11:38 am
place. >> reporter: a similar offer was just recently sent via fedex to a colleague's child, this time using a legitimate-looking money order. >> they're pretty good at n findi ways to help you artmoney. >> reporter: justin pritchard has written about scams like this and says it generally includes6 depositing the check you're sent then returning a portion of it to the scammer. >> the main red flag on all ofh t is that you're sending money. right? in almost every case you're supposed to be receiving money o but somethey convince you to send money and they're very good at that. >> reporter: via skype from colorado pritchard sat can take days before your bank figures out the documents are bogus, which is why you should slow down. >> if you let that money sit in your account and, in fact, go ahead and contact the bank, that's a great idea, just to get in touch and say, hey, this is the deposit that i'm not 100%
11:39 am
sure about. >>porter: robert pike didn't fall for it and neither did our colleague, especially after we texted the scammer at the number he provided in the cover letter that came with that phoneyon mey chris clackum, nbc news. >> if you are selling something you can't give up your money. that's not how it wor. >> crazy. >> bad people in the world. >> it's 86 degrees outside right now, which is pretty normal, right? end of july. >> 88 should be our normal high. >> okay. >> then you tack on the humidity and then i feels like the low 90s out there right now. again, we are going to see a little uptick in that humidity, you're already feeling it today and that humidity will over the next couple days. today similar to yesterday with the uptick in humidity, similar cloud conditions, plenty of sunshine and stray shower chances. shower here or there. now, we're becoming hot and humid, that's evident out there
11:40 am
right now, more rain expected as we continue into this weeks a well. temperatures out there right now baltimore coming in at 91 degrees but most of us are in the 80s. you go ahead and put in the humidity and this is the number you get, the heat index, this is what it feels like outside, already feing like the 90s for a lot of us out there. another hot day out there in the area. over the next 12 hours it's going too continue t hot. we will probably top out around 94, 95 degrees. again, a stray sher spotty shower possible through the afternoon an evening, a 10% to 15% chance you will see it. if you want to get that car washed today, maybe you didn't do it over the weekend, today would be the day do it. we do have rain coming our way, we do have that small chance today. slightly better chance tomorrow and once we get into wednesday all bet a off because we have a rontal systemcoming our way. dry right now, high pressure in charge, but this front is get into wednesday, really not passing through until thursday n moing, but then it hangs out
11:41 am
throughout the d-atlantic, all weekend, even into next week. we have daily chances of rain coming after today. ower, again, a spotty tomorrow about a 20% chance mainly west. widespread rain on weesdays the front pushes through, once it's in the vicinity of us it will continue to reinforce rain chances thrghout the week and into the weekend. a stray shower possible before 11:00 p.m. tonight, we head into tomorrow, tomorrow morngong looking d. most of the showers happening tomorrow afternoon will stay west of the district. we have a trough that's over to tes west, wellt and that's going to enhance rain showers along i-81. by wednesday a 60% chance of seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms for everybody, then out of here by thursday morning. we will have a chance for showers and thunderstorms through the day on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, even possibly into tuesday we could see some lingering showers, temperatures drop just a little bit. drop just a little bit. we've got
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champion. >> you might want to think about a caer in online gaming after this next story a 16-year-old from pennsylvania won m $3illion afterom taking he first place in the fortnite world cup inerew york yesty. to give you an idea how big this game is, the tournament was held inside the arthur ashestadium, that's where the u.s. open will e played next month. $3 million for playing video games. >> so now all the kids out there will be like, mom, i have to ay pl >> why should i go to college? you can't play fortnite all day. i get congratulations are in order. researchers from a u.n. panel on climate change have suggested a strategy to help curb global warming.nt >> they w to plant a trillion trees around the globe. nbc's ann thompson has more. >> reporter: here inxñ: nature cathedral a ray of hope to
11:46 am
combat climate change tat's only found by going up and up. jake, why come all the way up here to get your cones? >> we access the top of these trees to get theñi best sun needless that we can for propagation. >reporter: that's where this arborist begins his process of cloning these ancient trees. >> it's close to ,000 years old. it's pretty amrezing. >> rter: amazing when you consider the decimation this northern california red wood forest has survived. from this vantage pointg&[zc0÷ forest looks lush andense but it's not what some say should be. >> pretty much all of it was harsted in the 20th century by humans for houses and other commercial uses. >> reporter: among the 5% left are what jake's father david calls champion trees. >> every time iou walk thr a red wood forest it never ceases to amaze me.
11:47 am
>> reporter: david speaks for these trees, touting their ability to absorb thegas fueling climate change. >> they are sucking up and whisking out of the atmosphere en times the c02 of normal trees. >> reporter: he takes the tree cuttings and clones them in this northern michigan warehouse. >> you are holding a 2,000-year-old red wood in your hand. >> reporter: it doesn't look 2,000 years old. >> that's because we set the clock back. you are holding a tr that started its life when christrz walked the earth. e >> reporter: hones oak. >> who wants to learn how to make another black willow. >> reporter: black willows, giant is a c coy't say and plants them around the world including here in san francisco. >> to reverse climate change this tree to really help the future for our grandchildren around the isn't beautiful thing? >> reporter: spreading his gospel, sharing what he and jake see. do you ever just take a moment and look around and appreciate what this is? >> yes, i do, and i'm very
11:48 am
thankful and grateful. >> reporter: for the practical and essential beauty oftr ees. california well, the duchess of sussex is balancing her duties as a new mom with a new job. mhan is the guest editor of the september issue of vogue, the forces of change issue, highlights the accomplishments of five women, the trail blazers inchuded teenage climatge advocate, new zealand's prime minister and the principal dacer of the new york ballet. also ae conversation btween meghan and michelma oba. from thegender pay gap to the me too movement social injustice clyde on "hit trouble." joining me is one of the show'sf stars. >> thank you for having me. adcy moment.
11:49 am
first for people who have not watched or don't know about the show, tell us more about it. >> oh, my gosh. ood trouble" is a show for everyone where everyone gets to seethemselves, it's fun, it's political. we're just coming together in like this sense of chosen family where it's like just this melting 7q;÷ of so many differet individuals who are livingp0wyí l.a. and carving out their lives. >> it's meaty, too.oh >> yeah, it's juicy. >> your character plays a black lives matter activist. >> yes. >> one of the founders of tha ovement is one of the writers on the show. >> yes. >> tell me how that collaboration works. >> it's incredible. patriceolors she's been qáópmy character specifically f while and now she's in on the writer's room consulting on the entire story line for all characters. so it's incredible. i mean, we hav like a firsthand knowledge tq[>ñ what really gos on in activism, not just at the front lines,ut also behind the scenes, you know, when it comes to the joy that activists still
11:50 am
have while working onch heavy material and what it's like to really be with grieving families and just what the day to day, you know, life is like for an activist. >> that's a good point to point out the joy. >> the joy. >> we kw sometimes it's a lot of heart break and hard work. >> but!ytáillbt$ñ people who ar coming together and they form bonds and friendships and sister hoods. really, really important. you are in town for the aclu summer advocacy program. >> i am. >> which strivesen for authc representation. >> yes. >> in television and in media. we know that's important. tell us about the work you're doing. >> i mean, it's just an honor to portray tacis charter, but also, you know, i stand on the shoulders of having like a diverse group of people behind the scenes. so that's what i'm really excited to talk about is just the collective$:xe?>ñ effort th takes to tell a story that's really inclusive. it comes from having like a really inclusive writers room,
11:51 am
an inclusive group of executives also making decisions, ah, and how we can make the work on screen reflect that as well. >> it's important not just to have thero faces in f of the camera but also the people who are making the decisions. >> exactly. of that. so whatever field that these, you know, students are going ll into, i'm reay excited to tell them from my perspective what it's like to work in television. >> it's great to have you on that gat show. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> in case you didn't know the summer finale "good trouble" is august 6th. >> that's right. >> we will hold our breath. >> and we have a new episodey$ airing tomorrow night at 8:00 on free form. tuesdays. >> thank you so much,zuri. >> thank you for having me. >> jummy. we are going back outside for another look at your storm team 4 forecast in just a moment and don't forget, stay tuned foe en" this afternoon on nbc 4 at 3:00 follow byed
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11:54 am
>>most yoga is to be relaxing ttkysi moves, mind, body, spirit. >> that's right. there a new type of yoga it mixes the ancient practice with an unexpected beat. nbc's jenna brew introduces us to trap yoga. >> they are doing yoga to trap music. >> mother/daughter duo are here from st. pete taking part in a yoga class. >> it is a yoga class to trap music. so trap being trap music, rip hop, rap music and yoga. >> they teach this movement cheering on class members as they let the deejay's beat take offer. >> there are other classes that are built for heat. we really pumped up our energy.
11:55 am
>> she says beginner friendly class building diversion and encouragemt. >> make it more fun and still teaching theñ principles of yog. >> it's a messages cato brio those wanting to try trap yoga is simple. >> relaxation is different for different people. >> i think it's important for eople to see there's many different ways to have a yoga practice. >> here bare sheet, sweaty smiles and a little shimmy show being different is a lot of d]. >> i wanted to dance and bob yourad. >> she still little shimmy, that was a full on twerk. >> at least ey're having fun. tokyo is trying to figure out ways to keep people cool at the 2020 olympics at a beach volleyball venue, the governor tried out a large mist making machine and visited a first aid station with medical staff on
11:56 am
call, also spoke about a wearable sun umbrella.e thy have a large air conditioned area for people to cool off on.ea the high and humtityt( hasj2÷ been a big concern. >> i would wear that. >> it's time to check for our final midday forecast. >> how did looking? >> it's not looking too bad, it's sunny outyo there, maybe need one of those umbrella hats. definitely protect your skin out there. put on that sunblock, youedill ne it out there today, all sunshine. you will also need to hrate cause look at the humidity levels over the next several days. take a look. the legend season ot left side of the screen. today we've got a little bit of humidity out there,t's increasing throughout the day. you fee it a lot more than you're y and tomorrow definitely going to feel it more than today. wednesday, tllrsday, friday, bets are off, we have a muggy air mass that will be sitting right over the d.c. area. no rain but,in aga that frontal system will brasg us rain we get into your wednesday,
11:57 am
thursday and friday. maybe a stray shower out there today, temperatures in the low to mid 90s, feeling warmer with that humidity. same deal tomorrow, we will have a 20 to 30 rs chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly west of the district. a 60% chance once the front comes through. front sets up shop to the south of the region, that's going to continue with daily rain chances all the way at least until monday, possibly evenintoext tuesday. >> lauren, thank you. that does it for us here on news 4 midday. thanks for joinill us, we wi see you back here at first at 4:00 this afternoon. >> get newsth and w updates anytime with the nbc washington app. have a great day. we will see you tomorrow morning.
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. we are live in five, four, three, two, l those in favor say aye. the women's national soccer team. ♪ the star of the night . yes, another trophy. all glamed up. welcome to "access live." >> what a night for this ladies. they were in new york for the parade and they flew for the


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