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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 29, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i'm eun yang. we have a lot of information fromhe horrific shooting out west. first, we want to get you ready for your monday morning. >> melissa mollet is standing by with first 4 traffic and lauryn ricketts is in for chuck bell this moing with a look at the day ahead. >> the day ahead not lao too a shy. if you like yesterday, you'll like today. similar conditions to yesterday. maybe a little bit more humidity and yore feeling that if you step outside right now. 76 is our temperature right now. stay in the 70 as we continue through morning. toping out in the 90s today. even by 9:00 a.m., that temperature already in the low 80s. we are dry out there this moroung. there c be patchy fog in some spots. we are heading into about 93 degrees today. listen. very similar to yesterday. it will be a little muggy. isolated chance of a shower and thunderstorm later on this afternoon. nothing out there right now.  to see this pattern change especially as we head into the middle part of this wllk. we wialk more about that and the changes you'll see coming up. let's talk about those road with
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good morning. >> good morning. clarksburg northbound 270 after 121 still a crash. overturnedcl ve and people say they had to be transported to the hospital. single vision collision. ride is still shutdn. inner loop and outer loop no big complaints on the beltway. aaron? >> thank you, melissa. breaking news in northern california overnight. we arned four people are dead, including one suspect, following a shooting at the garlic fesval in gilroy, california. >> 15 people are hurt and the
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suspec suspect. >> reporter: the annual weekend festival turned deadly and sentr many peopning for their lis. police say a gunman opened fire at the festival and he was shot and killed and mansu dmanhunt f we are starting to learn more about the victims. a 6-year-old boy was shot and killed. his grandmother andother who were with him were injured. witnesses describe a chaotic bo scene as eve was running for their ves. >> he just throws his gun up and started spraying out round all arount he had ves on, long sleeves, tactical shirt andargo pants and boots. he was ready to do some damage. >> shots got closer,so i saw some of my coworkers bend down to hide and i thought this is
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real. >> gilroy's police chief said the suspect cut through a fence to et into the festival and vid avoid metal detectors. some are in critical condition at the hospital and others have been released. we will continue to monitor the situation happening in california.t back you. >> thank you. the should go happened during a huge and very popular ommunity event in central california called thel4d÷ gilro garlic festival. the three-day affair is family-filled and live with entertainment and cookingnd arlic food and the festiva features their own n.garlic-grow this was the 40th year for the festival. we will stay on top of this story throughout the morning and update you air and once you leave for work, check the nbc washington app for updates.
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another weekend of deadly violence gun violence in the district. >> police say a man was shot dead in the milled of the afternoon and found his body in a sidewalk in temple hills, maryland. >> news4 justin finch joins us live from the police headquarters. >> reporter: what a shock on a sundaternoon. the shots were fired in broad daylight. a man left for dead on the sidewalk. these are just sights and sound that neigors saythey are simply not used to. prince george's county police say it happened close to 2:30 on sunday afternoon on 21st place in temple hill. if you know the area, it's an older residential nicommu, a place where many neighbors have lived for years. yesterday, one neighbor telling us she heard as many as five shots. another tell us what he saw ne t. >> when i came out, the police got here and i saw up there, guy
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lying on the sidewalk. sad. they worked him and ambulance right here. >> reporter: we now know that n passed away despite the efforts to save his life. he has not yet been identified. police are still working on a motive and tracking down suspect in this case. back to you. >> justin finch, thank you. a local mother will bur her 11-year-old child today, a victim of gun vilolence. karon brown was shot to death in southeast washington earlier geis month. police have char29-year-old tony mcclam with murder. coach was killed in an and related separate shooting. the team sys they will play in honor of both of them next season. the gun violence is not slowing down. there were eight shoot wgs over
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theeekend. most were centered in southeast and northeast washington and multiple people were shot at one scene. officers found four people shot early sunday morning outside of the howard theater. we are working to learn more about how the victims are doing today. on saturday afternoon, gunfire on kennedy street northwest left a man and a juvenile injured. officer found the man nearby. id the juvenile walked to the hospital for help. some in northwest hi wasngton, are enjoying air-conditioning over the weekend after equipment with a pet krnchts -- petco substation 0 customers without power. a show in lincoln theater were suspended. they restored the power onun sy afternoon. fire department tweeted pictures from the scene.
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the investigators tell us the flames damaged at least six homes on warren we are workto learn how the fire started and whether anyone was hurt. es today, prident trump will g sia bill giving long-term funding to survivors of the 9/11 terror attacks, many many first responders. many have been diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses. he funding will help the victims and their families through the year 2092. y÷ bill after intense f lobbyingom 9/11 who dd shortly after testifying before congress. comedian and advocate jon stewart helped put the issue in the national spotlight with his testimony. this morning, we are hearing from people in baltimore afr president trump continued to attack maryland congressman .6# elijah cummings and his congressional district that des parts of baltimore city. some are calling the attacks racist. the president began targeting cummings' congressional district on saturday, describing it as a, quote, disgusting rat ae rodent infemess.
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on sunday, he stepped up his twitter attacks saying, quot people of baltimore came to the defense of cummings and the city. >> the president is really not being thn that he is supposed to be. the things he said about baltimore, about the rats and everything, if he feels that concerned about it, why don't he do anything about it? >> the weekend tweets from the president comes as cossman cummings is leading multiple investigations into the trump administration. cummings responded to the president saying he wakes up each morning and fights for hiso neighs. he say it's his constutional duty to conduct oversightivf the execut branch. tomorrow, president trump will visit williamsburg, z@rát white confirmed l
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attend an event marking the 400th anniversary of jamesto p. because tsident will be there, several democrats will boycott that celebration. in a statement, the democratic leaders of the virginia elegislature said, quotthe current president does not represent the values we would celebrate. jamestown was the first representative democracy in america. democratic lieutenant governor justin fairfax said he will attend tuesy's ceremony. they have proven their soccer skills so, tonight, two world cup champions will take a crack at baseball.vób rose lavelle and mallory pugh will be there to throw the ceremonial pitch at the nats game. they they will me with national players and tour the park as well. i'm sure kid waiting to get close to hem as well. >> the washington spirit play a game august 24th so you can see them hereneuu in d.c.
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>> pretty cool. 5:09. >> next on "news4 today," iv surfer surves a shark attack. hear him describe what happenedr in the wat. plus, parasites in the pool. the invisible danger that can ruin summer funin we are workwith you for tips to protect your family. and a mom buys all of the shoes at a local payls shoe before it closes. we wnsl tell you what she pla to do with them all. >> muggy out there. 6:07 sunrise. let's talk about the spotty showerdmaybe this afternoon an talk
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lyles can finish. >> ran into problems. noah lyles has test man of all time in this
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lyle is the 800%-meter national champion! alexandria's own noah wiles won his first 200 meter. he finished the race at the usa track and field after championships in 19.78 second.hi remember name as we gear up for the 2020 summer olympics in tokyo! noah lyles, ladies and gentlemen. a surfa in flor is talking about coming >> the shark bit his arm at d. we warn you theho p is a little bit graphic for some. the surfer managed to paddle back to shore. his arm was bloody but the injury was not serious enough the man says he has seen a lot of sharks in his 20 years of surfing but never one that cse. >> i was in shock, like i said. i said what is going on?
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then it luck go, luckily. so i was able to swim away and get on shore. so that was definitely,te defini intense. >> intense. there you go. he pla water for a few weeks until his wound heals but not keep him from surfing altogether. we are working 4 your health morning with a look at the leading causes of brain injuries in kid. new study featured in the publication "brain injury" looked at records from emergency rooms. beds and airs were the most common injury for children under 10 and children above that were most likely to have injuries summer are here and many are cooling off in the pool. >> if the pool looks clean, there could beparasites that make you and your family sick.
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jummy olabanji is working for you to let you know he to keep you feel safe. >> when it comes to pools you w never knowt germs or parasites may be lurking low the surface. the most common culprit that causes swimming-related illness is a crypto for short. a small amount could contain millions of g>ms. if a child has an accident in the pool or any kind of elimination in the pool, we ha to treat it right away. >> regular levels of chlorine went kill crypto whicn survive in a well-maintained p pool up to ten days. the cdc says swallowing a mouth of water of crypto uld lead to weeks of nausea and diarrhea and vomiting. everyone should shower or rinse off before you get inside the pool. over to you. >> important reminders during the school season.
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thank you. pretty soon, payless shoe stores will be a thing of the past. one woman took advantage of thel deals at theout sale by buying out the entire store for her community! the woman from arkansas picked up all 1,500 pair of shoes in the store and made the decision after her daughter saw a pair er haughter wanted to buy for a friend at school because she noticed his shoes were too small not sure what size the friend wobe, she asked what it woul to buy the rest of the shoes in the store. >> that is what it's all about. this is a tiny blip but if it continues to grow, it makes you do one little thing for that student fixing to go back to school, then it matters to that one kid. >> it reallydoes. one pair of shoes could make a difference for a family. the family has so many people reaching out and wanting to t donate any decided to throw a back-to-school bash before classes begin.
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>> it's one less thing for the kid to worry about. you want to have all of the supplies you need to start your school and just learn. ? that is awesome. >> i love the mom and daughter did it together. way to go. >> what allinof this goto cost me? i want to know how much it cost her to get the rest of payless closing down. great story. awesome. what do you expect today? >> a little heat. heat and humidity and maybe a litt rain. we have small chance of rain out there today. >> small chance? >> stray chance after shower popping up aroundhe area. we had stray chances yesterday. i'd say about 10% chance you may see it where you a but about as good as it will getnd chance 20% to 30% and 60% of showers and thunderstorms on hednesday. thmidity continues to build. area of high pressure sitting to the south of us.
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once that moves offshore we will get that return fl o ande the winds out of the south that helps to amp up our humity. we areyz also going to have rai chances for thursday and wait until you see the ten-day forecast. current temperatures out there warm. now is 76 in washington. 68 winchester. 69 gaithersburg and 90s today. 93 will be our daytime high. similar conditions to yesterday. muggy. ot also have a chance for a shower, sp shower popping up later on this afternoon. if you're headed to the city open it's all afternoon throughout the evening. the temperatures in the low to mid-90s. it will be a little humid. definitelyot out there. could have a stray shower. for the most part, we are looking dry. so far your monday outlook cocerns you, the commute is looking dry and we have a 10% chance but that is not enough. outdoor lunch,mñç definitely wa. try to sit in the sha as temperatures around 90 as we head through the day.
5:19 am
nothing happening on the rada right nownd dry tomorrow. a better chance of showers andu thrstorms and may be west of the district. temperatures in the low to mid-90s tomorrow. as far as your poolout loo outl could have a spotty shower. talk about timing of the rain is coming up in a few minutes. let's talk timingf the commute with melissa. >> good morning. wheaton georgia avenue an acted there. slowdown expected there because of the response to the car intr
5:20 am
the s. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. next on news4, going meatn. license. >> plant-based diets are popular right now but is that right for your family? a dietitian gives her advice when she tells her clients when hey want to give up meat.
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welcome back. duchess of sussex is a new mom with a new job. meghan markle is in zú!d"the v magazine, highlighting accomplishment of 15 wen. the trail blazers include new zealand's prime minister, among others. the issue has candid conversation between meghan markle and former first lady michle obama. maybe they will give us life is like as a part of the inside the
5:24 am
yal family. >> do they do that every time? >> frequently. the september issue is like the bible.n it's this big and a lot of great articles. not just picture and crazy dresses living a healthy balanced life is a goal for many us. >> to achieve it, many are turning to plant-based diets. the food industry is tapping into the trend with meatless products but is it really healthy? >> ow megan mcgrath helps you decide if you're going plant-based is right for your family. al for many.ealthy living is a one trend gaining in popularity is switching to a plant-based diet, emphasizing fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts. studies have shown the health uc benefits red risk of type two diabetes include heart health and weight loss. >> this is what i recommend to sel of my patients.
5:25 am
it's a planted-bawhole food diet. >> reporter: ashley jarvis is a. when switching to a plant-based di o focus urges people on food as close to their natural state as possible, so-called whole food and you'll find vitamins and minerals and fibers and antioxidants. >> think about not just plant-based but whole food. they are the actual food, right? the broccoli, the pea, the soy is the whole food. it's not some part of it has been isolated or processed out. >> reporter: plant-based products that taste like real meat have become all of the rage. it >> i thought was tasty. very good. and the impossible burger can be found on menus and grocery stores around the dmv.s jarvis sayey are good options and often low in cholesterol but they are proce ed and can be higher in sodium. >> these aren't things you want to rely on. these are things u want to have in moderation in place of a real hamburger or real meat. >> reporter: if you are going plant-based, do your research and look at what you're eating and make sure your diet is
5:26 am
balanced. plan for fruits and veggies and other nutrion whole foods. megan mcgrath, news4. still head ahead a look at union station. several people killed and more than a dozen wounded at a outfooor festival in caliia. the latest when we return. we will haveat thet on the weather. ho your forecast is coming up.
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it's about 5:30. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to get you ready for your monday morning. e >> ssa mollet is standing by with first 4 traffic and lauryn s in for chuck bell this morning with a look at the day ahead. >> the sun is coming up at 6:06 thorn this morning. clear skies for the most part. temperatures on the mild side. 76 right now in the district outside the8cm beltway.
5:30 am
we have60s upper 60s. again, we have a little bit more humidity out there today than wa did yesterdy. tomorrow, will be more humid than today. we take this heat and humidity and amping it up each day. if you're heading out to nats a park they had a busy coupled and tag on the braves tonight after winning against the dodgers yesterday. p for that e could ab spotty shower out there later on this afternoon. i know thety is open as well. let's talk about the spotty shower. i think the nats game will be a-ok but let's see who can see the spotty showers coming up. talbott road got more information about a medevac has been requested. this could be a bad situation here this morningnd cause a lot of delays inbound. well get your more
5:31 am
information on that as soon as we can. aaron? >> thank you, melissa. we are following breaking news in california this morning. right now, foureople are dead and more than a dozen are wounded following a shooting at an outdoor festival. >> this happened in northern california south of san francisco. just east of &÷monterey. jummy olabanji is joining us withhe latest from the news desk. >> we know it's after 2:30 in the morning there in california. but this is still a very actve scene. right now, police are searchinga for possible second gunman. because police officers were at the festival already, it took them less than a minute to find that suspect and engage him.
5:32 am
he shot]q three eyople and th died and police shot andimed the g killed the gunman. search for a second suspect. we know sadly a 6-year-old boy was shot and killed. his mother and grandmother were injured and his father spoke to reporters and is just devastated. >> i lost son. nothing can i do except try to be with him until i can put him in hisg restin spot. >> investigators describe that suspect as wearing tactical gear. also had a high-powered rifle. they believe he cut through a fence to get into theestival and avoid those metal(qq detect. no identification on that person. the police plan to hold a news conference later on this morning. stay with us forhe latest on that. a death investigation under way this morning inoprince
5:33 am
gee's county. police found a man on the sidewalk in the middle of the day in templeills yesterday. >> news4 justin finch is live at prince george's county police headquarters with the latest on the investigatpoon. >> reer: good morning. we know investigators are now speaking to neighbors, even trying to gather home surveillance video and trying to put together as much of a case as they can. a case that left a man dead. also left a community on edge. one neighbor teing us it sent her into a panic. a sidewalk where her grandchildren play. those shots fired close to 2:30 on sun afternoon on 21st place in temple hills. tone neighborelling us she heard as many as five shots. the suspect or suspects in this case were able to get away. >> it's unclear right now whether or not attack was random. our investigators are working to gather a motive.
5:34 am
>> reporter: polic are working to determine a motive in this case, also track down suspects. they give you a sense of what a shock this is for that community. want man lived there 40 years said this is the first he has ever seen anything like this. a man being s shot orots fired, period, so close to his home. live inalmer park, justin finch, xcq'news4. father and son ended in tragedy. >> a boy admitted to stap istabs father. the father was wound in a wooded area near the crash. officers say they saw the teen walking out of the wood and he was taken to a hot where he was treated foror min injuries. pls ka rr mrs. karoma can't believe what happened.
5:35 am
>> he was going to take him to the library to do his homework because he is in summer school. >reporter: karoma told detectives he stabbed his father and dragged him into the nearby wood. he has been charged asn adult with first and second-degree murder and is in jail without bond. >> 5:35. here is a look at other top stories this morning. the. the funeral for11-year-old karon brown will be held today. he was shot earier this mth. police have charged 29-year-old tony mcclam with murder. daze after he died his football coach was killed in an and related separate shooting. the team says they will play in honor of both of them next season. customers in petco once again have power. 40,000 people over the weekend were in thedark. a show at lincoln theater was cancelled and another event was shut down. the outage left thousands of d.c. residents and businesses without power for hours. fire investigators are
5:36 am
working to figure out what caused several homes in frederick county, mayland, to catch fire. six homes were damaged there and happened on warren way. this morning, no word on any injuries. president trump is expected to sign a bill that will fullyf the 9/11 victims compensation fund today. his signature will fund the bill until the year 2092. the bill recently passed the senate by a vote 97-2 and happened after intense lobbying efforts by first responders fr 9/11 and activist jon stewart. the amtrak office the inspector general is warning about security concern at union station. a recently released report says a car wasble to drive onto the platform and right on to the tracks earlier this year. you see the photo here. passengers and staff were put at risk because of bron surveillance cameras and lax monitoring of terest. amtrak released the following
5:37 am
statement, quote. this morning, federal
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president trump is threatening to put french tariffs on french wine. it impacts companies like facebook and google. last year, france exported 3.6 million dollars of wi just to the united states. we are working for you to protect your money. >> if you're looking to buy something online, you should look out for fake money orders. con artists will send you a r' cashiecheck and asking you to deposit it and return a portion of that money. owner often than not, your bank will not catch it until it's too late. jason pritchard has been writing about scams like this for years. >> the main red flag is all of these is you're -- right?ve in almost ery case you're supposed to be receiving money u t somehow they convince you to send money and they are very good at that. >> experts y if you are unsure
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about a check or money order, have your bank take a closer look at it. you shouldn't sending someone money if you' selling. >> exactly. a beautiful sunrise. sun coming up at about 6:07. we stay in the 70s through the morning hours and 9:00, in the low 80s. chance for showers and thunderstorms today and letutou know abohat coming up. a new week, new controversies for president trump. his weekend tirade against the baltimore congressman and the district he deserves is once again drawing cal of racism. how he is responding.
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developing this morning. dan coats, the director of national intelligence, top intelligence chief in the country, is resigning. the president is already workin. to replace him jummy olabanji joins us with more on this. good morning. >> od morning. we know that dan coats has been in this position, one of trump's original cabinet members, expected to leave his position as early asth is week. two and a half years on the job. he often found himself at odd with the presint on north korea and russia.
5:45 am
president trump is already selected the man he wants to replace him, congressman john ratcliff has been asked to step up. congressman ratcliff is familiar with matters of national security. ctts will stay in his posin until august 15th. today a judge will hear arguments on alawsuit filed by teesident trump which hoepes to block a house from seeing his new york state tax returns. the lawsuit wafiled in d.c. last week. the president's attorney calls the reques see the tax returns esidential harassment. in response the committee filed tits own lawsuit against treasury department and the irs, who have refused to turn over the document tracie potts is joining us live on capitol hill. >> reporter: lots of reaction from baltimore from people who say even if that is true aut y,e condition of their ci it's insensitive and incomete
5:46 am
ignoring the city's strength and divert. president trump is calling out elijah cummings and e city he represents. number one they it's . they also argue that cummings is spending more time on the mheller investigation than s in his own backyard. second time in a few weeks the president has dwn fire for his eekend tweets that some call racist. he logged that back at cummings, that same argument or that same criticism, that same insult. and now,nt the preside is really facing a lot of ct ticism for ly what he is saying, but how he is saying it. >> tracie potts on the hill for in the hours aftero2arñ pret trump's tweetsbm÷ about congresn cummings, the baltimorer mz sun released a blistering op, writing, quote.
5:47 am
date inpuerto rico. the woman in line to replace the island's outstanding governor says she does notant the job. wanda vazquez hope the governor wih be appointed t friday. the lieutenant governor would be the in next in line , but he resigned. rossello allegedly insulted people of an online chat that was leaked. and that led to protesters across the island. in moscow, over the weekend, riot police clashed with demonstrators and thousands of arrests were n authorities say the protests are illegal. it's not clear whfo charges
5:48 am
those who have been arrested will face. heads-up for iphone users. when you ask the> this push of whether they are listening to you or recording you, all that have is sort of secondary to my mind to this larger issue which is that there are these surveillance systems built to try to predict what you like and what you're going to next so they can sell you things. >> apple says only a small portion of siri requests are analyzed to improve siri and dictation. here is news that may not surprise to you. washington, d. has now been ranked as one of the most expensive places to move to in the world. san francisco came out as the
5:49 am
single most expensive city in le the whoorld to move to. new york is number three. los angeles is number 12. and washiton, d.c. is number 14. researchers look at the prices of housing and moving expenses and rent expense and utility expenses. dublin, ireland, sydney, australia, and geneva were in the top 25. let's get you caught up on the forecast. lauryn ricketts is in this . rning and keeping an eye on the sk >> hello. an eye on the sky? look at that purple hue we have out there. beautiful looking sky. the sun is coming up. just a little under 20 minutes from now. it will be a beautiful start to your monday morning out there. as far as what we are looking at, if you liked your sunday, you'll lik today. we have got very similar conditions to what we saw yecoterday. we uld have another chance of a stray shower out there today. highly isolated. we did have a few out there last night. same deal today where they will be highly isolated.
5:50 am
most of us won't see them. only 10% chance for that. becoming hot and humid. we are starting to see uptick in that humidity. the heat will increase as well as we continue through this week. current temperatures out there right now i the 60s and seventh. it is mild when you head outside. also a little on the muggy side. over the next 12 hours we arein lookat temperatures in the low 90s for day time highs out there. have a little bit of humidity. will be quiet but we have isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm popping up this afternoon. the commute look dry but could have a spotty showerhis afternoon but i don't think it's enough to mention it. warm you out there and temperatures around 90 for lunc. ho as we head through on nextco le of hours, nothing happening on the radar right now. keep that umbrella handíi# another chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. slightly better chance. tomorrow.% and hot if you want to get your car
5:51 am
washed today, today might be the ay to do it because we have daily rain chance but only a stray one out there today. most of the day will be dry. spotty shower possiblero thhout the afternoon and evening. i know we have got the city open and the nat game and i think we will be okay but hard to pinpoint where the shower will pop up. tomorrow morning, looking good. tomorrow afternoon, a little disturbance off to the west could bring some showers and enhanced chances along the shenandoah valley for some rain. some of those could float over the blue ridge mountains but i think thehreat tomorrow is west of d.c. 6#z into wednesday, frontal system approaches the area and kick off me shower and thunderstorms. wednesday they could be strong leading into the overnight as the front passes through thursday morning and stall to the south.
5:52 am
we will see rain in the afternoon hours mainly. good morning, melissa. chopper 4 heading to the problem we have been talking about here this morning. we know it is a pkup truck versus a motorcycle in this area. should be there soon. this could turn into an investigation which mehes t would close the road down for an extended period of time. overall no mar problems on the beltway. right side is blocked southbound lanes i-95 because of a crash.
5:53 am
remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. tennis tournament isnder way here in washington. >> molette green is live on the program helping ng players. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are on stadium is isn washingtosummer city tradition. look who is behind me. young tennisro players f southeast d.c. hey! are you ready to play some tennis? >> yes! >> reporter: they say they have been playing for years. it's important to point out we want to talk about bringing access to tennis to young players to bring them in line. let's talk to rebecca who is the
5:54 am
president of theshington tennis education foundation. the group that brings tennis to the young people in their communities. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> reporter: very important to have them part of this event and part of tennis. talk about what you guy do and why this is so important. >> we provide a rare combination of tennis and education for children living in after-scol programming and summer programming free of charge. our organization is designed to provide kid in underserved nommunities with opportunities they wo't normally have. >> rerter: i know we are talking about the 6:00 hour about raising money to support these programs. this is an important anniversary year awell. 50 years of? >> we are celebrating 50 years njtl which is the national junior tennis learning. another program completely aligned to provide tennis and education program f children all over the u.s. really and
5:55 am
living in communities. tennis is kind of a foreign sport to themxzq@- so we provid access and education access and you see them showing up. >> when you look at these young faces these girl and boys and they are serious about the game. it brings it all into perspective why this is so important. >> absolutely. absolutely. they arehe reason, right? we wake up every day and we fight and we work on the foundation levels so that we can provide opportunities for our children. everything we do, the city opened. erything here is on behalf them. >> i love it. coco gauff i think is playing tomorrow she hits the court. in the 6:00 hour we will talk of new about raising money, how when you come out to city open this week, how you can help raise money for programs that serve these young pple in the community because that is what it's all about, access. and having fun! that is the latest. live. we wi be back in the 6:00 hour
5:56 am
ofn good morning. i'm frank holland. quentin tarantino notching a r open. it raked in $40 million at the north america box office but not enough to top disnhe lion king" which is days away from crossing th $1 billion mark at the global box office. disney has notched 7.7 billion in ticket sales all around the worlso far this year. eclipsing the industry record it set back in 2016. hitting a fresh all-time high. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you, frank! >> next on "news4 today," a local track star wins a big national title andow his eyes are on the olympics. latest in healthy diet trend is going meatless but it a is going meatless but it a isop
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winat is gog on? what is going on? >> breaking news.we know a 6-year-old boy is among those killed at a mass shooting at an outdoor festivalr in caa. >> one of the new developments
6:00 am
that broke overnight. we will have theatest for you here. it's about 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >>'m eun yang. we have a lot of information from the horrific shooting out west. first, we want to get you ready for your monday morning. >> melissa mollet is standing by with first 4 traffic and lauryns rickettn for chuck bell hot day. >> it will be warm out there. you can feel the humidity starting toilbc bu out there compared to yesterday morning. sunrise we beautiful are getting ready to see and witness. sun coming up seven minutes from now. pure sky and now shade of pink and beautiful loing sunrise there. 75 out there right now. southwest winds will bump up that humidity a little bit and we will continue to see an increase in that humidity througut the day. if you're heading to the city open, one of the big things in d.c. during the summer, we will have plenty of sunshine.ld there coube a spotty shower but i think for the most part we


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