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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  July 28, 2019 10:30am-11:14am EDT

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on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. nothing, and i finally looked back to this entire procs, un-american. >> now democrats are opening impeachment hngs. >> we will concede what we have
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when we needto. >> i think fwhoowe're in the position. >> adam schiff, rick scott of florida, and tom steyer. plus politics. president trump calls a black congressm congressman's district a disgusting rat and rodent inf t infested district. joe biden promising a less polite performance this time. >> we'll see. >> joining me is rich lowery.le copper. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press." o the lest running show in television history, this is
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"meet the "press. with chuck todd. if democrats squinted just hard enough they could say they got what they wanted from robtt moo -- robert muellerhiseek. they said it is wrong to accept assistance from a foreign government. no, mooul der not fuueller did the president. no he was not cleared of obstruction of justice,s, ye mr. trump's business dealings with russia during the campaign, and no the investigation was not a witch hunt ifris also t that mueller's six hours of reluctant testimony, repeating or confirming what was all right released what was produced to the public months ago failed to produce a can't pull your eyes away movement. wednesday's hearing exposed
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congressional republicans as more interested in things other than the russian interference. and it is continuing at this very moment. for now the next move again is with the democrats as they debate among themselves once again whether or not to move ahead with impeachment proceedings. >> we're watching the temperature rise. we're not quite at iling point, but we're close. >> everyone was waiting for ueller, but after his halting and somewhat reluctant performance -- >> it is problematic is an under statemen >> what is the citation, sir. now they're waiting for house speaker nancy pelosi? >> are yyi t to run out the clock? >> no, let's get sophisticated about this. >> they came outy'of wednes hearing not ready to budge on impeachment. but they dot seem ready to
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rule it out, either, and the waiting game is nothing new. for nearly two acquires they havuated. first for muller to complete his investigation. >> release the mueller report as soon as possible. >> then for the unredacted version. congress must get the full unredacted report anteevidence. and then to hear from mueller himself. >> in terms of bob mueller, he will have to testify. >> and now a new hurdle from the house judiciary chairman, jerry nadler. >> if our committee is going to commend articles of impeachment to the house, we must make the strongest possible case to our public. >> democrats are divided between impeach now progressives and wait and see moderates,heir united against mueller. >> he lied three times he
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pointed out in the report, why didn't you charge him with a report. >> when christopher steel lied, nothing. trump is not above the law, but he certainly isn't blow it either. >> over the course of my career i have seen a number of challenges to our democracy. the russian government'sffort to interfere in our ection is among the most serious. >> ay later, a bipartisan senate report detailed those efforts swing the election systems of all 50 states were targeted by russia in 2016, but that report from e senate intell committee sees to be where the ourage ends. mitch mcconnell again blocking consideration of a bill put farce mothly by democrats. >> they spent two yearsyp hg up a experience theory about
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president trump in russia. that is a far cry from where mcconnell and other republicans were in 016 and 2017. >> let me just speak formyself. the russians are not our friends. >> they need to pay a price. >> it is acceptable that russia or any other countryut russia meddled in our elections. period that is it right there. >> joining me now is adam schiff who is chairman of the house chej committee, welcome back to "meet the prs." >> thank you. >> referee: having a few days to have the hearings sink in, i'm sure you reviewed the transcripts as well. >> they welcomed russian help, built it into the game main plan, and then lied about it and that there was multiye acts b the president that constitute obstruction of justice. this was essentially a campaign
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and president focused by eed. i found his temperature chilling and most chilling the fact that they confirmed that the rush shaps have never stopped their campaign. the acceptance of foreign help, thess willingo receive it, may become a new normal under this president and that ought to alarm every american. >> quite a few people observed that your half of the hearing seemed to animate mr. mueller a little more. he seemed to give more on since answers than he did in the first part. would e some of us wonder the obstruction charges be easier for americans to understand if they had seen pret senation of the crime itself first. you were part one but you came
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as part two of part two of mueller's testimony. >> i think there may be a number of reasons why the testimony in the second hearing came more naturally to the special un col. this animated his work for decades, that is protecting the tcountry, and ink he is most concerned that we're not rising to the challenge of protecting our elections and our crdemoy. and so you could see him become the most passionate about that. i think that we could go second and hear the questions that he would respond to. we understood the dynamic att li better than if we had been up to bat esirst. >> jam comey announced, robert mueller, the report was
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submitted in the spring. it was seasons, it took essentiay four months. obviously you wish it had been sooner. could you have done more to make it happen sooner? >> i'mot surewhat more we could have done. of course bill barr withheld the report as long as he could. he wanted the narrative baked in as long as possie in is the same reason it took so long to get mueller. the american people have to realize it is t the evidence, it is the summary of the evidence. i would like to see the evidence. i would like to hear from the witnesses before we make a decision about charging the president. i thk where we are is stri described is preliminary to a u judicial hearing. but yes, it is taking too long, but at is largely by the
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design of the president. >> was there any part of his testimony that you found unsatisfying? >> i wish that he had testified in a more narrative fashion. the words didn't need to be coaxed from him as much as it did. >> you were hoping it would bring it alive? >> i think it came ali more through very short questions and nr answers rather tha a great deal of description. i think going into the hearing, we should not have too many expectations because we know the substance of h testimony. most people have had it filtered by the misleading chacterization. there was a linguistic debate. you said we are at a preliminary
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stage of an investigative -- all right, is this impeachment or not? and you're not there y?yet, wh >> i think for the purposes of the proceeding it is a potential impeachment and i say that because what we say, what we ask of the constitution, is what is the function of howe describe something? and right now the most important thing is we really set it for the course. d i think we are. where we will get to for an impeachment, get to a decision, let's diindict the president, impeach the president, we have to be okay, but we should be
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able to make the case to the american people and i likeo see the evidence so ien confthat we can do that before we say we're ready to charge the president of the united states. >> that is unsatisfactory to some. pelosi has set an extraordinary precedent. that clear deevie, meticulously collected, that a president has confirmed when she calls crimes against the constitution does not con city substitute sufficient grounds for impeachment. >> this gets to the argument that says regardless of what y think the outcome is in the senate, that you're setting a bad press dent. you're setting a bad precedent if you don't do it. >> look,ihere i think, a great weight to tth argument
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this is the strongest form of senture that we have. what message does that. losing that, having the president acquitted, and having an adjudication that it is not simple. i think that is a preordained case for the american people, i want to make sure that is true. it will occupy thenational's time. >> is there a moment when we're too late. >> it is justice denied. they a doing everything they can to obstruct the congressional investigation, having on instructed justice, so there may be a point in the fall where we decide look, he is
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violating a differentf part o the constitution. . that will not be a crime or a misdemeanor. it is misdemeaning in office. so this is why i say the president is doing everything he can to get us into impeachment. that in list be an impeachable o fess. >> you don't want there to be a deadline you're saying? >> i'm saying there will be a deadline because we will either get the answers we need orhe president's obstruction will be so complete that that itself backs becomes a ground for his >>impeachment. chairman of the intell committee, thank you for coming on. joining me now isna sr rick scott of florida.
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welcome back to "meet the press." >> good morning, chuck, you doing? >> i'm good. i want to start with the senate intelligence committee report that was just released the day after the report. they carried into at least 2017, in an attempt to itrude at some point all 50 states where the russians extracted information,. >> the russians say that russia ran china. we have to be ver diligent. when i was governor, i allocated dollars for cyber security and dollars for our separately elected county supervisors.
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we passed ait provision wh the ndaa. look the russians are here and they're going to try to get into our system. >> it seems like the president even did it, if they did it they're not being president himself poo-poos this, how will we get deterres if the president won't stand up to him? >> let's look at the facts. president obama did not do what he should have doneand that's why there russians able to get into two counties in florida. the trump administration put a lot of effort into 2018. so a lotinof effort this,
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but -- >> but you're avoidie the part, thesident mocked in front of a world audience when a reporter asked did you ask vladimir putin, did you tell him not to interfere in the elections. >> let's look at therump administration and what they have done. let's look at their words and actions. they have been very aggressive to make sure there is no inuence forny other country. and they're going to do,no and t o st russia, they're going try to impact their elections and be diligent. >> you brought up two counties. was the state of illinois, the state of florida is anonymous in here.
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there is at lo of speculation based on similar reporting that it is likely state two rferred to in this report in florida. did you learn new information from this report that you didow not kn as governor at the time. >> you have never read that re rt? >> no, i have had briefings. we know they tried to get into two countiesidn flor they didn't have any impact on the election. i put a lot of effort in to make sure they could not get into the election. we had our cyber security experts, and we also allocated dollars to our supervisor of elections. >> you were talking abouts briefingu got. did you get direct briefings in 2016 or was it through other channels tt dhs contacted
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florida? >> not directly to me, but in 2018 in my election i reached out to homeland security, fbi, and odoj t make sure it was nothing they had. they told me at the time they had no infiltration of our e system at thtime. >> when did you find out about the 2016 infiltration? >> it really happeneyd this r. and so i have gotten briefings, and bottom line is they got into two counties, they had no impacts, they didn't change any voter registration, voter rolls, we put a lot of effort in to make sure that couldn't happen. >> you talk about changing vo s. if it is an influencegn camp or worse they have taken vot information, it is not influencing the votes, it is the
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concern thatrs vo won't see their names on the voter rolls. that they will be turned away from there. they already got a bunch of information from the state of illinois. how do we prevent this in 2020. >> i think the secretary of state's office wants to work together to make sure this we did it in florida. we made sure we worked with d.o.j. to make sure it didn't happen. the russians are here and other countries, they're going to try to iluence our flexielections, they're doing the same thing in europe. >> you spent a lot of time, energy,rend urces trying to win over nonwhite voters in the state of florida in your go elections for rnor and the senate. you learned spanish, you speak spanis the presidentpends a lot of time on his twitter feed
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trying to racially divide the country, does that under mine efforts in the republican state of florida. >> first i think itrt is impot he talk to everyone. running for election or when you're elected you represent everybody. on friday i met with a group of can chinese americans. i think we do everything we have to bring this country back together. >> why doesn't the president think that. doing this is just stoking racial resentment left and right. he did it multiple times this month alone. he thinks this is good polithes inside t republican party. do you think itoo is gd politics in the republican party? >> let's look at what he said and why he did it. congressman cummings sat there and atacked our border patrol agents, all right? this reminds me of what -- >> that justifies a racial
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resentment tweet in response? atis th presidential leadership? >> well -- no, i look, i didn't do the tweets. i can't talk about why he did what he did, but i'm disappointed in people like congressman cummings who is attacking border patrol agents who are trying to do their job without the funding that democrats will notgi them. i have been to the border, i talked to border patrol agents, i know they care about these individuals. we have to gem them the resources to do their job. >> it's n lost on me that you were harsher on elijah coupummi than on the president on what he has done. i understand the politics of it, but do we ever heal if each side goes into the corner.
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>> if i agree with him,ly disagree with him. i will disagree with him when i disagree with him. he is not happy with it, of course not, but just like on puerto rico, i'm going to do wh is inhe best interest of my state. i'm disappointed when people are out there attacking border patrol agents? would i like everyone to come together and work together? hat's what i'm trying to do in my state. the country is divided because of a lot of things. >> i will leave it there, senator rick scott, most senators that used to be governors probably prefer the governor title anyway. thank you for comiing on. do kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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welcome back. we have rich lowry. we have a great set up here and he wrote this. know that you're likely going to fall short, and you may improve reelection. of impeef, choose not to they run that risk. but do they have the democratic dill lem ma, right? where is the wrach from? it seemshey areoming from inside of a bubble. we didn't here in a in 2018.
10:57 am
you talk to members, they're not getting gone calls saying you better impeach or you lost us. it is not spilling >> let's talk to a democrat . here is there season saying i'm going to vote against him? >> no, we have our hot set up this year. i don't think yun time the impeachment issue has been raised. they're saying are we going to spend all oflkur talk tag about impeachment. >> you don't worry about it? >> we don't have enough to say
10:58 am
in press dense, but talking about the issues for the tax cut for the rish, the issues of racial division. we win when we talk about health care,infrastructure, good quality jobs, those are the core democratic values. what democrats care about is beating th what they want. >> are you convince thad impeachment helps trump? >> i think the compromise at moment is a cat situation where it is kind of dead and it is kind of alive at the same time.f >> they really start an inquiry will they say there are no articles. and you look t at poll last
10:59 am
week. there is a swath ofde issues wi mocratic support. why would they focus on one thing that does not have political support. >> i think the order their american doesn't really understand anyway. i think in the end, and i'm not talking about the left part of the base, i think they are interested in whateve gets don mcgann on the stani think it is something people are not in tune with except for the interior of the democratic party. >> the president is insisting on himself into ert the show today and yesterday we
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these attacks. what do we have up there, guys? let's get the initial tweet. as proven last week, the border is clean, efficient, and well run. the cummings district is a disgusting rat and rodent infested place. if he spent more time in baltimore maybe he could clean it up. we know what he is doing, he does not like what oversight committee is doing. he is creating theltimate distraction for the entire political community which is race. >> yes, this the tern rain that he is that he is on.
11:01 am
despite the fact that people give him credit for what he is ing on the economy. the governor made this int. where do you want to fight? for democrats that is health care, that is where they want to be fighting, the president doesn't want togh fihere because they will make unforced errors. it is too far to the left. >> the stoking of resentment. that is not what it isabout. he has a fact pattern that does not support that very well i think he left a lot of people out on a limb given what he did today. is there a point that this becomes areaking point inside the republican party? >> i think what you have to understand about republicans is that for a lot of them, or
11:02 am
defending gege w. bush and paul ryan from charges of racism. this is another very bad tweet. if you're in his target he will make any charge no h matter personally hateful or low against you. i think you just wish there was more t awarenesshere. >> if he had a problem with it, he ought tofi try tox that, too. >> what donald trump has done. whether it be with elijah cummings, how he started out with these people from these countries, and thenf ourse it
11:03 am
was charlottesville. i talked to the president that day. there was a thousand armed people from 13 states screaming the most disgusting things that i could not say on this program saying we're going to burn you. how did we goat a place like thisn america. i really blame him for the atmosphere. people used to wear hoods in this country, they used to do it at night, now they feel like they can walk in broad daylight. >> the president wants this to be about race. >> yeah, you think she happy about going after his daughter. i was curious about your question to rich, whi ithink was answered by your intervieth
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probab mments like this. ndt daily oversi ld trump corruption and >> but he will tell not to restore government to the american people. because of the late entry, he won't be among those who debate in detroit this week, but he's joining me from san francisco. welcome back to "meet the press." >> chuck, nice to be here. >> it is not lost onat me th
11:08 am
you're actually a constituent of nancy pelosi's. and you have run theses ad directly talking to nancy pelosi. on impeachyet,s you the democr e why do you believe they're making a mistake? this is the moes corrupt o the stwo years i have histor sa bhe american people. need to impeachment has over 8 petition to have him be impeacytoake it happen fast. and youook at -- >> not too late? >> we have only had tw hearings. we had one, miohae cll. heduled to be
11:09 am
er the right thing yothink you been unable speaker ndpelosi to change her miin? >> well, i think that's a question you s.thk the way thate tollhe truth, protect the constitution and protect the american people. and that is what i have been trying to call for and that's why i have been trying to marshal the american vce with a petition to say this is actually why we have a broken government. it's a very simple fact that we have the most corrupt president in history, has not led to actual action inside washington. but in d tpolct whereas in fact this should >> i want to get you side of th
11:10 am
nancy pelosi and other allies of her make. maureen dowd this herning in "tew york times" she writes the following. you can argue that impeachment htlly is the r d but historicalhgthech tr something obviously justif rctoe more, chuck. what we're seeing in2020, what we're going to see and what we saw in 2018 is a basic question which is we have a broken w gto the . and y this dea telling theoing heain? truth, not dealing with what maureen dowd nsnd mal truth, oi to inspire people to vote. this year, i think this is the 80% of americans think
11:11 am
r vernment hem. 2020, the quest ow many americans believe lls?i to what we saw in 2018 was people keep talking about winning the people in the middle, chuck. what we believe in is going to the'telieve in the system.h system can tryingo d an outsider. both in terms of impeachment but for ten years to s this system can work again and the onlyay todo that in opinion is tell the hardru ts, is to bar and not to be so calculating andnd tactical, but rather to be ne the largest youth voter mobilizationstory.
11:12 am
an organizationi started 2018. pl>> we asked neither partytth.eawith my issu y n't vote. >> what is it about -- what did what advocating d? tes the fir not beg do you believe that of these 2 thoht it was a bit head scratching that you ancided to change your min get in. not believing there's really room for you anym in this race. what's missing? >> well, actually, chuck it's actually what i have been which is this. the mocratic debates have been aboutrt
11:13 am
impot, substantial nuances and differences in the policies. but what is not in those dand w policy but hoe at gng to happen in the realorw thheck art cgrn new deal or a substantial heale and this is not a question of what, but a question of how. we will have to break the coehorate strand on the democracy. we have to push the power back to the people. >> i have -- absolutely. >> can you do that by being a ll nsnto the sa doing this for ten years successfully. for ten years at the state level i have been running propositions against companies, oil companies and tobacco companies and winning and i referred to the
11:14 am
largest youth voter mobilization in history. how much would that hurt his candidacy? >> it would hurt because there's a lot of expectations on this t bate. i don'nt to debate to be about the past, what happened 40 years ago. he has to put a vision out for where we do from here. from all the candidates i wrnt to hea more on k-12, cyber security and workforce development. we can't as democrats spend all of our time relitigating the past. we have to go forward. and biden has to show he can lead taking this country forward. >> you know,t' july of '19 and yet only five candidates of the 20 who have made it to the next round whatever the next round is. there's going to be 15r there. just how much they come and who they -- e ese people, ow, e presumedthicket.s, you
11:15 am
it's about bernanch anymore. what's going on there? enil>> yns. >>y to the other eight but tt sn ai t'oesn't nifck elizabethar hes, really interesting because if ou think of who is debating since the debate and mixing it up biden, rr who is nix? y od above th the issues out of it. let it be soon as a food fight between them. >> she caught another break by not being with biden. that's interesting. >> yes. >> rich lowry,at cwhat employ n in --
11:16 am
>>un the samethe notable is you wldnothing t spe stays fluidity th some tiescounting. as gng to say sitting on a biden, ha buttigieg and th everodse. terr we ould not be er oking n those>>hey ha tction? th're cee roads, balannsto sena congress, but governors have to deliver every single day. but you have a barr hearing or a kavanaugh heing, they're in on i was gov
11:17 am
>> we would call you about onal exposure and it's they're the onhat -- they're the ceos. listen, i was the chairman, i started these debates in 2003. >> but there w a breakout moment from julian castro if lastnd anyt. >> it helped hisund-rainw look fund peoor bun t
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thank you foguysbeack next i "m
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