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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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wnk developing tonight at 1, business isxd closed and shows inceled after thets go out in d.c. we're live with an update on the power ge. a heartbreaking story out of new yorkn car.babies dead in a hott(
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who police are blaming for the tragedy. and wait until you see how the "baltimore sun" responded ts prident trump calling charm city agu dising rat-infested mess.t( good evening, iom erika gonzalez. developing tonigh the lightsñi slowly coming back after a power outage in d.c. on this hot, humni t. ways to stay cool. darcy spencer is live with how this happeed andhen electricity is going to be xd restored. it looks like youy qw3 in an ara where the lights>2ñ are not exay quite backñr on yet. >> reporter: that's r
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conditioning. everybody wants to know when will the lights comeu back on. en willc the power bee1 fáresto? pepco at this point is saying we just don't know. a show at the lincoln theate(e1 canceled. bus boys and poets at 14th and v shut down. no power. thousands of d.c. residents and businesses are stillfá in thejfk after a massive power outage. >> we actually just moved here yesterday. and so we were in the middle of unpacking boxes. >> welcome to washington. >> thank you. >> reporte thet( outage, 39,000 pepco customers were affected. ose numbers droppedt( steadily throughout the day. >> we understand t.%e impact tht around the clock to gete1 all o oure1 customers >> reporter: the problem was trace today to a oksubstation o florida avenue. pepco is looking for the cause. they can't say when everyone's lights will beñi backxd on.
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power was also knocked out at several intersection. some had traffict( control to kp everyone movij and some did not. medstar washington hospital center, howarduniversity, and children's hospitals all lost power ndfb (@y toe1 operate on emergency backups. ambulances were divertedñr to other medical centers. d.c.q fire had to rescue numeros people stuck on elevators. by nightfall, youq could see%u ent neighborhoods with no lights. some told me they found a cool place to hang out during the day..!ti u$ey're just hoping th alle1 be over soon. wae if the lights go on? sleep in the 90-plus-degree weather. if not we'll be awake waiting od it. >> reporter: i have a feeling she won't be the only one theing up waiting to see if lights come backñi on. at last check, there were still 5,500 pepco customeho still wi lights, and they're
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saying they're going to stay it until everyone is restored. >> well, i don't think she'll everayq forget the d that she moved to d.c. tell her it'si] just likeq glamn but ors. >> i will. >> thank you so much. all right. we switch gears ñuow. new detailsxd on president trums attack on the city of baltimore and representaticummings. former first lady michelle obama and jenna bush hager,ñixd daugh of president george bush, are defending the city. mr. trump calledxd baltimore a, quote, disgusting, rat and+ ñi rodent-infested mess, end quote. many people noticedc the president is once again s.ciously attacking a minority member of congres two weeks ago, if you'll remember, he caused another huge firestorm when he told several american congresswomen they should go back to their country. new ad 11:00, the "baltimore sun" didn't hold back.
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in a blistr'g op-ed tonight,e mr. trump sees attacking african-american members of congress asd politics, end quote. the coãz endedfá like this -- quote, better toave some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one,xd d the baltimore mayor alsoe1xd acd the president of using race to &÷9's hans nichols has response from congressman cummings and what may have >> reporter: president trump picked another twitter fight icwith an african-amer lawmaker walling representative elijah cummings aq brutal bully for shouting andt( screaming at trump officials testifying before congress. the president apparently he reacting to grilling cummings gave last weekñi to acng homeland security secretary kevin mcleenan. >> we're doing our level best w >t does that mean? whatdoesjf that mean when a sow
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sitting in their own feces? can't take a shower? come o man. >> reporter: today the president touted conditions at the border. thborder is clean, çg7çefficien and well run, just very crowded, mr. trump tweeted. before disparaging cummings' west baltime district as a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess. cummings shot back, "it is my constitutional duty to conduct q oversight of the executive branch, but it is myo ml duty to fight for;ñrñi my constitue" and the mayor of baltimore defended his city by questioning the president's motives. >> this president has had a c history of at -- of attacking minorities. he attacked thee congressw he's attacking elijah cummings. spl else is he going to attack? >> reporter: last week hmmings for telling four democratic lawmakers of color to go back to their home countries. >> do you believew3 president trump it a racist? >> i believe he is -- y#3b no doubt about it.
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>> reporter: today,pe house ser nancy pelosi rallied to cummings' defense and made a similar charge tweeting, "we alf reject racist ttacks against him and support his steadfast leadership." >> thne was nbc ñiws's hans nichols tir.t( mr.ñr trumps --ok trump's tweets causedxd backlash.+z]çó at one point t(#çó7t(áq!altimors trending. you can pull up our page to ad more. police have charged a 17-year-old boy with stabbingxd his father to death in a moving v. barcia caromaxd isçóedko charg first-degree murder. the pair share the same name. officers say theye1 got into a fightok while inside an suv in in the area detectives say the teen thenc dragged his father's bodyt( int the woods andnbater admitted t the crime.
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two people including a boy shot in broad daylinht i the district this afternoon.xd this is the crime scene. we'lsl show you here on kennedy street in the brightwood park neighborhood. d.c. police foundñi the adult shooting victim a block away on ingram street. w heas conscious when he wase1 rushed to the hospital. police say somebody walkedoráhe boy to the hospital, and they do not have information aboutfá th shooter at this point.> >> we'll show you live pictures this evening of union station. m alarming security concerns. how the transportation hub is z0ponding. and several american athletes injured in a deadlye1 balcony collapse in south korea. find o who police took into ut
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a night out turning into a nightmare for people ate1 a clu in south korea. a balcony iide theq popular club gave way, trapping people beneath the wreckage.sá more than two dozen others were hurt,xd including u.s. athletes. the co-owners of the club are being detained on suspicione1 o neerigence. the's now an investigation into wther safety standards were beinge1followed we'll show you a live tonight wherep a new rrt is highliging some safety risks there. our news partrs atfá wtop first ported on monday'sq report by the amtrak office of the inspector xdgeneral. so here is one of the issues pointed out in that report. it sayse1 that this car drove o to the platform and right on to the tracks earlier this year. the inspector general says passengers and staff are also put at risk due to broken surveillance cameras andqlax monitoring ofñr entrances. qnitoring ofñr entrances.
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read necess!%cñ qt(part, quote ads in part,quote, we have taken important steps for aress the vulnerabilities the oig identified at the station and yardok by septemberok of 20 end quote. ti> severale1 democra presidential candidates are pushing for uversal health care. a new governmentñi survey done commonwealth fund found that 90% of americans have health 30 million of those who are uninsured are eligible for c health insura through existing programs. but the report pointst( out tha the 44 million peopleab led as under insuredq struggle just to pay their deductibles and their co-pays. all new tonight, a fatherok after the hot car deaths of his twin babies. what the man says role of car company?
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now to a tragic story thatw3 all for parents story thatw3 everywhere. a father left hisol 1-year- twins in the car on axh died inxd the back seat. their father making the discovery when helpq finished he shiftly eightjfw3 hours later. nbc's kathi[ park on this ak heartbreing story. >> reporter: juan rodriguez in court tonight is chargedç?$u)u$ manslaughter and negligent homicide after police say he leftis 1-year-o twins in a hot car for nearly eight hours yesterday. >> baby not breathing. possibly dead. baby inside of a vehicle.
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>> reporter: police say the baby boy and grl had been in the back seatok allxd daylp while rodriguez went in to work. e got back t into car after his shift. and by the time first responders arrsqp", it was?; too late. e.witness described thefá horrifying scen >> i go loo1ñ i look at two babie -- dying inside the car. i go back -- >> reporter:ou saw the babies? >> i can see that. >> reporter: these types of tragies happen every year as the weather warms up.r parents and guardians unknowingly leavinge1 their a few minutes inside alone without air conditioning won't car! >> sorry, sorry. >> no sorry, she could have died! >reporter: even on a relatively mild day here in new york city with overcast skies, the temperature is in the 80s. it doesn't take long for the insizez this car to warm up pretty quickly. it took jusñt çó20çó minutes fo
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demperature to reach a dangerous 100 ees. 52 hot car deaths weree1xd repo in 2018. rising temperatures impacting the young faster than adults. >> basicallyfá it'st( only a fe minutes before theye1 star seeig the -- experiencing issues, dehydrated. >> that was nbc's kathy park reporting.çóçó accordingto the criminal complaint, rodriguez told investigators that he blanked out, adding, quote, i killedq m babies. e and hisw3 relatives were in tears throughout today's court hearing. we're going to switchçó gea ocw. turn our f here back at home. the barry farms neighborhood in it was l purchased by freed slaves who built homes ere. now residents are pushing to get the area named asxa]!%mq=ric site. currently there are few land that stretch from garfield heights to the anacostia river.
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planners say they want to redevelop the nd. d.c.'s historic preservation whether to designate barryw3 fas as aistoric landmark. that could protect it from future development.> all right. for all those folks who are still without power, we are oping for a not-so-sticky night, çónot-so-hot night. i don't know if you're going to get it. may be best tool take the c shower and try not to move so much. >> the problem is, of çócourse,s the humidity. humid day > oday. >ah. >>3hings are going to be changing tomorrow into monday and tuesday as the heat a hudity builds in to the washington area. we'll show you what we seeçó thankfully not a/kxd sa oppressive rday night across our area. temperatures outside now hereçóo ño(nwn e1d.c., 79 degrees. currently the temperature, the winds are from the south. they will uher in more humid air across the area.
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what do we mean by temperatures? right now, 79 in town, it is 82 degrees. 70s across the board.rm a wanight, but again, we have seen warmer nights across the area. for tomorrow, not a bad day, but riient ced btoday. so 92 degrees, plenty of there may be a hit-or-miss very dry weathere1 once again. notice you have to look very close alonge1 the spine of thel appalachians. high essure dominates upq and downe1 the eastern seaboard. across our area, a few popup ho srs. leesburg picking up rain. no thunder atónall, just some rain showers as they continue to weaken as they movee1 from the west to theeas>f and we zero in right now, this is going from brunswick, mt. airy, moving into damascus, but falljf apart as it movesxdxd clr and closer -eáu(árr'gton metropolitan area. future weather, saturday into sunday, it shows those lines of showers as they weaken overnight
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tonight into nday. plenty of sunshine for your sunday. temperatures will be warming up throughout the day. and a chanqe of an isolated raindrop or two.q with fáthat, here's the forecas everyone. degrees. i.v:(q warm tomorrow. just downright hot monday andokr tuesday. tuesday the hottest day of the week, mid 90s for highs. add in the humidity, heat iutfx, tuesdaynto wednesdayith the heat index close to about 100 wednesday, thursday, friday,lp heat wave will break. it won't be a heat wave but the hot wave will break. hopefully it won't be raining into next weekend. thursday and friday, still? -- still some raindrops across the area. >> thank you so much. themse-utj back into playoff contention? >> all right. >> the dodgers arexd doing more than just contending.
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the nats have been one of the hottesteams in baseball enteringewthis week. t whilehey're still in good shape, the team have dropped two in a row before oday's contest with the dodgers. washington looking to avoid dropping three in a row forjf first time since they were swept by the mets late may. reliever matt graze getting the start at the opening against the doc%im9
11:24 pm
clayton kershaw. trey turner scores easily. eden hustles into third with a ó triple. he would be driven home later i the inning to make au7xp÷-0ok the dodgers çórespond. now a 2-2 game with joe roth on the mound andi] cory seeger fin the right center gap. he drives in another run to make it 3-2. more l.a. offense in the seventh. will smith clears the bases with a double. third loss ine1 a w. and davey martinezw knows hard it is to get ast win again kershaw. jued on them early. he was very effective using bot1 sides of the plate. and when hei] get like jfthat, tough, you know. i mean, he's tough.e1 day three of redskins training camp in richmond today.
11:25 pm
while there are several question fearks on thexde1ive line of the ball right now, the defense is asjf confident asw3 ever. one guyerho has been shyi] is cornerback joshxd norman, th former pro bowler,e1 entering h fourth season in washington after a crazy offseas that included running with thexd bul in spain. normanfáq is locked into footba and he think the whole defense is, too. >> man, we're smashing this q9. i think just the pinnacle of rising up from what we've built for four yea now. oh, man. we'ree1 cooking. i don't each even want -- dn't nt to talk about d line. "trá makes everythinggo for us. if they can likeread through the offensive line like they have after a few8ádays, man, we're going to have a -- we're going to be a force to beq reckoned withq for sure. the d.c. united in chicago to take on the fire tonight. big play early, fire.
11:26 pm
the first stop, and frederick th brillon is e to clear the wave of second record. no score heading into the cbrea. second half, united on the@(mo. the setup but the strike is & /% of the net. one moreq1- as acostaçó narroy misses. d.c. united in chicago,xd tied 0-0. the blackq and red sit third in the eastern conference with 36 points. wnba okall-star game this elliee1 bella don,i] captain, tg on the early shot. getting thei] rebound and the range for the first point of thó game. she finished with six points. ìáhp &hc% wnba experimenting with hockey-style subpoes. passes the ball and drops to mid court. out of the game while the game was live. the mystics also represented by kriti tolliver.
11:27 pm
she hits from downtown in the tefirst half. am bella don puts up a fight in the second half but lose ñi9-126. and a big congratulations to baltimore bor javonteçó davis ve nunez. he's the first to defend has title in his xdhometwf in years. >> wow! very çócool. congratulations to him. and we justxd kind ofu glossed r that josh norman h, loved that. it's amazin lg. r
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yeah, i'm sorry, playa! i'm sorry about that, playas. it's me, steve harvey. yeah. howie's out sick. you know, he a germophobe, but yesterday, i was like, "oh, come on, howie, shake one person's hand!" and he shook it. two hours later, ebola. [ laughter ] i'm sorry, you were right, howie! all right, now, our government's been shut down for, like, a month, and i spent two hours at tsa yesterday atlanta. they thought i was smuggling extra teeth in my mouth. so let's bring out the guy who h saide would own the shutdown. hee the president, and we'v both got neckties long enough that they could get caught in a roomba! please welcome donald trump! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheering continues ] >> hey, steve. tremendous to be here. just >> okay, now, eatoday,


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