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tv   Today  NBC  July 27, 2019 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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noin ann: "news4 today" now. a body and a crashed car found near a park inrince georges county. this morning police are on the hunt for a killer. days after the shocking video surfaced police in the district say they've made their first arrest. coming up we'll tell you what's ahead in this case. a raisinghe bar as d.c. gets ready for sports betting. several bars are working on getting in on the action. find out where you could soon be placing a bet along with grabbing a drink to order. good morning to you, i'm meagan fitzgerald. thank you for joining u on this beautiful saturday morning. it looksar like we e in store for a perfect day ahead. and here's a live lookutside over washington this morning.
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it'soing to be perfect. you want to go outside, do a a run, bike ride, whatever it is, sounds like tody is the dao do it. for more we'll check in with lauryn rickett who's tracking the beautiful weathe i was thi looks so beautiful on the potomac riv right now. if you're getting up and out early, getting down on the potomac river, perfect morning to do that. it was a perfect sunrise. the sun is coming up at 6:05 this morning, i posted a picture about three minutes before that sunrise. but lookt it now. i mean, it's gorgeous out there right now. you should have seen it this morning if you weren't with us. beautifue hues of som oranges and yellows outre the and the reflection on the potomac was undescribaowe. this is h it's going to look throughout the day today. gorgeous conditions out there. temperatures also comfortable. so comfortable conditions, 7ss t now. southwest winds, bump up the humidity at times over the
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weend, but for the most part we'll stay on the comfortable side and on the mild side as you wake up this morning. those tperatures move right on up and in fact we'll be around 90 degrees. today we'll start the heat wave and we'll have a couple of days where those temperatures will be in the 90s, possibly even into the mid-90s. but you can see we've got noing happening on the radar out there right now. that's not to say we couldn't see something later throughout the weekend. the biggest c changees on wednesday but let's talk about maybe what we could see later on th afternoon andor who because not everybody is going to see it. that's coming up i following breaking news in northern virginia this morning, one person was stabbed to death right by the springfield town center overnight. fairfax county police say another person was rushed to e hospital with serious injuries. we're tol there is no threat to the public and no one was -- no one else was involved, rather, no word onha any possible ces or arrests. and prince georges county police a tryin to figure out who stabbed a man to death at a
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popular park. chopper 4 flew over the scene yesterday at allend park in buoy. investigators found a damaged silver suv near the baseball field. it's not clear if the wrecked vehicle is connected to the homicide. and police say there is no risk to the community, and the attack was not random. so far the name of the victim has not been right now police are investigating two separate violent incidents in seat pleasant. w, this all started wit a shooting in the area along birch leaf avenue. then about ln hourer police responded to a stabbing along martin luther king highway. we spoke with the seat pleasant police chief. take listen. >> there's no ongoing threat to the community. we believe these incidents are very isolated they are not connected in any nature. >> the police chief says investigators are w on identifying suspects. no word yet victim's condition. a we an update on a violt attack caught on camera. this probably seen footage here.
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near dupont circle. one person hd been arreste in this assault. surveillance video is showing a group of teenagers beating and stomping on a man outside the a entranceut two weeks ago. theid victim d suffer serious injuries to his head. but is expected to be okay. police have charged one 17-year-old boy with aggravated assault. the still looking for several other suspects. and one of the thags's top hbcus h fed nearly half of its police force. hampton university i virginia says nine officers are out of a job this morning. th're accused of sharing offensive remarks on social media. the university did not detail whatxa ely was said. our sister station obtained this letter saying the officers and supervisors shared the images and remarks inside of group chat. in an earlier statement hampton univsity says it has zero tolerance for such behavior.
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and we're working for your health this morning. there's intestinal illness e sick in our area. it's happeningn nearly a dozen states. it can be tracked back to fresh produce. now, the parasite is called cyclospora. it causes diarrhea, stomach pain and weight loss. there have been nearly a hundred cases in d.c., maryland and virginia. the fda tced the parasite to a fresh batch of basil imported from mexico. it's transported by fresh produce that is infected with fecal material. generally it's in imported produce. the illness generally occurs between one and two weeks after eating something that'sam contated with the parasite cyclospora. >> hea experts say wash produce thoroughly and wash your
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hands to avoid getting >sick. nother health alert. a new investigation d l greens tainted with listeria s wered at major supermarkets last month. 284 sales were tested, including lettuce, spinach and kale. six testedos pive for potentyy bacteria. two were prepackaged and prewashed. the samples were purchased at veral grocery store chains, including costco and whole foods. experts say the listeria bacteria canes sometim cling to leaves even when is been washed. > new developments as d.c. gets ready for sports betting. we know some of the bars that are now wanting to get in on the action. news 4 has learned that duffy's irish pub, the brig, and wet dog taverns have all s applications to revise their liquor licenses to allow sports betting at their bar. that's the first step. city when that so need to apply
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becomes available next month. in person sports betting at bars and venues like nats park and capital one arena could start soon as september. mobile betting is expected tbe b up and runeay next year. and weeks after that flash flood that swept throughonur regi some arlington residents still struggling to rebuild. want t show you video of some homes in the westover area. owner athena burkett says she and her husband have been friends. their entire basement flooded and filled up with sewage water. they had to throw out most of their belongings. they're tryin do the repairs themselves. which they say is challenging. >> i had to stop couple days and be like i can't think about this at all guilty because i only have a certa amount of days off work. i should be using this time. it's just overwhelming. >> athena says they're looking at $50,000 for the total cost of
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all their repairs. if ud yoo like to help we have a link to annline fundraiser in our nbc washington app. search flood. and a heads up, you won't be able the take a walk on the part of the c&o canal. the national parks service closed part of the canal in montgomery county. the thunderstorm knocked down a lot of trees and crews are working to can up the path. they say it will remain closed until further notice. now we want to get to metro news. the transit agency may have flushed more than a half million dollarsown the drain on a self-cleaning toilet that hasn't been working in years. the self-cleaning toilet is located at the huntington station, and records show it hasnd since 2017. this, despite years of maintenance that likely totaled more than . some watchdog groups say it's an example of metro's poor spending
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practi we've asked metro for a comment but we're still waiting to hear back. > artists are already starting to drop out of e wood stock 50th anniversary concert next month. that's not a good thing. talks are under way to bring the three-day celebration to mary weather post pavilion in columbia, maryland. headliners have said they're not performing. there are concerns the festival could be big bust and more people deciding to drop out. coming up 6:30 derrick ward will have more on the story. and from keeping folks active and secure, there's a new effort a new effort to keep those with a disease. one locality is being certified as dementi
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welcome back. many of us have seen the enormous toll it a loved one has deme next week alelndria wil become the fifth community in virginia to take a public stand to trye and make lsi. northern virnia bu julie carey explains w >> changing lives a educional teacher there's been a big joan's life. she's now dealing wi her daughter marjori her in her alexandri also working as an a >> it's isolating an burdensome, but it's take on freely, right, mom, we're happy to with us. >> isolation, it's one biggest concerns bota facing demend caregivers but it's alexandria is about
7:13 am
with a new initiativ ia dement friendly alex >> the whole idea is isolation, to bring into the community t comfortable wherever so that's the basi reporter: the dem friendly concept is after places in euro scarf signs mark wel stores, more than a residents trained in interact with people dementia. >> this person with take longer to so patience maj ingredient. >> reporter: jane kiff lead the eort in a train that community. the traini will st faith communities th next several years w grocery stores, rest bank even the fire a partments. patty adams is a nur practitioner that ca tients in their ho she sees the sacrifice make. >> they deserve to b out into the communi feel uncomfortable a
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overburdened. caregiver marjorie connor welcomes the plan. e> people ini alexandria are n anyway and they tream with a lot of respec more is even bette >> reporter: more unde so families can co for loved ones in th in alexandria, i'm julie carey, news. training is under make herndon, lees bur arlington dementia f communities. your time i 7:14. we want to give y a live look outside at the nation's capital. it's ahead. lauryn ricketts is joining us to ts us know when the humidity will. role of a car company? announce t to take your kidsand from school? announcer: we think it can be something bigger.
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so we have t t essays from the lasthree parts. announcer: we think it can announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. nouncer: now during the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jetta, tiguan,tl and select a models.
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welcome back. so this story is for all those folks who ha a lead foot. myself included. maryland dri pump the brakes on routes that many of every day. the transportation o lowering the speed l roads in montgomery it's part of a n and save lives. reris gordon has mor the new limits a are going into effec >> reporter: motoristspe warned the s on boulevard will be re5 miles an hour betwee
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avenue and goldsboro next friday. >> we're looking at sp limits, especially in pedestrian trafficif we can lower the to enhance the safet pedestrians. >> reporter: montgom police report this y have been 14 fatal c resulted in pedestri >> i have an appoint there. and i have two boys. and i cannot tell you times they almost ge car because the spee people go too fast. they need to slow do >> reporter: a new 2 hour speed limit is wilson lane and the reduced to 35 on thi river road where thr of a family were kil when their car was h to whitman high scho driver going more th an hour. the state highway admi also plans to slow t prince georges cou the speed limit will from 35 to 30 on ind highway between livi and the washington there haveeen nume
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crashes on this stre drivers e warned te for thw posted s >> pay extra attenti signs. we're going to do ev can to alert the pub sure ty're aware o >> reporter: police there will be about grace period for peo used to the lower sp. they will issue warn than citations. but after the grace they'll be giving yo. if you want to check changes planned for georges and montgome you can go to our nb app and search "spee chris gordon, news 4 all right. >> we've got a dodgers game today. 4:05. today slt perfect day to get outside and see the dodgers and the nats. >> did you get tickets? >> not yet, but i'm going to. >> we'll hang out. if you're downth there at nats
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game, come say hi to meagan and i. >> yes, ease. >> we're looking good for the game. >> is the humidity free? >> touches of it. you'll feel it here and there roughout the day. nothing crazy. it's going to be nice as we coinue through the day. ho, temperatures around 90. >> no humidity, we're good. we will have that temperature right around 90 so it is going to be warm out hoere. we'll s you what the look is outside right now. a little hazy out there in some spots and patchy fogs in some spots as well. not too bad shaping up on thisa saturdmorning. it's mild. humidity is no it's not going tt face like a ton of icks but still hot out there today. we start the heat wave today. yesterday -- i guess yesterday, temperatures were in the 90s yesterday. da 80s. so today we're going to be in the 90s.
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here in the d. area you have to have three or more consecutive days at or above 90 to constitute a heat wave. yesterday 90 and today low 90s and keep going up fromhere. sunshine through the weekend. touches of mhumidity,day you'll feel it more. by tuesday, isolated chances of s and thunderstorms. 30% chance into tuesday. and temperatures are so nice. 75 in annapolis. we will continue to warm, againr toht around 90 degrees today. we have a chance on an isolated shower, mainly lookingwe . it's going to be comfortable, especially with the humidity. but it ho make sure you have the sunglasses and the spf on, the light colors of your clothes on. now, you can see, high pressure in charge, looking good. if youeeading to the area beaches, looking nice, plenty of sunshine up in the maryland and delaware beaches with that water temperature in the mid-70s. temperatures in the 80s if
7:22 am
you're headed there early this morning. if you're sticking closer to home, we could have a pop-up shower or two, especially west of d.c. for the most part we're staying dry out there and less than a 20% chance that we'll see anything. as far as your weekend outlook is concerxed, morning ercise is going to be awesome, pool time great, even barbecuing this evening. fantastic for that. do it allgain tomorrow. low 90s tomorrow. low to mid-90s on monday. but you can see only stray chances of showers. isolated chance on tuesday. better chance on wednesday. look how the temperatures drop. we will have a frontal system on we chances of rain through thursday. enjoy the dry and comfortable weekend
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♪ >> i wish you could see us, dancing up here. anyway, the song you can't get out of your head is coming to breakfast tables. is that a commercial for us though? i've never seen a commercial like that. >> neither have i. >> this is kellogg launching something called baby shark cereal. >> it will have berry flavod loops and marshmallows. the maker says it's berry fin-tastic. >> you can buy the cereal at sam's club starting au walrt in. but get itthis, 's about $6.
7:26 am
>> of course. >> we were talking, i mean, it's been a while since i've bought cereal. mayb g rate now. >> $ that is s money for a box of cereal. they're capitalizing on it saying it's baby sharks. there's this van out there, the unmistakable mutt cuts van and "dumb and dumber". >> a blogger in russia thought seeing the car in the movie was enough and needed to kind of do his own thing. e it is. remember this from "dumb and dumber"? the blogger and his team spent three day and added coins and skittles to the fur. >> i don't see that. >> i don't understand why thigh added skitless. >> i don't either. it's to mark the 150,000 followers he has on youtube. that's what he wanted to celebrate. >> meagan, want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?
7:27 am
i haven't seen the movie in so long, i forget what he does. >> i love that movie. there is a movie under way right now to make a big change to an americ tradition. >>it petners want to move halloween from october 31st to the lt saturday of oober. the online petition almost already has about 90,000 signatures and was actually started by the nonprofit hallowee and costume association. did tot even knowhat was an association. but that's an association. says cnging the date would create a safer, longer stress free celebration. agree wit i kind of that. >> i agree too. >> youope for it to fall on a saturday or sunday. so you don't have to take off work or go with the kids. listen, to change i this, kind of a big deal because changing the date would require the president to ask congress to make halloween a government ay regulated holnd only six of those have been created since
7:28 am
1888. >> interesting, one heck of a stat right there. guys, taking a look outside, our statistics for the next couple days, another heat wave in the works started yesterday. let's talk about the heat and humidity coming back, along with rain chances. i'll show you that. [music playing] (v have until naptime is over. this is matt and racheand ty this is rachel depositing a check without leaving the house.
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we are in store for perfect day. that's the word lauryn ricketts is saying, you're tracking another heat wave, so saver the moment. savor it. the temperatures are topping out in the low 90s. low 90s yesterday. low 90s to start this beginning of this next workweek with small rain chances as well. and the humidityl wil continue to build. let's take aut look outside o there. it's not too bad. a little on the hazy side in some spots. 60s and 70s, it's so comfortable outside. whether you're headed to kids sporting events or to the formers market, just wonderful and comable conditions so you walk outside and that humidity will not hit you like a ton of bricks, fairly comfortable. may need a light jacket. here in d.c., 71 degrees. we'll continue to take those temperatures to right around 90 degrees today so the humidity,
7:32 am
onab comfort side today. you can see lrom ourittle legend on the left-hand side, we see a little bit of humidity come backyo tomorrow. will feel it on monday, tuesday, and into wednesday before we start to see changes wednesday night into thursday. t we'llk about those changes, talk about any rain chances for this weekend, which we do have a few, we'll show you that coming up in about 20 minutes. .>> lauryn, thank you, we'll breaking news in philippines this mor. at least eight peo killed in two strong that hit just hours the quake measures 5 about 60 people were. video of the afterma you're looking at he. it's still circulati government officials medical and rescue t already on their way the country to tryf with the rel clean-up. this morning pol trying to figure out a man to death at a in prince georges co. chopper 4 flew over yesterday at allen p
7:33 am
buoy. investigators found silveruv you're lo there near the baseb it's not clear if suv is connected to homicide. police say there is e community and th not random. ea far the name of t has not been rel right now police investigating two se violent incidents in pleasant. w it all startedith in the area of birch leaf aven. and an hour later po responded to a stabb martin luther king h we spoke with the seat. >> there's no ongoin the community. believe the incid very isolated and th connected in anyat >> the police chief investigators are wo identifying suspects. no word on the victi condition. and developing t at least two people after a balcony coll south korea nightclu o hundredsf people,
7:34 am
athletes, were insid last night. a we'reo learning members of the u.s. men's and women's polo water team. they were celebrating the world championship victory. a spokesperson nells nbcews that all players inside are safe and accounted for. this, of course, is a developing story we will continue to stay on top of. you can look for updates and this morning trump is claiming the supreme court ruld use pentagon money f of his border wall. the ruling frees up while the case makes through the courts. the high court's dec reverses a lower cou to freeze funding an construction. the $2.5 billion wil replace existing sec barrier in amezona, and xico. the president declar national ergency i to direct funds to b
7:35 am
wall along the south speaker nancy pelosi trump is stealing mi funds. in virginia the says president trump to williamsburg next celebrate the 40 of jamestown. because of that some state lawmakers say boycott that event. f in a statementriday democratic heads of ur legislsays "th president does not rha values tt we wouldwa jamestown the fi representativeemoc america. democratic lieutenan justin fairfax says attend tuesday's cerem a heads up for t in virginia, an emer is happening today at pentagon. military officials wan know, don't be alarm see any activity tod in the morning until afternoon. it's only a drill anto in response ny threat. it will have an impa min in here's melissa mollet with what
7:36 am
youeed if you man plan. >> reporter: i'm mel with a look at your this weekend. trains will be bypas pentagon station, th yellow line, saturda to 2:00 p.m. for a exercise. bus and shuttling se relocate to pentag station. blue line between na airport and franconia/springfiel that's allood to k green line trains planning to run every 20 minutes. taking a look at the red line, and orange and silve e. weekend servic have a great weekend you monday morning today." >> ,peace, love music, and now concern. the wood stock 50th anniversary concert seems to be falling apart as artists drop out. the t concert will not be held in upstatek. new yor the talks are on the way to bring the celebration to our area at maryos weather pt
7:37 am
pavilion. >>eporter: it was half a century ago when 400,000 people gathered in upstate new york for three days of peace and music and wood stock became a household rd. two years earlier mary weather post pavilion opened in columbia, maryland. at the time no one considered mentioning thee two in thame breath. the pavilion may be the -- a planned 50th fell through. the howard county executive is jumping at the chance to safe the three-day concert. >> we're excited to have the conversation with promoters of wood stock at the opportunity of celebrating the 50th. >> working together on a rather tight timeline. the concert would be held august th through the 18th and in a
7:38 am
statementood stock folks are working on security the artists now. if t bands come weshow good news for columbia residents, but not so much for others. shows what a nice place this is has to be good. >> tens of thousands of people that would descend on this small, suburban town. so i think that's kind of scary. >> reporter: it's not a done deal. the concert by the band smashing pumpkins is scheduled for august 17 a. still on of now. no tickets on sale as of now. promoters are positive it will all come together in a few weeks. derrick ward, news 4. a new push to transform a neighborhood in need of a spruce-up. the new developments that will bring hundreds of new hom and stores to a part of northeast d.c. get your first look at what's coming up when "news kn
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a massive new ho development is comin northeast d.c. neigh prsperate need of a the bryant street bring more than a th tmes as well as ret entertainment to rhode island avenue' station. news 4's mark seager how it could tnsfo d.c. community. >> 60 years of waiti >> reporter: nancy j seen lots of stores from this lo today she feels like h community is finally type of development . the same types of op neighborhoods in t have. >> i've been here th bad times and now th times. >> reporter: located rhode island avenue bloomingdale and bro when it's complete b will boast 1,500 apa a quarter million sq
7:42 am
retail, a nine scree o theater, adoor s connects the neighbo rhode island metro >> everybody's exc. everybody's it's brig new li neighborhood, a lot amenities. i think everybody it -- the best thing it br community together. >> reporter: the may hand for today's gro breaking. she says there's a h for affordable renta the district. >> we estimate that keep pace with our p growth, 36,000 new u 2025.le >> reporter: w busy pushing for mor rental options she's are a lot of people be able to affd to in d.c. as mrs. jon is hopefut future of her neig >> it's a beautiful the growing. i feel that we need like this. t hopefully it's f everybody, affordabl said. >> reporter: the fir bryant street develo
7:43 am
to open in 2022. in northeast, mark s news 4. mayor bowser say ownership can be as as home rentals. she pointed to sever time buyer programs it has to offer to h residents. live look outside. what is shaping up aa beautiful day. savor this. because humidity will come back .n the forecas
7:44 am
need help paying for college? so does... everyone. strayer has graduation fund. finish your bachelortodegree and save up 5% with tuition-free classes in your last year.
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7:46 is yoim flyer beware. all this week the ne has looked at air air travel safety. now, surprising infot the punishment for p with guns in our air people have attempte guns on airplanes ab times this year at local airports. an investigation by nd macfarlane ahe i us what happens next ♪ >> reporter: flying timing. packing. getting to the airpo. qud through the secu kly as possible. >> i usually am very r struured when i walk >> reporter: this fr s a warning. recheck your bags be leave home. >> reporter: we're n his face because i him his job. what went through yo
7:47 am
the tsa officer said? >> a giant freeze stops in the assembl security. red light siren deal over the x-ray uni >> a different kind of for him and dozens o our area, when he ac gh brhis carry-on his gun inside. >> i didn't think ab. didn even hit me. kwuns oe they held up the bag, i identified it as my bag and it hit me like a ton of >> prosecutors filed charge. airport records obta i-team show he's far we found an increasi more than 160 people dulles internationalre national and bwi sin >> you would with this all these years people know you cannot bring a m >> even more alarming, these guns were load >> what we're hearin is i forgot i had a with me, incredible.
7:48 am
>> reporter: according to tsa, two of the most common excuses, their spouor luggage hey trav same bag they used a range. >> you had t bag a rang >> yeah. yeah. it was a backpack. so it had stuff in i you know. and just didn't even that. >> reporter: the rea ban on guns for air is ylear. never want a cabin of a plane. >> reporter: we founth penalty for those who lais not clear. the tsa announces ea passenger's gun arre don't publicly rel names. the i-team goes thro of these cases, and not go to jail. some of those arrest faced fines of $100. those stopped at bwi unsupervised release as one day. and 80% of reagan ar the charges dismisse >> i never looked at so beinthing that every time a person guilty of a crime. that's not how we op
7:49 am
>> reporter: arlington county's attorney says those advised to appeal ca circuit court. it leads to cases being ultima if they have no prev and complete community >> reporter: this fair disposition t >> right. >> why so? >> these folks are lbi citizens. when they recover th individuals are they're completely b themselves. >> something else we court many arrested al familiar faces at th getting stopped at t pre-check line used travelers who had ba checks. that could lead to s the program for mont. >> it was a very honest mistake. >> reporter: that's what happened to this fly. he paid a fine and h seized. >> i didn't look thr i'm an idiot. >> reporter: best ad traveling, start wit bag when packing so you're not the one causing a delay at tsa for ev scott macfarlane, ne
7:50 am
>> punishment for this can vary by st for example, the tsa says people that stop at la guardia or jfk jail time because of strict gun laws. to watch our entire series, open our nbc app. and there you have it. t to talk weather and yes. y some good i >>s going to be a beautiful s g to be great, awesome. >> yesterday was pretty nice too. >> not bad. i was out and about yesterday. o yesterday? >> i was. >> very similar to today. pop-up shower or storm maybe west, less than about a 10% chance. not looking like anything like te an uptick throughout the weekend, but not oppressive,ing in like we were dealing with the last week. distant memory, all i ow. as far as what we're taking a look at outside and checking out ouide, a little haze out
7:51 am
there, maybe a little fog in the shenandoah valley, ft looking . temperatures are comfortable. heat wave in the works. heat wave here in the district is defined as three or mor consecutive days at or above 90. yesterday we were at 90 and we're going to spend the several days with temperatures in the low to mid-90s. stray chances of passing ut showers, b very small chance. the next big change comes wednesday. if you're thinking about going and getting the car cash, today might be t day to do that, go for it. stray rain chances and mainly that's going to stay west. i'll show you tt on the futurecast cg up. show you the though, refreshing as you head outside. the humidity is n hitting you like a ton of bricks. fairly mild. all sunshine out there today. temperatures are right into the low 90s. we will have a chance of a stray bower, and it would jus a pop-up shower if we see anything, and mainly west. nothing is happening on the radar right now. if you're heading to the area
7:52 am
beaches, maryland and delaware beaches, virginia beach, to the out er nks, not too shabby. if you're sticking around here, isolated chances ofrs showe. it's mainly the higher elevations. short lived. ss than a 20% chance you'll see it where you are. sortunately we have a bit of rain, mold spo up in moderate range. a lot of people are suffering withth allergies. 's only going to get worse as we continue next couple days. might be a good time to head to the pool. saturday, go ahead, today, lather on the sunscreen. awesome conditions heading throughro tomor touches of humidity out there. it will be hot and humid as we get into monday. tomorrow, temperatures in the w 90s. isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm popping up. mainly spotty showers for your saturday, sunday and monday. we'll up it a little bit for isolated chances tuesday afternoo given the heat and
7:53 am
humidia frontal system isac app the area. next big change with scattered showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. could have a few lgering into thursday but you can see the humidity levels are not too bad as we get into your thursday. up a bit on wednesday. we stay in the 80s on friday, plenty of sunshine on friday and more rain headed fors next weekend. so enjoy this weekend because we've got plenty , sunshi it's going to be hot out there. we've got n moreews right after .his. why geitch to fios now,
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an emergency drill is about to start at the pentagon, and lasts for several hours. don't be alarmed as you see police and firefighters there today. the drill also means metro's blue line trains will not be stopping at the pentagon. check the nbc washington app for more on today's drills. and heads up, you won't be able to walk on part of the c&o canal. the national parks service closed part of the canal on montgomery county near the pennyfield working area. it will remain closedr ntil furthetice. > talks are under way to bring e 5th anniversary celebration of wood stock to maryland. the event would be held at the merriweather post pavilion n columbia. since this s announced some artists have dropped out from
7:57 am
the lineup. the first day of the city open at rock creek park tennis center. some of the best will face offc for a ance to wi, like teenensation coco gauff. if you'd like to get a ticket, we he a linkn our nbc washington app. i would like to get a ticket. i want to see her. >> i'm going to try to get out there next week. >> she's abeast. she's 15. craziness to think about that. they have a lot of heat and humidity for that. coming wedne >> thank you for joining us. have a great morning. we'll . we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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e show, "sunday night football" only on nbc. >> weather continues to be the storyere in the alps at the tour de france. cold, wet and altered stage 20 is 30 minutes from starting in albertville and ending here in val thorens. the weather headlines start yesterday afternoon when stage 19 was stopped due to road conditions. rain, snow and hail came on fast and overwhelmed the area i


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