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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> i would never in amillion years have thought it would have been my family. as n out pouring of emoti they remember a d.c. teen. and arrested for trying to take guns on planes. why most offenders are walking free. >> news 4 at 11:00 begins with s breaking a shooting in st. plus, maryland. >> and then a stabbing less than an hour later. police have set up a staging area on martin lutherer kingr. highway. >> live for us on the ground. what have you learned? >> reporter: good evening. we just got an update from the seas pleasant police chief. behind me you can see it's jerry'srist raunt and it's completely roped off with yellow crime scene tape as the pleasant police continueo investigate. the owner was actually outside hosing it down.
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let's takeme video from tropper 4. now the seat pleant police chief says around 9:47 tonight there was a stabbing in the 5700 block of martin luther wang jr. highy. no suspect description and about an hour beorfore that, 8:51 a shooting in the area of the 600 block of birch leech avenue. seat ow join bide the pleasant police chief to come over here. what is going through your mind right now and number two, in terms of suspects, have you identified anyone? >> we want to thank you guys for being he. we want to reassure them your police department and things are safe a we're keeping the community safe. there's no ongoing threat to the community. we believe incts are very isolated and they're not connected. ve additionally suspect information, we developed suspects in incidents. we're not in a position to
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present that publicly yet ause it's a part of the investigation. now we will bring you the it updates from t seat pleasant police chief as they become available and we'll post them on your nbc washington >>tia mary,you. tnk you,. >> and e police mentioned a stabbing at a bu a park. a man's body was found around 6:00 this evening. a damaged silver suv near the baseball field. not clear if it's connected to the homicide. police tell us there is no risk to the community and again the attack wasnot random. >> a heads up before you go grocery shopping tomorrow, there's a sbborn intestinal illness making people sick in nearly a dozen states and it can be traced backing toe.resh produc it's called cyclospora and it
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cause stomach pain, weight loss. nearly with 100 cases in d.c., maryland and virginia. the fda says h itas traced the parasite to ach fresh ba of basil imported from mexico. >> transmitted by fresh produce that is infectsed with fecal material. itgenerally occurs between one and two weeks after eating something that'sed contaminat with the parasite, psycholcyclo. >> they say you should wash to avoid getting sick. they were found shot to death in a northeast d.c. home. >> this evening the family and friends gathered for a vigil at
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dunbar high school. >> reporter: students at dunbar high school orgaized this vigil to rememberheir class mate, ahi washington. he and his father were found murdered in their d.c. home one week ago. h >>e was fun, he was exciting. if you didn't know him, you needed to know him. he would uplift you anytime you needed it. >> reporter: his teammates gathered for a photo. there were ballooned andpi ures with his jersey number 26. >> we're going to submit this to his family as a momento from us to them. >> reporter: his mom was touched by the number of people turn itted out for his son. >> right now i'm just enjoying the moment and appreciating everybody that came out to show my love and support.rt
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>> repo: hugh washington's sister. she's heard nothing but positive department.t her nephew. it could be your family. i will have never in a million years thought that it would have been my family. >> reporter: ahkii and his dad were found shot to death in their apartment. no arrests have been made. many here talked about the violence claiming so many young lives in the city. >> some of them didn't even have a chance to graduate, go to their prom, get married, have kids, none of that. and this gun violence has to stop. r >>eporter: in the district darcyen spr, news 4. we're putting ar ink on ou nbc washington app. all you have to do is go search gofundme. one person has been arrted outside the washington hilton
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hotel outside du pont suckle. this show as group of teenagers beat and stopping a man at the entrance to the hotel. the victim suffered head injuries but not considered life threatening. police arrested a 17-year-old. y''s charged with aggravated assault and the still looking for other suspects. pesident trump is claiming victory after supreme court ruled he could use pentagon money for his wall. the 2 and$2 and a half billion be used to replace existing sebzs of th barrier in arizona, california and new mexico. the justice department said it will continue to defend the administration's efforts to dend the country. speaker nancy pelosi and mr. trump said the president is stealing military funds. >> speaker pelosi, meantime, is still rejecting house democrats
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that want to impeachp.resident tr she's still seeking more information and will seek a final call in a quote timel q fashion endte. and after this week's testimony from fomer special counsel robert mueller, nbc news political director and chuck todd saying it is unfolding slowly but he believes it might head down a road towards an impeachment inquiry. >> trying to find ait ltle more time and breathing space. we get to a point where we see articles of impeachment. it doesppr they may legally in order to do the oversight they want to do, may need the power of an impeachment inquiry to get this information. democrats say there's no deadline to decide on impeachment. sunday morning chu welcomes chairman adam schiff to "meet
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the press" at 10:30 sunday rning. get ready for summer weather this weekend. >> doug joins us now. sounds like temperatures are hovering around 90. >> that today was our official start to the heat wave that's going to last the it next four or five days. temperatures looking pretty good. 90 degrees on the map. theb hottest num out there across the midatlantic today. 90 in d.c., 82 ocean city. how about what we're going to be seeing the next couple of days. starting another heatave this weekend and we actually started today. but he's the thing. looking rather dry over the next couple days. but there's a chance of storms in the forecast. i'll see you back here in just about seven minutes. thank you. we're seeing a major ripple effect after the upstate new
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york location for woodstock 50 fell through. the three-day concert will be 300 miles south, much closer to us at mary weather coast pavilion in columbia marand. since the change in venue have been announced,headliners like jay-z have said they're not performing. in 1969 it shut down the new york state freeway. but this could be a bigging bust if more artists drop out. t>> a harley-davidson billboard is turnng a lot of heads for including profanity. it's next to interstate 264. it's r the bayside harley davidson storin portsmouth and says the word is protect itted by the first amendmen and they've received phone calls good and bad. the store says the sign will stay up through tea end of the next at 11:00 guns in
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airportsacked in carry ones. >> what we're hearing people say is i forgot i had a loaded gun with me.
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flyer beware. all this weeki the news 4 i tea has looked at safety. >> the punishment for people caught with guns in their airports. they've tried to carry guns at each of r local airports. >> reporter: an investigation shows what happens next. >> reporter: flying is all about
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timing. pairing, getting to the art and through the security line as quily as possible. >> usually am very ridge ud, structured when i got in there. recheck your bags before you leave your home. >> report: he says publicity istake could cost him his job. what went through your mind when the tsa officer said over here? >> a giant freeze and everything stops in the assembly line of security. red light is goingo on over the x-ray ut. >> reporter: he accidently carry-on bag with his gun inside. >> didn't even hit me. i identified it as my bag and it hit me like a ton of bricks. >> reporter: they immediatelyd stoppee line, and police seized his gun d prosecutors filed a criminal charge. airport records show he's far from alone. we found an increasing number, more than 160eople arrested at
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dullesinate national, regan and dwi since 2015. >> you would think people would know you cannot bring a firearm on the plane. >> reporter: and 86% of the seized guns were loaded. >> what we're hearing people say is i forgot i had a loaded gun with me. incredible. >> reporter: according to tsa two of the most common excuses, their spouse packed tir luggage or they travel with the same bag they use at the gun range. you had your bag at a firing range? >> yeah, it was a backpack so in had stuff i it and didn't even think about that. >> reporter: the reason for the ban is clear. >> never want a firearm in the cabin off a plane. >> reporter: but we found the penalty is not clear. though they arrest each passengerer's gun arrest -- they go through all 100 plus local cases of this happening and we found people in the cases simply do not go to jail.
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some of those arrested at dulles faced fines of $100. and unsupervised police, as little as one day. and 80% at regan got the charge dismissed. >> i never loked at jail as being something required every time someone is found guilty of a crime. that's not how we opera. >> reporter: they're advised to appeal their cases to circuit court which leads to themul mately being dismissed if record ando previous does community service. this seems fair to you? >> they're all law abiding citizens. most of these individuals are hor fewed and completely beside themselves. >> reporter: and something else, many arrested are already familiar faces at the airport. getting stopped at the tsa precheckine used by trustedav trellers that had backgrnd checks. >> very honest mistake.
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>> reporter: that's what happened to this flyer. and evecntually got his case dismissed. start with empty bag when packing so you're not the one causing the delay for everyone else. scottm.macfarlane, news 4 i tea punishment for having a gun at the airport can vary by state. >> the tsa says people stopped at la guardia or jfk can face au jail bec of new york's strict gun laws. to watch our entire flyer beware series open our nbc washington app. this time last week we were preparing for the hottest weekend in history or something. >> of the year at least. and we did set a couple of recds. close to 100 can degrees out there. this just in.w t do we have out there right now? ace pretty ight across our area. after a high temperatures at 90
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degrees. today was comfortable 90. not the kind of hot and humid day we have. it was a little on the hot de. 78 winds out of the south at three miles per hour. 72, 68 hunting town. so nice and mild this time of night across our region as we wake up tomorrow morning. radar all dry. we're not going to see much in the way of rain all. so things are going to get dry especially for outdoor plans and your lawn. you might want to water those plants. why don't you take a look at the wide part. there's not much in the way of storms anywhere. the only exception you go back w towards theest and parts of florida or orlando for example. that front that came through our area has been stalled. most of the country has been dry and fairly cool for this time of
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year. actually today about average every water. 90 in nashvishe, 90 in waington. but no real heat anywhere across the it east. it's going to start to builder ovhe next couple of days. and a high of 90 to 91 degrees. mostly sunny. hot but not too humid. it may be 91 but feels like 90. the heat index can be lower than the actual temperature based on the humidity. make sure you have plenty of sun screen on. awesome day at the po monday hot, hot, hot butth great day apool. as long as you have a pool with shade that's going to help the kids and you as well. 91 tomorrow, 92 suay,4 monday, 96 degrees coming up on tuesday. do we continue that trend going up? no. we go right back to 87.
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chance off storms. anytimewe need bust the heat wave, it talk as pretty good front come through. ug we're going to see a front come thro that will give us a chance of showers and maybe a strong or severe storm sunday hursday a chance for storms. and then next week average high is 86/87.t' tha exactly what we're going to be all weekend next week. and another chance for a couple of showers and storms. next couple of days hot and dry but year not seeing anything like we did last week. i think tuesday is the hottest day of about 100. >> all right. we got it. thank you, doug. >> theten its stars are in town. coco gauf beat her idol on thetens scene, venus williams. and today she's hoping to
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qualify for the citi open at rock crk park. she is powerful, fast, folkished and determined. coop in mind she is only 15. >> i feel it really good. i love the courts, i love d.c. and i'm excited to soowhat i can do here >> he's brunging big changes to thevenue. the citi still benefits the washington tennis foundation. >> billy jean king and now coco gaufac you're rking up the selfies. coming up next we're talking football. the redskins continue training camp tay in richmond. >> sports next. >> sports next. chris helmsworth and johnny not all water is created equalo
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this is it the xfi dty sportsk. >> day two in the books now. usually it's scalding. that's coming next week. >> anybody down there next monday, tuesday for us? ocking the house down there. any how, day one of the redskins training cp. rookie dwayne haskens droppings dime in his camp debut, darius i goshowi geist showing he's healthy. >> reporter: the group with the most pressure n this training camp are the quarterbacks. but talking to them for the first time, it's fair to see them have fun. on the fie case keenum all business. after practice he couldn't help
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himself when asked why qbs are so good at golf. >> late in february we do this quarterback golf challenge. like the 30th andn 31st i february we do this golf challenge where we all go and we work really hard at practice. do you get iod okay go. >> reporter: colt m accoy haskens are competing against one other and supporting another to make the team better. >> reporter: those three guys don't want anythingn giveto them and they're working their buts off to be the guy that getl us into the offs. >> reporter: alex smith out of the equation. still rehabbing from the gruesome legging injury he suffered last year. tomorrow camp progressing. the it players putting on pads for the first time this season. thanks, sherry.
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taking on the best toom unbaball. top one, sanchez on the hill. under duress. etlos. throws. not in time. 1-0. l.a. east coast/west coast battle. he goes off field to left. coming in to tie the game. hurrardo parra out at the it plate. the call was upheld. two on for justin turner facing kyle bearclaw. advantage turner.o, yeah, n not quite there. that three-run shot gives thisod one to the drs. they take game one, 4-2. here's mar tos on the costly home run. i like bayclearclaw but when y fall behind i'm a good hitter
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and you got to throw a fast ball. you see where it goes. >> orioles out west facing the angels. already up 4- ronaldo nunez rip as three-run shot to right center. orioles up 7-0 early in this ong against the aels. the wizards offering bradley beale a thirty-twoyear $100 million max contract. no word if beale will agree to it.
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that's a 25% savings! cosch gardens and watetry usa. new york is welcoming thousands to
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gaming this weekend. their arer all competing for $30 million in prize money. videoam gs and fans are in the big apple to watch the fortni world cup at arthur ash stadium in queens. the top players will go head-to-head in front of the audience. some competing in theaournament young as 13 years old. what's a 13-year-old going to do with $30 mullion? >> my son just turned 13, i can imagine what we he wodo. he's all over fortnite. he crushes me. >> talking care off all ofs. >> my car broke down. >> hava great weexd.
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[ cheers and applause >> steve: from 30 rockr plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now here's your host jimmy fallon


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