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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:39pm EDT

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ongoing psychopsoriasis outbreak spreading across the region. according to the cdc the mack scopic parasite that causes the infection has made 132 people sick across the states. in the district there's ben 14 confirmed cases and in virginia 39 cases confirmed since may 1st. the capital o building identified as one place that people got sick n.maryland 42 cases have been confirmed, and all but five have been r tport over last two weeks. dr. benjamin schwartz is the director of dvision of epidemiology and population health with the fairfax county health department. >> psychosporea is transmitted by fresh produce that is infected with fecal material. generally it's in imported produce. the illness generally occurs between one and two weeks after eating something contaminated with the parasite. >> reporter: today the mda aounced fresh basil imported from a company in mexico is to blame, though investigators
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locally are still looking for another store. >> the investigation is really looking much more broadly at all of the produce that cases may have bn exposed to. >> reporter: symptoms including watery diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, bloating and abdominal pain and fatigue. dr. schwartz says the illness may first seem like your everyday stomach bug. en but the diarrhea may last for a month or ev longer and may be what we call relapsing and remitting., in other words it becomes a little bit better and then gets worse again. >> reporter: so far the outbreak has resulted in four ns hospitalizatnd no deaths. anyone experiencing symptoms should reach out to their doctor for the appropriate sting. >> this is pretty frightening, so, cory, how can people protect themselves? >> reporter: well, jim, it really is quite simple. we have some tips there that we can put up on the screen. first and foremost, if you buy produce from the grocery store, make sure y wash it thoroughly. be sure to cut away any ends on fruits and vegetables that may be damaged. if it's like a melonr something and you want to scrub
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that outer surface to get things off, also be sure that you'rew hing your hands both before and after you handle that produce, and, again, we've got to reiterate if you're starting to feel those symptoms, the diarrhea that your doout, go to you need a specificctor test tot for psychopsorias r. >> allht. great tips there. i'm checking my basil tonight in the frej. thank you, cory. now some ne a first arrest and a vicious attack outside the washington hilwen. we've shod you this video earlier this week. it's hard to watch at times. a group of teenagers seen beating and stomping a man near dupont circle. the man suffered head injuries g.t they are not considered life-threatenin d.c. police say they arrested a 17-year-old boy. he's charged with aggravated assault. several other suspects are still being sought. >> we're also following breaking news inor prince gege's county.
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a car slamming right into a home on dellwood drive in glen arden. take a look at the big hole that's left behind there. police say the driver suffered some sort of a medical emergency. they are expected to be okay, and the or good news in this is tt nobody was in house at the time of the crash. officials say they won't be allowed back inside until the house is repaired. >> 40,000 pounds of candy, that's what this tracr trailer w hauling when it overturned here on i-270 this morning. this may have slowed down your commute. the cleanup took several hours. the trailer hit a police cruiser that was doing a traffic stop around 2:00 a. near germantown road. ce truck driver had to be rescued from theab. he had minorju ines. the officers were not hurt, and we know what you're wondering. it appears all that candy inside the truck is also okay an not melted. >> you are going to have totc wafor speed on major
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roadways in montgomery county. the speed limits are going down n order to save lives especially in areas where there's a lot of pedestrians. news 4's chris don is live in bethesda with detailsngo where the lower limits are and when they take effect. chris? >> well,aark, it's hard for drivers to miss this large flashing sign behind me here on bradley boulevard. it's a speed limit change on or about august 2 nd it's part of vision zero. that's the program aimed at reducing pedestrian deaths to zero. motorists b arng warned that the speed on bradley boulevard ll be reduced to 25 mile an houreen wisconsin avenue and goldsboro starting next friday. >> the county and the state work together for traffic safety and we're working at speed limits h especially ingh pedestrian traffic areas to see i we can lower the speed limits to enhance the safety for the .
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pedestria >> reporter: montgomery county police reporthis year there have been 14 fatal crashes, six resulted in pedestrian deaths. last year of the 28 fatal crashes, half of them, 14, were pedestrian fatalities. that is way above the national average. police saype slower seds will save lives. >> and usually come from brantley down this way, and you always see kids around here and you always see the need because le are real speeding and trying to make those lights. >> reporter: a new 25-mile-an-hour speed limit is posted on wilson lane, and the speed is reducon to 35 this part of river road where three members of a family were killed in 2016 when their car was hit crossing to whitman high school by a driver going more than 100 miles an hourch the state highway administration also plans tofi slow trafc in prince george's the speed limill be reduced from 35 to 30 on indian head highway between livingston road and t washington d.c. line.
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there have been numerous fatal crashes on this stretch of highway. drivers are warned to watch out for the new posted sglimts it will be the basic rules of the road. pay extra attention for the signs. we're going to do everything that we can to i a left public to make sure that they are of this. >> reporter: now the state highway complete list of all theadmi chr planned frince george's and montgomery counties, and if you like to check itd out an see if and how it affects your commute, you can go to our nbc washington app and search speed limit. that's the latest live in bethesda, jim, back to you. >> all right. thank you. . chris, just a family resolving a disagreement. that's how housespeaker nancy pelosi described her meeting today with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. the two had a meeting that cleared the air after weeks of infighting between the progressive wing of the party an more moderate democrats. after the meeting, pelosi said
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she d tesn't thinkre was ever any hatchet to bury and said differenc should be celebrated. >> wed a good meeting, and the congresswoman is a very gracious member of congress, so we had a very positive conversation about our districts and how we represent them, our country. >> now ocasio-cortez issued a statement saying it was a productive meeting about progressive priorities. >> reporter: president trump is lashing out at sweed enover the arrest of asap rocky after a fight in stockholm in mate. the prime minister should intervene ieet he said i watched the tapes ofasap rocky, and he was being followed and harassed bytrouble-makers.
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treat america family and a trial is set to begin next week. >> well, it's been more than two weeks since theloods tore through the d.c. area, but ome folks are still struggling to rebuild after their homes were gutted. news 4's aimee cho takes us to the westover neighborhood in lington where neighbors say the reptsr cosave been devastating. > this is what used to be our kitchen. >> reporter: picking up the pieces. how do you begin to do that when there are hardly any pieces left. >> dishwasher, stove,s,cabinet all gone and all too damaged to be saved. >> reporter: athena burke et and her husband kenny worked hard to buy theirfirst house in arlington, but in an instant their dream home went from looking like this to being fill ytheah.wi we're just recovering from that since then. of reporter: burke et sitting in what remains the first flor and as for the front living room itlooked like this right after the flood and now it looks like this.
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the second for survived, but water took out part of the staircase. >> so to go upstairs i usually will get my balance here and pull up. nd another uphill battle, this was their basement. the whole thingre swage water >> the first couple of days it -- the smell was unbearable, and itas also really hot. >> to make matters worse burkette says they didn't have inlood rance. their insurance company told them they didn't need it because the neighborhood doesn't normally flood. >> we'll have to replace all of the walls. >> reporter: now they are looking at $50,000 for repairs. >> this is kind of us out in termsngwi of oursavings, an and it's going to take us a long time to build that back. >> reporter: right now she and her husband are living wi friends trying to learn how to do some repairs themselves. >> we had to have new circuit box. >> reporter: and they know their neighbors are going through the same thing, too. a> for of o lotfrebuilding, like it's trying to really rebuild thos memories. >> open. it's going to be dig.
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>> woodstock's 50th anniversary concert is moving from new york to maryland but the three-day concert looking to bring
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all right. great weather for friday night. for having your cocktails outside in the restaurant or rooftop bar or by the pool. it's going to be beautiful. >> yeah. >> why are we not there? >> i've got to work tonight. pool day > sterday. >all right, fine. >> yes, you got me excited there. wouldn't it be great. tonight is going toe a great night on your friday night to nget out and abouto matter what you're doing outdoors, especially once the sun starts to go down. we'll really start to feel some of that cooler weather making its way on in. i say cooler. won't be cool by july standards, but, hey, for the month of july noo bad either because we have low humidity. 86 degrees right now and 87 degrees and winds out of east at 8 miles per hour and looking around the numbers here. 88esburg and 87 cull person and 88 in huntingtown. over towards annapolis and baltimore. still haven't seen any 990 degrees. eastern did hit that over on the eastern shore. right now no rain to look at here. seeing some showers and
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into rstorms well back western maryland and down into central portions of west virginia but not coming our way. nowre headed down to the t,ts cam,e'ou i tonigh takiy the dodgers, the best team in baseball. this is a test, a really good test for the natls here as n t.ha do takehe dodgers at greatt 87 degrees and 83 by 8:00, and by the time d we're aboutne with the temperature ere around 79 degrees. probably heading home. there's the shower activity over parts of west virginia. bubbling up with daytime heating. mountains are able to heat a little bit faster than the surrounding areas. that's why you get thundetorms on the mounta tops. back towards the west. not much happening. still have much in the way of big storms aanywhereoss the country. because of that, the temperatures are kind of uniform acoss the eastern halff the nation. all in the 80s for the most part. there's no real heat out there, but we're starting to see the heat ilding, and that heat is going to build the next couple of days. that's why i'm going for a high temperature of 90.
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mostly sunny and hot and not too humid. got great falls. eo some of the trails around the area. should be okay. drink plenty of water an as long as there's shade near you should be able to get some relf. tter on saturday and sunday because sunday is hot and a little more humid. 949 degrees. look at the heat wave. we go up, up, up and step right on up monday and tuesday. but then is where end this we see our storm coming throug h. we're going to be dry the neu coe of days. much better chance of storms in the middle of next week. we'll talk about that. amelia draper joins me at 5:45. do it on the alexa app. raising went nuts right now .t questions tonight about h metro spends your money. ahead, why they spent more than half a milliononolrs dla toilet? >> boy. >> plus it's ontw day o of
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training camp, but the competition at qb already orhet. fns >> it's an iconic music event, and it could son be oco
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of our ok now at some top stories today. local health departments warning people about atubborn intestinal illness making people sick in nearly a dozen states.
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multiple cases of psychosporea have been confirmed in our area including more than 40 cases in maryland. today the fda confirming it has traced the source to a batch of fresh basil fromexico. health experts say wash your produce thoroughly and wash your etnds to adoi gvng tisome busy roads in montgomery county. traffic safety officials are re cing th e limitsin high pedestrian areas, so many so of the roads affectednclude bradley boulevard, wilson lane and old wee llst t .d.roawn geshington a rpp t he new limits go into effect next week.s signrning drivers of the new speeds are already going up in the area. new life is coming to a northeast d.c. area. today city officials broke ground on a massive new housing development near the rhode island avenue metro create more than 1,000 new homes as well as
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retail and entertainmente first street development is set to open in 2022. >> looks vimpressi two people have to find somewhere else to live tonight after this massive fire destroyed their a anndel county home. chopper 4 brought you these images last night. 80 firefighters were needed to get this blaze under control here on greenoch road in lothian. it took them three hours to putu it o five fire fighters were hurt, b they are all expected to be now aities sell us no one thokay. was inside at the time. the cause still under investigation. >> nearly half of a college police force has been fired in virginia. hampton university says it fired nine of the school's 25 police the officers are accused of sharing mifgt, racist and other offensive remarks on social media. the university did not detail what was said. this letter was obtainedsaying
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the officers and supervisors were participating in so-called meme wars. hampton university is a majority black school with more than 4,000 students. >> metro may have flushed over half had a million dollarsown the drain on a self-cleaning toilet that hasn't worked in years. new report byt 's inspector general pointed out issue. the self-cleaning toil set located at the huntington station, and records show that it hasn't worked since 2017. >> what? >> despite years of manance that likely totals over $500,000. some watchdt groups say i an example of inny tree's poor spending practices. we asked metro for a comment but so far h not heard back. >> huh. meanwhile, metro is aiming to return to normal service after labor day. right now six blue and yellow line stations are closed south of reagan nati airport for construction. metro's installing new digital
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train signals. train arrival signs, usb charging ports on the platt force. metro added a wheek to t original work and planned around-the-clock single trackint ting september 9th. general manager paul weedefeld emid they should run on normal service on septr 9th and similar work will happen on the green and orange lines. >> the first preseason game in redskinnation is less than two weeks away and top of mind is who will fil starlting quarterback this season? news 4's sbures is live for news richmond. sherree, is anybody standing out so far? >> yeah, jim, rookie can be dwayne haskins is. the redskins have a unique situation when it comes to the quarterback position. with no clear front-runner that starting position is up for
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grabs. >> i understand the opportunity and we're taking it one series at a atime. >> three-race horse race r ght out of the gate and battling each other. i'morried for me to get better for me, but if i don't understand the concept i'll ask colt or case or whoever iis in the room and just figure out ways to make thingscism already for me. >> nobody hopes anybody does bad. nope -- talk to us about, this play. having that chemistry as well as the competition, that makes us all better. 's he thinks he's ready to leave the team, that you, that's me, and we're this cogs and it's a room that is f
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oring the opportunity. >> i remember looking at this morning out on the back field, and i saw the ttle kids playing. i thought about when that was us,, know and know we're out re playing for the washington redskins andtaking on moments like that i think appreciate is a great word for what we get to do as basically big kids playing the same sport we played in our whole lives, so i definitely appreciate the competition and love it. >> last year's start earl alex smith is still rehaking from the gruesome legging a. s theyll in the mission and he then signing autographs here for fans. >> i like that spit there from those guys, making each other better. all right. so far anyway. >> innings that, sherree. tonight on the possible dangers of vaping. ahead, doctors sounding the in intensive care at the
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scohollege student found t murd near the old ole miss campus. how remember friends and family are choosing to remember her. >> and today we had an unusual line highketch tour 90 and our temperatures will continue our temperatures will continue to we interestingowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers-
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he's loved music and now concerned that the woodstock 50th anniversary s concertms to be falling apart as artists drop out. >> just yesterday it was announced that the three-day concert wouldn't be held in upstate new york. instead, it's now going to be located, get this, merriweather post pavilion. news 1's derrick ward takes a closer look at the change in venue. >op> it w ahaaslf converged on for three days of peace and music, and woodstock became a household word. now two years earlier opened in columbia, maryland. it's likely no one insidered mentioning the two the same breath. now the pavilion maybe the salvation for the 50th anniversary concert. after a planned woot stock 50th
5:29 pm
new york, howard county executive is jumping in to change the day or more teef ce acwe'r thexcited atto bec ableury tel promoters of woodstock, with merriweatherbout the opportunity of cebrating woodstock 50. >> the operator of merriweather post pavilion are working together on a rather tight tight line. e concert will be held august 16th through the pa tat the woodstock foks are working on securing the artists now and the bands co will produce the show. that is good news f columbia residents but not so much for others. anything that brings a lot of people in the area and shows what a ni place this. tens of thousands of people that would just descenthi on ts small suburban town so i think that's kind of scarey? not a done deal. ain could sert by smashing pumpkins is scheduled for august 17th and it's still on for now
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and no tickets are on sale for woodstock 50 yet but organizers are thing it's coming in a couple of weeks. >> a student was killed and her classmate arrested for her arder. tonigh memorial service will be held in honor of ally kostial. the 21ea-yearld 30-o minu'stes m the university of mississippi last weekend. she had been shot eightme vigils have been center add some color, with hydrangea, krep mirthles and the butterfly bush and these bushes thrive in hot sunny aas. maybe you're heading west to the mountainsch the weather there is looking nice, a touch cooler for sure. 86 for a high the mountains on saturday and 87 and maybe a stray thunderstorm and is uld be the best chance forr thu weekend but, doug, the humidity over the weekend not that bad. a little bit humid on sunday. complaints.d no
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i don't have many. you, any complaints going on right now in your life, personal or otherwise? >> crickets. >> that's a good thing. that's a good thing. no complaints from amelia either. >> no complaints. >> what's that? >> no complaints. >> it's friday. >> it's friday. how can yoump coin, it's friday. 92 on sunday and 949 monday and tuesday looking at 96 and then we start to come back down. we might start feeling some complaints monday and two, but, look, we go right back to around average which is 87. good chance of thunderstorms, some strong andly severeesday w front that moves thrssough.ib i'll be tllracking that with y and after tha no real big-time heat. just nice and warm for this time of year. >> we're going to be complaining on tuesday, doug. just stand by. >> the complaint department is closed today though. >> most kids spend their weekent focusing onir hobbies and their sports and games. >> not the seventh grader that our going to meet. shepends a lot of here free
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time helping others. micaela west has always wanted to help people and now her smalh idea ofping the homeless has gone international. as leon harris reports micaela west and bundles of love are this week's harris' heroes. >> reporter: micaela west is pretty shy, until it comes to doing things for others. eu have to tell where did this idea come from? >> well, when i was 3, i always wanted to help the homeless by giving them money and i wondered why no one ever gave them anything. >> reporter: she cap with the idea for bundles of love when she was just 8 years old. her birthday is close to christmas, and she felt like she was receiving too many gives. >> so instead of my parents giving me gifts and all my friends giving me gifts i asked for stuff for the homeless, and then we bundled. >> i said don't worry about what is in there.
5:33 pm
justember the love that they are bundled with. >> and then she called it bundles of love. >> how many did you have? >> 6. >> and then after that? >> 20. >> now? >> 44. >> we asked michaela to show us hothe bundling workshtuthe enti. it starts with survival items solike s, toothpaste and students add handmade card and wrap it all up in a blanket. >> they enjoy going out and wh their families delivering those bundles, and my daughter is a part of it. we have a bundle in our car. >> tell me what feel like when you do that, when you put yourself in their position and you give them a bundle. >> i feel sad for them but at the samtime i feel like i know that people love them. >> this program has also had a big impact on the adults in
5:34 pm
michaela's life. >> when we delivered them on christmas d the first year, her dad and i thanked michaela because she gave us the opportunity to see whatst chris is all about. >> all the goodness and giving all because one little girl's birthday is too close to christmas. >> that's leon harris reporting. to lrn more about bundles of love, search harris' heroes in
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many of usave seen firsthand the enormous toll that it takes when a loved one has dementia, pes legs when i they are living at home. next week alexandria will become just the fifth community in virginia to take a public stand to try to mke life easier for those with dementia and their caregivers. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey explains what's aad. >> reporter: jill conner devoted her career to changing lives as a business and vocational teacher and now at 91 there's been a big change in joan's life. she is now dealing with dementia. her daughter marjorie cares for her in her alexandria home whils also working an attorney. >> it's isolating and burdensome but it's a burden we take on freely, right? and we love and we're happy to have her with us. >> reporter: isolation is one of the biggest concerns both for those facing dementia and their
5:38 pm
caregivers, but it's something alexandria is about to tackle with a new initiative called dementia friend alexandria. >> the whole idea is to end isolation. want to feel comfortab wherever they are. that's the basic mission. >> reporter: the dementia friendly concept was sparked by this program inum belgi showing the red scarves th to interact dementia. >> georgian bay king will help lead e effortalandria to train that community. over the next several years this will include grocery stores, banks, fire and plice departments. >> betty adams is a nurse practitioner that helps treat many kept innia patien in homes and she sees the
5:39 pm
sacrifices that families make. >> thee deserve to go o in the community. >> reporter: and care giver marjorie conor, she welcomes the plan. >> people in alexandria are nica anyw they treat mom with a lot of respect. eut even more is even better. >> m understanding so more families can continue caring for their loved ones in their homes. in alexandria, i'mjulie carey, news 4. >>or a new rep paints a stark u picture of rian efforts to hack our elections. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim handley. now at 6:on tht, why not much is changing to stop it from happening again and why emocrats are leaving capitol hill still divided after robertl r's testimony. >> plus a health alert that impacts what you eat. new information abhe parasite making people sick in d.c., maryland a virginia. >> and three d.c. bars looking for the green light t start legal sports betting. il'll explain why placing your
5:40 pm
first bet could stl be a ways off. arting nsive activity s in 2014 and into at least 2017. ohat's the finding of an investigation int russian election by the republican-led senate intel committee. >> targeting infrastructure at both the fed and local level. >> the 6 is-page level finding vulnerabilities across the boards and details recommendations to make election security a virginia's mark warne the


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