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tv   Today  NBC  July 22, 2019 7:00am-8:39am EDT

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good morning. the heat is off. much of the tting heat wave country finally set to break today, but severe storms are up next, with millions of american. ni breaking overgh iran spas in custody. state tv say some have been sentenced to death. what the cia is saying. >> star witnes washington bces for history ma testimony from robert mueller. both republicans and democrats gaming out. strategy we'll take you inside the preparations on both sides. thoselu stories p heartbroken. the parents o t theoddler who die after falling out of a
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cruise ship window share their grieve. >> honestly, to lose our baby this way is justunfathomable. >> what they want every parent to know, coming up. payday. breakinghis morning, the major credit recording agency forced ore than half a billion after one of the largest data brehes in history. >> and backl tom brady facinger criticism aft posting this video of himself cliff diving with his young daughter, today monday, july 22nd, 20. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotbm live fro studio 1a in roefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. never has 80 degrees at 6:00th morning felt so good. >> millions of americans stayed inside.
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anything to dodge the ngerous, oppressive temperatures. >> a real heat wave, and relief is finally on the way. more than 200 million americans suffered through days of extreme heat and humidity, but the danger is not over just yet.l weave the details on a dangerous new set of storms. t first, kathy park with more on the heat wave. good morning. >> savannah, good morning to you. the intense heat and humidity had a tight grip of much of the country, including right hereyon ne city. as the temperatures soar, the conditions only got worse, ho especially for who lost power. this morning, the cooldown begins. after days of extreme and deadly heat. folks up and down the east coast expecting some relief today. following scorching high temperatures which peaked over the weekend. uncomfortable conditions became gownright miserable, with the humidity makin it feel like triple digits in someto
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restaurant and keep in the air conditioning. and keep cool. >> that high heat blanketg the midwest, too. more than 1,000 crews from multiple states have been working around the clock. severe storms knocking out power to huns of thousands of customers across michigan and wisconsin. and overnight in new jersey, a crane came crashing down into a house after aer seve storm moved through the area,nocking down power lines along with it. in neighboring new york, to dents are being advise conserve energy and turn off ed un appliances. >> please, everyone, this is serious, serious stuff. hottest it's been inan myears. >> 30,000 customers in brooklyn sweating it out, losingsunday n failed from heat and high use. in queens, expectant mom elsa is hoping for cooleremperatures after an outage forced her outside in the shade for relief. >> i have to stay cool. it's not good.
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>> but some are taking it in stride. trying to beat the record heat, like the tigers and bears at one chicago zoo who got some frozen treats to help them stay cool in the paking sun. now, parts of new york got hotter than houston this weekend, and here in bryant park, even 10:00 last night, it got to about 87 degrees. pretty toasty out here even at night. at least six deas are being blamed on this heat. back to you. >> kathy, thank you very much. >> we'llr. turn troker for a look at when we can expect some sort of cooldown. >> it's started throu a goo portion of the count, but we still have 6 million people from new jersey to myrtle beach who are under heat advisory. we'll be watching that, but here comes therelief. we have hot humid air from the gulf of mexico. behind the front, mild a comfortableir from canada, and that fresh air rushes south into the gulf and the atlantic, so
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here's the change in the these are 24-hour temperature changes. boston today, 81. that's 17 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. 73 in syracuse. 90 in washington. a 9-degree temperature change. cleveland, 75. a 13-degree temperature change. we slide to theorouth. by tomw, is cooler in norfolk, raleigh, charlotte, and even back to atlanta with a fourchegree temperature ge. however, with that change comes severe weather. we have that front possessioning through. you can see showers and thunderstorms. 48 million people from tennesske northeast, we'll look at that in the next half hour, but severe storms will be firing we'll talk a airport delays and problems on the roads coming up this afternoon. >> and will be reimbursed for certain credit monitoring programs they purchased as well. theyl also get ten years of free credit monitoring going forward. >> they're going to pay consumers for their loss and pay
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to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. ti investion equifax failed to protect their systems and exposed the data of 56% of adaults. lawmakers blasted the former ceo, richard smith. >> i take full responsibility. i'm here today to say to each and every person affected byh this breac i truly and deeply am sorry for what happened. >> but for many americans, the apologies were not enough. >> we're sending a very clear signal through this equifax settlement that we'reng not goi to tolerate this type of data breach and we want to see companies inve in their infrastructure so our information is protected. >> if you have a pen, write down what i'm going to tell you, experts continue to urge every american to assume their data has been compromised. sign up for credit fraud alerts from equifax and the other two
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credit reporting agencies, experian and transunion. set up alerts for your bank and credit cards. consider paying for an identity theft monitoring system, and this is important. freeze your acredit. wi three credit reporting agencies. that way, the criminals will be locked out if they try to open an account using your credit. just remember, you'll need to temporarily lift that freeze when you need a to buy car, a house, open a credit card, whatever. it's easy. i have done it several times. and regularly check your credit reports for suspicious activity. all of us are entitled to one free credit report every year from each of the three bureaus. back to you. >> tom, if you want to freeze your credit c do youall them or do it online or call all three of them? >> very good question. yes, you have to call all three. the details how you do that, very easy. go to frank, thomas, charlie.m. dot guv, i'm, and
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you'll see instrtions on how to feze your credit. >> very useful information. assume your info has already been compromised. >> this is a massive breach. breaking news on the settlement. all right, mr. roker, what do you say? >> nice someone is using the word freeze. not so bad. butav we do h severe storms now firing up in the northeast and in ohio river valley. i look at that the next ten minutes, but sunny and pleasant weather making its way through the plains andwe out , plenty of sunshine. but gully washers coming on through. we'll get to youror localast coming up
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good morning. i'm storm tea 4 meteorologist chuck bell. there are thunderstorms well to our north and west, likely to impact our area in the evening commute today. there is a risk for severe weather up the northeast corridor today, so stay weather alert. we have our nbc wasngton app available. we'll sent out push alerts. also, a flash flood watch for late toniginto tomorrow. rain could be rather heavy at times later this evening. there's your ten-day forecast. today is the last day in the 90s for the rest of the week. >> your friends take care oyo when your co-anchor asks, do your feet reach the floor? little man. >> by the way, america wants to know if the term gully washer is a term. >> dry river beds, you get this heavy rain, flash floods, and
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they wash out the gullies. >> i learned two things this moining. comg up here, danger at the beach. a lightning strike sends people scrambling. what you need tonow before you head to the ocean or lake with your family. >> then the parents of a toddler who fell to her death aboard a royal caribbeanruise ship are speaking out. the safety changes they say they want to see happen and what they want you to know about their little girl. but first, ts is "today" o n nbc. ♪ limu emu & doug
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mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend al day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... hel figure it out. only pay for what you need. jumping in costa rica. >> one. go. >> a lot of people on social media don't like that. they called brady irresponsible, saying he kindfanked his daughter's arm when she didn't
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appear to be ready and caused her to land awkwardly. after dwayne the rock johnson said you know i have complete faithn you as a man, friend, player, and father, but this just gave me anxiety. reached out to brady's representative for comment, but we have not heard back. >> als this morning, that dangerous weather that we have been talking about. it led to a scary situation in florida. that's where a group of people, they are recovering after they were struck by a bolt of lightnin t morgan has details. good morning. >> yeah, craig. good morning. that strike hapned right here on clearwater beach, which is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. eight people were injured including one man who today is fighting to stay alive. a sunny summer day on a popular florida beach taking a terrifying turn inhe blink of an eye. >> there was a lightning strike and we had multiple victims who were d.injure >> eight people injured after officials said a bolt of lightning struck clearwater
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beach, a hot spot on the gulf coast. >> we still have three victims on scene. >> among the injured, a in his 40s who officials say took a direct hit. he wen into rdiac arrest and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he remains in critical condition. eatment, including one patient who suffered >>burns. seems like the lightning strikes we do have on our beaches, there's usually more than one victim. >> it happened sunday afternoon, just minutes after lifeguards left their post due to the st incoming orm. >> the lightning came out of nowhere. >> i saw that. >> rain soaked beachgoers began administering cpr and carried t victims this nearby restaurant. >> people were up there screaming for us to come. >> first responders eventually arrived on scene to help calm the chaos. >> a great, amazing group of people who came together and made everybody safe. >> and once that gives a little context, of the 2 lightning
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fatalities that happened last year, seven were right here in florida, the most of any state. guys. >>ly hopeful those folks will be okay. that could have been a far worse situation. >> definitely. let us get a check of the weather, mr. roker. >> we're going to be worried abt lightning strikes today as the front bringing in cooler air to much of the country pushes into that warm, moist air mass. you can already see lightning and showers with thunderstorms stretching from the northeast all the way backin the midwest. in fact, we have a risk of severe weather right now. stretching from boston on into the northeast. and into the mid-atlantic states. 44 million people at risk forma dang winds, hail, tornadoes right now not a big deal, but keeping an eye on that. this system will be pushing further into the east, into the south. heavy ranl, widespread flood risk, probably airpo delays stretching from boston to roanoke, even atlanta on into tomorrow as the front pushesut so
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torrential rainfall from the gulf into the carolinas. pack your patience. we have a risk of flooding flash flooding from new york all the way down to knoxville during the afternoon hours. and tomorrow, we have a slightr stretching from the delmarva peninsula all the way down into central georgia. anywhere from 3 to 4 inchesf rain, but locally, it could be even more. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. u we're alsonder that risk for today. weather later again, all is quiet right now. that risk includes all of the d.c. metro viewing area for later on in the day today. risk of severe weather develops ar 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. flood watch for overnight tonight, and as al was mentioning, locally, up to 3 inches of rain possible. temperatures now in the 70s. high today in the 90s. cooler weather starts . >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up celebrating, they
7:16 am
have been candid about their and her husband ati are breathing a sigh of relief. up.t's coming >> also, pedestrian accidents are on the rise, and one possible reason may surprise you, may not, though. we have a w warninghether you're the one doing the driving or the walking. >> also ahead, happy birthday, prince george. wait until you see the adorable new photos oe birthdan boy tay his mom. >> up next, a "today" exclusive. the parents of a toddler who ll to her death aboard a royal caribbean cruise ship share their story of coping with extraordinary loss and h ey're fighting to make sure this doesn't happen to another family. that's
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we're back now. 7:41, with a "today" exclusive. a story we have been covering over the past few weeks here. 18-month-old chloe, her fatal fall from a docked royal caribbean cruise ship. >> i sat down with her parents to talk about what they say happened that day,y' why there calling for action, and most importantly, who their precious daughter. >> how for you getting through just every day? just getting up out ofbed? >> the first 30 secon of the ay, i don't remember what happened. and then it comes back, and i relive what happened. the thing that i latch onto is her memories. she just exuded love. kimberly says her daughter chloe
7:22 am
was the personification of goodness. >> she loved watching her brother play hockey. she loved gardening with me. she could get anysmdy to ile. >> there she is. >> i just know that she was destined to do such great things. but even in her short life, i truly believe she changed so many lives. >> her first kiss was with me, ke kiss, and had to record it and send it to kim. >> kiss. >> her first word was hi. i mean, she loved people. >> the 18-month-old little girl was theight of her parents' life. and her sudden loss aboard a royal caribbean cruise ship inp to rico has crushed her tight-knit family. >> we have a lot of questions. primarily, why is there anpen window in the kids playrea 11 stories off the ground? ch>> loe's family said she fell
7:23 am
through the open window, slid open to provide ventilation in the h20 zone in the cruise ship. the toddler's grands father sam pln a railing to look outside, believing he was lifting the toddler behind a wall of glass. something they did often at ho games at home, with chloe banging on the glass. >> have you been able to explain to you how this happened? >> he was extremely hysterical. the thinghat he has repeatedly told us is i believe there was glass. he will cry over and over, and no point ever, ever has sam ever put our kids in danger. >> he must be distraught. >> very, very distraught. you can barely look at him without him crying. she was his best friend. >> i guess i would say this about the window. when they told me chloe died, i dn't know she w window.
7:24 am
i just saw sam standing next tof the wall o windows by the kids splash pad screaming and banging, and there was somebody from royal caribbean that kept trying to stop and i just kept saying, take me to my baby. i didn't even notice the window. ovran over there and looked and it wasn't water down there. it was con it was honestly, to lose our baby this way is just unfathomable. >> butse even in tho moments of despair, she found hope, help, and solace. >> thist one mother jus came and held me. and embraced me, and i'll never forget it. she just said, god, watch over this family. i just want to thank her. i don't know where she is or who she is. >> as shock turned into sorrow,
7:25 am
each family member wrestles with their own pain. >> there was one point where my son said mom, i wish i would have been standing there because i would have jumped and saved her. and that was -- tore me, because i know he believes that. and you know, and to know he's living with that is just so hard. i never want another mother to or to experience this see what i had to see, or to scream how i had to or to have to console their child. >> do you blame anyone? do you blame the cruise company? >> we obviously blame there are a million things that could have been done to make that safer. i know my mom was asking people, why on earth there a window ten onhe 11th floor without a screen or anything? and their response to that is we need veation. well, to that i would say get a
7:26 am
other mechanism to make your guestco ortable rather than creating a tremendous safety hazard that cost our child her life. >> would you like to see the cruise company held responsible in court? >> i think that they have to be. this cannot happen to another family. >> the family has now hired an attorney who has sd crue lines in the past. >> there's no doubt this was an accident, but the singul is wer measures that could have been in place and should have been in place. >> royal caribbean tells "today" in a statement, we are deeply ed by his incident and our hearts go out to theav family. we h assists with the inquiries. >> thetmuerto rico depart of justice tells nbc news the investigation is in its advanced stages so it cannot make any additional comments.
7:27 am
>> how do you want to remember chloe? >> n we'llever forget her. she's part of our soul that's not there anymore. >> it's really easy to shut out the world and to give up, but we will not do that because that's not w chloe was. chloe was the light, and that's what i geng t too go onet for h. we can't give up. >> such a heartbreaking story. obviously, they are looking into what they think the cruise company should or shouldn't have done. we reached out to them. the attorney for the family says he's repeatedly requested footage from cameras on the ship as well as the vessel inspection. but i think more than anything, they just wanted to tell chloe's story. this was a little girl that nt everything m to them. and they want people to know she lived and what an extraordinary little child she was. >> and our thoughts and our
7:28 am
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how chocolatey chunks taste in cold lk. we keep it real. because you can't fake... delicious. special k. hebut i'm kindai want t"ehhhhhhhhhhhh" about buying one. hhyou're "ehhhhhhhhhh well, it's more like a "aaaiiiiiihhh." well, good news. carmax will buy your car even if you don't buy one from them. ahhh-haaaaaa. . ahhh.-hmmm.oo ahahaha. mmmm. this is a news 4 "today"nies br >>7:56 is your time on this monday, july 22ant, 2019. good morning to you. i'm molette green. in the news 4 today, the body oe former supourt justice
7:36 am
john paul stevens will lie in repose at the u.s. supreme court. you are invited to pay your final respec from 10:30 this morning until 8:00 tonight. the 99-year-old died lasda tuesy after suffering a stroke. no let's get over to melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. germantown northbound 270 at middlebrook, a crash reported in the northbound lanes. columbia, southbound 95, two right lanesndblocked, a brunswick line, cancellations because of trees down on the tracks. >> all right. today is a weather alert day. we'll get to your fore.
7:37 am
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and we all know how important beinreliable is. noroc provides electricity f multiple renewable sources. groovy m! and will soon include even more solar. yeah! and novec offers convenient 24/7 online services. i just paid my electric bill. novec. power you can trust. it is a storm team 4 weather alert. chance for severe weather later today, and a chance for flashdi late tonight into earl riartomorrow. ght now, temperatures in the upper 70s t 80s. today's high, the last nc degrees for a while, but a thunderstorm cha of 70% later on in the day. here's a storm developing between 4:00 and 5:00, so the evening com bte could hard hit by heavy rain and thunderstorms. that will continue deep into the evening hours as well.
7:39 am
and chanceor some locally heavy rain early tomorrow, too. tomorrow's high temperatures because of thelouds and showers will be in the 70s. rainfall amounts could be a half inch to lecally more tn 3 inches. so keep that in oomind. fl risk is high for tonight and early tomorrow. there's the ten-day forecast. drier weather just ahead. >> thanks so much, chuck. another local news update coming your way. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, relieft. in sigh
7:40 am
that deadly heat wave now breaking after days of dangerous temperatures across the country. millions of americans ready for the cooldown. what you canec e before heading out the door. >> plus, hope and faith. >> i fl like i can beeth for the first time in four weeks. >> olympic gold medalist shawn johnson east and hersh husband are good news after a recent pregnancyare. an inside look at their emotional story. and say cheese. kensington palace releases new pictures of george on his sixth rthday with a smile that's lighting up the internet today, july 22nd, 2019. >> mother-daughterrip from -- >> san diego. > i'm raising a "today" show fan. >> brought our mom frommb coluia, south carolina. >> fulfilling a dream. >> to be o >> after 34 years.
7:41 am
>> we are retired. >>da sw cher d w dng o wate whe y,keup t. >> he savannah and craig. >> i want to sit in your seat so. >> kid's coming for our job. >> i lovit everybody's ready for their close-up this morning. nice to have you with us on a monday morning in our plaza or at home. >> we appreciate the s outs. keep them coming. record your message, post it on twitter, post it on instagram, use the hashtag at the bottom of the screen, #mytodayplaza. >> know why they're so happy? because the temperature finally that's the top of our news. at 8:00, the heat wave was brutal, deadly, and it finally bit.sing up a but now, al is following this ap with threat of severe storms in the forecast. al, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. to get the cooler air, we have to get this cold front through. that's going to cause problems. right now, we still have agn siicant area from myrtle beach to cape may under heat advisory. 6 million people. here comes the cold front and th relief.
7:42 am
cool, comfortabl canada ahead of the front, warm humid air, but eventually by today,t will pushhrough to the south. look ae tem change in 24 hours. 81 in boston, 83 in new york. that's like 12 degrees different. pittsburgh, 73. 18 degree difference. by tomorrow, cooler weather for atlanta, knoxville, charlotte, up.mington, charleston, and fg rf a risk of severe weather for 44 million people today. with damaging winds and, hail a low tornado threat, but still, it could be a big problem. and we're looking at a lot of heavy rain vkly quic and so we have a moderate risk from knoxville, tennessee,o the northeast. tomorrow, locally up to three inches of rain between the appalachians all the way up to the northeast in new england. we'll be watching this, but the worst of the heat is over. >> al, thank you. thank you. iran said this morning it has arrested 17 of its own citizens
7:43 am
trained as cia spies. state television broadcast images set to show the ciace offi who recruited and handled the alleged spies. iran's intelligence ministry said the suspects worked in sensitive ar it said the arrests took place over recent months and some of those caught had been sentenced to death. this morning, secretary of state mike pompeo said he cannot comment specifically but i an has history of lying. >> this morning, the credit monitoring agency equifax has reed to a settlement over one of the largest security breach . theye going to pay over $700 million to settle cases. more than half of the money will go to provide consumer relief. hthe 2017ack exposed the personal informati of more than 145 million people. the deal stillou needs crt approval. >> there is morning for major l baseball to extend the protecti netting at its
7:44 am
ballparks, and it comes after another fan was hurt by a foul ball on sunday. this time in cleveland. thathi young c was taken to the hospital. we're told the child is in able condition thismorning. after the game, the player who shortstop, saio extend the nett. saying, quote, want to make sure everyone comes out of this game healthy and we haveo do something about it. >> a young boy got the scare of a lifetime in a fishing trip in cape cod, ma another passenger was reeling in a catch whenat a gre white shark decided to snatch that fish away. >> yeah, h gott on video. the oy nearly got hit by shark's tail. look at that. the captain said the shark did hit boat after jumping up to grab the fish. yikes. >> man. that's the news.w ho about a monday boost? >> here's a good one h for a summer day. you want to cool off any way you can no matter who you are.
7:45 am
this moose made good use of a lawn sprinkler in anchorage, alaska. the locals named him truck because of his impressive size. he's a regular visitor. he comes by to nibble on trees. when he saw the sprinkler, come on, he had to do it. didn't mind getting his picture taken while he was at >> i have never been close to a moose. have you? i never have. >> i would like to. >>hat might be the closest we get. >> mr. gers like you haven't seen him before. we have a sneak peek at tom hanks' new beautiful day in the neighborewod. >> good for former olympic gymnast shawn johnson, days after she opened up about a rare complication with her pregnancy. that's right (vo) parents have a way of imagining the worst... ...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping]
7:46 am
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7:50 am
expecting a baby in october. they're speaking out about their relief after recent scare. >> and natalie is here, joining us with a really nice update. good to see you. >> good rning. so great to see you gu gymnast shawn johnson, of course, she won four olympic medals. thes days, her goals include starting a family with her husband, but a recent ultra sound showed some possible complications with their baby. but now, the couple is opening up about their pregnancy struggles in an emotional video. hugs of joy and relief from olympic gold medalist shawn johnson east and her husband andrew. t i feel like i can breathe for the firste in four weeks. >> we realized, holy smokes, this is like an infectious soul at the core. >> in a raw and emotional youtube blog this weekend, the couple shared their two-year journey of hope and ou no matte. >> through pregnancy. it began 2016, when the former gymnast and "dancing with
7:51 am
the stars" winner married her love, andrew east. c theple wanted a family, and the following year, their dream came true. >> we're going to have a baby. hawn t just six weeks in, suffered a devastating miscarriage. >> it's okay, baby. >> then, this spring, a new blessing >>e're pregnant. >> shawn and andrew were expecting again. >> look atguhe >> or girl. >> but at their 20-week ultra sound, dtors had serious concerns. their baby's underdeveloped, and while that's relatively common, the baby also had an abnormal umbilical cord. doctors recommended jeanetc testing because it could t indicair baby had downs syndrome. >> we canceled everything we had, huddled up on the couch and watched tv and prayed. >>or ahole week, they
7:52 am
anxiously awaited the results. then came the news they had beeg prayin for. the tests were negative for downs syndrome. >> if our test came back and our baby had downs syndrome, we would love that baby more than anything in the entire world, but in our hearts, as parents, as everyarent out there prays and hopes, you hope for a healthy baby. >> our big ultra sound today. >> at their 24-week checkup, not only was the baby growing, but its kidneys were in great shape. >> i feel very grateful. >> can't wt to meet baby. >> the couple's emotional ride already viewed by mill online. their goal, to help others struggling through their pregnancies be stronger together. >> if you guys are out there, trying to get pregnant or pregnant, we have gone through a lot of experiences ready. and just know we're praying for all of you. >> well, the baby isonrogressing alg nicely. it seems right now, but of
7:53 am
course, they're still keeping ose watch. >> any more possible issu? >> you know, there is that concern. still about the nohalabrmthat, baby could be born prematurely, but they say right now, all signs are looking good that the baby is growing, and she's a petite person, so she's like, you know, maybe a smaller baby is where she is going to be anyway. >> yeah. >> to go through a pregnancy is wonderful, but as you well know, ss we all know atrt thi is just -- you're just hoping you have a happy, healthy baby. >> we wish them the best. >> natalie, thank you. you're not going to miss pop you?t, are >> of course not. >> let's do it. ten fingers, ten toes, as my mom used to say. first up, happy birthday to prince orge. he's turned 6 yearsode today and the royal palace is marking it by releasing three new adorable candid portraits taking by his
7:54 am
mom. sporting a soccer jersey for the england national team. another shot in a gre polo looking quite like his dad, we think, prince william. happy birthday. >> natalie was there at the birth. right outside the window. >> six years ago. i was there for two weeks outside that door. >> you actually burped him, didn't you? >> i birthed him, not burped him. >> no one covers that door betteryohan >> great expectations. ffice re is a new box champion avengers end game is officially the biggest film of all time, racking up an impressive $2.7 billion. the took only three months to hit that. avatar enjoyed the title for nearly ten years, but with director james camon working on four more sequels to avatar, they could grab that title once >> four? >> out soon i never saw avatar. >> what? >> me nther. e could go on a date. t>> i don'tnk that's shocking. it's not like "gone with the wind." >> well.
7:55 am
>> you saw "titanic" right? >> i would think by now you would have accidentally stumbled across >> you don't it on tv much. >> because it's like five hours lour. >> make s you watch it. >> mr. rogers is up next. maybe you'll see this. more specifically tom hanks as mr. avgers. we he an exclusive first look at tom hanks as the icon in the film, a beautiful day in th >> hello, neighbor. >> mr. rogers. i'm here to interview you. >> you considerourself a hero? >> i think the best thing we can do i to let people know that each one of them is precious. >> hey, mr. rogers. ♪ please won't you be myhb neigor ♪ >> that was wonderful. >> it would be great ife it w a horror film. >> thatmusic. >> carson. >> but then the neighborhood
7:56 am
nice. that >> why would you go there? >>et it was sng me up for that turn, but it's not. >> it's wonderful. and great. castingthe most perfect of all time. finding the most loved actor in america and making him mr mr. rogers is not a murder film. it's a wonderful movie. >> finally, t mcgraw sat down with jenna for your open book digitaleries and revealed some of his favorite reads. one made him cry. let's have a look at the clip. >> you saidn you're a avid reader. do you remember the first book you really fell in love with, or being in high school and thinking, like, this book, can get this? >> yeah, probably tex. >> oh, yeah. >> that was probably the first one that i remember really loving as a kid. >> what about now? what do you like? what do you read? >> there's a book, kristen had a book called the nightingale. >> i love it. >> one of my favorite books ever. >> i cried like a baby. >> you cried? >> for about two hours.
7:57 am
>> it was sad. >> all my kids have read it, my wife, everybody loves the book. ecommend it to you?d it or did >> i read it and recommended it. and they all read it and love it. >> don't you like being the first? >> absolutely. >> being the first. a couple good recommendations anthere. you c watch the full episode of open book on, including the sweet thing tee does to impress his wife, faith hill. >> i know. i'll just say,hen you said it, i was like, henry hager. >> pick it up. >> tim mcgraw can do it for faith hill. step it up. >> when you're mad at henry and don't know why. what do you have for a click? >> remember the first time you saw a magic trick, your reaction might have been similar to this. zoo aisitor goe t tohe holds up a card at a babo when you saw david blaine in ice for the first time and walked by it.
7:58 am
that's my reaction there. burying yourself alive? >> all right, carson, thank you. what about the weather? >> i'm just thinkinmr about >> >> feel good. let's show you the forecast, sunny and pleasant through the plains. severe storms ma way t thugh the nortt and out west, looking at gorgeous weather. that's what's going on aroun the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4 chuck a risk of severe thunderstorms later on this afternoon and evening, and a flash flood watch for overnight tonight into tuesday. rainfae heavy in certain places especially thi heaviest r coming late this ev in a ndnear 80 degrees. hot one today with a high of nigh degrees. again, a chance for strong to severe storms developing after 2:00 or 3:00 and impacting the evening commute. rainfall amounts over the nt 48ours could be as much as 3
7:59 am
to 4 inches in local spots. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> thank you. this morning, a warning for both pedestrians and drivers on the road after recent numbers show pedestrian deaths are on the rise. >> kerry sanders has more on what might be behind this upward trend. good morning. >> goo rules and you stay on theg, insidewalks, s at the alcr, getting around on foot can be dangerous. sy intersections, cars speeding by. thdestrians in danger on the roads. governors highway safety association reporting more than 6200 pedestrians were killed ona u.s. r in 2018. the hhest number of deaths in almost 30 years. >> a possible contributing factor, the rise ine smartph use that can lead to distracted drivers and distracted pedestrians like this woman, busy on her phone, washing right in front of a van in red light. hit and knocked down, she's injured but okay.
8:00 am
the distracteds person so by the phone in hand, walks right into a fire truck, sirens blaring. an distracted pedestrians are equally as drous as distracted drivers. e' today, wre with the houston police department. staking out this busy downtown intersection in an unmarked car, to watch for distracted pedestrians. >> w here? >> right away, we spot this guy. >> he's reading his text as he walkstacross. no looking for other pedestrians he might run into. don't wantthing y to see happen. >> that's definitely a dangerous activity. >> and this woman. >> looking at her cell phone, notut png it away. she's got her hands full with something else. >> this ladies do it too. >> there's two of them. >> one has balancing food in her food, while texting and walking. >> person after person. looking down at her s 's as hheeads down, stuck in heirphones.
8:01 am
>> you think you're multitasking but you're oblivious to everything around you. >> absolutely. you might be multitasking what's going on, but are you aware of what's going onround you, for your own safety. >> time to sutpde and stop them in their own tracks. >> what was so important you wanted to look at your phone right in the middle of walking across the road here? >> i was reading an article. >> so it wasn'ted inly important. >> no. >> as you're walking in traffic. >> no. >> this woman doesn't even realize we're following her, camera in tow. >> you were on your phone the whole way when you walked across, a you didn' even know that we were there, did you? >> no, i didn't realize that >> it's not illel in texas, but some citiesven passing laws totop pedestrians from texting while walking. the consequences. fines, and pedestrians aren't the only ones when could be a dangerous. head to a differe location to spot distracted drivers too. they're hard to spot, but on, we pull this car over, and the
8:02 am
driver admits she was looking at her phone. >> do you think you were distracted in that moment? >> i was distracted, yes. >> within minutes, we spot another driver on her phone. >> when the officer saw you and you had -- >> i was on instagram. >> did it dawn on y that being on the phone was bad?it, you don't realize that you can get killed. >> driver after driver, doing the same thin >> we stopped you because you wr on your phone. this experience, a good reminder to keep your eyes on the phone. >> you're not the only person. a lot ofeoouple arery to be ngs. >> can you change that habit? >> for sure i won't do it anymore. >> the next time thehone rings, what will you do? >> remember this. >> to avoid something likethis, whether you're behind e w or on foot. so how can you keep yourself safe? if you're driving, there are apps that you can use. in fact, some phones already have it bui in, turning off notifications while you're
8:03 am
driving. if you're walking, it's obvious. put your phone in yourocket or your purse. and just walk with your head up. guys, back to u. >> kerry sanders, so much helpful informati there. >> and good for your soul, too. look up. >> i'm guilty of this. >> we are all. w. >> i reading a tex in l.a. on the 405, so stupid. >> while driving? >> yes, i know. and a police officer on a next to me ulled up in my car and i was g ng like 30 miles per hour. he was down at me. i dropped the phone and mouthed, i'm sorry. i have not done it since. >> ticket? >> no, he went -- that was enough to scare me. nothing ishat important. >> kerry, thank you. nat, you're going to stand by to tell us about jurassic world, brand-new ride.
8:04 am
8:05 am
this is a news 4 today news br >> good monday morning.
8:06 am
it's 8:26, july 22nd is the date. k'm jummy olabanji. let's get a loo at the roadways with melissa. >> good morning.ta ng a look at rockville, 270 near montrose, a crash on the left side. a lot of problems northbound on 270 this morning. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, maybe lighter than normal. delays on the bru wick line because of downs treed on the tracks. >> today is a weather alert day. stay with us
8:07 am
dale's little girl is heading to college. luckily utr dorm is about 10 mines from a hotel by wyndham.ll ashley's meetingher in-la, about 10 mines and she's about 10 minutes fr a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than yothink. visit
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good morning. it's a warm and humid morning. temperatures will climb heinto t low 90s today, but not nearli10 we have been the last two or three days. 93 for today. a likelihood of afternoon thunderstorms developing around here, some could be strong to severe. here they come marching into the d.c. metro area just about time for the evening rush home and the periods of heavy rain could continue deep into the overnight hours. loca oy, about an inch rain, but someof the storm could t 2 to 3 inches of rain. that's reason for the flash flood watch. much cooler for tuesday, and low humidity wednesday, thursday, and friday. y can get the lates anather on our nbc
8:09 am
we are back now, 8:30 on
8:10 am
this monday morning. july 22nd. 2019. kicking off the work week. this is a great crowd. >> it is. >> how are you feeling? how are we feeling? you good? >> feeling sticky. >> nothing compared to the weekend. >> by the way, we'll close out this week with andy grammer. if you want to choose on the songs he'll perform, you have until wednesday. re are the choices. good to be alive or keep your head up. >> both great songs. >> tweet your favorite. use the hashtag, #aman #amandyg. >> comg up, we'll find out the best ways to express how we really feel. and improve all kinds of friendships as well. if you struggle to set limits and be honest about your needs, this one is for you. >> good. >> you need to pay attention. >> i love that you're 'mfightin. >>n the middle.
8:11 am
>> we're here with the stuff we love from flattering swimsuits to comfyshoes. the hottest products you'll wand to finish out the summer in style. craig, that's for you. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> plus, as you may have noticed, ow crowd here are decked out with jurassic gear as tho get ready check out our exclusive look at the jurassic world ride at universal studios hollywood. we'll see the behind the scenes stuff. looks like you had a good time. >> got very, very wet. definitely be prepared. it's fun, a good time. >> we figured for our crowd moment, it might be dyno-mite, to send some folks from the plaza to an adventure to hollywood to try it for themselves. where's ton streaker family? hi, how are you? what are your names? your name? elise. >> cambn. >> aaron. >> and josh. >> anybody else? >> you're not with them? you were just so close together.
8:12 am
>> best friend >> maybe we'll include you. >> you guys, i understand you have been begging to come to the "today" show and mom and dad surprised you? pretty cool. guess what, we're going to surprise you. you're going to see th park ride. are you ready? jurassic world. you're going to . there you go. round trip air fare, hot accommodations, and park tickets. so you can experience jurassic world the ride. that's right, provided by our sister company, universal studios. there's your goodies. are you excited? >> yeah. >> turned out to be a trip, hu? that's great. ant to sinos urss. one, two, >> kind of a weak dinosaur. we're glad you guys are going to have a good time. thank you. >> that will be fun. >> what an awesome sisy we have? that's so cool. >> coming up in a few minutes od
8:13 am
fidence and a f "toda" a w comonanom a erumtco breast cancer only to find herself facing a health battle she never expected. >> then on the fourth hour, one of the top comedians of all time, the hilarious jeff foxworthy, and natalie -- i'm h. >> the ladies will play. >> reunited. >> it's trouete. >> l get a check of the weather. a little sticky out here. >> i sense a wine shortage coming up. >> exactly. >> at least on your part. >> not even drinking. >> i'm sober. >> let's show you what's happening for your week ahead. looking at a flood risk making its way through the northeast and into the mid-mississippi river valley. out west, sunny and hot. and then as we move on toward the midweek period, heavy rain to the utheast, not so humid in the lower mississippi river valley. monsoonal storms coming in to the southwest, and by the end of the heweek, tastern half of the country looking comfortable, stalled storms down in florida.
8:14 am
desert heat in the southwest, plenty of sunshine through the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around une try. here's what's happening in your ne of the woods. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're under the risk for severe weather later today in the yellow highlighted zone that includes all the d.c. metro trea and shenandoah valley. also a flash flood watch for late tonight into early tomorrow. locally could get three inches of rain or more in a few spots. we'll keep you posted on that. stay weather alert with nbc washington for toy. temperatures in the 70s to around 80. we'll be 93 for a high today, but no more 90s after today. at least not until next sunday. >> savannah? >> thank you. comingup. do you get tongue tiedn tough conversaorons? kelly cgen is here with helpful tips on w to face some of the most difficult things in life. first, this is "today" and w
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
with a million dollar question. what a harde and most powerful things we say o one another. >> it's a question that inspired kelly corrigan book, tell me more, all about the essential of ses that turn the whe life. it's so interesting because you come to this not as a therapist or a social worker, but a storyl te. >> yes. >> and this book kind of launched over a dinner table debate. tell me. >> my husband and i were deweting the difference bet saying i was wrong and saying i'm sorry. and my sband, being a man, ,rgive me carson. >> it's okay. >> thought that i'm sorry was i said i tho there was a humility to i was wrong that isn't often the with i'm sorry. that got us going aut what are the hardest things that we must be able to say to each other toi su long-term adult relationships. >> there's zero personal admission in i'm sorry. that's sort of a blnkt statement.
8:18 am
i'm wrong taking ownership of something gone wrong. but the first one is no. why is no such ad hard wor to say for people? >> i hadworld-class brawling relationship with my mother as a teenager. i was not the easiest, most ob ient kid on theblock, and now i have teegers of my own, so i have come to so admire her ability to say no and hold the line, like no amount of whimpering or h sulking couldave changed the outcome, b m interesting about her is the way e handledeses and noes in the context of her marriage. eas an introvertwho liked to ttve a pty for one, which was like a c and chardonnay on ice. and my dad could gto four parties in one night and want to stop at one more on the way home, and she got to a place where she had a sort of radical notion that everybody was entirely responsible for their own happess. so if that meant he went to the part and she didn't go to the party, so be anit. that's a little no, but then, i think little noes
8:19 am
prepare you for the big noes like later in my lifei did a lot of trements for cancer and part of that was losing my ovaries, and i really wanted more ki, and so i went researching all the different ways peopl grow theirfamily, and i presented my husband with this spreadsheet with my heart hoet and said what do you think? and he said, i can't do it. we just climbed a mountain. you're healthy, the kids are healthy.ut let's get o of the casino. i want to b the family we are. that's a total responsibility of every married person, to say no when you need to say . >> sometimes it does take more energy and courage to stick to a no, a no that f comesrom y. integrit another phrase you say that we should embrace is good enough. which i think has sort of that kind of pejorative good enough is not great, boo g enough. but you think we should kind of have a different perspective. >> yeah, w at this bat mitts a a couple years ago with my
8:20 am
13-year-old, who is like a ofessional bachelorette watching, et cetera, and there's 90 friend up there for minuikte s lakepeing i n backwards from an ancient text, singing in front of her pe ts, andn we're saying back to her, you are ready. you are enough to enter, to contribute, to be a meaningful participant in the world around you. and i thought that was so powerful. i thought, oh, my god, i'm not asking enough of my kids. i myself was g sort ofng no . was like eatinginute rwhice a3 front of hospital." >> butalener good enough is oka sense. >> yes, absolutely. and i think it's such an enabling statement. i think that being told repeatedly that, even as you are, you are good are ready to participate and contribute, you know, allows you to take the first step, and the first step t allows you take the second step, and that's how you get going on your way.
8:21 am
>> we have to get your last, it's like this. it with a just explain briefly what you mean. ople can buy the book and check this wisdom out. readingi'll finish just these two things, but it'sike this basically that you can be wise and full of clarity one day and then two days later you can o moaning and groaning about ten extra pounds a fender bender, and it is our nature to sort of lose track of the clarity that we sometimes achieve. in my case, around the loss of my dad, i was clear about what mattered and what. didn then over time, i started to return to my normal worries, and i felt really ashamed about that. someon said tome, it's like this. it's t in, one back. >> accepting where you e. >> i'll finish with this. minds don't rest. they reel andr wanded fixate and roll back and reconsider because it's like this, having a
8:22 am
mind. hearts don't, idle they swell and constrict and break and forgive and hold, because it's ke this having a heart. lives don't last. they thrill and confound and overflow and disappear because it's like this, having a life. >> you need to do a commencement speech immediately. >> i hav done afew. >> i bet you have. >> thank you so much. so much wisdom in the book. check it out, if you want to read an excerpt, go to, and we'll send it outside to craig. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead, from swimwear to items for your backyard barbecue, the most-have products that are going to make your summer that much tter, including these skewer things thereat are blowing my mind. >> right? so cool. >> first, this is "today" on >>? so cool. first, thiss "today" on i u know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks...ts ...and mom also ge a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school.
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this love, the best selling and top rated products of the summer. lethere's still py of time to enjoy the warm weather, so yahoo contributing editor cassy koets scoured the internet to find the gear apparently we all need right now. >> no fomo this summer. all of these products today, best sellers, top rated, top reviewed for summer. so i'm super excited to share. >> you are. we have been talking about it w for ale now. let's start with arfootwe. >> let's start first with the bathing suit becse it'she number one best selling athletic one-piece on amazon. 2300 reviews, four-plus stars. >> what makes it so popular? >> it has tummy control. mean, how about that, right? and it it's so comfortable. it looks great on all figures and it comes ire 28 diffe patterns. but, let's talk about her shoes, craig. >> i love those. >> these arehe $40 birkenstocks you have seen everyone in this summer.
8:26 am
they're made ofeva, which is like a foam. >> okay. >> so comfortable. they have them for men. joseph has a pair. he just told . >> cheaper than the traditional birkenstocks. >> a fraction of the price, a best seller at zappos, andey e so cool. our next model phyllis is ver-up. a best-selling it's a chiffonomom trim cover-up. over 660 reviewers at amazon said they're freaking out over this. >> that is a nice cover-up. >> it's so cute and comes in 19 different colors. we had one reviewer say they went for a girls weekend and everybody had a different color. how cute is that? >> my wife loves the cover-up. >> know you want to know what's hot for guys. >> i do. >> marcus is hshowing us just that. this bathing suit, men are obsessed with 8,, $1 and the number two best seller swimsuit on amazon. >> why are people soild about it? >> number one, 48 different
8:27 am
patterns. you can wear a different pattern at the beach for just $18, and it's got that quick trying technology. it's so cool, and it looks so good on marcus. >> it does. and then fantastic pedicure did not go unnoticed. >> and fabulous flip-flops from zappos, a best seller, and they have support in them, which we love. >> a big thank you to all of our models.n let's move dhere. >> craig, we're in the beauty section. this is what people are obses id with beauty this summer, and this little trick here, it's from skin iceland,nd it's from skin, the iceland hydro cool ice gel. you may is seen people downstairs with these pads under their eyes. they stay cool for over ten minutes and depuff, and guys can use them any time. >> any time? >> any time when you need to refresh. you can find them at ulta. top seller, best rated. this is a cult favorile, cald
8:28 am
the brazilian bum bum cream. >> oh. >> brazilian bum bum cream. >> to make sureour bum bum is in best shape on the beach this summer, and the secret ingredient, it has caffeine in it. so it keeps you taut and smooth. your skin texture smooth. >> forgive my ignorance. you put that on your bottom? >> you put it on your legs, your bum bum, and sephora, ur-plus stars, over 4500 reviews. >> what do we have here? >> look out. this isbeau . hathis lip gloss is called the gloss ba, and i'm telling you, it's the unicorn of nude lip glosses. it looks good on everyone. 8800 reviews from sephora. 4.8 stars. >> i haveseouple of the in the closet. >> yeti iso popular, they have their own merch. ice is still not melted. it's been in h there forrs.
8:29 am
22,000 reviews on people are obsessed with the yeti dutumber. >> what are these bags? >> they're five-star rating, and they're cooler bags. they can double as a purse or a cooler, and sofu much right? >> i also have this. >> we're going to play this. this is so amazing. >> serious sound. >> listen to that dsound. ano this is a best seller at best buy. >> okay, how ch? >> 5400 reews, 4.8 stars, $129 for bose sound and it's water resistabout. >> i think that's lesshan i paid. >> and it's rubber, so cool. >> what is this? >> from uncommon goods, these are five star reviewed. this is the puts the and in the cheese and crackers. how cute is that? $4 a great little hostess gift. >> and lastly -- >> my favorite item of the morning. >> these arewe skeess grilling baskets, also from uncommon
8:30 am
goods. five-star review, and you don't have to put the skewer in there. >> my kids love skewers. we have timm all the t in the summer. >> isn't that smart? you can turn them over. even i can barbecue wh this. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. for more details on all of these items and much more, up next, natalie is going to take us behind the scenes of the newurassic world ride at universal studios hollywood. first, this is "today" "today" on.
8:31 am
8:32 am
so, let's talk about conference calls. there's always a certa amount of fumbling. a lot of times it doesn't work. we have problems. comcast business goes beyond fast. by letting youllake and receive a fromny device using your business line. and conference calls you can join without any dial-ins or pins. there are currently 3 members in this conference. i like that. i would use that in a heartbeat. comcast business hasthe sol. $3get started for just 95 per month. call 1-800-501-6000 today. back in 1993, jurassic park captured the world, then it was universal studios. >> there's only one person to send to check it out, our natalie. you love a ride, an adventurs >> this i your chance to check it out, because jurassic world is now open.
8:33 am
as i learned first-hand, it's bringing the prehistoric and the present closer together. mo. >> it's getting real at universal studios hollywood. >> hey, that's more like it. that's all right. whoa. whoa, calm down. calm down. >> t jurasc world bringing the prehistoric to life. >> i know blue only responds to your training. should i be concerned? from the fierce. >> okay. >> that's a hunotng call, a kiss call. >> to the cute. >> he likes that. she purrs. >> to the downright cuddly. >> this is juliet, our 3-year-old. she said good morning to you. she loves belly rubs. >> oh, yeah. good girl, juliet. >> it's evolution the universal
8:34 am
studios way. jurassic park, a signature attraction here for 23 years, has now evolved into jurassic world. >> we're kind of in this fully immersive setting. >> john is part of the team behind the incredible transformation. >> it's a bigger deal when you come to the park, you'll have one-on-one encounters with some of the dinosaurs. that's ativ u do, we let people immerse themselves in the film reality. it's important to take the best of what wehe had , reimagine the new b part, andng it to life. >> that means not only getting close to the dinosaurs but sampling food. okay. and drink inspired by the film's costa rican location. >> here we are, here's our new bar for both adults and for kids. >> you can't come to jurassic world without a jurassic drink. to jurassic world. >> there's also, of course,
8:35 am
swag. 63 million years of evolut hn, and wee this, merch. but all of this is just an appetizer for the main attraction. the jurassic world ride. >> all right. >> prepare to get soaked. >> asix-minute journey with the stars of jurassic world with bryc dallas howard, chris pratt, and of course, in dominance, t-rex, and water, water, and more wa and all topped off with an 84-foot plunge. a ride out of this world,
8:36 am
jurassic world, th >> looked fun. fun. a great time there. >> i love it. all right, nat, thank you. >> the third hour of "today" straight ahead after your local . a this isews 4 "today" news. >>ate:56 is your time on this monday, july 22nd, 2019. good morning to you. i'm molette green. let's get right to melissa mollet and your first four traffic. rnw are things looking? >> good moing. reminder here, brunswick delays because of trees across the tracks in various spots. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big complaints. dumbfries route 1 after river heritage boulevard, a crash with some lanes blocked. >> today is a weath alert day. we'll get to your fo.
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8:38 am
good morning, everybody. stor team 4 weather alert for you. possibility of severeeather later today rain tonight will b rtash flood threat. stay weather a with our nbc washington app. we'll send you push alert as
8:39 am
needed. e this from l evening into overnight tonight. the excessive heat warnings have pu ed to the south.s high, but chance for thunderstorms later today. and an 80% chance for some potentially heavier rain early tomorrow. rain ends late tuesday. beautiful wes live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the
8:40 am
third hour of "today." >> good monday glou could join us. this is the third hour of "today." i'm al with dylan, craig, sheinelle on vacation. our good buddyio jacob started running into al at the airport. >> in la, he was getting ready to leave, and i was coming in. >> looked crazy with my child running around the airport. >> did you recognize each other right away? sometimes when you see someone out of context, it throws you off. >>ght i was, a crazy fan asking for an autograph. >> sir, please. >> security, security. >> i knew exactly who he was.


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