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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> and first at 4:00, it's one of the mostgerous heat waves we have seen in years, and it's about to get even worse. i'm leon harris. >> i'm pat lawson muse. from the midwest to new england to the washington area where temperatures ar set to hit 100 degrees tomorrow. >> let's take a look at the heat index in our area right now. the midity only making it feelde hotter outsi this afternoon we've got team coverage to help you beat that heat. >> news 4's chris gordon is standing by withe impact on your electric bill, but we begin with amelia draper ithe storm center. amelia, it's sizzling out there today. >> absolutely, pat. in fact, it's still dangerously hot out there. the area remains under an excessive heat warning until 9:00 p.m. tonight, and we have another excessive heat warning already in effect tomorrow for your saturday. tomorrow it will feel hotter outside than today. check it out. here's that current heat iriex t now. just how hot it's feeling, feeling about 104 i washington,
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105 in frederick, maryland, and 112 degrees ileesburg right now. here's the latest warning. everybody here in pink is under an excessive heat warning until 9:00 p.m. tonight. for feels-like temperatures until 9:00 p.m., around 100 degrees or hotter. again, we have a heat warning in effect for tomorrow and a heat in effect for su for your evening planner, check it out. at 90 degrees right now. it still feels like 105 degrees at 7:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. the sun is down and still feeling like 100 degrees out there, and by 11:00 p.m. it feels like 95 degrees. now coming up at about 4:20, i'm going to be walking you throughout your day tomorrow hour by hour with the feels-like temperature and also breaking down what is the difference between a watch and ag? warn pat, back for you. >> thanks, amelia. our coverage of this dangerous heat is just getting started. coming up in five minutes we're working for you on how to save on your electric bill. then later in the hour your heat and your health. what you need to know before you plan youroutdoor activities
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this weekend, and, remember, can you monitor the latt heat advisories right on your phone.n doload the nbc washington app and set weather as your home page. >> ava ated mother talking about the loss of her youngest child this evening. >> 11-year-old karo brown was gunned down at a gas station in southeast washington last night. >> news 4's derrick ward joins us now live with how that boy is being remembered today. derrick? >> well, behind me is the stanton school. that's where karon attended some classes and a program his mother said he was crazy about. on the other side of that school is the place where he died, and in family, this whole community is trying to reconcile that loss. >> he's just a baby. he was my youngest. >> karon brown's mother ju starting to come to grips with the loss of her youngest son. he was 11 years he liked football and wanted to play professionally and liked school. he was a student at the creative school and program at stanton elementary. >> he loved being in thatog
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pram. it taught him to be patient. >> reporter: today his classmates were remembering himy in the w children do, making posters, saying how much he'll be missed and derying the violence. karon made a poster like that, but it would be the same violence that claimed his life. thursday evening at this gas station not far from h home his mother tells me that he and a brother were heading to mcdonald's when the gunfire started. >> his brother told me he ran o way and karon ran another. >> reporter: karon was hit and someone took him to a fire station in their own car and as then he w taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police released this still picture from the surveillance video and believe this was the gunman td believehat karon was an unintended target. >> why would you hit a child? he took a lot away from us. >> reporter: now we understand that a letter has gone home to the parents of students at this school to try to help them learn
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how to explain this to their young ones and how to deal with loss.ort of it's unthinkable, unimaginable for a child of that age to have to deal with something like that, b it is a sad reality of what's going on here, and police as that video out there well, and you hope that someone can help bring someone else to justice. >> reporter: another family dealing with this kind of heartache now and still sesmany quons to be answered of the investigators say the shooting started with an argument nside that bp gas station. they tell us they believe that karon brown had been at a nearby car wash whe the fightpilled outside and at some point we're told that karon wound up gettini inde of a car at a gas station and that's when and where he got hot. police think the shooter may have been targeting the vehicle. so far they have only released these surveillance images of one of the men suspected in this dispute. this latest case marks 88 homicides in d.c. this year.
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>> we have this breaking this hour. in shaw a man was shot inside the metro station this afternoon there. po say the two people involved there were on the metro platform at the shaw station and they got into some kind of a argument, and that's when the shots were fired.ic polare now looking for two suspects who ran out on to eighth street. right now the entrance to the seventh and van ness entrance is closed. the man who was hurt is expected to be okay. >> president trump is renewing attacks against an american congresswoman who was born in somalia. at a wednesday nigh rally in north carolina, the president's supporters chanted send her back. they were referring to representative ilhan omar. yesterday mr. trump said he tried to stop the chant even though he let it the continue foor about 13 seconds bef he attacked omar again. he also said he was unhappy with the chant. but today the presidens tune has changed. >> i'm unhappy with the fact
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that acongresswoman can hate our country. i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can say anti-semitic things. those people in north carolina, those are incredible people. those are incredible patriots. >> all weekr. trumpas attacked representative omar and several other minority sngresswomen. s they should leave the country if they don't like it here. an update now on the murder of a transgender woman in prince george's county. gerardo thomas will remain behind bars. a judge orderedld him heithout bond today. he's charged with murdering zoe spears. spars was found dead just over a month ago a couple of blocks from eastern avenue on the maryland side. investigators say a grainy image of a minivan with a distinctive paint job helped them trace it back to a rental company and ultimately to thomas. police say there's still no motive in the case. assault charges have been dropped against a well-known
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maryland high school football coach. willis coach patrick selento has beeea on l since his wife accused him of domestic violence. today the prosecutors dismissed the case saying there's a lack of evidence to say anything happen. he's won four conference championships at bullies anns a of his former players top draft pick dwayne haskins. we reached out to see if he'll return to coach, but we're still waiting to hear back on that. chances are you've got the air conditioning all crank up which means your electric meter is just spinning away. news 4's chris gordon is here to explain how the electric companies with keeping up with that increased demand these days. chris? >> well, leon, shares and tips on how to save money and energy. i'll share them with you as i invite you in my home.
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buddy, we keep him inside on hot days lanke this i'll give him a ride. as you see. we'll keep the blinds and the drapes closed so that the heat from outside doesn't come in. unplug lamps andou unplug y charging devices. unplug all your charging devices, and a lot of people ask at this time, well, what should t my thermostat at? we have the answer for you. listen to this. here a the benning service center they have repair trucks on the ready. this is the storm room, staffed with a team monitoring the weather. pepco prepares year round to avoid a blackout like the one in new york city last weekend. >> when we have a lot of consumption of electricity we want to experience those power outages that we obviously want to avoid because when there are outages, you know, our customers are, you s know, ine cases, they are witut medical equipment, and we want to just
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try to avoid all that hore. >> repr: carmelita edwards of northeast washington says this heat wave is dangerous for her. >> i suer in the heat. i hate the heat. mi suffer verych. i'm an asthmatic so i just -- thiser weath it's not my thing. >> reporter: as you can see your blinds are open. >>eporter: pepco showed miss edwards how to stay comfortablev while sing energy in herhome, by drawing the drapes an closing the blinds by using the ceiling fan t circulate air andg unng lamps and appliances and setting her thermostat at 78 degrees which is an adjustment. i would not want to be a part of having a powerutage where there are people out there that don't have any way or perhaps don't have air conditioning at all. i'm still praying on that. 78, i'll try it.
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>> reporter: and if you have a pet, make sure that if they are going out on the sidewalk or roadway, touch it with your hand to see how hot it is for their paws. make sure you havpl ty of water on hand, and oh, yes, perhaps some tasty snack for you to stayydrated as well. on behalf of buddy and me, we send it back to you in the studio. >> we're getting alous of buddy. looks like buddy's got it made in the shade right now. >> reporter: you got that right. >> all right. you've got it made. >> thanks, chris. thanks, buddy. obviously he agrees. all right. thanks, buddy. we're working for you through this heat wave, and we're working for you electric bill as well. so head to the nbc washington app and take our quiz there about how to be eco-friendly even when the temperatures are soaring. just search heat quiz. pat? >> the plan to build a 4 million square foot logistics center in
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prounty is moving ahead. om s 4 has confirmed f sources close to the talks thatj the prt is a proposed amazon fulfillment center. it will be located in the westphalia community in upper marlboro. last night meeting lasted for nine long hours. community members expressed their concerns about such a large facility, and their anger over being lied to about it. board members said that was never theirafintention. >>er some people have gone, it's the community that stays here and is invested here in prince george's county that we care about the most. >> no one associated with the project is able to confirm that this is in fact an amazon fulfillment cen on record because of non-disclosure agreements. the proposal is now headed to the county council for approval. still no explanation as to exactly why a roller coaster at
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six flags in maryland got stuck last night. it's still closed at this point as technicians are inspecting the ride. crews had to work quickly though to get people off that structure as they weh trapped h up in the air and what felt like 100 degrees. firebird roller coaster riders were up the for abouo hours. can you imagine that? and if this looks familber, it's use this is not the first time that passengers have been stuck on a ride at six flags america. that's happenedeveral times in the past few years. >> yeah. still ahead on news 4, fashion frward. >> the age of apps changing the way we dress and think. >> it helps me build empathy fop other peole and what they are going for. it's a platform to bring people together. >> ctiing up, we're s down with a working mom who is also one of the most influentiae peopl on instagram. plus, meeting the d.c. grandmother proving it's never too late to go back to school. >> and would you believe middle seat makeover. the worst spot on the plane finally getting some tention
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even on nights and weekends. can schedule a callback today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. back now as we hit a quarter after the hour e ancessive heat warning this effect, and it's going to last through the weekend. amelia is ba i when will finally cool down for us just ahead. pat? >> one of the most influential people on instagram is a working mom who is sharing her life in
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the world of high fashion a high-stakes parenting. eva chen, an executive at instagram and a children'sook uthor was in town for a book readinghere in d.c. ahn yawning had a front row seat. >> it was just another monday morning, and like most monday mornings juno valentine was late for school. >> thisi famil scenario plays out in the book juno valentine and the imagine at all shoes. even playsut in her real life and even though she's a best-selling author and fashion chief for instagram chen is also chief wrangler of two young kids you. >> know what it's like at mom. even when it's an overnight trip you have so many bags. we went to the smithsonian and visited the dinosaur hall. >> reporter: she visited the sites and talked about her follow-up back, "juno valentine
4:16 pm
and thea fantastic fion adventure." >> it's about getting ready for the school picture which is always like -- i remember the schoolct pie it was so vesful like growing up, like what are you going to wear, and so now she's gettin t dressed for school picture and has a little bit of help from some famous heroes likewhether it's audrey hepbn and michelle obama and so many others. >> reporter: chen was raised in new york, always loved books hich gave her an escape and inspiration. >> i never grew up thinking that i couldn't be the president or i couldn't be an astronaut, and i think young people need to be told that, and so that was the reason for why i wrote the book, for my daughter and my son to feel like theorld is theirs to chen. >> reporter: chen knew she wanted to write children's books but took several detours on her there. she was pre-med at john's hopkins university, worked at a law firm for a bit and moent st of her career working for fashion magazine. in 2015 chen became instagram's
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first head of fashion's partnership. she now has more than 1 million followers and her own #evachenpose. >>ghe most important thinhen it comes to influence is really authenticity and just being yourself and not being afraid to have a voice and take a stand. i think the most successful influencers are ones who are nareally ral. chrissy teigen is like my favorite because she literally is like herself. >> reporter: but you don't hve be a mold or celebrity to be an influencer. >> if you said like this is the best lunch box, you as a mom hree, no matter how many followers you have, i literally would be i take this recommendation seriously because it's like she knows. >> reporter: chen says everyone has a voice on instagr and it's not about just getting the mostikes. it serves as a platform for people from all walks of life to make connections and an impact. >> i think that's one of the if most beaut things about instagram is that it can help you big empathy for other people
4:18 pm
and what they are going through dspecially when people talk about things whether it's mental health or climate charges whatever is important to them. it's a platform to bring people together. >> and if you would like to get a cope of eva chen's new book, it comes out in october. sorry, eva. right now we don't need a fashion influencer. we need a weather influence. need some kind of something to influence us in a cooler direction around here. >> i mean, it's so hot outside, it's dangerously hospital events aree etting cancelled over th weekend, and i think that's a good idea.t just geng record if there's a 5k in crystal city that's cancelled because of heat hand humidity making it not just uncomfortable but dangerous at times. check it out. here are the weather alerts for the weekend. again, we're under an excessive heat warning tonight until 9:00. er have a repeat tomorrow of the weather al another excessive heat warning for your saturday this. begins at 11:00 a.m. and runs until 9:00 p.m. all of theounties shaded here
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in pink are under this excessive heat warning and then we look te sunday and w have an excessive heat watch in effect for the national weather service n.effect from11 00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on sunday. what's the difference between a watch advisory and a warning? so watch means that we're th monitoring situation, and that's the case on sunday. we're monitoring just how bad t t heat is going tobe. is it going to be a heat advisory which means it's a moderate threat, that the event is happening, ore will it b a more serious heat warning which means it's a high threat, and we do have that serious heat warning fe ef tomorrow for your saturday, and here's why. i mean, 8:00 a.m. we're starting off the dke already feeling li 95 degrees out there. by lunchtime, look at these feels-like temperatures. 110 in washington, gaithersburg, annapolis, baltimore, close to 110. just about everywhere else o e map. it gets worse as we head on into the afternoon hours with the heat index approaching 115 degrees in some locations.
4:20 pm
even tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., it's still feeling close to 110 degrees across the area. look at sock p.0010:.m. in washington. maybe you're heading down to the monument to check out the apollo festivities down there. it's feeling like 100 degrees. elsewhere,ing temperatures feel like they are in the mid to upper 90s. tomorrow if we hit 100 for our daytime high, it wilfbe the st time at reagan national since august of 2016. here's the thing though. we're not really setting any records, daytime highs. it's just the humidity is so bad on top of already hot weather, that's where it becomes dangerous. as you're walking the dog this weekend, keep in mindothow the asphalt gets. 87 degrees means the asphalt temperature is at w3, soen we're at 100 degrees, that asphalt is just unsafe. put the top of your hand on theh surface t the dog is walking on. if you can't keep it there for seven seconds, too hot for your
4:21 pm
doggie. we're in weather alert mode the entire weekend. maybe an isolated storm tomorrow. a better chance for hit-and-miss storms on suny and it's really all about the heat. look at monday, guys. i'm watching monday. we could maybe still be under a heat advisory. i'm going to have much more on the extended forecast coming up at 4:45. >> i would like to think that a monday has 7 in those numbers at the beginning, 70 and at night, that's what i'm looking at. >> look at 93 on monday.ti s no relief. >> i'm looking for the carrot, not the whole stick. >> thanks,melia. that heat didn't stop a lot of folks from doing some good. we want to thank everyone outth re who came out yesterday for our backpack for kids' drive. we collected more than 300 backpacks an supplies. thanks to whole foods and members of the community for donating. we appreciate you all. if you didn't have a chance to t stop by yeerday, don't worry. u can learn more and donate still >> great. people are so generous. >> got some good folks out there
4:22 pm
watching. >> yes, indeed. >> coming up on "news at 4:00," why the frndly skies may getting better for passengers middle the dreaded seat. >> and the four exercises you can do on the go to keep your family fit this summer. >> and back to school. we're meeting d.c.'s newest high school graduate who is teaching her classmates a thing or two. >> age does not matter if you >> age does not matter if you want i switched from dodge.
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tow a middle seat on airplanes makeover is now on the way. tv faa has app a landmark seat called the f1. the f1 moves the middle seat a fewnches lowerthan and back from the aisle and the window see. it's also about three inches wider than those other sees m whicheans you can spread your arms and shoulders and thighs and elbows a little bit easier, and an unesclosed u.s. airlin will be putting these on planes by the end of 2020, so stay tuned. >> i like the idea of wider. that sounds good. >> yeah. >> we'll see how it goes. >> this busy t summervel season is well under way, and
4:26 pm
the news 4 i-team is working to keep you safed as you hea the airport with a special series. they are calling it flyer beware. already this year we've dozens of local people stop and charged for trying to bring a gun on board. that leads to scares and possible delays in the security line when that happe ls. onedoun county traveller who atked the i-team to not reveal hissoid said th he simply forgot that the weapon was in his backpack.o what went thrh your mind when the tsa officer said over >>her? giant freeze and everything stops in the assembly line of security. the red line siren is going on over the x-ray unit. >> that's aig oops and a bad one. >> coming up monday on "news 4 at 4:00," we'll show you what happens next in most of these cases. the most coon excuseseard by the tsa, plus the proper way to travel by air if you are carrying a gun. a .c. grandmother proving it's never too late to go back tol. schoo today lula thomas finally got
4:27 pm
her high school diploma. she's 71. thomas had to drop out of school in seventh grade to do farm work and to support her family, but over the years she always felt like son was missing out an education, so that's why she went back to school at the goodwill excel center, and today she got to walk across the stage. >> i want them to know no matter how old you are, if you ha io determinat you're determined that you will do this, you will do this. >> her teachers say she was one of the hardest working students they have ever had. she always showed up to the optional review sessions to get as much help asiposble. >> way to go grandma. show the whippersnappers how to do io how t get it done. >> congratulations, lula thomas. >> it's hot out there and downright sizzling and the weekend is bringing the worst of the heat and humidity. >> still the impact on your health with allof this stuff.
4:28 pm
a check on the dangers to look tut for. >> plus, a waer warning, the toxic plant that's growing in a popular virginia lake. >> she injected her 5-year-old l severely disa son with her own blood. she said to get doctors to pay attention. tonight she's learned her faan, we are learning more about this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching.
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right now at 4:30, storm
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team 4 tracking a summer scorcher. >> temperatures reaching the 90s today and we could reach 100 tomorrow. >> let's get back to amelia in e storm center. amelia, is what -- what is it going to feel like tonight if we're talkingbout heat indexes closer to 110 tomorrow. >> well, this evening, it will feel like over 100n degrees ul 9:00 p.m., and even as we move towards 11:00 tonight it will feel about 90 to 95egrees out there. just really no relief in sight, and it's not just us but most of trhe couny. look at the heat index here. 110 in kansas city, 102own in savannah. her's the humidityevel. leon was looking for awecarrot. ll, there it is, wednesday and thursday when it f finallyeels comfortable. i'm goingmoo have though on storms that bring this welcome relief coming up. >> i'm erika gonzalez in the newsroom. if you're just joining us at y 430, let's g caught up
4:32 pm
with four things you need to know. police are trying to track down the person who shot and killed an 11-yearld boy in the district them. say it all appeared to start with an argument inside a bp gas station atma alaba avenue and naylor road southeast and investigators say karon brown rb had been nea and wound up getting into a car when he was shot. police believe that vehicle may have been targeted. breaking news. the british foreign secretary says iran hs seized a second vessel in the strait of hofrmz. one is a british-flagged ship and e ear is a librarian vessel. they are both oil tankers. one say one violated international rules, and the british government is trying to get the ships and cruise released. president trump is renewing attacks on minority congresswomen. supporters chanted send her back in reference to representative ilhan omar at a real wedne today mr. trump called the crowd patriots. a reporter asked why the
4:33 pm
president would criticize the united states and the congresswomen couldn't? he didn't give a straight answer to that. for the next two nits, the air and space museum willbr celeate the first moon landing. it'sosting a special program called apollo 50go for the moon. the show willcombine projections and footage from the apollo 11 mission which will be shown n large videoscreens near the washington the firshow is tonight at 9:30. leon, back over to you. >> going to be quite a show. t >> yes,will. >> we'll watching it. all right. now only on news 4, a localmo er who injected her greatly ill son with her own blood is going to stay behind bars. a judge callg what thisoman did, quote, a betrayal of her maternal rn e. northirginia bureau chief julie carey has the evidence that caught this woman in the act. >> reporter: this hidden camera video finally helped doctors figure out what was happening to a very ill 5-year-old severely disabled patient.
4:34 pm
his own mother, elizabeth malone, was putting her blood into hospital syringes and injecting it into her son's tubes leading to dangerous infection. when malone was arrested charged with child abuse, she insisted to detectives she meant no harm. she was just trying to get doctors to be more responsive. >> i didn't want to intentionally cause him harm. i know i did. i know i did, but i want to see my cldren again. >> reporter: today at her sentencing she pleaded with the judge to set her free saying i'm not amonster. i'm not an evil woman. i love my children. i never meant to harm him. malone's drnfense atto asked that she be released from jail today pointing out she's already served 15 months telling the judge she needs mental health treernlgts not incarceration but prosecutorake a different view calling malone's actions horrific, arguing for even more time than the 15 months she's already spent behind bars. >> most children look to their mother for a hug, for comfort, an this mother brought nothing
4:35 pm
but pain on this poor child. >> repoer: the judge's decision marks lone will serve a total of three years with two years of probation after that. her husband who is now seeking a divorce tells me he would have liked to seeen an ev stiffer sentence, but he says te little boy has improved so much since his mom was jailed he's now even attending school. in fairfaxnt cou, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> a warning for you and your family if you're headed to the wer this weekend. the virginia department of health has reported a harmful algae bloom advisory for lake ana. the areas of concern are in the north ana part of the lake. contact with the water could cause diarrhea, sin rashes and vomiting. the hot weather is likely to blame. warm wart mixes with nutrients that allows t algae to grow. >> we're work for you in the community this morning -- this afternoon i should say with another way to help you beat the heat out there.
4:36 pm
>> news 4's mollette green spent the morning at thee boice rink. she has what you need to know before getting on the ice. >> we're looking at synch skaters here at the ice arena. this is looking good. to beat or everybody the heat. get on the ice. we'll hear about how everybody can takeedvantage of th ice on these super hot, hot days. kristine? >> absolutely. it's 60 deges here at bowie ice arena all day can you come in, a public session, sign up forummer camp, group sessions, dog and children, hoggy and figure skating, something for everyone. >> i love the hockey players, ans look, somebody a young as 4 all the way up to 72 taking advantage. of the i >> absolutely. again, we have something for every level of skater so please come out and join us. get out of sunnd get out of heat and stay cool at bowie ice
4:37 pm
arena. >> i love it. not just for the p hockeyyers or figure skaters. everyone can take advantage of this. four things you need to know. the skate in the shade days arep coming uext week on tuesday and thursday, absolutely free. can you learn to skate. they have lessons and summer camp and discounts for those folks who liven bowie. this is a great way to bite the what? >> heat. >> reporter: to beat the heat on the ice. >> i can't ice skate, but i'm inklein to go out and try. >> i'll go out there and lay down and take a nap. >> why bother to skate. you can lie down and stay cool. looks like a lot of fun. >> it's move trailer that's taking over your social media feed. >> still ahead why so ony e are talking about "cats" and not necessarily in a good way. >> and we're wouring for yo weekend. tommy mcfly h four fun events for the whole family.
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in as little as 30 minutes. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now. ♪ find out how much ♪ at if you're looking for something to do this weekend, tommy mcfly has you covered. he's in the know about everything happening in the dmv. >> that's why he's so psyched to help launch this new segment that we've been doing "the scene." he's been out there looking for night gs to do from life to the fun activities outside. here now is tommy with the weekend scene >> i don't need to brag but this weekend's scene is out of this world. i'm tommy mcflyen we've bealking all week long
4:41 pm
about the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing, and the fun continues on saturday. tomorrow night air and space museum a free late night eagle has landed night. starts at 8:00 with tria, music, fun, exhibits,he and t will time out to the minute and rebroadcast the actual lunar landing and first sts on the moon. plus, at 1:00 m. there's a spacesuit fashion show, whatevea t is. vegans to carnivores, everyone in between is welcome to the shrub life festival this weekend in northwest d.c. the organizers promise they will give you incredible tips and tips about howea to l a more holistic life-style and th are whipping up plant-based dtshes thaill make meat lovers don't forget national hard ice cream day. i'm a mintuy chocolate chip g
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myself. you've been wanchlrned. celebrate on sunday. check out "the scene" pagen o the nbc washington app. schools are open a little later this weekened a perfectly wonderful, drivable beach destinations for you to get away for the day. just search "the scene" on the nbc washington app. i'm tommy mcfly. news 4. >> still haheadere on news 4, thereat and you health. we're working for you with a warning from doctors at temperatures rise. >> but first our summe brain drain series continues. doreen is back with four ways to keep your kids fit over the summer.
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4:44 pm
dangerous heat is in the forecast again toatrrow. the nnal weather service already issued an excessive heat warning from 11:00 rahm to 9:00 p.m. on your saturdayi' going to let you know when we finally see this dangerous heat exit or area and what that
4:45 pm
means for your storm outlook coming up in about five minutes. >> thanks, amelia. >> if someone needs family vacations and backyard barbecues and all, but if you're not watching what you eat, it can backfire. takes a toll on your health and your waist line. >> that's true. news 4's doreen gentzler caps off our series as a family to keep you om putting eals to go n summer vacation anddd aing more screen time, and sometimes a few hours of sleep. you can derail your dichild's et. we talked with a personalra ter, a mother of three, to show us four easyes exercisyou can do with your kid to try to stay active and healthy all summer long. >> we kind of go out of our regular routines and sleeping properly. eating whatever we see. >> summertime is the perfect time to relax and unwind, but if you're not careful the change in schedules can wreak half okay on
4:46 pm
your family's health. a new studds fin that children are more likely to gain weight during summer break. tresearchers say i happens when kids fill up on sugary drinksan carbs and cut back on their fruits and vegetables. this personal trainer and the owner of breakaway fitness in mcclean, virginia. >> when kids are on summer break it's hard to have activities especially with working parents. we need to set aside time for summer activities, at least an hour a day for children. >> she encourages her clients to work out together as afa mily and shows some easy exercises to do from the comfort of your own home and even in a hotel room on tcation andhey don't require any machinery. >> step out, go slow, keep your hips down, stepn. i up. you can do this anywhere at any time. >> another exercise is a simple push-up with a shoulder tap.
4:47 pm
she demonstrated this with her gordon-old son i'm working my core. yo will bows in. chest right to the bench, okay. whatever you have. you have a bed, a chair, something. >> your family can also try a three-way lunge with a squat or a wall sit. both work the lower body. >> he wego again. side,e, sid back, back, and then hit the squat. >> to make this more challenging add weight. lean against the wall and you'la a 90-degree bend in your knees. try to keep your elbows and arms as close to the wall as possible, and you're goingo reach up and try to touch your hands together and keeping your arms as close to the wall as possible. it's way harder than it looks, but you'll really feel a good stretch in ur upper back and shoulders. >> and for 10 to 15 reps of each
4:48 pm
exercise, four times each, the best advice, set aside time each day for family bikes and bike rides to h everybody burn off energy and calories. >> because children need time to move and be active, and if you canheo that with tm, it's a win-win for everybody. >> studies show tt children and teenageca consume morefo junk od sitting in front of a screen an that's why staying active is important. from diet aerse to sleep schedules and educational tools that can helpkids stay mentally sharp, you can look backt our week long series on preventing summer brain drain. we posted all ofurtories on our website and on our app. >> it's all good stuff. >> those kids were very cooperative. i don't know if you would have such success with teenagers getting them to do some exercises. >> probably not, but for older kids, you know, bike rides, swim team is great, and there's lots of recreational sports activities in our communities that dlo't cost of money
4:49 pm
to get your kids involved in. >> you do that with them and turn into a family life-style thing. >> and we forget how important we as parents are in setting examples for ourkids when i comes to fitness. >> love the series, doreen. it's been great. >> check it out online, folks. good stuff. >> thanks, doreen. turning now to the weather, and we need to practice saying the wood cool, cool. >> cool. >> if we think it will happen. >> well, i think the thing iswe can probably save as much as we want to but it's not really going to feel really comfortable around here until tuesday. we have dangerous heat in the forecast. over this weekend satury as well as sunday.ce tainly going to be cool inside, i think, making plans indoors this weekend is the way to go. if you'rel, at the poo remember, you still need to high drape. i think sometimes you lose sig of how much you and the kids might be losing water because you're feeling refreshed in the water. here's a look at your weather anadlines. again, drously hot in the
4:50 pm
weekend. that's why we're in weather alert mode and will remain there until sunday evening. tomorrow it's mainly dry, but on sunday you'll have a 30% chance for some late day thunderstorms. a better chance though on monday and now even on tuesday, and you'll notice your ird weather headline here, watching monday for heat hand thunolrstorms. a c front is going to move through, but it might not move through until early tuesday. it what that means, it could be a little b hotter, and we might see maybe a heat advisory out there in some low chases on monday. regardless it's still going to be muggy on your monday. righ now 93 degrees outside and it feels like 104. we have that southerly wind pumping moist warm air into the region, and it's going to stay hot saturday and sunday, as i've said. with that an excessive heat warning is in effect until 9:00 p.m. tonight and anve excessi heat warning for tomorrow and an excessive heat watch is in effect for sdaday. sun we're either under a heat advisory or another serious
4:51 pm
excessive heat warning. you just need to take this heat seriously as it is feels like 100 degrees or higher during thn afn and evening hours. right now, saturday and sunday, here's your planner for saturday, but i want to let you know it's pretty much a repeat performance out there on sunday. a better chance of a late-day thunderstorm, but starting off the day tomorrow it's already feeling like 90 degrees with the thermoster reading 81. if actually hit 100 tomorrow it will be the first time that we've done this at reagan national since august of 2016, k but looat the feels-like temperature. tomorrow is feeling about 110. thebout 110 to even 115 at 4:00 in the afternoon, and i know so many people have evening events going on, whethert's saturday or sunday.h ghts at 7:00 p.m., it's still feeling like 1 10 so if yu have an outdoor concert or barbecue, there's really not much relief there. the heat index around 113 and
4:52 pm
monday around 102. monday is ou transition day. it's still muggy and hot. it is not dangerously hot. it's uncomfortable. lower humidity and dangerous showers and thunderstorms during the first half of the day. nice, we'll stay relatively speaking on wedsesday. >> i 60s there, my goodness. >> overnight lows, nice and comfortable. >> a nice rebound from all this heat. thanks, ameola. >> need to talk about this "cats" movie trailer. love it or hate it, and there's a lot of silks on both es this. musical being converted into a move now. likely going to be a big hit at the box office. >> and we've gke to ta our first look at the trail we are stars like james cordon, taylor swift, judi dench and jennifer hudson morphing into fee lines on screen. ♪ ♪ all aloth with e memory >> okay, so there's a little taste of the trailer, and people have been poking fun at it on
4:53 pm
socialmedia. >> yeah. >> but a lot of folks say they will go see this thing and it will get turned into a movie this christmas. >> did you see much of it? >> i got throu 40 seconds. >> and what was it that bothered you? creepy.tle also, can't explain why some of these guys are wearing pants and clothes and otrs are butt naked. >> it's just all mixed up. i don't know. >> erika, help. >>ndris alba, two words. he could read my bank statements and would i find it fascinating. that about it so i'll watch. >> what's coming up? >> ahead at 5:00, the space program marking a major yelestone. it's been 50 s since it put a man on the moon. coming up we're going to meet the man who helped us actually seeit happen. plus, she may not look it, but this woman is old eugh to be grandmother to some of her
4:54 pm
classmates. aimee cho with the story of why she went back to school to get her high school diplomas, and the small town city i should say making big headlines and a al controversiush to be inclusive. we'll see you with those stories and a whole lot more coming up next at 5:00. >> all right. you got it, eri you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks...ts ...and mom also ge a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. f and iteels even better when you find them for less. ross. yes for less.
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4:57 pm
sweepiacross our area and the u.s., a warning frequents pertsg about keepool and safe. heat-related illnesses are not only dangerous, they can be deadly. former nfl player mitch petrick passed away last nit after heat stroke after reportedly working out outside all day. nbc's sarah dolov reports. >> i feel like i'm sitting in a sauna. >> reporter: signs of heat-related he exhaustion can include lethargy, nausea. >> may b no longer sweating and may be unresponsive and those individualseed to seek medical attention promptly. >> reporter: drink lots of fluid and stayin air conditioned build federal government possible and ta cool showers or baths, and if kids want to
4:58 pm
play in the water, test the temperature first. >> it's important to bleed that hose. if you have a kiddie pool sitting outside, it's really important to check the temperature before you allow the kids to go in. reporter: cars carry hidden dangers in the heat. metal seat belt buckles can cause serio burns and leaving kids inside can be deadly. the national highway transportation safety administration releasing this new video. >> if a child is unresponsive do whatever it takes to get them out safely. >> reporter: record heat raising the risk for injury and ill tss across country. right now at 5:00, a weather alert as the regionakes under a wave of dangerous heat. >> it's already uncomfortably hot out there, and it's going to get woexe over thecouple of days. >> let's head over to amelia draper in the storm center. amelia? >> right now, pat, we remain under an excessive heat warning until 9:00 tonight. that means it will feel like
4:59 pm
we're at 100 degrees or hotter until 9:00 p.m., but little relief moves in overnight tonight with temperatures staying in the upper 70s to low 80s for lows. check it out. here's that excessive heat warning that's in effect. now, tomorrow we'reki loo at another excessive heat warning that will run from t 11:00 9:00 . am watch has already i beenssued for sunday as i continue to an trackrous heat in the forecast, not just tomorrow but throughout the entire weekend. right now we're up to 95 degrees. by 7:00 p.m. we'll be at 94, but look at your feels-like temperatures throughout the evening hours. if you're getting out on your friday night. when i say there's no relief in sight. 9:00 p.m. 100 degrees and by 11:00 p.m. it feels like 959 degrees out there and with a thermometer reading of7. 9 heat advisories right on your phone. app oad the nbc washingt
5:00 pm
and set weather as your home page. >>anwhile, police are trying to find a person who gunned down an 11-year-old boy. >> he was shot and killed at a gas station in southeast washington last night. karon brown was with his older broth when the shots were fired. they both ran in opposite directions. >> we've got live team coverage on this story. we begin with news 4's derrick ward who spoke with the boy's father. derrick? >> reporter: actually, we spoke with his mother, and as you can imagine this is a tough time for that family and for the people who new karon, his young classmates behind us at the stanton school, one of the places that he loved and now she's trying to come to terms o with the l of her youngest child. you know, it's never easy to talk to a mother inmourning. you took a lot away from us. >> reporter: a mother's message to the person who killed her youngest son, 11-year-old karon brown. police believe this is the gunman, that's a still frame


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