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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 19, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the workweek is comingto an end. we made it to friday but d.c.'s heat wave contimoes. good ning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we are in for another round of stifling hot temperatures today. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at our first 4 traffic. but let's set totorm team 4 chuck bell and look at the forecast. another weather alert. >> sure is. even aaron and i didn't bother to put a tie on this morning because it's too hot for neck wear today! honestly, it's hawaiian shirt at the sation but was he dent want to go all in with the hawaii shirt. if you got one, today is a great day to wear it. loose fitting and light colored clothing is in fashion today and the weekend.ur temperates in the 70s in the suburbs but 80 downtown and 82 in marynd in annapolis.
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a hot one today. heat index up near 105. dog walking weather? look at cute little apache only 5month-old and would be a great addition to your family and apache would appreciate-c airnditioning this morning. go to humane dog rescue alliance for adoption of apache. it wouldn'ecommend dog walking today. it's just going to be too hot. >> we can't hear melissa but we will get back to her on your first 4 traffic. breaking news right now. d.c. police are looking for this man. they believe this man is the suspect in a deadly shooting of an 11-year-old kron brown. >> detectives believe a traffic argument led to the shooting near the o intersection naylor
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road andlabama avenue last night. jummy olabanji is here with more from the live disk. >> reporter: a senseless tragedy. is is what we know about the shooting righ now. it happened right near the intersection not far fwaym a safeway suspect. brown was in a car with someone when an argument erupted and group of people and multiple shots red in the car that brown was sitting in and he was hit and he was driven to a fire station in prince george's county, taken to the hospital where he later died. d.c. police right now are asking residents in that area to review surveillance footage. >> we are asking residents who live in this area, if you have video cameras, we know there are a lot of places in the aea that have video cameras, please review those cameras in the area of between9, 6:44 andaybe 7 minutes after 7:00 and weant
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to review those cameras for a group of five young men that are in that camera footage. >> this is the unimagine we have from police right w. you see the suspect in the case not wearing a shirt. pretty distinctive. if you see anything, give the d.c. police a call and help them track down the person who ok the life of an 11-year-d boy. the shooting happened almost a year after the shooting death of wilson. this murder comes two days after the annersary of makia wilson's death. the 10-year-old killed was last july steps from her northeast d.c. home. police say rival gangs fired more than 70 shots into the courtyard where she was standeog. eight pe have been charged in her death to this point. makia's family told us this week they have started a foundation to put an end to this violence.
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see more about that story your nbc washington app. two people were remembered in a crash earlier this month when they were sitting on a park banch when a vehicle lost control and crashed into hem. police have not identified the ictims but news4 spoke to the man who said he knew one of them and was sitting on that same bench an hour before the crash. >> i cheated death,i didn't but you know what they always say? people have to dodge -- >> it's still early but investigators say spee may have ben a factor. police are still waiti on blood tests before deciding whether the driver will face any charges. this week's weather isn't to be taken lightly. two d.c. firefighters had to be taken to the hospital with heat-related illness. >> it's believed an overheated
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circuit caused flahos in this . two additional firefighters were transpornd with mior injuries. here is a look at our other top stories this morning. thomas has been charged with the murder of zoy spears, the transgender woman killed more than month ago prince george's county. police say doorbell footage camera helped them catch thomas. roller coaster right in six fl america had to wait in thewa hot sing for hours to be rescued. no one was hurt. news4 confirmed through sources closto the negotiation that the plan to build a 4 million logistics center in prince george's county is moving forward and it will be located in upperrl maro. it's suspected to be an amazon
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facility. the keedy center announced its 2019 class of honorees. it include linda ronstadt and earth windnd fire. ♪ ♪ >> a classic. the ceremony will be held in december also on the list is actress sally field. sesame street will be honored and along with conductor michael tilson thomas. the presenters and performers are usually k t secret until the show. usually it's an all-star cast always. it's a huge honor. you bring the celebrities here to d.c. it was one of the longest running shows in broadwayy histornd now "cats" has been a made into movie. >> the trail was released online yesterday and let's say some peopleboad some thought it. ♪
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>> are you watching this? >> is that jennifer hudson? >> it is. taylor swift is in in. >> the trailer was shared a hundred thousands of in the hours it rah released and caused a stir on twitter. some loved it. others not so much. some people said it made the actress to look like animals were horrifying. a lot of people thougs the ge version was pretty weird looking too. >> that is something you have to know it's little weird. >> a lot of people were excited. the movie stars taylor swift and james corbin and jennifer hudson. >> it's better when you can recognize yourself. >> i couldn't tell. >> with all of the costumes i don't know wwh is o. full disosure. i've not seen "cats" on stage.
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elcome back. it's 4: s0. ome of the deadliest and most common cancers are not tting enough funding, according to researchers from northwest university. the studies in colon, liver, ovarian, pancreatic and lung cancers are all underfun and this could possibly impact research and drug development. really those are thees you hear about that have such difficult r>sults. >>istening to music could calm your nerves before surgery. >> a new study suggests that mus may work as well as
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antianxiety drugs. researchers at the university of thnnsylvania looked at two group. e first received a sedative. the secd listened to relaxingmu ic before undergoing a nerve block. researchers found changesin patients' anxiety levels were similar in both groups. however the music did make it more difficult for doctors and patients to communicate. we have been talking about how hot this smer has felt. here is something to put thing into perspective. experts now say last month was the hottest june on record. is that right, chuck bell? >> sure is. >> you're the expert. >>isure >> 1.7 degrees warmer than the 20th century average. july is excted to also set new record. which doesn't surprise me considering the last stretch of days we have had. this is insane. our whole planet is cooking, right, chuck? >> sure is. globally. not just in the united states but globally june was the hottest month of june on reco and july is shaping up top the all-time record winner.
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car washing forecast? go for it! don't forget to hose yourself because that is the best way to stay cool this weekend. good friday rning. how to avoid your kids avoid summer brain drain. summer ans fun and backyard barbecues. >> when kid are home for summer break, it's kind of hard to have so many activities, especially with workin g
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welcome back. expect this week's extreme heat
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to carry into anotherday. the feels like temperatures have been in the triple digits now for several days.le peopooling off in the pool here at the silver spring ymca. we are in weather alert mode. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will join us in a few minutes with how high temperatures will go for today and this week. president trump's feud with cratic congresswomen is not ending any time soon. >> it started with a weekend tweet and carried into a rally on wednesday night in north carolina. >> send her back! accept send her back! send her back! >> president trump mentioned congresswoman ilhan omar. the president tried to distance
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himself from the chant saying after it started he speak quickly to quiet everyone down. >> now when o congresswomanr returned to her district in minnesota last night, she was greeted with a big crowd. u can hear that. they chanted welcome home ilhan. tracie potts is joining us live from capitol hill. the presidentoesn't seem to be doing much to end this week he felt he was "winning it" to fire up his base. >> reporter: right now. now he is distancing himself nrom his base and those chants that happened o wednesday night. the pedsident said he disagre with it. he didn't like yes, he d say that he tried to talk faster when the chanting started but that is nothat the video shows. the video shows he paused 13 second as the chants played out! now he is on defense and separating himself from some of his staunchest supporte with
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the fallout of this continuing for days now. what about those four congresswomen at th center of this? gat impact is it havin on m? the >> they are speaking out live ond some are crned and they are getting death threats and we saw the reception for congresswoman omar and she says she is a the president's worst night nair because she is a somalia refuge and made it to congress. a big debate back and forth whether the chants were appropriate. there is a split among some of them saying that the president went too far. >> tracie potts live for us on capitol hill, thank you. this rning, we know more about the burial plans for former supreme court justice john paul steve who passed away this week after a stroke. his lady will lie in repose this coming mondaynd public is invited to pay respects fror th
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following times. justice stevens rnired i 2010 after 34 1/2 years on the court. ll> people across d.c.also have a chance to payal their fin respects to former d.c. council chair sterling tucker who will lie in re tose at washington building on pennsylvania avenue next tuesday. people with kay their respects from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tucker was a civil rights activist and first elected chairn of the d.c. council in 1974. he died at 94 years old. a new push to criminalize marijuana in virginia. decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and throw out past convictions for simple possessions and move to legalize recreational use. >> i do think this is something that a majority of virginians support and would like,le at recent polling indicates that is the case. so this may be a situation in
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which thelegislators are a little bit behind where their co this tim are. jummy olabanji joins us from the newsroom. summer goes by so fast. guess people expect to spend more than ever this year? >> even students expected to or spend mthan ever this year. for young kid and even teenager $70ll be spent and more if you're college bound. ths year as in recent years, it's not all about those pencils and books and notebooks. it's about the electronics. for the first time ever, more moneyis expected to be spent on things like smartphones and da than computers. amazon, walmart, target are
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offering deals. cost is expectedsto go up a the first day of classes gets closer. now according to recent survey, 50% of all parents are starting to get that shopping done. i hope that includes you. >> i have done a little bit of ack-to-school shopping. >> real? >> i saw a couple of sales. >> that is the way to do it. >> thank you so much, jummy. it feels like 110 degrees. do you feel it? >> i could. >> right, it could. today and over the weekend and that heat is takng an extra toll on metro rider. >> thecooling centers at the dupont station have not been fixed and broken for years now. fans are o putthe platforms as sort of a substitute. >> just feel like you're wearing a plastic bag all over. >> i expect it and try to dress for it. and i definitely expect the metrotation to be hot and muggy. >> right now on the nbc washington app, you can find a
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map of all the local pools and splash sparks where you can cool off. good luck. pool and >> i think it is helpful, chuck, and we collectively warn people. if you know it's going to be feel bad and you know you have to be ready. you kind of prepare yourself before you head >> the long-range computer models ten days ago were advertising this extreme heat waive comi wav coming this week. you have to deal with it no mono. >> a whole lot of sitting aroung doing nothiver the week as hur heat wave crests over the course your saturday. another day in the 90s. nine in a row and 27 so far this year.
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there is the record high minimur for tomor and sunday. if we don't get below 82 degrees, it will tie the record high for miramum tempeures. these are the afternoon records. of all weekends to try and break a record high temperature that will not happen at national airport at all. 106 is the eall-t record high temperature at national. that dates back to 1930 and alsl inmore high of 102. of all these record, the one that has the best chance of getting broken is this record m limum for -- record high minimum rather for dullesai ort and this record high tomorrow is reachable. i don't think be wille near 06 for a air temperature. heat index is another story. excessive heat watch today and tomorrow and from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00p.m. as heat indices could
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be extreme. no rain to worry about and most rain to cool you down. here northbound at the democracy right lane blocked by work zone at 27northbound. nothing in the southbound lanes this morning. 66 and 95 no big issues on either roadway. if you're a babe fan you know nothing quiteike catching a home run ball, right? watch what happened at thi game between the astros and angels
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last night. a man was sittaug when het a homer that landed in the stand. he then handed it over to his son who tnew it back o the field! then he threw e kid on -- >> no, he did not. ah! >> the story has a happy ending. another fan ended up returning the ball t the father and son. dad had to explain it. you want to hang on to that. >> you know what? good for the little boy. oesn't ks the ball belong to me so i'll give it back to the game. >> do you think that is what he thought? >> what do you think he thought? >> i think he just threw the ball back. do little kid think that deeply? maybe. >> maybe not. >> now he knows to hang on to the ball now. before you know it, football season will be here! >> wow! >> before the skins jump on the field, they decided to recognize a local super fan for her dedication to the team.
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c carleith is 107 years old and a fan of the team. theartyeatured lots of singing and dancing and birthday cake. and gave her some fan gear. when asked to the secret to a long life, here is what she had to say. > try to live a life that is beneficial and that helpful to others, as well as to yourself. ♪ hail to the redskins >> that's right. hail! for life. the skins was present along witi larry hael, the invoices of the washington redskins, who helped herelebrate as well. congratulations and happy birthday. >> there is gold on the cake there too. >> she deserves diamonds at this rate. alligators are usually found down the south. this guy was captured in chicago. >> they found him! >> he is called chance, the
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snapper. after the chicago rapper. >> i like that. >> the good news is the gator was flown to florida an released in an alligator farm not too far from jacksonville where i'm sure he'll be more e comfortablan chicago. >> i'm glad is out of the park. >> those chicago winters could be rough. ahead at 5:00 on "news4 today," this was not day to get stuck in the sun. find out how some roller coaster rider were able to make it off this ride at six flags. >> a prince george's county community spent hours trying to stop a massive amazon warehouse coming to the more on the on made last night and what is ahead. that is all next on "news4 today."
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we are staying on of the breakings in this morning. an 11th-year-old boy was shot on naylor road in southeast washington and died a short time later. police released a picture after possible suspect late last night but so far, no arrests. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on this friday. we have been tracking the breaking news all nigh and have more moment. easement we are tracking another day of really dangerous heat in our region. a live look outside for you right now. 79 degrees outside our studio this morning. >> our melissa mollet has a eye on the roads for you in your first 4 affic but storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with a look at the forecast. >> upper 90s for the temperature but the heat index will be past 100 degrees and stay there most of the afternoon. a muggy start y tour friday morning. temperatures still now just droppg below 80 degrees for the first time through the


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