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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 18, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they also reewhed some n overtures among police department in that community. the arrest of gerardo koresh does doe thomas for the m of 23-year-old transgender woman zoebarnesll l nasleads to more questions. >> we still don't have any motor any of this case. he was very vague about his involvement i won't get to the interview andntrogation. however he does place himself oa the scene places himself there will with a shotgun. >> reporter: police say the lexington park resident was arrested at a job site in cecil county yesterday. this picture taken from surveillance video captured neither crime case helped break the case. the murder itself was caut on video and this van is a rental. distinctive features, the roof rack, the rims helpednhe
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identification. >> reporter: ashanti cameron, another transgender woman was e in d on eastern ave march and police at this point say they are not ready to establish a connecti to the two deaths. >> i can tell you the two of them knew each other and we spoke to zoe about ashanti's murder. >> reporter: there's a concerted effort now in the area to reach out to the unlbgtq commy and the sex workers in the area. >> what can we do as a community to help the young ladies out cahere doing this, bee if you're out here doing this work, you're really in survival mode. >> reporter: they also wanted to get the pictmie of the van out there to jog anyone's memories to see if someone in the neighborhood may have seen it before or after the june 13th murder. indeed, that's an important aspect o this because they are still questioning the suspect, and they say they want to know if anybody in the neighborhood had seen this van before or
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after or if they were in any way familiar with it or the driver. rd, almer park, derrick news 4. >> derrick, thank you. all right. s turn now to the weather and the heatcking with us for the next few days. that's going to get downright dangerous over the weekend. >> meteorologist amelia draper kicks off the team coverage with our conditions. has it cooled off an amelia? >> really hasn't, pat. still talking about feels-like temperatures in the triple digits in some locations, andhe with t dangerous heat in the forecast tomorrow, the national weather service has already issued a heat advisory. this is going to begin at 11:00 a.m. at the morning and go until 9:00 at night. check it out. all the sountiesded in orange are under a heat advisory. right now leesburg is feeling 100 degrees. tomorrow it will be feeling worse area-wide throughout the day, especially during the afternoon hours. looking to the iweekend, this saturday and sunday. all of the counties here in red are under an excessive heat g
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watch an for both your saturday and your sunday, so i'm talking about dangerous heat tomorrow, saturday and sunday as wel over the weekened will feel anywhere from about 105 to maybe en close to 115 degrees at times. bottom line, you want to take it easy the next through days. right now we're at 92 degrees, nd as we head throughout the ss hour stniill feveelieng 9 5ng o degr there. 11:00 it's feeling about 88. coming up, i'll let you know when it will be the hottest and when you want to keep the kids indoors over the next few days. >> amelia, thank you. he hot weather is make commutes miserable, andit could also zap your car battery. >> transportation reporter adam tuss is live in dupont circle. i'm told we're going to learn something new. all right. have it, adam tuss. >> well, listen. what kind of service will we be providing unless we give you some new informatio every single day? and i'm here to tell you that your coca-cola is not just for drinking on days like this. check out the new trick that i
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just picked up today. what do a bottle of coke and the hot wet ver in common? turns out that this is good for dead car batteries. >> how come i don't know that? >> i learned it growing up in the country. >> reporter: it works all the time? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: soyou see that corrosion around there and need to get the greenish color off of tlat, that's exactly right. >> you pour a l bit of that on right there and it falls rght off snow know, what the car startedght up. the heat making the ride on metro less than comfortable. >> you just feel like you're wearing a plastic bag all over.: >> reporter that's terrible. >> horrific. >> reporter: hey, this is d.c. in july, after utall, b metro riders have been sweating it out for years at the dupontircle and fairgate north station while the cooling systems there still aren't fixed.
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fans on platformsel trying to hp battle the swampy feeling. >> i expected it. i tried to dress for it, and i definite t expected metro stations to be hot and muggy. >> this rider writes on twitter, metro rail info, why does my face look like they ever day at fairgate north? where's the air? it's bee four, yes, four years wiout air at that station. metro says it is making repairs and all cooling systems should be ready to go in less than a month. i also asked metro today about o their ban bottled water on days like this. they didn't say a flat out no suggesting that you could actually bring it here in the district because food and drink have been decriminalized here in the district, so there is that. meantime, everyone continues to bake out here ande make sat you have that bottle of coca-cola hasn't. i mean, who knew. who knew that that was the case. >> there you go. >> just in case. >> and we've learned so much
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from @scrumptiousity. >> a bigger facity has been proposed for the westphalia town there's a meeting still going on. how long has it been going. >> reporter: from 1:00ntil the evening, still dozens of people to hear from. this is a packedom hearing to my left here, and i can tell you that we have heard from dozens of people who live in the communy who have said in as many ways as possible this is not what theynnad pla for their neighborhood. >> i really doesn't want it. >> reporter: today the prince george's county planning board heard how residents feel about a re than 4 million square foot
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logistics center proposed for th westphalia i communityn upper marlboro. news 4 confirmed that the pject is a amazon fulfillment center > >thnisot hasee b infoaprmedn th the homeowners. we're very disappointed in this. >> reporter: the developer and its partners presented their plan showing the actual building and how it would both residents and planning board members expressed concern over the project looking like a huge warehouse. some likened the building to a prison because of all the obotics expected to fill the space. it's largely a windowless building. >> it's a community that left behind here after some people have gone, it's a community that stays here, that's invested here at we care about the most. >> understood. >> the developer is focused on is a hundred jobs the complex te will creand said it will not
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only be a tax generator but will spur the retail homeowners were promised as part of the velopment. having people come into the facility in the morning looking for food,re fast, and -- and grocery stores or in the evening when they leave or during the day, this provides a huge impetus and hopefully a catalyst to bring theve retail pment that the community hasthndicated ey want sooner rather than later. >> reporter: dozens of residents spoke in opposition to the project with only three letters of support coming from two county business organizations a the naacp. now, we have spoken with folks re who are telling me that they are going to stick here until the end of the night because they want to make sure they have an opportunity speak. there are plenty of residents here who are concerned about the
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council that changed the zoning to make this possible. i'm tracey wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracey. we have got seae brng news in the newsroom breaking right now. tensions between the u.s. and iran escalating once again. the "uss boxer," a navy amphibious asult ship, shot down an iranian drone over the strait of hormuz today. president trump said the navyo ship defensive action after the drone ignored multiple iwarnings. >>was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew. the drone was immediately destroyed. this is the latanst of m provocative and hostile actions by iran. >> this shootdown is yet another confrontation in the strategist strait of hormuz, some of the most critically watched waters in the world. the strait is off of iran and
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about 20% of the oil trade t passesough those waters. earlier today iran state-tv reported that iran seized a foreign oil tanker in the persian gulf. they say that 12 crew members oe board were mugling oil. pat, erika, back to you. >> leon,hank you. today president trump attempted to distance himself from the send her back chant thatup erd at a rally last night in north carolina. today the president says that he tried totop the chant and was the disappointed by it, but ten minutes after that chant broke out, he appeared to echo th remarks again. we'll let you take a listen to this. omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screeds. >> send her back! send her back! >> and tght i have a suggestion for the hate-filled extremists. if they don't like it. let them leave. let them leave. let them leave!
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>> reporter: the president has criticized the so-called squad for anti-american and anti-israel views. today congresswoman omar responded to what hapd last night saying the comments themselves are what is anti-american. >> e tell people that her in the united states disagreement is welcome and debate is welcome and especially in the people's house, all of our voices are uplifted and heard. >> omar is a somali refugee who movhe to the united states she was 12 sand a naturalized u.s. citizen. pat? >> in late 2016 the fbi believed then candidate donald trump was involved in a hush money scheme to an adult involving an adult porn star. the revelation comes from duments just unsealed in the michael cohen case on campaign finance feder investigators believe trump was involved in hiding
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payments to stormy daniels who claimed to have had an affairwi him. the documents show a series of text messages between cohen, trump, daniels' attorney and an executive link to the "national enquirer." the documents became public because a judge in theheco case disclosed that the prosecutors have finished their investigation. > still ahead at 5:00, transforming neighborhoods east oathe ostia. d.c. leaders celebrate a milestone for a new development in southeast. >> plus, financier jeff reepstein will stay in jail on sex trafficking charges. why the judge opted to keep him behind bars. >> and theews 4 i-team told you how problems with roadside drug tests can land cbd
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we're in storm team 4 weather alert mode for the
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extreme heat today. you can see the feels-like temperature is son the screen there in triple digits in some places. ht that's rig and all of this is going to get more dangerous as we head into the weekend. the colors there are not just amelia draper having fun with he map, she'sgoing to join us in four minutes to talk about howie is veer this is. all right. so it has been called the miracle molecule, cbd. many people use the products to treat everything from anxiety to arthritis. >> but earlier this year the news 4 i-team exposed tts tes police used to identify marijuana cannot distinguish it from cb which has landed some users in jail. >> jodi fleisher tells us about a possible solution and why police in our area aren't use it yet. >> from a store owner in fredericksburg, virginia, to a great grandmother in girl in
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k.orida. >> i was in shoc i didn't know what was going on. >> police around the country keep arresting users and sellers of hemp-derived cbd and is deved from the same plant used to create marijuana, and now it's very difficult for officers to tell whic i which without testing it in a lab. these field tests only detect cannabinoids so they testp ositive whether you're using either product. >> we saw people suspected of possessing the cannabis but it's actually just a hemp product. >> police have no way to differentiae between th two products. >> reporter: meet dr. michael
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bovens and news on a new test. similar to the old one but the samples will turn mostly blue if it's marijuana andink if it's hemp. >> bd resultswere close to ep100%. >> rorter: they found a company to manufacture the test. the news 4es i-team requted a shipment so we could try them out, too. the marijuana was the only thing to turn blue. all of the cbd products from gummies to flowers to dog treats turned pink. now the florida lab is also testing the swiss test. >> we want to take this product and put it through the wringer. >> reporter: like whether they hold up after sitting in a patrol car over time and in extreme hot or cold temperatures. >> everybody is eager to see if it works. >> reporter: that's because law
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enforcement agencies across florida have already ordered nearly 25,000 tests. >> we wanted to get ahead of the came. de reporter: chief constance stanley knows mand around the country will be high and wants to officers to be able distinguish pot from cbd. >> we don't want to put anyone who is innocent injail. >> the sheriff in her county even issued a legal bull tensa ying all current thc test kits must be disposed of and replaced with the new test kit. >> i think with the rey laws a changingin each state, this could blow up probably overnight. >> john wdheim quic signed on as a distributor when florida law changed in june making cbd products legal if they contained only trace amounts of cbd. it's the same law that virginia adopted mac in march, but to date there's no orders from the comme wealth. >> d tape in each state is difference. >> reporter: the head of thengineering told e i-team they are testing 0 of t swiss tests in the state lab to validate their accuracy. >> so that everyone would y
5:19 pm
understand,ou know, what it really can tell you and what it an't tell snow she's warned prosecutors and law enforcement about the old tests' limitations, but they are still the only ones her agency has approved for use. >> the regulations wouldeed to be altered to include the use of another test. >> reporter: which she says could happen in the coming weeks, but at this rate virgini law enforcemenmight have a bit of a wait. can you order these things fast nough? >> i can't. >> reporter: and he says thema nufacturer can't make them fast enough.po swisce thought they were developing a product just for themselves. they have been using it since last september. >> we're happy that the test is used successfully in other countries as well. c >> reporter:hris martinez says the results so far are positive. >> if this does prove to be true, i think honestly this is going to definitely help a lot of people stay out of jail. >> reporter: so when might we see thees swiss t in our area in the board that oversees the virginia department of forensic science meets next month and that's who needs to approve the
5:20 pm
change to officers in nrginia a begin ordering the swiss tests. jodi fleischman, news 4's i-team. >> thanks, jodi. if you would like to see more of the coverage on this issue or send them a tip on a sty, logon to nbc washington apps anr s investigations. turning now to the weather. amelia, today's all abou the heat and not heat mixed with storms for a change. >> yesterday we had vevy sere thunderstorms and today is the calm before weet back into the dangerous heat threshold and the heat is dangerous friday, saturday and sunday. we're in weather alert mode already. we'll be in weather alert mode through the weekend keeping you safe and checking out the weather headlines. esthe muggin is just oppressive, and that's what's making those temperatures just so dangerously hot. the heat and humidity combined together. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory for tomorrow. looking at the latest numbers though, i think that they may actually upgrade that to an excessive heat war for parts of the area. i also talked about the air
5:21 pm
quality being diminished likely when it gets this hot. theylso justssued that air quality alert, air quality alert meaning ' you young or old you want to take it easy but the heat out there is excuse enough to take it easy and then over the weend we have an excessive heat watch in effect. talking about a lot of advisories and warngs, what's the difference? here's the difference. a watch means that something could happen. so that excessive heat watch over the weekend means we could be dealing with dangerous heat and an advisory means it's happening and the risk level is aoderate situation. in our area a heat advisory does constitute dangerous heat for us here, what we're accustomed to dealing with. a excessive heat warning means it's a high-risk situation. everybody really needs to heed caution to the weather alert, and an emergency would be soething like what we saw a week ago with that flood emergency issued on monday. here's how hot it's feelingow tomot 8:00 a. i can't believe these numbers. mo's already feeling close to 90
5:22 pm
for of us at 8:00 a.m. lunchtime it's feeling anywhere rom 100 to 105 degrees out here.t 110 degrees for the feels-like temperature, and that's why i think we could see the upgrade to an a excessive heat warning out there. even tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., you're thinking the sun is starting to go down, a little bit of relief and maybe the kids can get outside and play. case.e still in that heat advisory criteria until about can the p.m., and we have that excessive at wdayat br utchvee oweth over. our temperatures remain , stiflingo if you don't have air conditioning, you don't get relief out there. something to be taken very . seriously up in one fatalities related to weather in the united states are actually heat-related, and here'the heat index over the weekend. tomorrow feeling about 110. this is worst case scenario, 1s n friday. saturdaye fing about 1 is15
5:23 pm
degrees and sunday 113 with then heat humidity. that mean you need to think about pets because the a phalt temperature is much greater than the air temperature. if you can put the top of your hands wa the si, if you can't keep it there for seven seconds, it's too hot for your dog. 100 on saturday and 99 on sunday and maybe some thunderstorms later sunday. on monday thunderstorms are likely. i'm going tore have mo on how hot it the feels over the weend, and when reliefek a
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we've been telling you all day the best way to avoid the dangers posed by this sustained heat is to stay indoors. some people including ups, delivery drivers have to be outin the elements, and even when they get back in their trucks there's no air conditioning to cool them down. nbc news senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadde joins now with more on a seris situation for these drivers. cynthia, what d you find, and what does-ups s ups say about t >> reporter: there were 23 incidents of ups drivers bei hospitalized and admitted to the hospital for severe heat-related episodes. now what are those? some t ofm are -- range from dehydration to the point where they are fainting and vomiting. all the way to ki ey failure and heart attacks were precipitated by these overheating situations.
5:27 pm
you know, there ared documente incidences of the t back truck, peaking at temperatures of over 150 degrees. you know, the human body wasn't designed to tolerate that kind of heat. absolutely not. so does ups have any plans for em? can theol it down? >> well, ups says, well, you know, ups is -- is booming. business is bming because, you know, we're all ordering stuff online, right, and having it delivered to home. well, they made $7 billion last year. we askedhhem if t had estimated how much it would cost to put air conditioning in the trucks and they hadn'tnd they didn't believe that air conditioning would be effective because of the size of the ucks and the fact that the doors are always opened and closed. we spoke to fedex, th have 30,000 trucks that federal express owns themselves. all of those are air conditioned, so they obviously
5:28 pm
see it differently. >> that's a hojob. >> yes, it is. >> cynthia mcfadden, thank you. and can you see more of cynthia's reporting tonight on "nbc nightly news" at 7:00 right after the news still ahead at 5, federal workers worried about lose their jobs as departments move to other states. how local lawmakersre getting involved. plus, big changes coming to one d.c. neighborhood. the new skyland town center is a step closer to reality. mark seagraves explains what it means to residents east river. >> and we're bat lipping the extreme heat again today and it gets heater tomorr and saturday as alia toldme
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want to show you a quick check of storm team 4da ra pretty quiet and a few isolated showers out towards the south gate area and up into howard count de. maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm tonight but nothing like last night. however, it is hot and humid. right now it feels close to or around 100 drees across the entire area. ittays mild and muggy overnight tonight, and those humidity levels remain oppressive and tropical friday, saturday and sunday. check it out. that face says it a. on monday we start trainings. feeling more comfortable on n esday. i'll have more othat transition. twhat we can expect ais dangerous heat exits come up at 545.
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>> all right. thank you, amelia. a faulty battery sparked a massive tour bus fi ind.c. today, and the heat and humidity made it even tougher for fire fighters to do thejo >> the big bus caught fire at a warehouse on new york avenue. this is just before 7:30 this morning, and extranits were called to the scene to give relief to the firefighters who were battling that fire already, very warm at 7:30 this morning, and they were even bring in an i air cononed bus to use sort of as a cooling station there on site. >> it's hot outside. you go inside and you encounters heat, moke, zero visibility, you're working your butt offmo al the point of exhaustion and on. picture running the marathon and coming out and taking your gear off and hitting had the heat again with z relief. >> nobody was hurt in the fire. it's been ruled an accident. a huge milestone today at the skylandown center in
5:33 pm
southeast, d.c. phase one of construction done. this has been a longtime coming fo residents east of the river. the new retail complex where alabama avenue, goodhope road and naylor road intersect. it will include a grocery store and hundreds offf adable apartments. news 4's mark segraves has more on what this means for the community. >> reporter: the skyland town center has been in the works for more than 15 years. construction has started and stopped over those ycors. cil member vincent gray was mayor back in 2012 when the old skyland was torn down to make way for the new center and a new walmart, but in 2016 walmart abruptly pulled out. another major setback that stalled the projectagnce n, but today council member gray was back at skyland, this timew th mayor muriel bowser to celebrate the topping off phase one. gloria logan has lived in this neighborhood for 53 years. when walmart pulled out, she
5:34 pm
feared skyland was doomed. >> what they did to us, how they disappointed us, how we looked forward to them coming but they did not, but we're going to build in spite of it. >> reporter: along with nearly 500 residential apartments and 48,000 square feet of new retail for the community, skyland will now have a new grocery store. lidl will open their first store here and there's another benefit this this community is already feeling. >> over 100 d.c. residents continue with new employment and jobs to date and we'll keepow grg that number. charles young is one of those neighbors who got a construction job there. >> reporter: they didn't just hire me. they trained me, and most importantly they gave me hope. >> reporter: as for walmart pulling out, bowser says there's an upside to that because the space where walmart was going to build will now bebl affor housing. >> the views that would have gone to a retailer will go to
5:35 pm
d.c. resident. >> reporter: phase one will open next year and as for the grocery store construction on that will begin in late 2020. at skyland, mark segraves, news 4. >> and this neighborhood has been under transformation since a d.c. reporter was shot and killed back in 2015. nd d more about the murder how her family fought to change the neighborhood in our nbc washington app. river a review fllowing an alleged sexual abuse d.c. public schools has cut ties with an after-school provider for the upsome school year. springboard education employed 21-year-old justin hickman who oversaw the after care program at capitol hill montessori. authorities say he abused a 13-year-old girl at the school. a previouses invgation revealed springboard education was unable to provide the required criminal background information for many of its employees. the school district says it's
5:36 pm
implementing several system improvements, and it's also looking for a new after-school provider. >> on monday the country will say goodye to former supreme court justice john paul stevens. has body will lie in repose from 10:30208:00 p.m. stevens died on thursday. he servedy nearl years on the court before tiring in 2010. stevens will be buried at arlington national cemetery during a private service ontu day. he's the 13th justice to be buried at arlington. a new pu tonight to decriminalize marijuana in virginia. attorney general mark herring wants the general assembly to consider three changes this year. number one, decriminalizing possession of small amounts. number two, throw out past convictions for simple possession and lastly move to creational use. >> i do think that this is something that a majority of virginians support and would like. at least recent polling at indicates hat's the case,
5:37 pm
so this may be a situation in which the legislators are little bit behind where their constituents are. >> reporter: similar efforts pushed by herring in the past have thfailed, but have recently picked up support from lawmakers in both parties. new controversy brewing of because he federal government's decision to move hundreds of jobs from d.c. to kansas city. the fe are relocating two department of agriculture agencies. as scott macfarlane reports, workers say they were rushed into a decisionhether to go or to leave. scott? >> yeah, pat, about 500 u a employees impactnd by this one of its economic offices nd one of its innovation offices are being moved september 30th. news 4 has learned those who have decided to move to kansas city or leave their jobs, two-thirds have decided eave their jobs and find other work. and dozens have yet to decide and there's new concerns. local members of congress say there was july 15th deadline,
5:38 pm
monday, for workers to decide and many requested extensions to make a decision and that none has been approved. among the workers denied an extension who have t yet heard back, it includes a current employee undergoing chemotherapy who must continue treatment and an employee undergoing treatment for multiple sclerosis. jennifer wexton sayser were given only a month to decide. >> nobody has been given an extension to make this life choice? >> reporter: i'm not aware of any constituents that have been given an extension of time. they had untilay this past mo the 15th to decide whether they were going to move or be subject to long their position entirely. >> the usd a tells us it's still negotiating with the union about this, and the agency stays will decide on extensions with workers with fairness and with consistency. in the newsroom, i'm scott macfarlane. now back for you. >> pretty tough situation those workers find themselves in.
5:39 pm
well, coming up, tiny house turmoil. why a proposal to allow more tiny houses is running into opposition in one local county. and toys "r" us is getting a reboot. the former toy giant had to close all of the stores, remember that? well, we'll tell you where it could make a comeback by the end of the year even. >> and remember to send us a picture or a video ofour pet's best trick. it's pat collins ummer version of the snow stick. send us your pic and use
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toys "r" us is planning a comeback. aftereconths of spation the toy store reveals it's opening new stores with a fresh, modern design. in november the retailer is plannin to open up two permanent stores in houston, texas and a location in new jersey. the company hopes to open ten more stores nexear. the new stores will be smaller and will incorporate new technology and interactive playgrounds. the next step is wooing top brands back into thees. the company plans to announce that list of brands in the months to come. delta airlines is takingo steps avoid drugoverdoses while planes are in the air. the airline says it's going to
5:43 pm
start carrying narcan on board in some emergency kits. earlier this month a passenger suffetd a overdose on a flight. rcan is used to quickly reverts effects of an opioid overdose. delta will have it on planes starting in the fall. there werelso calls for the faa to requirell airlines t carry the drug. well, should you be allowed to build a tiny house in your own backyard or your own front yard? why some people in our area say it will only lead to problems. >> and a health warning related conditioners. what you should know during this heat wave wre in. and as we talk about the heat wave and the dangerous heai that's movingn tomorrow and sticking around through nday, here's some safety tips for you. drinkplenty of water, avoid long hours outdoors and never leave kid or pets in the car. i'm going to have much more on the air quality tomorrow. it's
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a bigre battle is bng over tiny homes in montgomery county. >> some resident are pushing back against a plan that would ease restricti on tiny homes. they say it could ruin their neighborhood. >> but supporters s it will increase affordable housing in the county. news 4's chris gordon has more on the tiny house turmoil. >> this garage has been converted into an office. >> now i'm going to turn it into a cond dwelling unit. >> reporter: he showed me secondary dwelling unit or other sdus in properties in brookville he helped design. >> this is now an sdu. >> reporter: this group of residents petitioned the county council trying to stop a zoning amendment that would allow more second small houses. >> first and foremost at this point is the way tat the county
5:47 pm
council is shoving this down residents' throats: >> reporterght now homeowners with an acre or more can build a second residence or convert abuilding to an adu, but the montgomery county council is propose allowing adus on property that's 6,000 square feet. that's about is/7 1/7 of an acr >> it could be a boxcar or a slab of concrete in someone's backyard. now that is going to aect the neighborhood. >> reporter: these homeowners say it will cause croverding and overwhelm traffic, parking, water, sewer and schools, but countyouncil member hans reimer who sponsors the bill to create more affordable housing says he doesn't believe i will ru neighborhoods. >> the owner has to live there b so the ne has to be there. there's a person can you go to, and that house will be managed in an way that a owner is
5:48 pm
comfortable living in. >> reporter: the montgomeryy countcouncil will vote next tuesday. the sponsors of the bill feel confident that it will pass. they say that these adus, these access redress units are necessary to create more affordable housing in montgomery county. chris gorn, news 4. >> a three-day apollo anniversary festival has kicked off o the national mall. the event features hands-on hibit and that's live performances. astronauts and nasa scientists are among the speakers at the outdoor celeation of the first moon landing. the festival is over for today, but you can catch it tomorrow from 9:00 to 5:00 or on saturday from 9:00 to >8:00. and check out these spaced outre ts. these are the sox that the buoy bay socks will be wearing. they are the aa affiliate of the baltimore orioles. saturday's game is against the altoona curve and the team will
5:49 pm
f so give away a bobblehead trey mancini dressed an an astronaut on the moon. pretty cool. >> i like that. >> very cool. if you plan on going out there, you better put your sunblock on and buy the seats in the shade. >> absolutely. >> geez. >> i know alot of people have been asking me. they have things like family reunions, a lot of outdoor concerts going on this weekend. you need to keep in mind what what you'll be doing at these events to stay cool. even wetting a few washcloths, putting them in a freezer, keepin them in a cooler, wearing ghlit-colored and loose-fantting clothing d hydrate and stay out of n. if you need another reason to stay indoors the next few days, the national weather svice has determined that we have a codeir orangequality alert tomorrow meaning we have increased levels of ozone at the not greo breathe this stuff in, especially if you have es
5:50 pm
rpiratory, heart issues, young people, ld people, definitely take it easy oas there b on the air quality and based on the heat and humidity everybody needs to take it easy out there, td we could see the air quality diminish right onrough the weekend. also a good reminder, never leave kids or pets in a hot car evenith the windows down. tomorrow with temperatures near 100 aer ten minutes it feels like 120 degrees and after 20 minutes it's a stifling 134 n degreesde of a car. we start off the day already muggy. 78 degrees. twe have at leas plenty of sun aroughou the da yit's otabout the dangerous heat the forecaon your friday. 95 degrees at lunchtime and feels more like 105. 4:00 p.m., that 98 is gog to feel closer to 110 degrees. even 7:00 in the evening, still tracking dangerous heat out thereith the temperature around 945. if you have to cut the grass, probably don't need to do so in idhe heat and humy,
5:51 pm
especially in the heat with the grass, but if you feel like you neetoget, t it e ith out of way by 6:00, 7:00 p.m. looking to the weekend, we have answer tensive heat watch in the red. this is in effect saturday and sunday. this will either become a heat advisory or mu s morerious excessive heat warning. regardless, you immediate to take it easy out there with that from 11:00 to can the p.m. saturday a high of 100 and sunday a high of 99 so that's dangerous heat and a few scattered thunderstorms late in the dayn sunday. if we do hit 100 saturday at reagan national, it's the first time we've hit 100 here since august of 2016. talking about heat exhaustion and taking it easy outdoors, here are some symptomsr you. fainting or dizzyness, essexive sweating and muscle cramps are all signs that you need to head indoors immediately and cool down. again, a heat advisory in effect for everybody tomorrow from 11:00m. to 9:00 p.m. with the
5:52 pm
high of 98. monday we start to transition with showers and thunderstorms likely, especially later in the day. a high of 91. it's still hot and still humid. we lev arrives on tuesday. lower humidity mid-80s. plenty of sunshine. dare i say nice next wednesday and thursday. need to get through the next few days taking the weather seriously and then much more comfortable out thereekext we >> never so happy to see the start of a workweek. >> air conditioners can be q te a bless during the hot days of summer. >> but the samet appliance t cools you down could also be eake you sick. ac units can sprd a lot more than just coolf air you're not careful. >> if you're struggling to breathe's, your window air conditioner may be to blame. >> without proper care and maintenance mold can grow on thi ide which has the potential to leadhe to th problems like wheezing, cgestion or throat
5:53 pm
irritation. experts say examine your ac uniter and be aware fo clifrts of tiny black ots along the air ducts. >> cleaning the lieu offers is a go first step but if you see mold there's a good chance there's more on the inside so you mightt wanto consider buying a newth one. unit should be slightly ailted outside meaning condensation or water can't get e and us weather stripping foam to seal the device to keep outside air and pollen from creeping in, and once it's in, be sure to clean the filter at least once a month.i >> that w help the machine run efficiently and keep the air circulates clean. >> you can experience respiratory problems by breathing in very cold air after being outside in the heat. avoid that by graduay change the temperature on your unit when you come back inside. >> good advice.
5:54 pm
financier jeffrey epstein ordered to stay in jail on sex traffic charges. up next, why the judge sided with prosecutors in this cas ale
5:55 pm
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financier jeffrey epstein will stay in jail fahead o his trial on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. >> a federal judge in new york refused bail calling epstein a
5:57 pm
flight risk. >> reporter: nbc's jonathan deans reports. >> reporter: the metropolitan correctional center will be home for jeffrey epstein until trial. his request to be let anut on a le bracelet, to return home to his upper east side mansion today was denied. epstein seemed to sigh and roll his eyes when judge richard berman said the government's applicatn for continued remand is hereby granted. epstein is accused of being a repeat child sex offend, allegedly targetingirls as young at 14. the defense said he hasn't attacked a teen since his past guilty plea i in florida2008 but additional women are still udge g forward and the cited the testimony of two alleged victims as one reason hc ded to keep epstein locked up. i doubt any bail package can overcome dangerousness. . the judge also cited epstein's half a billion in assets, his private jet, saudi passport with
5:58 pm
fake name and overseas homes as reasons he's a flight risk. an attorney r some alleged victims spoke after the hearing. > only by taking away th freedom of jeffrey epstein can we restore the freedom of these victims. >> reporter: epstein is also accused of using associates to help recruit women foryoex at new and florida homes and perhaps his new mexico estate. epstein has pleaded not guilty and his laws of left court without xhoent not saying whether they plan to appeal the no bail ruling. >> this is far from the last he we've d of this case. gloria allred and michael avenatti are among the attorneysp representing epstein's accusers. >> extreme heat continues and it's only getting hotter. we're woing for you on storm team 4, and we'll tell you one of the biggest dangers of driving in such intense heat. >> who knewhat and when?
5:59 pm
new documents unsealed involving the president and some of his closest associates. >> plus a breakthrough in the murder oa transgender woman. the tiny detail that cracked this case open and why there are still some questions tonight. >> first at 6:00, the extreme heat and have we mentioned it'st only geng worse from other? good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> doesn't feel any better, the more often we say it. i'm leon harris. we're in for what couldn't host weather in three years in this area. this is how hot it feels like si outde right now. >> if you think this is bad, as said, just wait, folks. >> tonight team coverage of how it this will affect you. transportation reporter adam tuss is sweating it out with commuters, but we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. tomorrow's heat is downright dangerous compared to today. >> absolutely. >> the national weather service has already gone and issued a
6:00 pm
heat advisory for the entire area tomorrow. this heat advisory begins at 11:00 a.m. and will return throughout the entire day expiring at 9:00 at night. check it out. the areas in orange are going to be under that heat advisory and during this time period you really need to take it's. if you're outdoors make sure youe drinking plenty of water, if you can, with the kids. avoid being outsideci espely during the afternoon hours and then look to the weekend on saturday and sunday. this is what the national weather service has already posted for the weekend. an excessive heat watch for all of the areas here in red. this also begins at 11:00 a.m. and runs until 9:00 p.m. more on how hot it will feel throughout the day tomorrow a over the weekend and first here's what you can expect tonight. maybe an isolated shower but it's real all about the mugginess. it's still feeling close to 990 degrees out there. again, much more and what we can xtexpt over the ne couple of days coming up at about 6:20. >> thanks,


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