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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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chief julie carey takes us side the evidence.wesearch reve exact times kids should be getting to bed. >> and space app or face hack? the privacy concerns over the app that's way ahead of its time. >> ns4 at 4:00 starts now. >> first at 4:00 as you know by now, the heat is on. i'm leon harris. >> and i'm pat lawson we're on weather alert as temperatures rise to brutal levels today. flare up severe storms out there. >> we're in the upper 90s, but it feels even worse than that out there. you can see the heat index now up to 1 13me in so areas. >> and this comes as storm team 4 is also tracking a system that's triggered a severe thunderstorm warning. let's get to meteorologist lauren ricketts in the storm center. >> we've got temperatures warm out there. we have weather alert out there
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for today. not only do th see , but we're also seeing the very hot temperatures. you can see the temperatures right now. on the warm side. again, the temperatures are in the 90s right now. you see the 70s out there. that's where weme have so rain showers rolling through the area. let me show you the showers and storms that ar out there. we have a severew thunderstorm ning to the south and west for loudoun, clark, warren, fauquier and rappahannock county until 4:30. we'll continue to watch that as it moves up the north and east at a pretty good rate, about 35 miles per hour. could have a downburst so we'll continue to watch the storm as remainder of the the afternoon. can you see the storms are leading all the way back into west virginia. of course we he the heat advisory until 8:00 p.m.
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tonight. it's rather warm around here, beotuse it's narm enough already. the heat indices are well into the triple digits at this moment. we're going to continue to trac. this stor just to the south and west right now. right along i-66. it will continue to move here and 'll continue to see more storms pop up throughout the evening. let's time this out and let's take a look at how hot it's g going to this weekend. because if you thought today was ot, wait until you go into the weekend. >> lauren, thanks a lot. the dangerously hot people ures are causing to head indoors to try to keep cool. that's why officials in montmery county are considering what would be a first of its kind law under bewly proposed legislation, landlords would required to provide and maintain, airti ing for their tenants. councilmember tom hucker introduced the issue yesterday. our camera caught video of a woman who passed out in the
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heat. hucker says providing ac shouldn't b an option. >> she fainted. she got toot and no water to death. >> it's a livor-or-death issue, comfort issue. without a bill like this, the housing department of montg cery countyan't require a landlord to fix this. because it's not a requirement. >> montgomery county is in the final stages to pass the law. our entire area under a heat advisory because dangerous temperatures, news4's mark segraves will look at how some of the people in itnorthwest a staying cool and tell what you you need to know to stay sa . mark? >> yeah, good afternoon leon, this is turtle park in upper northwest. one of the many splash parks that is staying open late because d.c. mayor muriel bowser has declared a heat emergency in the district. opoling centers are en and
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more access to shelter for the homeless. >> for kids, it's a tim to cool off. any way they can. >> families are making the best of this hot day. >> the heat wave is terrible, but if you can be wet and cool off you can enjoy >> for some it was just another day going to the office. >> at jesse seafood, the office gets up t out 115 degrees. >> hot, very hot back here. >> michael walker was in line buying crabs knows what it's like to work in this kind of heat. >> it's a little hotter being a firefighter. days like today, woo. scorcher. scorcher. >> whether you're working or playing, if you're outside in the heat it's important to stay safe. drfluids, even if you're not thirsty to avoid becoming dehydrated. the more we sweat, the more we lose water from our bodies. wear lightweight, light-colored
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cloening and sunscre and avoid any strenuous activity and exercise. especially during the hottest times of t day. >> for more vulnerable neighbors like the elderly or homeless, the extreme heat can be dangerous. that's why the d.c. government has opened up coing centers and shelters like this one blocks from the white house. richard shakter says if this oling center weren't open he and others like him would be in trouble. >> i would be on the street, probablprobably. passed out. >> as important to note. take a lesson from this young guy right here, hydrate if you're outside. you see the water fountains. not just important for us to that why they have the little 'sdrate. doggie water fountains, so fido can keep hydrated in the heat as well. theater parks and public pools will stay open until 9:00 every night through sunday as part t the hea emergency. all the details you want to know about the cooling centersand pools in d.c. at the nbc
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washington app. mark sesaves, new >> the fountains lookignticing rht about now. you go get cool.s newworking for you folks during thisu dangeros heat. we've got a listing of those extended cool hours and locations of the cooling centers on the nbc washington app.> >>d you can set weather as your home page to get heat advisory alerts from storm team 4 sent to your phone. white supremacist james fields jr. beginning to serve two life termsorhis week f driving his car into u conterdemonstrators after the unite the right rally in 2017. >> we're now able to show you some key evidence prosecutors ar used to ue for that life prison term. >> northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us with a view of the chaos from that day that wehaven't seen before. >> it is the view from above, from the virginia state police chopper, the chopper that crashed later thatat feful day in charlottesville. kiing both on board.
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you'll hear one of the trooper's voices in the story. what the video shows is in his final hours, he wasmi deterned not to let james fields get away. >> video from the ground, the unite the right protesters had charlottesville but counterdemonstrators marching together in a joyful mood until this -- listen as the state troopers watching from above see james fields' car barreling down 4th street. >> oh my, god that car just drove through them. >> the troopers' mission is clear in their conversation,pi kee fields' car in their sights, making sure he doesn't get away. keeping their camera trained on him. >> i need less, i need less. >> i got the car. i got the car. >> to all units. driving around near the parking garage.
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>> i lost him. >> he's right unrneath us. >> i lost him. on it. >> i lost him. >> we're trying to get back on him. >> where did he go? >> where? >> we're back on him. >> he's about 2:0> >ey notice a police car in pursuit on the ground. fields keepsdriving. the broken bumper hanging off the front of the car. the car that st minut earlier struck and killed heather heier and injured two dozen others. the state police chopper continues to follow fields, as he pulls over, starts up again, the bumper falling off and then fields finally brings the dodge to a stop. three hours later with baits d now a different trooper on board. lieutenant jay cullen, the chopper ban to spin and crash to the grnd killing both men on board. some of bates' final hours ent making sure a racist killer was broughto justice.
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now at fields'federal court sentencing, prosecutors used his own words to convey the hate e brought with him to chinlottesville. g up on news4 at 5:0, we'll hear some of the jailhoup ne calls with his mom he made after his arrest. >> it's amazing how just new view like that can bring a whol evenck to life as you sit there and watch it play out. it's amazing to see and listen to hear how calm and t professionaly were. >> how professional. how focused, how determined to make sure that he not escape and thenow tragic tonow that one of the two on board during those moments passed away. >> great reporting, julie. >> update nowrt on the nohern virginia retirement community fighting an outbreak of illness. third resident of the greenspring retirement community in springfield has died. 63esidents have gotten sick from an upper respiratory 19 emplhave also reported sympto, . so farthe cdc has not determined the cause.
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touse of representatives led by democrats is expected to vote on a resolution to impeach president trump. erica gonzalez watching the story and joins us from the live desk with the latest. >> this comes on the heels of the president's attackof fourn miority freshmen congresswomen from the house, often referred to as the squad. a headline that been dominating the news cycle since this weekend. congressman al green, a democrat from texas has forced a vote by reading articles of impeachment last night. not the first time he's done this. it's his third attempt at peaching president trump. it is, however, the first time since dems have controlled the house in that time. more than 80 members of the ouse have call for opening an impeachment inquiry, while others, including speaker pelosi havere sted, fearing it could rally the president's base, or ract from their agenda see it fail in the repuican-controlled senate. here's speaker nancy pelosi earlier today.
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>> as i have said over and over again. for all the respect in the world for mr. greerngs he's a very prayerful person and he cares very much for our constitution and our country. with all the respect in the world for him, we ha six committees that are working on following the facts in terms of any abuse of power, obstruction of justice and the rest that the president may have engaged in. that's the serio path that we are ott. not that mr. green is not serious. but we'll deal with th on the floor. >> a recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds 21% of registered voters sa there's enough evidence for congress to begin impeachment hearings n. that number is down six points from just last month. as soon ashat vote happens, it will be back to you with an update. >> tonight you get anohaer cce to see this spectacular display on the face of the
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washington monument. a life-sized replica of the saturn 5 rocket that nded neil hemstrong on the moon. projected on to t monument. part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the aollo moon landing. you'll get a chanceo relive the launch on friday and saturday nights. the air and space museum is hocreating the historic event in a special s they're calling npollo 50 go for the moon. the celebratio kicks off at 9:30 and is free. enjoy it, folk where you live matters. when it comes to towing laws. next, the i-team explains why one northern virginia neighborhood is fired up about a recent toe. plus, why the county says it was perfectly legal. and three monthsafter the notre dame fire, a new look at how paris' historic cathedral is being restored. still ahead, we're working for you with a securityabwarnin for you with a securityabwarnin out the popular f
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adios, lexus. bye, bye, ford. we switched to chevy. and i couldn't be happier. see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house. or add another chevy to your driveway. current gm owners can get over $5,100 below msrp on this equinox. with a live look at the storm team 4 radar. dangerous heat out there, also a chance for somstorms moving in. lauren is tracking it for us and will be here in three minutes. tow trucks scoop up thousands of cars in the area every year. >> that's right and as you're about to see here, it can happen
4:15 pm
in just a matter of seconds. a video obtained by the news4 i-team is raising some complaints and questions about one reason towing incident. >> as scott mcfarlane shows us, it's a lesson on how rules change when u cross the city or county line. >> when orlando lopez moved into his new apartment in seven rn cos, the welcome party was not exactly what he expected. >> they're there all the time. ng his w truck targe moving van park outside in the lot. >> they got you on move-in day? >> on my f day here, i was backed up unloading my truck, they hooked me up and demanded 0 $5rop fee to let me go while i was unloading. >> he said what he caught on camera really shocked him. >> he said two trucks were in the parking lot of this building hooking up a tru when a guy in an orange vest walks by him. 20 seconds after, oneow of the t truck drivers backs up quickly to a different van with its blinkereyon. >> thent inside. switched it off. straightened the steering wheel,
4:16 pm
like pros. >> the tow truck scoops up the vap and takes off in less than a minute. can you see the van's driver in the orange vest walking back out to find it's gone. >> check out the video again if you looklosely you'll see the van is an amazonr prime drive who lopez saidoftepped out his truck to deliver a package. >> it was that quick. as soon as he walked over here, it was gone. >> the company is advanced towing, one of the largest tow i companorthern virginia. we stopped by the office look ing for the owner. he said the tow was legitimate, andis workers warned the delivery driver not to leave the vehicle standing. if you think t satuld be against the rules in some parts of our county it is, including in montgomery county. but in fairfax county, such tows sion
4:17 pm
>> they kn thosere l. jurisdictional lines. >> the owner of the advanced towing told us since he ha contract with the property, his guys didn't neat to wait. >> 30 or 40 seconds. >> orlando argued just because it's legal, doesn't meanit fair. he says this is a prime example. scott mcfarlane, news4. the apartment complex where the towing went down did not return several requestsor comment from the news4 i-team. if you think you'll been illegally towed or you've got a questionsut this kind of a law, we've posted ofgs on our nbc with a washington app. >> there's a reason why tow companies are han roaches and root canals. >> a big reason. >> the weather's not popular, either. >> we're roasting outside today. >> i know and wait, guys, you think it's hot ay, just wait until the weekend.
4:18 pm
it will get hotter. >> at sounds like a threat, lauryo. >> just wait. >> it is going to get really warm out the e. and in this warm atmosphere of pourse we're starting to see storms op. let's look at the radar. we've got a warning out there now. that's for prince william, loudoun unty and fauquier county, that goes until 5:00 p.m. some heavy rain in that area, lots of lightning. you see this intensifying the more lightning strikes we see there.s tgoes for loudoun county, including leesburg and down through marshall, front royalng and mout of that area, but for fauquier and loudoun and prince william county. until 5:00. we're watching this right around culpepper. the lightning? as it moves up towards route 17 we'll continue to watch it it could be a little st this is continuing to move. to the north and east. this line will continue impact us, closing in on the beltway.
4:19 pm
just around 5:00 p.m.,if not or bef you can see it cross the beltway. we'll continue to see some thunderstorms throughout the afternoon, evening, even into the late evening. i don't see this getting out of h until later on, after midnight. once we lose the daytim heating, we've got a little disturbance rolling through tonight. we lose the stronger storms with the daytime heating. gom going to keep a chance for the overnight hours. it shthould be wrapped up by tomoow morning. another thing not wrapped up -- the heat. what you see in the orange is e heat index and you can see these numbers right here, that's what it feels like out there, a little cooler in the shenandoah valley. but this goes until 8:00 p.m. tonight. even overnight it's going to
4:20 pm
feel like we're in the 8s and low 90s. right now feeling 105 where the warmth advisory is only going to get worse, tomorrow we'll be in the low 90s. a little bettertomorrow. but we have more clouds around tomorrow. as woe go to few more clouds on sunday. e continue through tomorrow. we have some rain chances that we're going to be talking about coming up as well. as r as your ten-day forecast is concerned, you can see we've got very dangerous heat headed our way, all the way into monday. finally we'll get relief by tuesday and the ende of n week. walk out for the storms today. we'll talk about it, coming up. >> you haver pobably seeing the pictures going around rightnow. >> pictures of your friends looking a little different thanks to new app. >> but there's a flip side to the fun that comes along with
4:21 pm
this. >> find out what's happening to these images that you're sharing. and preventing summer brain and preventing summer brain drain with sleep.
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we talked about it -- you've seen it if you've been on social media today. you've probably seen your friends do g the sathing. posting pictures of what they think they'll look like when they get old. >> they use an aging filter on face app. this app is raising privacy concerns you ed to know about. >> consumer reporter susan hogan work wug and theai det on it. >> you kt ow -- i fun to do. in fact, yes, we did do it the three of us. so we're going to show ou what some of your favorite anchors would look like decades from now. so here you go. >> see, you guys look pretty good. >> i look like onef the crumps, are you kidding me? >> i look like my mother. >> your mom is a cutie.
4:25 pm
>> look at you. >> i look like one of the clumps. >> and then you look at pat and e just looks -- you look so good there. >> i like like an >> it is fun see, we'veeen watching all of theseeo pe tting on in facebook, it's fun llto see what you' look like. while many people are having fun and not wrried about privacy, there are those of youwho are afraid to use this app because you heard it was developed by the russians? true. facebook did send us a statement in details says the app onl ds uploahe photo useful for editing to the cloud. and he says it doesn't upload any other photos from the camera role. most images are are deleted from
4:26 pm
their servers in 48 hours. and can you request your data to be removed from the face app rver. just go to the settings, support, report a bug and using the word cre"privac research and development team is located in russia, your user data is not transferred to russia. if you do want to try it out and you're still a little bit worried about the privacy, we've got tips for you onhat the app does show up on the phone much do follow some of our steps that we did take. that's what we did to te our pictures and offer some protections as well. >> you're going to do it, be smart about it and then laugh a your friends. new concern over amazon's arrival. >> coming up, whatts residen are
4:27 pm
saying about a plan that could bring a massive facility to prin george's county. >> storm team 4
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
rightotnow, at the bm of the houte storm am 4 tracking some storms along with the heat outside. >> it's feeling like triple digits in a lot of places and it's only going to get worse. >> all right.
4:30 pm
lauren ricketts is standing by with the latest on how things >> we've got a severe thunderstorm warning. is it hot right now, the wind eds pickudiotape little bit and we see some storms moving across our area. woe will to see warnings in the orange ar for loudoun county. going up to prince william county, even fauquier county. lots of lightning associated, with theeavy downpours and gusty winds, that's what we're tracking er the next couple of hours. we're also track the hoet that under the circumstances there. will you taets buck how hot it's oing to feel this weekend and talk about when you're going to see the row leave. it will be a while coming up. times 4:30, let's get you caught up with the four things to know. the dangerous heat that lauren was just mentioning, prompting montgomery county officials to consider what would be a first
4:31 pm
of its kind law under a newly proposed legislation.l dlords would be required to provide and maintain condition for their tenants. councilmember tom hucker introduced the bill yesterday. the bill i in the beginning ages, a final vote would come in the ll. only in news4 you are seeing for the first time the evidence to convict james fields of murder at the charlottesville rally. coming up at 5:00, you're going to hear the hate fields conveyed in a jailhouse phone call with his mom. the cause of illness at the greenspring retirement community in springfield is still not known. and a short time ago, the fairfax county health gardenment admitting it would never b kn¡ we're keeping an eye on the hexse floor, we ct to see a
4:32 pm
to impeach donald trump. this is the third time that the texas congressman has the repuans controlled the house the first two times, b still it's not expected to pass. pat? >> thanks erica. there i increasing push-back from residents in the westphalia community in upper marlborugh. soes tell news4, an 800,000 square-foot amazonarehouse is planned. the developer isn't confirming who is moving in, but they tell us the new tenants will bring 1500 jobs to the area. whur's taylor tomas that we've been talking to this week say this is not at all whatad they h in nind when they bought their new homes. what are your listeners saying? >> they'r set. you're right they weren't promised a warehouse, they were
4:33 pm
promised high-end retail and restaurants. they say they feel lke the process itself is not transparent. they're hearing about it and they heard about it, many of them, through the media. it's bee trickling out. they want to hear from the county executive. and more specific, from district 6 councilmember who they elected to represent them. now corrine, who is a resident, sd she feels blind-sided. >> quite frankly we weren't made aware of what was going on or the fact that it was even coming here until about a few weeks ago. so it's very frustrating to hear that something of this magnitude had been decided on, without the community having notification. >> westphalia development core is behind the project and said amaen will h lure other business to the area. it's planned a series of meetings with residents. and the proposal goes before the council, county planning board.
4:34 pm
so taylor, any of your listeners lling you they're excited about this project? >> well, pat, you know, we do have some listeners that called in and said hey maybe this will lure businesses to come to the area. but most of our listeners say ik they feel l they've gone through this scenario before. they mentioned redskins park. wh happened orstadium. what happened with that?en they mtioned gambling. prince george's county both the wealthiest african-americans in the country. highly educated and they feel like they keep getting short-changed when promises are made to them. tanesha is frustrated and said she not going to sit and let it go. t let's keep it real, the 1500 jobs they'reking about, those workers probably won't be able to afford to live in that area. and plus is is not something we were promised when we purchased here. >> got a good point. nowesidents of westphalia will have a chance to voice their concerns at a community meeting ttonight. >>t's right. and that takes place at the lake
4:35 pm
presidential golf course, starting at 6:30. the county planning board is ving a public hearing on the development that takes place on thursday at 1:00 at the county administration building, a lot more feedback to come. >> and we're going to be there tonight. we'll be there tomorrow as well. >> taylor, thank you. leon? >> still ahead here, storm team 4 weather alert. looking at the radar, you c see strong storms moving into the area. lauren is back, tracking all that and the heat and humidity all that still ahead.
4:36 pm
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a lot about trying for a at golf ise, that's w all about. but for kids who are enrolled in a special summer camp this game is more than putts and pars. >> news4's molette green reportr on the tee program that mixes golf with lessons about li. >> woer playing battle chip here. we've got two teams, the red team and the blue team. we're trying to see who is going to win this. part of first tee, teaching golf and life skills as well. 20 years in the washington area. let's go down the loin and name some of those life skills we learn about. >> sportsmanship. >> responsibily. >> integrity. >> respect. >> honesty. >> good judgment. >> good judgment. >> we're still waiting to find
4:39 pm
out who won this game here. >> gamyce mill ificate one of the coaches here helping to kind of make these young people fully developed here. >> absolutely. one of our favorite phrases is, we like to develop good golfers, but better people and wehe use t nine core values to do that. >> i love it, okay. >> first tee is signing up fo fall. you should check them out and it's very affordable. for kids in d.c. absolutely free. four things you needto know. for children 7-18 years old and of course, over 40%re girls and they're growing. they're growing this game. all right that'sthe very latest. we don't have a winner yet. still trying to figure it out. but we are having good time here this morning. all right. that's the latest from first tee, first tee golfers. back to you. >> growing the game and good character as well. now it may be the middle of summer, but school bells are soon going to be ringing.
4:40 pm
odtomorrow on news4 we're helping you get ready for school. molette is going to be live in the community collecting r backpacks area kids. find out how you can help in that effort. >> summer flies by, doesn't it? >> just like that. new research on kids and sleep. >> coming up why doctors say your hild's bedtime just as important as how many hours of sleep they're getting each night. we'll break down the guidelines by group, coming up. and we've got warm temperatures out there right now. we also going to have some patchy fg. tomorrow morn let's talk about the storms that we have out ther right now. e
4:41 pm
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his fifth amendment right about some text messaging that the prosecutors waye trying to s had been deleted from cellular device. that the ause her said he doesn't know whereethat phone has since been. so again the news coming in just a couple of minutes ago that charges against kevin spacey have beendropped. that's the latest here from thes live dk, i'm erica gon back to you. shocker, al right thank you
4:44 pm
erica. most parents monitor how much sleep their kids are getting each night. from toddler to teen aryes. but there's something else to consider when it comes to sleep schedules. and it could be impacting your health. >> news4's doreen gentzler joins us with more. it might surprise a lot of you. >> this someone ofthose tricky things that parents deal with da every one of the leading sleep doctors in the country is sharing new research with us.e the rsults may have some parents rethking their child's bedtime routine. it has to do with the time your kids go to sleep ande wak up not just how many hours of sleep they're getting. if your child has mood swgs or even trouble concentrating, this could be a clue about why that's happening. these clocks in our body tell us we when to go to sleep. off 's so easy to get schedule in the summertime when re of n't have the struc school or morning routines. the changes can throw off yr child's internal alarm clock.
4:45 pm
>> so young children, there's a strong tendency for them to want to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. utting a very young child to bed very, very late is problematic. it doesn't fit with their body clock. just as putting an adolescent to bed at 8:00 or 9:00 at night is problematic. they can't fall asleep that early. d >> dr.nny lewitt is director of sleep medicine here at children's national health medicine in d.c. he said it's not just abouton h l they're sleeping, but what time they're going to bed. >> we tend to think about only duration but it's really critical en think about wh we're sleeping. as a critical component of sleep health, mental health,ni lear. physical health. >> children's national is part of a group that's about to publish research on optimal bedtimesbased on child's age. it builds off recommendations that ma parents already use from the american academy of pediatrics. the guidelines call for babies to sleep from .6:00 pm. to 6:00
4:46 pm
a.m. foth several additional hours factored in naps. toddlers shod go toed around 6:00 p.m. and preschoolers should aim for a 6:30 bed time. tting 1 1 to 13 hours a sleep. once kids start elementary school, try to get them into bed by 7:30. they need about 12 hours of sleep and should avoid taking naps. le 8-year-olds to 2-year-olds may not be ready for bed until 8:00 while teegers aren't wired to go to sleep unti 9:30 to 10-30. aiming for 8-10 hours of sleep a night. dr.lewis says the key is consistency. even on weekends or the summer. or it can lead to a phenomenon called sociajet lag. >> so weekends should not be considered wild times, free zone to stay upas late as you want. if they're delayingeir sleep time by three or mour hours, it's like they're living in california on the weekends and then they have to come back to the east coast for school on
4:47 pm
monday morning, we know our bodies don't adjust well for that. >> those dramatic shifts in sleep can lead to mood swings. changes in appetite and trouble concentrating. >> our metabolism isn'tni funng optimally. our immune system isn't functioning optionally. our muscle repair is not functioning op imally. and learning can be affected. >> dr. lewis says it's okay to ledlet teenagers sleep in and stayurp later ding the summer. but he recommends youry to keep it within an hour of their normal bed time and wake-up time. coming up tomorrow, summ weight gain and why kids are more pikely tout on the pounds this time of year. who is most at risk and what parents can do to keep it from ppening, coming upmorrow at 4:00. i think that the idea of guidance about bed tims a good thing. kids now. they're trying tony pack so ma things intohe tir schedules. i think individual ki going to vary of course.
4:48 pm
but if you have a tar ttt you're aiming for, it's, it can help. ? if that's the case, i was the worst parentin the world. our kids' bed times were nowhere near those. don't worry i'll get it right with the grandkids. i'll fix them. >> none of russ getting right amount of sleep, either. it is hard to dooxt but that's a recommendation. >> thanks, doreen. lauren how do you recommend we handle the heat? >> i recommend to you stay inside and take ice baths. because it's really, it is so warm out there, so hot and it's so steamy as well. so you get those two combined and we get the heat index feels-like factor at 110. we haven't had that since august 2016. it's been a whoil since we've had these kind of hot, hot days
4:49 pm
around the wehe heat here in july. but we're just not used to the heat we're seeing and experiencing out there today. now with the heat we get the storms popping. look at the lightning headed towards leesburg. moving quickly. this is a severe thunderstorm warning for montgomery county. it's leaving loudoucounty but areas are going to be impacted by this moving right into maryland. we will to t see storms pushing into maryland around poolesville. you're getting ready to get ck kno. barnesville, clarksburg, germantown, we'll continue to see the storms moving into the area, moving northeast at 40 miles per hour. to the south, look at all the lightning. if you're tensifying in this area, hopefully you're inside in manaas you're getting this. and lyton hall. and thats going to be pretty
4:50 pm
strong stormswith a lot of winds in winds up 60 miles per hour with these storms. this line is closing in on the beltway. and it has the history of severe eather. but look atis behind here. this is remnants of barry, a little upper-level disturbance that will continue to pass threw. and with the heat and humidity we're seeing the storms pop and aney are flourishing with damaging winds heavy downpours and lots of lightning. so if you're enjoying sports or going to theey pool late thre evening, keep an eye to the sky. especially if you're north and east you'll see some of this and see thedeightning hea your way. especially up to gaithersburg and in to howard county. the heat index is coming in from 100 to 110 right now. temperugures as we go thro the day are going toon ctinue to top bottom out just in ñhe 70s overnight. it will be warm overnight. heat index, 80s and low 90s.
4:51 pm
avoid long hours outdoors, i know it's hard to do especially during the work week. is especially for the viewers we have outside. light colored and loose-fitting clothing. >> never leave kids or pets inside cars or anywhere where the heat is abundant. the sorms are watching through the area. i'll keep a chance through the evening to see se storm we'll start to see some improvement as we go knew overnight. tomorrow we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms, maybe an isolated onem torow. a better chance tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. i said it was going to get hot, hot, ought today was tomorrow we're going to be more cloudy. so temperatures low 90s, the heat index around 100. friday, saturday, sunday, the heat index could be pushing to 110 around the year and area-wide. not everybody made it there today. but area-wide it will be a dangerous heat that settles on the area. >> make sure to keep the pets
4:52 pm
inside. and keep them hydrated. >> and relief cing on tuesday. mt noting in then. ? youtioned pets, we can't leave you without talking about this. our pat collins has ditch the snowstick from the summer and has launched a new challenge. >> we're calling it pat's prize. pet the challenge is to show us your pet's best trick and the entries are coming in. >> one more, good boy! >> i love that. >> that's sot. grea >> oh my gosh. paw high fives we want to see them all. the grand ize, a one and only pat's prize pet ball. complete with a picture of pat himself. it's not too late to enter. you have until sunday to submit. >> it's easy to do. post your video ontwitter, facebook or instagram and tag
4:53 pm
us@nbc washington and use the hat hat pat'sprizedpets. >> got somets talented pe around this area. >> each year clear the shelter campaign helps to find in homes ir pets. our initiative a month from today. august 17th. and we invite to you learn more about clear the shelters in the nbc washington app. we're about to clear this desk in a second here. se what's coming up next hour on news4 at 5:00, wendy standing by with the latest. >> whoil we're talking about animals, did you love the story about the search g with the d.c. fire department that was hurt so badly she had to bedi mec'd? good news for the dog and dog handlers. and heat waves like the one
4:54 pm
we're experiencing kk can be for people who don't have air conditioning. it's not required in a number of buildings. we'll hear from tenants who are sweltering in their homes and a lawmaker trying to change that. i'll be joining leon in a few i'll be joining leon in a few minues witth i switched from dodge. we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. wewitched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependability. for technology.
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french officials got a fresh
4:57 pm
look at the damage at notre dame cathedral today. they also got an update on renovations after the devastating fire in april. nbc's barry arendt has the latest. >> notre dame's bells are sint, but tourists still come. >> we had planned with this trip before it burned. and it was disappointing. but we still wanted to come and see it. >> the roof is reded tocome. >> i would rather see it from the outside than not see it at all. >> since april when firede royed notre dame's ancient roof and toppled its spire tourist who is come captured memories of their visit from the outside. the pealing of lls. replaced by the ping h ofammers as workers secure the 800-year-old cathedral. french officials toured the site. the full extent of damage still coming into view. france's culture minister said
4:58 pm
he's glad to see h quickly they're working. supports in place to hold up the flying buttresses. but in some areastoit's stil dangerous to walk or work. robotic machines used to clear debris. lots more must be cleared before major rebuilding can start. french lawmakers agreed in may to restore notre dame exactly as it was. but some in france want a new look. he pace of construction also controversial. but france's president promises to finish rebuilding before the country hosts the 2024 olympics. bar barry arendt, nbc news. right now at 5:00, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of northern virginia. >> a lot of you dealing with this blast of extreme heat that's hitting us big-timom the thermers say upper 0s, but it feels worse than that out there. e heat index well into the triple digits in some areas. >> we have team coverage
4:59 pm
tonight. let's get to the stormer ce and lauren ricketts with the latest on the storms coming through right now. >>hese areassive storms, you can tell by the amount of lightning that's rolling into thearea. specifically right around prince william county, manassas, bull run. let's go to the maps. we continue to see the storms blossom in this heat that we're having. the national weather service just issued a severe thunderstorm watch that goes until midnight tonight. ewe do h the severe thunderstorm warning. that will continue for a lot of these regions, inuding going up through caro and frederick county, maryland. and loudoun and fairfax county. the city of fairfax, fauquier, manassas, prince william and manassas park. oru can see the ms blowing up around here. look at the lightning, it's intensifying. if you're in this area north and west, getting ready to head inside the beltway. you'll want to take a minute. in ce you're getting ready to head out. these things are flying by at
5:00 pm
about 45 miles per hour to the t.rth and e behind it, with just some lighter stuff and clearer stuff. so wait until these move through. we'll continue to watch it quickly, but these severe thunderstorm warnings going at least until 5:30. i'm sure they'll continue t take the time later as they continue to advance to the north and east. severe thunderstorm watchntil midnight tonight. let's time it out and talk about impact and talk about when we get relief from the storm coming up in a little bit. guys? >> thank you, lauren. this extreme heat is causing people to head indoors to keep cool. that is why officials in montgomery county are considering what would be t first of kind law. news4's megan fitzgerald a explains new air conditioning bill and has video proof of how dangerous these extreme temperatures can be. >> there are many ways to describe the latest heat


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