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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  July 16, 2019 11:34pm-12:38am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." annow, here's your host, jimmy fallon
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[ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: looking great. please, welcome. welcome, welcome to the show [ cheers and applause have a seat. a seat. welcome, welcome, everybody. welcome to "the tonight show." you're here. [ cheers and applause you made it. thank you very much. hey, guys, we're in the midde of a heat wave herin new york city with temperatures this week that could reach 100 degrees. new yorkers felt somet drip on them, they didn't even care where it came from [ light laughter ] bring it on. it's hot it is hot. it is so hot, ben & jerry's had to hire a bouncer. [ rim shot ] >> steve: whoa >> jimmy: it was so hot, nbc has a new show called "law & order: sweaty victims unit." >> steve: what rim shot ] >> jimmy: it is so hot, president trump lashed out at ere it came fromt to go back [ rim shot ] >> steve: oh lll wow!
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that's hot [ eers and applause >> jimmy: thank you. today's big story, trump is still going after thosgrfour democratic conswomen and in a tweet, he claimed that they've said some of the most vile, teful and disgusting ings ever. as he read off examples, his staffer was like, "sir, those are all quotes from you. [ light laughter ] i saw that trump sent another tweet. in all caps it said, "if you're en he teared up, becauseave. those are also his wedding vows lll he's a romantic at heart >> steve: ah >> jimmy: can we see that tweet again? "if you're not happy here, you can leave. yeah, kind of reminds me of that song. ♪ ♪ here's a little tweet i wrot you might want to read i before you ♪ if you're not happy you can leave ♪ ♪ aoc can put me down
11:37 pm
democrats thin i'm racist clown ♪ ♪ if you're n happy you can leav if you're not happ you can leave ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're not happy ♪ ♪ you can leave ♪ ♪ look at the they're nohapp they can leave ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're not happy you can leave ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: you guys see this? while he talked to reporters, trp accused one of the ngresswomen of supporting al-qaeda people noticed on his notes, trump misspelled "al-qaeda." take a look. he made it all with on word. [ laughter ] - with a ""alcaida." when trump realized people were making fun of him, he sent out a tweet. he said, "if you're not happy
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with my spelling, you can leaf." [ laughter ] here's some fun newsis today he 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 launch, when we first went to the moon. back then -- back then, everyone held their breath and nobody knew if we'd make it. today, that's called flying southwest. [ light laughter ]is you guys, today the second day of amazon prime day. that's right prime day is a - [ cheers ] two-day event th year. it's actually becoming so popular, amazon is thinking about adding even more days which means it's time for "the tonight show" carolers. [ applause ] >> jimmy: one, two, three -- ♪ on the first da of prime day my true love gave to me ♪ ♪ an ol "game of thrones" dvd ♪ ♪ on the second day of prime day my true love gave to me ♪wo ♪ tacks of advi and an old
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"game of thrones" dvd ♪ ♪ on the third da of prime day my true love gave to me ♪ ♪ three nf gun blasters two packs of advil and an old "game of thrones dvd ♪ ♪ on e fourth day of prime day my true love gave to me ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: the credit card bill [ laughter ] it wasn't good i was out of control every day another promo. every day another dozen boxes full ojunk i didn't need at one point, i bought an extra long toilet seat i'm not even sure what that is [ light laughter ] but it was half-off. my mailman was exhausted my amazon home page just says "get help. the floors are lined with packing peanuts. everywhere you step, it's just crunch, crunch, crunch when will ittop? ♪ and an ol "game of thrones" dvd ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: "the tonight show carolers, everybody.
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[ applause ] thank you, steph hey, guys, here's -- that lookso [ light laughter ] i actually got this toupee off amazon >> steve: i know, it's good. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: it's on prime day. >> steve: it's half off. >> jimmy: here's some music newsht [ laug ] here's some music news i read that iggy azalea's upcoming concerts will have a twerk pit. [ light laughter ] which is like a mosh pit, but for twerking [ light laughter ] from kenny g, she got the idea >> steve: really ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: "our kids watcthe show, don't do [ light laughter ] finally, last night was the fantasy suite episode of "the [ cheend applause and we found out that hannah slept with peter inside a windmillin meanwhile, a dad takhis kids mini-golfing was like, "uh, let's just skip this
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hole." [ laughter and applause we have a great show tonight give it up for the roots, everybody. pp [ cheers and ause [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: hey, you know what i did last night were you there did you go -- did you see jennifer lopez >> questlove: i didn't see it, no >> jimmy: i went and i saw j. lo last night at the garden.n she's been telling me about her show have you seen the show >> questlove: i've seen it, yes. >> jimmy: the vegas one? >> questlove: yeah >> jimmy: dude, it is un-un-unbelievable she's a phenomenal dancer, singer, obviously stunning and just a performer and, dude, i've talked to her on the couch. and we talked about the show and i go, "i just don't go to vega i just don't go to l.a i'm not west coast i'm new york." she hees, "well, if i come ," you know -- so i went and saw her last night. it was off the chain unbelievable go see her like, there was dudes flipping
11:42 pm
over each other. really, honestly it was like -- it was just honestly, amazing. i'm so happy ient. d it looked exhausting [ light laughter ] i was like, "she must be exhausted right now. actually, she's probably recovering so i should just -- wonder if i could just check in with her and just see if she's -- let me facetime j. lo [ light laughter ] [ ringing hello? >> hi! [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: hey! oh, my goodness. hey, the number works!er the phone numborks you gave me a realumber. i'm so thankful. [ light laughter ] >> you think i'd give you the wrong number okay>> immy: i saw you last nig. ht and i just want to say - >> i know, i saw you at the showim >> jmy: oh, my gosh. you weren't lying. you were unbelievable! i loved it so much >> thank you. >> jimmy: i can't even - >> did you see the whole thing or you just saw parts? i know you get up early. >> jimmy: no, i saw the whole thing. i had to do it, man. >> yeah. >> jimmy: come on, i
11:43 pm
love you it was honestly unbelievable you know what i loved? what was his name again? javier javier >> the guy we brought upe n stage and did thp dance with >> jimmy: yes, yes that's exactly right [ laughter ] the guy in the audience and did it -- it was his birthday. and she's like, "i want to see your i.d., make sure it's really" -- he was so cute there were girls behind him going, "oh, we love him. [ light laughter ] and you did a lap dance r this poor guy. he was so embarrassed. and then at one point, there was five girls on him. >> yes. >> jimmy: and then he got sucked into the stage. [ light laughter ] is he okay >> into the abyss. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is he okay have we heard from - >> he's i actualaw him after theee show, in the meet an i was like, "are you good? >> jimmy: "are we okay?" yeah >> he was like, "oh, yeah, i'm fine it was great." [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: while i have you on the phone, i want to talk about the movie " >> okay. >> jimmy: bse i've been hearing a lot about this. this is you. this is constance wu, zo lili reinhart, lcardi b. >> yep >> jimmy: can you describe --
11:44 pm
what is the movie about again? this is -- >> you know, it's a movie. it was inspired by a "new york magazine" article. it followsem crew of strip club oyees who band together. and they kind of turn the tables on their wall street clients. it's really a story about human nature and greed and desperation and what people do it's a really interesting movie. i'm really excited for people to see it. >> jimmy: well, the trailer doesn't come out until tomorrow >> yes >> jimmy: but we're very excited to - >> i'll give you a little tease? >> jimmy: you would? >> yeah, i'll give you a little tease ght now. come on. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: you will here's a look at "hust." ever, [ cheers ] >> i just want to take care of my grandma, maybe go shopping every once in a while. >> when i was a kid, i alwayh wanted to work witanimals. [ light laughter ] i was close. ♪ >> these wall street guys, you see what they did this
11:45 pm
country? hardworking people lost everything and not one of these douchebags went to jail. the game is rigged and it does not reward people who play by the rules. are you in ♪ >> these are my co-workers >> stop, please. >> what if somebody calls the cops s >> ands what i spent $5,000 at a strip club,d se help. ♪ >> please help, it's my husband! ♪ >> jimmy: oh pcpc y it looks great it looks great "hustlers," i cannot wait to see it jennifer lopez, everybody. [ cheers and applause the full trailer drops tomorrow online "hustlers" is out september 13th stick around, we'll be right back with chance the rapper. i love you you were great last night. [ cheers and applause ♪ they made original hot
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our first guest is a a multi-grammy winning artist known for his mixed tapes. he's also an incredible
11:50 pm
humanitarian and he's finally releasing his debut album this month lb's never had an actual a he just streamed mixtapes. and yeah, the guy is amazing broke records. he's just the coolest guy. but tonight, he's going to show at least the album cover [ laughter ] so we might see the album cover. and we might understand the album, or the release of the one of the three things will happen [ laughter ] please help me welcome chance the rapper. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: thank you so much for coming back to the show. >> thank you for having me this is very cool. thank you guys for being - pcpc >> jimmy: we love you it's got to feel good, right >> sheesh. >> jimmy: we got a lot to cover and a lot to talk about. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i want to get to the album. but first, i want to know that i didn't know you were in "the lion king. >> yeah. lhlh i am, a little bit, in "the lion king." >> jimmy: and how did that come about? and how did i not hear about it >> it's a really weird story basically, i grew up a huge fan of the original "lion king" film and one of my really good friends childish gambino or donald glover -- >> jimmy: sure >> as lot of people know him - >> jimmy: yeah >> worked on the film. he starred in the film and he contacted me while they were working on it and was like, "hey, i told jon favreau, the directorthat you were a huge fan and he wants you to come in as kind of like a nostaia consultant - [ light laughter ] to tell him what '90s n ds like about 'liong' and stuff. so - >> jimmy: wow!
11:52 pm
>> that's what i did i came in and i gave - >> jimmy: you're a nostalgia consultant >> that's what -- i'm the guy who knows about nostalgia. so - >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah, man >> jimmy: dude, this is amazing. >> yeah. >> jimmy: this will get you other gigs >> yeah, exactly and it did give me another gig i ended up doing -- i did a little bit of slight vocal f work on the animatedm. >> jimmy: could we know -- will me know it's you when we hear you? >> no, no, no. you won't know it's me [ light laughter ] it's very, very weird. i it's like -- do like a lot of the background noises. lll i'm dead serious >> jimmy: are you sure that you're in this movie >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you sure [ laughter ] >> in very small parts if you see an antelope grazing or you see - >> jimmy: wow. >> i'm so serious ght now. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wait, so they -- you went in -- they had chance the rapper come in. and then you - >> a yeah -- >> jimmy: and they said, "hey, can you do an antelope grazing? >> yes >> jimmy: and what -- can you give us an idea of what that would be like? hi>> i'll do it for free t time but usually -- >> jimmy: close your eyes, everybody. close your eyes and picture, if
11:53 pm
you will, an antelope grazing. [ grazing sounds ] does that sound -- >> jimmy: wow, that's unbelievable ♪ i felt like there was an antelope grazing right in front of me. >> right in ont of you >> jimmy: right in front of me dude, are you a little -- are you afraid or honored that there's an alligator on the loose in chicago [ laughter ] this is real there's an alligator on the os loin chicago and they called it chance the snapper [ laughter ] >> yes >> jimmy: and this is real and this is -- look. >> it's a real thing >> jimmy: that's the alligator's face that's chance the snapper. >> wow, it's crazy >> jimmy: now he's saved he's oy. he's going to be in a zoo. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you have any words for chance if he's watching? >> oh, yeah, man keep your head up. [ laughter ] they got you locked down theyan have your body. but they can't have your mind. [ laughter ] ppp >> jimmy: fantastic. wow! at's beautiful words that's more than enough.
11:54 pm
now, i want to talk about you as a humanitarian as well. you do so many good things, really i told you this before when you're on the show llyou donated a million dos to public schools in chicago [ cheers and applause i think more people should do that and take -- set an example and do what you do and this year, you just surprised everyone you donated a million dollars to mental health services? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's very cool of you do that.e what madu get involved with the mental health services >> i've just noticed that there's a higher frequency in, like, my friendships or relationships, where there's, you know, mental huslth issues it's jcloser to me than i thought it was is -- i guess the best way to put it and a a multitude of different situations and relationships and i think once i found out about it and realized the stigma behged getting help or ing treatment.
11:55 pm
me and the people at social works, which was my nonprofit in chicago, came together and put together a plan for supporting a few already standing mental health facilities in chicago that practice mental wellness in a bunch of different ways. and then also creating a new database for all the mental health care facilities and programs and organizations in chicago so that people can find help really easily and kind of get rid of the fear behind getting help you know what i mean >> jimmy: good for you [ cheers and applause >> that's the answer talk about it. >> jimmy: that's really cool i ke that you do that. >> thank you >> jimmy: now, i'm very excited about this i wanted to talk about your album, your debut album. a lot of secrecy >> yeah. >> jimmy: a lot of secrecy behind it. a lot of - >> very myerious >> jimmy: it's very mysterious, which is cool. nothing like mystique. and i -- and i was looking at i yourtagram and i'm looking at things to get hints.
11:56 pm
but tonight, we can reveal the album cover at least, right? yeah. >> jimmy: so we can't say what it's called or when it's coming out yet. but can we show the cover? is that it the art work >> yeah,e can show the cover [ drumroll ] >> jimmy: chance the rapper's debut album. [ cheers and applause ♪ i love it. >> thanks man. jimmy: i think it's good. it's like comic -- that's -- it's going to be it. that's the album right there >> that's it >> jimmy: now, we kind of made a little bit of a deal backstage. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: i want to know the name of this album i want to know the release date of the album can you give me one of the two or both? [ laughter ] and you know the deal. and i'll do it if you do one of theml >> i'l one i'll do i'll do e release date one [ cheers ] can i explain the deal >> >>: explain the deal because i have it all ready to go just -- but i have not pressed the trigger on it. >> okay.
11:57 pm
so people watching at home, a lot of people know i haven't sold my projects bore. all my mixtapes were free. this is my debut album so there's a preorder. and i told jimmy to preorder my album. and he was like, "if you say the release date on my show. so if you preorder it, i'll -- >> jimmy: so here's the deal i went to i put this in my cart. [ laughter ] in my virtual cart >> yeah. >> jimmy: you think they'd come up with a new name [ laughter ] and i got it it says, "debut album preordered." but it's not called debut album. that's what it is on , >> if you press playll say the date and i'll say the album title [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: yeah all right. i'm going to purchase -- i'm going to purchase right now, purchase completing your order. >> hold on order confirmed! [ cheers and applaus >> jimmy: order confirmed.
11:58 pm
now, the release date and the album title please [ laughter ] >> okay. >> jimmy: you can talk to -- you want to talk to camera three. >> i'll talk to camera three, that looks good. >> all right my name is chance the rapper and i will be releasing my debut album on july 26th entitled "the big day. pcpc ♪ >> jimmy: chance the rapper, everybody. you heard it here first. "the big day" comes out july 26th. preorder it now after the break. chance is going to play "box of lies" with me. stick around it's going to be good. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back welcome back to "the tonighthow. we are hanging out with chance the rapper. [ cheers and applause his debut album "the big day" comes out july 26th. does it feel good to say the name of the album? >> yeah. it's scary but it's cool let's do it. >> jimmy: that's good [ laughter ] chance and i about to face off in a game called "box of lies. here's how it works. upstage are nine mystery boxes containing objects no one has ever seen before on your rn, you pick a box, ke out the object, descibe it to your opponent then you have to guess if you're lying or telling the truth. we'll play thr rounds. chance, why don't you pick the first box? >> all right [ audience shouts suggons k? >> i'm hearing a lot ofives. >> jimmy: all right, you're hearina lot of five. [ audience shouts suggestions i you guys are very excited have you seen what'side the boxes? >> jimmy: no [ laughter ] they just like the number three. that's what i'm hearing.
12:04 am
>> okay. that makes sense >> jimmy: yeaht? >> wha [ laughter ] >> jimmy: sod ou can take it out t it on the side over here so the audience can see it and then you have to - [ laughter ] either describe it i can't see it at all. >> oy. jimmy: i can just see your - [ laughter ] i don't know, i have no idea >> okay, it is a - sheesh, i don't know how to describe [ t laughter ] it is a live - [ laughter ] i don't even know how to - >> all right, this is a live show >> jimmy: a live show? >> it's a live show. jimmy: uh-huhh, >> wit like, a talk show host and a rapper playing a game that's very much like this [ laughter ] but with one of their heads missing. >> jimmy: so it's a figurine set? like a lego set? >> it's live show. >> jimmy: yeahi understand
12:05 am
[ laughter ] i mean, this is a live show with a talk show host and but both of us have he >> and both of us have headsht [ lauger ] this one does not have heads >> jimmy: i'm going to say you [ drumroll ] >> i'm telling the truth >> jimmy: oh, my god [ cheers and applause that's so meta that is so meta, dude. we have boxes for heads. >> it's us >> jimmy: that's unbelievable. that is usep gosh, you can hat if you want to. >> yeah. >> jimmy: all righ i lost that one guys, want to give me a number [ audience shouts suggestions >> jimmy: how come he was ree and i'm two? why does that make no sense? here we go, two. [ grunting ] >> oh. ♪ug [ laer ]
12:06 am
[ ughter ] >> jimmy: it's not that bizarre. [ laughter ]e lying? or i could be telling the truth. that's the fun of the game [ laughter ] it's a taco shell. filled with papa smurfs. [ light laughter ] it's the only way i can describe this. it's a papa smurf taco [ laughter ] >> your eyes aret lying, though i'm going to say it's the truth. [ drumroll ] [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: i lied [ cheers and applaus ooh, that's good acting, right >> that was great. >> jimmy: that was gooacting all right, let's do one more chance, you are up it's a tie game. [ audience shouts suggestions they'd love you toick three. >> all right
12:07 am
>> jimmy: all right, looks like a light box,ust saying >> i'm just really, really strong this is -- [ laughter ] ♪ [ harmonizing [ laughter ] sorry, i was just doing an antelope grazing [ laughter ]nn futhat you said "antelope grazing. >> jimmy: because this rhymes with that? >> because it's actually - a -- [ laughter ] jimmy: you can't lie to me, can you? >> no, this a -- >> jimmy: come on, this is uncle jimmy, dude. >> commited to memory, i'm looking at it right now. >> jimmy: it's uncle jimmy, you can't lie to uncle jim >> it's a -- it's a pickle that can't come out of a box. >> jimmy: there you go thank you. thank you for finally telling me the t be the thing that you're not doing. [ laughter ]
12:08 am
♪ oh pickle in a bo pickle in a bo pickle in a box ♪ and finally, i say, you lie, my friend [ drumroll ] >> oh, my [ lauger ] >> jim: oh, my god >> you might be right. >> jimmy: he did not lie he's the one and only chance the rapper. [ cheers and applause ♪ the winner, chance the rapper. more "tonight show" after the break. stick around, everybody. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: guys, be sure to tune in tomorrow night. our guests will be joel mchale,
12:14 am
marc maron [ cheers and applause and blake griffin. and on thursday, we have kenan thompson and joe manganiello. [ cheers and applause music from robyn they're great shows.o you don't want tss it. stick around, we'll be right back with david crosby and meron crowe! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely diffent people, toat's why they need czed car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton.u' yove done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ how do you like it, ♪ how do you like it ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪
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>> jimmy: our next guests are two absolute legends one is an oscar-winning writer, producer and director. the other has been making music for over six decades and has been inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame twice. the new film, "david crosby:re mber my name" opens this weekend in select theaters ladies and gentlemen, please welcome david crosby and cameron crowe. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: feel the love. >> feel >> jimmy: feel the love. >> i can feel the love in the room >> jimmy: yes, exactly thank you for being here welcome back to the show y i've had both on the show. you know i love you both i want to talk about the documentary, "remember my name." cameron, you're ths interviewer in thiproject -- in this
12:21 am
documentary? >> i am. >> jimmy: and do you remember the first time that you ever interviewed david crosby >> yes, i was 16, jimmy. and i was just so anxious to interview one of my musical heroes i had so many questions. i had a notebook like this he chose to be interviewed by me answered every question i had to the deepest and most ridiculously wonderful degree. >> jimmy: what are you laughing at wait, tell me, tell me, tell me >> it was great. >> jimmy: what are you laughing at >> what i actually did was stick a joint in his mouth and introduce him to a bunch of girls. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. wait [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause that's a much better story cameron, do you remember it that way >> well, i too like chance the rapper. i'm a nostalgia consultant [ laughter ] so, i remember it differently. >> jimmy: yeah >> i remember that you stuck joints in your own mouth and you introduced me to your girlfriend [ laughter ]
12:22 am
>> i knew it was something like at >> jimmy: something like that, yeah well, this is -- i mean -- 'cause you've been interviewing "almost famous" -- the film was based on your life and interviewing people and i was lucky enough to be in that film no, but please, keep your applause down. [ laughter ] a [ cheers applause i played dennis hope u guys -- i don't want to quote lines. "almost famous," i heard you're making it into a musical >> yes, we are doing a musical it starts in september in san diego at the old globe theater. >> jimmy: are you kidding me [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> jimmy: i'm so excited did my character make it >> your character we're taking such good care of. it being held for you in a a beautiful place. >> jimmy: is it not in the musical? >> no, no. it's ithere. and when we get to broadway, hopefully. it is there for you to drop in and play on any given night. [ cheers and applause right? >> jimmy: are you serious? >> yeah. being crafted for you rop 's in and rock at any point >> jimmy: no way >> yes >> jmy: i'm freaking out right now. >> expanded from the movie, i might add. >> jimmy: wow!
12:23 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy: really this is the best - dude, this is the best night of my life. [ cheers and applause >> giving you your big break, man. es jimmy: wow, i'm speechl let's go back to the documentary. i got to say, i didn't know what to expect watching this and i was moved. i was rocked it's emotional you talk about eternity. you talk about music you talkbout love and loss it's magical it's must-see film g only you could in the mind of david crosby like this. you tell a great story about jim morrison, which i did not know you might as well just tell it please what do you think of jim morrison >> you know, he's shaped by this early meeting that we had went to the whiskey to see the doors. >> jimmy: whiskey a go go on sunset boulevard >> and i made the mistake of -- a friend and i went there on acid [ light ughter ] which you should never do in public especially not in the whiskey a go
12:24 am
>> jimmy: do it ublic, yeah don't do it at all >> this is not a recommended technique. >> jimmy: so you went out in public >> i'm standing there, and i'm blitzed. [ laughter ] i'm blitzed. and he walks by and he pulls my shades off he says, "you can't hide in there. [ light laughter ]and i telepor side of the room [ laughter ] there was a certain -- you know, i never really liked him much after that, i think [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: 'cause he broke the rules of -on >> you d do that to people who are on acid. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: have some respect. >> come on >> jimmy: have some respect for that, yeah the one thing i think that everyone's taking out of this, and it's kind of shocking and it must be t tgh for you to evenk about this but is your relationship with stills and nash. i mean, csn and csny and neil young you currently don't speak to any of them? is there a chance of you guys gettintogether again >> there's always a chance never say never, man i have no bad stuff in my heart abouany of those guys, man i made too much great music with them. i love them. >> jimmy: you do love them
12:25 am
>> we've bashed heads with each other so many times. i mean, we were so awful to each other so many times all of us were and i think we all know that, you know if there was ever a chance -- i'll tell you what keeps coming up in my head. about ten times a day, i get a a tweet saying, "will you guys get your act together and do your job we need you to go out and be a a voice for the people that love you." >> jimmy: yeahwe need you. >> and well, you know, ohio is stuck in their minds and it would be a great time for us to be out singing like that if they want to do that -- you know, like a get out the vote tour >> jimmy: yeah, something like that >> i'd jump on >> jimmy: you would? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: the other thing i like from it is that you didn't stop making music. >> oh, no, i've been making tons of -- i made four albums in the last four years >> jimmy: that's the way to do it, buddy. >> iove it i love the documentary guys, you have to watch it it's a must see. and i just love -- one of the messages i took from there is
12:26 am
that it's never te never too o say, "i love you" to someone while they're here on this earthd an i just want to say, i love you >> i love you, too >> jimmy: thank you so much. and i love you [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i want to show a a clip here's david crosby. "remember my name. take a look at thi >> that's the house "our house" was written about right there. ♪ our house is a very very ver fine house with two cats ♪ ♪ in the yard life used to -- >> see that interior light there, the yellowy-white one back through that window that's the kitchen that's where crosby, stills and nash was born right under that light. ♪ that's where we were standing when we sang our first song together ♪ cass introduced me to graham first.'t know who he was at
12:27 am
t i liked him. >> jimmy: that's the reaction you want [ cheers and applause that's magic magic. david crosby cameron owe, everybody "david crosby: remember my name" is in select theaters this weekend when we come back, david crosby performing with the roots. stick around [ cheers and applause ♪
12:28 am
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>> jimmy: performing the roots, once again,david croy [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ it's been a lon time comin it's goin' to be a lon time gone ♪ ♪ and it appear to be a long appears to be a long appears to be a long time♪
12:32 am
♪ sh a long long time before the dawn ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ turn turn any corne turn and hear what'sna around you're i hear you say ♪ ♪ something something something's goin' on around her surely surely surely ♪ ♪ will not stan the light of day n and it appears to be a long ♪
12:33 am
♪ appears to be a lon appears toe a long tim such a lon long time before the dawn ♪ ♪ ♪ speak out you got to speak out against the madnes you got to speak your mind ♪ ♪ yeah if you do dare don't don't don' don't don't tr to get yourself elected ♪ ♪ no no n and if you do you had better cut your hai
12:34 am
'cause it appears ♪ ♪ to be a long long appears to be a long appears to be a long tim such a long long time ♪ ♪ before the dawn ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ it's been a lon ti comin it's goin' to be a long time gone gone gone ♪ ♪ but you kno the darkest hour now
12:35 am
is always always jus before your dawn yeah ♪ ♪ it appears to be a longs appearto be a long appears to be a long time ♪ ♪ such a long long time before the dawn ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
12:36 am
[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: david crosby the roots. the documentary "david crosby: remember my name" hits select theaters this weekend. my thanks to chance the rapper jennifer lopez cameron crowe! david crosby and the roots right there. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. thank you for watching, have a a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow bye-bye everybody.nd [ cheers applause ♪
12:37 am
♪ >> announcer: from i 30 rockefeller plaza new york, it's "late night with seth meyers.-- tonight dax shepard, host of msnbc's "deadline: white house" anchor nicolle wallace, music from weyes blood featuring the 8g band with ragh mehrotra. ♪ a [ cheersnd applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight [ cheers and applause l that is wonder hear. in that case, let's get to the news president trump today tried to down play his offensive attacks on minority congresswomen tweeting, quote, "i don't have a racist bone in my body."


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