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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 16, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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p.m. it'sll feeling close to 100 degrees out there. most of us are going to be completely dry tonight. a few i olatedowers and a rumble of thunder west of the d.c. metro area. uor everybody tho it's about the warmth, and at 11:00 p.m. we're still at 87 degrees. i'll leave you with this, them huidity levels. that is prett, telling wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday,and, again, i'm trackingat dangerous he in the forecast. likely tomorrow, especially over the weekend, including friday. i'll have much more on how hot it's going to feel as the week wears on coming up at 5:25. >> those are not happy faces. thank elia. can you keep track of these rising temperatures and the thunderstorms that often accompanying them. you can make weather your home page. >> had a local cop is being called a hero after racing into a burnin home this morning and rescuing them when they are trapped inside. news 4's mark segraves spoke
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with the officer and the homeowner's store live because of if. >> dan clutching his wife who both are arrive today thanks to sergeant scott brooks who pulled them from their burning home. they were at their home in silver spring when the f re broke out around 5:00 a.m. >> it was a vigorous fire. >> reporter: sergeant brooks was driving to work on new hampshire avenue at that sametime. >> observed like a big funnel cloud/smoke going straight up in the sky, like black smoke. >> brooks called in the fire and followed the smoke to the house. he was the first to arrive. >> the house was fully engulfed coming from the back area with both smoke and fire. >> reporter: brooks didn't wait for help. >> went to the front door and the front door was locked. >> reporter: meanwhile inside them burning the couple were trying to get out. >> my wife jumped up the wall's on fire so i jumped out of bed
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and started making my way towards the door. >> reporter: that's when sergeant brooks decid to kick in the front door. >> when i kicked the front door in, the female occupant was on lye other side of the door. i actual knocked her over when i kicked the door. i dragged her out the front door, and she was screaming that her husband was still inside residence. >> reporter: since sergeant brooks went back the simone-filled house. i >> i trdeied to go in a couple times. themoke wag pretty bad. i ended up getting down on the ground, and i could see his legs in the center of the room area, and at some point he fell to the floor, and i went in and dragged him out. >> an off-duty montgomery county firefighter showed up at that point and pulled the couple to safety. neither were injured. as for sergeant brooks, he was happy to be in the right place at the right time. >> i just look at it like if they were my parents, you know,, and know that the montgomery police
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wor firefighterould have done the same ephing. >> rter: in montgomery county, mark segraves, news 4. >> the cause of that fire remainsnder investigation. investigators tell us they beeve it started it on the rear porch where several batteries were being stored. igma is estimated at $400,000. >> firers have been charged with assaulting three d.c. police officers after an altercation at a local pizza shop. a male and female were asked to leave theestaurant around 3:30 sunday morning when police were called. that's when is things escatled. words we exchanged and eventually punches thrown. both firefighters we arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer. court rleords show they p not guilty, but fire officials say they have been placed on administtive leave now. today marks one year since a 10-year-old girl was shot and killed outside of her d.c. home. the murder of makiyahilson shocked our entire area. just yesterday d.c. police announced the arrest of the eighin person charged her
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murder. today ith saatlme ac p hosting a celebration of her life, and they spoke with our meagan fitzgerald in a story 4. ll only see on news >> reporter: parents have so many memories from the days of raising their kids. michael and his wife are no diffetent. >> repor but the memories and moments they shared wit 10-year-old makiyah mean more, especially today. >> our lives changed this time last year. >> got that call that still to this day haunts me, to thisday. >> reporter: donetta made that frantic call to michael on july 16, 2018, just after 8:00 p.m. >> once i heard that my baby was shot, i dropped my foam. i couldn't -- i really didn't t believet what she was yaying. >> reporter: makwas shot on her front porch when masked
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gunmen opened fire in their courtyard. >> there's no wordsin to put it. it's just unbearable pain, you knw. day-to-day you struggle.-- it's just ou know, it's just unbearable to even talk about. >> reporter: this last year has been incredibly difficultfo her grieving parents, but it's also been a year filled with an unwavering will, a desire to ma sure that what they call her makiyah spirit lives on inside their apartment and outside of these walls. >> full of life, so much energy. >> reporter: so t her parents are preparing for an event that will celebrate and honor her life. >> we're going to give the candy bags out to the kids. >> reporter: candy, music and glow sticks, just a few of makiyah's favorite things. >> going to light the night up. >> reporter: her parents say they will make sure that their memory of her never dies. meagan fitzgerald, news 4.
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>> makiyah'sas familyet up a foundation in her honor. can you find a link to learn more about it in our nbc washington app. just go to oe s and search owkiyah wilson. right two dozen protesters have shut down the entrance to i.c.e. headquarters in downtown d.c. t >> reporter:he group is calling on speaker nancy pelosi and all elected officials to find a comprehensive solution to the immigration crisis that doesn't include deporting people. protests were organized by never again who are equating what's b happening on tder to encampment centers for yous. >> i'm here never again as a jew. never again means never again for anyone. >> so far no one has been arrested. the unitedations is the
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latest organization to denounce the new trump administration asylum regulations. yesterday the administration unveile a new rule to stop almost all immigrants from applying for asylum at the southern border. this interim final rule is expeckseding to into effect today shifting asylum cl ims from mexico and guatemala instead of the united states. the u.n. is warning some of these countries may not ha the ecessary means to process asylum seekers and it leaves the most vulnerable at risk. the aclu has also cald the rule patently unlawful. >> lawmakers in the house are a debating resolution to condemn what's been viewed as racist comments in which he told fourf le freshman members to go
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back to where they came from. scott mafarlane joins usrom the newsroom. in his first public comments since the president's tweet, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell tried to blame bot sides for having heated rhetoric, but he dodged direct questions about whether he onsidered the president's comments racist or how he would feel if someone used the phrase that said go back to his wife who isinally from china. nancy pelosi offered a stinging rebuke from the house floor. >> everybody ought to tone down their rhetoric. we have examples of that across the ideological spectrum in the country. all acrossit. everyone ought d to tonen their rhetoric >> the comments frh the white ouse are disgraceful and disgusting and a racist. every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning th's president racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our
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values. >> republican lawmakers there tried to claim that she violated ouse decorum rules by making disparaging comments about the president. lawmakers have been taking a vote on whether to strike her words from the official record. they will expect a voten that later on. this the resolution isostly symbolic but it does put republican members on the record when it comes to the president's commen >> also on the hill, lawmakers held a series of hearings today about social media, and that includes one on facebook's proposed digital currency. the head of the currency says facebook is going to work with higulators to protect privacy. he also said ts would open up commerce to millions who don't have access to bank accounts, but some lawmakers are skeptical. >> facebook might not intend to be dangerous, but surely they don't respect the power of the technologies. they are playing with like a toddler who has gotten his handk on a bf matches.
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facebook has burned down the house over and over andryalled evarson a learning experience. >> senator sherrod brown later asked the libra executive abouth entrustingis entire salary that way and he t saidhey are not trying to compete with bank deposits. >> today plans are being opposed to move o critical departments of u.s.epartment of agriculature offices. the secretary wants to movehe usd a's economic research service and nional institute of food and agriculture to kansas city. a group of senators sent a letter to secretary sunny purdue raising concerns about this move and are asking for an extension of the deadline to accept or reject the reassignment and they want current employees to be able to telework until a final location in kansas city has been chosen. just yesterday the white house w
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detailed nplans to move the management.nd they want to move that out of i.c. by thef end o next year. a woman fghts off an assault after being iproved by a stranger and cornered. just ahead what happened next that resulted in her being ctimized a second time. y belus, towing companies able to take your car. now the i-team reports that some of the accused are taking too much cash from drivers. ahead what had a localnty is doing about that. >> and as we track the warmest air so far this year, it's a good reminder there is never a safe amount of time to leave kids and pets in the car even with the windows down. just over ten minutes the next few days the temperature inside a car will warm to 110 to
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polheiceof say the u casese cam rapid conclusion. pews 4's collins is live in crystal city with details of what police call a quick arrest. pat? happened r: wendy, it in a business. police say it was an attempted rape, a larceny red ct card fraud. now this happened in an area right here in crystal city. that suspect was identified and picked up in 24 hours and 20 minutes after it all went down. now wait until y see where they picked them up. >> we hear about violent crimes in our community. we're going to ucase t sel individuals and hold them accountable for their action >> the 1700 block of crystal drive. it was about 7:42 at police say a man corners a woman and makes some sexual remarks.
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she pushes himwa a but -- >> and you didn't leave empty-handed. >>teporter: later the vic contacted police to report that duringhe course of her incident the credit card had been sten. >> her suspect had the woman's credit card at a gas station sh washington boulevard and at a mcdonald's on jeff davis highway. cops follow the credit card trail and to tos gas station and they get surveillance video of the suspect and they pass that picture around to other police on patrol, and then a on the street recognizes the suspect and arrests him. where? at this metro stop less than half a block from the crime scene. 24 hours, 20 minutes after it. it all went down. charged was 36-year-old johannes gebreyesus. he's being held without bond.
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now, if you've beenim vied by this guy, police, they want to hear from you. leon? >> all righk thanou, pat. take care of your voice. today, several families who have been impacted by deadly truck crashes cameato cpitol hill to demand change from lawmakers, and among them were survivors of the 2016 crash that left ten students and chaperons dead in california. their bus was hit head-on by a fedex truck. santiago calderon was inside the truck and explained why it was so important to have skills to improve truck safety on the road. >> i'm here fighting for change trying to be as big a voice as i can to do my part as best as i can to influence these lawmakers to help support us and back us up. we need change. we need change now. everyone is on the road. >> reporter: the safe roads act includes a measure that call for automatic emergency braking on trucks. the insurance act would require
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coercial motor vehicle operators have an incre ed amount of required>>nsurance. thousand of virginians who once had their driver's licenses suspended because they d overdue court fees are back on the road again. their licenses reinstated. virginia's governor ralph northam has been traveling around the commonwealth spotlighting the new law that took effect july 1st. before that some 600,000 virginians had their driving es privileg stripped because they owed court fines and fees. northam pressed lawmakers to approve a budget amendment at the end of last session that allows for driver's license reinstatement when the only issue was unpaid fines. expect the new w to help virginia's economy. >> when we talk about the economy, everybody having jobs sso that they canpport themselves and their families with, this is a big deal for people to have their driver's license. >> the law has beenn effect for two weeks, and already more than 31,000 people havead their driving privileges restored.
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>> well, not everyone gets to take advantage of a shady seat outdoors when they have to be outside in scorching conditions like today. many people have to work hard in that hot n, and for some of them news 4's drew wilder delivered some cool relief. he joins us now live to tell us aboutis experience today. hey, drew. >> reporter: hey, leon. yeah. it was disgusting outside day, so hot, and as amelia mentioned as far as the rest of the week goes, today was about as good ag it's goito get. moving forward, heat indexes at or greater than 100 degrees. so obvious there's not a lot we can really do about that, right, so we figured we would try to fight it wth some popsicles. went out in northern virginia to try to help people stay cool. we're handing outs pops and bottles of water to people out is heat today. can i interest you in a popsicle? >> why not. >> hot enough, isn't it?
5:19 pm
>> reporter: you be safe working out. >> have great day. >> reporter: you, too. >> were the kiddos be interested in some popsicles made with real fruit. >> reporter: mom and dad said the twolder kids could have one, but watch the littlest in the stroller and then big sister hooks her up with a taste and we also can't forget about our first responders. could i interest you and the guys in a few popwocles? >> toung bucks, for sure. >> reporter: only young guys eat popsicles is it. you're goodness gracious. here just in case the old guys, when they are not on camera, decide they want a few, you hand those around, okay in. >> oh, i will. >> reporter: appreciate everything you guys do for us. take care, guys. thank you. remember to wear light-colored and loose-flitting clothing and don't leave pets out or too long in a car. we brought dog friendly treats with us just in case. >> oh, no, not for me. as far as news assignments go, you guys, today wasn't all that bad for me, but i'm going to need you to put your heads
5:20 pm
together because it's going to get hotteromorrow and the next ayy, and i burned the popsicle story idea m too early in the week and if i come up with anything else i'm all ears moving forward. >> you're the pied piperf popsicles. that will work in any part of time. >> why don't you start going to the movie theaters and see the mat knees andma see how y people are packing the movies at noontime. there's an idea. >> jammed, jammed. >> reporter: therend air coioning in there, yeah, i'll bring that one to the morning meeting tomorrow. >> there you go. >> see how it goes at 5:00. >> and you'welcome. >> thanks, drew. >> stay cool. talk to you later. >> this is just the start of the hot trend. n coming upxt, amelia is back with the time line for the dangerous temperatures that are coming our way. >> plus, viinia's governor brings his listening tour to northern virginia. the reaction he'sto getting y da
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you put up the feet dark thke numbers and we haven't even really hit hot stuff. >> when you factor in the humidity, then, friday, saturday nd sunday, it's feeling like 110 degrees during the afternoon and evee'ng hours so wre talking dangerous heat in the forecast. we could have a heat advisory torrow, and we will definitely be uer a heat advisory over the weekend. inot an excessive heat warning
5:24 pm
which is more serious of an advisory. take a look at your weather headlines out there. dangerously hot at times into the weekend. a heat advisory is possible rr tomo, and then friday, saturday and sunday it's feeling like 110 degrs and with this extreme heat in the forecast, there's already been 20 children that have died this year from being left in hot cars, even with the windows down. you cannot leave kids and pets in hot ars out there. the temperature is just so much greater than the outside air temperature. and that brings us to the ice tea meter. over the next few days it's definitely an extra large wednesday, friday and saturday and sunday. have to go somewhere with this so i put thursday down to a large with high temperatures in the low 90s.ry eve other day though wre dealing with, again, a heat advisory feels-like temperatures out the, so you can beat the heat by drinkinglenty of water if you do have to be outdoors, and also you want too avoid hours outdoors.
5:25 pm
if the ds want to get outside the earlier in the day the better. temperatures really warm upq ckly. the hottest time of day is te during the afrnoon and early evening hours. if you do have to beoutside, make sureg you're wearin light-colored and -flooseitted clothing out there. when you wear dark colored clothing, it absorbs all the heat and makes m you thatuch harder. when you wear tight-tutting g clothin it doesn't t allow cooling to take place. when you g out of the shower you're coolin because of the evaporative cooling takingac pl here's the heat index tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. it's already feeling like 80 degrees out there in washington. mid to upper 70s in many of our suburbs. by lunchtime it's feeling like temperatures are in the low to mid-90s, 95in washington. 4:00 it's feeling about 100 to
5:26 pm
105 in the district. puteran see this is one c model that doesn't want to take us up exactly to 105, but that's really kind of splitting hairs. is just going to be muggy and gross out there tomorrow. feeling tropical with a high of 96, and some evening thunderstorms. it's dry during the day and once we head into the evening hours we could see thunderstorms and there's the 93 on thursday. the large, not extra large ice tea day. friday and saturday, it's feeling near and around 100 degrees. i'll have more on t heat index outlook in more detail coming at 5:50 over the weekend, but if we hit 100 on saturday, it will be he first time in almost thr years. >> wow. >> well, "game of thrones" reigns as the emmy nominations are announced. the record-setting day for that hbo drama. >> 50 years ago this week man went to the moon, but what he was wearing was just important as what he was flying. i'm core smith at air and space
5:27 pm
museum. we'll give you the ck story behind neil armstrong's suit next. >> reporter: i'm julie carey. frican-american leaders are letting the governor know five months after the racist photo on his year book page came to ht lig, what they are telling him and why some africanmerican -ale
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
back now at 5:30 with a look
5:30 pm
at some of our top stories. a man is in custody in with exwith an atmptedape. he cornered a woman and made sexual comments saturday evening in crtal city and ran off after she screamed and later used her credit card and officers tracked him down today. oday a peace rally in honor of makiyah will option who was shot outside oft her northeas d.c. home. she was shot from a stray bullet from this exchange caught on surveillance video. yesterday police charged an eighth person in connection with her> murder. and a house explosion outside of baltimore left a maintenance man with serious burns. the bla blew out frontand back of the house and damaged the homes next door. a family of four was able to get out without injuries. no word on what th cause is. >> virginia governor ralph no ham's listening tour landed for the first time in northerod virginia tay. >> the latest in a series of closed-door sessions argued after the racist photo on the
5:31 pm
governor's year book page surfaced. the governor is looking for how to address issues of racial inequality. >> some african leaders wonder if northam is avoiding the most critical voices. >> reporter: governor ralph northam getting ready to huddle with l africanaders in dumfries, the first meeting of this kind since northam first apologized for this racist p on his yearbook page and theid sat wasn't him but did admit he once dressed up in blackface as part of a michael jackson costume. >>arhat happened in febru it hurt a lot of people in virginia, and -- and i the way we handled that. i rret what it did to virginia. >> reporter: northern's -- northam renewed ef of reducing inequities and he says these ssions have already led to new initiatives, but some african-american leaders say
5:32 pm
northam is avoiding his harshest chrissics, amonghem the fairfax county naacp who staged this protest back in april that fo northam to cancel a planned democratic fund raiser. >> i would say it's less of a listening tour and more of a photo o ortunity. he's met with people who are friendly with him and taken a lot of pictures but he hasn't met with the fair taxnt c naacp. >> i'm not avoiding anybody. my door is always open. >> reporter: here's one takeaway from today's session. >> he's listening, and while i appreciate that, what's important to me for my constituents is action and so what i'm looking for is his accountability and actions and take whayou heard and put it the into action. >> the governor will be back in northern virginia next week for a similarssion in loudoun counfr. in ds, virginia, julie carey, news 4. >> hole's park will run for re-elecon after facing a prostitution charge.
5:33 pm
the lone witness in the case re tused to testifyt he had inappropriately touched her this. stems from a 2018 visit to a massage parlor. according to the northern virginia daily the parlor owner is also facing charges and expected to be in court next month. families and friends gathering dallas to remember a proud d texas an political outsider, h. ross perot. he was lid to rest after two services thatud incled an f-16 missing mfl ver, the air force performing that to honor perot's commitment to the military and veterans. a billionaire and philanthropist and two-time presidential hopeful passed away earlier this year -- this month, rather. was 89 years old. >> we mark another thlestone. is captivated the world 50 years ago, and now it's doing it all over agai today we mark 50 years since the saturn 5 rocket blasted off for the moon, and for the first timn in more th a decade we're getting an up-close look at that
5:34 pm
spacesuit used on the mission. news 4's corey smith expla ds theign of the suits is a marvel all on its own. >> reporter: 50 years later we marvel at the vesselhat took us to the moon and after a decade of research and restoration we can admire the vessel that allowed neil armstrong to leave the lunar module and step on the moon. >> we have to take our environment with us, and the only way to take our environment with us it is with a spacesuit. >> reporter: while she's never worn it dr. kathleen lewis knows this sdcesuit inside out. >> the this suit was made to fit neil armstrong and no one else.e it hs a little over 60 pounds all told. the outer layer that you see is a thermal micrometeor garment that is used to reflect solar radiation and sunlight. st reporter: it would take some of the sharpeinds in the
5:35 pm
country to design this suit and the job of stitching it togeer fell into the dell cats hands of everydre seamstes. >> it brings a human side for ways inspiring. >> reporter: staring into armstrong's helmet was almostoo like lng into the past for michael. >> just to see the suit as he wore it with the lunar dust still on it it's just incredible. emotional, a very important artifact that needs to be or tected and preserved future generations to see. >> that's a big reason why the suit is on display, not just to honor the past but to inspired the next generation of explorer to dream big. >> reporter: how cool is that? >> really cool. >> reporter: what did you notice abou it? what did you like about it? >> had thered buttons and i thought the dirt on it w really cool. >> proof that when old is made new it can still leave us in awe. >> reporter: in the district, corey smith, news 4. >> that armstrong suit was no small td wasn't cheap. the sthsonian actually turned
5:36 pm
to a public kick starter campaig to fund project and quickly surpassed the half million goal they were setting upo the excess cash they raisedill be used to restore another suit, this one worn by astronaut alan shepardho was the first american to travel too space. >> it took one really big rocket to get us to the moon and today inbama they launched 5,000 little ones. isn't that cool, all at runshi is the scene in huntsville. they just broke the guinness world record for the most models launched at onetime and did it at the same time as saturn 5 from 50 years ago. >> in the netherlands they launched a mere 42 roets all at one time.t' see it again. rats. >> that's no rat. >> an alligatots ge hooked. how rescuers reeled him in. he was spotted swimming in a city lake. here's a check of storm team 4 radar.
5:37 pm
tracking showers moving through montgomery county impacting 70 and 270 and rain south 66 in srthern virginia. most of ustay dry tonight. for everybody it's all about the dangerous heat. i'll let you know how hot it the feels into the weekend, and when feels into the weekend, and when u finally see
5:38 pm
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free no more. take a look. he's 5 foot 1 and weighsut a- 5'3", maybe, okay. he looks smaller to me. how about tv-added weight. he weighs about 40 pounds. officials called in a trapper from florida to find the gator who has been living in the lagoon for about a week. frank robb caught the animal sh using a fig pole. very low tech. no word yet on how the gator got into the water in the first place, and the city is now looking for a wildlife sanctuary oo a for this little guy. >> you didn't mention his name. >> i ddn't hear his name. >> his names chance the snapper. i like that. named after chance the rapper, the chicagorapper. >> i got it. >> snahier. >> look you are. . more. to hang out with you >> yeah, you should. >> i'm missing a lot. >>on't miss this. round one of the battle of the beltway is one hour from now. the nats and o's squaring offwo and teams heading in
5:41 pm
completely opposite directions right now. news 4's dave johnson knows the direction up to camden yards. dave joins us with a livelook at what's happening tonight. hey, dave. >> reporter: as always, taking a few detours. the orioles are looking for some help from the basement of the american league east. one of his pitchers is heading in the right way. he's an all-star. about a year ago created a linked-in page. he was stuck in the minors. he was thinking about a career change. >> when you're living in someone else's house in aa and you've been there f a few years and you start to realize it might be time to grow up and get at real job so obviously in the minor leagues you don't get paid very much and you're like well, i might as well try and at least make some connections. >> reporter: your fiancee, also a pro athlete, professional women's soccer. just finished her career and she stopped and wanted you to keep
5:42 pm
going. i believe in you. >> i'm going to come and help you, kind of be with you througn this wild jouy of a ride, and -- and she has been with me ever sirte. >> rep: did you ever say to her, what are you nuts? not getting paid a lot in aa. why do you keep pushing me to do this? >> yeah, no, linked-in page obviously. we were both kind of questioning where it would go. >> reporter: anyway to put the appreciati for where you are right now. you were on "sportscenter" last night. ever have that moment that could bave been me full-time? >> yeah, back or anything. little jobs. i was a substitute teacher a couple seasons ago. i was a referee, you know, in college. like, it's those little jobs that kind of get you through and kind of humble you. >> and the substitute teacher was the biggest challenge with kindergarten. >> that was a way bigger challenge than ping in front of 40,000 people. >> reporter: you know, his career continues on the rise.ay
5:43 pm
m one day he'll have able wouldhead like the one they are giving out tonight for brooks robinson. that's a sign you've really made it in baseball, when you get your own bobblehead. we're counting down to game one of the battle of the beltways between the washington nationals and orioles. we'll send it back to you. >> that is pretty cool. >> that is cool. all right. don't lose that. >> well, the finale of "game of th mnes" may have gottenxed reviews from fans, but this season was a hit with the television academy. just ahead, the record-setting day from the hbo drama. >> coming up, an i-team report on complaints that towing armpanies this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the xdee literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of ople are watching? yeah. we're making a commercial
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that opens doors in all fiy states. giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance ke no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. having your c towed can costyou big jobs and tows laws do set limits on how much companies can charge, but tonight as scott macfarlane and
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the news 4 i-team are reporting, some towing companies are being questioned over whether they nickel and dime those of you who are desperate to get your car back. >> reporter: in the d.c. aea, tens of thousands of vehicles are towed each year. sometimes costing drivers hundreds to get teir cars back. >> big money in towing? >> huge money. >> reporter: this partonular m isn't about the huge money, it's about the change. >> towing section pensive. and nobody has ever planned for it. >> reporter: aaron klein's car got towed by henry's wrecking center after his niece parked ii in a h center in silver spring. he doesn't contest the ow. it's what he found at impound lot that led him to talk to the news 4 i-team. >> there's a sign that says no change. how can be conscionable not to provide change particularly when they are selling expensive
5:47 pm
products. ever seeing anything like that before? >> no, new to us. >> reporter: eric freedman with the office of consumer protection says his office no investigating whether this goes over the line. >> that may in fact be overcharging by the tower because by law they are not allowed to collect more than the maxim rates that are set by the county government. >> the i-team checked and found at least 80 complaints against henry's since 2015 but none of them involved change. >> the change issue has never been an issue. >> reporter: friend she willer said they have never offered change since they operated county back in 2000. >> i have other locations and they all all been held up and robbed by having the customer give us the exact change, that i amount ismmediately dropped no a safe and they can't open the safe. >> reporter: you think it's prevented robberies? >> i believe it does. >> rerter: but the i-team found henry's towing isn't alone and prestige has signs saying no change will be order. the owne told us he doesn't want cash in his establishment because he doesn't want his
5:48 pm
employees stealing it, but after tting questions from the i-team he changed the policy, cash and change are now being offered. hat difficult to give the exact amount of change. if you go to a 7-eleven or gas station. >> reporter: but henry's owner does keep cash because state law in virginia requires t.of the 80,000 tows only 3% to 5% pay in ed nobody likes getting their car tow, we understand that and they want tody blame somebo they don't blame themselves. they blame the tow truck company. >> reporter: aaron klein sayshe t tow companies want things to change they could change themselves. >> reporter: not providing change is just another way to steal the last few pennies and dollars they can from you when they have you completely vulnerable. >> our look at local towing nt complaicontinues tonight with something we've never seen before. a different company and a different issue.e how amazon delivery driver got towed seconds after stepping
5:49 pm
out of his truck to drop off package. see this video tonight on "news 4 at 11:00. ". >> scott macfarlane. >> wow, that's efficiency. >> you'll do anything when your car is on that book, do anything to get. it ba >> we're on the hook now for some really hot, hot stuff coming. >> going to get some nasty g storms al with it? >> we couldee some nasty storms but they will be isolated. the chance for rain this week only at 40% and it's really all about the heat anduhumidity, bt to wendy's pointld we c be dealing with evening thunderstorms out there tomorrow and then maybe a few scatters showers and thunderstorms during the sdy on th. the storm chances tomorrow evening into thursday coming from what's left of barr but everybody is dealing with the heat and humidity, and i've been talking to so many people, and it's like the time is right for outdoor concerts and the dangerous heat to aline. i'll be out there tomorrow night with my mom a wolftrap, daveth
5:50 pm
mats at jiffy lube live over the weekend. if you're going there, think about what you're wearing. wear light-colored loose-flitting clothing and stay hydrated, especially if you're drink alcohol as well. we're talking about how hot it will feel and the shower and thunderstorm potential out there, the latest on storm te 4 radar. you can see the meager showers into parts of fauquier county and down into parts of culpepper county and exiting rappahannock county. real know big deal with these, but i want to show you what the big here are the temperatures and the heat index. based on the humidity and temperature combined, friday, saturd and sunday, so we're near and around 99 degrees each and every day atfriday, sday and sunday, and it's feeling like 110 on friday. 111 on saturday and 110 on sunday. this is dangerous heat. you'll definitely be under a heat advisory as well as the storm team 4 weather alert on
5:51 pm
these days. we may even see an excessive heat watch which could become an excessive heat warning issue for these days and if it were any w day itld be especially saturday. >> look at the big tubing or radar, look at that. the mugginess isyw everre. it feels tropical out there and feels tropical tomorrow morning. already near 80 degrees us a start your day at 7:00 a.m.,o outdoor exercise isn't even enjoyable in my opinion when it's this hot and humid. lunchtime 91 degrees. mostly to partly sunny skies throughout the day. dangerous hea is possible tomorrow during peak heating right around 4:00 p.m. and at that poi keep kids indoors. 96 is feeling more like 105 and maybe spot evening thunderstorms out there tomorrow with the temperature 90. so also when it gets this high, you want to think about walking your dog and how hot the asphal will be. at 87 degrees the asphalt temperature is 143 so to test ii the ground too hot for your dog, put the top of your hand on
5:52 pm
the ground that they are walking on that you think might be extremely hot. if you can't hold it there for seven seconds, it's too hot for your dog's paws. thursday, we start off -- we warm to 93. maybe some daytime thunderstorms, and then there's that dangerous heat over the weekend, friday, saturday and sunday with maybe some thunderstorms on sunday. it's not cool and comfortable until next tuesday, guys. >> all right. thanks, amelia. the final season of hbo's xedme of thrones" has some m reviews for fans. made a huge impression on the television academy. that was apparent from this morning's emmy nominations. nbc's mark barger has the details. >> reporter: "game of thronese and a chancto recapture the best drama crown at the emmy awards. threet-time wier earned a record-setting 32 nominations for the shows efinal season. "thrones" stars amelia clark and kit harrington grabbed lead acting nominations while seven more nods came in the supporting acting category. >> i wish for a baby.
5:53 pm
>> nbc's "this is us" is among the seven shows vying with "thrones" for best drama. mandy moore picked up her first lead actor bid and sterling k. brown is also up for lead actor and chris sullivan for supporting acr. "killing eve" is also in the best drama field along with "better call sahl" "bodyguard" and hbo's "veep" will try to end its farewell tour going up against "the marvelous mrs. maisel" which last year won best comedy and actress. >> i get so motion sick. >> and "best play" is in the hunt along with "barry," amonge oths. the awards will be handed out septemr 27th. bc news. er, >> one of the actors nominated today was 17-year-old asante blck from baltimore.
5:54 pm
he ptrayed kevin richardson in the netflix series "when they see us." that miniseries chronicled one of the five teens arrested and convicted of a 1989 attack a jogger in central park. the convictions were reversed. the n were exonerated. very great, msen i was diagnosed with , the first thing i thought about
5:55 pm
was my family. i came home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress the medicine has progressed right alongside it. trying to make medications more affordable is important,is the medicine has progressed but if washington t careful we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, t and the last thing you w lose in life is hope.
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5:57 pm
tomorrow will mark five years nce the defendant a man named eric garner in police custody up in new york. this eveni xwarnergarner's famiy they are outrage after announcing that the officer involved in this high-profile case would not face federal cfrrges. more our sister station in new york. >> this is an outrage, an insult to injury. you killed son, and you won't get away with it! >> reporter: eric garner's mother one day shy of five years since her son's death. the final moments of his life in a confrontion with police on staten island capture on a video seen around the world but today federal prosecutors in brooklyn said the video didn't prove that the police officer daniel pantaleo willfully broke any laws while placing garner in a chokehold. >> an officer's mtakes fear,
5:58 pm
misperception or even poor judgment does not constitute willful conduct. >> you want us to be calm? >> reporter: garner's daughter furious inhe moments after she and her family learned that the justice department would not prosecute. >> i'm going to stand outside and i'm going to scream it. pantaleo needs to be fired! >> reporter: but the officer now on paid desk duty has long maintained his innocence, and he's awaiting the verdict from an dnypdartmental trial. he police union today said scapegoating a good and honorable officer who is doing his job in the manner he was taught will not heal the wounds this case has caused for our entire city. today mayor deblasio admitting waiting for the feds to decide was a mistake and moving forward we will not wait for the federal government to commence our own disciplinary proceedings.
5:59 pm
the reverend al sharpton call the half decade wait a slap in the face. >> fiveears ago eric garner was choked to. death today the federal government choked lady justice. >> reporter: and here's what happens next. theity is awaiting a decision from the nypd's departmental judge about whether officer pantaleo committed misconduct. efter that it's up to the pol commissioner whether or not the officer is fired. that decision is expected by the nd of augustn. >> in drama at 6:00 and thecs politiof president trump's attack on four congresswomen. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm wendy rieger. >> the house vote c tondemn the president's words have been held up and it looks like it will go forward and tonight how some a lawmakers defending the president. remembering makiyah wilson, the 10-year-old killed by a stray bullet one year ago today. tonight her mother tells us how she's keeping her memory alive. >> d fighting to keep federal in
6:00 pm
jobs our backyard. the pushback tonight against relocating federal workers. >> and, of course, we start with this heat wave. a ew showers out there tonight, but the big story is the temperature. >> it felt like triple digits for some of us today d the rest of the week, it's going to get even worse. let's start with what's going on outside right now on storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. hi, amelia. >> even at 6:00 p.m., it's still feeling close to 100 degrees. across most of the area the mugginess has moved in and it's here to stay. check out the heat index in your neighrhood this hour feeling about 98 in washington and 99 in manassas and 2 down in quantico and 102 degrees out in leesburg right now. i heatex is when you factor in the humidity level and the air temperature currently coming in at 89 degrees. even by 7:00 p.m. it's still feeling like 98 o


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