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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 16, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new at midday, a police officer is credited with saving two people from this burning home. we talked with one of them about the early morning scare. >> and we're looking at a hazy y out there, definitely humid. definitely hot. let's talk about how hot we're going to get. wait until we go into the weekend. i'll show you those numbers coming up. neil armstrong's moon suit back on display. today's unveiling comes from the 50thof anniversary the launch of apollo 11. we'll look back at the mission. good morning and welcome to news 4 midday.
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>> we begin this morning with our weather, get ready for dangerous heat to move into the area this week and into the weekend. it's already hot. and adding to the problem, the midity is getting worse, that will make the afternoon feel hotter than it is. >> lauren joins us now with a look at that, and a chance of storms? >> we have a chance of storms later this afternoon,'d say around 3:00 we'll see showers and thunderstorms develop, some of those will be a little on the stronger side. keep it here, we'll keep you updated on that, current temperatures out there right now, in the 80s, it is warm. you factor in that humidity. our air temperature headed into the 80s and 90s. it will feel closer to 100 degrees out there. 40% chances of storms later on. from 3:00, 4:00, uil 9:00 or 10:00. not everyone is going to see hem, we will have a few out there.
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we'll talk about that. we have remnants of barry to make it through here. we have this heat -- wait until you see the numbers we have for friday and satuay. >> we'll see you then. hank you. we move a developing story in montgomery county, where the quick actions of a police officer saved the lives of two people. >> the pair rescued from a burning home early this morning just off new hampshire avenue in the colesville area. >> that's where we find amy cho where we talked with one of those residents. i'm su that personis glad to see the first responders this morning. >> we just spoke to the husband who lives here, he and w hisfe were understandably very shaken up to see their house destroyed like this, you can see some of theb rub left behind, just absolutely devastating for them. the couple t ls meey have no idea where they're going to live now. i want to show you pictures of what caused all of this. huge flames completely gutting the house, also, an unbelievable amount of smoke.
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the police patrol sergeant was able get here and pull that couple to safety. an offduty firefighter happened to be driving by. he was able to help. certainly a case of right place at the right time. we have video from chopper 4. e fire started around 5:30 this morning. the husband who was rescued told me they woke up to somef sort o strange noises. his wife went to check it out, and that's when she realized what was happening. >> the walls on fire. so i took down a bed and started making my way toward the door. the police arrived at that time and knocked the front door in and knocked her down. that's okay. she wasn't hurt and they dragged us out. >> they tell me they are extremely grateful to the first responders who saved them. the couple has been trying to salvage what items they can from their housepiand des all they've been through, they tell me they feel very lucky to be
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alive. amy cho, news 4. >> luckily they were able to pull their belongings together. amy ank you. >> prince georges county police are investigating a deadly a man was found shot to death in district heights around 10:30 last night. block ne was in the 8800 of richboro road. the man's name has not been released at this point. detectives are working to figure out a possible motive here. they're asking 234i7b with information to call police. a peace rally will be held in honor of makai wilson. it's been one year since she was shot outside her d.c. home as she was walking to an ice cream truck. yesterday police charged an eighth person in connection with her murder. a grand jury indictment named 1a suspects says the murders stem from disputes between rival neighborhoods. the suspects range in age from
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16 to 26. for the first time, people living in a prince georges county neighborhood got to talk to the developers they've been looking for. they're pret upset about a possible amazon warehouse coming to their neighborhood. >> we're looking at property values. if this is going to add or detract. >> about 100 people packed a community meeting last night in clinton. news 4 first told youes sourc say a new amazon fulfllment isn for upper marlboro. the center is not sitting well with people who live in that the developer spoke at the meeting, he didn't confirm what's going in the building. but he did tell us how it would help prince georges county. >> a unique opportunity for the county, and this is a very rare opportunity for the county. when a proposed tenant is anticipating having 1500 new high quality jobs. >> prince georges county officials have not approved the proposal. they will hold a public hearing
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on thursday at 1:00 at the countyministration building. now to an update we brought you at 11:00, pepco worked overnight to restore power to thousands of customers in d.c. it was pitch da, the nand was all black, except for two police cars at a 7-eleven. we're still working to find out what knocked out the power. >> this morning, neil armstrg's apollo 11's space suit was reunveiled if you will at the smithsonian. the suit had been in storage since 2006. in 2015, donations helped toea this display case. mike pence spoke before the unveiling about what the mission
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meant. >> whenn president keny declared the united states would put a man on the moon before the decade was out, it is important to remember in our tim that he issued a challenge before our country was able to meet it. the truth is, we didn't have the rockets, we didn't have launch pads, we didn't have space suits. >> but within six months, the suits were created. today they are symbols of a moment of national pride. f new birth o exploration that all started with a simple decree. >> i believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> president john f. k nnedy in 1961, setting this country off on a very clear, very bold mission. and launching the apollo program. more than a decade of lunar explanation. a $20 billion 400,000 person investment in winning the space race. the centerpiece of the program
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apollo11. on july 16 th, 1969, neil armstrong, michael collins and buzz aldrin t madeir way to launch pad 39-a at the kennedy space center, destined for greatness. crowds in awe, the force and rumble of the rocket carrying apollo 11 tootheir breaths ur days later, history on the moon. >> the eagle has lad. >> roger ytranquillity have a bunch of guys on the ground about to turn blue, we're breathing again. >> a sunday afternoon. >> we're getting a fix touring on the tv. >> 650 million t people aroun world watched it all happen on tv. nasa recently asked people to share their apollo stories. >> i looked overnd at my gther, and he was crying. >> it was amazing to think that there were people on that moon t
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up theree could see. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> that leap set in motion lunar lliscoveries that are sti bearing fruit today. buzz aldrin summed it up nicely before returning to earth. f l this had is a symbol of the insatiable curiosity of all mankind to explore the unknown. >> you may not have realized it but a total of 12 men walked on the moon in 1972. artemis,ent ly announced that will put a man and a woman on the moon in 2024. can you search apollo 11 in the nbc washington app. they're going to do some really cool stuff on the mall outside the museum, there's a big stival planned for later in the week. it's going to be a great time. >> gives you chills to watch.
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we have an updat on that alligator that's been trouling a chicago park. tracie potts in waerhington a war of words is stirring up again between president trump and four women of color serving in congress he sa.ys
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the attorney representing singer r. kelly is hoping to get him out of jail today. kelly is expected in federal court to face federal sex crime charges. for therrested thursday third time this year. he is accused of recruiting girls to have sex with him. and then coveng up those crimes. he denies those charges. >> startlingns revelatio during a bond hearing for suspected sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. a federal prosecutor told the
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judge that the billionaire had a fe in his home containing cash, diamonds and an expired passport from a foreign cotry. the passport had epstein's photo on it, but a different name. prosecutors argue he's a flight risk. the judge's ruling is expected on thursday. james fields jr. has been sentencedto a second life sentence. he's a self-avowed white nationalist who killed a woman hen he intentionally drove his car into that crowd of people in 2017. sentencing was for state charges, he had already been ntenced to life in prison on federal charges. switching gears now, the four congressmen believed to be the target of president trump's weekend twitter tirade are calling for his impeachment. he insinued they weren't american and to go back to where they came from. >> reporte the house of representatives will consider a
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resolution to condemn president trump for telling these four freshmen democrats to go back c where theyme from. they want more. >> he's committed high crimes and misdemeanors and it's about time that we starttherocess and impeach this president. >> president trump not backing down, calling the women unameran and anti-semitic. >> if you hate our untry, if you're not happy here, you can leave. >> all americans, all women of color, three of them born here, cahis a blatantly racist attack. a deliberate distraction from how his administration is handling migrants at the border. >> a disruption and eye distraction from the callous okchaotic and corrupt culture o this administration. >> he does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does is attack us personally. >> take acti to impeach this lawless president today. >> more than a dozen republicans
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have joined democrats condemning the president. >> frankly it was very wrong. >> republican leaders haven't said a word. >> where are you? >> come on, of course the president's not racist. >> others like lindsey graham greed but urged him to aim higher. >> there's a concern about who's listening to president trump's comments like white nationalist oups. the president says he's not concerned about that, he believes many people agree with him. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. outside the white house, things are looking differentto day. construction of a new fence along the north lawns officially underway. our cameras were down there, as construction crews put up a temporary white wall that will make it a little harder to snap a photo of the mansion. the new fence will be 13 feet tall, in the hopes of stopping
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intruders from jumping over it. investigators are trying to figure out why someone fired shots at an office building in montgomery county. i heart radio and other businesses have offices in that building. the shooting happened during the 4thef july wend but we're learning before it now. youthan see e damage to the windows there at the top of your screen. police are also still looking for the ooter. terrifying, that is how a mom described the moment a stray bullet nearly hit h as she was holdorng her newb child at alward university hospit. the gunmen were chasing a man when they opened fire yesterday. pictures takenhow where the bullets pierced the wall. ti one was hit by the gunfire and police are searching for the gunman. each year, tens of thousands ofca cars were towed. a rugent tow was caht on camera is raising questions this morning. >> here at this apartment
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complex in seven thorners, e's video of a recent tow, a car taken from the lot. complaintsis raising from people who live here, and raising awareness that in more ways than one it matterarwhere you p >> it happened so fast, people were stunned by it. >> orlando was shocked by what was happening, so he grabbed his camera anded start towing. a delivery man left his van with the blinkers on while he went to deliver a package. the tow truck scooped up the amazon prime van within a minute. >> en he walked up here, he was gone. >> fairfax does not require a f complaint a tow company to move away a car. the owner of advanced towing says he has a contract with the complex. this was a legitimate tow. >> they know those jurisdictional lines and they
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know what codes they have to abide by. >> tonight ast par of our full i team investigation, the other community in which tow operators are accused of taking more money than they're entitled to. scott mcfarland,news 4 i team. nearly 40% inclean, there's a street in wales thaten named the steepest in the world. this is in a small town, where residents campaigned for the attention of the guinness book of world tecords. town hopes to see more tourists now that it's claimed this coveted title. >> i don't know if i'd be on a bike going down there. >> i was looking at him, what are you doing? >> all the way to the bottom. new on midday, there's an alligator that's been lurking in aop par park in chicago, that gator has been >>hoouughehca romvideo f last week, this is at humbot park where an expert from florida helped capture this
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gator. it was firstwe spotted a ek ago, the expert flew in and closed off sections of the park to reduce noise so the gator would come out of hiding. the alligator was caught humanely this morningin and is good health, hopefully they'll take him back to florida or some place where he'll be a little more at home. y >> did hear his nickname? >> no. >> chance the snapper. >> you don't want to pull up to one of his shows? >> no, you don't. a summer free of learning can el sroom. how your kids can avoid summer brain drain and still have some fun. double dutch is not just for kids aov more, the wome 40 jumping in.
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to mi sceneos lik iet this in communities around the country.
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now those young girlsre 40 plus and they're rediscovering their love for double one. mollett green is with a group of women joining a nationwide movement. >> i'm in the rope, we have women as young as 44 all the way to 58 years old. the double dutch clubmission, 40 plus. that's the whole goal. pamela robinson flew in today to be with us from chicago. you're the founder of this. >> yes. >> and you've seen this just pl exe? >> yes. since we aappeared on local tv show in chicago in may, it was posted on social media, it's grown exponentially since then. we hve members all over the world including donna, nigeria, belize, we're all over. this is a movement, anrt oppoity for women to promote friendship, fun and fitness. that's what we're doing. >> as we're watching some of the better jumpers, 40 plus double
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dutch. 40 plus double dutch. 40 plus double dutch.40 lus double dutch. >> i used to be this good. thank you for letting us be out here at the fields at rfk. i'm mollette green, we're going to keep jumping and keep it real fit, right? >> back into you. >> that's impressive. sheas double dutching at the beginning of the report while she was talking. >> during the morninge show sh jumped right in there. >> she also said it was hot out there. and she was sweating. >> yeah, i went to the hug her when she came in, she was like, i'm a sweaty mess. i don't care. we have that heat, we have that humidity out there. it feel like an upper 90s right now in some spots. we're mohe muggy out
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today. we have blue skies, plenty of sunshine. andt was -- it was nice out there yesterday. today more muggy, we have storms moving in, possibly later on today, and then again some storms tomorrow, we have rain as we get into your thursday morning and afternoon. and dangerous heat, you think today's hot, wait until we see these numbers as ntu get i friday and saturday. current temperatures right now, in the 80s, dulles at 87.y everybodn the 80s right now, fredericksburg, you're getting ready to crack 90.t this is what i feels like. fredericksburg, you're at 89 degrees. manassas feeling like 98. annapolis feeling like 97. it's a hot day out there, only going to get hotter if you're out and about later this evening. most of those will scoot on out ofhere, after about 9:00. temperatures will be falling through the 80s, it's going to be muggy overnight,there could be fog that forms as well.
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any outdoor exercise, definitely muggy and hot out there compared to yesterday. ave an eye on the sky, we a 30 to 40% chance of storms in the afternoon. that commute, also a few thunderstorms. not everybody is goi see them, they're going to be isolated, with a 30 to 40% chance. then we get into wednesday, wednesday late night, at the that's when we'll see more rain pushing in,mo thursday ing, we'll have rain around, we could hit a dry spot before more rain moves in. friday and saturday, we are dry. let's time out those rainshowers later today. not everyone going to see them, we're not expecting widespread severe weather, w could have a few heavy downpours that could bring us rain, isolated flooding, possibly gusty all of that will be gone by tomorrow morning. we still have barry, not really that organized, sou can that spin right there in the atmosphere, still a lot of flooding goin down through the
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south, where they had flash flood emergencies, we had one of those two weeks ago, they had that in louisiana earlier this morning, now they are starting to dry out as that rain pushes up through the midwest and pushes our way. let me show you this, temperatures on the left. what the feel like factor is on the right. today itelill fe like 98 in the district. as you saw, it already feels a little warmer, especially down througf dericksburg, tomorrow, that heat index in the lower 100s. we have that rain on thursday, it's going to be muggy on thursday, by friday, that heat index pushes up to 107. saturday it could be up to 110. dangerous heat headed our way friday and saturday. let's talk about the rest of your weekend. we have your beach forecast, and we'll talk about another five days coming up in a bit. guys? >> thank you. tough questions this morning on facebook's plan for a digital currency. why govement officials including the president are expressing their concern.
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little bit oboth. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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underway right now on capitol hil t the first of days of hearings on facebook's ambitious plan to create a digital currency. >> they're planning to call it libra. skeptics in congress are already callingn facebook to suspend the plan. the skepticism is shared by the predent, the treasury secretary and federal reserve chairman jerome powell. >> powell has said publicly that the process for launching libra needs to be patient. secretary mnuchin reinforced those vieyesterday. we strongly agree with both of them. we will take the time to get
11:30 am
this right. >> now, faceok might not intend to be dangerous, but surely they don't respect the power of the technologies they're playing with, like a toddler who's gotten his hands on b ak of matches. facebook has burned down the house over and over,nd a called every arson a learning experience. >> facebook is already under scrutiny over privacy concerns and market dominance. later today, the father of alison parker will testify before a senate judiciary subcommittee. she and her cameraman adam ward were shot and killed in 2015 by a former co-worker. her father is fighting against tech comonies like gle and youtubehe wants them to act against people posting videos like his daughter's murder on the platforms. andy is fighting for reasonl.le gun cont alison was just 24 years old, you can look for updates on our nbc washington >>app. an outbreak of respiratory
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illness. 60 out of 200 residents in springfield have gotten sick. two deaths are associated witht outbreak. 23 people had to go to the hospital. what's striking is the number of residents impacted and the fact that peop are gettingick during the summer instead of the winter. new overnight, we learned that netflix made changes to a popular series after a new study shows suicide by young amerisans up. >> the creator decides to edit out a controversial suicide scene from the show two years ioter the show was releases. the decisn by netflix comes after the release of a new study that found a nearly 29% increase in suicide rates among kids 10 to 17 years old when the show bu deted. researchers could not make a direct link between the show and
11:32 am
the increase in suicides. theea crr of 13 reasons why, released a statement overnight. announcing the edit of the season one episo our creative intent in portrayingg the u suicide was to tell the truth of the horror of such an act, and make sure no one would wish to emulate it, he believes the edit will do the most good for the most people. season three debu later on this summer. >> just a reminder, news 4 is dedicated to shining a light on mental health issues. in the changing mind section, you'll findce resour to help patients and their families as well as stories about treatments and even locals. program it was a nightmare for two parents in georgia, their #-year-old son's tablet burst into flames while he was holding it. the technology just orheated. he threw it across the room when he felt it get it hot. >> i was downstairs doing
11:33 am
iaundry. he his bedroom, he came flying down the stairs, screaming at the t his lungs, it's on fire. >> the manufacturer, rca released a statement saying, all of our tat products must adhere to strict and rigorous testing, we do try to predict all scenarios, electronic products by their very nature may cause accidents. the company went on to say they woulde investigatso there aren't other issues going-forward. most kids save the summer, they enjoy the much needed break from school, homework and tests. a summer free of learning can erase months of progress in the classroom. here's doreen gentzlerwith how parents can prevent summer brain drain. >> it's called summer brain drain. as kans unwind from school settle into summer vacation mode. >> kids can lose up 2.5 months of learning. >> the founder of educational
11:34 am
connection an in home tutoring service. one of the best ways to keep kids mentally sharp is by reading. >> that iseally thestart. engaging kids, even signing them up for yourod local go old fashioned library program, whe they can be incentivized and love.ated to read bookshey >> if you have a reluctant reader, audio books are a good option too. >> studies show that's just as positive and helpful in reading a new over the summer like cooking is another easy way to integrate math into their day. >> even if it's, can you measure a half a cup. or what's half of a half a cup. getting them engaged, to mix it all up, and be super happy with their outcome is an easy way to incorporate math. >> any time you can have that
11:35 am
learning, and not just the auditory part by reciting facts you're more likely tot cement into your memory. >> how about a beach ball. >> you throw it to your child, wherever their left thumb lands, they have to say the facts to you. 3 times 3 is 9. kids retain information when it comes to math facts 30% more when they're up and moving rather than just sitting down and doing worksheets. >> the bottom line for parents is to plan ahead to make sure yo kids are ready when they return to school.on >> d't wait until the last minute, which is often whatha ens. my child hasn't read a book. ab that's due at the beginnin of school. >> teachers spend 4 to 8 weeks every fall reviewing the material kids have forgotten over the summer. screen time isn't always a
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bading when it comes to learning. we'll show you how cell phones and tablets can help your child master a new summer skill. should be interesting, the technology companies are realizing they have to put some things on these devices in order for thekids to keep learning and parents to give tem the devices. incredible video of speech goers, forming a human chain to save swi>ers. a major heat wave is underway with feels like temperatures expected to soar temperatures expected to soar ove 1 degrees.00 when i was diagnosed with breast cancer,
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some incredible video to show you,in strangers helpg strangers down in florida. dozens of people were caught on camera risks their lives. ty formed a human chain stretching from the shore. the swimmers were eventually rescued. officials say tropal storm barry made for extra dangerous conditions along the coast over
11:39 am
the weekend. if you have a second, look up at the sky tonight. the full buck moon will be out tonight. it's called the buck moon because itone siincides with th time of year a buck's antlers are fully grown. a special tribute to the apollo 11ss min. a projection will transform the washington monument into a saturn 5 rocket. >> the smithsonian air and space museum unveiled the space suit neil armstrong wore. >> that's a rendering, the image you just saw there. >> is it going to be going onfo all night? >> no, they'll light it up for a few minutes iin th 9:30, 10:30, 11:30. later in the week, it will be
11:40 am
animated what you see on the monument. >> they said they'll do it twice, i'm assuming. >> you'll have time. >> good. that's what i was looking at. that's late for me we have hot and humid conditions. er we haven't been all that hot yet this summ it feels lying 100 in some spots. it's only going to build as we h continue throuhe day. as we get into the rest of this week, wait until friday and saturday. it's going to feel like 110
11:41 am
degrees. an have s from barry coming your way. fredericksburg onl at 89 degrees. fredericksburg, you're feeling like 101. feeling like 94, so it is warm out there. we're headed for an air temperature of 94 degrees today. we have a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms pop up. any time after 3:00 or 4:00, continue until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. we'll have a few out there, some of them could bring heavy downpours as well, we'll continue to see them move through the area, by 10:00, 11:00, we'll be dry. everything will be out by tomorrow morning. tomorrow throughout the day, 96, feeling like 101 to 105 tomorrow. we'll have showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afrnoon, nothing on the radar right now, there's what's left of barry turning its way through the middle part of the united states. we could see some showers asr
11:42 am
ea as wednesday afternoon, about 4:00, 5:00. we'll continue with scattered light showers. it doesn't look like anything too heavy. we could have one or ofo storms ouhat. just take a look at these temperatures, it's go g to be warm. the temperature on the right, the heat index is on the left. here's a look at your 10-day fornast. even suy, feeling pretty warm, we have a chance for rain y. sunday as well as monday. even into tuesda >> thank you, lauren. >> lauren, thank you. the nominations are in for the 71st annual prime time emmy awards. see if your favorite tv show is being honored. >> why do we have to get invitations. >> from the small screen to the stage, the one
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11:45 am
11:46 am
please9pk.moññ refrain from bright coloror bold patterns. >> that is a scene from bright colors and boldla patterns png right now at studios theater. it's a one manth show asks essential questions about gay rights and marriage equality. mostly it's being described as a laugh out loud funnypr uction. jeff hillard joins us this morning. people recognize you from television as well. frbe ugly y, i was a fan of that show. >> thank you. >> what has it been like for you to change hats and be the director for a production like th. >> when i was on ugly tty, we had guest directors all the me, that's when i really got the bug, i directed a few hings for the camera, i saw this show's play right perform the show. he used to do nhing with some chairs and beach towels. i said, there's a whole
11:47 am
production there. i saw it, i know ho to make this work, and i know howto help you maintain it. he t me come on board. and helped flush outhe production and keep it maintained. it was a big hit, jeff took over in new york, and now jeff's -- >> rising the coat tails. t l us about the story here, about the production, and your character. >> my character is gary. he's described in the show as being a lot. i think just from that clip you could tell he's the site of a shrinking violet. he's also a little bit in pain, and so the whole show takes place over one night where he's had some lubrication, a little liquid courage. >> the play is four characters,
11:48 am
but only one is seen or heard. jeff plays gary,re there are other characters on stage that you don't see or here. ndu just glean what they do, say, based on what he does. it's incredible to watch. it's incredib to learn about these new people, and imagine t whoy are based on what you learn from jeff. >> people have described it as hilarious, obviously,pl some phave described it as outrageous. >> how would you distinguish between a d.c. audience and a new york audience? >> it doesn't make sense to me,. the d audience is rolling with it a lot more than the new york audience is. people are like, yes, i hear you, and laughing really hard, which i appreciate as a comedian whose desperate for laughs. d.c. is a great theater tow they're incredibly smart and kanny audience. >> really? >> they listen. and they want to have a good time, ey really shut their
11:49 am
brains off to the outside world and focus on -- sometimes in new york, i mean, sometimes you get a po fegsal audience where people go to the theater 3, 4 times a week, so they're -- >> the different sort of -- >> yeah, they're very discerning,here opposes to here they want to have a good time. they're listening and excites. >> you're doing doubled y. you're also in hamlet -- >> i'm playing hamlet. it's a remount from last year. and it's free for all. it's the free for all. we run through the end of this week sunday. and it's a wonderful, modern production of espionage and spies and surveillance, it's very exciting. l i appreciate you both being here, best ofk with the best of both productions. bright colors and bold patternsh runs ugh july 28th. and hamlet through july 21st. >> ank you. does your pet have a special
11:50 am
talent. if
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11:52 am
some really good news for alex smith. fans will remember that awful leg injury he suffered last seasop a big steo recovery. his wife posted this picture on instagram. no longer needs to wear the brace. he 4 been wearing it to promote healing in the bones were broken. he has a long way to go before hitting the football field. this is a step in the right irection. >> good to see him getting better. every year shelters help animals find forever >omes. we want to do something a little fun with these dog days of summer. >> who better to help with that, than pat collins who whipped up a special challenge for you
11:53 am
guys. >> it's come to my attention, there are about a gazillion pets in the washington area. not counting these guys. we're lookatg for th pet with that special talent. that special trick. something that gives you goose bumps. t's get on with it. >> you have three dogs? >> yes. >>he sleep with you. and your wife sleeps? >> she moved out. to the next bedroom. >> look at these beautiful babies. >> pet lovers and their pets have a special relationship. >> when their sick? >> when they're sad, i'm sad. >> when they're happy. >> i couldn't be happier. >> it may be cliche to say
11:54 am
they're family. dogs fill in a lot of your life, their friends that are there for you. >> i don't have kids, that's like my kids. >> some pets go out of there way to say, i'm your buddy. i'm your pal, i'll do anything 'su ask me to do. now, that the pet we're looking for, that's the trick that's prize worthy. >> the person wh the best pet gets a -- well, not that leon, tell them what they'reoing to get. >> your pet will be the envy of the neighborhood. every meal will become an adven. it's dishwasher safe and gluten free. it's so nice, you may want to keep it in a display case. it can be all yours, if you are one of pets prize pets. >> we have rules, rules are the one don't do any tricks that put
11:55 am
you or your pet in harm's way. e number two, don't use any effect or filter that exaggerates the trick rule number 3, no employees of nbc are aowed to enter. i'm sorry, buddy, i'll make it up to you. next time. >>nd we'd love to see your pets best trick by entering -- it's all pretty easy, use twitter, facebook, instagram, we're asking you to tag us at nbc washington and use the #prize pets. clear read more about the shelters in our nbc washington app. to seeill be interesti what people come up with. >> ien cat wait. >> the prime time emmy nominations are out, and it was a big morning for the final season of game of thrones. >> the hbo series nabbed a historic 32 emmy award
11:56 am
nominations, including best drama. here are the other nominees in the best drama egcaty. >> the nominations in the outstanding drama series category are, "better call saul." "bodyguard." "game of thrones." "killing eve." "ozark." "successi "succession." and "this is us." these are the nominees for outstanding drama series. >> and the nominations for best comedy series are barry, fleabag, nbc's the good place, e marvelous mrs. maisel, russian dolls, schitt's creek and veep. let's get one more lookfot the recast before we go this morning. >> we have some heat and
11:57 am
humidity that are headed our way, it's already hot and humid out there torrow, our heat and humidity build through sunday as the heat index is going to be in the triple digits. at theeach as well, it's going to feel about 107 to 109 as we get into yourthursday, friday and saturday, but it's going to be a beautiful time at the beach. owever, it will be hot around here, chance of rain tomorrow afternoon and more sunday night into mond. >> lauren, thank you. that does it for us here on news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. we'll see ck here this afternoon for first at 0.4:0 >> you can get updates any time for the nbc shington app. >> hey, gorgeous. >> hey, you.
11:58 am
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. we are live in five, four, three, two, one. >> oh happy tuesday everybody. welcome to "access live." check out that nomination day. her.hould let everybody know at her office is literally freaking out. they're trying to act calm. the nomination will come we are live on the show. >> people responding there may be a fire drill. are you ready s? >> it will be fun. >> one through seven and go to ry block c, evedy


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