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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 16, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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new novernight,flix edits a scene out of a popular teen dra drama. now the creator of "13 reasons why" is reacting. 50 years ago aocket launch changed a rocket space forever. we are helpg you share the 50th anniversary of apollo 11 with your family bo good morning, every. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. our melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> and lauryn ricketts is in for chuck bell. we will start with you. e she may be having technical difficulty with the equipment but we will keep talking until she is ready to rock 'n' roll. >> my feet got caught in the chair. >> sounds like your microphone is out too. >> it is. >> on there we go. >> can anybody hear me?
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happening?g happy 5:00 on a tuesday morning, everybody. starting off on a great note. a little warm out there. we have got temperat es that are on their way up along with the humiatty. is the main thing you'll notice out there today. the heat and o humidity isut there. not the bl skies we had yesterday. 77 degrees is our temperature ttght now. we will slip a bit as we continue through the 6:00 a.m. hour and start moving back in the right direction. 8by 10:00 a.m. it's going to feel like 90 degrees by that time. mix of sun andl cd out there. more humid today. afternoon, we could have a chance for storms and same with the commute soim we will t those out coming up. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. taking a look at northbound 395 near king street brand-new crash blocking the ride of the road here. they are getting by on theleft so be careful. you might a little bit of a
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delay. beltway overall right now i would say no major issues. for the first time, neighborsh are sing their concerns with developers about a proposal to build an amazon fulfilent center in prince george's county. >> news4 aimee cho is live with what they are saying. i know a lot of concerns about this project. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, neighbors here are outraged. they say they were promised grocery stores and other retail shops if they moved in here at westphalia town center. the stores have not happened as you see. a bunch of empty field. this area could soon become a huge new wehouse foramazon.
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last night, about a hundred neighbors packed the room at a community meeting to meet with r the develop for the land and to share their plconts. those neighbors say they didn't sign up to live near a giant warehouse. orthey want the neighbhood s wi tps that they were promised and the new warehouse will be the size of 14 football fields. the developer has not confirmed if it's amazon moving in but he says he think it's something positive for prince george's county. he estimated it will create about 1,500 new jobs. the neighbors here say had they know this was coming they never wouldave brought houses here. >> it will bring jobs but, at th same time it will bri traffic and raise up our property values. i'm young. i probably willrefinance my home and i'll be concerned wh it comes to that point. r> reporter: the develoalso says he thinks that this center will finally attract stores to open up here. the new warouse hasnot yet
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been approved by the county so it's not a done deal for sure. another hearing on thursday at :00 p.m. at the county ti administra building. >> thank you. breaking news now out of prince george's county. >> police say they are investating a deadly shooting. jummy olabanji is live at the latest. k with the >> reporter: detectives are working at this hour to piece together exactly what happened. we don't have tooetany dl right now. here is what we do know. police say they respond to do a shooting in the 8800 block of ridge borough road in district heights 10:30 last night. not far from a big commercial shopping area. we are told the male victim was found lying on the ground when g detectives there. they are working to figure out a possible motive and suspect in the case and we are waiting for more information about the victim, including his name and age. anyone who may have been in that area and has information, you are asked to call prince george's county police. > we have an update to b
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breaking news from last night. pepco worked overnight to restore power to thousands of customer in d.c. the neighborhood was pitch black except for two police cars at a 7-eleven. now pepco's outage map shows the blackout is over. we are still working to learn what knocked out the power. this morning, investigators are trying to figure out why someone fired shots at an office building in montgomeryppounty and ed on rockville park at twin brook parkway in the rockville area. fieart radio and other businesses have s in that blding. the shooting happeneulover the jfourth weekend. we are just learning it about now. you can still see the damage to the window there. er efficierifyings a mother de acribing moment when bullet nearly hit her as she held her
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baby at at hospital. pictures taken by a nurse show where the bullet pierced the wall. the man who works i the hospital dialysis helped to get his patient to safety. we had patients on the bus and had to get them back inside to a lockdown area. you don't think about it during the time. you want to make sure esarybody is fe. >> no one was hit by the gunfire. police are stilthsearching for gunman. today, a peace rally will be held in honor of makia wilson. it has been one year since she was shot when she walked to an ice cream truck. y, police arrested an eighth person in connection with her murder. a grand jua indictment nd 11 suspects and say the murder stems from disputes between rival neighborhoods. the suspects range in age fr 16 to 26. new revelations rattled a courtroom during the bail hearing for accused sex
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trafficker jeffrey epstein. yesterday in manhattan, a federal prosecutor told the judge that epstein's fe had diamond and cash and passport that showed epstein's picture under a different name. the document also residence as saudi arabia. it is not sure which country issued that passport. epstein is accused of trafficking children as young as 14 years old. his lawyers requested house arrest. prosecutors argue he is a flight risk and should stay locked up until trial. the judge's ruling is expected thursday. today, thhouse is expected to vote on a resolution condemning president trump's latest remarks believed to be aimed at four congresswomen. over the weekend, a presidential hmtweet implied the fres congresswomen were not americans and they should go back to their countries.ll a four.s women are u. citizens. only one was born outside the
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united states. the president doubled-down on his remarks. >> if they don't lhee it here, can leave. isl they do is complain. so all i'm saying f they want to leave, they can leave. >> this is simply a disruption and a distraction from the ic callous chand corrupt -- theng cosswoman speaking about her view on the trump administration. we will have more coming up in the next hour. ith moreabanji is here on the story of a father's fight for his daughter. >> reporter: so many people saw allison and her cameraman adam ward shot and killed on live tv by one of their former
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coworkers. allison's father andy parker has at fighting for reasonable gun control since th shooting and fighting against tech companies and urging them to act against people posting videolike his daughter's murder on their platforms and tells the associat y press forears he's tried to work with google to try to remove those videos in bulk instead of having to1h2ñ each video but so far, he's had no luck.ú xtñ last week republican lawmakers in virginia abruptly adjourned a special session until mid november and thatession was aimed at gun control measures and andy callshat shameful and disappointing. today's session is scheduled to star at 2:30. good news for d.c. drivers. canal road is back open. the street all abonc shut down last week's flash emergency. all of that water caused a sinkhole in the middle of the road.
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crews worked all last week t get the work done and managed to get the work down four days early. neighbors in arlington are urting from last week's flash flooding. they are now asking for government help to pay for damage to their homes. more than 1,000 residents have filed st-storm damage claims according to arl now. the damage reportsescribe everything from clogged drains to completely flooded basements. 5:10 next, cell phone video captes the moment dozens pitch in to help a stranded swimmer. everyone with a tablet in their home. a mother is soundi a therm after her boy's computer burst into flames. >> scary. >>yes. >> scary. >> yes. it would be af shame i something like that happened and somebody got hurt. that is the biggest thing. we are heating up. our average temperature for this time of the year is upper 80s but this is wlt it wil feel like starting tomorrow. oh, yeah. approaching 110 out there!
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e will talk about these real numbersnd talk a
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strangers helping strangers in florida. dozens of people were caught on camera risking their lives for a swimmer who was caught in a rip current. y formed a human chain stretching from the shore. the swimmer was eventually rescued. official say tropical storm barry made for those conditions along the coast of florida over the weekend. >> that swimmer is lucky to be alive. you can get swept out to sea very easily. it was a terrible situation for two parents in georgia. their 4-year-old's tablet burst into flames while he was holding it. it turns out t tablet
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overheated. the 4-year-old threw it across the room when he felt it getting hot. >> downstairs doing laundry. he was upstairs in his bedraom. he cme flying down the stairs. i mean, screaming at the top of his lungs, "it's on fire!" >> the manufacturer rca released a statement saying, quote. they went on to say they would investigate so o noher issues going forward. glad the little boy was not hurt. changes to a popular netflix series after a new study shows suedes by young americans is up. s4 jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with more on the developing story. >> overnight, we learned netflix decided to edit out a pretty controversial sued scene from its show 3 reasons why" two years after it was released. that graphic scene first aired during the season one finale.
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the decision by netflix comes he after t release of a new study. the study found nearly 29% increase in suicide rates among kids 10 to 17 kid old when the show debuted. however researchers could not make a direct link between that showed and the increase of suicide. the creator of "13 reasons why" released a statement overnight saying, quote. he went on to say he believes the edit to the show will do the most good for the most people. back to you. >> i remember a lot of schools sent out notices to parents about this show. jummy olabanji, thank you. news4 is dedicated to shining a light on mental health
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issues. in the changing mind secon of our website, you'll find stories about a treatmentnd local programs. anyone over 50 probably than remembers it vividly. this day in 1969 that three men blasted on apollo 11 to blast to the moon. >> this anniversary brings back to life a moment of national pride. a new birth of exploration that all started with a simply decree. >> i believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving this goal, before this decade is out, of landing man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth >> reporter: president john f. kennedy in 1961, setting this country off on a bold mission and launching the apollo program. more than a decade of lunar ploration, a 20 billion dollar, 400,000 person
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investment in winning the space race. the centerpiece of the program, apollo 11. on july 16th, 1969 nasa t asonauts michael collins and neil armstrong and buzz a drin made their way to the kennedy space center, destined for greatness. >> 3-2-1. all engines running. >> reporter: crow fin awe. thece and rumble of the rocket carrying apollo 11 took their breathsway. four days later, a man-made history on the moon. >> quality base here. the eagle has landed. >> rocket tranquility. we copy you on the ground. you got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. we are breathing again. thanks a lot. >> reporter: july 20th, 1969, it was a sunday afterno >> we are getting a picture. >> reporter: 650 million people around the world watched it all happen on tv. nasa recently asked people to share their apollo stories. >> as it lifted off, i looked over at my grandfather and he was crying. >> it was just amazing to think
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hat there were people on that moon up there that we could see! this >> it's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: that leap set in motion lunar discoveries that are still bearing fruit today. buzz aldrin summedp it u nicely before returning to earth. >> we feel this stand as a symbol of the insatia of mankind toxp elore space. >> a total of 12 men walked on . the nasa announced a sist program that will put a man back on the moon in 2024. nasa has events all this week. much of tha didn't exist in
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19 1961 when this all started. one of the key things was tobr g them back too. >> you can send them up there but to get back. >> 50 years later we are still trying to move forward in the space exploration and i think they we saying they were trying to put somebody on the moon in 2024. >> moon to march is what they are calling it. >> pretty cool! look at this, guys. b i loveng up there early because we get to see the sunrise. yesterday, we had pinks and orange outthere. today, a little bit more bluerp and . >> it matches your tie, aaron! >> absolutely! >> i planned that. >> i figured you did! >> sun coming up at 5:55.ov more cloud throughout day
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today. it's definitely going to be more muggy out there andwe could have a few showers and thundershowers this afternoon and another chance tomorrow from it remnants of barry and will continue to scoot through at least through the first part of thursday. by friday, we are dry. just building this heatnd a some dangerous heat headed our way. isolated chance later on this afternoon, about 30% chance. same with wednesday, about 30% chance. 40% chance on thursday, especially in the morayng and fridnd saturday, we dry out. right now, we are at 77 degrees. we go through the 6:00 a.m. hour. by 10:00, we are in the mid-80s but feeling like 90 degrees. we will top out at 94 for a daytime high today. 30% to 40% chance of storm in ae afternoon. a few showers thunderstorms popping up later on this afternoon. some of them could pack a punch' i think everybody will see them but any time after 3:00 and continue until 9:00 tonight. nothing happening outthere ght now but still watching theof remnants barry that will
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affect us wte tomorrowth some shower and thunderstorms leading into your thursday morning. we wil talk more about the beaches and the weekend ahead but let's talk about the road withmelissa. good morning. >> good morning. right now still have this issue northbound 395 near king strt. crash is on the ride. is can see that everybody now getting by on the left side of the roadway. here is a brand-new problem causing slow downs. rest of 270 looks okay. a traffic pole is down. inner loop and outer loop, no complaints. not all water is created equal%
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are likely to be lurking in neighborhood just wait to go steal your packages off the ont doorsteps. >> consumer reporter siphon hogan is working for you with ways to protect your purchases. >> you don't want a great deal and snatched up by criminals looking to cash in on prime day so have your package delivered o to an amazon er which is a great idea. there are a ton of these around our area and they are super easy to use. amazon emails you a unique code that youcan use to open up your locker to retrieve your package. by the way, this is always free. another idea? in-car delivery. this is cool. i didn't about this. if you own a connected car that features remote lock and unlock features, amazon drivers can leave your package inside your car and check the app to see if that serce is available for
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you. or ask a neighbor grab it for you. have your amazon notifications turned on so you know when your package is delivered and send your neighbor a quick text when it arrives.e or hav delivered to your office and this is a great idea if your workplace allows deliveries. tens of millions had their packages stolen last year, so certainly t a bad idea to come up with this kind of plan before you are placing your order. happy shopping. back to you. still ahead on "news4 today," a police warning for local travelers. plus, common crime is taking place near union station.u how yon keep yourself safe. plus, under investigation. 70 former and current u.s. customs and border patrol agents are now facing scrutiny over a secret facebook page allegedly featuring graphics of congresswomen. how about our weather? rain chances areng comi back.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to your tuesday.
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i'm eun yang. >> i'mron gilchrist. we begin with a check on your forecast and your commute this morning. melissa mollet has a check on first 4 traffic. >> but we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts who in for chuck bell. look at that gorgeous sunrise. >> it's gorgeous.e we aree the sunrise. the purple and blue hues and thm sun is cing up in about 25 minutes andit will be a beautiful sunrise out there. now those temperatures, a little warm. we are at 77 degrees right now.t we wiake it down a notch at 6:00 a.m. down to 76 but head back into the 80s. the mid-morning, 85 is our temperature. feeling like 90 degrees out there already by then. listen. small chances of rain. we have isolated chas todnce to and late tomorrow apple dangerous heat is coming our way this weekend and talking about the hity and heat and it could feel like 110 out
5:31 am
we wl talk about that more in detail but let's talk roads with melissa. >> good morning. still probl5 39 near king street. the rides blocked because of the accident. you're getting by left side. the ramp to king street is still open sooo that is gnews for folks. for the first time, neighbors are sharing their concerns with developers about a new project in prince george's county. >> many of these neighbors are upset about a possible amazon fulfillment center in upper marlboro. aimee cho is live at the town center to explain.
5:32 am
>> reporter: good morning. this neighborhood was supposed to be full of grocery stores, shs, restaurants, things like that. instead, none of that has happened. just a bunch of giant field. that is why neighborssa here they are outraged and they feel lied to andcohis space d become a huge warehouse for amazon. a hundred neighbors packed a community meeting room to say they want no part of amazon. didn't hbors said they sign up to live near a giant neighborhood. they want the neighborhood with shops that they were promised. the new building will be the sizeut of abo 14 football fields. the developer has not confirmed it's mozambique that is moving in but he thinks it's a good thing for prince george's county and it will create 1,500 new jobs but the neighbors said if they had known this was coming, they never would have bought house her >> the othhing is the other proposal amenities, the schools,
5:33 am
hotels and the shopping was the main draw for peopleoving in there and one of the things we re looking is property values. that is ourconcern, is this going to add or detract? >> reporter: now county officials have not yet approved the new warehouse so it's not sure thing. another hearing on thursday at the county administration building. live in upper marlboro, aimee cho, news4. o >> reporter:nly on "news4 today," our qaercameras were th. a teacher secretly recording students undressing was in court. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey was there to question him about the charges yesterday. >> reporter: whdid you secret record your students and teenage girls? >> police arrested rafael in aw april for unll filming. a nanny found a recordings device in his room in reston. the police seized property and
5:34 am
child with possession of child porn. officers say many of the girls in the video appear to attend herndon high school where he tght drama. fairfax county school has suspended him. 60 out of more than 200 greenspring t retirement community in springfield have become sick. two deaths are associated with the outbreak as well. 23 people had to go to the hospital. health officials say what is striking about the outbreak is the number of people are d affected that they are getting sick in the summer rather than the wint. >> d.c. police are warning about a pick-pocket near the union station. police say a teen took advantage of kindness of strangers. they say a rson dropped pamphlet and when a victim stopped to help, another man bumped him from behind and took his wallet.
5:35 am
olice say there have been several similarincidents reported recently. they are warning people to be alert. here is a look at the othere top stories re following for you this morning. police in prince george's county are investigating a homicide. a man was found shot to death around 10:30 on richborough road. we are still working to learn his name and if police have any suspects. police say someone fired shots into the iheart buckding on roville pike and happened sometime during the july fourth holiday weekend. we are told three windowa were damages. no arrests have been made but police say they are recovered potential evidence from the scene. d.c.'s canal road is back open. the road had been shut down since last week's flash flood emergency. all of that water created a sinkhole in the middle of the road. crews worked through the weekend to patch up that sinkhole between reservoir and foxhul road. work was compled four days early. one year ago today, a stray bullet hit and killed makia
5:36 am
w sson. she washot while walking on the way to an ice cream truck. a vigil is planned this evening. a building has collapsed in jummy olabanji is here with more. >> reporter: the associated press is reporting at least two people are dead but several vihers are feared trapped. we are getting o into the newsroom.e activ rescues shows a littl ill rescued there. a four-story residential building that collapsed in india. three people have been pulled out alive and rushed to the hospital there we don't know how many other people are trapped. 50 rts anywhere from 40 t people could be in that building. we know police are bringing in canine units to try to look for any survivor rht now. sadly, though, building collapse
5:37 am
are common in india. right now is monsoon season and heavy rain and poorly constructed buildings are there. we will bring you m information as we get it. the white house is looking a little different. instruction of a new fence alonh the nor lawn is officially under way. our cameras were down there yesterday as construction crews put up a temporary white wall that will make itrd h to snap a photo at the executive mansion. it will be double the size of the tournament fence in the hopes of keeping intruders from jumping over it and it will take a couple o years to complete that $64 million project. ahead, shocking developments in a new york city courtroom when jeffrey epstein appears for a bail hearing. surveying the dama . e looking at the cleanup efforts under waylong the gulf coast after a rough weather weekend. stay with us.
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good tuesdayorning. today at 4:00, summer brain drain can happen to kids after a long summer break from school. we know how easy for them to zone out on their phone or in front of the tv. we will show you four apps your
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. take a look at this video. a group of rafters took a wrong turn and it cost them. they fellr right ove a waterfall in pennsylvania. everyone made ily safe out of the water. no word on why the raft went off course. good thing they made it out alive. tu >> they fornate. this morning a storm is over but the cleanup is just getting under way in louisiana. >> the governor surveyed damage barry did to his state. houses and streets are flooded and looks like water is everywhere. search teams had to rescue
5:41 am
dozens of people. no one was killed, though. c powerws are restoring thousands of customerlo who electricity. you wouldn't want to be caught near this water spout and spotted off a french island. that is a tornado that forms over water. that is massive. pictures are cool to look at but stay away. >> scary stuff. lauryn ricketts, we have a hot forecast? >> that is one of the bigger water spouts i've seen develop over water. at home, not talking about severe weather but we could have one or two strong storms later on this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon into thursday. but the main story is the heat and humidy. some of the hottest temperatures we have felt yet thisyear. we will talk about the numbers coming up. a twitter war becomes a public battle. democrats continue to denounce the president what they are calling a racist attack on
5:42 am
lawmakers. we will tell you whatbl repuans are now saying. we wl be right back. il
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5:44 am
welcome back. developing this morning. a united front. democrats rally around the four congsswomen believed to be attacked over the weekend by president trump. the president is saying they should go back to where they
5:45 am
came from. is morning, the president is expressing no remorse and is doubling down on his word. >> if you're not happy here, then you can leave. as far as i'm concerned, if you , if you're not happy here, you can leave. >> news4 tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. how are republicans reacting to the president's word? >> republican leader have not said anything at all. we could find out today if they are going to condemn or support e president on this. they are meeting with him this afternoon. there are at least 17 republican memrs who have spoken out against the president on this, including the only african-american republican in he house. but their leadership, again, silent on this. some have given the president a soft slap on the wrist like linlind lindsey graham who says he agrees with president trump but saying the president might want to aim higher. others are frustrated with much of america with the comments
5:46 am
that the president has made about these congresswomen. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill, thank you. startling revelations in a newngork city courtroom duri bond hearing for suspected sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. a federal prosecutor told the judge that the billionaire had a safe in his home containing cash, diamond, and expired passport from a foreign country. the passport apparently had epstein's photo ot but a different name. his lawyers are requesting he be let out of jail and put under house arrest. prosecutors argue he is a flight risk. the judge's ruling is expected sd thur. happening now, u.s.customs and border official say they are investigating 70 current and former employees, all of them are under suspicion of taking part in aecret facebook page where members joked about migrant and members of congress. >> jummy olabanji is joining us from the newsroom with more detls on this.
5:47 am
>> we are having with her microphone and try to get that story to you later on. 5:47 is your time no > james fields, jr. has been sentenced to a second life sentence. he is the self-avowed white nationalist who killed a woman when he was intentionally drove his car into a crowd of people in charlottesville in 2017. yesterday's sentencing was for state charges. he had already been sentenced to life in prison on federal charges. each year, tens of thousands of local cars are towed but a recent tow which was caught on camera is raising some questions this morning. scott macfarla and the news4 i-team explain. >> reporter: here at this apartment complex in seven corner there is video of a recent tow, a car taken from the lot. that video is raising complaints foapeople who live here raising awareness that in more ways than one, it matters where you park.
5:48 am
be >> it happened so fast. people were stunned by it. >> reporter: orlando lopez was shocked when he saw was what was happening so he grabbed his camera and arted recording. a tow truck jumped in action when a man left his blirnnkers when delivering a package. the video shows the tow truck take off in reverse in less than a minute scoop up the amazon prime van and pull away with any other packages that be might icve been inside. >> it was that qu as soon as he walked over here, it was gone. >> reporter: the parking lot and complex are on the fairfax county side of the county line.i farfax does not require a complaint when a tow company moves away a car.m the i-teas told he has a contract with the complex this was a legitimate tow. >> they know those jurisdiction lines and they know what codes they have to abide to and they do it county-to-county. >> reporter: the video from this complex isn't the only thing the i-team found while investigating local tow operators. tonight as part of our full i-team investigation at 5:00,
5:49 am
t other community thaw operators are accused of taking more money than they are entitled to. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. we want to go back to the details of the investigation under way into current and former ctoms agents. >> jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: we know immigration is a hot button issue right now especially with what is going on at the border. we learned 70 people are under investigation because of this facebook page and much of wh was posted allegedly contained graphic images, even disturbing language. these members of the page apparently were joking about the death of migrants and openly questioned much of the reporting about the poor conditions atrd bor facilities. mention were made on the page about young women who madeio accus of sexual assault while in custodyvnd e imagines of democratic congresswomen doctored and posted and showed them engaging in sexual acts. u.s. customs and border official calling this content inappropriate and unacceptable archivebook is asked to anything on the page to make it
5:50 am
available for investigator. that page apparently had nearly 10,000 member and some current and some former member of cbp. once this investigation is complete, we are told anyone found guilty of misconduct will be subject hm formal punisnt and we don't know what the punishment will look like but we will keep you updated with anything we learn. this week, we are cebrating the apollo 11 mission's 50th anniversary. in a few hours, neil armstrong answer space suit will be revealed at the time smithsonian air and space muset . this suis taken off display in 2006 and put into storage for preservation. in 2015, donations madthrough a kick-starter campaign helped to create a special display case and mannequin for this fragile suit. this morning, the two other apollo 11 mission suits remain in storage. >> they along to buzz aldrin and michael collins. take a look at collins'
5:51 am
space suit that is kept in a northern virginia laboratory. the museum removed the suit from display in 2005. it had been in the "columbia" command module. if there was an emergency in the spacecraft, they only had 20 minutes to suit up. >> you had three guys and these suits and having to get into thei you can only really do one at a time, so you have to go in sequence and not panic, not have any disorder, so they were all very methodical and they what they needed to do. >> there is no word on when collins and aldrin's suits might go back on display.op the museum h that the research done on armstrong's suit will help place iore collect on display. so much to learn from all of these relics and artifacts from that time and that we get to learn so much about that
5:52 am
incredible mission. lauryn ricketts has our f ecast. >> a beautiful start out there on this tuesday morning. sun coming up in about five minutes from now. a beautiful day out there. we will have a few more clouds around throughout the day today. the humidity is coming back and that is hie t you'll feel as you step out the door this morning. then you're definitely going to to feel. we have a little small one moving if in from barry. we are in the 70s mostly and head into the 90s today. even by noonh t temperature at 88 degrees with the heat index in the low to mid-90s.
5:53 am
after 3:00 or 4:00 you'll see thunderstorms pop up around the region. they could be on the stronger side as they are slow movin for the most part, we will see about 30% to 40% that you'll see them from where you are.t nohing is going on out there right now. post-tropical storm barry is hanging out in the p middleart of the united states and flooding through the midwest and going down through portions of arkansas. rer the most part, we aust watching this fall apart and become more disorganized. we will see thatrrive but not until later on tomorrow night. temperatures are in the mid-60s tomorrow. we do have rain later on this afternoon and all of this moisture from barry starts to move through late wednesday and into thursday. still only about 30% to 40% you'll see some of those scattered storms and dry up thursday and dry by friday. hot, though. temperatures on the left side, and the heat index on the right.
5:54 am
friday, 107. we will talk abe weekend coming up but now let's talk about the road with melissa. >> good morning. chopper 4 headed to silver sprina how fire southbound new hampshire avenue near randolph road and lane are blocked so we should be there in a few minutes to show you what is happening there. northbound 395 near king street, a crash still on the ride. seeing delay there heading inound. inner loop and outer loop is flowing prty well right now. chopper has just gotten to the scene. amis is a working how fire southbound new hhire avenue near randolph road and we will havet a live repn this in a
5:55 am
minute. good morning. i'm frank holland. executives from amazon, apple, facebook, and google will be on capitol hill in d.c. today to testify before a howom cttee on the tremendous market power they all hold. the first high profile encounten betweilicon valley and congress since the trump administration targeted these companies over potential antitrust behavior and it could set the stage of more. ceos were grilled over data about privacy issues. with your cnbc 'mreport, i frank holland. summertime in most communities will be filled with kid in the street jumping rope. >> if you're ood, it was double dutch. this morning, we are throwing it bac to a popular pastime in the '70s and '80s and molette green is live and joining a nationwide
5:56 am
movent. i know you can double dutch! >> i can.i can. il let meethese laid start us off.le the doubutch mission is in full effect in the dmv. a growing movement across the country. pamela robinson is the founder and came in from chicagoweand will talk in 6:00 hour about why this is like resurging again and i've got to jump rope and this is what i used to do when i was a kid so we will talk about all of that and more in the 6:00 hour of "news4 today." we are ready to jump, double dutch this morning! >> you have to h show us it's done. >> let me getin! >> thank you. >> shots fired into an office building. we will tell you where police are investigate be. a mom is upstairs doing laundry when her son
5:57 am
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it's about 6:00 a.m. now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. a house fire in montgomery county. our jummy olabanji is live at the desk with pictures.
6:00 am
>> live images coming in from chopper 4. a fire on stanley lane in coalsville. all of the occupts are o of that home and accounted for. a one level home. it's covered by solar panels there. no word what may have caused the fire but we do know when fire crews initially got on tha scene, they did see heavy smoke and fire. the bulk of that fire is now knocked out. we will kep an eye on what is going on out there but this will imleact traffic forut so we will get back to you with the latest on that. >> thank you. the fire is impacting traffic. >> our melissa mollet has the first 4 traffic alert. tell us what is going on. >> here is the situation with this. southbound new hampshire avenue near endolph road, buse of this fire


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