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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally. and emerges crugp and refreshing enoto be called deer park 100% natural is fspring born better® all new at 11:00, safety precautions after gunshots hit a local business buildig. workers told to keep away from the videos. >> four congresswomen fire back
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at president trump, calling his attacks ract, but also, a distraction. >> and a miracle in the dessert, a woman missing,alone for four days and three nights, found alive. annow back with her family. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news tonight, power outages for thousandsof people in d.c. pepco says it's lights out for more than 6,000 customers. >> power was knockedn out wards five and six. as you can see, it's black outside. >> pepco is hoping to restore power by 1:00 a.m. we're still working to learn what knocked the power out in the first place. that is just coming as we prepare for the return of heat and humidity. >> outside right now, doesn't feel too bad.
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but all of that is going to change later this week, folks. we're going to have feels like temperatures over 100 degrees. >> we're also watching what's left of barry, the storm systema drenched ts of louisiana with 17 inches of rain. it's now over arkansas and moving slowly this way. let's get caught up on all of it with amelia draper. how is it looking? >> it's all about the heat and huidity out there this week. the humidity hasn't been so bad. that's changing as we speak. check our temperature trend. our average high is 89 degrees. we're running well above normal9 into the through the weekend. we could even hit 100 degrees on saturday, something we have not had happen at reagan national since august in 2016. now, starting off tomorrow morning, it's notoing to be that bad. but we warm up quickly. we're at 81 degrees right now. 7:00 a.m. we're at 74. the humidity builds throughout the day. by 11:00 a.m., we're already
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near 90 degrees. tomorrow it will feel like 100 when you factor in the humidity and i can't rule out some thunderstorms. i'll have more on the timing all at 11:20. >> in the meantime, let's get to a frightening story for employees at i heart radio and other businesses inside a roville business building. someone fired shots into this building. hat's led to a warning for workers to stay away from the windows along rockville pike.iv we're l with this story tonight. t> reporter: this is a very strange inciden that's believed to have happened sometime over the weekend following july 4th and police do tell us tonight they're investigating it as a crime called unlawful discharge of a firearm. here's some pictes of whatt looked like from the ground, one of the multi 100 pound windows
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on the 6th floor of the building appears to be boarded up. another window, this one is on the fourth floor, appears to have damage to its surrounding frame. now, a spokesperson from the city of rockville tells news4, investigators have recovered potential evidencethe scene. did not describe what it was. the montgomery police crews were parkedno outside this after. it houses a number of businesses including the d.c. offices of i heart radio. >> i'm surprised. this doesn't happen often here. it could be anything, so i don't want to get too alarmed about t, but it's a little concerning. >> reporter: now, tenants of the building were told to work in an area away from three damaged windows while police conducted e their inigation, not sure if that caution still extends. jackie bensen, news4.
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>> thank you. ne tonight, we now know what tomorrow's house resolution on president trump is going to say. >> it will condn his, quote, racist comments directed at members of congress, end quote. that's the latest f falloutom mr. trump telling four women members of congress, who were women of color, to go back to the countries they came from. >> all four of those women are u.s. citizens. three of them were born in this country. all of them are fighting back. >> reporter: four democratic congresswomen pushing back against president trump's consider racist. >> this is simply a disruption and a distractheon from chaotic culture t ofs administration. >> if they don't like it here, they can leave. all they do is
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all i'm saying is, if they want to leave, they can leave. >> reporter: the double down follows these tweets telling rs four lawmakeo go back to the countries from which they came. >> he tells us that i should go back to the great burr rogue of the bronx. >> reporter: the fourth, minnesota representative ilhan omar was born ins alia. >> he's launching an attack on four dually elected members of the united states house of representatives. >> lawmars on both sides of the aisle calling the tweets inappropriate. >> ty're racist, they're meant to divide people. >> reporter: president trump late today tweeting that the four are endorsing socialism, hate of israel and the usa and calling on democrats to change
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bad immigration laws. >> tomorrow the u.s. is expected to greatly restrict who can seek asylum in our country. the trump administrn today rolled out a new rule to end asyl protections for most central american migrants. asylum seekers who pass thugh another country before reaching the u.s. would not be allowed to seek asylum at the southern border and mustlso move a credible fear of returning to their home country. the restrictions apply even to childr who across the border alone. immigration advocates say the rule is causing confusion and fear. and nbc news justice correspondent explained why they're changing the policy. >> the justice department in announcing this new rule say it will decrease the pull of bringing people to the u.s. to seek asylum. they say this is an attempt to
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deal with these people. >> these new challenged in in court. to the backlash to a possible amazon warehouse. some neighbors of the proposed e site feel they were misled about what's coming to their neighborhood, particularly its size. we were there for the la exption. >> i'm concerned -- er >> report russell sanders worries about the plan for a fulfillment center in the westphalia community. news4 was the first t tell you that sources say it will be a new amazon merchandise supply center. >> one of t things we're looking at is the property values. is this going to add or detract. >> the residence ultimately have a say through these planning meetings. >> about a hundred people asked those queions to the developers at a community meeting. he won't confirm what's going in the building, but does talk about how it would help prince
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george's county. >> this is a unique opportunity for the county and this is a very rare opportunity for the county. when a proposed tenant is anticipating having 1,500 new jobs. >> but what about the neighborhood. this video shows you where the center will be built, on the land betweenia two reside communities. many people in this room live just a fewre huyards away. westphalia was built with the promise of having retail and grocery stores. it hasn't happened. >> the schools, the hotels and the shopping, that was the main drafor people moving in there. >> he told the crowd the celaer will helch what was promised. the crowd learned that officials had not approved the proposal. the planning board will hold a public hearing at 1:00 thursday afternoon at the county's administration building. shomari stone, news4. >> some amazon employees spent tod protesting while the
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company's big annual shopping event prime day is under way. amazon workers in minnesota participated in a six-hour walkout demandingbetter working conditions. the company's speedy shipping leads the company to favor speed over safety. despite the walkout, amazon expects prime day deliveries to arrive on time. only on news4, a teacher accused of recording studen undressing was freed on bond today. and northern virginia bureau chief was right there to question him on those charges. >> why did you secretly record your students and teenage girls? >> police arrested raphael schklowsky in april for unlawful filming. a student said she found a
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recording device. they found dozens of recording devices and charged him with child porn. many of the girls in the vtoeo appear attend herndon high behool. he's suspended without pay. >> a white supremacist received a second life sentence today. he was sentenced to life plus 419 years on state charges.t lasmonth he was slapped with a lif sentence on federal hate crime charges. fields plowed his car into counter protestors at the unite the right rally in charlottesville in august 2016. he killed heather heyer that day. coming up the california nghborhood already rattled by earthquakes hit with a massive explosion.
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>> all of a sudden just boom. >> up next,hat we're learning about the moments before this deadly blast. >> us, how mankind's giant leap 50 years ago created a special father/son connection that has americans still working to put people in space. >> i'm tracking twoed isolat small showers. a better chance, though, for showers and thunderstormsom trow during the afternoon and evening hours. i'm timing that out, plus the latest on our dangerous heat after the break.
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>> it's the worst time of year,n no wr, no snow, nothing to measure. just the dog days of summer. what are we going to do now? seriously? i'm looking for some ideas here. >> here's an idea, send us a picture of your pet doing its best trick. you could be featured on news4 or get a visit by pat himself. >> want to play fetch? >> pat's prized pets, only on news4. a week of tributes to the apollo 11 moon mission starts tomorrow and it's going to include this. >> starting around 9:30 at night, pojections will transform the washington monument into a saturn five rocket. >> the projections onhe monument will continue through saturday which is going to be
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the actual anniversary o the landing. >> the smiit will be the first e in 13 years that's armstrong suit has been on display. >> today we met one of the men who played a small part in making that first moon mission a success. his work for nasa has a big impact on his son's future. >>'ve always hope one -- >> reporter: it was father and son trips that got noah hooked on science and space. there's one trip that stands out among the rest, when noah discovered his direct connection to one of mankind's biggest feats. >> my dad told me, i built parts of this. >> back in the '60s, noah's dad was an engineer in the apollo program. his job was to keep them alive.
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that backpack was known as the portable live support system. >> that's one small step for poman. neil ter: without it, armstrong isn't able to take those first steps and utter these famous words. one of the greatestxploer exploruations. >> dbo is a little humble aut the whole thing. >> i would see that in my. offi >> reporter: as the country marks the r5050th anniversary o the moon landing those feelings of pride are coming back. b>> i haven't thought aout it for 15 years.hi that's the t that kept him alive. >> fast forward and like father like son, noah is a lunar scientist with nasa. he's working tove l his own imprint on space exploration. >> it brings back l of those
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memories and reinforces the great decisions you made in exposeding that to me, b how valuable it is to learn from what we did 50 year's ago. new video of a house that exploded in califoia killing a utility worker and injuring 15 other people today. you can see this blast just leveled this entire home here. this is near los angeles. one witness says that a natural gas line was hit while solar panelorkers and landscapers were working on that home. gas company employees wereng tryio repair that line when the blast happened. >> we heard this bang, we weren'sure what it was. because of the -- of the earthquakes we just had, i told the kids to get under the able. >> there was a big ball of fire across the street andhe heat was tense. >> and of great concern at this point, the person who lives side that home, still unaccounted for tonight. one other home was partially damaged but it did not catch
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fire. tired, dehydrated but aomve. a survived four days in the wilderness. she has been working with he dog when she got lost last friday. her husband and his wife are experienced hikers and he said they hike more than 24 miles a week. tonight sheryl is resting in a hospital surrounded by her family. her dog isalso doing just fine. >> it looks like he's tired of walking. glad they're okay. >> that's a lot of time in the ber dessert. >> it's going to be scorching temperatures around here. >> it's the hottest we've seen so far this year, potentially the hottest in three years. over the weekend, we're going to have heat advisories. we're talking about some dangerous heat out there.
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in dition to that, a few thunderstorm chances in the forecast, tomorrow, late wednesday, and on thursday. the storm potential on thuday comes from what's left of barry. but it's only 40% chance and most of the day is dry. notice the heat advisory is possible out there on wednesday and then for the weekend, it' dangerously hot. we're talking about a heat index, friday, saturday, and sunday, around 110 degrees. more on that, but here's futurea weer. notice we have some sunshine out there. clouds and humidity build in. we're still dry at lunchtime until we hit 3, 4:00 p.m. the thing that i'm seeing tomorrow are light winds in the atmosphere. storms out there, say 5:00 p.m., could be slow moving where they are i pacting communities and dumping a lot of rainfall and that could lead to some isolated thunderstorms.
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you could be dealing with rain for the commute. 7:00 sees some thunderstorms in spots. notice the bright colors, that's some heavy rain. and then we dry out overnight. the biggest concern tomorrow is going to be heavy rainfall, maybe some isolated flooding concerns. can't rule out some strong winds. high of 94. however, with the higher humidity levels, it feelsore like 100 degrees out there, tomorrow afternoon. here's your humidity lels forec i think the faces are telling. a slight shock tomorrow and then it is just oppressive. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday as well. here's your temperature versus heat index out there.we this is for nesday, thursday and friday. tomorrow it's going to feel like 100. wednday it feels like 105. if we think it's going to feel like 105, the national weather service will issue a heat advisory, that's considered dangerous heat in your our at that point.
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feeling about 100 out there on thursday. by friday, we are definitely going to be under a heat advisory. a temperature of 99 and feeling like 110 when you factor in the humidity. dangerous heat wednesday, friday, and then saturday and sunday as well. look at the high temperature i'm orecasting on sunday. 100 degrees. hard to believe we've been so hot. but we haven't seen this kind of extreme heat at reagan national since august of 2016. maybe some storms out there on sunday as well. but really, the big weather story this week is just about how hot and how humid it's going to be. >> you think we're used to heat, but this is a whole other level. >> we're upping the ante, for sure. malls, movies ande cream between now and sunday. still ahead, the castles kick off their season, plus a kick off their season, plus a huge step fo alex rsm
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>> announcer: this is the sports desk. >> we've gone from strawberries and cream to sauce, right? had that on sunday at wimbledon. the strawberries and cream, you get the idea. a growing city needs when opened in 1931, unionma rket helped feed d.c. now that we're a grown-up city, we need more tennis. ion market to the rescue again. it's the new home o the washington kastles. the kastles have become a fixture tonight. the start of their 12th season. this is redfo.
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skip ahead to kastlesli traig, their last line of defense. can't get to it. doing everything he can to keep the kastles in this one. and he's doi -- more from francis. beutiful forehand there. he can't get to it. france s francis putting the team on his back. come up wi the ace. the vegas rollers get their first ever win beating the washington kastles. redskins training camp y. starts tuesda when smith's leg tonned the wrg way, it was hard to watch and it was hard to imagineim ever playing football again. his future on the field, that's
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still uncertainty,s but what i certain his determination to return. there's progress init alex sms recovery. his wife posting on instagram, he had an external fixator removed after eight months. helping to heal the broken bones. not a very comfortable device. still a long way from returning to the field. but a huge relief forhim and this really is a big step in thd rightection. he's going to walk and go from there. we go across the pond, british open starting on thursday. tiger woods taking part in a practice round in northern ireland. woods hoping t win his second major of the year, his fourth career open championship. w his lastin coming back in 2006. wos one of the favorites this week, but is rory mcilroy.
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giannis antetokounmpo is from greece. he needed a little instruction. he was the nba mvp. the11 6' player loosens up. he sends a foul ball into the net. the gohe news, gets to keep his day job. so much for that yankees tryout. >> that must be a jump shot for -- >> or a slam du. >> wenk'l
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>> jimmy, show is in two minutes. >> jimmy: be right there stephen? stephen, you there >> yeah, i'm here, jimmyst i'm ju trying on a new bandana.


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