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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 15, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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t . righnow on "news4 midday," growing backlash as president trump is called racist. but he is not backing down. a new series of tweets this morning, criticizing a group of female lawmakers. renewal and remembrance. see how volunteers from across the country arex coming ogether today to our nation's most hallowed ground. and it is a beautiful day there. plenty of sunshine. the humidity on the low side. that's not going to be the case, cod have some record heat heeded our way, along with tracking barry. 'll show you that coming uh(+tr% "news4 midday" starts now.
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good morning to you. welcome to "news4 midday," i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm eun yang. this is our first time working together on the set and i'm happy you're part of the family. welcome, welcome. we want to star with reaction after president donald trump took aim at a group of progressive congresswomen ove e weekend, each a woman of color. en >> the presidtold the u.s. congresswomen to, quote, go back home and fix their country. here is reactiono) to the tweea that many calling racist. >> reporter: a firestorm of reactions continuing today to a series of tweets from president trump, targeting a group of democratic congresswomen. the president saying they should go back to the broken and crime-infested places from which they came. >> that's a racist tweet. telling people to go back where they came from? >> reporter: all but one were born in the u.s.
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>> it's really aad state of affairs when the president of the united states is going to use race in a way that divides the ignorant about who all these people are. >> reporter: the president did ot mention the lawmakers by name. representatives election dra ocasio-cortez of new york, and ilhan omar of minnesota shot back at the president. omar saying his comments are stoking white nationalism. the progressive congresswomen are vocal citics of the president and have been at odds with house speaker nancy pelosi, at times a public and personal spat, while the president, trying to exploit that division between pelosi andbhe most lial members of her caucus, he has apparently done the opposite. >> the president is helping unify the mocraticparty. ñ president's attack saying he wants to make america white again. hours after the twitterup dust the president came back to the attacks again on twitter, seeming to criticize the same
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aiemocrats. cr boswell, nbc news, washiljjjr @r(t&háhp &hc% >> we learned the biden cancer initiative suspended operations indefinitely. joe biden launched the initiative in 2017, two years after hison beau passed away from brain cancer. the nonprofit had partnerships with organizations that pledged nearly $400 million to improve cancer treatment. biden and his wife jill left the group's boardefn aprilre he officially launched his 2020 presidential campaign. but the nonprofit had troubleñ maintaining momentum without their involvement. no word yet when or if wi operations continue. now to our weather and a beautiful start to the day. hope it lasts. >> we sure hope it does. lauryn, how loex can we pect >> we expect it for a nice littlwhile, at least for today. i mean, it be going to nice as we continue through thisk. wee but the only thing is, we're going to have the heat and humidity come back. the
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á)p)bor camera, i wanted you to see the skyline. we're looking at this camera here, which is pretty because everything is green. but i wante toshow the sunshine. 83 degrees is our temperature right now. so, again, really nice out there. these winds are light. we d have a few clouds maybe in some sps, but really not looking that bad. we are dry today. but as we hd through yo tuesday, we're looking at isolated rain chances, and then tracking bar elate wednesday into thursday before we dry out friday. let's talk about some of the ehottest temperatures w have seen yet this year in detail. that's coming up in just about 20 minutes. all right, lauryn, see you then. thank you. this morning, the fairfax county sheriff's office hopes an awopsy will explain ho an 18-year-old died in custody. amir green was found uncscious and died at the hospital sunday morning. authorities say they found no signs of foul play. right nel jamesd jr. is being sentenced in virginia on
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state murder and wounding chges. the self-avow white nationalist found guilty on federal charges, after driving his car into a crowd of protesters in charlottesville in 2017. heather heyer was killed and dozens others hurt. the jury has recommended a state sentence of life plus 419 years in prison. we'll keep you updated on developments. right now a billionaire charged with sexually abusing girls is in court. a bail hearing is w under for jeffrey epstein, who pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges. he's been in jail since his arrest more than a week ago. prosecutors want to keep him there while he awaits trial. however, the defense is proposing home detention with lectronic monitoring and a court-appointed trustee who would live with epstein at his )an3< manhattan. the judge in the case says a ruling will notnb bemade until thursday.
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today landscapers from all across the u.s. are coming together to make sure the nation's war heroes have a properly maintained resting place. >> the landscapers will help spruce up arlington national cemetery during the annual renewal and remembrance day. amy cho is live in arlington with the story for us this morning. amy. > reporter: hi, jummy. this is all aboutserving those who served us. that'why about 400 volunteers are here at arlington national cemetery today to donate their time and help do landscape work and make the place moreut bful. some of the work they're doing today includes planting flowers, spreading fertilizer, as well as fixing the sidewalks and pavement. the idea is to honorvehe erans who are resting here as well as their family and friends who come to pay respects. these volunteers today have come in from all around the country, many of them veterans themselves. and volunteers tell us they feel honod to be here. >> gives us the opportunity to say thank you to those that are
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buried here and who paid the ultimateacrifice and also gives us a chance to thank their families by helping care for a place and supplement whatq the cemetery does. >> i am very impressed. i am impressed they come from all over to do this for one day. so we're just happy to have them here. >> reporter: and this day of service has been a tradition here at arlington natial cemetery for 23 years now. in arlington, aimee c, news4. >> thank you. happening now, a big day for folks out there. a chae to save big. amazon prime day. featuring thousands of electronic, entertainment and tech items and remember, shipping is free. tsst year, amazon sold 100 million produc on prime day. there's a hitch, thouh. to membs only. don't worry, though. stores like walmart, target, kohl's, they have already announced their own sales, each offering major discounts on things le ipads, smart tvs and
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furniture. later on in the newscast,er consum reporter susan hogan has a look on today's amazon deals and how to avoid missing one. . >> so much to look through. if we had more time. >> i try, but it's overwhelming. and i just don't b want to just to buy. >> exactly. we have some good news for some panda lovers this morning. >>eyou love th pandas too? >> i do. but you think you're big -- not like i am. > it's a little crazy. the national zoo says the giant panda mei xiang is starting to build nests, which could be a sign she ise going to hav baby, which would be amazing. before we get to excited, the zoo says besides the nest-building, they haven't seen any othero pregnancy behavior far. they say it's still early, though, so hope is not los mei xiang was artificially inseminated in march and already has three other cubs. and he has to go back to china. a new one would be perfect. >> time for another.
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>> right, exactly. hope.can only 11:08. 600-mile joyride. hear from police about the four children who stole a car for a fishing trip. oh-oh. >> what a story. and a new announcement from the trump administration on a crackdown on asylum claims. an update on the i.c.e. raids. and "consumer repo is out with your complats about hidden fees. where your wallet is getti hit the most. stay with us.
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we have breaking news right now. police say retired boxer pernell "sweet pea" whitaker has been killed after being hit by a car in virginia beach. whitaker held world titles in four ight lasses. he was also a qcn gold medalist. he was only 55 years old. now to the latest on the battle over immigration. the trump administration moving to restrict the number of people
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seeking asylum appearing to qñ ectly target many central americans. >> yeah, a new rule would make it so anyone who passes through another country and doesn't seek asylum i that nation would be ineligible for asylum here in the u.s. >> this all comes as threatened i.c.e. raids are getting under way, but at a much slower than$ expected pace. we've been hearing reports from local communities that they have been waiting to see what's going to happen, but in some places there hasn't been many raids so far. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports.@> reporter: after protests weaken around the country,l smal and quieter than what was widely expected. >> people come into our country illegally, we're taking them out legally. very simple. it's not something i like doing. but people have come into our country illegally. we're focused on yoñcriminals.
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>> reporter: arrests had been expected in at least ten major cities, including los angeles, chicago, atlanta, miami aéd ne airk. small rds were reported in two new york neighborhoods on saturday, but it's not clearñi crackdown. several mayors are defiant, we are working on is.o doing everything we can to push back agains wh the trump 7ñ doing. >> reporter: volunteers in north carolina even patrolled neighborhoods, looking fore. i. officers. >> we are ouay tod doing i.c.e. watch. >> reporter: on sunday, a top immigration official refused to say whether children caught up in deportation raids would be separated from their parents. >> i'm not going to say yes or no to anything like that, because then certain people out there can write themselves off the list or find a way to play  loophole. >> reporter: it all comes asluhh border incen -smáhp &hc intensifies. this video in mcallen, texas, drawing outrage. migrants shouting they had no showers since vice president
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mike pence toured the facility. one journalist describes a horrendous stench. a second facility in nearby donna, texas, less crowded. >> i couldn't be more impressed with thss comnate work that our st soms arndte p nro administration official says the goal of arresting 2,000 undocumented immigrants could still be reached in the coming t days, t's important to note that in 2012 under the obama administration, i.c.e. arrested more than 1,000 peoplen a day average, so a number that high is not unheard of. but back then families were not being targeted as they are now. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. there is a lot of concern and also confusion when it colossal to comes to the immigration raid so we're working for you this morning. nbc 4 and our sister stiqjz telemundo 44 re holding a phone bank today. it will take place from 5:00 to 7:00 in the evening. experts will help answer any of
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your questions you may have about the operation and we'll also connect you to resources and services that are available. this is a live lo now at the white house where president trump is hosting the third annual made inxd america produc showcase tod the event celebrates the successes of american manufacturing and will have products on display from all 50 states. the president is expected to review the products and meet with company representatives hour.this according to the federal trade commission fork
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"consumer reports" asked for our opinion, and got an earful. >> 96% said they were annoyed by hidden fees they experienced in wentporter: like when they to buyñfá tickets or pay a phon cable, car rental, hotel or airline bill -- >> 85% of people said in the last two yearsoce they have notd a hidden fee in a bill. >> reporter:nna from "consumer reports" says there were so mant complaithat they launched a new website, asking consumers to share their hidden fee horror stories. and the w@etñ round-about ratess getting results. just lasteek, marriott was slapped with a lawsuit by the accusing thef hotel giant o charging deceptive and ór misleading resort fees. >> the thing called aesort fee is lumped in with taxes and other fees. >> not just one company a ing badly. it's a marketplace where consumers are losing power.
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>> reporter: what advocates want from retailers is full disclosure. up front. >> require them to put the total amount you're going to pay right up front people c make decision in the calmest way possible. >> reporter: those advocates are already lobbying government to require disclosure, just in case retailers don't do it voluntarily. chris clackum, nbc n neighbors in maryland aren't happy about amazon's plan to build a facility in projects prince george's. it's expected to be 1 million square feet larger than first planned. even though the warehouse will? bring hundreds of jobs to the area, some residentstthink just too big. they'll get their chance to tell amazon officials and developers later on today. that meeting will be held thise evng in clinton. we want to let you know about a freeñ immunization even
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starting soon in the district. it's meant to help kids get ready for the new school year. it starts at 1130 at mary's center.qvl immunization forms are now part of the enrollment for d. public schools. the first day islp august 26. speaking ofc school, you no longer have to break a sweat to be a high school athlete. virginia is adding electronic sports as a school'% competitio. the virginia high schs l league haproved a one-year pilot program for e-sports. agues, each veral lesi with a different set of rules, of course. most teams have between three and five members. noñi travel is necessary sinceo th competitions are 'lnñonline. four kids arrested after taking a parent's car out for a 600-mile ride. >> just an incredible story here. police say n,ose childre age 10 to 14, packed fishing rods into an suv, they left a
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farewell note, and drove down the australian east coast. an officer eventually pulled them over, but they refused to go down easy. >> wow. >> unfortunately, the children were directed -- they locked themselves in the car and they had to use a bat to get into the vehicle. >> wow! >> i know. you said your kids ar this age. >> they would be in big trouble. big trouble. >> police haven't gotten the chance to ."ñ interview the kids yet, because the parents have to be with them in order for them to interview, because they're minors.  aio l7pe' of que=)ñ to answer, for sure. they do plan on filing charges, the officl s. so we'le how that ends up. >> i can't imagine. >> they have to answer to their parents,oo. louisiana residents are feeling se relief after the landfall of hurricane barry this weekend. coming up, a look at what evacuated homeowne are turning to this morning and n at people i
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at this time last week, we were dealing with flooded roads and water rescues. edat severe weather caus damage to many local roads, including canal road in northwest washington. this road remains closed this morning between reservoir road and fox high road for emergency repairs. another road is back open. the flash flooding wiped out large section of belfast road in potomac, leaving more than 70 families unable to access their homes. the road reopened yterday moeaing. spking of the weather hurricane barry has been downgraded to a tropical depression as it heads north. >> it is still threatening to dump heavy rain on parts of arkansas and missouri. the storm already left much of mississippi and louisiana under water after days of downpours. nbc's kerry sanders has more on the cleanup. >> reporter: this morning in louisiana,vuated residents are heading home.
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some finding their neighborhoods under water. >> i'm happy to be home, even though there is water in our yard. >> reporter: barry ew in as a category 1 hurricane on saturday, making landfall along coast. dumping up to 15 inches of rains ine spots. flooding streets, up rooting trees and knocking out power to nearly 200,000s. custom statewide, just over 90 people needing 9evacuation, including &re tzen peop>2ñ and their pets, stranded by rising waters on saturday in terrebonne parish. parts of low-lying plaquemines parish also inundated. >> when the rain and storm is gone, is is over? >> it't over? >> because. >> it's going south. >> reporter: today the state and local governments will be adding
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up the costs associated with barry, so they can apply to the federal government. fema. to see what sort ofrs reimbuent they can get to quite a mess here. kerry sanders, nbc news, plaquemines parish, louisiana. >> indeed, that gulf region, every time there is any kind of severe weather -- >> especially when it's slow-moving. >> and that thing wacrawling when it came onshore. only moving anywhere from 3o 5 miles per hour as it moved onshore saturday. now it's crawling up through the mississippi valley at about 10 miles per hour. so it's sped up a little bit, but that's -- it's a lot of moisture. i'm going to show in a second. that rain is headed our way, eventually moving east. so we will see some rain headed our way fromxd barry. but not today. day is nice and comfortable. plenty of sunshine out there. it's beautiful out there right now. and again, the humidity is on the low side.w, nowe get into your tuesday, that's when the humidity starts rolling back in.,h we will see that a heat and humidity build thursday, friday,
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saturday, into the weekend. oh, yeah, it's going to be really hot. n fact, some of the warmest temperatures we have seen yet. wehc÷ do have some storms due tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and then a f late wednesday into thursday. ancr tshat's going b thear bo not too bad out there with the humidity. feels like the actual air about 89 degrees today. and again,x÷ plenty of "ñsunshi blue skies out there. just going to be very comfortable. as far as your monday j940outlo pretty much all throughout the the day is goingxd to be during so pick your poison with as well as pool time, perfect you la block ankvc sunscreen. looking fine forãthe evening commute. now tomorrow, the morning commute is fine. the evening commute could have a &háhp &hc% only about a 30 orn/
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all chance ofxd isolated showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. wednesday. we'll start to see remnants of barry push through. that will continue wednesday overnight through at least the first half of thursday. now, i say at lst the first half of wlothursday, because t slows down a little bit, which these things tend to do once those storms linger into thursday. right now i have some>ok drying during the÷ afternoon.ow as it sl down, we move the time line back, coming in during thursday. nothing happening with us. but look at all this moisture. i mean,w3 i'm showing this lne earliermy this morning. flash flooding going on down in entral louisiana right now a lots of flash@r@ejjt)jt possibl as we go through the next several days. now, here is barry right there d we're through your monday. a little disturbance out ahead =)ñ again, could bring(g. some show and thunderstorms. we get in tuesday. we dry out. here's again all of that moisture and it'sñi headed our y as we goño' into wednesdaynight
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and then through the day on thursday we'll see showers and )storms. but let's talk about that heat. we'll bre it downw for you, how in just about 12 minutes. the cost of living is taking a toll on some military families. coming up, how schools and food banks are stepping in to help. and this weekend's electric outage in new york isño' causin some experts to questio the strength of the country's aging power grid. we'll have the latest on the cause of the outage and improvemes that need to be made.
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you'j]yr watching "news4+wé midday." >> our heroes! ofxfn reliefse after thoúpn fe trapped in an elevator for four manhattan satudi3e night. this morning authorities say the still&ñog$qjj$)jjpá > they say it was not a cyberattack, but thelp outage i focusing new scrutiny ong the and security of the power
11:30 am
gri5j here's rjkú cathyg >> reporter: mass confusionfr& i manhattan nutes after aijm pow on times square's iconic billboard's lifeles someubway trains brought to a screeching halt, leaving many passengers+> the new york dl1 fireartment broke through a brick wall,t&of( zlaq= get ushc% a and we're so relieved. but it was pretty traumatic. >> reporter: saturday's outage stretched 30 blocks om midto manhattan to the upper west side, leaving some 7rá3,000 customersn the dark for several hours. >> we just can't have a power outage of this magnitude in thit ci it is too;or dangerous. the potential for publicjf saty
11:31 am
>> reporter: in a statement, the utility company, conedison, apologizing for the outage, saying it will ngñ.' conducti a diligent and vigorous investigation to determine the root cause of thincident. power grid. >> need to invest money to things, and to modernize thisg3 rid is going to require a lot of funding. >> reporter: the scene reminding many of the massive power outage of 20030 vc 5llion people across the united states and canada were hit with cascading blackouts after a tree branch fell in ohio, tripping breakers. that blackout, a wake-up call to the power industry, with huneds of new sensors installed across the u.s. grid and congressbeefing up regulation#.>eo cf1 o it also took place 42 years to the day of the 1977xd new york city blackout when the city lost power for 25 hours. that incident caused by a lightning strike, and known a a
11:32 am
defining moment for the city rátáár+e looting taking place. nearly 4,000 arrests a millions of dollars in damage. things much calmer this time around, but a new concern. hackers. and whileto investi don't believe foul play was involved in saturday, national security expes say the blackout should serve as a wake-up call. >> complex systems that ha been put in place and built upoe ovs, they're going to be you will have niblts. adversaries will lok to exploit them. >> new yorkers now waiting for answers to shed light on the moment of darkness. >> the investigation to find the cause of that blackout could ke several weeks. >> yeah, in fact, new york senator chuck schumer is calling for a federal probe into the power failure and the utility company. this morning, american airlines says it will not fly passengers on its boeing 737 max planes any time soon. boein is still in the process
11:33 am
of correcting an issue with the flight control software, and an amer'tan says it w schedule use of the plane until november. american has 24 of the jets in its fleeio the decn to ground those planes came months ago, just days after the crash of an ethiopian airline 737 max killed all 157 people on bv4dd. we all know how much abroad and at home. but an investigation shows how ju,ñ how much theiramilies are sacrificing. >> nbc'scynthia mcfadden has more on the battle they're fighting withsém hunger. >> reporter: desi meier never expected -- >> mommy! reporter: -- h biggest challenge as a military spouse would be feedings. her four kid >> we kind of have to get creatie some days. so we have, you know, bread. >> reporteed thisg san diego truck arrives every two w &háhp &hc% vegetarees. ;mp 70%yvg
11:34 am
free and reduced lunch. >> reporter: and when yous7 te people that little kids parents are on the front line for the rest of us, you cvhkno ry ving, go to bed hu sometimes, it's shocking. >> yeah. yeah, go to bed hungry and lonely, because their parents are gone sometimes. is well er: dan meye aware of ednthat. hewãmakes $34,279 a year before 'stq 9ñ that just under the national  of six. the military does pay for their housing, a significant benefit. but they can stillq! only make ends meet with help. vince hall, ceo of feeding san diego, knows this all too well. last year, this rescue group provided 26 million als. many of them to military families. >> i take great pride in the work we do here. but i take no pride in the fact families in san diego and doesn't pay them ough money to live in san diego.
11:35 am
>> reporter: and it's not just san diego. our investigation revealed one in three children attendingmji d.o.d.-run schools on m itary bases are also eligible for free and reduced lunch. in georgia, a whopping 65% arec eligible. the department of defense declined our multiple requests for an interview. instead sending an email, saying, e problem is %/gminimal that military members are very well-paid, that there is a subsidized groce store on each themselves of the financial training the military provides. >> i think it is a national outrage. >> reporter: senator tammy duckworth of illinoi former helicopter ebqrpilot, is sponso legislation that would lifty/6 e families higher than the poverty line. >> frankly, instead of ignoring it, we should bee: fixing it s kids have empty bellies. >> reporter: soãthe estimate in order to fund what you think is
11:36 am
needed, it'sçv'6?r somewhere be 20 nd $30 million. >> yes, a drop in the bucket. >> reporter: meanwhile, the g surprise. >> daddy! >> reporter: daddy is home. two beautiful p,words, which f today push away all the:arr wo. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, san diego. >> it really is stunning to hear t q statistics. by mlitary families. by >> they do soh for ñius. >> indeed. get ready. the heat index climbs to near 100 degreesxd tomorrow. coming up, lauryn rickettsr>ñ l us know what we can expect for theústc'.ñ rj-&5jutt)r @r(t&há% why makeup with sunscreen protection is not enough. what you should be doing every day to protect
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11:38 am
we all know the importance of sunscreen. of course, we hear it all the time. for those of us who wear keup, we think sometimes just because
11:39 am
it has spf in it, it's enough to protect us. >> newso is working for y health this morning with information that may help you decshg/e your risk for skin cancer and slow down signs of aging. doreen gentzler reports. >> reporter: scan the aisles of any drugstore or department store, and you'll see that most of the ;makeup,fñáhe foundatio and tinted moisturizers have spf built in. so are you one of thosexd peopl who think you're covered, like me? probablt. and makeup should never be a substitute for sunscreen, because you're simply not using enough of it to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. >> you should be using o whole teaspoon of sunscreen for your -)]q and neck. that's a lot.. you're probably going to not be able to apply that much foundation without looking like you're wearing a makeup mask. and chances are you're not going to reply it every two hours. yo should start with a layer of broad spectrum sunscreen much ì% of
11:40 am
dermatology recmends aspf of at least 30, while some local experts say spf 50 is best, and ggests lookingu for ingredients like zinc and$f itaniumr the best protection. apply the sun screen and wait it finish with a setting po her toelp absorbsws any oil and shine. remember, layeringo an spf 15 ov sunscreen an spf foundation or makeup does not add upo spf 30 protection. it's not cumulative. doesn't work that wa back to you. how we have to wearkámakeup for work and then spf and you have n to layer o all the stuff and it's not great. >> i do eye cream and then the oil, and then theglx$+
11:41 am
hot out ther get ready.  i already, but nothing compared to what we're going to see as we -- i guess feel as weiso into t week. so you may be thinking about gett,)fq!q car washed. go ahead and doõc it. chances could have some severe storms out there tomorrow afternoon. but only about a 30, çó40% chan you'll see more rain this week, wednesday into thursday, and that's going to be remnants from barry headur our way. so let's take h a look at tw ther headlines. we're not as humid today. if you haven't been outsideó y, it is absolutely gorgeous and comfo'able. but we got that dangerous heat starting to build and that is going to move right into our region, starting overnight tonight. then, of course, we're+o tracki that moistureok fromnrt?
11:42 am
evening. and again, more humid as we continue througethe late ning and into the overnight. tomorrow. degrees. 93 will be our daytimñi high. and then again about a 30
11:43 am
guys? >> you in tenoãminutes. thank you. how you can avoid miing out on those big amazon sales. and we are joined by one of "food and wine" magazinofs chefs the year. he's here who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance.d yeah, an could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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summer in full swing. with the tomatoes growing and rose flowing, restaurants are offerin new menu items to tempt youste buds at the oval room, righthext to the wite house. ted$éto n get transp the south of france through their meals. chef brian monthsca tello joins us now to tell us more. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> well, tell us more about your summ in provence menu. it's really prettod >> the fos are generally light fare, vegetable-based. so some classic dishes we have is the ratatouille tart, which we'll be making in a moment. >> excellent. >> we have lemon tart withhpnñ %
11:47 am
candied pine nuts. asparagus with blood orange ribbons an salad nisswa. >> sounds amazing. this is the ratatouille tart. show us how you make this and i'll try to follow your direction. >> you're goingçó to do perfect. we startth wi the fennel pollen tart shell. and ratatouille is a mixture of vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onion, eggplant, zucchini, stewed down. we want to do that. since we're doing a more modern take on it, more modern approach, we're going to use this as the base layer. so i'm going to put some of this ratatouille mixture that's been made very traditionally. >> okay. >> in the bottom. and then why don't you do the same. >> okay. i'll do that too. and then what goes on top of arat? so ther layers to this tart. >> yes. so traditionally the ratatouille, this is a
11:48 am
traditionally made ratatouille and what i e done is taken all of theírñ vegetables that have main roll and prepared them in different ways. p some niceched tomatoes that have been peeled and then we have some onion o confite,me seared zucchini roll and eggplant. so we're going to build the tart. make a mosaic or something. >> i see. i've never used one of these things. no chef has trusted me to use their special tools. look, i've already smushed a tomato. ut you just add the tomatoes on top? yeah, just go ahead and add any decoration. like, two or thre of them. >> oh, okay. >> and then we'll put that aside. and we'll move on to -- >> okay. >> anotherño' ingredient. we have our onions. >> okay. and what did you cook these in? >> just poached inu olive oil. >> okay. lovely. >> so one of the biggestm/v thi about provincial 1p,ucooking, pe think it's tons of butter. >> theyhe want t sauv3ñ kinds o
11:49 am
dishes. >> in provence, olive oil. >> which is healthier. >> and then we have our eggplant, a couple pieces of eggplant. >> this is really niceñ/ãto. okay. how is it going? and then what else? >> beautiful. and then we're going to do our zucchini. >> my zucchini in the middle. >> perfect. and one nice little red pepper. >> ah-ha. and this is just -- >> however you want. >> oh. >> perfect. >> how did i do? >> you're doing fantastic. >> all right, thank you. >> and some basil bloseoms. >> the are really pretty too. and is this how you serve it at the restaurant? >> yes. so we do that and en we have a little whipped goat cheese andb sil oil thatxd goes with it. so if you want to put that on the plate there. >> i'm goi to you how to do that. i broke my tart. but that's okay. e9ñ >> and then with this, we can take and --çó >> is that basil oil?
11:50 am
>> it is basil oil. >> and what kind of cheese agin? >> whipped goat cheese with red wine vinegar. so we'll makelg a little w pl. >> thesentation is everything. beautiful. all right! well, chef brian=) moscatello fm oval room, thank you for joininu ooh, i think i'm going to break it. maybe off the air i'll try it. thank you so much. jimmy? >> all right, eun, thank>>you. > today is amazon prime day. deals already available. and bois year it goes on for 48 hours. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with a look at some of the sales and how you can make sure you3nm?h"'t miss t on them. >> reporter: amazon is actually promising more than 1 million deals during prime day this year. ss in sales that it raked in last year.ou so the ds are exclusive to primew7r members with new sa popping up every five minutes, it can be pretty overwhelming and4ka)d to keep up with if you  for somethingq >tive(r#ic.
11:51 am
but if you've beençãeyeing one p amazon'sducts, this is theçv' time to grab it. >> some of our best deals aree1 across the site. obut includingur amazon devices. so the fire tv>2ñtñ stick, echo be able toe almost the entirew3 time over those two days. $14írjñe for that fire tv sticks which mazing. >> if you want to know when something goes on sale that you like, if it's one of the deals thatñr amazon is adversing early, click what's this deal and you'll get a notification when the sale does go live. looking for something specific wish list, if it goes on e1sale% amazon iok actually going to alert you. by the way, if you are not a :i you deals. ñçó30-dayd$ free trial, just don't forget to cancel it beforeto the a renew comes up. back to you. happy shopping.q/ l
11:52 am
>> next, d.c. gets readyq to celebrate the 50th anniversary
11:53 am
11:54 am
we have breaking news right mow out of baltimore. police in balti say two people are dead%qñ and a police officer injured following a shooting in a methadone clinic. baltimore police commissionerúf michael harrison said at a news conference a short time ago that the police sergeant is intable condition and has gone into surgery. harrison said the suspect who fired at the sergeantis dead, as well as another person who was found inside the clinic. witnesses told the "baltimore entered the clinic with a gun and demanded methadone. ook for updates this afternoon on news4. a setback this morning for india. a country working to become a major player in the space race. india had to call off a launch
11:55 am
of a mission to eplore the moon's south pole. the rocket launcú>"r was aborte less than an hourfore today's scheduled launch. a technical snag being blamed for the cancellation and a new launch is expected to be announced shortly. if that mission is successful, india would be just the fourth nation to manage moon landing.>> the u.s. is one of the countries that has made it to the moon. in fact, we are just days away from marking the 50th anniversary of the landing. the man who took the first steps on the moon was honored in his r home state ohe weekend. two statues wereñno unveiled ae armstrongir and spaceuseum in honor of neil armstrong and museum in washington is hutping to p on a once in a lifetime show in the national mall. starting tomorrow, the washington monument will transform intop0m a saturn v rt bound to the moon. look at that. the first show is scheduled to happen tomorrow night at 7:30. one of the benefits of living right here apit. somethg ke th. i ow,intiose t yrnaon's pictun
11:56 am
i'll be bed. >> yeah, me too. we'll see it on instagram tomorrow. if you're running out of fun ideas this summer, we have a new altertive for you. ñ news4's molette green has details on rockville's summer in the square. we're up rly this morning to tryñr the whale. we're making potter and it's forño' beginners or folksñr who really talented and creative. ryan is the instructñr here and check out his whale. i want to kind of destroy it like in thelp movie, "ghost." >> please go, for it. ñ we're in the town square with acousticokñ guitarist mattg, hutchinson. this isco one of the many things you can do, and it's free. >> it's free. one of the activities we have here during the summer, and inã/ rockville town square. you can also do fitness, salsa dancing, listen to3çmñ music. but this is -- weo want people  come and be crea;vve and give i/
11:57 am
a try. that's whatñno it's called. and it's the very latest n& >> all right. let's get a quick check of the forecast now with lauryn ricketts. >> looking good out there today. plenty of sunshine, but the heat and -9humidity, a small chance rain tomorrow. ebetter chance latez wesdayqur % into thursday. look at the heat through next weekend. >> all right, lauryn, thank you. that's it foranpñ "news4 midday" thanks for joining us. we are back on this afternoon, first at 4:00. >> and get the news and weather updates any time with the nbc h wepe you have a great day and  when i was diagnosed with breast cancer,to
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we are live infive, four, three, two, one! live on this monday. it is scotty evans. let's get to a big one. >> will we? >> there are rumors out there, could a woman be the nextoub0 0? >> we haven beelking about this for so long. >> lesean lynch may be the lady


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