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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you hope not a baby panda because it would be over for me today. every sile day the producers would have to hear something about the baby panda. >> yeah, they would. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. . >> i'm eun ya it's monday, july 15th, 2019. first 4 traffic melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the road. >> i'm not anti--panda, just f the record. put that out there. >> i'm just a little over the top! >> that is a whole other story. chuck bell is off today and lauryn ricketts is in to look at the forecast for you. >> we were talking about the panda over the weekend and we willing covering this night and day. breaking news. her mike is ff! let's go. we are still talking abut the panda!sh kingly. listen. it is a beautiful morning out there. temperatures not that bad. 60s and 70s. humidy is low when you walk ngtside. sun comip just about 55 minutes from now. 75 degrees.
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it is very niceut there. we will stay in the mid-70s as we go through the 7:00 a.m. hour. plenty of sunshine once that sun comes up and that will take our temperature into the upper 80s today. now yesterday weere about 94 degrees where we topped out. looking a lot better out there today. not a lot going on in radar. high pressure over us and give us blue skies out there throughout the day today. looking pretty good. now, head down to our friend in ae south. tropical depression,ng probably dowded there throughout the day today. a lot of moisture still associated with and heavy rain working its way up through the missivyippi valley and h rain down through louisiana where i see a flash flood warning pop up down there. we are watching the rain that will make the way through midwest and to the middle east and mid-atlantic and extremely hot temperatures. the hottest we have seen so this summer. we will talk about that coming up but let's talk about the road with melissa.
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good mornind gmorning. beltway still having delays. inner loop and outer loop some of the construction may be out of the wayut still a lot of slowdowns. so we will keep an eye on that for you. probably until this finally to repair that sinkhole on canal oa r no update on these. beltway ok at the overall just that slow down inner loop and oer loop near gallos. montross road has delays because of the road immion raid are under way around the country right
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now. >> the planned sweeps started yesterday, at least ten major cl cities, ing baltimore. d.c. was not one of those cities. immigrant communities and their supporters remained on edge and angry abot the roundups promised by president trump. montgomery county is reminding people of their laws if ice agents showed up. montgomery county is reminding undocumented immigrants of their rights if ice shows up at their home. the county does not ask about anyone's immigration status. in prince george's county the police are telling their officers they are barred from serving immigrants with federal civil warra deportation order.s d.c. police have a similar policy. >> we are here to build trust on a daily bays and safeguard you and the community. we have a longstandingolicy that prohibits us from asking about citizenship or residency status when we interact with the community member. the bottom line is mpd does not enforce federal immigration laws. >> the white house is defending the raids, saying ice has
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deported fewer people under president trump than it did under president obama. we know there is a lot of concern and confusion when it comes to the immigration raids, so we are work for you and news4 and our sister station telemundo 44 on holding a phone a thon day. operts may answer the questions you have about theration and connect you to resources and services that are available. a controversial tweet from president trumpas many calling him a racist again this morning. hme president tweeted that the four minority fres congresswomen should go back and fix the countries they came from. the president didn't name anyone but it was clear he was naming four congresswomen, co ocasio-ez, pressley and
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omar and tlaib. we will have more in the next half hour. d.c. policeay a routine traffic stop turned into a wild policchase in d.c. the driver lost control and causing the vehicle to flip. firefighters had to free the driver from the suv on v street near lincoln road. the driver was arrested. a dog was also in car but was not hurt. this morning, the fairfax county sheriff's office is holding an autopsy and to plain how an 18-year-old died in custy. sha-kez amir green was found and he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at the hripital. authoes said they found no signs of foul play. we are tracking the latest images from tropical depression barry. water was everywhere as you can see in these images. water was everywhere. >> news4 jummy olabanji is in
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the newsroomo with m dramatic images of barry. >> reporter: even though barry did not unleash catastrophic flooding down there but it did pack a punch. take a look at this rescue on saturday. the government of louisiana says dozens of rescues like this one have been made. thankfully, though, no storm-related deaths have been reported, no serious damage reported eier. but the gulf coast will have a lot to repair. the storm surge there involved some louisiana neighborhood. in alabama, r majoroads were consumed by water and workers are strugglingo restore power to thousands left in the dark. ithe big easy, there is a sigh of relief this morning. >> we absolutely made it through the storm. beyond lucky, we were spared. >> reporter: themayor heard there say that forecasters say
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that folk across the gulf coall are sti facing threads of tornadoes and flash flood warnings today as the depression moves north and coinuing to dump rain and a small sign that things are getting back to normal. flights at the new orlns rport did resume last night. first responder in our areah are ready toad south, if needed to help with the storm recovery montgomery county tweeted out these pictures over the weekend. maryland task force one has itss baacked now. team leader are monitoring the storm. hethey will determine whetr this urban search and rescue team is needed. ng this morni, officials in new york city still do not know what caused a five-hour blaanout in manhaver the weekend. first responders i couldn't do people trapped in elevators. >> our heroes! >> new york mayor bill de blasio toured the conedison control ay.ter yeste
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ed the outage was not a result of terrorism. saturday's outage affected 73,000 customers and it included times square and broadway. coming upon the "today" show, we will get a t look at power grid and its vulnerability. a billion care sexually accused of sexually assaulting young girls is in jail. jeffrey epstein pleaded not guilty. prosecutors want to keep him in jail while he awaits trial but sethe defense is wanting h arrest. it is the black fr.ay of summer today millions of people will flock to amazon's website for prime day. amazon is rolling out two days deals. ele sale bonanza features thousands of ectronics, entertainment, and techs, item and shipping is fr e. last year, the company sold 100
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million products on prime day. there is a hitch. this is open to prime members only. others have annound their own sales including ipad and smart tvs and furniture. later in the show, susan hogan takes a look those sales and how to make sure you don't miss out on any of them. there are some m yland residents who are not so happy about amazon's plans to build a warehouse in prince george's county. the new warehouse is expected to be a million square feet larger than firsanned and set to go in the town center in upper marlboro. even though the warehouse will bring hundred of jobs to the area, some residents think the facility is just too big. they havee a chanc tell amazon official and developers about that latertoday. the meeting will be held in clinton later on today. amazon's arrival could
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accelerate some improvementns plain crystal city. they have had proposed to close the tunnel for the city sector plan. it runs route 1 and connect the underground mall to area restaurants. the board is asking vdot tpp formally sut the plan. once approved, removal of the tunnel is expected tth begin fall. d.c. residents can take their kid today to receive free imnizations. an event is held on georgia avenue in northwest and it starts at 11:30 this morning.yo the ma will be there and remind you that immunization pa forms are a of the enrollment forms for school. the state is adding electronic sports as a school
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competition. the virginia high school league has approved one-year pilot program for esports. there are several teams that can compete and each with a different set of rules. teams have bween three and five members and travel, if necessary. it doesn't include physical activity so i'm concerned about the whole thing. the competition are online. >> it is a bona fide sport now. people recognize it as a real thing. >> and students can major in these sorts of things and become billionaires. >> filthy rich. good for them. good new for panda lovers this morning. >> the national zoo says i shan is starting to build a nest which could be a sign she is pregnant. it's still very early. she was inseminated back in
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march. bei bei is still at the national zoo but time is runningout. >> three is not enough? >> aaron, i can't believe you had that. are there ever enough baby pandas in the world? neve never! tian tian is the dad. >> only three pandas. >> we can only on dream having more pandas at the zoo. that would be amazing. we are working for you. you may be paying fees and you don't know about it. we will take a look at the hidden fees. a special ceremony had several people dress inside white at the lincoln memorial. take a look at the rare sight that is happening there. you'll walk out this morning and ow it's little less humid out there. thank goodness. plenty of sunshine out there today. beautiful with temperatures topping out right around 80 as we go to the 9:00 hour. the heat is at bay today but really heating things up this
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15 affair the uho we are working for your health thl morning. ding a healthy lifestyle is the most effect way to preventive dementia. cesearchers found people who make healthy choiike to diet, exercise, not smoking and not drinking alcohol or drinking it in moderation are less likely to develop dementia. one say following four health lifestyle factors could cut dementia by 50%. people are most likely to
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reinjuring their acl if they return to sports too soon. researchers at cincinnati children's hospital followete180 injured ens when underwent a battery of leg strength and fitness tests. those who scored less than 90% before returning to play were three times more likely to suffer an acl injury within two years compared to those who scored higher. it's better to just wait to fee' like you 100% before heading back into the game. >> smart way to do it. we are working for you this morning. one of the most aggravating parts of buying a ticket is the hidn fees. >> legal action is being taken. here in washington, the attoruey general sd marriott, accusing the hotel giant of charging deceptive fees. experts say it's not just about one case, it's about fixing the system. >> it's not just one company acting badly. it's a marketplace where me consu are losing power.
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>> advocates say they want retailers to provide ll disclosure up front. some are lobbying government enforcement policy. ith an no matter you are, you can't ignore the scooters zooming in and out of traffic. yesterday, people in fairfax attended this free e scooter safety class at town square. people learned the basics of balancing, starting, stopping, and how to use the app. if you missed out on this session, don't worry. t e pilot training program will run through nexmmer. if you happen to be walking near the lincoln memorial, you may have seen a rare sight. baptisms took pl e there. the light of the world church held a religious ceremony yesterday.
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the church has a following of 5 million people worldwide and located in guadalajara, mexico. a sight you don't necessarily see a lot of the time in washington. >> it was nice out there yesterday. >> the good thing about today, the humidity is a lot lower. so more comfortable to be outside lo good. even though we are getting ready to head right into the d oh, no. look at that sunrise out there right now. sun coming up. 5:55. it's just below the horizon right now and givingus those beautiful pinks out there. that c burnt orangeor and we will see the sun come on up. it's going to be a beautiful day. clear skies out there and comfortable. tomorrow, the heat moves back in. a few more cloud. a chance for some showers and athunderstorms tomorrowernoon through tomorrow evening. late wednesday night we are tracking barry. that will move through on thursday but the heat is not going anywhere and sticking with us. today, not bad. six and 70s out there as make your way out the door this
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morning. there could be a patch of fog in some spots. heading tough the day to top out at 89 degrees. that is average for this time of year. sunny skies out there. just absolutely gorgeous. tomorrow low 90s. so warm front will lift through the area. we are back in the low 90s tomorrow but feeling close to 100 degrees. in fact, over the next severa days, we are going to have that heat index of around 100 degrees. tomorrow feeling like 97. by wednesday, we are at041 rain on thursdayith that trical moisture moving through the area. friday, 106 and keeps going into the weekend. by the weekend, we could feel 110 out there and wouldn't be surprised if the national eather service issues heat advisoriies out there.
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we are draw here for tomorrow. warm front push through tomorrow afternoon. we could have a few showers around tomorrow afternoon. about 30% chance. all this moisture will start moving through late wednesday night and through the day on thursday. scattered showers and thunderstorms as we get into friday. friday, plenty of sunshine but the heat is not going anywhere. it is going to be warm out there so we are looking at very warm conditions out there as we go even into the weekend. good morning. southbound 29 after fairland drive, we have flashers here in the road. we have a delay there southbod ecause of a crash. kind of at the intersection. gallows road deay hanging around on the inner loop and outer loop. the rest of the beltway looks okay.
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ahead, we are working for your health. what to know to slow the signs of aging and lower your risk of skin cancer. we are talng about sunscreen in your makeup. be sure to watch "entllen" 3:00 and followed by the news at 4:00. all this week, doreen gentzler show us simple and fun things parents can do to keep their kid mentally sharp
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we know the importance of reen but for those of u who wear makeup, we may think because some of it has spf it's enough to protect us. >> we are working with your health this morning with help that may decrease your risk for skin cancer and slow down the sign of ages. >> reporter: scan the aisles of department stores and you'll see most of the makeup and tinted moisturizers have spf built in so are you one of those people mao think you're covered like me? dlogists say we are probably not and makeup should
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never be a substitute for sunscreen because you're simply not using enough of it to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. >> you should be using one wholo teaspoon sunscreen four face and neck. that is a lot. you probably will not be able to apply that much foundation without looking like you're wearing a makeup mask and, chances are, you're not going to reapply it every two hours. >> reporter: your morning st routine shoult with a layer of broad spectrum sunscreen. the american academy of dermatologists recommend spf of 30 and some local eerts say f 50 is best and suggest looking for ingredients like zinc and titanium for the best protection. apply the sunscreen and wait for it to dry before you put on your makeup and then finish with a setting powder to help absorb any oil and sign. remember, layering spf 15
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sunscreen over a foundation does not add up to spf 30 protection. it's not cumulative. it doesn't work that way. back to you. d ghan markle and harry ha a date night. they left archie home adr essed up for the london premiere of "the lion king." beyonce and jay-z were there and benone say is the voice of nola. they met the royals at sunday's premiere. you see elton john there too. t we don't know what they thought aboue movie. did they watch it? >> they watched the premiere. yes. i can't wait to watch it. i'm excited. less ttn a week af flash flooding ripped up road across the region,
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just about 5:30. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang.
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>> we want to start with your traffic and omte. >> "news4 today" jummy olabanji is taking a look at how the district is preparing to help people stay cool. >> let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts with a look at your forecast for this monday. hello, guys. the sky out there right now, on fire. look at thi the sun coming up in just about 25 minutes. 5:55 is the official sunrise re in d.c. an it's going to be a beautiful day out there. the good thing about today, the humidity is going to be on the ow side. 75 is the temperature right now. you walk outside, it's perfect. north wind at 5 miles an we got clearing skies. if you're taking the kid to camp later on this afternoon and through this morning, lower humidity. temperatures will still be warm. seasonable for this time of year. upper 80s. we are dry out there throughout the day but not the case this week. we are talking about the heat. dangerous heat headed our way.
5:31 am
we will talk about how hot it's going to get around here. first, let's talk to jummy what d.c. is doingto keep you safe. >> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bowser has activated the me district's egency heat plan. that means the cooling centers will be open for anyone hoping to get out of the hot temperatures for a while. lere is ak at the shelters that will be helping out today. the mayor also suggests that if you or your family need to cool off at any point, check out a library or onenecreation cter during normal business hours. alyone looking for more information on of this with contact 311. it is suggested that everyone stay inside as much as possible today. mak sure you drink plenty of water and lather on your sunscreen. be sure to check our elderly neighbor to make sure they are s stayie in the heat as well. let's turn to melisha mollet who a look at our first 4 traffic this morning. >> inner loop and outer loop ll gaows road still delays. i thought i saw a crash but
5:32 am
police say nothing is going on so we will let you know if that changes. inner loop and outer loop near gallows delays what was a work zone and perhaps a crash situation there as wel you can see flares there southhtund 29 so you mig delay there. supposed to be reopened on canao by friday sometime. back to you. thank you. today, james fields jr. will be sentenced in virginia on
5:33 am
state charges. fields was found guilty of intentionally driving his car into a crowd of counterprotesters during a unite the right rally in charlottesville in 2017. heather heyer was killed and dozens others were hurt. he self-avowed white nationalist already face life in prison after his conviction on federal charges. this morning, a bowie man accused of arson knows his fait. >> joseph clark will spend more than a decade in prison. he accepted a plea deal on charges he set multiple vehicles on fire at theowie public works facility. the fireshoaused tands of dollars worth of damage, more than a year ago. you can see several of what was left behind in these photos released by the prince georglis county po department. clark will be locked up for more than 13 years. and also placed on five years probation when he is released. this morning, a 42-year-old woman is recovering after being hit by a police car in reston. it happened at reston parkway hills road on sunday morning.
5:34 am
the woman was hit after stepping out into the road. she is expected to be okay. we have learned the fairfax county school board has approved changes to the way studentsre a disciplined. it is report that the new students rights and handbook includes more than two dozen changes. one change says schols are now required to notify parents of the situation before the student is questioned by administrators or signs a statement t the incident. we are told the changes are meant to streamline the way discipline is handed down in the school system. 5:34. immigration raid are under way around the country. >> the planned sweep started yesterday in at least ten major cities, including ltimore. "news4 today" justin finch is live now with more details. >> reporter: you might recall that -- become official -- police have already been made a
5:35 am
precise number, not yet clear, the details so far. largely be kept quiet. you mentioned at least ten city nationwide have been wrapped up in these raids, including baltiore, closer to us, where at least 2,000 immigrants across the country are nowng bei targeted for final deportation order. as you might imagine, this has erupted a lot of protests across the country closer to home steps away from the white house. volunteers to house thousands of immigrants who are at risk, as well as their families too. as we come back out here live again, the white house official spoke to nbc news also saying the raids that began at a slow pace. they could pick up over time because they are planned to last a few days. we are live here in northwest, outside of the ice office building, justin finch, ws4. back inside to you. >> thank you, justin. this morning, we are
5:36 am
continuing to keep an tropical depression barry. the storm which has been a category 1 hurricane hit the gulf coast or the weekend. much of louisiana was drenched in rain and bringing up to 6 inches in laces. flash flooding and nearby road ere flooded as nearby creeks and rivers breached their. banks >> the forecast has rain again all the way up the lower mississippi valley. that rain will get into the valley and come backwn to louisiana so we want to make sure we watch the water levels. >> this morning, tens of thousands of people are still without power. in new orleans, a big sigh of relief. the city said it managed to make it through the storm without much trouble. the d.c. region may not have been hit with hurricane but some of us are still cleaning up a big chunk of flooding.
5:37 am
>> it created a sinkhuse that is cag problems for dozens of people who live on the wrong side of that wash-out. >> they had a shuttle service out there for us. everything worked out o etty well sr. >> crews are working on a permanent fix to the road but there is no timetable on when that will get done. at least the one resident is trying to look at the bright side. ahead this morning, a new study shares the light on the effectiveness of gun control laws when it comes to children. social media backlash. president trump fires a series of weekend tweets that many are calling racist and un-american, but he is standg his ground. "news4 today" will be right back. good monday morning. this week, we are fcusing on preventing your kid from getting summer brain drain.4: today at 00, i'll show you fun and easy ways to keep your kids mentally activity and how to get them back on track before the new school year starts. >> engaging kids and even signinl them up for your loca good old-fashioned library program where they can be incentivized and motiv to
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read books that they love. >> join
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gas prices have jued more than ten cents over the past three weeks. that marks an end to what had been a slow dip in the price at the pump. for seven weeks, the cost went down 24ents. the recent trouble had been hurricane barry that may be to blame. more than half of u.s. gulf oil refineries had to close. new this morning. stricter gun laws have been leaked to fewer firearms ilated deathschildren, according to researchers with children's national center here in d.c. they expected data from more 21,000 children who died from a gun injur states with stricter gun laws had fewer deaths and places with longstanding universal background checks had 35% fewer deaths.
5:41 am
ending gun violence was the goal behind a weekend event in the district. >> southeast community held a gun violence prevention block party. it was set up at v street. d.c. police report 85 homicides so far this year. several took a chance to release new songnd music video called peace and positivity to raise awareness about gun violence. >> well, we are here right now today kicking off a violence-free d.c. for the summer, we are launching peace and positivity. it's a music video, but it's also an effort in the city helping fire peaceful healtes communiti. >> one common unity organized the group works to bring e gether all kinds of people to help end violencd poverty. one lauryn ricketts is here now with a pretty sut rise. >> i gorgeous out there. sun coming up. 14 minutes from right n temperatures not that bad as you make your way out the door today. 75 degrees is our temperature right now.
5:42 am
the wind out of the north suppressing that humidity. heat and humidity are on our way and along with barry on his way to our area. talk about that on the other side of the break. a weekend tweet storm by president trump has many calling
5:43 am
5:44 am
16 before the hour now. president trump is no stranger to causing ctroversy on
5:45 am
twitter. news4 craig boswell joins us fromapitol hill with reaction. >> reporter: good morning. reaction continuing this morning, continuing to pile up with racist being the key word that is tying all of these reactions together as president trump in a series of tweets targets four progressive o congresswomen color. all four united statesen citiz all but one, born in the u.s. despite that, in addition to the tweet you read. the president also tweeting in that and i'll read it. ote.
5:46 am
presidentre trump appaly trying to exploit a division between house speaker nancy pelosi ath four of most liberal members of her caucus. a very public and personal spat overe last week, week and a half. it has done the opposite. house saker nancy pelosi and democrats rallying around these fourrogressive congresswomen. nancy pelosi tweeting that president trump just wants to make america white again. president trump, hours after this twitter dustup, coming back to the attacks on twitter again, seeming to attack the same democrats and this one not only swirled as a controversy today, but on into the weekend. likely on into the election as thime people are saying president trump playing to his base with immigration being one of his key topics. we will connue hearing mo and more about this. on capitol hill, democrats rallying around these four progressive house democrat. bac to you. >> craig boswell on the hill for
5:47 am
us, thank you. it is 5:46. vice president mike pence spent part of his weekend visiting border patrol stations in texas. hthe vice president saidand president trump wanted to see how the detainees are being treated. he said the conditions are inhumane, but the vice president said the migrants he spoke with had >> each and every one of the children and each and every one of the parents i spoke to told me they were being treated well. one of the mothers just told me when i asked her, how are you being treated here? she had "very good." that is what the administration expects. >> the administration's handling of the border facilities has been controversial, along with the practice of separating children from their parents. there were reports of d overcrowding taliation and from guards. and even two allegations of sexual abuse are under investigation. aimee cho joins us with mort
5:48 am
about amazon fulfillment center. >> reporter: tonight a neighborhood meeting will get feedback from the folks who live around here and there has been a lot of mixed reaction. some neighbors say they are excited about the possibility of new jobs and restaurants and shops that could open up because of this new center. however, other neighbors are saying they didn't sign up to live near a giant warehouse and they say they specifically bought hom in this area because they wanted to have a more neighborhood feel. news4 spoke to the developer of th project and a sneak plan at the plant it. the developer would not confirm if it is amazon moving in butr, howevehe did describe what the project will look like. >> the footprint of the building itself is about 800,000 square
5:49 am
feet and maybe more than that. almost all of the employees will be on the first level. so the second, third, and fourth level are all robots, conveyer belts and for chutes and elevators to move product around. >> reporter: the developer told news4 that in the next few months, they wll be starting work around all of the road to try to get them in better condition and get this area ready for that new shipping center whoever the new company may be. back to you. >> aimee cho, thank you. american airline will not fly passengers on its boeing 737 max planes any time soon. boeing is still in the process of correcting an issue with the flight control software. and american sa it wouldn't chedule use of the planes until november. american has 24 of those jets in its fleet. the decision to ground those planes came days after the crash of an ethiopia 737 maxll kied
5:50 am
all people on board. we are days away from marking the 50th anniversary of americans landing on the moon. the man who took th steps was honored in his home estate over the weekend. two statues were unveiled at the armstrong air and space museum. one of them depict a young neil armstrong. the other shows him in his flight suit. 2.7 million dollar grant was cralso announced to help eate a new stem learning center for schools in that area. it was a big weekend for local history sday marked 155 years since confederate armies tried to capture our nation's capitals. city leaders gathered in es northwd.c. to remember the battle of ft. stevens. a battle reenactment took place that is known as georgia avenue in the upper northwest. president lincoln was there to observe the confederate army approach when snipers took aim at him. tca only time a sitting ame president has come under direct enemy fire.
5:51 am
>> there is a lot of civil war history that a lot of people really don't know about. it came up the shenandoah valley and took fredericksbureoand came downia avenue to threaten washington. >> last week, d.c. delegate norton introduced a bill to preserve civil war flight in d.c., maryland, and virginia. lauryn ricketts is here. what do need to know today? >> less humidity out there today. >> feels great and temperatures in the mid to low 70s out now. almost perfect when you head outside right now. sun coming up in d.c. in about four minutes. looks like it's a beautiful morning out there.t firsing you need to know. main story today is lower humidity and we are dry today.
5:52 am
take a look. aesday chance of isolated thunderstorms wednesday we track moisture from barry moving in. likely later on wednesday and through the day on thursday, but it looks to be out by friday. you can see barry right here. lots of moisture going uphe mississippi valley. now heavy rain also just through central louisiana, going up through jackson, mississippi. this rain will continue to churn up toward the midwest and then eventually slide east toward the mid-atlantic. right now, barry a tropical depression. i'm sure it will be downgraded after that. at home, we are not dealing with much. high pressure kicking out all of the cloud and some of that humidity as well. dangerous heat is on the way to the region. some of the hottest temperatures we have seen yet this year. we are tracking that moisture from barry arriving at our door likely on wednesday night. dou may need a jacket out here in the shenan valley. temperatures in the low 60s as i
5:53 am
bet some of the other low lying areas are in the 50s. we head through the day toda temperatures right into the upper 80s for day time highs so not bad to near 90 degrees. as far as your monday outlook is concerned, exercise, not bad out there. pool time lookinggo. the commute, some sunshine delays. temperatures tomorrow in the low 90s but feeling closer to 100 degrees with those showers and thunderstorms headed our way, so we will be watching those. look at these temperatures.t tha not with the humidity. you at that time humidity and looks like we will be feeling close to 110 degrees as we get into the weekend. let's get into your commute with melissa mollet. a couple of problems here right now.
5:54 am
inner loop express lanes at ra bock road, earlier crash has been cleared up and helping there at that location.r outeloop at river road. reported fire and now as an accident so a little bit ef a slowdown there. connecticut avenu at university boulevard hearing about an issue. chopper 4 is on the way and we willave live pictures in a minute. outer loop and inner loop near braddock, road work. yellow green line delays at branch avenue and snational ainal problem slowing things down there. remember to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop can your car today.
5:55 am
good morning. amazon prime day is officially under way. annual shopping event now stretchesver 48 hours. amazon promising more than 1 million sales and hopes to avoid the website crashhat hampered them last year. other retailers are running sles to compete with amazon. walmart summerings event runs through wednesday. big discounts on electronics and everyday items. target's deal days runs today and tomorrow. i'm rahelon solom at the cnbc headquarters. molettegreen is live at summer in the square. good morning. reporter: good morning. look what is going on receiighte in the middle of the rockville town square. try the wheel pottery happening
5:56 am
here. hands-on lessons. he free one of activities you'll be able to take advantage of. summer is not over. we are still looking for things to do in the y.communit and here we are right here. so we are going to talk a little bit in the 6:00 hour ofto "news day," how you can make this happen and the other opportunities that are out here, alo wth matt hutchinson, our acoustic guitarist of the morning. back in to you. we have gotup more coming in the 6:00 hour of "news4 today." >> see you then. thanks. ahead on "news4 today," immigration raids are underway across the country. what local police are saying they don't do. plus we are working for your health. what you need to knowbout sunscreen in your makeup. we will show you what you need to do to slow the sign of aging. 5:56 is your time now.
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e amazon prim days are here as people on shopping online. leader in prince george's county are preparing for amazon's arrival. we will let you know about the latest community meeting about s the prop fulfillment center. lefte are tracking what is of barry. the yma of new orleans says the city is beyond lucky s ce the storm did not make a direct hit. panda watch 2019 is here.
6:00 am
is she or isn't she? we are keeping a close eye to see if tai an is pregnant. >> it will be amazing ift tha happens! >> there hasn't been one this year. >> true. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist >> i'm eun yang. it's monday, july 15th, 2019. first 4 traffic melissa mollet is standing by with a look at your traffic. >> chuck bell is off today by l laur ricketts is here with your weather. you'll walk outside today and feel a little less humidity out there today. the sun just came up fiveut min ago. it will be be a beautiful day. you can see it right there. yeah, it's going to be a beautiful day out there. plenty of sunshine. blue skies all day long. 73 degrees is our temperature right now. we go through the:


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