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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 15, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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4:30 is your time right now. gooaamorning. i'm n gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. >> we may see hot temperatures this morning. jummy olabanji is taking a look at how the district is trying to prepare to help keep people cool. > let begin with a look at the etrecast with meorologist lauryn ricketts. >> a warm on as wead through the week. today is a bonus day. temperatus around normal which is 89 degrees. we are leroking at humidity out there.'s itgoing to be a beautiful sunrise. the sun is coming up in over an hour. 5:55 is the official sunrise in d.c. we are experiencing temperatures six to 70s. not too bad when you step outside. not too humid when you step 7 outside. 7re in the district. dulles at 67. baltimore up to 69 degrees. warm spot is on t water there
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annapolis at 79. if you're planning to get the kid out to camp early this morning,huower dity and temperatures are going to be warming throughout the day but you're not going to have with the humidity. spf will go a long way talk about the track of barry and the heat standing by with d.c. response to jummy. >> reporter: we have learned that the d.c. mayor muriel bowser has activated the emergency heat plan so that mean the cllling centers wi be open in the center. here is a look at open shelters. bowser even says check out your local library to keep cool. if you plan to be outside, drink plentyf water today and lather on all of that sunscreen and be sure to check in our elderly neighbor to make sure they are staying safe in this heat as well. melissa? canal road between reservoir
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and foxhall a lane shut down there because the sinkhole. a big reminder as jummy was saying about all of these high mamperatures throughout the week. sure you don't leave any pets or kids in the car. no problems on 66. taking a look at theottom of the beltway through prince george's county, in and out of town,o daelays. ten major cities including baltimore, d.c. is not one of the cities with the ice raids. ice agents are targeting 2,000 unycumented immigrants alre ordered to leave the country. immigrant communities and supporters remained on edge and
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angry aboutthe oundup promise by president trump. democrats say the president's claim they are only rounding up criminals is not true. >> simple fact they are crossing e border and perhaps having a technical legal violation at that particular time is being used as a basis for deportation of people who otherwise have nothing in their background. >> you got compassionate loyal ice agents who are just doing their job. >> the white house is defending theaid saying ice has deported fewer people under president trump an under president obama. this morning a man convicted of arson has accepted a plea deal. >> joseph clark will spend more than a decade in prison after setting vehicles on fire at the bowie public works. you can see some of what is left behind from these photos from the prince george's county. clark will be ulocked for
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years and placed p onrobation when he is released. a an42-year-old wom is being recovered after hit by a lice car in reston. parkway ed at reston and sunset hills road on sunday morning. the woman was hit after stepping out into the road. she is expected to be okay. we have learned the fairfax county school board has changed the way students are plin disciplined. the new students rights and handbook includes more than two dozen changes. one change says schools are now required to notify parents of the situation before the student is questioned by administrators or signs a statement about the e inci. we are told the changes are meant to streamline the way discipline is handed down in the school system. here is a look at other top stories. ed the driver es of an suv after arresting him after it overturned. they say yesterday the driver took off after a traffic stop
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here in the district. a dog was also the car and survived. officials in new york city are still trying to figure out what caused a major blackout in manhattan over the weekend. an electrical outage on saturday put nearly 75,000 people in the dark. 40 blocks were impacted, including times square and broadway. mayor bill de basio said a cyber attack or an act of terrorism has been ruled out. the new york billionaire jeffrey epstein i will appear court today for a bond hearing. he is accused of sexually abusing children and is also facing sex traffking arges. he has been in jail about a week now. prosecutors want to keep him e. ther his attorneys are amphetanie i t -- attempting to strike a deal for house arrest. last week, we reported that amazon hopes to built a larger
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facility. we are keeping an eye on tropica depression barry. the storm had been a category 1 hurricane hit the gulf coast over the weekend. much of louisiana was drenched in rain, bringing up to 6 inches in some places. the threat of flash flooding lingered all weekend and hundreds of road were flooded as nearbrs creeks and reached their bank. even though the storm has passed, the threat remains. >> the forecast has rain all the way up the lower mississippi valley and that rain will get into the valley and come back down to louisiana so we want to make sure we watch the water levels. >> this morning, tens of thousands of people are still without power. in new orleans, a big sigh of relief. the city says it planned to make it through the storm without . much trouble the d.c. may not have been hit with a hurricane but some of us are ll cleaning up from
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last week's flooding. t.>> look at th it created a sinkhole that is causing problems for dozens of people who live on the wrong side of that wash-out. >> they had a shuttle service out there for us. everything worked out pretty well so far. >> crews are working on a perutnent fix to the road there is no imetable onen done.will get those neighbors have to suffer through a lot more delays. ahead this morning, a new study shares the light on the of gun control laws when it comes to children. social media backlash. president trump fires a series are ekend tweets that many calling racist but un-american but he is standing his ground. good monday morning. this week we are focnting on preg your kid from getting summer brain drain. today at 4:00, i'll show you fun and easy ways to keep your kid mentally activity and how to gee tm back on track before the new schoo year st >> engaging kids and signing
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them up for your local good old-fashioned library program where they can be incentivized a and motid to read book they love. >> wes
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than ten ce the past three weeks. that marks an end to whatbe had en a slow dip in the price at the pump. for seven wks theost went down 24 cents. the recent trouble had been hurricane barry that may be to blame. more than half of u.s. gulf oil refineriehad to close. stricter gun laws have been leaked to fewer fiream related deaths in children, according to researchers at children's national here in d.c. they expected data from more than 21,000 children who died from a gun injury. states with stricter gun laws
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had fewer paths andlaces with longstanding universal background checks are 35% fewer deaths. enheng gun violence was t goal behind a weekend event in the district. >> southeast community held a gun violence prevention block party. 85 homicide so far this year. several took a chance to release new song and music video called peace and positivity to raise awareness by gun violence. >> well, we are here right now today kicking off a violence-free d.c. for the summer, we are launching peace and positivity. it's a music video but i's also an effort in the city helpifi peaceful healthy commonities. >> e common unity organized that event. the group works to bring together all kind of people to help end violence and poverty. time t check on our forecast.
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a nice dayahead. we it's comfortable out there today. humidity. we are at 77 degrees right now we a heading to the upper 80s today. let's talk about the building heat and where is that moisture going from barry? we will show you that coming up. weekend tweet storm by president trump has many calling him a racistagain. we will show you the tweets and the reaction. stay with us.
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16 before the nohour now. over th weekend president
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trump called a firearm when he attacked lawmakers. the president suggested they came from other countries and in a follow-up tweet wrote, in part, quote. news4 craig boswell joins us live from capitol hill with reaction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. strong reaction continuing this morning to the series of tweets fromesident trump. racist being a key word. democrats rallying around these four progressive congresswomen after the president youust showed full screen. the president continued in his tweet and i'll read to make sure i get this correct.
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that is the president's word. all four of these congresswomen are u.s. ci azens and but one born in the u.s. the president apparently tried to exploit a division between the four most liberal members of how speaker nancy pelosi's caucus. there has been kind of a public and personal spat between the four members of the caucus and house speaker nncy pelosi. this is exactly doing the opposite. democrats are rallying around these four progressive congresswomen, calling these tweets racist. even the president, hours after this twitterhedustup and tweets and retweets, the president came back to the attackeeming to attack the same democrats. this will continue to swirl around capitol hill all day. back to you. >> craig boswell for us on the hill breaking it down thank you. vice president mike pence spent part of his weekendin visborder patrol stations in texas. the vice president said he and
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president trump wanted to see how the detainees are being treated. he said the conditions are inhue maim but the vice president said the migrants he spoke with had complaints. >> each and every one of the children and each and every one of the parents i spoke to told me they were being treated ll. ne of the mother just told me when i asked her how are you being treated here? she had "very good." that is what the american people expect. >> the administration's handling of the border facies has been controversial, along with the practice of separating children from their parents. there were reports of overcrowdg and retaliation and two allegations ofxu se abuse are under investigation. american airline will not fly passengers on its boeing 737 max planes any time soon. boeing is still in the process of correcting an issue with thet fligh control software. an american says it wouldn't schedule use of the planes until
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november. american has 2n of the jets i its fleet. the decision to ground tho planes came days after the crash of an ethiopia flight. a57two statue were unveiled the armstrong air and space museum. one of them depict a young neil mstrong. the other shows him in his flight suit. 2.7 million dollar grant was also announced to helpreate a new stem learning center for schools in that area. it was a big weekend for local history buffs. saturday marked155 years since confederate armies tried to capture the nation's capitals. city leaders gathered in northwest pennsylvania to remember the battle of ft. stevens. a battle reenactment took placei
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president loln was there to observe the confederate army approach when snipers took aim at him. the only time a sittingic am president has come under direct enemy fire. >> theres a lot o civil war history that a lot of people really don't know about. it came up the shenandoah valley and took foreheadburg and came down georgia avenue to threaten washingtonst >> la week d.c. delegate introduced a bill to preserve civil war flight in d.c., maryland,nind virgi a lot of hi right under our feet in washington, d.c. ready, set, shop! today isazon prime day. >> deals are already available and this year it go on for 48 suurs. consumer reporter n hogan is working for you with a look at some of the sales and how to make sure you don't miss out.
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>> reporter: well, amazon is actually promising more than 1 million deals during prime dayye this r, hoping to pass the 4.2 billion dollars in sales r shat ited in last year. so the discou are exclusive to prime members with new sales popping up across category every five minute and it can be pretty overwhelming and hard to keep up ith if you aren't looking for something specific but if you've been eyeing one of amazon's product, this is the time to grab it. >> some of our best deals are across the site but including our amazon devices so the fire tv 6 and echo and echo dot all have deals. you'll be able to find those almost the entire time over those two days. $14.99 for that fire tv stick which i amazi >> if you want to know when something goes on sale thaw like, if it's one of the deals that amazon is advertising early, just click tch this deal and you'll get a notification when the sale does go live. looking for something specific and have no idea it will be
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included in prime day? simply add that item to your wish list. if it goes onsale, amazon is actually going to alert you. if you're not a prime member, keyou can still ta advantage of the deals and you can sign up for a 30-day free trial but don't forget to cancel it about the auto renew.omes up back to you and happy shopping. >> i need someone to go through know prime and let me what i need to buy! go through it all! >> bingo. what do you need? >> yght. >> -- that is the whole thing. i don't need anything. >> you feel like you have to get it! >> that's how they get you! >> they also get you because as susawas just saying you sign up for 30 days and if you don't cancel it, you have to pay and how i did it an four years later, i'm still paying the fee! >> one day delivery is a life changer! > you can't beat it. rain, snosh se, they are always there. good news we are dry out
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there the next couple of days so if you have that amazon prime membership it might be all righf or tuesday but wednesday we are watchingyarry but definitel thursday we will see some rain o pushing in the area. a beautiful morning out there. going to be a great start out thre on your monday. anything is aot better than last monday. temperatures right now in the six and seventh. iyou want to get that car washed today, i'd say go for it. we have small rain chances tomorrow d more rain as we get into late wednesday night through the day on thursday. then we dry back out. that neweday/thursday type of deal is coming from barry. barry is now a tropical depression. still heavy rain just rolling through central louisiana right now. up toward jackson, mississippi we are seeing rain out of that and it will continue to travel s up the mssippi valley and then eventually float to the east into the mid-atlantic. we are not seeing anything out of that right now. we are seeing clear skies. temperatures. are in the six and 70s.
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77 here in the district. it's a nice rning out there. we are heading to upper 80s asonable ch is about serv for this time of the year. lower humidity today but the humidity rolling in overnight. 93 our high tomorrow and feeling cser to 100 degrees. we have a shower chance tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. today is dry but there is the moisture coming up from barry. a little piece of energy may float off from that as a warm front lift through the area tomorrow afternoon. some scattered showers and thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon to tomorrow evening. then we will see the moisture scoot through here as we get into wednesday night and through the day on thursday.ex ct showers and thunderstorms. good news we dry out for friday. we are a little bit on the warm side. look at the temperatures. heat index could push 110 so going to get hot out >there.
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>> inner loop and outer loop road work both directions and seeing both delays both ways. vdot is zooming out to show me what is going on.ou slowdowns t that section of the belt way. here are the closures. oveill, no ma problems right now southbound on 270 looking okay. wimbledon wrapovd up the weekend and history was made on the line. >> serena on the verge of winning her 24th major but not to be, at least for now. despite confident start, williams would eventually lose to the 27-year-old romanian star
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halep. she won her second grand slam t itle. a wild finish in the men's final. it took djokovic nearly five hour to beat roger federer. it came down to a tie break. both of my favorites. beatles surviving members paul mccartney and ringo starr united a surprise set at dodgers stadium.or they perfd sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band and helter-skelter. >> this is epic for the beatle fans. not exactly rock 'n' roll but some music fans tried to produce some sweet sound during an underwater festival in the florida keys this weekend.
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music was broadcast under water for divers in florida. it fs was to raise awareness fo coral reefs. >> he is wearing a turtle suit. immigration raid are under wa across the country as federal agents execute the raid, what local police are saying they don't do. plus we are working for your health. what tout know a sunscreen in your makeup. we will show you what to do to slow theig sns of aging.
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amazon prime days are here as people are shopping online. leaders are prince george's county are preparing for the amazon center in upper maitboro. >> c of new orleans said the city is lucky since barry did t make a direct hit. ch panda wat is here, ladies and gentlemen. is she or isn't she pregnant? you hope not a baby panda
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because it would be over for me today. every sile day the producers would have to hear something about the baby panda. >> yeah, they would. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. . >> i'm eun ya it's monday, july 15th, 2019. first 4 traffic melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the road. >> i'm not anti--panda, just f the record. put that out there. >> i'm just a little over the top! >> that is a whole other story. chuck bell is off today and lauryn ricketts is in to look at the forecast for you. >> we were talking about the panda over the weekend and we willing covering this night and day. breaking news. her mike is ff! let's go. we are still talking abut the panda!sh kingly. listen. it is a beautiful morning out there. temperatures not that bad. 60s and 70s. humidy is low when you walk ngtside. sun comip just about 55 minutes from now. 75 degrees. it


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