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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 15, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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y3d2uy y16fy the wicked weekend weather while hurricane barry may have managed plenty of damage with ll more torrential rains late today and possible tornado >> president trump attacks progressive members of congress in a series of pointed tweets, telling them to go back where they came from itics are calling him racist this as i.c.e. began their nationwide raids on undocumented immigrants >> who turned the lightsn out o new york city on a busy summer saturday night officials are still looking for the cause. >> amazing, amazon versus walmart as the retail giants battle it out for your hard earned money as amazon prime day is underway. >> i think trump's message
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excludes peopllie that look me and that are me, of course, but it excludes a lot of people in his base as well. and trthink that he's ng to divide so he can conquer, not unite we can all conquer. >> anything he can do -- >> that is not all megan rapinoe said "early today" starts right now >> good monday morning i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera. great being back with you again. it's been a couple of weeks. >> sure has. everybody -- it's hard to leave vacation, right? but wh you love yourob as much as i do, makes it a little bit better >> well, glad to have you back we begit with communs under water, coastal ones, as tropical depressioern barry chus ov the south floods putting people in louisiana and six other states as barry continues tol battle with torrentiain the coast guard rescued 12 people left stranded in flooded homes. kerry sanders is in louisiana with the latest.
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>> reporter: good morning, frances. the flood wate are lower than they were, but the troubs here in louisiana are far from over in lisiana, barry still making a mess ominous skies and multiple tornado warngs and baton rouge took a beating as the storm lingered over the city for several hours while no lger a hurricane, the weather system is still dangerous. what's left of barry is now slowly crawling sonorth. al impacting mississippi, alabama and arkansas, cities like little rock and memphis could see flash flooding even as far east aids flor the storm revealing its sustained power.wa a large ve shattering a rescue boat window leaving a deputy with cuts on his face. more than 24 hours since landfall and there's still more drenching rain to come a first look at that levee problem in southern louisiana. myrtle grove overwhelmed
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the rushing water threatened to submerge homes, some five miles away >> kind of scary, kind of sad. >> reporter: residents who evacuated came home with a demand they've repeated for years. they warrant government governma new stronger levee >> i'm tired og,f hearinh, we have to do a study, we have to do a study >> reporter: on saturday, the u.s. coast guard rescued t 12 people includis man and a dog, stranded by the rising flood wars while in southeastern louisiana, highway 23hrough the parish reopened one side still under water will likely be dry by today with snakes, alligators and of course sewage in the flood waters, health officials are urging folks as they try to get their lives backhe togetr, do not wade in the water. frances? >> all right, good reminder. kerry sanders, thank you >> president trump's promised i.c.e. raids on undocumented immigrants is off to a sploe start. the round ups are underway, but
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senior administration officials say so far the numbers are much lower than anticip 2ed but the goelt of0 deportations could still be reached in the coming days raids are expected in as many as ten cities thnie admiration says i.c.e. agents are just doing their job, while democrats believe it goes too far. >> we've got compassionate loyal i.c.e. agents who are just doing their w job, and it shows you ho far we've fallen in that it's become news that they would actuly go deport people who have removal orders. >> the simple fact of crossing the border and perhaps having a technical legal violation at that point is being used as a basis for deportation of people who otherwise have nothing in their background >> in 2012, under the obama administration, there were more thand a thousc.e. arrests per day on average, but back then families weren't being targeted as they are now meanwhile, the threat of mass deportations spurred nationwide protests over thweekend. >> new york city is back up and running after a widespread power
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outage cast large parts of the city in a darkness over the weekend. everythingrom subway trains to traffic lights, elevators, broadway plays and even j-lo's a concert wereected by the outage now that power is restored to some 72,000 customers, the invebeigation ns here's nbc's kathy park. >> reporter: when the tower went out in new york city saturday, alan mcvay and six others found toemselves stuck in an eler for four hours relief camrkin the form of new bravest >> i'm here. >> the new york fire department broke through a brick wall because we weren't near a floor to get us out and we're soor relieved >> repr: the outage stretched from mid town manhattan to the upper west side, from above you could see the shadows of thene sky in times square, the usually vibrant llboards went black. underground, some subway trains were disabled, leaving manssy pagers stranded. thousands rushed outside with
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broadway shows canceled. impromptu performances spilled onto the streets j-lo's ccert at madison square garden cut short 30-rock also went dark >> oh, what just happened? >> reporter: aen gator kept us on the air during our broadcast. officials still don't know the exact cause of the issue >> the one thing that we are as certain as we can be at this moment about is this was not a cyberattack and this was not an act of physical terrorism. >> reporter: what does this event tell us about the vulnerability of the overall grid of the city >> we think the grid is sound. we are certainly going to learn everything we can about this event. >> reporter: the unexpected brought mght in thest of darkness >> ila appud all new yorkers when things are at their worst, new yorkers are atth their best and 're at their best tonight. >> reporter: a city brought back to life fiveours later
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>> president trump igniting a w firestorm this morning with a tweet targeting progressive congress women he suggested they go back and he help fix t totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. while he didn't mention anyone by name, he appeared to be referencing four freshmen democrats, none of whom are white, and all but one from the united states. nbc's craig boswell has more from d.c. this morning craig, good morning. so democrats have denounced the' presidens comments as racist >> reporter: phillip, good morning. a firestorm of reaions to this racist being the keyword that many people are using after this president tweeted eea series of tw attacking four progressive congress women when you take a look at some of these tweets the president s out on sunday, you just alludedo tone of them, the president saying go back andth help fie totally broken and crime infested places from which they came, the president also adding to that, so interesting to see progressive democratic congress women who originally came from
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countries whose governments are complete and total catastrophe while democrats on capitol hill are unifying over this, 2020 democratic presidential candidates are also sounding off. >> right now we have a racist president who is demeaning female members of the house for the color of their skin and cultural geration. >> people who build their careers on hate and division a fear and paranoia and making people the other, we are not going to do that >> the president of the united states telling americans that they ought to leave thisbe couny use they've been in congress criticizing him. nothing could be more american than standing up for our values >> house speaker nancy pelosi slammed the president, saying he wants to make america white again. there's the president, nancy pelosi tweet saying she rejects donald trump's xenophobic comments.
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president trump's hours after this twitter dust up after the tweets and retweets coming back to this attack, couching it in kind of some election terms. president apparently trying to capitalize o sn thise divisions between house speaker nancy pelosi and the most liberal members of her caucus. apparently this is doinghe opposite it is unifying democrats on capitol hill as of right now back to you, phillip >> all right, crg boswell joining us from d.c. this morning. craig, thank you >> it is officially christmas in july for online shoppers amazon prime day is just kicking off, but competitors like walmart are priming major sales of their own the retail giant has hundreds of deals on its website >> amazoten ispping up its game as well this year to a full 48 hours nbc's jo ling kent has a look at the hottest deals up for grabs >> reporter: hey, phillip, good morning. we're here in minnesota at an amazon fulfillment center where, course, on prime day they are already working overtime but amazon is not the only company cashing in
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amazon prime day is july 15th and 16th the black friday of summer starts >> i myself do more online shopping because it's a lot more convenient >> it's a huge incenti >> reporter: amazon is rolling out two daysf deals. like $100 off the fire tv recast, $130 off the ring video doorbell kit, and 40% off top head phone brands. prime day is now a national event. last year the e-commerce giant sold 100 million products. this year they're going bigger, even enlisting taylor swift to kick it off with an online coert. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: for other major retailers, itot forces them get in on the big sale action this week walmart is featuring $150 off lg smart tvs, 100 iff applepad and slashing prices on google home devices kohl's unveiling swim suits and 25% off adidas target jumping in with deep
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discounts on furniture, electronics and household items, plus same-daicin-store pk up all across the country the race for spending comes as traditionaerl retailface a tough year more than 7400 stores have closed their doors so far in 2019 >> amazon has created this new spike and it's massive implication for real tail. other retailers have to have their share of that wallet if that wallet share just goes to amazon, i think it's going to be tar get and walma and best buy suffer even more >> reporter: but if you take advantage of discounts online, experts advise shoppg with caution. data shows that fake product reviews rose to % on prime day last year. fake reviews of bluetooth head sets spiked a whopping 56% and always double-check the deal before clicking buy. >> yre can compayou know, that instant part on target, you can compare it at amazon, compare at walmart take the time, because you might find all is not as good as it seems. >> reporter: it's not just about
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th pe discounts onme day workers here at this amazon fulfillment center say they plan to strike later today calling for better, more humane conditions on the job. phillip? >> all right, jo, thank you. really is incredible how a company created these two days in theummer for us to spend money. >> we're all talking about it still, spending our money the next coupl de ofs. let's check in with bonnie schneider for the areafes ed by barry over the weekend. >> that's right, barry is affecting 11 million people particularly in southwest loe siana where we havheavy downpours at this hour and also heavy rain building into the mid south from little rock into memphis and all the way to ce girardo, missouri, heavy, heav downpours with flooding possible right now with the wind depressions, barry 30 miles per but that wbring us heavyicked up rain that's a story of the dayeather now here's a closer look at your day ahead. temperatures are actually a little bit cooler across parts of the gulf coast and mid south
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because of barry, but notice west heat building into the that's what's coming e climbinges that ar well into the 90s, we're seeing that in texas right now. barry will continue to bring us that threat even though it is a depression, entually coming a remnant low this is a biakg rain m for much of this region. >> all right, bonnie, thank you very much. ju when you think you've seen it all in florida, check out this home invasion >> what now? >> hundreds of crabse her climbing on the screened-in porch and all over y theard. heavy rains forced theittle critters out of aneir homes d all over his he didn't have to break out because they cleared out on their own. >> a nightmare researchers uncovered the fi steps toowerinyog ur chances for alzheimer's, and watch the throne throne jay z anbeyonce. get released, and are then circulated by your ac system.
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i didn't >> i don't >> no. >> just watch. >> hi. netflix websit where he a new dresses comedians in hilarious fashion trends the latest victim is snl rachel. she has some of the new looks for her 350th birthday which included an ariana grande inspired outfit and using tina fey and rachel to model mom jeans which are a throw back to 2003 snl skit. >> 15, 16 years later, can'tje believe those mos are back i guess they've been back.
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>> mom jeans, dad shoes. >> everybody loves o theice, but what about watching it for 99,000 years sounds ridiculous, right according to the hollywood reporter, americans did just that in 2018 they streamed the sitcom for over 52 billion minutes, an average of 42 episodes per subscriber they also bing friends for a whopping 32 billion minutes. that's nothing compared to good old-fashioned sports on television americans watched 437 billion minutes of the nfl and college footballduring the 2018 season ale.l predictabl i helped with all those minutes on "the office." >> you're always helping me with the latest recommendations chernobyl is the one to watch. one german woman was able to save her air pot after dropping it in the subway when she first dropped it she accepted they were gone for good when she returned to the platform 24 hours later, she saw them laying there in the same spot and duct tape, she wasm stick
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grags raids are on the way across the country. what local police are saying they dodot . lauryn ricketts is here with a look at our forecast. >> good morning. sun coming up in about two hour. we are looking at a dry d ay
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amazon prime days are here. wewill letou know about the latest community meeting about
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the center in upper marlboro. >> panda watch 2019 is here, everybody. he?she or isn't we are keeping our eye on the girl who is working hard to see if she is pregnant. >> she had a baby. >> has she? she has been poked and prodded. >> what animals do, have a lot of babies. >> not in captivity. >> still an animal. it's monday, july 15th, 2019. good morning. i'm aaron chgilrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome, melissa. >> thank you. >> chuck bell has the day off and lauryn ricketts i here with your forecast. >> it wasn't a ad he had a few showers and thunderstorms to t south but it really wasn't that ba


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