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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 14, 2019 6:00am-7:31am EDT

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perfect tv package based on what you watch. i like to foow what i'm paying r. sports and entertainment fanatic, there's a plan for you. kids shows and news your thing? we've got you covered. switch to the best internet on the 100% fiber-optic network and the fios t ttest drive will unlockhe perfect tv package, so you only pay for what you want. including fios gigabit connection, and a 2-year price guarantee all for just $79.99 a month with a 2-year arieement. plt now, you'll get a samsung chromebook 3 or $200 toward select samsung tech that's fios. barry pushes north. a dangerous storm has weakened, but could bring catastrophic amounts of rain the gulf region. today is the day for posable immigration rs across the u.s. more on the operation that could be happening as we es
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tens of thw rk ickly we you. eag fitzgerald. thank you for joining us. >> i'm corym sh. aibeautiful nny.mynlkntoha doesn't to humidithrghout the talk u the t rquickmpact us you seesome of, heavier band rain osh really jus through theo gulf of mexicand
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it's just to the west of new orleans. so a lot of that train of moisture ntinues to roll in there. it has weakened significantly, still a tropical storm. this is going to continue to push in louisiana. likely bn a tropical depressio later on, but still they are worried about the threat of heavy rains. back closer to home we hav no rain. we barely have any cuds out there. ou's a beautiful morning right in thegh 75 it's going to let'about it comi we are staying on top of tropical stm barry this morning. it is dumping rain and threatening communities in floda to alabama. >> as nbc's jay gray explains, louisiana is taking the h strongest punc right now. >> reporter: barry announcing
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wits arrivalth gusting winds, rain, and places like mandeville, louisian a violent storm surge. es this is lake pontchartrain. >> reporter: wavushing into this neighborhood. >> that's the area ofs tropical rm-force winds. it's going to take a few days for this to get out of the reisdown c stranded re pth safety. unorthodox and unorganized system also lashing bamalabama mississippi where even this alligator seems to be searching for higher ground. forecasters warning the storm will pus inland it floodingmoe. w in. e twe pedctures yesterday. t te
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designated the maryland task force one. paed their bags and gear is assembled. parts of louisiana louisiaand mississippi face major risks of flash flooding. humans aren't the only ones way.rm's some of these shelter animals a from louisianare coming to our area as tropical storm barry moves through the gulf coast. more than 50 dogs have arrived here on friday evening and many shelters in the storm zone in louisiana were at capacity and they are bracing for damage to their buildings. of cours we will continue to track the storm as well as live reports from louisiana this morning. stay with news4 on ourng washin app for continuing coverage of famies drandstranded in a potomac, maryland, neighborhood
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are anticipating their treat will be reopened after a massive sinkhole opened up during the torrential rains last week. the hole opened up on mondayat ntofficials some r buted founds underneath the road delaying. thin since the road has been shut down for repairs families have been stranded on the other side fol tare sgles because ithaut as no kidding. crews have been working through st weeroad. d re ousands ofs ar thcoulde thlys mp up00inosof them who d
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da demonstrators have assiblasted trump administration at rallies yesterday in nyo crch is offering fe ndeingoave commoors th hey are in jeope. >> not now. ob law prince georousay offi tope coorate with f autho en dortationorers. is tonot to enforce job laws.atio here in d.c. police say officers are not allowed to ask about residencyr immigration status. and those i.c.e. raids will
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be a big topic this morning on "meet the press" with chuck todd along with anos exple interview with world cup champion megan rapinoe. see that at 10:30 this morning right after news4 today. >> she might be the hottest interview in the country right now. >> i know. i might be a littlexcited for that. just a little. i mean, have you seen her? if you see her tell me. >> yes. this morning the power back on for evyone innew york city after that massiveac but. parts of manhattan and midtown plunged into darkness yesterday evening leaving thousands without electricity. >> traffic lights were out and r firefighteeven had to scramble to rescue people stuck in elevators. the blackout stopped subways, halted broadway shows. even a jennifer lodz concert hao be evacuated. this is the scene at madison square gaen last night. lopez tweeted this video saying
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she was devastated that this happened. her s-o has rescheduled for tomorrow. theevoutage is belien caused by fire. >> scary stuff in any major city. especially in new york, who has, you know, fair share but the sun isup out ere. >> we'll be right back u know whar we'll be right back u know whar forecast is li
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welcome back. you know, just for the record, the humidity inmy hair, when i had an afro, it would bleak havoc. so i do know the struggle. >> a struggle to keep the curls intact and looking halfway decent. anyway, lauryn, you have been busy. you have been keeping a close
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eye on barry in new orleans, uisiana, the gulf coast, and our weather here. >> the latest on barry, still a tropical storm. winds 45 miles per hour. the pressure has come up al tle bit, guys, so that means it has lost a little bit of intensity and is expected to do that because it lose fuel once it gets over land and its fuel is that warm hot water in the gulf. so it's weakening now as it pushes into louisiana. it's moving about 8 miles per hour now. so it's sped up a little bit. t over land, we are talking about the slow-moving s bormnging flooding rain to that area. so they have seen some rain over the last 24 hours. it's not done yet in terms of in the flood conditions because i believe it's going to be sitting over louisiana for the next 24 hours. let's take a look outside. our weather right now, today hot and humid. we have a slight chance of rain in our area today, but just stray shower. most of us are dry as a frontal system comes through. that will create some low humidityor some.
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blue skies tomorrow, nice. tuesday we could have an isolated shower or sto out in front of remnants of barry. so there could be a little wave thatses through thatings us chance. dryinbeot. we are ok late raures, it's a ot c littl 60s to 70s right now. 75 in the district. headed to 93 degrees today. o sterday we were 91. eso itoiut 100eees. gain anctrf u are headed to a l. as mh as irfect. should have yesterday because i am burnt. 89 is the temperature tloorrow. wer humidity throuhe day tomorrow w,
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see it's sll we thought ma b getting the seeing. it's ge go. by tuesday morning still remnants of it going through north louisiana. we are dry. we could have an isolated shower on tuesday. as we ge mainly es expect some roh thursday. toe hot this gu ryrd out. "reporter's notebook" is up next. good morning. i'm pat lawson. heavy rain and flash flooding drenched roads and strand high waters. the storm broke records because of the volume and pacehealrainga
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singleafer seen in washington. here with usni news4's chief meteorologist ka brke. the rain came down so fast. many commuters didn't stand a chance. g n places aveo get out we have ner t olific even was te flota area, e tuckset r uer. people s to.5nches ofrain, most rainfall ever in an hour in d.c. ino think that. day actually te met in place arond r region. foe
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m&a. normallash flood we see often. flash flood energies emergencies, that's never happened in d.c. t the severity ofhadseveral goot >> when you talk abowe've seen the previous the wettest we havest year was r ee everr saw i mi down in the d.c.o area last year. we continue to see incredible amounts of rain coming down with thek storms, and i thinis is something we are going to see moving forward in time in the future. >> you got a chance to see a lot of the damage close, you know, up close. tell us about what you saw. you traveled arorend the gion. >> yes.
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i was mainly in montgomery county. it was absolute ei personally eve seen anythin s roads thate belfast road off of mcarthur boulevard, the road completely gone. it took out the sidewalk. that was devastating for tt thatad thro forest. k countless cars swallowed u. some folks had to escape through the windows n, rain and mud came washing in. i felt absolutely awf for them. we saw a lot of homes damaged, basements flooded with sewage water. a woman was kind enough to let us into her home and the smell was overpowering andngllected sewageer cered so just to amm flooded.
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that was and a flooded? >> yeah. so that wa at river falls swim and tennis. the swimming pool and tennis court that were basically underwater. the swim te has been displaced for at least a week. summer is the time for swim teams to practice and have their ets. we saw video from a woman ha to the te damage they it will take them time tosaniti. all the water is brown. >> doug, we have seen pattern. we get a few really nice days and then we get slammed with storms that seem more severee than wre accustomed to. rmhanging our warming temperaturein months andarmer temp around d.c. water arpo i are developingnard able t rinf ndsult. this is a tre we will continue
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to see moving forward as the world continues to warm and we events lihiste bit more, is is . ee moref little bit quicker thrgh the next couple of years a change co about texmes,becausex the spectrum. extremes caused by the jetstream. nglk a little bit about that. >> the amazihing about the jet stream, it's the river of air that travels at 30, ,000 fe. th pr o air the he summerntglobe, se e jet sheart,ards alaska andy h.wn into the so that's why we saw so many rainy days, gloomy days in the month
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of june, even though june ended p a little bit above average. rain alaska has all-time recordigh ts they hit 90 d you normally record by aegree, a noteact they broke it on noumo days is incredible. they are going on half the year where they have seen above-average temperatures throughout the last half of the year. not a single day below average. >> amazing. we are seeinger what we have nev seen before. getting back to the flooding, you tell people all the time turn around, don't drown. the washed out roads you were talking about, belfast and we saw one in mclean, kirby road,y the illustrate the importaef tun >> absolutely.oa in
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water you can't tell part is washed away, it's weak, crumbling, about to give out at any moment. last week i was in woodbridge, a similar situation. there was a car parked there. the roa. gave o the car sank into a hole in the ground. these are cases where you really on't want to take that risk because you never know what you are going to be driving into. >> people are tempted, doug. you think, i'll just drive through it and i'll get through it. >> it makes me so angry because we talk about it all the timlk we tabo aut turn around don't troun all the time. peep are driving through. you saw this the other day, a fathera hve to rescue his kids out his carecause he drove into flooed your r can flo in a foot of moving water. f your feet wept o with six inches of running water. the interesting thing about this event was the fact that turn around, dn't drown did not work in many areas like canal road, along 66 where you have mediansh going througnd you have the jersey walls on one side.
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canal road, you have themo ntain on the other side. that water came up so quickly, there is t nowhere ton around. people were on tops of their cars. they had no choice other than to go through the sunroof and their windows we rig back. stay with us.
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>> and amy this aging notst here but acrose country, but wasngs a wake-up call for us? >> i think it was. all the flooding in the area is a wake-up call. they have to really completely change all of the way t at they control the water going through the city in ellicott c nning the rivt
6:24 am
s, they are10 w some of years old. we hear about them breaking all the time, especially in the winter. the amount o water is more than before. you take that with the same small pes, we areseeing flooding in areas that we have not even floodiseen flooding be. that trend will continue, too. >> our drainage system can't handle the volume. >> right. >> waters in the gulf of mexico are always warm, but you said right now they are extremely warm. >> yeah. >> do we dare ask what that means? >> that's climate change, too. the gulf of mexico is a fairly shallow body of water. so it's much easier tosee those waters warm. but tr gulf of mexico y after year after year continues to get hotter and t atmosphere.wie
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wel have storms down there that will produce a northern rain than they normally would. you had hurricane harvey last year which put some of thehe higst rainfall totals ever in the, united states over 66 sawn that ine storm from houston. they would have seen alot of rain without climate change, thhe anging climate, bu becahanng climate th before are now just a l we know twhaanfor us ealith o daily lives. >> that's hurricane season. does warming mean winters will be better, easier? >> for the most s.part, but it also means that when the storms are stronger,hen we have bigger storms, those will betronger, to bli, think that was a proud of clima-- pro climate change. we will have ss snowfall over the course of the whole winter, but when we get those big storms they are going to be able to
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dump a lot more in the way of snowfall. i think on ae whol you will get less, it will be a little bit warmer, but those days where it's really cold, it wi be colder. those days are we have big storms, the storms ll beeven bigger. aimee will be in the thick of it, you know, making sure that everybody is all right. >> folks seem to take it in stride. did they? >> yeah. >> it hasto be devastating to see all of your belongings desoloyed? >> absutely. i was surprised how calm y everybodemed to be that day. they were responding very well. one w the who her it when t eventually told herself these are just things, they can be replace aed. they are glad no one was hurt. all across the region iave been talking to people. es, their cars weredestroyed, swimming and tennis courts. of the day they were
6:27 am
okay and that's what most people are thankful for. >> a lot of it is>> lot i porecy is if yourt's covered. anythinew uvered. anything coming and for many people it was the first time ey fl think has my home fl nd floodrae. even iyou are notn dpin, goodte those people will have flood insurancew. they may not need it again. this was maybe a one-time evente in their li but a good idea to do it because a lot of these people are not going to be able e eople had five, thament. thatevything. i the basement whereever seen water in the basement before. i'll raise my hand to it that. suddenly it's cumming up through the floor. the cleanup andpa res are just
6:28 am
beginning. so we are talking about a long journey for a lot of the folks you have seen? >> oh, absolutely. like you mentioned, the insurance may not cover all of it. i met a lot of people who are trying to figure that out. who to call. they have never had to deal with this before. they are having to navigate o possessions destroyed. now they are dealing with insurance companies and trying to get that taken care of. it's just been a very long journey. for the folks who had their street washed out, they are trying to figure out how to get it to and from home, where to park their car, how they are going to get around. a lot of people whoseives have been thrown out of place. >> doug, we mentioned earlier this pattern. is this pattern that we'veeen ith the nice days and then the severe storms that just slam usw is this what are going to get the rest of the summer? >> my summer forecast, i said for the mostart i thought july and auguste could b below average as far as rainfall is d. concerne that's a very good thing. but to youro pt, you know, my ten-day forecast right now, we
6:29 am
have got almost no --we have got two days of rain, all right? but one of those could f besh flooding again. the next one that we see could be severe storms again. that's two o of ten days. most of the days are dry. most of the days are hot. we don't h te much inhe way of rain. when we have severe thunderstorms we will have more theattern towards theer and to wh your a?rom grand scale, you , my advice -- >> buy rain boots. >> yeah, and always be weather ready. you can't say enough about knowing where the storms are.t' and t why we say download the nbc washington app. i am not saying that because, hey, it's our app. it can save your life. sds that ha practices and you ar goi o d you have dinner plans going t, take a look at the radar. know where you live. know which county you live in. know where the storms are.
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ou can always put that in tion . anindus, us. i'm 700 ath,lah, blah ould i take an umbrella? i'll make sure that you know what's happening because you need to know. you nee be prepared. e knrat lawson m >> announcer: news4 today starog th nothing you c v have n. hton i think people are going to enjoy the second half of the
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weekend as well. tunfortunately, we have add a little bit more humidity out there today, but then we get into tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be absolutely gorgeous. let's go to our maps and show you what's going on. we are looking at barry in a second. first l's take a look at the beautiful sunrise that came up about 40 minutes ago or so. it's gorgeous os throughout the is a sma showea through the area. for most of us, we are staying dry. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s right now. it is just a wonderful morning. now, you are going to walk outside and you are going to feel a little bit more of that humidity. but it is nice out there. as far as injutl sunday ouok is concerned, any church services it's going to be but it's going dry. morning. muggy outthere. pool, perfectnd s poolside. let's talk about barry and the impacts that we will see from barry etaying on
6:32 am
ropical storm bar t aba. it arrival withusting winds, n. rain, and in places like mandeville, louisiana, a >>pu a intoto t in low-lyi down. the coast guard pulling 12 sy atipp seems tos and two petsu for warning tlo storm y pushgi rainse areas 20 inches.
6:33 am
as the water continues to pour in. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. >>oinue tracking sto from louisiana all morning. st withew and nbc flds swept through the d.c. area a major road is expected tt reopen itmo llelst poseto reopen ry. > rter heaquipnt gravel. conio working roheen on belfast road in potomac. >> i really feel bad for the people who are in the single-family houses. it must have been really tough eo be cut off like that and cut off unectedly. >> reporter: this is the kind of
6:34 am
damage a flash flood can do.e a huge sinkhol this rirs on their cars. >> we understand about climate change and the excessive rainfall, four inches in half an lot. t'al working througut the w'skend. >> mazing to me though, if thareto rebuild thadut, i mean, this is huge ff et that t are y morning, nearlys the roadtoe d aft thestorm.the nstruction wora
6:35 am
made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot of work to do to get this road reopened some waymorning, b will b news for people trded on the otf thiscynctoy. anxie high this as thousands of uum immigrants fear they could be rest. r 2,0toy. o them dasdd told ch , ur is offering undocumented immigrants a safe place to stay. we're standing with pastors who have committed toni ifhosate du cducted d
6:36 am
enforcement agencies say they ar prepared for today's to entyot allowe arlingt jobty sa re igration o ask residency or immigration status. e asked her for help and lured her into a home. once inside he assaulted the woman and broke her leg. he is charged wh first-degree rape. new this morning a gathering to end gun violence in the district. d.c. police report 85 homicides so far this year. that's why yesterday's gun violence block party was so important on this street in southeast. musicians turned out. three of themea reld a new song and music video called
6:37 am
"peace and positivity" to raise awareness about gun violence. >> we're here right now today kicking off a violence-free d.c. for the summereond an e commu oo array ofe, including musicians and people in the comni auttanted kids. doing a goods. yesterday they held a those interested spoke withth department officials at theli a equipmentld classroom seminars. d.c. police say they are dealing with staffing issues at the moment because of retirement and a decline in > w hires.
6:38 am
>>f you live in the dmv for ale whi, you know the name manny death in red people at s battl 2004 people gather to carry oni h legacy. his mother jenny took part in the annual mattie step stepanek world ace day yesterday. he would have turned 29 ars old this aoc. 155 years since confederate mies tried to capture our nation's yesterday lea gathered to stephen the fort the george app northwest. president lincoln watt at the fort when snipers took aim at sittinghiory that a lot of peopw
6:39 am
came up the shenandoa took fredericksburgarea, foughtd ame to georgia avenue to threaten washington. >> last week d.c. delegate me eleanor hols norton introduced a bill to preserve sites in d.c., maryland, and virginia. a live look at the natural harbor. the sun is up. 6:39. lauryn ricketts will be back to let us know what the rest of our weekend is looking like. good morning.
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when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thing i thought about was i came home cried. but, as i've seen mydisea, the medicine has progressed right alongside it. trying to make medications more affordae is important, but if washington isn't careful we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the system the right intion is hope, and the last thing you want to lose in life is hope.
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>>i.c.e. agents may be conducting immigration raids as we speak. agents are expected to make thousands of arrests startin today. >> yeah, with more on the political fallout we are joined by moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. we saw the vice president
6:43 am
touring the facilities on the border coupled with these raids today. what is the political fallout here, if there is any? and does it bring either side closer together to getting something done to fix it? >> no, especially onhe republican side here.e th president continues to just worry about his base politics, and if you cared about deporting people you wouldn't have announced it. if you care about playing it politics wit you would announce it. so that is where the politics of this is. it's actually probably t going to be a very successful set of raidsheor because it was pre-announced. so anybody who is nervous about it is, you know, probably going to find ways to oid this. so, clearly, this was more about sending a message to the base. so i think each time that he ventures into this issue, he is alws more worriedabout that base than he is about seeing if there is a solution to this problem. i think what happens now is democrats get more and more also
6:44 am
sort of -- compromise is almost. we wan to switchars pictures ever the f presidency. new polling numbers coming ois earlier theek. what do they tell you about how th race is shaping up? >> it's two democratic primaries. o we ha about 40% of deancrats don't wt this big massive change. they want, you know, more narrow looking for smaller scale policy. they like joe biden. there is another 54% of the democratic electorate want big major changes. among those folks, elizabeth arren is their favorite candidate. that's what ou are seeing here. it is crystal clear this split, sort of the establishment wing of the party versus the progressive wing of the party. pelosi/aoc, same thing.
6:45 am
aoc doesn't like that pelosi is, you know, playing in the system, orking the system. it's sort ofthat. elizabeth warren is sitting there going, you know, it's just because you get a better cabinet secretary isn't changinggs thin you need big major change. joe biden's message is, no, this system has worked for 240 years, let's stay in it. this is the fundamental race. that's interesting though is you have warren and santders fighting it out for a slice and then bideng fightin over here. kamala harris, she is tri be both. you?uestion is can and be the uniter of both ngs of this party? or is this pick a side politics? >> and every other cag idate tryin pick into that -- >> i don't know if they can. five people poll 7% and above. everybody else is at 2% or less. actually, two other candidates got 2%. andrew yang and beto o'rourke. i mean, anes imprsive field of
6:46 am
candidates at one and zero. i think it shows you that voters are making choes. >> and you have world cup superstar megan rapinoe. >> you know, i have a feeling that that's the takeaway from the show today. megan rapinoe. trust me. that is the -- >> she is runng for president? >> yeah, not quite eligible yet. let's not age her out. let's see if we can get one more woukt of here. come on. then let's launch her dandisy. >> as always, see chuck on "meet the press" every sunday 10:30 after news4 today. >> thank you, chuck. torrential rain like we saw day is becoming far more common and our changing climate is partly to blame. >> temperatures get warmer, the atmosphere holds and leads to ore moisture leading to heavy downpours. scientists are warning that could intensify. pat lawson muse has a closer
6:47 am
look at t> research. ain is an essential part of the world's weather system, but a lot of rain in a short amount of tim like can overwhelm drains. a new study in the journ water resources research shows heavy downpours are on the rise. it's a trend we've witness over the last three to fve decades when global warming starte to intensify. >> what we're seeing right now is that humans are really contributing to the am ount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane trap the heat on earth rather than allowing it to escape so space. when you trap the heat, that leads to warmer temperaturesr: >> reportet's not just here. ss the ppening ac country. over the past few weeks rising rivers have flooded fields, inundated eshom and threatened aging levees from iowa to
6:48 am
mississippi. a sopping wet winter leds to mudslides in california, damaging thousands of homes. a report shows heavy downpours have increased by 74% in the northeast. but we're not just talking about more rain. the conditions are also more seve. fromurricane florence's secord-setting rain lastummer in the carolinas to hurricane harvey, which dumped more than 60 inches of rain on teas in 2017, the most everf recorded a storm in the u.s. and meteorologists say the situation will likely get worse in our warming world. d> what we are seeing with events like to, go back a few decades and you still have heavy rainfall events. when you factor in the changing climate, the fac thathere is more water vapor, the water ed, what supercha that's leading to is basically our extremes are getting more extreme. >> all right. our region made history in 2018
6:49 am
with the wettest year on record in washington. it's just anothbut it doesn't e. climate in our app to warming wu and your family, your health and evenour com big deal. > are ta. amel the afternoon. i wash ut changing imate stuff. so, i mean, she does things in the evening. so we're fierce about it and we want to get the right andt correcformation out to the sun t air. things like that. a great video on instagram talking about that. the clean air and all that kind of stuff. so, y i went to st. michael's. >> yodid?
6:50 am
>> yeah. >> d >> i love it. cute little town. >> a day trip? >> a dayha hours. nightmare, as always. say, i can't com hea than cold, b was melting. >> cory is like, whatever, he is from texas. he is halike, w i sat out bned i . f on, youob prly need to hydrate a little bit more. yesterday was hot. today is going to be humid and ot. we have got a little, ilooks lia a little hze right now. that humidity is creasing and we will continue to see itea incr throughout the day our then the humidity drops o rnight. weve got a weak little front that's going to pass through. that could kick off a few showers. for the most part we are looking
6:51 am
dry for us today lower ack and we areormscily wednesday night, we are tracking barry. t to see how hot it's going to get. wake-up weather, plenty s.nshine, maybe a little haze, se are in the low cur district. 77 an it is warm. and as we go thugh the day tomorrow we are going to be in the upper 80s. today those temperatures are going to be in the low-to-mid 90s and omen torrow we are going to be in thewe continue t. th's just d right han and it's aretty chound the louisiana area as we go through the next 24 hours. i really don't see it exiting clearly out of louisiana until tuesday morning. but look at this. have come oft somet
6:52 am
most of this just west of new orleans. so they are going ntinue to have that flooding threat for the next 24 hours. so here we go. we are looking at this movingh througry slowly. here we are going to be dry. and again we have that veryso small ited chance of a shower today, possibly a shower, a little wave comes out ahead of barry tuesday. here is the moisture still from barry, but again some of that moisture could only out ahead and bring us an shower on tuesday.isre work its throug the mid-atlantic. we do have temperatures, look r in the low-to-mid the heat index pushing the triple digits. even over that century mark by saturday and sunday, plenty of saturday and sunday, plenty of sunshine, still warm, next
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good morning. welcome back. time is 6:55. the countdown is on for amazon prime day. if you are looking to score a deal on, say, a 4k tv, listen to this. >> yeah, shopping starts tomorrow morning. consumer reporter susan hogan with a warning that not all tv deals are as good as they seem. >> well, that's right. so when shopping for a tv, you ne to be diligent when deciding which deals to jump on and which ones to skip. so look closely at the model numbers. tvs of the same brand can vary in quality and the sgs may not be worth it. see, especially on prime day,blck friday, presidents' day, anytime there is a big tv sale for a model to be on sale, but it's a midrange or a budget model that isn'tgoin to do nearly as well, not give you nearly as good a picture as a higher end model. they
6:57 am
getting a brandrlly good priz could when you get it home be. >> here's where you need to do your homework. if you find a tv with a rock bottom price on prime day, look for review been reviewed? if the number is similar to another model, you will likely et the same performance from that tv, but if the model number is way off, even if it's the samebrand,he performance could actually be very different. prime day begins mo at 3:00 a.m. and it's going to be running for 48 hours this year. back to you. >> that's exciting. mh more ahead on news4 today. >> an hour-by-hour look at
6:58 am
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announcer: news4 today starts now. barry pushes north. the dangerous storm has weakened but could still bring catastrophic amounts of rain to the gulf region. the latest from louisiana. today is the day for possible immigration raids across the country. more on the operation that could be happening as we speak. and into the darkness. power goes outor tens of thousands of people in new york city. the latest on the outage that quickly went viral. scary moments indeed. >> indeed. good morning to you. it's 7:00 on this sunday morning. the sun is up.
7:01 am
we hope you are up watching us. i'm meagan fitzgerald. >> i'm cory smith. as you said, a beautiful sunday. a little humid, but that is life the dmv in the summertime. we are also tracking barry down on the gulf coast. let's send it right over to lorm team4 meteorologiauryn ricketts with the very latest on barry. >> yeah, the latest on barry, guys, still a tropical storm. still winds at 45 miles an hour and continues to push into the i coast of louisiana right now and it's going to continue to do so. i would say at least for the next 24 hours before it really starts to make that trek north. now, one thing i want to mention, i believe it's going to y a tropical depressionthe day's end, but still a lot of rain to get through and to get through louisiana and into the deep south. scooting up to the midwest and out to the mid-atlantic. we could see remnants of barry u later on ar here. right now a little haze out there. we definitely have some blue skies. not that bad. my camera is gone and not looking too
7:02 am
good. the temperature is at 77 degrees. the pool forecast today, definitely find somebody with a pool, plenty of sunshine. look athis. the temperature at noon in the low 90s. we will top out around 94. could see an isolated storm later this afternoon. ted chance today and tuesday. then we are tracki thursday. not only are we brachie track e acking te coming top of tropical ry just mentioned. this dumping rain tfrom floridaouian >> winds, violent storm surge. wa s pushing over the banksd into this neighborhood. >> look at this. that's the area ofget out of dod
7:03 am
the coast guard pullingdents an th system also lashing alabama and for higher ground. forecasters warning the storm will bring flooding rains in some areas20 inches or more in. >> anwhile, first responders south if respond to tropical storm barry. montgomery coty fire these pict taskce one. they have been packing their bags, gear all assembled. team leaders are monitoring the storm as parts of louisiana and mississippi are still facing
7:04 am
enj risksof even moret sponders >> and humans ar y. our coast. the humanellnce shared these pictures of tve ar here ni. many shelters in the storm zone were already at capacity and they are bracing for damage to their buildings. of course, we will continue to track the storm from thece stor reports from sy with our nbc coverage snandedr inood news be. it opened up monday at belfast road. montgomery county officials hoped to havethe road open une.
7:05 am
si at's crews have been working through the weekend though to make the repairs on the roads. they are hoping to have it don eopened sometime this moing and we posted. ariety igts fe theyould be to round up history. lao and chicago. told nine cities a the list, including baltimore. in houston, a i churoffering undocumented immigrants a safe place to stay.
7:06 am
>> we're standing with pastors who have committed to opening their doors if there are those who feel that they are in jeopardy wheree they ar. >> the immigrant roundups areew. they were also conduc the obama law enforcement agencies prince george's county police thities to enforce civil deportation orders. arlington police say tob is to keep the community safe, not to enforce federal immigration laws. and here in d.c. police sayf oficers are not allowed to ask about residency or immigration status. now, those i.c.e. raids will be, of course, a big tpicn eet the h chuck todd along with an exclusive interview w cthmpion rapino 10:30 this morning ri news4 today. all right. is back on forrybody in new york
7:07 am
city after that massive blackout. parts of manhattan and midtown plunging intoay dass evening. thousands we teir homes for houseptember me nt a pictur. it was just darkness. >> scary. igts were out. firefighters even had to scramble to rescue people stuck in elevators. that's scary. the blackout stopped subways, halted broadway shows, even jennifer lopez's concert had to be evacuated. take a listen. building. e >> yeah, this isat madispez later tweeted this vid sayin thisappened. been caused by ar this blackout comes the day since new >> a little differently. check this out.
7:08 am
news4 brought in the heavy artillery for an we had to replace the antenna on top of our building yesterday morning youknow, just took a helicopter it.o yeah, right? i wish i could come to work that. starting 2nd news4 and freyo television or you are going iyo wch on digital, you don't no an pretty cool. >> really all right.l vce in d.c. catching young kids just trying to get to and from school. it's a story we have heard too many timhe. now tre is a proposal to try to keep kids safer. how itill work and how much it will cost. that's next on news4 today. .
7:09 am
7:10 am
7:11 am
two d.c. students werendrom sch year. now a new proposal is aimed atp viding sa neighborhoods. >> students would beutrom metrog lives.faes e murder in two separate crimes shortly after leaving scol inay agan fitzgerald. tyshawnerno student. jan freshman at ba, w lovedoo his councilman david grasso introduced legislation and a different approach the city can take to try to protect young students. to school.w they are afraid to that's not acceptable. so we see our tenants rates are. we need to do mo
7:12 am
theencies together to figureof y students get to and from school safely. >> there are adults that are hired to be on the street with the students as they are going to and from school. that's one area where i think we can see a lot of improvement. >> reporter: he is also proposing a freeerce at metr take students to school. many d.c. parents and neighbor >> i donkd ea for them to have protection for the kids going back and forth from school. >> we need to keep the kids safe. >> reporter: legislation that he says will cost millions of dollars to implement.f he says i it saves lives, it's worth every dollar. >> we are talking in the millions. i think it will be millillion n safe on on the beginning stage
7:13 am
but if it passes it would take effect in theext calendar year. a live look outside at the nation's capital. the sun has risen. it's going to be hot. lauryn will break it down when we return. stay with us. ♪ ♪
7:14 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back.
7:15 am
this week brings the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11
7:16 am
moon landing, and it was a time that the entirecountry came together to watch those small steps and hear those famous words from neil armstrong. is >> this one of the ways the smi smithsoni is planning to mark the anniversary. the washington monument will 'ssentially become a rocket. >> reporter: itard to believe it's been half a century since a massive rocket blasted into space on their way to the moon as the world watched. sh was just ten years old. >> and not many households in israel had tv sets, so i was at the grandma's and we went to the nooib neighbors to see the lerch aunc >> reporter: next week people will be excited all over again by a life-sized image of the rocket on the national mall. >>it 363 feet tall and fits perfectly against the monument's 555 feet. >> reporter: special screens will show mission images, including theunar landing.
7:17 am
>> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: it will be a first for the monument. if that's not reason enough to be looking up over the next few das, at the national cathedral there is another reason to cast your gaze skyward. amid the sun-fired spashs lashe light, the space window stands ov. >> it ser as a shrine to the courage of man in his spexploration of ace. >> reporter: in the space a sliver of moon rock no sgger than t dedicated by nasa astronauts on the five-year anniversary of the moon landing. it took painstaking work from an artist and assurances from the cathedral to get it into place. >> we promised the white we promised the smithsonian and all parties it would be included in houstoras space lary that we would take good care of this rock. >> reporter: so some 50 years later, you only need to travel
7:18 am
between the national mall and the national cathedral to eny a unique celebration of america's race into space. derrick ward, news4. >> this reminds me of when i had an opportunity to interview jgee cernan. it's awesome to hear from these guys. so many of them are gone. about what that experience was like. that's going to be cool. >> aof lot eople looking forward to that. not looking forward to the heat though. yesterday was, i was melting. >> it's not triple digit heat. it ain't too bad. for me it's the humidity. s i'mll not used to it. >> the humidity is coming back. that's going to make it feel like the triple digits as we go through this it's going feel like 104 as we get to midweek. >> the hu yesterday?t there >> no, not really. >> i was dying, it was so ho >> and you were probably out in full sunshine. >> exactly. >> it's hot.
7:19 am
but the humidity levels are rise wright now. you will feel a little bit more muggy this morning as you walk out the door. we will contue to see that humidity on the up wednesday, thursday, friday with that tropical moisture that's tting ready to go through our area. right now hazy but beautiful. clear skies. temperatures in the 70s. upper 70s to near 80 den. look atwmer spot on the bay. 79 is that temperature. the shenandoah valley 70s. he next 12 top again it's july. out righttoay. heas we head into a 20% chance we cow or thundersto hi
7:20 am
moreum h. a stray chance of a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. look at this. over the next several days temperatures are going up. we drop a little bit tomorrow and then we go back up to the mid-90s by wednesday and that's when it's going to feel closer to about 104, 105. oh, yeah, this is our temperature. that's the number on the left compared to the heat index, the feel-like factor, the number on the right. now, we are expected to get some rain and tropical mghsture throuere on thursday.o that amp. since we will have rain on thursday, temperatures will lower. look at that. e humidity doesn't go anywhere with that soek mday.morrow though. hh. let's take a look at barry. stiropical storm. we are watching some of these nvective bands to move through.
7:21 am
the coast, west of thenew to expect it to be a tropical depression later todere is stil moisture. ahead of it we could could see a shower or on wednesday. this is moving in late wednesday night and then as we go through the day on thursday. so we will have some rain throughout the day on thursday, a few showers, a few thunderstorms. some of those could bring heavy moistu quickly. by thursdayy. if it slows down even r loses ,hat fuel water out of the have to adjust the timing on this. so right now we are thinking late, late wednesday into thursday. thursday looks to be the daya
7:22 am
fray dry. temperaturess. we don't go anywhere into nr th thiinhance is becauf moisture from barry. rate likne so, why isn't education? raise your han eif you could use anducation that's actually modern, dable,
7:23 am
ifou're one of t that's actually modern, 185♪ ♪e mpany began. with a bold yet smooth taste. ♪ ♪
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7:25 am
welcome back. a militant claiming responsibility for a 26eople, including at least aa fri you're looking at the remains. local elders and politicians were planning elections for this september. al shabaab the siege lasted 14 blding and killed at least five of the milints. in new zealand,erhappily har fst of than 250 planned guunthe country. ou all-americans after a lone gunman killed people christchurch inarh. police paid more to 68 gun ownerst yesterday's nh
7:26 am
is underti say yes a careened into pool. they say the to be on the only -- the only neoar was killed. the faa and to the nsns kong. o mainland chinese locals claim have prices.pice were seen using bat againla it's the latest in a stringn ho todayf the running of expect,ome hurt.
7:27 am
the three of them ended get pack. th scary. >> who knew you could hurt with a nning at you? thousds of opseenturies-old tradition. each year r?of that's why it's norman'svi he literally jumped over o he was in to think the redskins aren't very happyabout that. it is 737 "time" a beautifud day in the. area. get that workout in early because the heat and humidity are returning. we have a look at your forecast next. w diagnosed with ms, the first thing i thought abtan
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
cried.prress,e dicine has progr w diagnosed with ms, the firight alongside ght abtan trying to make medations more afforda but if't ovion let's innovation is hope, and the last thing you want to lose in life is pe. smith. a ti morning. heat, are used to during summertime. ghut also our thou are down with everybody along the gulf oast as tropical storm barry ea.tinuesrough that >> they can't getak a
7:31 am
>> y toic 20to still tropical storm barry, mil. over land b fuel source. m rry still churning really through luisian ha the way it's going to be. nd you can even see some of those outer bands going through jackson, mississippi. a lot of the region impacted by houston. oodness, has stayed to the coastline ofte coastline of texas. this yesterday. i have it. yester heavy rain staying off the coast. it is feeding just slightly into it looks like baton rouge ea. seeing some heavier in the in t
7:32 am
they wie continue to se ts i way throughhe is the latest . the pressure hastlbit, a little an hour. but look at this. even like tuesday morning, i mean it's sunday morning, hours from now we are still seeing it just climbing through thegoing to come to theat wednesday we also have et's talgnd going to get very hotro here, that ten-day coming up. we are tracking the latestd lopments in the gulf right now. we will have a live update from louisiana in few moments. check the nbc washington app for the latest on tropical storm barry. nrly aee flash .c. area a major road aer it more.
7:33 am
>> reporter: heavy equipment anf tons o gravel. construction crews areorking around the clock to clear a path for stranded residents on belfast road in potomac. >> i really feel bad for th tough wan because to be cutorr: this is the kin d. a hud si during monday's tat tu some of our roads into raging rivers forcing drivers on to the roofs of their cars. >> i mean, excessive ho it's much more we'd think
7:34 am
normal. ly one way in and one w that's why crews are working throughout the weekend. >> id theoa rd by mondan,ni thi really a huge construction doi >> reporter: a spokesmansa the y sunday morning. the orrkers have made a lot ofprogress, but there is still a lot of work to do to get this road reopened in some way by sometime will be we dozens of people other side o constructionrcspen4 moing. arrested. president trump has ordered i.c.e. to round up 2,000
7:35 am
immigrants beginning today. most of them do not have a criminal histo. theds rould last several days. demonstrators haveasd the new y nine cities are >> wh committed tong their doors if ere are those jeopardy >>not new. urng the obama aar for today's pice say officers are not cooperate with federal enforce civil gt, police there their job is to keep the community safe, not to enforce federal immigration laws. and d.c. police ay officersare not allowed to ask about
7:36 am
residency or immigrationstatus. new this morning, a maryld an is behind bars for alled by beating and raping an elderly woman. 31 bear-old michael a 79-year-o walking on the street about a week ago. th say he askedfor her help int in the canton once inside bull allegedly e assaulted thoman and ended up breaking her leg. he has been charged with first-degree rape. new th morning a g olence i' music videoanpositivity" to ra >> well,ow today kicking off violence-free d.c. for the summer. we're launching "peace and positivity." it's a music video, but it's c.
7:37 am
ray of people, inc muis, community l ders to help end violence andpoverty. d.c. police were more officers to theteay they held a recruitment fair. those interested spoke with officials at the metropolitan police academy. officers showed off equipment they usminars. hoage because of dcline i likel steppak an he can. he inspired people around the world before he lost his battle of a rare disease at the age of 14. sin his death in 2004 people gather to carry on his
7:38 am
his mo, jenny, took part in the anal mattie y yesterday mattie would have turned 29 years confede te armies tried to capture our nation's capital. yesterday city leaders gathered to remember the battle of fort stevens. it took place on the fort's historic grounds on george avenue inpper northwest. president lincoln was at the fort observing the confederate ting s approach when him. ameri under directs l ofivil war peop really don't know about. early came up the shenandoah c w history delegate elmore ia
7:39 am
to preserve d.c., maryland, and virginia. amazon prime day is almost here. the big sale starts in lss thbo day. more on thatwo find some of the best deals,ven ifal when news4 today
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7:41 am
over louisiana, dump inches of rain. haels whoturn justin m just what cory, right now gusty here in baton rouge. we have had 20-mile-per-hour
7:42 am
gusts. we know this is still a tropical storm with 4stained s. rouge as things in bat here, they are actually excess crews an t actually was a little bit spared. ton rouge last night. to compare that to what the forecastwas, 18 to 20 inches, people here are definitely saying, hey, you know what? we are glad barry didn't come to town. other parts of loui thnd are without powe so people are still dling with these winds andal anr pele here, it's nothing like what we were expecting and what they were worried about because lookinghis
7:43 am
in 48 h bton rouge,aung major f. and that'people were caught off as sing back tat did not happen there were downed there were downed owerlines here in baton rouge. but as far as communities here in this gulf coast the worst. we know but this one was you some perspective how, we ae we have been in major floodein hundreds of days. it's not supposed to go below major flood stage the endof auust. pylon out hech of debris river, believe it or not,f day an, i
7:44 am
et of so we're inand other riv the comite, thete amiver in major flood stage. they are still rising. there are river rise skerns here, especially as the rain north with barry still falling, it's got to go somewhere. it's going to come right back cwnstream. bato you guys. >> that is just incredible to give perspective of just how gh the water is. is it safe to say that the worst of it is over for the folks in southern louisianawa >> reporter: well, yeah. everything is moving north. that's a really good thing. the rain is stillg. comin in facts, i have be clanl tis wherction is it will be over riveraralready
7:45 am
down s bly t beginning of the snow melt gaai spring, theseiver basins are wi way, way over their banks. this is adding insult to injury as far ed flooding f justin,t later. all right. we want to give you a live look outside. obviously, a lot different of a picturewe here. are not dealing with that type of rain. but lauryn ricketts is going to be back in just a few minutes to talk about the t effectst barry will have on our region. u get the best i-oernet on the 100% fiberic network
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from a hotel by wyndha ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit welcome back. we are less than 24 hours away until the black friday event om the su kicks off. >> you got a birthday coming up? >> it just passed. >> shoot, me, too, right? we are talking about amazon prime day. this year some celebrities are getting in on the action. >> consumer reporter susan hogan has all the details. >> amazon's own devices are typically the star on prime day. don't get me ywrong, t still are. but this year the online retailer is hoping to add some star power that will help drive up sales as well. >> lady gaga just launched a line of beautyod prts called health laboratories and presales
7:49 am
are on prime day or pr members. also mark wahlberg has a line of nutrition problems called performance inspired nutrition. they are on sale on prime day. a line of sustaina water. and then favorite, ellie, produt are exclusive on amazon. also really excited. i love that the stars are getting involved. >> reporter: want to know when something you like goes on sale? if it's one of the deals that amazon is actually advertising early, just click "watch this deal" and you'll get a notification when it's live. no idea if it will be included in prime day? simply add that item to your wish list. if it goes on e,sal amazon will alert you. if you are not a prime member but you want to take advantage
7:50 am
of the dea, sign up for a 30-day free trial. caveat here. cancel it before the actual auto renews. >> who doesn't like a good deal? >> htverybody, r f ? >> that's the for christmas so the ike me last minute in stores rushing. you are like, i already have that. >> it's the thrill of t hunt at the t deal. like you cld d org ndi t a gift year. it was the best thing. one less thing, you know. my two ce that i got day. i'da on. cancel befor lvke i still noi i jus j order everything.
7:51 am
the pi inside there. beautiful out there. plenty of sunshine. a it will be little bit more humid out there da you step loking too shabby outay. a small chance of an isolated shower or ces back today. that's a one-d be more comforta and friday. on today. the key w here. less than 30% chance. i have it at 20% chance that you will see it where you are. tempatures are in the 70s right now. 60s in manassas. again not bad, but it feels a little on the thick humid side out there. great day to get by the pool. again kp an eye to the sky for an isolated storm. it will be yesterday.n this te haze out tre.
7:52 am
94 will be the daytime high today. a stray shower or thunderstorm later on this afternoon is possible. lookg at barry right now, you can see it's still churning just to the southeastern coastline of louisiana and also going into mesissippi. evn houston getting a little of of rain just south houston right now. but you canee this line, look at these thundtorms that continue to train. that means they are kind ofng eing over area right here and they continue to form over that area. this is going to continue to push into here, but 's going to do it rather slowly. so louisiana not out of the woods yet for some massive floodingat through th region because all of this moisture has to rotate and work its way up through louisiana. i believe it will bera downged to a tropical depression later on today. right now it's a storm with winds at about 45 h miles perr but it's sfwg going to take a l while to get through louisiana. it's going to take thiseekend
7:53 am
get there and monday and tuesday morning some remnants in northern points of louisiana. now, you canee by tuesday still in the midwest. then it takes a little turn and that moisture starts to head as we the mid-atlant get into your wednesday and thursday. i'm going to show you right here. so we're dry with the exception of that passing showoday. now, as we get into monday we will be dry. tuesy out aheadf this on tuesday, there is a little disturbance that could bring a few showers and thunderstor showers and thunderstorms. wednesday night we will start to see this move in. it looks to be laty.on wednesda it could slow down more. thursday we will have those showers and thunderstorms and then it fuspushes out by tet ti we gnto friday. i kept a chance on friday, but i believe friday looking nice now. again, late wednesday night after midnight, thursday, friday, we will see it. look at these temperatures. oh, it's going to be warm, it's going to be muggy all the way up to next weekend. to next weekend. re have got mo
7:54 am
7:55 am
the world is changing atre rate like never be so, why isn't education? raise your hand if you could use an education that's actually modern, actually affordable, and actually personal? if mou're one of the 35lion americans, who hasn't finished your degree,
7:56 am
we continue it keep a up a litt bit? >> yeah, they to slowlyyadvanci the to arkansas and continues to push through louisiana. "the today show" is going to have more on that coming up. they have reporters down there and they will have the latest
7:57 am
coming up right after this in fourinutes. again, temperatures back here at home hot. low-to-mid 90s today, feeling closer to 100 degrees. isolated chance of a shower storm or thunderstorm this afternoon. it will be more humid. tomorrow less humidityk upper 80s. then the humidity floods in tuesday, wednesday. wednesday night into thursday could see rry, it looks like it's gone by friday, but i want to keep a chance in there because it could linger into friday because it slows down over land. we wi we'll watch that. it's going to be hot. >> thank you much. and thanyou for joining us. that's all for us. "the today show" is coming up next. >> w have a great sunday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
barryanrous and >> it's time to come together. morning. welcome to "sund this july 14th. i'm willie ist. many are being drenched this morning. barry has been downgraded to a
8:01 am
tropical storm. barry causing a serious levee breach as it continues to creep slownl iand from the


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