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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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several streets expecte to flood. >> i'm glad i'm going home and hat barry won't get here until after i'm gone. >> tracking the timing. we have the update. >> barry is set to make land fall early in the. morning the biggest threat is the amount of water it bings. heavy rainfall. para of louisi will see 10 to 20 inches. it still remains a tropical storm but will likely strengthen just before making land fall and come back down to tropical storm strength. new orleans is already deing with flooding. not just rain from the storm that is theish here here. the rivers there, the mississippi river are already running high. the levees there can onlyle hand the mississippi river at 20
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feet, the forecast is to get very closeo that. in addition, we are talking about storm surgein floodg. long the louisiana coastline. the0 to 20 inches of rainfall there. that really hasn't changed all that much. it is strengthening. maximum winds now. this storm is slow moving. you can get the latest forecast for the wesher clot to home. >> when president trump came out of the white house today with
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the labor secretary p acosta. hey assumed they were about to hear the president defend the cabinet. secretary even aew twist taken to twitr. acosta, iddle praising he announced the labor secretary has resigned. his choice.ok mr. trump to questions from reporters while acosta stood nearby. he has inn under scrutiny for his role in a plea deal for convicted sex offender jeffery epstein. >> cabinet member out. >> i submitted my resignation to the president effective seven days from today. >> he told donald trump he doesn't want to districm f the president's agenda. >> it would be selfish for me to stay in this position and to continue a talkingut the case
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that is 12 years old. >> acosta under fire after the arrest of convicted sex offend ever epstein. the arrest and sex trafficki charges cast new scrutiny on a secret plea deal he made more than a decade ago when acosta was a u.s. attorney. he defended the deal and dpresident trumpended acosta. >> i want to let you know this is him, not me. i'm with him. he's a tremendous talent. he's a hispanic man, went to harvard, a great student. in so many ways, i just hate what he is saying now. we are going to miss him. >> the story dre unwanted interest in president trump's relationship with especially who he called terrific guy in 2002. >> he haven't spoken to him in
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years. i wasn't a big fan. i'll tell you that. >> reaction is swift to call for his resignation just in time. >> this will be a tense weekend for many immigrants in our region. the baltimore i.c.e. field office is expected to be involved and extends to our maryland suburbs. tonight in our area and across the country. activists are hoping it send a different message. we are live to explain. >> hi, we'll take aoo l at this sign. it captures the message. close the camps. now there will be 600 vigils likewthis here. le folks are gathering here, hose who give legal advise and aid, they are gearing up nfor
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those expect the i.c raids. >> signs and speeches calling for an end. showing support for those being held near the border. these vigils staged worry is growing for undocked you meant people. >> we are seeing fare. our phones are ringing off the hook. >> simon is the director of the legal aid justicete cen these fliers give guidance about what to do. often i 2017 raid, often times, the knock on the door comes early in the morning. >> the advice, don answer the door. >> if confronted on the streets, they don't have to speak to
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i.c.e. or show documents. president trump says it mostly criminals that will be returned to their countries. t >>y'll put them in prison in the countries they came from. >> i don't buy it. he's saying just crossing the border is crimi l. >> her mother an immigrant from mexico who married citizen here. >> the harassment my father faced stayedith me as an a result. >> one reason she traveled to the border to deliver supplies hoping to give comfo to families and children and why she'll deliver this message to them. >> let the community know there is support out here and people fighting for them. >> the gathering here only expected to grow with more testimonials and performances and will conclude at 9:00.
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there may be a one-week delay in th hearing of robert mueller. he may still appear. chuck todd joins us in a few minutes to break it all down. >> the police chief calls the language used by his officers unacceptable and unprofessional. >> releasi the footage where we hear a white officer use the n world while talking to a group ofdo of young black men. >> reporter: when in happened here at this mcdonald's, members
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of the area requested all of the sedeo to be reased. for everyone to . >> the acting police chief released all of the foot ath. it runse moran 3 thundershowehours long. >> i want to emphasize what you will hear on this tape is t language t is unprofessional. >> all [ bleep ] been trained or something. >> using the n world doing an arrest back in may. at leasone of the men could be heard using thes word a well. >> i would say what i'moing is repeating your word.
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>> 9 officer whose u the n world has been assigned to desk duty. welcome news to the justice coalition who say that stop should have never happened. >> a lot of retraining shld happen. i think the officers have a really difficult job. the ones who don't dot right f ing are making the rest them look badly. >> four men were arrested fortress passing and accuse the officers of racially profiling them. >> i couldn't believe it. >> but the chias said that w not the case. that the mcdonald's hasad trouble with loitering and drug problems. they were asked to mof on their way and refused.
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two of them had marijuana. >> the acting cef discussed disappointment because so many people took to their phones to say this was a case of profiling. developing tonight, a day care worker arrested and aused of child abuse in north virginia. saying gs she through a foyer-year-old to the ground last week. investigators say the child suffered minor injuries when she was dropped on her head. the woman was removed from the classroom and arrest . they searched five years of reports and found noajor abuse >>legations. a robbery gone wrong cims a young life too soon. sending shom wves to a nearby high school.
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>> the m disturbing commente and the alarming place where he was arrested. the latest poll is out and it shows shifts for the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> time to take a look into some of this week'sop t political headlines. >> political fall out from the epstein trial claims a cabinet secretary. >> robert mueller hands in hiss
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reation and now movement. >> move omt ment on the race. >> let's start with the alex acostan. resignatio not what we were expecting? >> the day he did the press conferencenes the day o of the victims sat down with savannah. here was somebody who alleged she was raped at 15. within 24 hours, 15 other womene weaying they were ready to go public. acosta had already been subpoenaed to testify about for epstein. you can't avoid that. they could ask you anything. i think accost a you looked at
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it and realized he can't d his job. there will be continuing looks at this. the right thing for the department was likely to resign. >> the president now has no hispanic members in hisab cinet. >> who is left in the cabinet, if you can help me here. a lot o hollywood. a lot of acting. >> the president mentioned something, i'll get your reaction. there has been already a lot of reaction on social media and people are upset and offended. >> he's a tremendous talent, pa he's a hisnic man. he wento harvard and is a great student. >> i think he smd something else a of that. i don't know what he means there. here is what we d know, the
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only reason acosta was hired, it was made clear, you have noic hispan in your cabnet. it was kind of a cabinet moment. ere is also this governing issue. >> do you remember when you get aerubstitute teach how much gets done. w >> have substitute teachers in charge of defense, homeland security, labor, faa, fda, six or seven and a bunch of deputies. all these acting, how do you deal with the migrant crisis if what they are doing at the border. if you worry any step you make, you could get fired. maybe you want thehe job t whole time. you are in the acting role. how do you rlong-term plan? how do you manage a pta this way
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or homeland security.s thiis one of these slow motion train wrecks. i didn't get to the defense department. next week, there will be four actings. >> don't all presidents have a midterm personnel issue? >> but you hire replacements. he doesn't care. he kind of likes it. i think one of the reason this hasn't gotn attention is he fills the vacuum. the government is notei b run very well at the time. there's not enough pple with job security. we are not talking small-time cabinet agencies. hs and point gone are pretty importan. >>obert mueller possibly being
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postponed. >> they had come to the agreement he would only do two hours. that doesn'teel like enough time. not every member was even going o haveo an ounity to question them. there has been hand wringing about tha and the deputies of how they would testi all of this is -- i think at the end of the day, they are trying to get mueller to come for more and be there for a longer period of tthme. t seems to be the dust up here. we shall see. >> mueller doesn't want to be doing this. we are afraide'd be made into a political actor here. the democrats, they are -- the only way to get speaker pelosi to endorse this. >> let me ask you about this
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tfirst nbc wall set journal poll on 2020, big shift here. biden and warren leading the race followed about i a tie between harris a sanders. >> it l like they are in the field. there is a top tier of five. the four double digits there are biden, warren, harris and sanders. buttigieg is kind of closer to the single digit crowd. >> the party is split in two but do they want a nominee that does big change or somebody who maybe is promising l littles but apars to be quote, unquote more electable. t amonghe crowd looking forsm
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all ball, biden is up 20, the crowd, basically half the partyb looking for ideas and change, warren is winning that. looks like we are on a collision urse of warren and dbien. here is what's interesting. sitting in the theory of her case is that she is the one whoan bring the two groups together. i'm c skeptical youan be sort of half in anymore. >> everything is sort of black and white. yoic are either pking a side. prag ma tifts, revolutionaries. i don't know if there is a way to balance the two. >> megan rapinoe will be in the
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building. that's got a lot of people excited, including memrs of my household. >> bernie sanders as well. and rob johnson, republican. t reagan rmegan rapinoe is the . >> have fun with that. rhank you, chuck. 10:30 sunday mong. >> there could soon be another d addition to the zoo. >> in a few hos, theur
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>> every time i read these stories, i want to give you my best anchor man impression. we are on panda baby watch. >> the giant panda is starting to build nests,ld which coue a sign of pregnancy. >> i see right nthere, making her nest. aside from the nest building, they haven't see anyther signs. >> she was artificially inseminated. she has three cubs already with
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her sperm donor. >> good news after a lot of rain this week. we'll finally dry out. because of all of that rain on monday and yterday. mold spores are coming in not just high but very high. i think we'll see that mold spore count come down l atle bit. after hitting 90 today, we'll be into the 80s and then the 70's. also coming up at 6:50, i'll let you know about something really cool coming o in the night
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sky. the heat builds in really . quickly by lunch time we are already in the upper 80s. make sure you have the water edttle for them. definitely ne the spf. we warm to the high of 92. starting sunday, even warmer. sunday afternoon andveeng, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. the best chance would be south and west of washington i really think mos of us are dry. there are projects where they say i can't have any hint of rain in the forecast. there is a small chance for a shower inhere.
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>> friday, the high of 89. high of 94 comingp at 6:50. the mow ten shal iact from bar yay with the four-day forecast. >> turns out, quite a few of us live and work in what one place is calledhe worst place in the nation to retire. >> where a man was arrested. a student killed in a robbery. whapolice aret
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>> right now, police need help solving the murder of a morgan state university stude. he was heading home to visit his parents when he was murdered near campus.e policay this was a robbery gone bad but they have ver few leads to go on. baltimore police are investigating the murder. the body found inhe car. he was heading home to visit his parents. they say two menried toob him shooting himive times. he came morgan state after graduating from parkdale high shool. >>uch a good kid. >> picturing manny in many a
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activiti park dale. it was crying and a lot of hugging. it was good foro us t kind of just remember manny like that. >> they say he was a real leader on and off the field. they say he was the captain of the baseball team despite the fact that he didn't play until his veenor year. >> i think it is probably a testament to his parents and the way he was raised. >> the statement saying,he morgan family extends our
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deepest sympathies and our sincere condolences to the family. >> a similar sentiment in the parkdale tweet which concludes, a beautiful soul is never forgotten. news 4. >> this evening's top stories, the gulf coast is bracing for tropical storm barry expected to make landfall. overnig the levees that protect the city that were rebuilt after katrina will be tested. >> releasing three hours of body m video. you will hear a white officer using the n world. you hear one of them also using that wld. the chief pushing back saying this isot a case of racial
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profiling. >> the house approves the 9/11 first responders victim's fund.b thatl now goes to the senate for approval. majority leader w tnts vote approved before the recess. >> a man acced of posting threats to the police is under arrest. he lives in arizona. where he wase captur that is really sounding some alarms. >> the man's name is thomas. he's from tucson. he's charged with making a series of disturbing flets to president trump, the fbi and f krv c. one of those saying, i will
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gin stabbing police officers in the back, steel their guns and shoot up the capeal. th say he was actually in d.c. in the vicinity of thei capl. hours later, the court said he is in arlington where the head of the fcc lives. acknowledged sending messages to the chairman. he said he was just trying to get attention, he didn't want to hurt anybody. the number of threats like this are rising in the area. we found threat investition der the u.s. capitol police more than doubled last year in a social media post. >> news 4 item. back to you. >> friends and family saying a final goodbye to zoey speers.
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she was a transgender woman who was killed. police still don't know who killed her or why. er murder coming after another transgender woman was killed. the lgbtq community is asking locals and leaders to take steps to protect transgenderomen. yesterday at 6:00, the man accused of raping a woman at the trtinsit stan will be sky indicted. >> he assaulted a woman in the middle of the aftnoon while no other riders were around. he then hopped on a train and rode one stop. officers followed him and arrested himim short te later. r. kelly is back behind bars. he was arrested in chicago while he was out walking his dog. already facing state s ase
6:36 pm
charges. new charges are federal. according to unsealed s indictment including transporting underaged girls ex.oss state lines for the charges stem from decades oldle gagss he said he's looking forward to his date in court and vindication. he has a bail hearing next week. >> a sign of the times. starting in september, starbucks will no longer sell newspapers. no surprise. the company as well as many others say more are getting news on line and less from nups. they are pulling displays for whole bean coffees and grab and go snacks but those tings will be there. >> a link to health and when women stopped drinking. >> reporter: neighbors are concerned abouthe possible
6:37 pm
development going from. we talkedi exclly with the developer of this complex next. >> the latest radar imagery of the tropical storm barry. i'll havee their liv track bus what they are seeing with this what they are seeing with this storm coming up after the
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plus, a free samsung chromebook on us. that's fios. >> an alert about a deadly bacteria that seems to did he resistant to cleaning. they found the c-dif spores survived and survived after the standard hospital cleaners. kills up to 29,000 americans
6:40 pm
every year. >> ladies heads up before happy hour. new evidence suggests skipping thf daily glass o wine is a beoer way t boost your mental health saying woman who drink alcoho a are better well being. manufacture the women they studied reported eeling calmer and more peaceful. maybe that was before the kids started screaming in the background. >> naming maryland dead laste o thist for best states for retirement. many factors sored low on were affordability, crime, culture.
6:41 pm
weather, nebraska, iowa, missouri, south dakota and florida topped the list. virginia came in 39th place. the study did not include the district. >> i'd rather live in maryland than any of those places. >> amazon is comurg to o region in a bigger way that we thought the concerns it is bringing to the community. >> the gulf coast is bacing for the arrival of barry. the
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>> in an interview,an skplg plans rumored to be the new home
6:44 pm
for a merchandize supply center. it will be off pennsylvania avenue in the westphalia community. the latest cite plan you'll see only on 4. >> we have a planned site and proposed school. none of that has changed. >> we met to discuss the latest plans for an 800,000 fulfillment center. >> why does it have to be so close. >> you can see its plan to sit here in between two residential communities causing push back from nghbors. >> we want everyone who has a stake in that claim over there to hear the people who are going to have to live besi it. that's all we are asking for. >> reporter: sources tell us this will be the newzo ama center. the developer would not confirm
6:45 pm
what was going in but how it would be designed. >> it will be four stories tall. all of the employees will be on the first level. other levels are robots and conveyors and chutes. off pennsylvania avenue was built with the promise of on site grocery andetail that has yet to happen. the developer says this building will spark that. >> this will be the catalystge the retail component off the grund. this is the new site plan that will be handed out. a number of meetings. one tomorrow, next week and thursday, the developer goes back before the board in anotheg heari before the project. >> new fall out from monday's flashin floodg. we've learned canal road will remain closed at least another
6:46 pm
week for emergency repairs. heavy rain and flood caused a sinkhole to open up. closing most connections. we'll let you now as soo as the road reopens in our nbc washington app. >> tonight, we are tracking tropical storm barry. bringing the threat of serious rain closer to the gulft. coas >> the storm isd expecte to make landfall late tonight that could spell disaster poor areas already rain soaked. we've team coverage. jay gray is standing by as new orleans prepares forr majo flood gs. >> we begin here in the studio.
6:47 pm
new orleans has already been dealing earlier in the week. very similarha to w we saw. this is so cool. this is real-time information of the hricane hunters in their aircrafts out flying around.e leave from tampa. this is where they are right now. this is critical to determine exactly the system i ghoinoing do. this is at flight level. the winds they picked up i at 64 miles an hour. they are helping to determi this. this storm is a slow mover
6:48 pm
likely making land fall and coming back down as a tropical storm. jay gray is live now in new orleans. this is all about the rain, which is what you are dealing with right now. >> you are absolutely right. it is an on again, off again thing. a foou bit ago, you could see the fitting. that is gone. this has been at flood level for 260 days. that's the record. we'll add the effects of what the area is going to bri here this is an area where kids play at tmes. they say they haven't seen it here before. most of these communities are already below sea level.
6:49 pm
there is so much concern about the storm surge that will come as well you are right, the water is the big issue and it is starting now. >> i wasown with jay when harvey was happening in houston. as we check out our local weather, a big change. sunshine.autif humidity not all that b. clear skies in the sky tonight and tomorrow. checkut the moon and jupiter. they are very close together. head out after dark to the south, southeast.u yol see they are very close together. bring out the bin oculars and you can s jupiter's four moons as well. we talk about what is happening in the daytime, we talk about
6:50 pm
that extra large iced tea. bringing it down to a large, back to an extra large. temperatures in theid-90s. already warm at 72. if you need to get someneing outdoors, the earlier the better. we have a beautiful day in the forecast. maybe a little more cloud cover and a small risk of an isolated orm. at about 20%. i'm seeing those areas. south and west of the metrore on. heading to the beach this weekend, i'm jealous. water temperature at 74 degrees on saturday. high of 85. sunday, high of 89. nice sunshine at our beaches.
6:51 pm
here is your 10-day forecast. this weekend is hot but not too humid. wednesday in the mid-90s what is left could impacts with showers. ot a big deal f. we see anything from barrie, it looks to favor on thursday. dry and hot with the high of 96, ladies. >> great to see that weekend forecast. >> coming up,an two tits of the tennis gae met up at the all h england club. england club. >> nadal and nedrror face o eff
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z3a66z z16fz y3a66y y16fy >> alk about sports this evening. the two biggest wnames,hen you
6:55 pm
get to nadal and federer, itdo esn't get much better than that. sports fans were given the gift of nadal xl. meet for the 40th time. so emic, we have to use roman numerals to describe it. for all the times they've faced off, they haven't met on grass since 2008. hfa won tie breaker in the final set. today, the 2 seed nadal, the 3 seed federer would take the first set. made april rucrushing it in the second. if you are counting, rafa leads 24-15 on the alli time l. eight whim he's got wimbledon titles here. federer, betterer today.
6:56 pm
that is your match. winning there and advances to hi 12th wimbledon final. so who will fed face? the spaniard taking on djokovic. first set all joker. agut hits it long. in t third, gets to the drop shot. not beat joker since 2015. d.c. united started the season strong. winning only one of the last eight matches losing to fc held by former man.
6:57 pm
respecting what he means to this franchise. very much looking forward. team meeting at home and respond to what was a great performance in dallas. >> taking on the phillies and the dude with gray hair who shall not be named. >> july will be a crucial month. they could make some big games or losses in the playoffs right now. they hold the top playoff spot. >> the largest high school in virginia was once immortalize inhe movie "remember the
6:58 pm
titans." tc williams once ghagain making history. as the first to play all their games indoors. theomplex is around 400,000 square feet. tc williams isi rece renovations at their stadium. >> we get to play inside,rain, sleet or snow. w thatl be really great. it will be a good opportunity. this is the american. he crashed and is bleeding but still going.
6:59 pm
th came down to the wire. you'll see here
7:00 pm
tonight state of emergency, preparing for a potential disaster in the gulf. with tropical storm barry expected to make land fall in the morn, possibly as a hurricane. theheiggest risk, potential for catastroph flooding, as much as two feet of rain, and a life threatening storm surge that could hit new orleans hard. tonight preparing for the worst. president trump's labor secretary is out. alex acosta resigned over his role in a federal prosecution against jeffrey epstein. in late details, prosecutors now say epstein tried to pay off two potential coconspirators. r. kelly


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