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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 11, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thank you for joining for us "news4 today" on this thursday. there are several challengesth waiting on road for your commute this morning. let's take a live look outside right now. more shower are expected this afternoon, but there are other ojects that could change your drive this morning. >> wtop jack taylor is in for melissa mollet for your first 4 traffic. let's start with your weather with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> the storm today have aib possility of producing strong wind gusts in 50 to 60-mile-per-hour range with the stronger storms. after monday's flood emergency acro here the ground is pretty much saturated so any heavy rain coming withhese storms pose a significant chance for significant flash flooding. the storm threat is highlighted across the the bull's-eye on top of the
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washington and baltimore area. stay weather alert today and have our nbc washington app and have it ready to go and we will send push alerts as many more warnings or watches coming out. a flash flood watch at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon until 2:00 tomorrow morning ides all of the metro washington area. it's steamy outside this morning. te teratures are already inhe low to mid seventh. fternoon high close to 90 defoees bere thunderstorms get going today. increase just in time for the evening commute. a lot of possibility to snarl the ride home from work today. >> let's try to get through this morning. at least for now, dry. we thank you for that. unfortunately a closure in place for a while. due to monday's lstorms, ca road you see at the tv right now is off to left. you can see the cone up in place. that roadway is closed and canal roads blocked between
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reservoir and foxhall and unfortunately damage from monday's storm and no word when the roadway will reopen. o cinuing our coverage of that crash on pennsylvania avenue. police say two people were killed in that accident. news4 megan mcgrath has arrived at the scene and has the latest on this. what is going on. >reporter: can you see the scene behind me here.a pennsylvaniavenue is closed in both directions between a20th street 21st and 2000 block of i street in northwest closed because of this deadly accident that happened. around 11:45 when a car traveling west on pennsylvania avenue, for whatever reason, left the roadway and actually
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went upto i james monroear p it's dark but hopefully you can make out there is a car in that park on its side. twoeople were killed. a short time ago, i talked to a woman working in the area at the time that this happened. she sayshere were people pretty much everywhere. there were people in the park, there were people on the sidewalk when this car just left the roadway and went into that park. now,he two people who are dead at this point, we don't know if those victims are from the c or whether it was someone who was in the park. still trying to sort out all that information but two people have died as a result of this crash and a third person has been hospitalized. we don have an updated condition. a lot of questions here, why did this car leave the roadway? we are told itas a single-car accident so no other vehicles involved. but for whatever reason, that car did fly off thero way and
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into this park and landing on the side. for the time being, all of these road in the immediate area are closed and we have a tow truck on the scene and i believe the edical examiner may be on t scene as well. we start seeing some of the road open up but, at this point, thee entirrea is still cordoned off so we will stay on top of this and give you the latest as soon as we get it. t backyou. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. now more on the traffic alert that has canal road closed this morning for sinkhole repairs. >> you may remember this scene where people stood on top of their cars surrounded by rushing water. they made it out safely butthe road was pretty badlydamaged. "news4 today" justinl finch is e there with more on the repairs. >> reporter: some of the cordoned off ars along can road here, the rain has come and
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gone. we are mostly drying out at this point. but now it's time t repair one of the most damaged road in our area. again, that is canal road. take a look at what the flash storm on monday that came through, what it did with rain and floodwaters that stranded drivers andsubmerged their cars and trucks and their vehicle. the flooding is now gone. we can focus on the other major issue. what we have been left behind. a sinkhole here along this stretch of road on canal that crews will be tackling today. take a look at a map up here for you canal roaden arizona and foxhall roads northwest will be fclosed repair. they are set to continue those repairs at least through the thursday morning rush. look out for that. we come back out live. if you depend on canal road and drive through here every , morning know the morning rush this stretch of road is set to be closed. arizona and foxhall along canal
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road. this could really tie up the morning for a lot of people so leave early and give yourself time. back in tou. yo >> justin finch, thank you. in montgomery county'tou wrive on parts of belfast road. weather permitting they will start to repair the road this morning. a stream runs under the road there and led to the sinkhole you e here. shuttle service is available for people in that area. you can park at the bethesda metro and potomac village shopping fr. or the lot across from old angler's end. the road is expected to reopen sometime on saturday. the declaration is a key step in requesting state and federal help for recovery. that is good news for residents who are just finding out their traditional insurance pocies may not cover their damages. a massive cleanup effort continues in this area.
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heavy rain covered streets and covered cars. insi many homes, furniture was tossed around and destroyed and basements were filled with mud and debris. >> we were upstairs on the main level and we heard this crash. i mean, explosion. four feet of water was the and all of that rushing io the basement. within 30 seconds. the place was flooded and cominviinto the li room. >> some residents face property loss and repair costs that run in the tens of thousands of dollars. ton county is asking residents to submit damage reports by friday. today is relisha rudd reimbrance day. s been more than five years since the little girl disappeared and d.c. police say they will not stop searching for her until the case is closed. an age progression photo from last year shows what she mighli have looked ke at the age of she was 8 s old when she was last seen in surveillance footah at a motel walking wit
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khalil tatum. he was a suspect in the case ank later to his own life. no one hainbeen charged rudd's disappearance. a ceremony will be held today in her honor. this morning a comnity is mourning after a man was shot and killed inside a barber shot in anacostia. he had been shot multiple times. people around that barber shop described a haotic scene when the shooting started. >> i saw people running out from that building. just taking cover and trying toh hide from the ooter. lly had to take cover myself to see what was going on because i saw people going evywhere. >> the detectives hope that surveillance video will help them identify the suspects. right now all we know is four men were seen running from the 'sop after the shooting.
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prince georounty police are trying to find possible witnesses in a murder that shot devonta dixon. his body was found in a burning car along aiken avenue in ig capital hes. news4 talked with dixon's mother . o said her son was a small guy with a big heart >> i lost my sister five months ago and he was helping me with my sister who left five kids. she was very well known and very respected and not a disrespectful child and did everything the right way. >> investigators have not revealed any possible motives in this case. today, house democrats are expected to turn up the pressure on president trump. members of the house judiciary committee plan to authorize a dozen subpoenas. this is part of the committee's probe into possible obstruction of justice by president trump. lawmakers want to subpoena 12 current and former trump inistration officials, including the president's senior adviser and son-in-law jared kushner and former attorney general jeff sessions.
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labor secretary alex acosta is defending his handling after major sex crimes case more than a decade agriculture as a growing number of lawmakers call for him to step down. as miami's top prosecutor, they say acosta went easy on jeffrey epstein in a plea deal. epstein pled guilty in 2008 to c staterges including prostitution for a minor in exchange for avoiding a much more serious federal charge. he was sentenced to 13 months behind bars. >> we did what we did because we wanted to see epstein go to jail. simply put, the palm beach state attorney's office was ready to let epstein walk ee, no jail time, nothing. >> acosta said the local prosecutor was not going to give up steen jail time. but a former florida state attorney says that account is, quote, completely wrong. he said heayed no role in
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negotiations with epstein's attorney. he adds that acosta's office dropped a350-page federal indictment which is later niandoned. new this morng a former redskins player is asking for help. in an instagram post last night, former redskins ability haynesworth is battling kidney disease. his kidneys faid on monday. he took to simple to ask for a generous kidney donation from fans. he played for d.c. about ten years ago and me two pro bowls during his career. a new metro ad is getting attention for calling out a problem too familiar for most riders. it's called man spreading. it's when men take up your personal space on metro but we should point out this is not exclusive to guys.
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anyone can spread out a little too much in their sist. the ad art of a metro manners campaign. neighbors in prince geoere's county walready unhappy about a new amazon warehouse posirbly going up near the homes. now amazon says it wants to make that warehouse bigg than it first wanted. we are working for your health this morning. more on a new drug for bringing relief on people who suffer from migraine headaches. dog walking best done early this morning because it's a gorm afternoon. i to meet jackie yesterday as our pet of the week feature. a sweet girl and 3 years old and make everybody at your house calm, cool, collected. 70s and steamy this morning and
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>> new reports that developers want to make an amazon fulfillment center in prince george's county much bigger than first planned. the washington business journal says a new proposal for the center is more than 1 million square feet larger than suggestedhree months ago. the prince george's county planning board is set to consider the new plan at a meeting next week. the new warehouse is set to go into the westphalo upper area f marlboro. starting today you can weigh on in the amazon headquarters in tlar arlington.ea they had to hr from the reps last night. they saw some of the rendering as well as a map to get a better sense of amazon's development plan. you can read more about amazon arriving in the nbc washington app. the search isn for several suspects accused of setting an armored van on fire and injuring
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three people in ncf the van belonged to a transportation company. it was found on a highway leading to the airport. the suspects also set fire to their own van before driving off. we are working for your health this morning with details on a new medication for migraines. it is still waiting for fda approval and could be a game-changer for migine sufferers. researchers tested the drug in clinical trial. people were pain-free within two hour compared to thoseho took a placebo. the study was published in the new england journal of medicine. >> president trump wants to help people who have kidney disease. president signed an executive order yesterday with itious goals. the order directs the department of health and human service to come up with a plan to better educate and treat people in early stages of the disease. it also calls for an incentive program for people who donate
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organs with reimbursements for lost wages and child care. the president says help is also needed for dialysis patient. >> crucially, our new system will ensure that more patients undergoing dialysis can do so from the comfort of their own home. >> hhs will also launch an awareness campaign since 40% of those with kidy disease don't realize they have it. the american red cross is saying its blood supply is dangerously low. they say the summertime is usually a slow season for donation but this year is more challenging. the red cross is short by about 17,000 donations. one donation can save the lives up to three people. you can find the donation center in your area by searching nbc washington app and search red cross. a people awe alligator at a
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popular park in chicago. it has been hanged out at a park. a woman saw it and started taking pictures. there it is. they estimate it's ftr to figh feet long. >> i first thought i was a toy and then it sunk down and then it resurfaced right there. >> animal control brought in a reptile specialist, gator bob, who took over the effort to place live humane traps, maybe e take t alligator where it belongs. so far, the gator has not been caht. >> it's not interested in whatever the humane solution is. just throw a t-bone steak on a hook in a lake. hen you're stuckith an alligator on the end of the line. >> we face severe weather today and, unfortunately, flash flood
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threat is high because of the rain on monday. the ground is saturated and as a sult the rain today will not e have anywher be absorbed and become runoff. sunrise 6 before0 a.m. and cloudy outside this morning and way more humid start to the day today than we had the last coupled. 75 now.he souty wind are bringing in a lot more humidity. that is the reason we have a much higher chance for thunderstorms today th we have had the last feud. already 79 in quantico. 80 in annapolis. warmer now. wwud. already 79 in quanticoli 80 in annapos. warmer no ud. ready 79 in quantico. 80 in annapolis. warmer nodud. already 79 in quantico. 80 in annapolis. warmer noaud. already 79 in quantico. 80 in annapolis. warmer noyud. already 79 in quantico. 80 in annapolis. wer nowsud. already 79 in quantico. 80 in annapolis. warmer nod. already 79 in quantico. in annapolis. rmer no. already 79 in quantico. 80 in annapolis. warmer now. we will be facing thunderstorms this afternoon. an opportunity for some of those
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storms to be severe. the severe storm threat along li with a possibi of 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds and some hail. the other thing we are worried about is because the ground is saturated, any individual storms put down a quick 2 to 3 inches of rain could cause another big flood so we la will be all over this this morning. have your nbc washington app on your phone and we will send you push alerts. future weather, high resolution model develops storms along the blue rindge between 2:00 and 3:0 and 4:00 to 5:00 dulles airport and the capital beltway and 95 corridor betwe 5:00 and 6:00 today. hen that opportunity for heavy rain moves into baltimore by 7:00. these storms aren't going to fade awaor sunt. the flood watch including the maryland and northern maryland and baltimore and metro area starts at 2: this afternoon and continues until 2:00 a.m. friday morning. here is your extended forecast. stormy ursday today.
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sunny, hot, humid. sound like a typical summer weather. not a great start this morning. a live look at canal and foxhall. you're looking on the tv, to the left cones and carols across the roadway. canal road is closed and will be until further notice bas ally between reservoir and foxhall. the roadway was compromised from monday's sorm and the roadway is closed until further notice.
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only right lane getting by in this area. not good. backu. to yo >> thank you, jack. some teens are glued to video games. others are building businesses. meet the local teen entrepreneur who is trying to help others xt on "news4 today".
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welcome back. we want to introduce you to a local teen who is using his skills in the kitchen to make a difference in his community. >> this is not the first time he has been be on tv. molette green is making sure everybody wins when you buy one of his cupcakes. >> reporter: michaels cupcakes.
5:26 am
>> i guess the idea for flavors kind of comes from up here. >> reporter: from the tart hart, michaels dessert is kebusiness bad for the community. when the 13-year-old fills his online orders. every dessert sold buys the dessert for someone in need. >> people are less fortunate than me and can't get the things i get. >> reporter: his facebook page is filled with all of the flavors he can dream up with giving back a key ingredient. mwith some help from his in the kitchen and a little interference from his brother, the young food advocate runs michae desserts out of his home in bowie. >> he decided he wants to leaveo the astrophe out to remind people he is doing this for others and not himself. >> reporter: baking from scratch. topping every one with his homemade icing. >> there is sweet potato pie. there is mint chocolate chip. every 50 cupcakes that i sell, i do a give-away where i give away me cupcakes. >> reporter: so o order up and help michaels desserts give to someone in need. in bowie, molette green, news4.
5:27 am
>> they look delicious! >> they do! >> he is doing good with his work. >> nice job! > still ahead, footing the bill. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says president trump's fourth of july celebration cost the city big bucks. marking the lunal landing with a color spectacle in the district. details on that ahead. a weather alert for day but if you're headed for the beach tomorrow or for the weekend, weather will be near perfect for your b ch going plans. more details on
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hot, humid, and a chance of more storms. thursday has arrived and the thunder may not be too far behind us. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 5 0 rightnow. we are monitoring a major weather event in the gulf of mexico as well. seriously flooding in new orleans yesterday. the city and millions of people in louisiana and texas are e keeping anye on a majortorm at could become a hurricane. we will ve a lot moreon that in a bit for you. right now, we want to check on our local forecast and the
5:31 am
commute. >> jack taylor is inr melissa mollet this morning. let's first get to chuck bellh wit look at the weather today. >> the humidity has returned overnight. that humidity will be used by the atmosphere as fuel for thunderstorms this afternoon and because we had so much rain on monday, the ground is quite d saturated really can't handle a lot more additional heavy rain. our flash flood threat remains very high this afternoon and this evening. storm team 4 weather alert, have your nbc washington app ready to go and we will send you push alerts and timing 2:00 this afternoon to 11:00 tonight. flash flood watches are posted so we will be watching out for that. 70s now. near 90 a high tempetureoday before those storms get going. know the evening commute, jack taylor, will take it on the chin. doing that this morning already, stural damage closing canal road this morning both ways. you'll find, unfortunately, this
5:32 am
blocked between foxhall road northwest. southbound direction late milling and pang and big delays in urbana. by that is getting area and not causing a slow do. back to you. 5:32 now. eisenhower is back open now following aeadly crash overnight. alexandria police say one person was killed. the victim's name has not been released. e are also learning more about that deadly crash here in the district. >> police tell us two people were killed in that accident on pennsylvania avenue. news4 megan mcgrath is live on the scene now with the latest. good morning. >>reporter: good morning.
5:33 am
we have just been able to confirm that the two people who died in this accident were not in the vehicle that left the roadway. they were actually in the park. james monroe park. they were struck and killed by that vehicle as it le the roadway and actually went into the park, landing on its se. i'll st i'll step out of the way. pennsylvania avenue nd me is closed between 20th and 21st streets. we have 2000 block of i street closed as we. his is monroe park you see behind me here with therees and this vehicle was travelings we on pennsylvania area just about a quarter of 12:00 last night. for whatever reason, we don't have that information, for some reason, it left the roadway, potentially traveling at a high rate of speed, jumped the curb andent into that park, striking these two people,
5:34 am
killing them. he vehicle then landed on its side. ale a little whigo a tow truck came here and positioned in place and and the police office are me removing some of the tap and starting to take things down but pennsylvania avenue right now is closed in both directions. more on the traffic alert in the district. canal road is closed for repairs following monday's flash flooding yergency. will need to take an alternate route this morning. "news4 today" ustin finch is live for us now with more on the repairs. >> reporter: already this morning, seeing severalmears con this area and found it closed off. you will find lots of this this morning along canal road.
5:35 am
h access so t crews can get to work on sinkhole repair here along this stretch of road. show look at the map to the area in question. we are talking about canal road between arizona and foxhall reads. this a here will be closed throughout the morning at least through the morning commute so that crews can be oin work the sinkhole that has opened up here. a reminder how we got flash and heavy rain that we saw on monday morning that went into the morning commute that left some on top of the roofs of their vehicles. it submerged this area of road and many like it and along this stretch, it did create that e sinkhthat will be worked on today. back out live. for drivers, this mean if you rely on this stretch of road, perhaps change up your commute. it might be time to look at macarthur or other structure of road to get you around this. this will be closed they are saying for the morning commute and possibly longer. rain in the forecast again today
5:36 am
so we will have to see how this pans out. inside to >> thank you, justin. we mark 50 years since the ray policy low moon landing next week. >> the smithsonian is planning a super celebration. they will re-create the celebration wi a life-sized rocket that carried apollo 11 on the washington monument. there will be special screens set up that will show images from the mission, including the lunar landing itself. this projection will start next tuesday. learn more about theel cration in the nbc washington app. >> that will be cool to see. >> it will be. >> so many celebration. >> they also will play themovie on the monument on saturday, i think, on the monument. >> you're geeking t. >> i am. still ahead, do you snore? you're not alone. >> were detailing new treatment which may help some people stay quieter while
5:37 am
snoozing. plus, they are saying ru president 's fourth of july event tappedut an o
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5:39 am
we are working for your health this morning. a warning from government health official. the cdc says we are approaching the time of year that a mysterious polio-like illness usually breaks out, it's known as afm. experts say we usually see the cases break out in late summer and early fall. it includes weak science a it includes weakness in a child's arm and legs and 11 case have been confirmed already
5:40 am
it includes weakness in a child's arm and legs and 11 case have been confirmed alreadit ina child's ard legs and 11 case have been confirmed alreadit ina child's arm and legs and 11 case have been confirmed already it a child's arm and leha and 11 case been confirmed already across eight states. there are a million things that can keep you from a good night's rest. the last thing you want to worrg about is snori. >> some use mouthpieces to solve the problem but one kansas h doctor says he has a mucless invasive answer. he calls it the night laser. a laser your mouth. d into >> toning up that tissue back there and firming it up a little bit, get a little bit more lift, it decreases that vibration and it's helped immensely.und. i probably still snore a little, but i have a big problem. >>this thing doesn't come cheap. most insuran doesn't cover the treatment. the standard cost is $1,400 for four sessions. a tropicalre depion could become barry and could be a big impact for new orleans and the louisiana coastline. the imdct coul stretch as far west as houston or as far east
5:41 am
of mobile or pensacola. we may have to deal with that rain later on next week. a closer look at your weather that includes fl flooding and strong thunderstorms here later on into the afternoon is coming up. bracing most barry. new orlea cleans up from a flash flooding mess, the gulf is on hurricane watch. good morning. happy thursday. all this week, we have been working to save you money on groceries. today at 4:00 we show you the best ways to keep store-bought produce crisp and fresh d how to anma
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watching and waiting. cloudy skies in this live picture and add to that,at and humidity, you have a perfect recipe for thunderstorms this afternoon. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck legal is wo bell will join us with your forecast coming up. a new idea to keep students safe appear they head to and om school. this after two teens were killed on their way to classes this past year. "news4 today" megan fitzgerald explains how it will work and w is behind the proposal. >> two d.c. high school students robbed of their chan to live their dreams. both boys murdered in may of 2018 in two different crimes shortly after leaving school. >> it's terrible! yes, absolutely terrible. >> reporter: yest d.c. councilman introduced
5:45 am
legislation a different approach the city can take to proteent young stud. >> right now, they are afraid to go to school and that is just is not acceptable. >> reporter: grasso is spnsoring an that would bring city agencies together to figure out ways of effectively making sure students get to and from school safely. >> there are adults that are hired be on the street with the students as they are going to and from school and that's one area i think we could see a lot of improvement. >> reporter: he is proposing a free shuttle service at metro stations tt would take students to and from school. it's legislation that grasso says will cost millions of dollars to implement, but he says if it saves lives, it's worth every dolr. >> we are talking in the millions. i think millions of dollars. this is a 12 billion dollar budget and i don't know where we can't cve some of that money out to make sure that students e safe to androm their way to school. >> megan fitzgerald, news4. muriel bowser is asking the
5:46 am
white house to reimburse the city millions of dollars after the president's fourth of july festivity. sarah dollop is joining us on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: this is a critical fund that is used to pay for rallies and states. funeral it's estimated that the cost of this year's fourth of july event was six times that of previous years. and that that critical fund may be a deficit of about $6 million by the end of e fiscal year. the may asks administration reimburse that cost and mentions the district b has nevereen reimbursed some $7 millionfor the 2017 inauguration. not replenished, washingtonian will be on the foot b of thatill
5:47 am
via local taxes. a spokesperson for the whsae house ys the letter has been received and the white house will respond in a timely mannera >> sah, thank you. a lawsuit chalenging the president's ownership of the trump hotel near the white house has been defeated. the suit filed by the district in maryland claims president trump is violating the constitution's annulment heause when profits from foreign and state government visitors who stay at that dtel. a judgemissed the suit. a ruling said maryland and d.c. could not prove thapemoney is snt at the hotel because it will profit the president. d.c. and maryland plan to appeal. new this morning. a tense back and forth between virginia's lieutenant governor justin fairfax and one of the women accusing him of t.xual assaul meredith watson came forward earlier this year saying fairfax assaulted her a decade agoow
5:48 am
they n have sent a letter. the letter claims there is a witness who supports fairfax's account. it reads, in part. watson's attorney responded to the letter saying, in part. fairfax's attorneys responded to this statement saying the lieutenant governor has never changed his story. the man who ka caught was caught on camera setting fire pleads guilty. they say he set a gas can back in april.
5:49 am
security camera captured the suspect running from the scne. he allegedly told fbi agents he was hearing voices. while the d.c.egion brace for another round of potential flooding, new orleans is cleaning up after a storm caused this mess yesterday. the french quarter was filled with flood water. the trouble came quickly. man s touristsd they became stranded at t shops and restaurants they wereti visi and unable to get back to their hotels. public transportation had to be shut down. it has the potential to turn a tropical st m is brewing out in the gulf now. it has the potential to turn into a hurricane. million of people in the storm's path now and they are preparing for the worst. flooding, storm surge and strong wind are expected there and grocery stores are prked clean. haare stores are selling out of generators and flashlights and batteries and people are
5:50 am
doing their best to get ready for what is coming. >> people are tweeting mend saying they are cleanin up here. >>monday was one in a generation flash flood event for us bud we coul deal with more this afternoon because the and d is still saturated cannot absorb in the more of quick falling rain. we willatch out carefully for you today. a cloudy sky outside and more i humid this mo than it has been the last two days. 75 in d.c. winds out of the south averaging only 6 miles per hour for now. two morning ago, we had 50s in parts of northern virginia and a lot of 60s yesterday. this morning, mid-70s to near 80 across much of the area before we even get the day going. near 90 by lunch timend highs today close to 90 degrees but ranen chances ramp up to ar 100%. take the umbrella with you
5:51 am
today. already a little bit of light rain across the area this morning. no bigmpacts on the rain for the morning commute. the afternoon commute will be hit hard by rain cechan the flash flood watch goes into on effect at 2:00 this afternoon and continues until 2:00 a.m. friday. the watch area does includeut sohern maryland, the metro washington are and north maryland and baltimore areas. be on the lookout for that. the main timing for that will come along with the individual storm. here is our high resolution forecast model. this thing updates each and every hour and has been remarkably consdtent. eloping storms along the blue ridge at 2:00 and early as about 3:00 it has storm in montgomery county and loudoun county and city of manassas there. by 4:00, storms reaching t i-95 corridor. 5:00, storms inside the capital beltway and more storm due to arrive the evening hours. between 5:00 and 7:00 the belt way and i-95 could be hard hit
5:52 am
with heavyin and thunderstorms and severe wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and a quick 1 to 2 inches rage a undern the slow moving thunderstorms. that is the reason we have not only the severe storm threat but lso the flash flood threat for today. we will push out any severe weather watches or warnings throua our nbc washington . also find and follow me on social media for the latest. tomorrow, a much better day. quieter weather. depending on what barry decide to do, likely to be a landfalling hurricane between new orleans and houston sometime on saturday, that moisture may be reaching us by thursday of next week with the form of heavy we will track that carefully. now over to wtop and jack taylor has a lot on hislate today.
5:53 am
not great news. canal road is closed until further notice between foxhall and reservoir. for monday's storms, very severe structural damage done on the roadway so it will remain closed. stick with arizona avenue to macarthur and cost you more time but a lot of overflow traffic on macarthur. this accident, tractor is on the right shoulder and upright and leave it until after the rush shower and rubber neckingelays now. what an early slowdown there at clarksburg. until further notice, plan for
5:54 am
the due tour here. good morning. we are only about a month into summer vacation but pants are already preparing for the upcoming school year. new report estimates that consumers will spend nearly $28 billion on items this year. that is $519 per household ande p are expected to spend more on computers than gadgets. all in favor of equal pay say aye! the women's national soccer team! >> another win for the u.s. women's soccer team last night at espy's award. it wrapped up a long day of br ing that started in new york with the pade and ended n l.a. for the u.s. women's soccer team. >> i think we have been known as america's favorite soccer team.
5:55 am
but from here on out, we will just benown as america's team. >> each team member was also given a key to the city. >> very cool. we don't want it to become out of our focus because the world p is over. they have done ab. great jo eli emusk received a special tour yesterday. when the power went out at his home in wheaton a while back, he had an idea.el drew a design for a messaging system for the power company and it would show immediate outages. the 7-year-old was given a chance to present the idea at the lab. >> when a transformer blows, then you click here and it shows the sky cam view and the red is
5:56 am
where ithe transformer is on. m> okay. >> he is at cookie. eli's mother says he is really into stem subjects. makes lot of sense. keep that going. he will be running a corporation very soon. >> sure. coming up at 6:00, redskins fans certainly remember the name of albert haynesworth. his doctors told him to ask his fans for his life. more on the plea for help is straight ahead. a day time shooting leaves a man dead in arber shop. the latest on the brazen murder
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
two people killed blocksro away fm the white house. the latest on the accident and how it could affect your commute. the cleanup effort is still under way in northern virginia and more round of severe weather could now be on the way. a plea for help. one of the most controversial players to wear the burgundy and gold is in desperate need of hime life saving help. fast approac 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thank you for joining for us "news4 today". there are severalwahallenges
6:00 am
ing on the road for your commute this morning. let's take a live look ts oue here. more showers are expected this afternoon, but there are other projects that could change your drive this morning. >> wtop jack taylor isn for mepissa mollet who is kee an eye on the challenges in your first 4 traffic. let's start with your weather with storm team 4 elmeteorologist chuck b >> we have another opportunity for severe thunderstos and our flash flood threat is high later on in the afternoon. cloudy skies this mning. here is our nearbyei nbor, the national cathedral. strong to severe thunderstorms is the first thing we need to worry about developing between 2:00 aer 3:00 this aftoon. likely to reach the metro area somewhere during the evening commute. because of all rain on monday the ground saturated so the flood threat is high today. the timing onll of these problems begins at 2:00 in the afternoon and goes


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