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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 11, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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hot, humid. a chance of some storms. thursday has arrived and the n thunder may too far behind i. in fact, i thinkt's here already. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm in the studio with the chucn the personality around here. >> what do you mean? >> i said all of the personality around here. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gthchrist. wi we are monitoring a major weather event in the gulf of mexico as well. serious flooding in new orleans yesterday. that city and llions of people in louisia and texas are keeping an eye on major storm that could become a hurricane. we will have a lot more on that later for w u. right no want to check our
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local forecast and the coute. >> wtop jack taylor is in for melissa mollet today but let's chart with ouror st team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. i don't know if our region can any more storms. lo> i'm with after last monday's flash f emergency here. we know what the folks in new orleans is dealing with. they had a flash flood emergency yesterday and 5 to 6 inches of rain in a couple of hour and are all too familiar with that around here after monday. unfortunately, another storm team 4 weather alert day today. an opportunityor not only thunderstorms this afternoon and evening but because the ground is saturated, a brand-new flash flood watch has been issued. no heavy rain outside early this morning. the flash flood watch begps at 2:00 . this afternoon and goes until two a.m. friday morning and includes all of the d.c. and baltimore metro area so keep ndat in mi. be weatherlert today. your evening commute could be seriously impact by rain, jack
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tayl taylor. beltway outer loop breaki traffic. trouble through at least on this morning's rush hour there on the beltway outer loop. so far more of an inbound pattern there and it's not caught ago pretty big delay . yesterday two crashes both of them deadly impacting local road and keeping first responder > busy.
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> begin in d.c. where two people were killed in a crash. here video from a traffic camera showing that crash at 21st street and pennsylvaniave aue in northwest after midnight. d.c. fire official say a third grson is bein treated for critical injuries. we will update you as we learn more on this situation ohroughout the morning. alexandria plice are investigating a deadly crash involving a large white van. this is video from the scene in the 5600 block ofow eise avenue near the metro station. police tell us one person was killed here. we are also told that the area where the crash happened is still closed. no word on when it might reopen. we will keep youposted, though. heads-up as you head out today. crew are repring a sinkhole on canal road following monday's flash flood emergency. sed t now canal road is c between reservoir road and fox hall road in northwest d.c. the same area that was flooded monday. next half hour, we will have live report that closure.
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tonight you' have ahance to weigh in on proposed work to the southern sction of the george washington memorial k py. she national park service is considering change to the intersections between the city of alexandria and the gw parkwa. in vernon and hope to makehi tngs safer for those pedestrian who need to cross the parkway. it starts at 6:00 p.m. a former school guidance in counselor montgomery county is accused of assaulting tmultiple women who me on the dating app tinder. 36-year-old colin black pled guilty with forcing a womanha t sex with her after meeting her online. he was found guilty in a separate sexual assault case. heace up to years in prison when he is sentenced in october. this morning congressional a makers are respond to go story we first told you about
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yesterday. there have been new claims of sexual assault and retaliation at a border facility in wh organization re migrant children are being held. nbc news obtained bozs of reports in one case, a 15-year-old girlrom honduras said she was sexually assaulted in a detention center in arizona. another boy said he and others complained about the taste food andnd water a officers took sleeping matter out of their cells in retaliation and forcing themo sleep on top of create. >> they ought to be fired now. >> i was there in april. i was at that detention facility and they were doing the very best they could under terrible circumstances. >> the department of homeland security released a statement saying the following. the allegaton sexual assault is already under investigation. here is a look at other top
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stories this morning. the house judiciary committee is expected to vote on another round of subpoenas today. this is part of the ongoing investigation into possible obstruction of justice by the trump nministration outlined i the mueller report. jared kushner and jeff sessions could be subpoenaed. alex acosta is defendinghis handle of the jeffrey epstein case. he cut a deal that many people say let epstein off easy. now epstein is behind bars and charged with sex sta said given the evidence at the time, the trial was too risky. many are calling for acosta to step down. >> d.c. police are investigating the shooting death of a man inside of a barber shop yesterday. four men were seennn rng away from that scene.
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no arrest have been made and the victim's name has not been released. the washington business journal is reporting that amazon wants to make a facility 1,000 square feet larger than first planned. some neighbors are not happy abou the idea. the planning board will consider the new plan next week. next week, will50 mark years since the apollo 11 moon landing. >> in honor of the anniversary he sith sewni smithsonian is ex big screen set up whichwill sion missions of the m including the lunar landing. we talked to one local woman wh0 was just 1 years old when that happened. >> not many houses, households in israeli had tv sosets, i was
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at grandmas and we went to the's to see the launch of the moont ands very, very exciting. >> that projection will start on tuesday. to read more about the smithsonian celebration, check out the nbc washington app. going to be a lot of fun. ahead, do you snore? you're not alone. nearly 100 million americans do. >> we are detailing a new treatment which may help some people stay quieter while sleeping. d.c. says president trump's fourth of july even tapped out a fund and how much they say they need back. good morning. happy thursday. allmmgáju week we have been working to save you money on groceries. today at 4:00 we show you the best ways to keep store-ut
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produce crisp and fresh and how to make the fruits
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we are working for your health this morning with a warning from goveofnment health icial. the cdc says we are approaching the time of year that a mysterious polio-like illness ushled braeke usually breaks out called afm. we usually seem the case in the late summer and early it ides weak science a child's arm and legs and 11 case have been confirmed already across eight states. there are a million things that can keep you from a good night's rest. the last thing you want to worry about is snoring. >> some e mouthpieces to solve the problem but one kansas doctor says he has a much less alvasive answer. he c it the night lays. a laser that is pointed into
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your mouth. >> toning up that tissue back there and firming it up a little bit, get a little bit more lift, it decreases tt vibration and decreases that snoring sound. >> it's helped immensely. i probably sill snore a little, but i have a big problem. >> hum. this thing doesn't come cheap. most insurance couldn't dover t cover the treatment. the standard cost is $4,000 per session. >> that is a t of money. >> if it's keeping your partner up at night. >> or if it wakes you up at night. some people snore like that. >> it wakes you up? that is loud! let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with a look at our forecast cday. >> you will not the snoring story. four things to know about the forecast. it is a storm team 4 weather ert day today. strong to severe storms likely during the afternoon commute. our flash flood threat is high
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because the ground is already saturated. timing starts as early as 2:00 this afternoon and could go as late as midnight tonight. more on that and the ten-day forecast is coming up. please plan ahead if canal road is your normal path of travel this morning. unfortunately, it is closed between reservoir or excuse me between arizona avenue and fox dog hall p.m. structural damage from monday's storm.w the ro will be blocked until further notice so please until further notice so please plan ahead.
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watching and waiting. e skies may not -- may be clear now i should say but this afternoon, we may see some
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thunderstorms. along with that, more heat, more humidity. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is working on the forecast ed join us in a few minutes what you canect from the skies today. 14 before the hour now. this morning, d.c. mayor er muriel bowss calling on the white house to reimburse the city nearly $2 million follow president trump's fourth of july event. >> the city says it has bankrupted a special fund used for security during large events. "news4 today" sarah dollop joins us with the latest from capito hill. >> this is a critical fund used to pay for special events that could include things like raerl rallying or state funerals. overall that fund could be running a $6c million de by the end of the fiscal year. in his letter, the mayor asks that the white house fully reimburse that fund and adds that the district hen never be reimbursed for some $7 million
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from the 2017 ioinauguratn. if the money is not paid back, official say that washingtoniant will foo that bill via local taxes. a spokesperson fore the whit house says they have received ll respond and they in a timely fashion. >> thank you, sarah. a lawsuit challenging the president's ownership of the trump hotel near the white house has been defeated. the suit filed by the district in maryland claims president trump is violating the constitution's annulment clause when he profits from foreign and state government visitors who stay at that hotel. a judgeismissed the suit. a ruling said maryland and d.c. could not prove that money is spent at the hotel because it will profit the d.c. and mary plan to appeal. t news morning. a tense back and forth between
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virginia's lieutenant governor justin fairfax and one of the women accusing him osexual assault. >> watson came forward saying fairfax assaulted her. the letter claims there is a witness who supportsfairfax's account. it reads, in part. watson's attorney responded to the letter saying, in part. fairfax's attorneys responded to this statement saying the lieutenaer governor has nev changed his story. there is a -->>
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two d.c. high school students robbed of their chance to live their dreams. both boys murdered in may of01 2in two different crimes shortly after leaving >> it's terrible! yes, absolutely terrible. >> reporter: yesterday, at large d.c. councilman introduced legislation a different approach the cy can take to protect young students. >> right nfw, they are aid to go to school and that is just is not acceptable. >> reporter: he isp reonsing an act that would bring city agencies together to figure out waof effectively making sure students get to and from school safely. >> there are adults that are hired to be on the street with hoe students as they are going to and from scol and one area i think we could see a lot of improvement. >> reporter: he is proposing a free shuttle service at metro station that would take students to a from school. it's legislation that grasso says will cost millions of dollars to implement, but he says if itaves lives, it's
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worth every dollar. >> this is a 12 billion dollar budget and i don't know where we can't carve some of that money out to make students safer on the streets. >> megan fitzgerald, news4. new orleans is cleaning up after a storm caused this mess yesterday. the french quarter was filled with fod water the trouble came quickly. many tourists said they became stranded at shops and reitaurants they were visg and unable to get back to their hotels. public transportation had to . shut do that may be just the beginning for the gulf region. a tropical storm is brewing out in the gulf now. itias the pote to turn into a hurricane. million of people in the storm's they are preparing for the worst. flooding, storm surge and strong wind are expected there and grocery stores are picked clean. hardware stores are selling out of fenerators andshlights and batteries and people are doing their best to get ready
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for what is coming. >> i'm a little nervous what is coming today, chuck bell, here in the washington region. >> the last thing we need is i ra way more humid air has moved in unfortunately, overnight. the fuel that is needed for heavy rain later this afternoon. unlikely to have a total repeat performance of our monday flash flood event but more localized scales as opposed to the widespread, localized scales it could be every bit as bad pop a thursday morning, clouds are moving in. kind of gunky feeling outside this morning and you'll notice it the minute you walk outside.s way more humid this morning than it has been. 75 degrees now in washington. 70 in manassas. 72 gaithug gaithersburg. the temperatures this morning are 5 to almost 10 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. back to near 90 degrees for a high today. hotand humid. strong thunderstorms and rain.
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your rain chance todayat stands 100%. severe weather chances are also there. severe thunderstorms dotting the landscape this afternoon. primarily during the evening commute. not much going on first thing this morning. there is a high chance for thunderstorms here later on in the afternoon. this also just issued a flash flood watch which includes all of the d.c. metro area, baltimore and frederick county peup into sylvania from 2:00 on to 2:00 this morning. here is our future weather. aroundstorms bubbling u 2:00 along the blue ridge and nkely moving o to the i-95 corridor between 5:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. any of those individual storms couldmp a quick inch to 2 very of rain so be weather alert today and have your nbc washington app ready to . saturday and sunday look great at the colt and what is likely to become hurricane barry the next coupled. not much of a storm yet but,
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unfortunately, the hurricane center thinks it becomes a rtropical storm barry la today. by saturday at 1:00, a categoryr one huane and the louisiana coast here from houston to about mobile, alabama, anywhere in that zone there could be hard-hit by heavy rain, storm surge and wind. if you had weekend plans to mobile or that area,nou may wato reconsider. we may have to deal what is left of barry by thursdayf next week in the form of heavy rain. good morning, jack taor. good morning. starting with bad news, unfortunately. very busy early this morning. start with the beltway prince george's county on the outer loop. you can exit t the tractor trail is in two right linda.
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whether kenilworth can get on the outer loop of the belay. bay bridge is running two-way traffic and should be in the ens phe of that coming up. all those in favor of equal pay say aye. the women's national soccer team! >> another win for the.s. women's soccer team last night at espy's award. it wrapped up a long day ofra celng that started in new york with the parade and ended in l.a. for the u.s. women's soccer team. >> i t knk we have beenwn as america's favorite soccer team.
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but from here on out, we will just be known as america's team. >> america celebrating their g spirit. >> each team member was also given a key to the city. >> the celebrations keep coming. >> pretty cool event. >> well deserved.!% so many athletes were recognized at the espy's last night. eli emusk received a special tour yesterday. when the power went out at home in wheaton a while back, he had an idea. m i drew a design for a messaging systefor the power company and it would show immediate outages. the 7-year-old had chance to present the idea at the lab. >> when atransformer blows, then you click here and it shows
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the sky cam view and the red is where -- >> smart cookie right there. eli's mother says he is really into stem subjects. everyone should snap him up right now. >> i'll telling you. >> he will have a lot of offers when he finishes school which will probably be in five years. >> right. coming up at 5:00 a.m., redskins fans certainly remember the name ability haynesworth. his doctors told him to ask his fans for his life. more on the plea for help is straight ahead. a day time shooting leaves one man dead in a shopping math. latest on the brazen murder is coming up at 5:00.
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two people killed blocks away from the white house. how it could affect your commute. the cleanup effort is just getting started in northern virginia, but more rounds of severe weather could be on the way. a plea forhelp. one of the most controversial blairs toear the burgundy and gold is in desperate need of lifeav sng help.
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good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thank you for joining for us "news4 today" on this thursday. there are several challengesth waiting on road for your commute this morning. let's take a live look outside right now. more shower are expected this afternoon, but there are other ojects that could change your drive this morning. >> wtop jack taylor is in for melissa mollet for your first 4 traffic. let's start with your weather with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> the storm today have aib possility of producing strong wind gusts in 50 to 60-mile-per-hour range with the stronger storms. after monday's flood emergency acro here the ground is pretty much saturated so any heavy rain coming withhese storms pose a significant chance for significant flash flooding. the storm threat is highlighted


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