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tv   Today  NBC  July 10, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good under fi. call for a member of the trump cabinet to step down over his role in a plea deal f sex offender jeffrey epstein. >> alex acosta cut epstein a sweetheart. deal >> this morning will the president stand by his man. a "today" exclusive, a new epstein accuser comes forward with an explosive. >> did he rape you. >> he raped me. what happened to her when she was 14 years old and how she's ready to tell her story. >> i feel brave, i feel strong, more tha ever now. on alert. in t e gulf of mexico,ected to strengthen with a potential
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for a tropical storm. preparations under way across the south for torrential rain,od extreme fg and damaging winds. al joins us with the very latest just ahead. placing blame. >> how about a warning? sign?bout a how about something. >> tragic details of a toddler who fell to her death on aui cr ship. mir fa's desperate search for answers just ahead. those stories. plus stay out of the water. toxic algae blooms forced mississippi to close almost all ofts beaches. mid flight emergency. dramatic video of the engine issue that gav passengers quite a scare. saluti the champs, a rare ticker tape parade in the heart of new york city today wednesday . july 10th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah
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guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefe. wednesday morning. nice to have you with us. it is not every day we have a ticker tape parade inow down new york city, but that's happening today. >> just the sixth time this centur last time also for the world cup women. they're bringing the hardware. should be quite the parade. >> we're excited for that. let's get to our top story and thwing calls for the labor secretary to resign in t connectiono the case against jeffrey epstsn. when he a prosecutor, alexander acosta signed offn a plea deal for the billionaire that some are calling a slap on al. wrist and a sweetheart kristen welker has the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: boom good morning you. prenes rutids tacosta, foris now, prag as e ining his work b saying he's looking into the controversial plea deal. some democrats are commanding acosta go, buto far,
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republicans have been largely sile silent. overnight, a growing chorus of democrats demanding thees prident's embattled laborse etary, alexander acosta, resign. >> yes, he's got to go. i mean, he has no business in a leadership position. >> he should resign because he was part of p acess which really exposes the two-tier criminal justice syste in america. >> reporter: from the trail to the capital. >> epstein should have been behind bars years ago but, unfortunately, secretary of labor, alex acosta, cut epstein a sweetheart dealt >> reporter:ll comes after billionaire financier jeffrey epstein pleaded not monday to new sex trafficking charges involving underage girls from 2002 to 2005. now, there is renewed scrutiny on acosta, a former florida u.s. attorney. acosta made a widely criticized plea deal with epstein in008 in a separate sex crimes case,
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also involving underage girls, for which epstein served 13nt mohs in jail and registered as a sex offender. as to ka twe acosta tweeting, i'med compleas that they're moving forward with a case based on new evidence. >> for two and a half years, he's been an excellent secretary of bor, done a fantastic job. >> reporter: making it clear his administration will examine acosta's handling of that case. >> i feel very badly about that whole situation, but we're going to be looking at that and looking at it very closely. t >> reporter: president also trying to distance himself pict this mar-a-lago party in 2000. >> i had a falling out with him a long time ago. i don't think i've spoken to him for 15 years. i wasn't a fan. >> reporter: this is what the president told "new york"ne magazin 2002. i've known jeff for 15 years.
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terrific guy. he's a lot of fun to be itwith. is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as i do, and many of them aren thekriste the president is standing by the labor secretary. says he l wants tok closely at this plea deal. is there pressure inside the administration for him to step tewn? >> reporr: well, there is some, savannah. look, in addition to the worries about the controversial 2008 plea dealid there's some inse this administration who have concerns autacosta's performance in his role. according to two white house sour ts, there's a senset acosta has a lack of urgency when it comes to one of the president's key priorities. that'sti deregula. overnight, acting chief of staff mick mulvaney tried to downsilay any divi. the bottom line though, the president has stood by his cabinet secretaries when they've faced controversies n thepast. the big question is, will the president change his mind about acosta if the public scrutiny becomes too intense? savannah and craig?
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>> kristen, thank you very much. coming up, our explussi exclusi interview with a new jeffrey did to accuser, what he her in high school. alleged, horrific conditions inside u.s. border detention centers that arepparently more widespread than we've heard. nbc's jacobof sobor joins us with that story. jacob, good morning. >> good morning to you. the recent poorre tment by customs and border protection extends beyond texas. we've obtained dozens of health and human services reports of alleged mistreatment of children order uma, arizona, station, including accounts of retaliation to protest, sexual assault, and the use of what one reporter calls homophobic slurs by agents. >> reporter: this morning, more reports of shocking conditions at the border. for the first time, conditions inside an arizona detention center are in the spotlight after nbc news obtained dozens of reports chronicling
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mistreatment of migrant children in custody. the allegation include abusive behavior by. agents migrants allege overcrowding and unsanitary conditions, similar to border stations in texas, where earlier reports from the homeland security inspector general described a lack of showers, clean clothes, and spes to sleep. conditions in border patl facilities have long been the subject of criticism, including this one i toured in texas at the height of separation. at yuma, allegations include sexual assault. a 15-year-old girl described a bearded officer putting his hands inside her bra, pulling down her underwear, and groping her. according to i anident report from the health and human services, the girl, quote, felt embarrasd as he was speaki english to other officers and
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laughing. a guatemalan boy said after he and others in his cell oomplained about the fd and water, toy were forced sleep on hard concrete. a 17-year-old honduran boy said officers would use homophobic slurs. be bellos is a legal service provider to children in arona. >> the allegations are horrifying but, unfortunately, to us, they're not surprising. we hear children are cold. we hear that children are given food that's inedible. >> reporter: preside trump has pushed back against reports on poor conditions for children. and acting secretary kevin aleenan say they e, quote, unsubstantiated. in response to our reporting, we received a statement from cbd saying the agency, quote, treats those in custody with dignity and respect and provides avenues to report allegations of misconduct. it is not common practice at our
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facities, the allegations, and will be investigated. the sexual assault report is already under investigation by the homeland security's office of inspector general. >> oftentimes, officers, while the investigation goes on, these officers are placed on leave. in this case, do we know if the agent of alleged assault is stilln the job? >> great question. we do not know. cbd hasn't awered the question, which we posed to them. frankly, we don't know how many other reports exist for the thousands o h other childred on the border this year. >> jacob soboroff in los angeles, thank you. another big story we're following, prep is going on in the gulf coast for what could be a dangerous here is what we're looking at. we've got this area that could become a tropical system, invest 92-l, 90% chance of organization over the next two days. this is the development.
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heavy rains over the golf course, gusty winds, possibly storm surge. here is what we're looking at. the american model. you can see what we call spaghetti strands mostlyalong the coast of louisiana, into texas. wide swath from panhandle of florida into texas, lesser chances. highest chance looks to be right along the louisiana coastline. here is the other problem. if this thing tak more of a westerly tra, stays over the water, could be stronger. less time for development over the eastern track. here is the problem. we've goteally warm gulf water. water temperatures 1 to 5 above average more typical for august than july. if it stays west, that warm water strengthens the storm. no matter where it comes onshore, there's incretued mois and that makes for heavier rain. we're not talking about storm surge and winds yet, just the rainfall amount. the american model generally 7 to 10" of rain, heaviest along the storm track. look when we put the european model into play, we're talking
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some areas picking up to 20" by monday. a small shift in this track east or west is going to really determine where the heaviest oain falls. we will continueatch it for you. craig. >> al, we'll come back to you in a few moments. new developments in the investigation into the death of a toddler who fell from a docked cruise ship in puerto rico. the girl's family placing more blame squarely on the cruise line. nbc's gabe gutierrez has been following this story for us. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. witnesses described a horrifying scene, with littles chloe' family screaming as she fell overboard. initial accounts from san juan police suggested that her grandfather may have dropped her. now, the family is saying something different and putting more blame squarely on the cr se line. thisrning, the family of chloe wiegand is turning up the heat on royal carihaean, sng these photos with nbc news. the toddler died after falling through an openth window o cruise ship, freedom of the
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seas. police in san juan say the 18 month old fell 11 stories, landing on the dock below. >> how about a rning? how about a sign? how about something? >> reporter: michael wickelman, the family's attorney, said the grandfather placed her on a railing by the window but had no ideat's open. >> he puts her up, thinking she's going to bang on the glass and it'll be great. she goes to bang on the glass, and the next thing he knows, she's gone. >> reporter: anello is working as an i.t. employee in south bend. >> he loves his kids. it is hard to imagine this for anyone. >> reporter: royal caribbean hasn't responded to allegations of possible negligence. in a previous statement, the cruise line said it is deeply saddened by the tragic incident. chloe's father is a south bend policece offir. the city's mayor, pete buttigieg, tweeted his
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condolences. the community is also raising money after a family vacation went so horribly wrong. >> the family was looking a part to it and, now, of them is not coming home. that's hard. >> it's all hard. gabe, do we know how or why that window was open in the first place on that ship? >> reporter: no, craig, w don't know. that is part of the investigation. it is unclear whether it was open to begin with or whether someone may have opened it. the family attorney says that chloe's grandfather insists he didn't know that there was a gap there. accordg to that attorney, the family is just at a loss for words. stey're devaed. they're in puerto rico, waiting to reclaim her body. they expect to be back home in indiana sometime this week, craig. >> hearts go out to them. gabe there in texas, thank you. >> thank you,>> gabe. we turn to an alarming situation in mississippi. blooms of tic algae, caused by weeks of heavy rain, is so bad, the state's environmental
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department shut down dozens of beaches. morgan chesky is on the story for us. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. this algae bloom causing serious concerns along this particular h of the gulf coas to look at the water, it is important to note, you can't necessarily see it. experts say the danger is definitely there. as summer heats up, toxic algae blooms are forcing mississippi beachgoers tondtick to the all mainland mississippi beaches are nowlosed after a harmful blue-green algae bloomsere detected along the state's coast. officials shut them dow late last month. experts fr the bacteria could impact the gulf coast region for years to come. >> consequences are, in our opinion, a lot more worse thought. >> reporter: according to the mississippi department of environmental quality, the algae blooms live in water and can cause significant healtis es, including rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and
7:15 am
vomiting. officials are advicing people and pets to avoid water suconta, ch as swimming or wading. adding that any exposed sn should be watched with soap and water. and seafood from the area should be avoided. >> i kept my shoes on today. i usually get to the water. not today. >> reporter: the bacteria live in terrestrial, fresh, brackish, or marine waters, and have been linked to human and animal illnesses around the worl n >> this is good for any of us that are in the tourist business. >> reporter: local businesses like this souvenir shop in bsay they're feeling a sting linked to the closures, and the couldn't be worse. >> this is the last month of our season. school starts the first week of august, so there is no waking it up.s >> reporter: aor why this algae bloom is flourishing now, experts say after weeks of heavy rainfall, it's caused fresh water to go into the gulf, allowing the algae to flourish. savannah, craig? >> all right. thank you very much. they've had son much rain ie
7:16 am
south, al, of course, that's part of the reason. >> we'll come back to you in a moment. more to get to this morning, including a huge celebration planned here in new york city for the world cup winning u.s. women's national soccer team. nbc's stephanie gosk has made her way to city hall for the ticker tape parade. steph, folks already showing up? >> reporter: yeah, they are, it's a lot of fun here. it is going to be a great morning in lower eymanhattan. the been holding the ticker tape parades for over 100 years. this is only the educational background -- second time a women's team has been honored. the last time was four years ago, the last time the wld cup s played, the last time this team won it. 12 of the 123 players on this team was here then, including megan rapinoe. this time, she comes with extra hardware, the golden boot, for having scored t g mostls during the world cup tournament. the team flew to new york frdirectly from ance. let's just say, they haven't really wasted any time
7:17 am
celebrating. check t outir social media accounts. there have been some rooftop partie plenty of champagne, and the odd spin on a yacht, as one does. theye going to be cappi i ping all that celebration here in the streetsmanhattan. the parade starts at battery, then goes to the canyon of heros. they're expecting crowds in the tens of thousands. we're seeing them already lining up. they end up here at the well decorated city hall in new york. there are 3,500 seats here, many handed out to groups like the girl scouts clubs. ceremony ends with the team being given the keys to the city. i suspect that this crew, the doors to new york city were already open, guys. >> oh, yeah. >> back to you. >> indeed. then thell hop a plane and head out to the west coast for the espy's tomorrow. >> they have a busy week. fun though.
7:18 am
they're p bably on the natural high. >> as they should be. as is al roker every day. he wakes up just happy. >> well, we have great jobs. >> we do. >> can't complain really. >> we do. >> right now, in fact, for the parade downtown, with the parade downtown it's going to be close, temperatures upper 80s, sunny and warm, tropical downpours southeast,si oppres south, severe storms firing up. we'll get to those in the next hour but we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the nex 30 sec.
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good morning. i'm storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. sun shining over the washington area this morning. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. it's going to be a sunny and hot afternoon. daytime highs clo to 90 degrees. no worries about rain for today. tomorrow a likelihood of thunderstorms with some pockets of heavy rain. so it will be t a stom4 weather alert day tomorrow. here is the extended forecast. tomorrow we then go back to hot and dry weather just in time for the weekend with highs o saturday and sunday in the 90s. >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up, as mentioned, a woman now accusing of jeffrey epstein of assaulting and raping her when she was just a teenager is sharing her story for the first time with us exclusively. also ahead this morning, a fascinating story from harry smith talking about a wom who played a pivotal role in nasa's histssic miion. why humans may have never walked on the moon without her, but first this is "today" on.
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plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee . "news4 ncer: this is a today" newsbreak. 7:26 is your time now on this wednesday july 10th, 2019. good morning,veone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. today the building that was once d.c.'s providence hospital will reopen as an urgent care facility. operations shut down in april after years of financial . ese new center will operatebl daysou atr week. providence had been the district's oest hospital. also today arlington county tingslding public m concerning amazon's proposed met park site plan. that starts at 7:00 p.m. at the train arcenter. met is a location for amazon's first phase of new development in arlington. now let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and first4traffic.
7:27 am
hi, melissa. >> good morning. 95 after lorto chopper over the crash, it's a bad one. a vehicle underneath that tractor-trailer. right two lanes locked southbound 95 after lorton. it is slow that way. also slow intogewoodbrid chantilly before the parkway, crash, beltway overall looks fine. eun. >> melissa, thank you. we'll take a break now and check .
7:28 am
good morning, everybody. sunshine over washington this morning. it will be bright and sunny all day long tonoy. orries about rainfall today. temperatures in the 60s and 70s now. daytime highs today 89 an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow so to will be a storm team4 weather alert y, but hot, dry, weather returns in time for your weekend. >> all right, chuck.
7:29 am
thank you. another local news update for you in 2 minutes. >> for now back to the "today show" after this short brea.
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we're back now at 7:30. look at that adorable face, tne of many happy faces on our plaza this morning. july 10th, 2019. great crowd out there. we're going to head out and say hello. a little meet and fwregreet in few. first, let's get a check of the headlines this wednesday. growing calls for the president's labor secretary to resign for his role in a case more than a decade ago involving billionaireef financier jey epstein. in 2008, then-prosecutor alexander acosta agreed to a plea deal with epstein in aex crimes case involving underage girls. epstein served 13 months in ja s. now,e democrats say acosta should step down or be fired.
7:31 am
monday, epstein pled not guilt to y to new charges involvira undege girls. president trump is standing by as acosta now, but we'll get a closer look at how he handled the case. former ambassador to the united states tresigneday in the leak of memos, where kim derroch was highly critical of the preident, saying h radiates insecurity and describing the administration as inept and dysfunctional. the memos wereo leaked a british newspaper, infuriating president trump, who launched a stinging twitter account on the diplomat, calling him stupid and whacky. frightening video from a delta airlines flight this morning. it shows what appears to be a loose part rattling around in one of the plane's engi vs. theideo was recorded by a passenr. the flight from atlanta to baltimore was forced to make an emergency lan ng in raleigh, north carolina, on monday. the aircraft landed without incident.
7:32 am
delta apologized to the 148 passengers. they were placed on another plane to complete their trip to baltimore. we turn now to our "today" exclusive. this morning, yet another woman is coming forward with allegations against jeffrey epstein. jennifays she was raped when she was in high school. she was not pt of th case that epstein pleaded not guilty to in new york. she relates an account how she was groomed and raped by epstein. a warning, especially if you eave little ones in the room, the story you'rbout to hear is graphic and disturbing. >> oh, my gosh, i was 14 years old. that the hell, you know? when you're tha young. >> reporter: jennifer el rose grew up in new york, with dreams of becomina broady actress. she was accepted to a performing arts school in the city, andt i was in 2001 when a woman first approached her. >> she was definitely trying to get to know me.
7:33 am
trying to find out where i was from, where i grew up, who i lived with. >> reporter: the woman kept showing up, talking to her, offering to buy h lunch or a soda. im>> the first te she brought up the nameey jeffr epstein, how did she describe him to you? >> he was just a great guy. justsaying, you know, he helped me. i've struggled. she was similar to me. >> did she saye could help you with your career? >> that was a big part of it. >> when you think of her now, you used the phrase, you said, the recruiter. >> oh, insure. >> looking for someone. >> 100%. >> reporter: the recruiter brought her to epstein's townhouse, blocks from the school. when you first met him, what'd you think? what'd he say? >> very nice. basically saying, you know, he's heard a lot about me. the recruiter was talking such nice things. >> reporter: she was served wine in epstkin's hen, and they talked. when she left, she says she was given $300 and was repeatedly invited back.
7:34 am
>> the sectary would contact me and say, are you free? can you come by, you know. epstein would like to see you. >> reporter: she becamethamiliar wi the epstein's home. >> it was a lot of artwork with nudity. >> suggestive? >> very suggestive. he had a bathtub that was kind of,open and there were prosthetic breasts he could play with when he was taking a bath, i guess. it was very thd. an painting that literally right next, like the massage table would be here, and the painting would be right here. it was like a very pretty naked wom woman. he used to say i looked like her. >> reporter: she says after a few weeks of visit, she was escorted to epstein's favorite room ithe house, the massage room, and things turned physical. at that moment -- >> at that moment. at the sameime, i was scared, too, because i didn't know if
7:35 am
he'd get angry. i kind of jus followed. i'd have just my underwear on. that's how he liked it. iould just get massages back, then he would potentially, later on, turn over and play with himself. he would also, like, when i would play with his nipples, he used to get turned on by that. then he would finish himself off, then that would be the end it. he would still give me the $300 you know. normally, i would either get it from the secretary, who would leave it in drawer, or in the massage room. o >> how often d you think you were there? >> once a week, twice week my freshman here. h did you ever tell your age? >> i told the recruiter. i mentioned it in front of him, yes. >> you were 14 years old. >> he knew very well my age. he knew exactly, you know, who
7:36 am
he was hanging out with. i don't think he car:d. >> repor when she turned 15, she said things tu s took a tur >> just take your underwear off and get on top. i said i didn'tant to. he, you know, very forcefully kind of brought me to the table. i just did what he told me to do. i waseally scared. i didn't necessarily think he wasoing to rape me. >> did he hold you there? >> yeah, mm-hmm. >> no question in your mind, he knew you did not want that to >> oh, yeah, definitely. there was no way. i was like -- don't want to say i was screaming or anything of that nature. but i was terrified, and i wasi telling to stop. please stop, you know. >> did he? >> no, he didst not .
7:37 am
he had no intentions of stopping. that's what he wanted. that's what he got. >> when you left there, you never went back? >> after that ,y, no i never went back. i was terrified. i was really scared. i didn't want that to happen again. >> and you left school. did you leave the school because it was in the same neighborhood? >> yeah, it was so close. >> in yourmind, did you use the word "rape"?ou did y recognize it t as rape? >> no, i don't think i did. i just thought, like, you know, it's my fault. i ,s, like obligated, like that's what you're supposeto do. so i -- i really did not know better. >> when did you stop blaming yourself? >> um, it was a long time,
7:38 am
really. reporter: epstein's staff continued to reach out to her for more than a year, but she did not respond. she said she i didn'tmmediately tell anyone, including the police, something she says she now regrets. did jeffrey epstein rape you? >> yeah,no, he raped me. forcefully raped me. knew exactly what he was doing. i don't think cared. what hurts even more so is that if iasn'tfraid to come forward sooner, then maybe he wouldn't have done it to other girls. i feel really guilty. to this day, i feel really guilty. >> reporter: she suffered from crippling anxiety, depression, and panic attacks for years, until she finally confined in her mother, her then-boyfriend, and two close friends. three told nbc news that she first told them about her interactions with jeffrey epstein a decade ago. the frth about six years ago. have you ever tried to reach out to prosecutors and tell this
7:39 am
story? >> no. i did i not. s just too scared. i didn't really want to go, you know, public with it. >> you intend to file a lawsuit. what would you say to those who say, a civil suit, lawyer, this is about getting money? >> you know, he -- he hurt me, otdly. i'd prefer n to go through this so, you know, this is one way for me to get justice. >> what does it takeo find the sourage to speak and tell your story? lot. even though maybe i don't look it because i'm so sad, but also happy tears because i'm able to, u know, let myself go of thisrd buen. i feel brave. i feel strong, more than ever
7:40 am
right now. >> nbc news reached out to epstein's attorneys for comment multiple times, but they have not responded to those requests. in previous discussions with arosa's laers, they've challenged her credibility. >> during the course of the conversation, did she say whether she saw other underage girls around? >> she never saw any other girls. in fact, after she told her then-boyfriend about it, years passed, then this case, this publicity around epstein and thn case ilorida came out. that was the first time she said shshe as you just saw, she said she was devastated becausehe felt if she had had what she felt was the courage to speak up and say something, maybe she could have stopped this from happening to othergirls. >> thank you. thank you for that. still ahead here on this wednesday morning, a new looe at historic apollo 11 moon mission, 50 years later, from the woman, the woman w made it possible. harry sth shares his conversation with an iniring
7:41 am
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7:45 am
so i talked to my child's doctor. now that you know that hpv s,n lead to certain cancer don't wait. talk to your child's doctor today. welcome back to "today." >> 7:45 now. time for another check of the forecast. besides this system we're watc >> be sides the system in the gulf, we have severe weather across good swath of the country, green bay to texas, damaging winds, and could see i tornadoesthe upper midwest. as we move on into tomorrow, we've got the threat making its way from the northeast into mississippi and ohio river 13 million peoe at risk. the tornado risk low. that's the good news. damaging winds and hail possible as the system, cold front crosses across the midwest. the risk is from wisconsin all th way down to texas for today. continues on into thursday into the northeast. strong storms will start firing up byon the afternorobably causing some airport delays from
7:46 am
the northeast into new england. bad, all amounts not too anywhere from a quarter of an inch to an inch of rain. that's what ha> our neck of the be sunny and hot today. temperatures are in the 60s and w 70s now with a cle sky overhead. after mostly sunny afternoon, we'll have a high temperature of 89 with a lightndouth wi for tomorrow, more humidity means rain chances are back. an 80% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and ening. those storms could be strong, severe and unfortunately with our saturated soil the flash flood risk is relatively high. weather alert for thursday, hot and dry for your weekend. >> that's your l >> that's your lates weather. >> thank you. coming up, more seen footage from jfkjr .'s seen footage from jfkjr .'s fairy tale wedding is not just a headach this is not just a fever.
7:47 am
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7:56 am
proun >> announcer: is a "news4 today" newsbreak. 7:56 is jy you 10th, 20od. gomorning, everyone. i'm eun yang. closer to becoming a reality in d.c. the council voted to approve a measure for future betting app. stay with news 4 for updates. now let's check first4traffic with melissa mollet will a bad accident? >> bad accident, some delays. a vehicle went underneath a tractor-trailer parked on the right side of the ro coulde her time. outer loop bween 195, disabled vehicles causing slowtown. the rest of the beltway looking pretty typical. eun. >> thanks, melissa. we'll take a bak now and check
7:57 am
your for.
7:58 am
good morning.
7:59 am
i'm srm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright and sunny day in the washington area. it's going to stay that way all day long today. wno rain tory about today. 75 in washington and quantico. 73 now in fairfax county. high today 89 degrees with a light south wind. for tomorrow, hot and humid. enough more humidity tomorrow to have an 80% chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. soou of those c be strong. heavy rain is also a possibility so tomorrow will be a storm team4 weather alert today. staying hot and dry for your weekend plans. >> all right, chuck. thank you. pdate for cal news you in 25 minutes. nowy back to the "todaow" after this.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 o "today." coming up, under fire. the growing calls for president trump's labor secretary to resign over his role in a controversial plea deal with accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. >> alex acosta cut epstein a sweetheart deal. >> this morning, the president standing by his cabinet member. what happens next? we're live with the latest. plus, one giant leap. 50 years after thepo ao 11 mission to the moon, we'll meet the woman who helped make it possible. >> that's source code for the apollo guidance computer. >> ahead, how margaret hamilton's work ledo the first steps on the moon. and that' thespirit. beyonce releases a new song from
8:01 am
the "lion king" ahead of the highly anticipated movie premiere. we'll take a listen to the music that has the beyhive buzzing today, wednesday, july 10th, 2019. ♪ >> here for julianna's 17th birthday. >> good morning, georgia. >> to our grandma watching in south ca ilina. ♪ i can't have you >> we love you. >> from texas, celebrating 20 years ofod marriage t. >> hi, i'm hillary. today, i'm visiting my 50th state. >> 45 years ago today -- >> -- i mareed the lov of my life. >> how about that? >> cutie alert out on the plaza. morning, everybody. weome back totoday." nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. we love those the movement, my today plaza hashtag is sweeping the nation.
8:02 am
twitter, instagram, put your video up, we find it and put it on tv. as simple as that. >> we'll get outside in ant mome first, your news at 8:00. pressure is growing on president trump's labor secretary to step down over his role in a 2008 plea deal for sex offender jepry e jeffrey epstein. the billionaire is facing new charging.icking kristen welker has the very latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning, there are growing lls from democrats on the campaign trail and capitol hill, demanding the prident's lab secretory, alex acosta, resign. it all comes ofon bilre financier jeffrey epstein pleaded not guilty to new sex trafficking charges on underage gis from 2002 to 2005. there is renewed scrutiny on acosta, a flo es.psr tef in a separate sex crimes case, which he served 13 months in jail and registered as a sex offeer. acosta tweeted tuesday, the
8:03 am
crimes committed by epstein are horrific, and i am pleased new york prosecutors are moving forward with the case based on new evidence. at the white house, president trump stood b acosta, praising him as an excellent secretary of labor. he added his administration will look into the controversial plea deal. the question now, will the president change his mind about acosta if the public scrutiny becomes too intense? craig? >> kristen welker from the white house, thank you. this morning, in an nbc news exclusive, another woman has come forward with accusations against jeffrey epstein. jennifer aroza is not part of the criminal case in which epstein pleaded not guilty this week. she says he recruited her whenw she a young high school student in new york almost two decades ago.rape you? >> yeah, he raped me, forcefully raped me. knew exactly what he was doing. i don't think cared. what hurts even more so is that if i wn't afraid to come
8:04 am
forward sooner, then maybe he wouldn't have done it to other girls. nbc news reached out to epstein's attorneys for comment multiple times. they have not responded to those requests. in previous discussions with aroza's lawyers, epstein's attorneys challenged her credibility. the full interview is tod the family of a california woman killed by a shark in the bahamas says the company that took her on a snorkeling trip could have done more to help. nbc's kerry standers joins us with that story. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. this morning, the family of tha victim is pushing for new regulations and safety procedures in the wake of that horrific shark attack. two weeks ago, jordan lindsey was snorkeling in the bahamas when she was kttacked andled by a shark. now, her family hopes that by pushing new regulations, that they can prevent something like this from ever happening again to someone else. thismorning, jordan lindsey's
8:05 am
devastated family says mhae could ve been done to help ther- 21-yead, killed by a shark in the bahamas last month. the california college student was snorkeling with her mother when she was attacked. the family noways in a statement, contrary to initial news reports, no one with sandy toes, the comtny tha took them snorkeling, jumped in to help. quote, shockingly, no staff mobilized to assist in a way. instead, joan's mom remembers staffhe telling t to swim to shore. shortly before, a shark came between them and again attacked jordan. adding, wunts once out of thewa sandy toes staff provided no first aid whatsoever. jordan was pronounced dead at the hospital. in response to the family's aims, the company, in a statement, says in part, all reasonable steps were taken to prevent this very unfortunate nd incident, a our staff responded swiftly and in line with our emergency protocols a
8:06 am
procedures. on its website, the company says it is not responsible for injury to guests while on the excursion, addingst gues must sign waivers to participate. jordan is n the firstmerican attacked by a shark in the bahamas. just eht days later, officials say a 32-year-old florida man was also bitten whilesn keling. the extent of his injuries, unknown. it is not clear if he was part of a formalio excursn. fisherman jonathan hernandez was etacked days befor jordan. he says a makeshift tourniquet saved his life. stressing that everyone out on the water needs to be prepared for the worst. >> have the knowledge. use the medical equipment. make sure eveone on the boat knows where it is at. >> reporter: jordan's family now hopes sharing their story will lead the excursion industry in the bahamas to put more safety measures in place,nc iluding mandatory first aid ks and training, and designating asp ter to look out for sharks and other predators.
8:07 am
already, jordan lindsey's f family's call action is getting results. overnight, the bahamian government telling nbc news they've launchedinn stigation into what happened after the shark attack. telling nbc news, in part, safety of our visitors is of critical importance. craig? >> kerry sanders, keep us posted. thank you. this morning, fa , loved ones, and former colleagues are mourning the loss of veteran actor rip rn. he died yesterday in his home in connecticut. >> we'll find out tomorrow. >> this guy spent so much time in the sand, that his nickname should be -- >> a television stage and films th spanned six decades. tony o andar nominations for early roles in dark dramas. he became known to a younger generation for "men in black," "30 rock," and on "the larry sanders show," which earned him
8:08 am
an emmy award. rip tornas 88 years old. 8:07. how about a boost? >> we have a real cute one today. having a pet, we all know, can bring out the tender side of a child. watch this little boy in virginia singing a lullaby to his baby bunny. >> he needs you to sing to him. ♪ rock a bye bunny on a treetop ♪ ♪ when the wind blows the cradle will rock ♪ ♪ and down come bunny, cradle and all ♪ >> oh, man. >> okay. i mean, theet swess overload right there. by the way, look at all his other bunnies. they're waiting for a little one-on-one attention. super cute little boy. love his overalls. >> yeah. >> love everything about it. >> that's a good one. that's a good boost. >> is it dusty in here >> no, no. >> just checking. carson is back. he's going to give us a listen to beyonce's new song from the "lion king" that just dropped overnight. first, ahead of apollo 11's
8:09 am
50th anniversary, harry smith introdes us to the woman who helped put the first astronauts on the moon. >> the software had o work the first time, and there was no second chan s. >> she'llre a remarkable story behind the scenes on one ofhe most t ♪ ♪ so kim, you gofeg for our big drive sa save discount? yup, using the app. i'veeen quite vigilant. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess witmy discount!' faster mommy, i gotta go to the baroom. i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount. easy, easy! but you're in labor? don't mess wh my discount! uh hem. get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save from state farm. prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check tolay.d in good housekeeping.
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8:12 am
it's one small step for man. >> we're back at 8:11 now. celeating the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking apollo 11 mission this week and next with our ne giant leap" series. >> there's a lot to celebrate. july 20th, 1969, the u.s. became the first country to land on the moon. this morning, we focus on one of the 400,000 americans who made s it pole. a working mom in an era when there weren't a lot of working moms. harry smith joins us with her ory. the woman who helped men get on the moon. >> you know, these stories, of which i am so, so high, al, this is up your alley, right? people, we of those get to meet a lot ofy reall cool people, this woman, way up on the top of the list take a look. >> reporter: when you look at old photos from the apollo program, you see a lot of men. check out thisshot.
8:13 am
without a young woman named margaret hamilton, the lunar landing, walking on the moon, ih mighe been a different story. >> that's source code for theol guidance computer. >> reporter: a 5 foot pile of computer instructions that sent the crew of apollo 11 to the moon, and got them back. look at that. >> we were havg a good time. they were worried it was going to fall on me, but i liked the idea of stackin them up. >> reporter: written by hamilton and a team of software programmers at mit's instrumentation lab, developed when many thought software was an undergarment, a puzzle, i seems, even to astronauts, like mikes. collin had you ever heard the word e" "softwar before? >> i don't think so. mit was a mystery to a large extent. >> reporter: hamilton's husband was studying law at harvard. she was a mom with a math degree, who boldly pursued a job
8:14 am
at mit. at the time, almost unheard of. were people judgmental about you and your life? >> it was the culture. one of the men walked up and asked me, how could i leave my ild at home? that's when i said to him, you what's right for you, and i'll do what's right for me. >> reporter: her code would be housed in a computer astoni astonishingly small. this is the actual computer? >> it is a shoe box, wedding cake type thing, back here. >> reporter: at an era when computers took up entire basements, apollo 11's could be only a foot. it'd be the first to guide a human anywhere, this to the moon. >> it'd be a fraction of your phone's processing power. >>eporter: hamilton often brought her daughter, lauren, to
8:15 am
work, especially at night or on weekends. it was during one such vauit thatn was playing astronaut on the apollo simulator, flying to the moon, wh -- >> a sudden, it came crashing down, her simulation. >> reporter: the system crashed. >> i thought, whatever she's done, that can't happen on a flight. that would not be good. it was program one, which is a pre-launch program. reporter: she's out in outer space and hit the keys for pre-launch. >> it clobbered everything. >> reporter: hamilton tried to warn nasa but -- >> they said, yeah, but the astronau are so well trained, it won't happen. it just won't happen. >> reporter: sure enough, while in space, onpollo 8, astronaut jim lovell accidentally punched in the samecode. >> for some reon, there is no altitude lht on the computer. >> reporter: it took hours to get the navigation system back on track. hamilton and the team at mit knew the astronauts were risking
8:16 am
their lives on the software they wrote. >> at the time, a man's life was at stake. the software had to work the first time. there was no second chance. it also had to be able to detect errors in real time and recover from them. >> reporter: hamilton's software was put to e test in just that way on apollo 11. neil armstrong and buzz aldrin for descending to the moon's surfacehen -- >> program alarm. they see an alarm, and buzz aldrin calls it out. i remember thinking, if it is going to go off, does it have to go off now, of all times? >> reporter: the arm went off because non-critical data was suddenly overloading the computer. >> now, thanks to people like margaret hamilton, the computer realized, i'll drop my low priority stuff and keep the important stuff going. ll soldieron. the whole system recovered from that anomaly, and armstrong
8:17 am
landed on the hemoon. >> t eagle has landed. >> reporter: neil armstrongs steput of the module, steps a foot on the lunar surface. what were you feeling at that exact moment? >> not only was i that the e astronauts werhe first people on the moon. >> that's one small step for man. >> but it was like software was the first software to run on the moon. >> one giant leap for mankind. >> i just felt fortunate. >> amazing woman. you have to understand the context of this time, right in her husband is at harvard law school. during that a, it was almost an expectation that if you had a spouse with you in cambridge, she was there to serve she was theo aide you in your ongoing life. n' if you had kids, somebody saying, why aret you home with your child? >> ait mom w a math degree. butai she s the atmosphere at
8:18 am
mit was very collegial, and they all had this idea that they were actually pioneers. they were doing something no one had done before. the computers filled the basement, the buildings back then. these were the first mobile computers ever designed. >> you brought show and tell. ng >> you're goi to love this. right? so people in history get to be honored sometimes in som of the most amazing ways. if you look very closely, lego ran one of those sort of, hey,t us who we should pay attention to with apollo coming up. there's margaret. >> wow! >> that's awesome. >> overdue, right?oi >> what's she now? >> she has her own business. listen, she went -- >> running for president. >> she went to work in cambridge. she started working first in meteorological stuff, then on some defense stuff. she was in this yinfanc of this industry. heard about the job opening at mit and nasa. they made her the head of that
8:19 am
prograse >> well ed. >> when you think about what the computer technology that put man on the moon. >> ding, ding, ding,th ding. is cell phone, the one i hold in my hand 1 million times more powerful than the computers, the one on the module, the landing module, and the command lecodmo. a million times more powerful. >> incredible. we're going to really soak in few anniversary the nex days. i know you have a lot more stories to tell, harry, including a look at the st that helped neil armstrong take those first steps. al is going to be live at kennedy space center next tuesday for the official anniversary. >> oh, that's going to be good. >> launch day. one of o proudestmoments. >> you'll be geeking out down in florida, for sure. >> oh, yes. get to host the buzz aldrin foundation gala tuesday night. it is going to be very nighting. before all of that, how about a lite check of the weather? >> all right. we're going to take a look. we're watching t >> all right. we're going to take a look. we're watching the tropics now.
8:20 am
we have this invest area 92-l. we're keeping an eye on that. a 90% chance of formaon next few days of the tropical system. five-day development zone. even if we don't get it, still heavy rainhe along coast, gusty winds, storm surges possible. this is the highest chance of landfall potential from new orleans to texas/louisiana coast but everybody has to watch this thing. the westerly track could bring it into texas. track takes it into louisiana or parts of mississippi. rainfall amounts, the american model basically brings about 7 to 10" o rain. heaviest rain along that storm track. look at the european model. some areas, this is extreme rainfall corridor. upwards of 15 for 18" of rain. be watching this veryovlosely the next 72 hours. that's what goin h>
8:21 am
>> meteorologist lauryn ricketts, talking about these ce temperatures out there. 70s out there, 75 in washington. tons of humidity out there now. as we t continue throu day, the temperatures will be righta ound 90 degrees. expect that sunshine out there today. we're dry today but weather alert tomorrow a. >> and that's your latest >> and that's your latest weather. craig? all right, mr. roker, thank you, sir. jbh at the table. we know what that ans. >> it means carson better be getting ready. >> pop start. pop start could be 1/10th ass rivetingny harry smith story, i'd be thrilled. that man brings it. >> we should have harry the whole show. >> time in and time out, when he comes to the desk, his pieces are incredibleo >> you haveollow it. >> oh, so good. it is like following chris rock if you're a comedian. this is terrible. >> you can do it. >> i like to go before the harry smith piece next ti . i'll stastrong. the internet is buzzing this morning because of beyonce. grand entrance to the hollywood
8:22 am
premiere, "lion king" last night, bringing along her eldes daughterblue ivy. th had mother/daughter matching dresses. quite the statement. beyonce's husband, jay-z was there. if that wasn't enough to get the beyhive going, beyonce released a new song overnight, "spirit," written specifically for the film. here's a.ittle list ♪ rise up to the light ♪ it's high up, burn a blaze through the night♪ ♪ yeah, spirit ♪ watch the heavens open ♪ yeah, spirit, can you hear it roaring ♪ >> wela pd renee llweger's
8:23 am
"judy garland" yesterday, and at was oscar heavy. >> you saw the film last night. >> how is it? >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> wow. >> we're jealous of al. >> i didn't think it could top the original. i think it did. >> there's a ton of great music with the movie. >> yeah. >> there is a soundtrack that has the beyonce song on it, but she sort of curated and produced a companion album to the "lion king," called the gift with international artists. that's coming out the same day as the movie, july 19th. up next, from pure joy to some just really major disappointment, i think. aaron paul and bryan cranston finally announced their new project. it is not exactly what "breaking bad" fans for hoping for. speculation the two were working on a spin-off postarted when thy donkeys, then walking in the creek. they announced the project they've been --
8:24 am
well, it is tequila. >> what? >> what is wrong with that? >> no "breaking bad" sequel. they're launching an alcohol brand after discovering what they think is the best in mexico. cranston wrote, we had the time of our lives while shooting "breaking bad" and formed a bond. we are sharing a new project. >> they punked us. >> fans were hoping for a reboot of the series. instead, tequila. >> following in george clooney's footsteps. >> the smoky stuff. it's an acquired taste. >> tastes a little like a barbecue in a cup. not that great. >> it is not for >> not for everybody. >> spicy. >> tequila is. >> for sure. >> not for everybody. >> well, yeah. some people can't participate. >> justie our s. >> definitely look a turn. anyway, where is harry smith when you need him?
8:25 am
get us back on the raavs. >> hg a drink. >> seth meyers answered a of savannah's rapid fire questions on a new episode of "six minutes with savannah." opened about "saturday night live," an, audition and advice from a former co-star. >> if you could relive one year in your life, which would it be? >> one day, i knowca specifiy what it'd be. >> what? >> the day i found out i got "snl" was the most exciting day because it es before any of th stress of "snl" started. all i got to do for a whole day was call people and tell themte >> i'm a wri for "snl." >> yeah. >> what was the audition like? did you have to submit writings or perform? >> it was a five-minute, on-stage audition of stuff you wrote, you did impressions of characters. rachel gave me the best tip. when you audition, no one will laugh. pele do laugh a little bit, so if you hear no one is going o laugh, if you hear a ill this bit of a laugh, youthink, i'm crushing it. >> do they do that on purpose? >> head to for t full interview.
8:26 am
you'll learn what a savannah retha is. >> that's straight ahead, never before seen video today" newsbreak. i'm meteorologist lauryn ricketts we are looking at a beautiful day out there now. it's going to be warm. temperatures are going to be right arou 90 degrees. it is going to be gorgeous out there tomorrow, weatheralert. showers and thunderstorms through late tomorrow evening. could have a stray morning shower on friday. by the time wget into saturday, we return to sunny, warm conditions. those temperatures out there right now in the 70s. we've got a touchf humidity out there. but again, we are remaining dry out there for today. plenty ofsunshine. again, those temperatures right around 90. f you're headed to the pool, make sure you're putting on the spf. you'll let's talk about that tropical system down in t.
8:27 am
8:28 am
and welcome back, everybody. temperatures today approaching that 90 degree mark. again, plenty of sunshine. now, tomorrow a horse of a different color. temperatures right around 90 degrees. this weather alert, strong storms mainly in th afternoon but about 80% chance you'll see them. maybe a shower or two tomorrow morning. then after lunch time, aar bets e off. we'll have to watch for flooding and we'll have to watch for possiblyamaging winds. that could lead into your friday early morning. we're also watching this. this could be a tropical b
8:29 am
disturbanc the time we head into late tonight and into early tomorrow. t anotherng we're watching. otherwise for us, weekend looking beautiful all the way into early next week.
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now. it is a wednesday morning. it's july 10th. did you know it was july 10th? give us some camera time of the crowd on the plaza. this is a lively buh. yeah. happy anniversary. >> good morning. >> who has that crowd moment? >> i have got it. >> jenna bush hager. >> is julianna here anywhere?
8:31 am
hi, it's your birthday, right? >> yeah, it is my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> you know what? nobody has ever painted a sign for hoda and me yet, so thank you so mu. >> oh, my god, it's my favorite show ever. >> it is? >> yeah. well, do you want to come in at 10:00 and hang out with me? course! of oh, my god. >> hoda is still on maternity leave. >> i know. >> do you like willie geist? >> i love willie geist. >> perfect. who doesn't love willie geist? thank you for coming, and happy birthday. >> thank you so much! >> thank you. >> wow,hey, that's pretty cool. >> it's fun. what's coming up? >> guys coming up, an exclusive look at what could be the future of transportation. who is ready for this? drones that will one day carry you where you need to go. >> cary ry us? >> instead of uber or lyft, it is a lift in r.e ai >> what could go wrong? >> haven't perfected the drone bringing groceries yet.
8:32 am
>> people? >> yeah. >> no. >> the future is here. we'll take you inside a famously private wedding weekend, with never before seen footage from one of jfk jr.'s close friends. must-have guide to help you find better deals and better products. > coming up in a few minutes on the third hour of "today," two scientists who are using their smarts to help pple in a unique way. what inspired them to re-think the coffee mug? it is a fascinating story. we'll aave that in few minutes. before all of that, mr. roker? >> it is a little close here, right? >> yeah. >> little warm, humid. we h a little warm, a little humid. got our soccer friends here. heat wave going on. my goodness, heat advisories, warnings for 30 million people, lower mississippi and ohio river valley. the heat is going to continue oppressively warm with high heat indexes of triple digits. houston, dallas, wichita, chicago, savannah, always like
8:33 am
to say savannah. across cities. tomorrow, continuing tomobile, onto little rock, corpus christi. the heat will stayaknd m its way into the northeast. new york city, cleveland, richmond, on into kansas city and minneapolis. it is going to be a hot weekend coming up. that's what going on aroun well g we've a little haze out there right now. the humidity, beable. 's not oppressive, 75 degrees. southwest wind pushing a little morehumidity. you'll feel it later on tonight and you'll definitely feel it tomorrow. today, temperatures topping out 90ght around degrees. we are dry today. sun going down just about 8:30. tomo ow, hot andhumid. it is weather alert, showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. we'll have to watch for that flooding threat. not as bad as the other morning but still around. >> that's your latest this couple, what's your name? >> marvin green. >> estella. >> 45 years of marriage,
8:34 am
birthday the se day. bucket lis >> that's right. >> all right. >> they are adorable. love that. coming up next, a touching story behind the never before seen footage of jfk jr.'s fairy tale wedding. we'll hear from the man who was there and filmed him. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
we are back with our special series "remembering jfk jr." >> we've told you about that never before seen footage from his wedding that is now being revealed. c's anne thompson is here with more of those images and the story behind those images, as well. >> yeah. that's really interesting. irst, the pictures, the wedding. john f kennedy jr. and his wife, carolyn bessette, died 20 years ago next week, three a yearser eing married on george's cumberland island. a wedding that one of the most
8:37 am
photographed men in the world pulled off away from the prying lenses of the paparazzi. only captured on video by a long-time friend. >> reporter: this morning, never before seen footage pulling back the curtain on a love story that captivated the nation. >> look forward to getting to know carolyn's family more it still sticks in my craw that she's going to be called my wife come sunday. >> reporter: john f kennedy jr.'s marriage to carolyn bessette in cumberland island off the georgia coast, partpc o an uing tlc documentary. his long-time friend billy recorded it on his camcorder and is giving it to the filmmakers. sassy, dead gorgeous, could be edgy, and i think john liked that. it was aittle different angle than his world. >> reporter: the political spotlight trained on him since
8:38 am
his eaiest days in the white house. after h father's assassination and this salute seen around the globe, john f. kennedy blossomin his own. >> quarter century father stood before you to accept the nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: becoming an ttorney and very eligible bachelor. >> it wasn't until after he got to college that he sort of morphed into this sexiestan alive. >> reporter: for their wedding, the famous bride and groom prioritizing secrecy. >> ready for all of this? >> you better believe r:. >> reporte the guests taking a private plane to florida. >> kidding me? >> no. >> look at thatr: >> reportehen boarding a motori georgia. >> i owe all of you a great debt of gratitude. i realize that we imposed
8:39 am
certain f. kennedy turned the secrecy to his t st to thebride-to-be. >> you changedy life ways i never thought possible. justade me the happiest man alive. >>orter: the next day, traveling off road to the wedding ceremony in jeeps and p pick-u trucks, following paths un-trackable by paparazzi to a church in the woods. >> it was amazing to have experienced it. when i look at the video now, i and ze how magical it was how special it was. >> nuni was supposed to haveit dinner w jfk the nighte his plan went down. you'd wonder why he'd make these videos public. he said they were sitting in a shoe box collecting dust, and as we approach the 20th anniversary
8:40 am
wa their deaths, he wanted to celebrate what the happiest day of their lives. >> presumably was paid for the video, as well. >> yes, he license the videos. i felt kind of creepy watching it. >> right. >> you knew privacy was so .portant to th it was everything. >> it is interesting, after all these years, to put them out there for people to see. >> yeah. >> like that. >> by the way, you can watch the documentary on tlc this saturday.nk anne, tha you. just ahead, could passenger drones one day put an end to traffic as we know it? we can only hope. >> traffic in the sky. >> sneak peek at the technology that could revolutionize your commute. >> carson daly won't fly in on >> i'll meet ya there
8:41 am
8:42 am
so, let's talk about conference calls. there's always a certain amount of fumbling. a lot of times it doesn't work. we have problems. comcast business goes beyond fast. by letting you make and receive calls from any device using your business line. and conference calls you can join without any dial-ins or pins. there are currently 3 members in this conference. i like that. i like that too. i would use that in a heartbeat. comcast business has the solutions you need. get started for just $39.95 per month. call 1-800-501-6000 today. back at 8:42 with a major advance in the future of transportation involving drones. >> that's ght. many companies experiment with them to deliver packages, but in
8:43 am
the n too distant future, you could be riding in much bigger passenger versions of drones to avhe traffic down below. morgan kmes schesky joins us no explain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hard to believe in a few years, we've gone from something like this to a drone to carry a human being. uber is investing in drones. ook at one exclusive company who says they'll be in our skies in theext decade. theseredays, going nowhere fast, with drivers spending the equivalent of two and a half work weeks a year stuck in traffic. makes youbo fantasize flying above it all, like the jensons. now, that dream is becoming a reality. re, in a top secret facility in the hls outside austin, texas, we got an exclusive sneak peek at the future ofor
8:44 am
transptation. this passenger drone, called the hexa, is anltra light aircraft powered by 18 electric propellers. it seats one, goes more than 60 miles an hour, and flies up to 1,200 feet in the air. its creators at lyft aircraft, no relation to the rideshari service, says it is so easy to fly, you don't need a pilot's license. >> the first time you took this , what did that feel like? >> exciting. >> the ceo says rapid advances in drone technology mea in the next decade, this is how many of us may be going from point a to b. >> the average commute can take up to 90 minutes in eltric aircraft have the possibility to bring it down to just 7 to 10 minutes. >> reporter: what is it like to actual fly the hexa? for the sake of liability, i'm not going to be taking it up today, but in a few shortnt , anyone can have the chance to take this on their own test flight.
8:45 am
experts say the potential for passenger drones is literally sky high. major companies like rbus and boeing are already developing them. justas lt month, ridesharing giant, uber, held a summit for federal regulators to promote its uber elevate project, aee fl of air taxis the company plans to launch in major cities as early as 2023. >> we can move off the grid and into the sky in a meaningful way. >> reporter: for air taxis to become a reality, t faa has to develop new safety regulations. mething chasen says could take five years. to avoid delay, he's launching his hexa as a recreational ride, available to thrill seekers in atst one u.s. city by year's end. >> this joystick is all you need to control it. it is kind of like a video game. gh reporter: to learn to fly, customers go throu an hour of training in a simulator like this. just went through a tree. for $150, you'll take the hexa up for 15 minutes over an
8:46 am
uncongested area, with ground engineers abl to table control remotely. >> there is an autonomous pachute that deploys. >> you're floating back down to earth. >> you get a parachute ride back down. >> reporter: drones like this cost about $200,000, but chasen says the technology will spread, and prices will fall. >> in the future, you can own one of these, have it in your garage, wheel it and fly to work. >> wow. all right. so first of all, morgan, no one is going to be flying inin inin where you are in new orleans, which is like a monsoon. may seem like an o question but with all the drones flying around, what's being done to make sure that they don't crash into each other? >> reporter: yeah, that is the big question, guys. in fact, we asked the faa, and they said, quote, t will take considerable effort to make sure that all the c drones safely fly in the air at the same time. meanwhile, uber tells us they plan to do at test fli of the
8:47 am
air taxis as soon as next year in a couple ties. the big question though, how do you fly a drone when you have a downpour like the one we're standing r inht now? that is the question i posed to developers as they look into this issue further. >> the always unflappable morgan chesky. >> this is part of the system developing in the gulf, the outer bands. >> hear the thunder. >> would you hop in one ofos th >> no. >> not at all. >> not in a -- no. >> "backe future" did predict this. who o thknows? >> i tught the "jensons" predicted this. >> seriously, not getting in there. savannah guthriave us. >> i'm not into it either, but i'm here with dave, the genius of the grocery store. he's got five hacks coming up. how you get the best produce, the best products, and the best prices at the store. first, this is "today" on nbc. that looks delicious.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
all right. all of us have a go-to supermarket, but which chains can help us shop faster and offer the greatest products? well, we have the founder of eat this, not that, website. he has the answer, looking the top five grocers in the country to find the best buys for each. i love when you do all the hard work for us. >> s, thanks. that's exactly what happened here. just like there's safety in numbers, there is savings in numbers, if you know what to look for. >> first of all, is there a certain time you should go to the grocery store? >> wednesday morning. >> really? >> wednesday mornin >> why? >> you shop in peace. freshest produce. some of the best deals start dweek. >> okay. let's go to our stores. >> okay. >> first with costik. people l to go there and buy in bulk. >> what you need to do is learn to nab a goodt disco on bulk, and you need to know what to buy in bulk and what not to buyn bulk. anything you could easily freeze
8:51 am
and eat later. we're talking about butter, bacon, organic chicken. >> chicken. >> things like that. >> but freeze it. >> freeze it. >> what not to buy in bu a? >>thing that can go bad, that you don't want to buy large quantities of. could be spices, flour, baking powder, condiments, coffee. >> that stuff goes bad? >> yeah, it does. >> it's been in my cabinet since the '70s. >> it goes bad. this isirkland extra virgin olive oil. $12.99 for 2 liters. costco makes sure it is 100% thentic italian extra virgin olive oil. le next, who foods. what is the knack there? >> case discounts. >> what is that? iv anything you buy there in a case, they'll g you 10% off of. >> oh. i didn't know you could buy a case. >> only thing you can't do is mix and etch. if you'r getting like yogurt
8:52 am
for your smoothies or a particular flavor you like, you're in business. they'll give you10% off. that's the only restriction. >> what's your buy you like there? >> well, the bulk, these are great. sayou're trying ade repe bannd d'tno i ma you howant tmeo buy a whole bag ingredients. you can go to e bulk bins and buy these in any quantities you want. this is a trail mix that has dried cher rries. >> make your own, basically. >> yeah, chocolate chips, anything like that. >> talk about kroger. what's the helpful hack there. >> kroger i awesome. this is a great tip right here. this is the ten for $10 tip, meaning even if you don't buy ten items for $1 a piece, totally $10, they'll honor the $1 per item. you don't have to go in on ten with al, and he'll -- >> you buy tenou things? >>fisay, i only want . they'll respect it.
8:53 am
as long as you have y shopping card, you can buy three for $1. >> i went to law school, and i don't think i understand this particular deal. okay. >> you can get seven or nine or three. >> okay. do you understand that? i don't get that. >> ah. anything under ten is $1. they'll honor >>it. all it ten for $10. >> my mind is -- >> savannah. >> pick a number and go with it. >> order a pizza. >> i don't get it. >> seafood. this is one of theeaest d at kroger. >> what's happened to me? >> they willeason this for you, whatever you want. you see the food, the seafood, then it's on your table minutes later. they season it for you. this is an oven friendly bag. they have the instructionsn the bag. take it home, and you put it in the oven. happy. mily is happ >> everyone at home is like, what is wrong with savannah? i'm on a ten-minute delay today. traderjoe's, what is your hack there. >> this guy is shop the private
8:54 am
labels. >> the trader joe label. >> yes. 80% of trader joe's is private label. yo tre going find so many more private labeled deals in a trader joe's than you would in your average groce >> to be clear, the private label is the trader joe label. >> yes. >> yes. >> some cases, they work with, you know, brands you know and love, and sellerhem und different name. they're going directly to suppliers, cutting out the middlemen, and that's how they're getting you the savings. >> okay. >> one of their -- >> tiny avocado there. >> everybody knows they have the 19 cent bananas, which are awesome. they have tiny avenocadoavocado. they're itzy-bitzy. you don't have to worry about a half of an back of the refriger turning brown. >> with the plastic around it. my refrigerato in an image.
8:55 am
target, tar-zhay, what do you ha? >> shop on the app. it is awesome. there is a cartwheel feature deals. you have pies, turkey, things that are 20%, 30%, 40% off. they'll tell you if they have everything in stock, and they'll show you where in the store they are on the app. you can shop faster. >>oh, i like that. navigation on the app, too. i like that. >> the also do variety p eks that arelusive to target. >> all right. energy bars. is that delicious? >> you would love it. >> okay. >> you would absolutely go crazy for it. >> carson, he said,ring me something over. >> bring the rx bars over. >> eat the bugs. >> if you didn't understand that either, go to guys, over to you. >>savannah, dave, thank you both. >> the train leaves chicag>> still don't get it. i don't get s. >> haveome almonds. >> ten for $10. what? ten its? >> more great stories at
8:56 am including a remarkable story of a triplet who gave birth tots tripf her own. plus, we're throwing it back to the summer of 1989. >> i get it now. >> starsike -- >> got it? >> i got it. >> okay. next on the third hour, planning a vacation? we're abouto t reveal the world's best award winners. >> guess who is on theourth hour. >> willie geist. >> oh, sweet willie geist. >> today" newsbreak. and i'm meteorologist lauryn ricketts. it's aeautiful day out there right now. we've got plenty of sunshine out there. gorgeous. as we continue through the day, that's how it's going to be. the humidity is bearable, but it's still around, just a little touch of it. 77 is our temperature now. south wind will continue to pump in a little humidity. in fact, it's going to be down
8:57 am
right sticky tomorrow. enjoy the day today, no rain, blue skies, temperatures around 90 degrees, a few degrees above where we were yesterday. tomorrow we are wther alert. we do have some storms. let's talk about those in just a few
8:58 am
8:59 am
welcome back, everybody. low humidity today, has rolls back tomorrow, temperatures around 90. we are weather alert tomorrow. tomorrow an isolated shower but after lunchtime all bets are off. scattered showers and thunderstorms, heavy downpours could lead to flooding and als some damaging winds. that will be something we're watching tomorrow. we dry out friday and into the weekend, early next week, the humidity not that bad either."t now back to th" and aleah chose. we stream sooo much. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop, using her phone, also using her tablet. i am really good at multitasking cause i'm awesome. a little. the best internet is even better at our best price. switch now and g a our fastest speedsilable. pl
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, a free samsung chromebook on us. that's fios. live from studio 1a in rock fell plaer rockafeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> hi, i'm al, with sheinelle, craig, and jill martin joining us. dylan is off, taking part in a celebrity golf tournament. >> it is a big deal. >> it is. >> we've been talking about. >> the american century celebrity golf tournament. playing with justinmb tilake. >> steph curry. >> ray romano. >> it's on nbc sports today, so check it out. jacob soboroff is standing by out in la with some amazing and disturbing new reporting about the treatment of egrants and


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