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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 8, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now, roadwa covered by water after heavy downpours and flash flooding. emergency crews called to water rescues all across the area. this will go down in history as one of our worst flash flooding ents inetro d.c. history. the heaviest of the rain coming to an end, but floodwaters remain. a check of the forecast, coming up. news4 begins with a storm team 4t. weather ale >> good morning, everyone. and welcome to "news4 midday." i'm eun yang. this morning's weather causing dangerous conditions on our roads. take a look at this. a picture from wtop showing just howuabad the siton was this morning. people standing on top of cars
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road.on canal the water up to the car windows. the situation was widespread. police tweeted these pictures out just before 8:00 this morning fromfrederick, maryland, and reminded people not to drive through standing water, which is what happened at carol parkway and kline boulevard. a ar was stuck there, you can see. police named more than a dozen roads inck frede covered by standing water. and the rain has slowed down, but has not totally moved out of our area. let's get an update now from storm team 4 meteorologist chk bell. what's happening now, chuck. >> flash flood warnings remain in place fm waldorf, northbound to upper marlboro, brandywine, fairfax county, the district, and montgomery county all under the flood warning until 1:45. as you meioned, thoug the area of heaviest rain has moved into far southern charles county, and is just n ming into st. mary's county. so i do think that flood warnings will be extended down
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into calvert and st. mary's county. the rain is still coming down between 2 and 3 i phes hour. the leading edge of the heavy rain now is moving into mechanicsville. it wasn't take long before it gets into leonardtown and down farther into southern maryland. in a around the city now, the heaviest of the rain has come to an end, just some lingering showers. i'll show you the time line on hen this will come to an end in the extended forecast, coming up. >> all right, cbuck. a morning. thank you. first responders rescued several people in montgomery county. you can see here a water rescue tha happened earlier this morning on tuckerman lane near post oak drive in potomac. that road is closed. news4's mon news4's molelette green, what's the situation there? >> it's called down, as you can se traffic is slowing again. the high water has receded. but quite a dramatic scene played outere just a couple of hours ago at the height of the
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morning rush. let's go right to that video. there was a man, a dad and his daughters in high water stalled righ on the parkway. and the dad had to literally carry each daughter on the -- on his arms, in his arms, to get out of that high water. the little girls were visibly upset. they were crying, but their daddy was there to get them to a safe place. and it was a dramatic scene, because added to that, there was a good samaritan and offered to give the dad and little girls a ride hot's hear from her right now.. >> and then i told this man coming from theindow -- >> reporter: he was pulling those babies out of the window, 6 and 7 yearsold, yousay, looked to be 6 or 7. >> yeah, it was -- he was unable to open the car sodoor.
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that's why he grabbed them out of the window. i went near him and then i saw that it was okay,hat he grabbed the kids. so then -- they were walking one the grass a >> reporter: and you took them home! >> i took them home, yes. the kids were a little bit afraid, and they we like, oh, dad, what's going to happen to the car? and what's going topp ha to our backpack? >> reporter: and she was nice enough to ting dad back so he could get the backpacks and take them back home to the little girls. the dad and the stalled out car still me. there it is. as you cannd see. behe's waiting on aaa to get he to tow the car away. and when we got here at the intersection, there was also another car slled out for a very long time, blocking the northbound traffic of mass avenue, just a few minutes ago. that car was towed away. quite a busy morning here in
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bethesda as quickly as the water came up, it receded. we want to go now to the situation in the district where mark segraves is at 15th and constitution. what's going on there, mark?po >> er: almost exactly what you saw there. the water came up and then the water went back down. constitution and 15th still closed. you can still see police presence here. if i point you over to those fixed cars parked along constitution avenue under that d.c. flag, those are all the cars that were stranded here inn the irsection about an hour ago that the occupants had to be rescued by d.c. fire and rescue personnel here. again, about an hour ago. let's show some video from earlier when the water actually flooded this intersection and to cars had be towed out of here. again, nobody was hurt. this scene played out all across he district this morning with rescues like this. we talked to one of the women who was stuck in one of those cars. she told me that she thought that possibly she might die in her car. here's what she told us.
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>>r there was no wate and then there was just a ton of water. and then my car flooded. >> reporter: what did you think was going to happen >> i was going to be stuck in my car and i had to get one of those little helicopters to tak me out othe sun roof. >> reporter: how scary was it? >> it was very scary. i'm having the worst day of my life. >> reporter: were you helped out owere you able to get out on your own? >> yeah, someone from an ambulance came. but now -- i just want my car back. >> reporter: well, again, she and all thes s peoplending over there with their cars very upset, thinking their cars could be a total loss. unable to get them stated now, waiting for a tow truck. constitution avenue is about to reopen here at 15th street, we're right by the african-american history museum and across from the white house. again, this has been playing out across town. d.c. fire tell us they have made these rescues in all quadrant, of the city, mtly southeast and on canal road. they say so far no one has been
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transported to the hospital and there have been no iuries. that's the very latest here at 15th and constitution. back to you guys. >> glad to hear everyone there de it out safely, mark segrav segraves. thank you. the flash flood emergency also causing problems on metro. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live at the virginia square metro station. what's happening there, adam? we have been seeing some crazy pictures on twitter from inside these stations. >> reporter: it's unbelievable, eun, what we've seen this morning. we have shown the video of the water just streamingto the virginia square station here. it happened between 8:30 and 9:00 this morning. take another look at that video. as y can see, just buckets and a waterfall is literally coming into the virginia square station. and we sawe multipl metro stations around the system that were dealing with water coming in. and that becoming a problem. you know, we did a story not that long o for our changing climate series that talked about metro as the french drain of the
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region, which it really is. because when all of this water comes in, and man, got a lot of it today, it all goes down into the metro system, and then metro has to actually trt all of that water and send it back out into the system. so they have their hands full today with everything that's going on. there were trains that were actually going through this at one point. wire tryi we're trying to get that video. it was unbelievable. eso people saying they were trying to get onvators, the water was coming in. it was a real issue for the transit agency this morning and a lot of cleanup. i can tell you,here are plant maintenance personnel, the emergency management team out here, because so many people were concerned about this waterfall at was going on here at virginia square. so they're checking it out to make sure everything is okay. but, yeah, metro is dealing with in this morning. we do know there is single tracking along the orange line because of the issue. the red line also experiencing issues earlier today. remember, the red line has had water intrusion issues for years. so up around medical center,
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they were dealing with some single tracking as well.a certainly they're going to be going through the entire system today to make sure everything is okay. guys, back to you. >> and we know you'll stay on top of any changes for metro, adam tuss, live at the virginiat square stn. thank you. businesses also impacted by the rain andlooding this morning. take a look. t this ishe dunkin' donuts at bethesda metro. you can see water dripping from the ceiling.e we arstaying on top of the flooding problems throughout our region. look for frequent updates throughout "news4 midday" and get the latest weather warnings and watches in the nbc washington app. also developing this morning, d.c. police still investigating a quadruple shooting in southeast washington. happened around midnight on south capitol street. two victs have life-threatening injuries.ot severalers are believed to be involved. police say the suspects were seen leaving the area wearing and so far, no arrests have been made. families across ourarea are mourning the loss of someone they loved.
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at least nine people died over the long fourth of july weekend in car accidents. one person died in a crash in centreville. one in gaithersburg,ne in frederick, maryland, and another on the beltway in lanum. a 32-year-old woman,ye -old girl and 10-month-old boy died in thiso- twcar crash yesterday afternoon in spotsylvania county. virginia state police say the r iner and a fourth passen the honda accord were rushed to thhospital after the crash on courthouse road. the driver and passenger in the acura were taken to the hospital with serious inj investigators say the driver in the honda overcorrected, crossed the centerine and crashed into the acura. the 22-year-old woman from upper marlboro who died in a head-on crash involving a wrongway driver on the beltway, maryland state police identified the victim as ronnette
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afternooning. a driver in a pickup was going the wrng way and crushed into her suv, killing her sunday morning. investigators identified the wrong-way driver as miguel gomez. t say alcohol was a factor in this crash. we have new information on charges against wealthy financier jeffrey epstein, and we're keeping uyou up to dat on the weather alert. this is video from inside an arlington apartmentbu ilding where rain wer is coming at
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. weather alert. this is what roads across our area look like. this is walter drive. we heardrom d.c. mayor muriel bowser aboutn hour ago. >> so we're asking people where they can to stay off the roads. an they see y standing water, t immediatelyurn around and do not attempt to drive through
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standing water. call us at 311 where you see standing water or 911 if you're experiencing an emergency. >> and we have seen this flash flooding causing problems on the roads. letheck in with melissa molette for an update. >> we have part of a tree down, wiggling your way off of gw parkway on to the inner loop at the american legion bridge. we are slow across the area. the clara barton parkway,ca blocked e of flooding. southbound gw parkway after the beltway, lanes shut down because of downed wires. so that is going to be some time before that's out of the way. canal road still closed betwein charidge and fox hall. that flooding is the reason there. and chain bridge is also shut down because of the flooding. cheverly northbound lanes blocked because of a downedee tr travel times look okay on 270. top of the beltway, 32 miles per hour. 66 inbound, 4 m 2iles per hour,
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and rolling nicely on 95 northbound. >> melissa, thank you. federal prosecutors announced sex trafficking and conspiracy charges against wealthy financier jeffrey epstein. he is expected in court later today. court documents unsealed today show he's charged with cheating and maintaining a net worth that allowed him to sexually exploit and abuse dozens of underage girls. the alleged victims were as young as 14 years old at the time. epstein was arrested saturday. he is already a registered sex e offen a new political poll shows mixed results for president trump. more voters than ever think he's doing a good job' but they also willing to give several democrats a chance to replace him. news4's tracie potts has more on the breakdown of the numbers. >> reporter: president trump is more popular than ever. a new "washington post" abc poll gives him a 44% approval rating, his highest ever. americans trust him most on the economy.
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>> we're doing better than any nation on the planet. >> reporter: but 65% believe president trump has acted unpresidential. >> there are people who disapprove of the president or who at least don't approve of the president's performance, who are nevertheless saying in the same poll they're ready to vote for rtm. >> repo: in head-to-head match-ups with top democrats, president trump loses or it's a virtual tie. >> you look at his poll numbers and they're good for him. it's just ay, way too early. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden's lead is narrowing, despite apologizing for his comments about working with segregationists. >> i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i may have caused anybody. [ applause ] but should that misstep define 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights, racial justice inthis country? i hope not. >> he is right to recognize the impact of his words. and i applaud him for doing that. having the courage to do it. >> reporter: president trump
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tweeted, biden is a reclamation project. some political analysts say biodies biden needs to look ahead. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and joining us is mark murray, senior political editor for nbc news. thanks for joining us. >ohey, how are y >> good to see you. so how do you explain the president's recent approval ratings going up? >> yeah, it's important to put this poll into context. this was the highest mark in that particular "washington post" abc poll. ut when yo actually look at the other polling, including our nbc wall street journal poll, he's always been in the low 40so ad 40 to 44%. and 44%, his highest mark in l this particu poll is a danger zone still for an incumbent president. as we see in the head-to-head match-ups where he's losing to j a biden by ten points basically running even with the other democrats in the field. now, it's important to note, we have a very long ways. to go
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we are now more than almost 500 days before the general election. and so there are going to be so many different twists and turns in the race. ut now when you look at 44 that's not a great number. >> and you just mentioned, joe biden is the only democratic candidate who had the wide margin lead over president tmp in a hypothetical race today. does that surprise you, especially with all the calls for the new guard to come throughnd that the country needs change? in>> so two th can be true. i think he had a pretty difficult debate performance a week and a half ago. at the same time, too, joe biden, almost seen as tis generic democrat where people h actually seeim maybe as, you know, democrat and having the obama torch passed to him. but maybe not as kind of liber or progressive. and what really did stand out to me, joe biden is doing really well with the middle of the i electorate. ink there is a legitimate case that can be made how that can actually hold up for more than a year. but, you know, his reach with
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independents and moderates more so than we ended up seeing from the other democrats shows you at least his strength in these head-to-head polls that are still very, very early. >> right. very early. hi tname recognition, former vice president. and he also offered this apology after weeks of just diggig in, sayin didn't need to apologize for working with segregationists, do you feel there was pressure on him to right the ship after all these calls to change his tune? >> yeah, in politics, the best way to get rid of a story is to actually apologize for it. what was surprising to me was how it took him almost three weeks to be able to get to that stage. and sometimes if you wanted to put that behind you, and he said he wanted to speak in south carolina to people to get that away. maybe having that as a debate when kamala harris approached him and hing that apology then would have been much more beneficial for him and showing more polsical dexterity he wa able to show the last two weeks. >> so what happens next? because you were saying this is early. biden offers the apology. and what can we expect from the candidates now? >> i think that you're going to
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still see candidates like kamala harris, cory booker, being incredible puget list particular. normally, the first debate everyone wants a nice impression. people came out swinging with brass knuckles. and i think we're going to continue to see that. >> mark murray, nbc senior political analyst, thank you so much for joining us. or >> thank you f having me. >> appreciate it. tomorrow the debate over gun control takes center stage in virginia. governor ralph northam called a special session after the shooting in may. he wants lawmakers to vote on several measures, including universal background checks. republicans have criticized no ham, accusing him of exploiting the virginia beach tragedy for politicali ga we are in weather alert mode. rain and flooding still a big problem out there. our chuck bell is back with an update. plus, we have the latest one earthquake drom southern california. "news4 mid
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welcome back. this is what canal road in northwest washingt looked like st a few hours ago. look at that. people just standing on top of their car, stranin high water, nowhere to go. the flooding was widespread this morning. joining us now on the phone is chief david publis from arlington fire. >> thank you very much. >> tell us about the problems ths morning. >> throughout the entire region, this dumped a lot of rain into an already saturated area. we have seen a lot of common flooding portions and all of the entire region flood and also some other intersections which normally would stay dry experience some very swift and accelerated water. >> and have your crews been out rescuing people who were stuck? >> that's correct. we had numerous calls in the region as drivers entered wh seemed to be low water that
11:24 am
quickly rose and throughout the entire region we had to bring a lot of people from trapped into their cars to a dry surface. >> we know the water is starting to recede. are you seeing the calls are slowing down? is it still busy out there for you? >> yes. most of the urgent rescue calls are diminishing. we're now running a lot of ls service calith flooded basements and some other issues associated with a high and rising water. >> and the images have been nn stug, but have you heard of any injuries at this point, either from people who have been stranded or your crews? >> i can only speak of the northern virginia region. i'm not sure we've had any incidents. we can research fo you. but we urge everyone, when the national weather service issues the warnings, flash flooding, please do not enter any water, standing water, moving water. as we have seen this morning, it rises really quickly and people into hazardous conditions. >> indeed. we have seen that throughout the day, and this morning. lastly, is there a game plan moving forward for the rest of the day, chief? >> fast asthe water came,
11:25 am
we're going to assess the infrastructure and continue to l respond to c if they are associated with any lingering water. >> chief, thank youjoo much for ing us. all right. mr. bell. >> yes. >> i mean, flash flooding living up to its name today. my goodness. >> yeah. mother nature unleashing really historic levels of rn in a very short period of time. more than 3 inches of rain in less than an hour at national airport. our usual official recording space. so that type of rainfall rate is guaranteed to cause prlemsn any terrain. but the super urbanized area around the city with so many paved surfaces, that makes these flash flooding events all the more intolerable. as you just cannot get the water aorbed or into the local waterways fast enough. there is a live view from our tower. looking out to the west, low a clouds everybody is soaking wet at this point. city camera vie finally a little more visibility.
11:26 am
lots of snding water at these construction areas around here. around the tidal basin, the water has come up quite a bit. 73 withn ight rain here ie city right now. the rainfall amounts since this is just since midnight, 3.41 inches of rain. and that started at 9:00 a.m. at nationalairport. so the bulk of that, 3.3 inches of it, in one hour. at national airporr also oven inch of rain in southern maryland where we have ormrand-new, severe thunder warning. it goes until noon for st. mary's county. so if you're in california, leordtown, st. mary's city, anywhere in st. mary's county, you do have that severe thunderstorm warning that goes until noon. you may en up under a flash flood morning, as well. this red area here for all of the d.c. metro area, that is the flash flood warning at this point in time. thend heaviest thustorm, and, again, where you see the lightning strikes down here, this storm moving into southern maryland is still cranking out very, very heavy rain.
11:27 am
and frequent lightning out here. so there could be some wind gusts up close to 50 or 60 miles per hour in the leading edge. cthat had not been thease when it came through metro n. washingto but as that storm is intensifying, as it gets down into southern maryland, it's having more of a wind threat, although fortunately, its forward speed will keep it fromn leavingwhere near as much total rainfall as we have had here. widespread, 4-inch or more rainfall rerts from really about frederick, maryland, early this morning all through the d.c. metrd,area now. again, that storm making quick progress down into southern maryland. esagain, that storm do have a little bit of a rotation to it so we'll watch that really carefully here over the next little bit. but st. mary's county, stay safe, stay put, stay inside for the next little bit. and if you don't have to travel around the d.c. metro area, a lot of water-coveredroads. i would recommend staying at home today. a check of the extended forecast coming up. >> thank you. when news4 continues, the latest on the ongoing border
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welcome back to "news4 midday." it's 11:30. yhis morning's dangerous weather is the big stor today. the heavy rain caused minor flooding in the basement of the white house. water pooled on the floor of the underground area of the west wing where journalists have work space. reaching all parts of our area. first responders rescued several people in montgomery county, as well. you can see a water rescue that happened earlier this morning on tuckerman lane near post oak drive in potomac. that road isclosed. news4's mowlet news4 molette green is live at massachusetts avenue in bethesda. molette, we have seen a lot of water rescues this morning. >> reporter: absolutely. and i'm happy to report that aaa just arrived on the scene to help this car that was caught up in the middleerof ano dramatic scene that played out just a short while ago.
11:31 am
it only ok just aew minutes for that dad behind me to make a bad decision that turned into quite a crazy scene for his children. let's go straight to that video of the dad who literally had to put one child in each arm,is two little girls, to carry them from that high waterere on ttle falls parkway. this happened about two hours ago at the heightor of the mning rush, in heavy rain. this area looked like a raging river at the time. and thanks to a good samaritan who was at the intersection watching this play out, she stepped in and gave that family a ride to their homey. >> and then i told this man coming from the window -- >> reporter: he was pulling those babies out of the window, 6 and 7-year-old girls you say they look to be. 6 or >> yeah, 6 or 7. he was unable to open the car
11:32 am
door. so that's why he grabbed them out of the window. i was going to just go nearby him. then i -- i saw that it was okay, that he grabbed the kids. >> reporter: ahye >> so then they were walking on the grass area. >> reporter: and you took them home! >> i took them home, yes. >> reporter: and the little girls were worried about their backpacks that were still in the car so the good samaritan came back and the dad was able to rescue those backpacks from the but as quickly as that water came up, it receded in this area. and as you can see, cars are going through just fine. again, this stalled out car trying to get out of here once and for all after a morning thao he will soon forget. that is the very latest from bethesda here at mass avenue and little falls parkway. back to you.
11:33 am
>> glad everyone is okay. molette green, thank you. members of president trump's administration are defending conditions at u. bder patrol stations following reports from doctors and lawyers of crowded and unsanitary the president says the reports are not true, and he says he will allow the press inside some of the detention crs to prove it. nbc's chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson, reports. >> reporter: a battle over bad conditions and bad headlines at the border this morning. the trump administration pushing back against reports migrant children wer beingeld in horrific conditions in federal detention cen rs. during a brief q & before boarding air force one, president trump saying he plans on opening some of those ttention facilities to the media to try prove that recent reports about the conditions there are not true. >> i want the press to go and see them. we're going to send people in. >> reporter: the president also calling a report from the "new york times" describing crying children and inadequate medical care inside the clint, texas, facility a ax.
11:34 am
>>the "new york times" really is fake news. in> reporter: on sunday, a director of the department of homeland security disputed the lid conditions. >> what i can tell you right now, there is adequate food and water. showers there. >> reporter: the defense comes days after some democratic members of congress toured two texas border facilities, including the one at int, furious over what they saw. >> this is them on their best behavior. and they put them in rooms with no running water. and these women were being told by cvp officers to drink out of the toilet. >> reporter: a government watchdog group released images of what they described as dangerous overcrowding at fits and across the country protests under the hash tag close the camps, demanding the detention centersbe shut down.
11:35 am
senator merkley saying he's stunned when people say the reports areunsubstantiated. >> what world are they live in? from every direction, you see the children are being treated in a horrific manner. and there's an underlying philosophy that it's okay to treat refugees in this fashion. >> and hallie jackson reports this fight is heading to capitol hill in the coming days. congressional democrats want the acting dhs secretary and another top official to answer their la questions er this week. this morning, the search is on for the gunman who injured an uber driver who had three passengers in northeast d.c. police say it happened friday night in the brookland neighborhood. the driver was on 17th and otis place when bullets hit his car. he was shot in the finger, but is expect to be oka some of the passengers were injured by flying glass in the car, but they were not taken to her .ert lwe y. >>we're still keeping a close e on rain and flash flooding. storm team c meteorologistuck
11:36 am
bell is back with an update, right after this break. >> good morning, everyonha y monday. well, we all hate to grocery shop, right? but we have to do it. so we're going to show you how s groceryres are really changing the game to g our business. today at 4:00, curbside service. we're checkingut four stores see who can save you
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welcome back. on the other side of the country, the big concern is weather, what they have been feeling uld be a preview for something much bigger. people in southern california on edgever aftershocks from this weekend's powerful earthquake. nbc's lester holt has the latest. >> let's go! >> reporter: for those living in the epicenter of a masse 7.1 magnitude earthquake, a seismic shift in more ways than one. >> i don't know if any of us will ever feel safe again. >> reporter: thousads of small aftershocks havee hit southrn california since friday's quakei w followed a 6.4 foreshock
11:39 am
the day before. some families have started sleeping outside as a precaution. >> it's like just scary to be inside. >> reporter: the quake felt as far away as l.a., vegas, phoenix, even sacramento. >> this is a very strong earthquake. re reporter: playing out on live tv. >> feeling very strong shaking. i think we need to get under the desk. >> the tremors sparking fires,d amaging structures and leaving a visible fissure in the desert. swimming pools shaking like stormy seas, giving a small glimpse of the energy vibrating from below. ut thankfully, not lives los and no major injuries reported. >> on the long run, we're going to have stronger >> reporter: in the small town of tontoa, around 50 homes sustained damage. these high desert communities have been struggling even before the quake. >> this thing may have put me out of business. >> reporter: now some are oking to rebuild and hoping this won't prove to be lasting
11:40 am
setback. >> any time we do not report a fatality or major injury or structural damage that is significant, i want to say that's a blessing and>> miracle reporter: lester holt, nbc news. back now to our weather alert. flash flooding across our area, causing major problems this morning. the video you're seeing is from virginia square on the right-hand side. this is metro station. rain water pouring on to the tracks. you see it there. s trains arell single tracking in that area. and at one point we saw the trains moving right through that deluge of water. m> well, you know -- >> that's fro this rain we had. >> crazy amounts. and there's no amount of infrastructure you could build for, you know, the high end events like we had today. by the time you build gutters big enough, it's cost prohibitive. and unfortunately, when you get a day like today when we get 2, 3, 4 inches of srain iner short periods of time, there is no abilityo t have all that
11:41 am
water controlled and as a result, ass,adam tuss say the metro system is essentially a area. drain for the met water obviously goes downhill and all the underground tunnels are adversely affected by the rain. if you have y grea tto us. send them to you can also send them to me directly on my twitter, @chuckbell4. severe weather in southern maryland, a severe thunderstorm warning in st. ma's county until noon today. this is the first severe thunderstorm warning we've had all day. the winds could briefly be up close to 60 les per hour with this storm as it's spinning through here. the most likely place for damagingrowinds would be leonardtown following route 5, right down into southern st. mary's county. so hang tight stay put and stay safe inside there in st. mary's county until
11:42 am
noon today. closer to home, any additional rainfall is just going to contribute to the problem. the rain out thereghow is li to moderate in nature. the flood warning continues until way into the afternoon, may have to be extended farther than that. really nothing more than hit or miss showers across the area for now. the intse rainfall we had this morning will not be repeated later in the day. i can't rule out the continuation of some intermomtent rain showers fr time to time. we are not going to get another one of those deluges like we had early this morning. and by 6:00 or 7:00 this evening, all this should be starting to clear up. but, again, the flash flood warning continues for all those red shaded areas. that's likely be expanded down into st. mary's county as soon as that storm clears that area, as well. thing you the best can do today is just take it easy. with that, sunshine. for tomorrow and wednesday. after today, our next chance for rain rolls in thursday and friday. and the earex look at nt week, it looks hot andhumid. >> more summer weather. thank you, chuck.
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a new survey finds one in four americans say they'll never retire. the poll by the associated press and public affairs reveals that 23% of people and nearly two in ten over the age of 50 do not plan to stop working.t governmenata shows about one in five people 65 or older are currently emed or are skipping work. money is a big factor here. only 30% of people over 50 say they'real financi prepared for retirement. and there is a new way to return items to amazon without having to go to the post officee or sched pickup. starting toda kohl's will start accepting amazon returns at all of its stores nationwide. kohl's tested the program earlier thisear in chicago, los angeles and milwaukee. customers just have to go to
11:47 am
amazon's online return center, pick the kohl's drop-off option and get a special bar code. bring those items to store and coals will then pack, label and ship them back for free. i'm kate rogers. stevie wonder fans in london heard more than the latest hits during a concert. he announced he would soon be undergoing a kidney transplant. >> i'm going to have surgery. i'm going to have a kidney transplant. a [ cheers andpplause ] >> it's all good. >> you heard him, he said, it's all good. he decided to make the public announcement during his concert to avoid rors spreading about his health. dr. natalie azar has insight on typicalr kidney lacements. >> kidney transplantation is a very effective treatment for
11:48 am
kidney failure. and many patients who undergo a able to ansplant are live very, very healthy lives, gas healthy as before th sick. >> wonder says he plans to perform three more shows and then take a break for the surgery. wishing him the best. over t weekend, movie pass announced it's shutting down a while. it will be offline for several weeks. for more than a year, the s company hastruggled with user complaints and technical issues. the company says during the shutdown, it will work on a new version of its app. movie pass will t nosubscri abecrs nanced current customers will not be charged until the service is back in operation. >> it's my duty. to fight. or i am so excited about this. dis d its live action version o "mulan" it's aeady racked up millions of views on youtube, and started
11:49 am
trended worldwide. "mulan" tells the story of a young girl who poses as a man so she can take her pfather'sce during a draft in ancient china. jet li is co starring, as is rob lynn chow. this will be disney's eighth live action version of one of its animated films. looks great. the united states women's soccer team won their fourth world cup title. this is a look of them leaving leon, france, this morning. just an amazing team. congratulations. nbc's kelly cobiella has more. >> reporter: the players celebrating late into the night after beatg the netherlands 2-0. >> it feels great. we're all a little rough around the ges from celebrating. but in the best way possible. >> reporter: and the team broke rec. the most goals scored in a women's world cup at 26. and the longest winning streak of any men's or women's world
11:50 am
cup, 12 straight wins. in the tstand crowds chanting, "equal pay," as the women hoisted the world cup trophy. megan rapinoe spoke out after winning player of the match, player of the tournament and golden boots for the most gold scores. >> the center is in a unique condition to, you know, ride this wave of good fortune and get on brd and hopefully set things right for the future. >> reporter: millions have been inspired by these players online. congratulations from the first lady, theresident, former president, celebrities and sports legends. the women will be welcomed home as heroes. a ticker tape parade down the canyon of heroes, wednesday morning. kelly cobiella, nbc news,
11:51 am
france. >> i'm sure the streets will be crowded to celebrae. parkour for seniors. the
11:52 am
11:53 am
back nowur to o weather alert. montgomery county fire and escue tweeted this picture of clara barton parkway. five vehicles stuck in high water and moving water near the beltway and only five rescues from those vehicles took place. everyone is safe. a reminder, do not drive througn high stng water. chuck bell will have an on this morning's rain in just a few minutes. tennisson station, 15-year-old cori "coco" gauff eliminatedel she was inated in the fourth round. she has had some incredible victories, stunning. she defeated three tennis champions at wimbledon, including onof her idols,
11:54 am
venus williams. the teen's parents say they always give the basic advice to just he a good time and remain calm. and she didkust that. her future is bright. >> this is drew lashay from the band 98 degrees. >> and is thatk nic lachey? o, drew lachey from 9d 8 degrees, will try to climb his way to victory tonight on american ninja warrior. okay, his brother is actor and singer nick lachey. get them confused. sorry. you can watch the television here on nbc at 8:00 p.m. they have nothing on our doug kammer, though. good luck to them. the oder you get, the easier it is to get hurt. and that's why a growing number of people are turning to a new training technique developed in the mlitary. nbc's medical correspondent dr. john torres explains how it helps prevent injury. >> reporter: artist reesa blatman is always looking at the big picture, considering what her health might look like in the years ahead.
11:55 am
that's why athe age 59 s's working now to prevent one of the top obstacles of aging, debilitating falls. reesa is part of a growing community joining parkour classes to improve balance. typically modeled after military training, ts one a more gentle version. the director teaches parkour generation class boston for people typically over age 50. >> all th way to the ground. the majority of what we're doing is getting people to be comfortable with their bodies and use their bodies as a tool to navigate their environment and kind of being able to get out of bed well or kind of go down the stairs or if something happens, be able to move gracefully and instctively to stay safe. >> reporter: so vital, nce falls result in 27,000 deaths a year. and nearly 3 million are injured annually, ending up in the e.r. that's something reesa hopes to avoid as she ages. >> when i leave the class, i walk home, and i think, i cando
11:56 am
something that most people can't do. >> you feel more confident. >> yeah. i feel more alive.ou >> can walk one foot in front of the other? >> reporter: dr. basin says prevention before an accident is kert. >> stag parkour type of strength and balance-building exercises early l ine can minimize the age-related loss of strength and balance. and it can be hlpful at a public health level in preventing falls and falling injuries. >> that looks interesting. time to get one last check of our forecast with stormeam 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what can we expect for the rest of the day, chuck? the good news is, the weather service has put o a statement that says the severe thunderstorm warning in st. mary's county until noon will be allowed to expire at noon. hr just tee-and-a-half more minutes to go. they do ha a flood warning in st. mary's county that goes unti 2:15. the rest of the d.c. metro area now, our flood warning goes
11:57 am
until 1:15 in the afternoon. you can sort of get a sense that the heaviest of the rain is in southern maryland. the actual front that will turn off our rain chances is t goingo be making it through later on in the afternoon. so there will be a chance for more hit and miss rain chances later throu the day today. the likelihood of having anotherin undation like we did this morning is delightfully low. not likely to have that again. any more rain at this point is just falling on saturated ground. but we will have a couple days t to dry o and clean things off around here tuesday and wednesday. another hit and miss rain chance thursday and frekay. the wend, mostly try, but leads to a very hot and humid week next week. >> all right, chuck. thanks so much.or thanks foining us for "news4 midday." we are back on the air thisa ernoon first at 4:00, and get the latest news and weather
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. we live in five, four, three, two, one. [ cheers ] is that awesome? wave your flag everybody. team usa. world cup champs once again. second nsecutive, four totals. welcome to "access live." what a great sunday mohaing to wake up to >> there we go. >> scotty! >> it was unbelievable. it was one of those moments where everyoneas standing up and screaming and


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