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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 5, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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4:30 is your time right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. we want to check on your forecast and the commute. >> jack taylor is in for melissa this morning. we begin with storm team 4 clay anderson who is in for chuck l be >> we take a look at the radar, notice after about midnight, overnight and early this morning, we picked up rain shower across our area. moving from the south from wood bridge and prince william county across areas of montgomery county and baltimore. plenty of cloud to go around across the area. we start out with a cloudy friday but things will change. it's muggy, no doubt about that. temperatures remain close to 80 degrees and it's not even 5:00 a.m. in the morning across the washington metropolitan area. not as hot as it was yesterday but the heat and humidity will
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continue to make you find a pool in the afternoon if you can. close to 90-degree. details on the beh and boating report in a minute. but now time for traffic. jack, what do you have? >> powder mill road 212 and beltsville drove.s the roadway i blocked. authorities remain on the scene. crash on the beltway outer loop before landover road. exit 728 crash moved along ride and not causing much of a delay at all. beltway very quiet. volume is light. the rlain showers is talking about is moving through but with most everybody off today, we shou have lightervolume. back in to you. >> jack, thank you. a massive sink hole swalwed a car in woodbridge, virginia. the hole run the length of
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prince dale road. you can see the car start to sink and soicfar, offal have not been able to get it out. more of that road caved in throughout the day yesterday. it's believed that weather is blame for the earth giving way. >> i recommend that e avoid this area and that includes sight seers to take a look so we have an active collapse zone so stay a safe distance away. >>ct expe prince dale road closed two or three days while it's than repaired. in california and in the bahamas, we are tracking stories. >> in the bahamas, seven americans, including a west virginia coal executive were killed in a helicopter crash. e chopper left grand kay in the early hour of the fourth and heading for ft. lauderdalut 245 mines after it took offas it ound and it was found off the coovt turned in 16 feet of water. west virginia governor jim
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justice says coal executives and philanthropist chris klein was killed in that crash. many are bracing for after ock after the largesthq eartuake in california in 20 years. a statenc of emerge is in effect in the desert town of ridge cres a magnitude 6.4 quake centered nearby 150 miles north of los angeles. a small hospital had evacuated as a precaution. there are reports of injuries or deaths, though. experts say more after shocks are expected tht comiin the com, weeks, or even months. a charles county hasreward for people throwing brick at car. the award is $5,000. three cars are significant damage last urnth ding early morning hours. one driver suffered scratches from the breaking glass. sheriff's office said someone threw bricks and chunks of
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concrete. three kid ages 7 to 9 onths are safe after a terrifying ride i-66. virginia state police say 41-year-old mcbride took off when theer tried to pull her ov to speedingda yestermorning. at one point troopers say mcbride took an emergency crossover in manassas as she nried to get away and her car was stopped i arlington county and she was arrested. here is a look at the top stories w are following. prince george's county police are looking for the person who conclude a fire cracker at a patrol car. it happened last friday but a similar descend happened yet. in both cases, neither officer was hurt. this morning the stafford county sheriff's office is investigating both the murder and attempted murder and it happened wednesday night at the 512 gas station on garrisonville road. 20-year-old troy barnett jr. was killed and 18-year-old laura
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guadalupe cruz was taken to theo ital. as> ashby has been found and kashar by is still on the oad. if arrested,he will face kidnapping and aaulting a family member. > new details about justin amash. he announced yesterday he was leaving the repubcan party in a "the washington post" op-ed. s declaring his independence after becoming frightened by the division of the party politics. amash went on to say the u.s. is beming trapped in what he called a partisan death spiral. escape. ay there is an >> i've been involved in party politics for a while and i believe very strongly that it's hurting our cthntry at point and i think people need to stand up for what's right, stand up for what they believe in and ty independent of these pa loyalties that really divide us.
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>> amash has been the only republican in congress to support impeacent of president trump. in a tweet yesterday, the president called amash, quote, a tot loser and said his departure from the gop was great new for the republican party. they were jamming there. fourth of july celebration took place all across the d.c. region. check out party here in the palisade neighborhood. d.c. mayor muriel bowser and d.c. congressman eleanor holmes norton were among those who marched in the parade. >> over in kensington, maryland, here was good old-fashioned parade. no big floats here. just kids on bikes and babies and strollers with their pents walking through the neighborhood streets there. people of all ages have been participating in this parade for 24 years. organizersay about thousand
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people showed up. nice turnout there. >> really nice. all of those cute red,te wh ittle ue outfits on the one won't fit next year. you have to buy all new. that's what happens. i'm thinking like a parent. >> you couldlso say it was a big fourth of july for the washington nationals. >> fans wereth rocking red, white, and blue as d.c. dominated the miami marlins yesterday and nats won the game 5-2 and officially sweeping the series and since late may, nats have the best record in baseball over that span. d.c. is currently in second place in their division and back at home tonight against the kansas city royals. >> pretty nice run here. good for them. still ahead this morning, d.c.'s police chief expressing concerns about this weekend's rally. how about fuel delivery service? we wik explain how it will wor next.
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a new study from the university of rochester, new york says exercise hehes therapy patients deal with emotnal stress. researchers tracked a group of seniors and found most patients exercised reported improvements in both mood and anxiety levels. ig the best medicine for menstrual pain mht be walking on a treadmill. new research from the uk shows women who did regular treadmill exercise were in less pain after just four weeks. after seven months, they felt significantly better. these days, you can get almost anything delired and soon you may be able to add gas to that list. >> a staal-up company ced booster that wants you to skip the gas station and it already operates in 20 cities in california. so tankers filled with gas drive
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to parking lots of fortune 100 company and the drivers fill up cars in the parking lot one-by-one. >> i've been a pilot so i've seen mobile fueling done for small planes a thought if you can do this for small planes, why can't we do this for small nsr? >> the company pla to expand in the east coas in the next 12 months. head out es i want to before i head out to work. i need them to come to my house. >> this is mollet. get over here. >> this is a bad hair day, clay. that humidity is out there. i feel it. >> this is one of those afro plus days for some folks. did i saya we have cloud outside right now we will talkabout the forecast and when the sun will brak thero
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independence day protests outside the white house led to a scuffle and some arrests. the demonstratorset anam erican flag on foyer and two people taken into custody as a d result anll that have playing out ahead of president trump's speech on the linln memory. >> the event was billed as a saluteca to ameri and heavy on patriotism and honoring the troops and america's history. >> togarher, we are p of one of the greatest stories ever told, the story of america. it is the epic tale of a great nation whose people have risked everything for what they know is right and what they know is
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true. >> news4 craig boswell joins us live now from capitol ll. the president stayed away from political attacks or anything like that. he didn't really -- the event didve't make erybody happy, though, right? >> i certainly didn't. good morning, everyone. the president did stay away from partisan politics but, you know, peoplere still saying that it turned into this nonpartisan event into kind of what looked like, at least a political rally. look. the president who is known for veering off scpt, really stuck to the theme with a heavy focus on the litary. but it's the tally of the cost that is beginning to come into focus now. that is a topic the white house has completely and repeatedly downplayed on this. now "the washington post" reporting this morning about the flyovers, the some 24 aircrt involved in the flyovers and the salute to america. "the washington post" reporting and using pentagon reimbursement rates to tally this that those
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flights are adding up to more than 550,000 dollars an hour! the f-35's are 35,000 an hour and air force one 42,000 an hour and a national park service diverting 2nd.5 million to this event and money supposed to go to parks across the country. so the debate over the cost will continue. the white house, as i said, downplaying this. then there were the fireworks. extended fireworks show.f a lot ohat donated. but i don't know where you guy were but i talked to a lot of people we are talking about kind ri a linge smoke and that it was really was obscuring some of the brilliant colors and some folks disappointed they weren't able to see it in full view. >> we heard a lot of the same thing here too. craig boswell on the hill for us this morning. thanks. today, president trump will head out of d.c. a spendthe weekend at his bed minister golf
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property in new jersey. his first trip to that property this summer. his critics are accused himf spending too much time at his clubs and resorts. he has spent about 70a d in bed minister including a two-week vacation lastummer there. a maryland judge plans to know if it plans to include a question on thecensus. it appeared the cwosus uld be printed without it but the justice department said itha ma found a legal way to put in.t question the judge had given the doj until monday to fi out how it would move fo the deadline was moved up to today. the president will be keeping an eye out foris th month's jobs report. the numbers are expected to be released in just a few hours from now. economists expect to see that the u.s. created as many as 1,000 new jobs. that would be a major increase over the ed75,000 c in may.
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this saturday rialtght demonstration will take place at freedom plaza and d.c. poli w chief isried about safe. >> known white supremacist groups may be known to be there and counterprotests are expected as well. the biggest worry is about a possible clash between the two side. >> we have staffed up, worked collaboratively with our federal partners so weill do everything we can to make sure this is a safe event. when it comes to these typ of events when you have people with opposing views, washington, d.c., as everybody knows, is the place wherehat is going to happen so we will come here and exerse the first amendment safely ut got to do it and they have to do it respectfully. >> newme says law enforcement learned many important lesson fromhe deadly charlottesville protest. his number one oalis keep the opposing groups away fom each other. the upcoming arrival of amazon to our region is making a lot of people excited but a group of prince george's county
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residents is worried about how it will impact eir particular neighborhood. >> giant sply center for amazon could be going up near their homes. our county bureau chief tracy willkins has more on their concerns. >> reporter: off pennsylvania avenue in pnce george's county was sold as a full service housing development with entertainment, shopping, and a grocery store. nearly ten years later, there are a lot of homeshat is about it. >> when we moved here, one of the main purposes was that we sh would get thping center, we would get the restaurants, we had get grocery store. we said what better place to move than neighborhood where you don't have to go out? >> reporter: now amazon may open a maryland supply center here, according to source, direct knowledge of the talks. county official aren't confirming that but a prince george's county councilmember submitted a proposal to change zoning in a large section oft his area that was first reported by the washington business journal. if approved the operation could provide some 1,500 new jobs. people who live hereave mixed
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reactions. >> 1,500 jobs? yeah, employment for people. that's a good thing. how we manage it is a critical thing. >> i did not make this purchase to be nxt to a distribution center. i was actually attracted to the work and play where you live. >> and to find out it may be a warehouse coming in? that doesn't play well with us. >> reporter fikolks who live hee are worried about the possibility amazon being improved because site plans the building would go in there area, in two week another proposal on this hearing. a twister rocked parts of buildings and factories and all
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of which filled with people. more than 200 people had to be rescued. the we to home.rough closer some folk in an iowa town had to spend the fourth cleaning up. a microburst hit, causing significant damage to some homes and buildings in rock valley in the upper northwest portion of the state, almost in sth dakota. one of the firefighters spent all day helping those impacted, despite the thacket thfact he ln home during the storm. in colorado, it was a bit cooler. cool enough to ski, apparently! skiers were decked out in their red, white and blue to hithe slopes. this fourth of july marked the end of this year's ski season in colorado. it's actually been the since 2011 but not the longest ever. in 1995 the ski season continued into august! >> one guyn did not have o a
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shirt! looat this! >> bikini tops? >> i can't! i can't. okay. all right. we have got like super humidity and cloud to deal with here, clay. >> that's true. i spent over six year in colorado springs so you can have those shorts and ski in shorts because the atmosphere and the high elevation and the sun angle, all that put together, it can be done. here in town, not the case 77 degrees currently our. . feels like 80 outside and plenty of cloud to go around. wind from the east bringing in the moisture. but rain showers have now exited and staged northward moving fro baltimore intopennsylvania. so we are looking for a cloudy and warm start. temperatures haven't m budgedch the last couple of hours. 77 degrees in town and close to 70 as far west we go. oakland with elevation of 4,000 feet and maryland looking at temperatures of 66 degrees. future cast in motion. we will talk about the storms as they start to ve through the
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afternoon and come across the area at 8:00, 9:00 an wdissipate asgo into saturday. speaking of the forecast for today. find a pool if you can.nd young a old. it will be 89 degrees. plenty of heat and humidity to go around. not really a severeay but heavy rain, depending if you are under one of those rain showe across the area and a chancef shower and thunderstorms for sat and sunday. a chance but temperatures still in the 90s. a chance of thunder by thursday but looks like a nice weekend coming up after thean heat d humidity we have experienced. jack is here with a look look at traffic. >> thank you, clay.
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we have got a crash here with ongoing investig there have been some activity on the beltway outer loop 202 on the service roadway and causing any kind of a big slowdown at all. in annapolis, ritchie highway southbound the ramp is stopped and one vehicle was involved there so hopefully the tow truck can arrive quickly and remove that quickly for now from 2 southbound west to 50 west and heading towardrithe bdge is temporarily closed. you think abo local highways, you see images of rush hour traffic and backup. >> one of my biggest renight being in traffic perpetually. a pair of local parents one highway will now have a very special place in their hearts. a baby girl came into the world a week early while her parents were rushing to the hospital but you know what? that baby said i'm ready.
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mom was cool about it.d in the driver's seat, a big ou panic as might expect. the couple made it as far as the inner county connector whenbhe y girl said, look, i'm ready to be born. >> right now. >> right now. our news partners took this video after the couple pulled over to the side of the road and called for an ambulance. zyla jackson was born weighing in atpo 7 ds 13 ounces. mom, dad, and baby doing fineor thisng. love it! police offer are some of the bravest people you'll meet but when it cmes to rodents, some officers are hesitant. that is the case in new hampshire. a squirrel somehow made it into their building and two officer had a wild time trying to get that thing outside. t checkm out. >> this is funny. my goodness. this is funny!
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ultimately they were able to do some jumping around and get the squirrel into a corner and then out the door. the squirrel wasn't hurt, apparently. >> they were frustrated. look at that. squirrels know how to dodge st uff. they do it all the time. a new roller coaster opened up at six flags great america in illois. the now the fastest launch coaster in north americal s than two second it reaches speed up to 78 miles an hour. that is crazy! it's also the world's ftest and tallest double inversion rides. meaning while it turns upside down still going as fast as 60 miles an hour. doou do coasters? >> no. i'm good on the ground. next on news4, new video just released by the white house may only embolden those critics
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who claim the president would politicize his independence day. fireworks frustration. while thousands of people on the mall only saw smoke last night. first up, clay
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now "news4 today," firefighters rush to put out a flames in the northwest overnight. we will tell you what the crews
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on thscene say about people who live there. new reaction apparently showing a police officer slamming a man's head into the pavement. what the county executive is promising themo people of ntgomery county. new health warning for people who are light smoker. what it may mean for your chance to develop heart disease. it's 5:00 on the dot. good morning, i'm aaron gilcist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. a lot of people slping in but some of us have to go to work. that's us. we will help you get ready for the weekend and get it all started in the right direction. >> we start with jack taylor standing by with a look at first 4 traffic and clay anderson is in forchuck bell and keeping an eye on the forecast. >> we have good news as far as the rain showers and thunderstorms are conceed for


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