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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 5, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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cooking lessons or ballet, something like that. >> why not? >> but why not. so i started to dance. and it's so good for my soul. it was more of a back and forth rolling motion it was a good shaker >> california rattled, the biggest earthquake in cades sending tremors through the golden state, and leaving residents shaken > rain on the president's parade didn't keephe crowds away nor the fireworks. but it wasn't just the weatherg puttina damper on the star-spangled celebration. alexa, are you listening the reacwed privy concerns about amazon's personal assistant. and leave it to the professionals. why watch your friends' blurry fireworks videos on instagram when we have the best stuff? fun.cap of all the 4th of july "early todayts right now good friday morning.p i'm phillimena the west coast is on edge this
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morning after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake many images like this coming out of ridgecrest, california, near the epicenter of a powful quake. thankfully there are no reports of serious injuries. it is the most powerful quake that state has seen in two decades. nbc's dan scheneman has more r orter: it was just after 10:30 in the morning on the west coast when the first jolt wa s felt>> it was rolling, like shan quite a bit for at least 10, 10 seconds. >> we're having a major earthquake >>n eporter: arthquake rocking southern california. >> by the freeway, the car started shaking. >> reporter: the quake was powerful the magnitude, 6.4 followed by aftershocks. >> this is the largest earthquake recorded in southern california since 1999. magnitude 7.1 earthquake happened 20 years ago. >> reporter: the epicenter in kern county,a, californi where
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13 patients had to be evacuated from a local hospital and authorities woed to assess the damage >> we had two house fires. we've had small vegetation fires, power lines down, gasso leaks. the asated events that take place after you have a large earthquake >> it's an earthquake and the chandelier is movingr: >> reportebout 150 miles away in los angeles, the quake shook the ground and rattled nerves >> it was more of a back and forth rolling motion it was a good shaker >> reporter: seismologists warn aftershocks could continue for several more days. dan scheneman, nbc news. >> the clock is ticking on the trump administration's efforts to add the ctroversial citizenship question to the census a federal judge has given government lawyers until today at 2:00 p.m. eastern to submit a legal basis for keeping the last weethe supreme court ruled against the administration and the fight seemed to be over, but a tweet dnesday night from president trump sent the
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department of justice scrambling to save the question critics argue that it uld suppress immigrant participation in the census and thus lead to an under count president trump keeping his promise to not get politic at his controversial taxpayer funded 4th of july bash. he mostly stuck to the script at the salute the america celebration capping things off with a fireworks show. and earlier in the day there was also some fireworks on the ground police arrested two protesters burning an american flag outside the white house in an area not t permitted national park service. nbc's craig boswell joining us now from washington with the latest craig, good morning. there's still plenty of controversy about the cost of the parade, >>though eporter: indeed, phillip good morning good morning, everyone the costs are still being tallied. that is a t bjecthe white house has continually down played let's start with the fly-overs first. according to pentagoren imbursement rates, also think about this, fly-overs are rare in washingn, d.c this is a restricted air space so pentagon reimbursement rates
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and the "washington post" reporting this morning that the sum two dozen aircraft used in the fly overs coming in at some $550,000 or more per hour. now, the predent known for veering from the script actually stuck to the themes during his salute t tamerica,king about patriotism and the military.he re's a little bit of president trump speaking from ashind rain-soaked gl >> we come together as one nation with this verspecial salute to america. we celebrate our history, our people, and the heroes who proudly defend our flag, the brave men and women of the united stas military >> reporter: at thursday's 4th of july party not without its protests, the infamous baby trump p d some smaller versions oinf that makg an appearance on the national mall. and near the white house, as you mentioned, a couple of protesters there setting fire to the flag there was a scuffle art nd tha
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that were just outside of the zone where the protests were okayed phillip, there you go, there's video ofome of the protests there, a picture of setting the fire of the flag of course, the fireworks finale at the end the extended version the fireworks, phillip, it is noted that some portions around that area really obscured by the lingering smoke. really couldt see the brilliance of the colors from where the fireworks were lit this year. phillip, back to you >> everybody always has that good angle craig boswell joining us from d.c. this morning. thanks, craig. as the debate over immigration rages in this country, there is a new cost being imposed on some undocumented my grants some are getting billed hundreds of thousands of dollars for refusing to leave the unitedes st nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest from the texas border gabe >> reporter: phillip, as the protests grow here along the border over the treatment of migrant children in detentio the trump administration is now charging some undocumented
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immigrants who disobey orders to leave the country. in texas, more outrage over the treatment of migrant children at the border it comes as thtrump administration tries something new to crackdown on illegal immigration. she took sanctuary in this ohio church in 2017, disobeying a deportat>>n order. they know where i am. they know i am here in thech chur >> reporter: now immigration and customs enforcement has sent her and her attorney this letter, a notice that i.c.e. intds to find fine her nearly $500,000 for failing to leave the country. >> i don't know why they send it to me this letter. >> reporter: her attorney says the government is citing a little-used section of theio immigratn and nationality act to justify the fine. according to a written statement, i.c.e. began issuing the notices in december, charging undocumented immigrants up to $799 a day for disobeying deportation orders i.c.e. is also preparing to
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carry out delayed immigration raids. prident trump has said they'll happen sometime after the h of july if congress does not change asylum laws. >> they come in illegally and they go out legally. >> reporter: federal authorities are also trying to draw attention to the dangers of human smuggling. this x-ray of a produce truck trying to cross the arizona border revealed 33 migrants hidden inside, including a pregnant woman and a dozen children in stifling heat. saturday will mark the two-week deadline the president set when he delays those immigration raids in major cities ght now there is no word on exactly when or if they might happen phillip? >> all right, thank you, gabe. a homeless man is clinging to life outside atlanta after a tense confrontation between ed him and police what started off as a chase ended with deputy opening fire, shooting the man in the head nbc's ron allen has the story.
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>> do you have a reason to be here then you're loitering.r: >> repor 2:30 a.m. sunday morning withme body caras rolling, the sheriff's deputies approached nicolas bolton asleep in histear in a shopping cenr parking lot. >> get out so i don't have to drag you out >> reporter: bolton started to get behind the wheel >> turn the car off. turn the car off turn the car off >> reporter: the chase ends in less than a minute with three cars trying to block boltoof ficers order him to stop the car. >> turnoff the car >> reporter: bolton was shot in the head >> shots fired, shots fired. >> as a famiin we are pray but he's fighting for his life at this point. >> reporter: in the video, police say bolton was unarmed. >> was tre a weapon? >> no, he was trying to ramus with his car >> reporter: deputy john collins says he fired because he believed bolton and his vehicle was a >> and he gassed again anded ramm my car and john was practically beside there he was gassing it trying to run us over.
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>> reporte collins 16 months on the job now on leave. his department calling his actions necessary and justified. >> he jumped out of his car in two seconds and fired a kill shot and he should be terminated and he should be prosecuted. >> reporter: georgia state authorities now investigating while the family hopes their loved one survives n allen, nbc news. >> a miami dolphins player is recovering after being involved in a multi-car accident that left his arm amputated police say defense tackle kendrick norton hit a concrete barrier wall and overturned. the crash happened on the ramp of an expressway near miami international airport. anothedriver involved in the crash was not seriously injured, the dolphins tweeting our thoughts and prars are with kendrick and his family during this time. the crash is under investigation. new york city was the place be this 4th of july the 43rd annual macy's firewks extravaganza lit up the sky this 4th of july. millions gathered to watch that
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incredible display shot off four barges along the east river. this year'show was on nbc was accompanied by music from popular films. earlier in the day, the best eaters in the world descended on coney island for nathan's famous hot dog eating contest the questionnen everyo's mind, d couley chestnut beat his record of 74 dogs in ten minutes? well, he came up short only hounding down 71 weiners and buns ts year that is still more than enough to win joey jaws his 12th pile and a repeat winner for the women as well. nick i downed 31 hot dogs for her 5th straight hot dog victory. brin hot dog-eating janessa webb here. >> 40. >> one of the reasons th didn'tet the record was the 5 temperature. it wasgrees. it was 90 on coney island. >> i'm glad you know the forecast for hot dog eating. >> i had to look it up >> we need that, right
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>> it engulfed my life yesterday, the whole thing i did more research on hot dog eating it was hot >> i'm proud of all t now do they go on a diet i don't know what happens. >> joey moves on to another challenge. >> joey, i challenge you next year let's check what's going on in the weather map. the severe weather running through wyoming into northern colorado ts morning here we do have a line of storms that could produce damaging winds and that's going to last throughout your afternoon that's a look at the big weather story of the day now here's a closer look at your day ahead. st vl thaty warm air and that's going to spark up the severe weather concerns for the upper midwest into the midst this afternoon look at this from texas to the southeast. we're still in the 90s looking at that map, the 90s, you know, they eat hot dogs from baton rouge to the southeast. we need to call them, right? >> not 70 of them, but yeah, sure thank you, janessa
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breaking news overnight, a deadly helicopter crash in the bahamas has killed seven people. one of the victims is reportedly west virginia billionaire coal executive and philanthropist chris klein. west virginia governor jim justice n'nfirmed kleideath in a tweet that read, in part, today we lost a westirginia superstar, and i lost a very close friend police say the chopper was on
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its way to fort lauderdale from the bahamas when it crashed off of grand kay island killing everyone on board. officers and residents discovered the aircraft overturned in 16 feet of water the cause of the crash is unde investigation. leading the news, it's one of the mosart popular smt speakers out there amaz's alexa but this morning it is the focus of new privacy concerns. here's nbc's jo ling kent. >> reporter: amazon admitting it may be keeping track of what you say to alexa in a letter to congress, the online shopping giant revealingy that even if delete your voice recording -- >> alexa -- >> reporter: amazon holds onto a record of what you say indefinitely writing, we do not store the audio of alexa's response, however, we may still retain other recos of customers alexa interactions, including records of aions alexa took in response to the customer's that means amazon could store ta about when u ordered an uber or food delivery to your home last year in an exclusive
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intervien inside ama headquarters, we pressed the head of alexa, tony reid, on privacy. can customers trust alexa? >> absolutely. and part of that is on us from an education perspective, so that customers understand the new technology and for us to ally educate customers and to be able to answer their questions about what is happening. what you ask alexa to do trains the artificial intelligence to better serve you in the future >> it's important to recognize if you're going to use one of these devices for convenience sake that you're giving up a certain amou of privacy. >> reporter: leaving consumers wondering who is listening on the other side jo ling kent, nbc news, new yorks >> alwaylistening. just ahead, team usa gets ready for the women's world cup final. and july 4th ialways a hit at baseball games how america'fari ps voteass time celebrated our country's birthday
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america's pass time being played on america's birthday, teams across major league ebseball celrating theth in cincinnati the reds for t gnt american flag while helicopters flew overhead and check out this guy's rede , whitand blue parachute as he drops into the chicago white sox game finally, they were feeling very patriotic in kansas city the royals invitine g ths. navy honor guard and an air force brass band to play the
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national anthem. keep that sports theme going, the u.s. women's soccer team, they're preparing to take on the netherlandon sunday and they hope it will lead to their fourth world cup trophy. nbs kelley cobiella reports from leon, france. >> reporter: the heavily favored american squad now knows who they'll be facing in the finals. the opponent standin wg in theay of another world cup, the netherland the women in the distinctive orange uniforms. beating sweden with a single goal in extra time the u.s. players with a light practice and a rest day, after their own bruising battle with england, it's carley lloyd's third straight final >> notanverybody c say that. although we know the job hasn't been done yet, we have to finish it off on sunday >> reporter: from their very fit game that included a record-boaaking 13 g, the world has been watching and judging. the u.s. women told they t celebrated much. british media branding alex morgan's tea cup celebration
3:51 am
against england as rude. >> wa-wa-wa. i tmean, we're athe worldn'up i dot believe anybody truly believes we disrespect the game or disrespect our opponents. >> reporter: now one last game >> you're going to the d finals. whatyou think that's going to be like >> scary and exciting. >> reporter: thousands of determined teamsnd two tens of thousands of fans are here for the u.s. team and to cheer on the dutchn sunday these two teams have never before met in any women's world cup game the last time the dutch beat the o.s icans was nearly 30 year ag kelley cobiella, nbc news, leon, france
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in search of a whiter smile. their choice? crest 3d whitestrips. our exclusive whitening formulation safely whitens 25 times better*. for a noticeably whiter, smile. safelytrust america's #1better*. whitening treatment. crest 3d whitestrips. good morning, everyone let's get this friday going. phillip, what do you know about th49th state here? that is alaska >> it's normally supposed to be very>> cold. ery cold but what do you think the all-time record for anchorage is >> i'd say it's like 79. >> 79, it was 85, 1969 official high, 90 degrees yesterd sweating >> that chinese hoax is getting so out of control. >> out of control. >> when we come back, the ovesidential treasure disced after more than 150 years. (momis that for me? (dad) mhm.
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good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm molette green. eun yang has the day off. fireworks frustration. while thousands on the mall only saw smoke last . night >> and your forecast. >> we have lingering rain showers across our area. i'll give you the details in a moment.
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now on" "news4 today, overnight firefighters rush to put o flame at a home in northwest d.c. wewill tell you what crews on the scene say about the people who live there. there is new reaction this morning to video that appears to
4:00 am
show a police officer slamming a man's head into the pavement. what the county ex promising the people of montgomery county. and new health warning. what the mber of cigarettes you smoke in a day mean for your chance of developing heart disease. good morning, everybody. it is 4:00a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. >> let's start with storm team 4 4. >> we are lingering showers moving from the south to the n


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