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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 4, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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breaking news tonight, southern californiaocked by a strong earthquake, the 6.4 magnitude quake is felt from los angeles to las vegas causing the ground to roll and buildings to shake for hundreds of miles. >>ll the knickknacks and things from the cabinets were flying oulike missiles. fires, rock slides, and damage reported, but los angeles is spared by the largest earthquake to hit the region in two decades. the president and his salute to america, he takes center stage calling it one of the biggest celebrations in u.s. history, while some call it a a campaign eventnd excessive military display that politicized the armed forces. a new threat confronting undocumented
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immigrantsho refuse orders to leave the united states. the government will impose fines of hundreds of thousands of dollarsme on sof them. a dramatic police thconfrontation wi a man who refused to get out of his car and is ot shy a sheriff's deputy. ed >> shots fir. shots fired. >> the man in critical condition, the police calling the shooting justifd. and new concerns about your privacy when using amazon alexa personal assistant. what the company says about how long it stores your informatio it does with it. listen want to this one. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, i'm kristen welker in for lester. we begin on this fourth of july with breaking news out of southern california. search and rescue teams dispatched tonight after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, the biggest quake tthere in 20 years, epicenter about 150 miles northeast of los
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angeles near ridgecrest where tonight a state of emergency has been declared. the quake was long and rolling with buildings rolling back and forth. fears about what may be coming next. nbc's miguel almaguer has made his way to ridgecrest tonight. >> reporter: it struck at 10:33 a.m., flames g thisly engulf home. >> earthake, all units out from your stations. >> reporter: firefighters responding after the earthquake started the fourth of july with a bang. the epicenter in ridgecrest in the mojave des >> we have multiple commercial firearms. >> reporter: the quake was so powerful it split thesphalt on this highway. >> all the knickknacks and things in the cabinets were flying out like missiles. >> reporter: aisleaf r aisle at grocery stores and convenience
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stores, merchandise tossed offlv shees, floors damaged. the quake turning swimming pools into wave pools. inside restaurants panic and fear as the rumble shattered the highway. striking five miles deep, the 6.4 quake rattled the region, shaking the earth as far away as las vegas, arizona, even reaching san diego, 20 million people in the earthquakeone. in los angeles, 150 miles from the epicenter,handeliers rattled. while the dama was limited, it was the strongest earthquake in southern california in more than 20 years. today, 36 after shocks were reported in the firs90 minutes. dozens more are heexpected through t day. >> it was more of a back and forth lling. it was a good shaker. >> reporter: lester was also in l.a. and felt the quake. >> this one was just a series of waves, roughly the same intensity but like being on an ocean. what struck in my mind different than any
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earthquake i'v experienced was that it didn't seem to end. it just kept going and going and going. >> reporter: at the ridgecrest regional hospital where many often tu for help, they had to send patients away before later reopening the emergency room. >> i was ready to treat myself because i don't want a roof to fall on self. >> reporter: tonight a region on edge with nerves rattled as the earth continues to shake. over the last several hours we have felt several after shocks in this area. in fact thare two active fault lines tonight. lly s area is act shifting, the ground is. i want to show you another picture here. you can see this water mane break. it broke a few hours ago. we're told a geyser was squirting up to 20 feet in the air. a nearby city has lost all water tonight. the good news here, there haeen no serious injuries. kristen. >> unbelievable images there. thank you for that reporting. as you heard, this was the strongest keearthquake to stri the region in many years, and it was a
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jarring reminder of what many believe is only a matter of time before the next big one strikes california.e jofryer has more on that. >> reporter: when today's mighty earthquake started rattling t region -- >> and then we felt the shake like this. >> reporter: -- tspanicked residen wondered if this was the big one california nghas been braci for. experts say no. >> this earthquake does not make the big one any more likely or any less likely. >> reporter: seismologis say there's a chance oof a larger earthquake in the next week and 80% chance of a magnitude 5. two faults were involved in today's n quake but not the sa andreas fault more than 100 miles away. california is no stranger to uakes. in 1989 a 6.9 quake devastated the bay area as the world series was getting under way. and in '94, a 6.7 rah advantagedorth ridge near l.a. both killed dozens. today in los angeles, many wondered why they didn't get an alert
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from l.a.'s early warning system. >> the shake alert didn't go off which is really weird. the shake alert didn't go off. i checked it. >> reporter: authorities say the system didn't fail. rather the quake's intensity in l.a. was gg too low to tri an alert. >> the system actually igworked as desd. >> reporter: seismologists say the odds of aor maj san andreas earthquake are 2%. today's quake does not change that. >> thank you. lond patrick heely of our angeles station knbc has been watching this unfold all afterno in the city. patrick. >> reporter: good ening, we're on one of l.a.'s major thoroughfares at a spot where a water mane broke at the time of the earquake. was it caused by the quake? we won't know r sure until they finish digging up the repairs. the epicenter 150 miles to the north in
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the desert. this quake almost as large as the vastating north ridge quake a quarter century ago. the big difference, the distance away. many in l.a. didn't feel the quake. many others it was fairly strong ovall los angeles dodged a bullet this time. but l.a.'s help may be needed up north. >> patrick heely from u. knbc, thank yo for more on this, let's bring in seismologist lucy jones who we saw earlier. lucy, thank you so much for joining us. put this 6.4 magnituea rthquake into perspective. how dangerous is it for residents over the next 24 hours? >> for the people who live near where the earthquake hpened, this is a significant event. there's enough shaking to be doing a lot of damage. we've gotten reports of structure fires. it's a big deal for ahe people who live in thata. and bigger picture here in your es mation is california prepared for the big one should it hit? >> ah, the prepared question. we are a lot better than we used to be and not as f along as we could be. we've unfortunately gotten used to not
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having the earthquakes and this is at least a tyood reminder there's plenore we could be doing. >> a good reminder indeed. lucy jones, thank you for your perspective. appreciate it. >> thank you. and there is more breaking news tonight, dangerous weather on uly 4th, storms hitting across several states. in south carolina a lightning strike left at least one person dead. we get more from our rehema ellis. >> reporter: it happened just after 2: p.m. at this remote park north of charleston, south carolina. emergency crews rushed the scene. >> approximately 12 people struck by lightning. one is not responsive. >> reporter: officials say one person died. six others were injured. here, the radar shows bad weather moving into the area this afternoon. a group waving a holiday barbecue when it hit. tree branches where it struck charred. edward williams lives nearby. >> one of the girls couldn't -- it was
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eglike her arm and l and stuff were hurt. but a lot of them i think got jolted. >> reporter: july is typically the deadliest month for lightning strikes, a warning to get inside as soon as possible when storms hit. rehema ellis, nbc news. >> so, the big thestion now, will severe weather threaten your fireworks celebration tonight? dylan dryer has more on that. dylan. >> reporter: good evening. the scattered showers and storms we're seeing today should fizzle out in time for sunset. in time for fireworks it would be isolated storms. best chais across the upper midwest. then through the rest of the weekend, we'll see more heat, more humidity, that means more pop up storms on friday. they become a little more numerous on saturday for the theastern half of country. on sunday in the northeast we should lose the heat and humidity. it will be much cooler and most of the heavier showers across tohe southeast. we wanoint out in alaska, highs in the mid-80s, we cod eak all-time records
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in that area going through this weekend. .>> w all right. thank you. to washington now where president trump is taking the stage tonight at his controversial salute to america celebration. jeff bennett reports on the event and the ck balash. ♪ >> reporter: tonight president trump putting his own twist on the traditional july 4th celebration pln the nation's capita of military might and a big speech at the lincoln memorial. >> we're going to have planes going over, the best fighter jets in the world and other planes too. and we're going to have some tank stationed outside. >> reporter: and now it's all here. the festivities featuring military flyovers and a fleet of battle tanks dotting the national mall. >> it's a great use of our military and showing what we're all here for and what ti we're celebra. >> the event showing protesters too, the trump baby balloon in the shadow of the washingtonum monent. >> the white house reserved the best
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seats for republican donors. acemocrats hoping to replthe president accusing him of playing politics. >> donald trump is handing out tickets to his bidonors. that's a campaign event. >> i don't think he understands, this is , america's birthday not his birthday. >> reporter: and joe biden out in iowa insisting he's still th e one to beat polls showing kamala harris gaining on the form former vp after their debate stage showdown. m >> if you notice, i' the guy everybody's talking about. >> reporter: back here in washington after all the controversy and criticism surrounding this it turns out the biggest obstacle has been the weather. the skies have already opened up and thunderstorms are in the krten. >> jeff bennett ght fromng to washington. as the debate over ismmigration rages, there new cost for some undocumented immigrants who ignore deportation orders. they're now receiving bills for hundreds of thousands of dollars. gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: today in
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texas, more outrage er the treatment of migrant children at the border. it comes as the trump administration tries something new to crack down on illegal immigration. this woman took sanctuary in this ohio church in 2017 disobeying deportation order. >> they know where i am. i know i'm here in the church. >> reporter: now immigration and customs enforcement has sent her this letter, a notice that c.e. intends to fine $500,000 y for failing to leave the country. no >> i don't kwhy they send me this letter. >> reporter: her attorney says the government is citing a little-used section ofe thimmigration and nationality act to justify the fine. according to a written statement, i.c.e. began issuing the tices in december, charging undocumented immigrants up to $799 a day for disobeying deportatioorders. i.c.e. is also preparing to carry out delayed immigration prent trump said they'll happen sometime after the
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fourth of july if congress does not change alum laws. >> they come in illegally and they go out legally. >> reporter: federal authorities are also trying to draw attention to the dangers of human smuggling. this x-ray of a produce truck trying to cross the arizona border revealed 33 migrants hn inside including a preant woman and a dozen children in stifling heat. saturday will mark the two week deadline the president set for cities.n those right now there is no word on when or if they migappen. >> gabe reporting from el paso tonight. thank you. tonight a homeless man is clinging tofe utside atlanta after dramatic body cam captured intense confrontation between him and police that sparked a chase and ended with a deputy opening fire. ron allen has that story. >> do you have a reason to be here? then you're loitering. >> reporter: 2:30 a.m. sunday morning with
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body camerasli rol, approached nicolas bolton asleep .in his c >> step out so i don't have to drag youut. >> reporter: bolton is seen moving from the ba seat to get behind the wheel. >> turn the car off. rn the car off. turn the car off. >> reporter: the chase t ends in lesshan a minute with three cars onrying to block bolt officers order him to stop his car. >> turn off the car. >> bolton was shot in the head. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> as a family, we are praying, but he's fighting for his life t. at this poin >> reporter: in the unideo, police say he was med. >> was there a weapon? >> no, he was trng to ram us with his car. s> reporter: the deputyays he fired because he thought the th vehicle was at. >> he gaszed again and b rammed car. he was still gassing it tryino run us over. >> reporter: collin now on leave, his department calling his actions necessary and justified. >> he jumped out of his car in two seconds
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and fired a kill shot,an d he should be terminated and he should be prosecuted. >> reporter: georgia state authority is now investigating while the family hopes their loved one survives. >> just ahead, new acy concerns on how long amazon is holding on to records of your conversations even if you delete thhem. en do you rush or relax? e hat your airport stylsays about you. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a lieele confused when he s another bird that looks exactly like him.. ya..'ll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. here is another laundry hack from home made simple. do you want ready to wear clothing without all the hassle?
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bring out the best in it with crest 3d white. crest removes 95% of surface stains... just three days. it's one of the most popular smart speakers out, amazon's alexa. but tonight it's the focus of new privacy concerns. here'solene kent. >> reporter: tonight amazon admitting it may be keeping track of what you say to alexa. in a letter to congress the online shopping giant revealing that even if you delete your voice recording, amazon holds on to a record of what you say indefinitely, writing we do not store the
7:18 pm
o of alexa's response. however, we may still retain other records of alexa interactions including records of ti acons alexa took in response to the customer's request. that means amazon could store data about when you've stored uber or food delivery to your home. last year in an exclusive interview, we pressed the head of alexa ny reed on privacy. >> can customers trust alexa? >>bsolutely. part of that is on us from an education perspective so that customers understand it's a new technology. and for us to really educate customers and to be able to answer their questions abt at is happening. >> reporter: amazon says storing what you ask alexa too trains the artificial intelligence to better serve you in the future. >> it's important to recognize that if you're going to use one of these devices foconvenience sake that you're giving up a certain amount of privacy. >> leaving consumers wondering who's listening on the other side. jolene kent, nbc news, new york. and coming up, why
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before you head to the airport this summer, do you know the difference between the fliers who like to rush or relax? here's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: out of the record breaking 257 million passengers taking to the skies he this summer, t are two different kinds of travellers, those in a hurry and those who are a little better at e anaging their time. >> takution and make sure we get there epn time. >> rorter: full disclosure, i am not of those peopl it's 80 in the morning and i have a 10:15 flight in lax. this is a close one. most of my flying is a o last minute s it's always a mad dash. this is the most stressful part. we are here. we board in about 15 minutes. thank you very much.'s see if we can make looks like we made it with a little bit of time to spare. but don't try that at home. and if that little sprint stressed you
7:23 pm
out, you might be what experts call type a. there's psychology in place. differences in the way they perceive the passage of time. >> reporter: in studies when type a's are asked how long they think a minute , hey guess around 58 seconds, while us type bs guess about 75. this summer knowing how you perceive time might come in handy as more people are expected to fly than ever before. >> we're good. we're not under >>ress. eporter: airports also offering expedited screening like tsa pre-check and clear which might be worth che extrat if you are always running late. gadi schwartz, nbc ooews. >> lat those lines. earlier is always coming up next, the presidential treasure discovered after more than 150 years. no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects.
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and finally tonight the newfound bible that belonged to presidenabraham lincoln hidden away for more than 150 years until now. here's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: handle with care because this intricate ather bound bible belonged to the 16th president d an a newly discovered surprise addition to the abraham lincoln library. >> it's the raw material of history d artifacts. it allows you to go back in time and be there with them in a way. >> reporter: gifted to lincoln in 1864, the bible has been on a 155-year long journey, homed in springf illinois. >> well, i'll tell you i really grew up with the bible. >> reporter: sandra willingham lives in the remote mining town of triumph, idaho, far
7:28 pm
from her parents' new the bible was a fixture they want to share. given after the assassination to the widow to reverend minor who spoke at the funeral and handed down ever since. >> my grandfather's grandfather -- so, my great, great, great grandfather. >> he's ing the vault. what's inside? >> all the lincoln sures. >> reporter: when the family donated the bible, it was ian hunt's job to bring i t. >> as was unwrapping the united representative actually burst into >> reporter: a house divided against itself shall not stand which he used to condemn slavery. >> it's a render of hho this man was and mhate gave us. >> a who was so importanto our lives and to our history. >> reporter: a cherished family heirloom now shared
7:29 pm
with the entire american family. kevin tibbles, nbc news, springfield, illinois. >> what a treasure for our country especially on this holiday. that is "nightly news" for this thursday. i'm kristen welker. from all of us at nbc news have a happy and safe fourth of july and good night.
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lights, camera, "access." like she -- i was like you should try out or choir, and i was like that's for nerds. >> our pleasant surprise for kelly clarkson. >> oh, my gosh, i haven't seen you in forever. >> how did


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