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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 1, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new at midday, out of control protests in hong kong. thousands smash their way into the government headquarters.oo a lat what sparked the unrest. in our area, july 1st marks a long list of changes from the mount you get paid to what you will eating and drinking out of. we'll run down what you need to know. and it is absolutely gorgeous outside right now. low humidity, plenty of sunshine. i don't think we can keep this going. big changes in the weather ooming our way. we'll talk ab that and your 4th of ju9+rorecast, coming up. "news4 midday" starts now. and good morning. welcome to "news4 midday," i'm
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molette green. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we gin with fantastic weather lauren talked about. very hot weekend has passed us by. we're now getting a very short brem the heat and humidity. >> very short. okay, lauren, can we expect a rain-free day wihese beautiful pictures that you're showing right now? >> yeah, it's gorgeous out there, molette, absolutely beautiful. and i think we can keep it goin for today wi rain chances. get out and enjoy it. lather on the sun block, because that sun is shining out there today. current temperatures right now, approaching that 80-degree mark in some spots. marine base u quantico alread there, as well as annapolis. everybody else in the 70s. feeling good out there. poolout lo eool outlook, comfortable, plenty of sunshinhroughout midnight, along with a chance of rain for tuesday, better chances ofrms as we get into your wednesday, thursday, 4th of july and friday.
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let's talk about the 4th of july. f you're not staying here, we have your forecast, especially in the area beaches, coming up in 20 minutes. >> thank you. breaking news from alexandria, where prosecutors have decided no to seek a second ntrial, and istead accept an insanity plea in the murder of a shop manager in old town. they say the state medical expert came to the same conclusion ashe defense team that bashan was in the midst of a psychotic episode when he attacked brad jkson last year. he believed the victim, a complete stranger, was a whe werewolf and stabbed him a dozen times. today's decision means he will be committ to a state hospital. now on "news4 midday," we're learning new information about a double shooting that killed one man in the district. >> police arrested 21-year-old dewann garmani, who was shot and
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taken to the hospital. it happened at 4:00 yesterday afteroon in an alley near st. augustine catholic church. kelly kantwell was inside his apartment when he heard the shots. >> i don't think we've processed it yet. i mean, yeah, it's scary. but, yeah. probably take some time to t in. >> no word if police are still looking for other suspects in the case. laurel police are also searching for the person who gunned down a man yesterday afternoon along woodla court. the victim was 57-year-old dolphin jackson. people are trying to figure out what led to the shooting. new this morning, protesters in hong kong have taken over the legislative chamber and spray painted slogans on walls. check out this scene here. a first-ever red alert wassu is for the legislature, warning everyone to evacuate the
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area. the protesters are upset with beijing's attemptso put a new extradition law in place. today is also the 22nd anniversary of hong kong's handover fm british to chinese control. also new this morning, iran says it has turpassed limit set on its stockpile of low enriched uranium. this is according to the iranian news agency, farves, which is sourcing one source for this information. no official announcement has been made on this. last year, the ited states unilaterally with drdrew from t nuclea deal, limiting iran to 3 kilograms of uranium. and the nuclear program with north kor dominating news after president trump became the first u.s. president to set foot in the country. he is back in washington now whre his critics are calling his visit a photo .
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tracie potts explains. >> i never expected to meet you alathis pce. >> reporter: president trump stepping into history. >> stepping across that line was a great honor. >> reporter: the first american president to stand on north korl,n soi shaking hands with kim jong-un. >> well, chuck -- >> this is an expression of his willingness to elimina all the unfortunate tests and open a new future. >> reporter: it's historic, but is this just symbolic, could it lead to north korea giving up nuclear weapons?or >> the next twhree weeks, the teams will start working to see whether or not they can do something. >> it's a tall order to convince the north koreans to gi up these things. >> reporter: north korea wants relief from economic sanctions. the u.s. wants to end their nuclear program. two summits have produced little progress. the u.s. is going for a third, led by special eoy steven bagan. >> he want to make sure japan is safe. >> reporter: president trump
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downplaying recent tests as small. >> it's not feasible to imagine kim jong-un dismantling his entire nuclear missile arsenal just on the promise of sanctions relief. >> reporter: the impact, unknown. also, president trump says he'so invited kim twashington so it's possible we'll see the two together at the white house at some point. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. meanwhile, as that historic meeting happened, an altercation broke out between reporters andn north kore security guards. officials were seen pushing and trying to block the press from recording the moment. at some point, the new white house press secretary,tephanie grisham, was seen shoving a guard who was blocking reporters fm the room where president trump and kim jong-un were meeting. today new laws take effect across the .c. ea, impacting your day-to-day life in every llnd of way, from things such as how much folks wiee in their
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paychecks to how you sip your favorite drinks. here's news4's megan mcgrath with how the law might affect you. >> reporter: it's july 1st accident ever which means that a lot of new laws are kicking in jurisdictions around the dmv. let's start here in the district of columbia. no more plastic stra at bars and restaurants, unless you're prepared to pay a fine. the ban took effect earlier this year, but starting today, businesses can actually be fined anywhere from $100 tor800 fo repeat offenders. and in maryland, restaurants and schools can no longer use styrofoam containers. penalties won't kick in until 2020, but they're going to bin publicizing the ban starting today. and in virginia, you now need to be 21 years old to buy tobacco products. thaoms up fr 18. however, there are exceptions for active duty military imrsonnel. and the min wage is going up
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in two area jurisdictions. here in the district, the hourly wage goes from $13.25 to $ hour, regardless of the size of the business. and in montgomery county, large employers with 51 or more workers must pay $13 an hour, up from $12.25. small and mid-sizedusinesses in montgomery county must now pay $12.50 an hour. these are just a few of the lat t are kicking in starting today. there are a lot more, and we've got a complete list on our nbc washington app. starting today, a welcome change for commuters on d tro's reline. >> trains will now travel all the way and from the glen mont station. news4o justin finch js us live from the silver spring station with more on how this will improve the ride home for thousands of commuters. justin, some good news for folks,huh? >> reporter: hey, molette, that's right.
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good news for thousands of riders. this has been in the works, actually, for some time now. een, i tell you why it has it's kind of frustrating. imagine day after day, you're on the train, headed towards glen mont, and you have to get off your train two or three stops before then -- get off your train, watch that train go back down, another come back up. that's more time to your commute, more frustration, as well. that is now a thing of the past. for thousands of metro rail red line riders, today kicksoff a much-ticipated service nt improve ending what are called turnbacks. maybe you've dealt with them. that's when some red line trains we turned back at the silver spring stop and directed back downtown, often leaving riders between silver spring and glenmont in a >> i've been riding the mid trail for so long, and more trains will be really helpful. >> reporter: but that's how the system worked for years, until montgomery county councilman and
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transportation chair tom hucker helped to launch a campaign tnd ehose turnbacks. grabbing more than 2500 signatures in support, the backing of fellow council members and the community. a future-facing move out of a much different past. the 1980s when public transit had different goals. what was going on then that justified the turnbacks? >> oh, well, what they said at the time was they wanted to keep more of the -- they call it rolling stock, meaning more in tras, in the downtown area. >> reporter: the difference some have already seen. those who haven't may notice soon. wait times for trains during the week and weekends expected to be cut in half. the move follows a turnback switch on the west side of he red line back in december. and today, kind of like christmas. metro riders getting even more goodews. >> all metro rail passes will now come with unlimited metro bus rights at no additional cost. >> reporter: unlimited bus
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rides, definitely good news. we're watching live here the silver spring train platform, watching a train arriving at the station. not many waiting. so the trains are coming pretty frequently. again, that's part of the solution here, the turnbacks now ended. more trains coming and from glenmont all the way down, guys. back inside to you. >> all right, justin finch for us in silver springhis morning. thanks. deadly crash. the latest on what caused a asane to crash into a building in killing ten people. ithappened just after takeoff. how that information will steer the investigation. plus, we will get you ready to hit the roads or airports for 4th of july holiday.ow the crds and information that could make your trip smoother.
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right now, investigators with the federal aviation administration are busy searchg for answers after aly dead crash, plane crash, in
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a addison, texas. >> this video from the scene yesterday morning. all ten people aboard the private twin engine plane were killed. here is nbc's steve gutierrez with more on the investigation. >> reporter: this morning, tragedy in texas. >> everybody stand by. we had an accident on the field. so expect not to go out any time soon. >> reporter: ntsb officialsv cestigating what caused a fiery planesh that killed all ten on board. >> we'd like to start by expressing our most sincere codolences to the familynd friends who lost loved ones in this crash. >> reporter: the identities of the two pilots and eight passengers not yet released. the super king 350 crashed into a hangar at addison airport, nort of dallas, shortly after takeoff sunday morning. officials say the plane was on its way to st. petersburg, florida, according to flight plans. >> we noted that the airplane was damaged by impact forces and a post impact fire. >> a plane just crashed into the
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building here at addison. >>eporter: cell phone video shows thick, black smoke billowing moments after the crash. investigators say the plane was destroyed by the fire. the hangar was not occupied at se time of the crash. aftermath videohows a gaping ole in the roof of the building. photos of the interior show aircraft wreckage and another plane badly charred. >> my team is starting to gather nformation on-scene as we speak. >> reporter: the ntsb says the investigation will focus on a variety of things, including a pilot's expe ence, the condition of the aircraft, the weather and communications with the tower. >> this is just the fact-gathering stage, and i would suspect that within possibly two weeks, we'll have a preliminary report out after we have gathered t all initial information. >> reporter: you can see the melted siding on that hangar from all that heat. i theentities of the two pilots and eight passengers who were killed have not yet been publicly released.
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gabe gutierrez, nbc news, addison, texas. this morning, we're seeing ramatic video from just outside orlando, florida. a sheriff deputy's body camera was rolling when the driving he was speaking to during a traffic stop took off, dragging him along. the officer said he feared the driver was about to hithehe gas, so pulled his gun. this apparently staed after the deputy said he smelled marijuana. there was an argument and the driver makes a grab for the officer's gun before taking off. look at that. the deputy was pulled about 100 feetore falling off. he did fire his gun, striking the driver in the leg. both men expected to be okay. the driver was arrested and now faces a slew of charges. nearly two dozen people are hit and injured by transit buses every year in the d.c. region, and with the summer masses coming in, many local communities are trying to figure out how to make things safer for pedestrians. as the news4 i-team scott macfarlane reports, engineersrgt a viia university think they
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have a solution. >> a pedestrian saved me and stopped the bus. >> reporter:tina glenny knows firsthand how dangerous bus collisions can be. in march 2016 a transit bus slammed intoher while she used a crosswalk in arlington, pinning her underneath and verely injuring her leg. it seems the bus didn't see you? >> i don't think he did. >> reporter: transportation researchers are looking to eliminatees th bus line accidents. the i-team traveled to virginia tech, where andrew croom's team is investigating. aws review shabout 20 people are hit by transit buses each lsar in our area, and a survey shows they're a equipping buses with new technology, including extra lights to get the attention of distracted pedestrians and more cameras for drivers. coming up tonight as part of our full news4 i-team report, we take you on the bus to show you what drivers are going to see it these warning s are put into fect. for now in blacksburg, scott
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macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> really cool technology there. >> nice to see them put it to use here to save somople, possibly. in you're traveling for the 4th of july holiday, it will be crowded. >> in the air and on the road. we have more on your morning business report. >> if you're flying on the 4th, get to the airport extra early. the tsa says a recordumber of planes flying this week between july 3 and 7. the peak day will likely be sunday. the tsa anticipates screening about 2.7 million passengers and days.embers on peak that's an additional 500,000 ceople than on a typical day. you can xtra traffic on the roads this weekend, as well. aaa says the number of drivers is expected to rise by more than 4% thyear, and some cities more congested. new york, boston, houston and seattle all projected to see delays at least three times longer than normal at the
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busiest travel times. wednesday is expected to be the worst day for delays. more than 41 million people are forecasted to hit the roads, a aaa projects the delays to increase by 9 perce% nationwide. with you b cnbc morninginess report, i'm frank holland. >> the countdown is for the 4th of july. >> crews started to set up the launch points for the big fireworks show here in d.c. the fos who make the fireworks say this year's event will be the biggest in d.c.'s history. the new launch site is bigger than the old one, meaning it can fit more fireworks. also the show is going to be about three minutes longer than before. >> you spend so many months planning and preparing, and it's just kind of like a wedding, right? yoave this year's worth of work and then it's all gone. and for us, 20 minutes. >> now, the 35-minute fireworks display is set to start a litt after 9:00 p.m. on thursday from west potomac park along the national mall. ur all right. 11:19 is yo time. strawberries are the perfect
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summer fruit. you dip them in chocolate and stuff other ies in them. coming up, we go one step further and talk about that stuffing of strawberry i? >> i'm for it. also, the danger of floaties. whether your family is spending time at e pool or beach, safety precautions you suld be takhoin
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this morning, one woman dear and two o missing after separate boating incidents in maryland over the ofals in anne arundel county say they're investigating the death of a kayaker near annapolis on saturday. her enme has not be released. in two other incidents u.s. g coastrd officials tell wtop it suspended its search for allan van dike of glen bernie. he went missing satday near baltimore. and those incidents right there just remind us how dangerous the water can be.o >> alsgives a good reason not to let our guard down. nbc's chris e clackumlains
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what you can do to keep you and your kids safe this summer. >> reporter: a water rescue crew darts into theu s in north carolina. an 8-year-old boy inside one of those giant floats has drifted far offshore. >> if you have a child on a float d the wind is blowing, easily they could get in over their head withoutem realizing it. >> reporter: is episode ended happily, but too many others do not. even when it's the seemingly safe waters of a backyard pool. >> that's where 75% of the children in the u.s. drown. >> reporter: dr. wineki campaigns to prevent drownings, which the cdc says is the leading caus of unintentional deaths in the u.s. >> the red cross really wants to emphasize that learn to swim can save your life.ep >> rorter: and he says even if you're an avid swimmer, a life preserver should still be worn in many water activities.
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plus, pay particular attention rip current warnings at the beach. and swim only where there's ali feguard. >> statistics have shown if you're at a guarded beach, you have a 1 in 18 million chance of drowning with death. gich are prettyod statistics, in my book. >> reporter: a book on swim safetthat will hopefully have a happy ending. chris clackum, nbc news. >> got to keep safety in mind. >> yeah. >> out there having fun, too. all right. >> it's beautiful. >> look what you did! >> thank you so much. l right took credit on wtop. now another platform i can take credit for it. have you been outside yet?n >> >> i haven't either. we've been here since 4:00 a.m., 3:30, really. >> it is beautiful out there. low humidity. sunshine. i see a whole bunch of cameras from outside, from all over the area. but it is absolutely gorgeous!
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now, the humidity is coming back overnight. so get outside and enjoy the day today. because the heat, it's coming. it's on the way, and it will arrive tomorrow. in fact, temperatures today right around normal, but usually we have the humidity. we don't have that today. but we will tomorrow and temperatures will be in the low to mid 90 tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and those heat indexes will be close to 100 after today. but no heat index measurableut there today, because we just don't have any humidity. and that's what we get when we get the humidity and temperature combined,hat number -- feel-like factor of the heat index. current temperatures now, 80 at quantico, 80 in warrenton, 80 in annapolis, but everybody else in the mid to upper 70s. we'll top out in the 80s this afternoon. full sunshine, clear skies overnight. just a good-looking day out there. now, as far as looking at right here, high pressure in charge. and that's clearing out everything. eventuallyghthat area of hi pressure will move off the
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coast. we get a little return flow on that around that area of high pressure o d start te that humidity increasing. and that's going to happen tomorrow. so tomorrow,ow 90s. and, again, going to feel like he mid to upper 90s. we could also have an isolated storm passing through tomorrow and we also have stormha ces wednesday, 4th of july, thursday, and also friday. here's the temperature right there for the wednesday, thursday and friday. but the feel-like factor, again, close to 100 degrees. so look at your 4th of july forecast. even at 10:00 a.m., it's going to feel like the upper 80s. at 10:00 a.m. thursday. tod, again, feeling close 100 by the average, may have to dodge a few showers and thunderstorms. i would say 40% will see them pop up and we could have some right around the fireworks time. 9:00 p.m. now, again, hot and humid going all the way into the beginning of the weekend. we'll talk about the next five days, and let's talk about the beach forecast in case you're hea ed out of town. that's coming up in just about 15 minutes. >> all right.
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we'll see you then. thanks. health care debate coming up. why some are looking toward germany as a model. plus, danger. >> the are dangers out there. and try to learn the warning signs. >> that man there says he lost his mother after a vacation from a flesh-eating bacteria. the warning signs he wants you to know.
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. you're watching "news4 midday." >> back with you at 11:29. we're learning more about this shooting that left form boston red sox star david ortiz wounded he the ortiz home country of dominican republic. according to the associated press, police in the dr say ortiz was sitting next to the intend victim, his cousin. a suspected drug trafficker offed to pay $30,000 for the police say they arrested 14
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people in this case, and are searching for others. yesterday three ofhe suspects in this case, including the mastermind, were sentenced to a year in prison. > now to the continuing shakeup among the 2020 presidential candidates after the first debate last week. >>fo as caliia senator kamala harris rises in the polls, she's getting some new attention from l e other side. nbc's andrea mitchs more. >> reporter: kamala harris is building on her breakout debate performance. campaigning sunday in san francisco's pride parade. the californiaenator is on the rise after taking on former vice president joe biden over his past opposition to court-ordered busing to desegregate schools. following his controversial comments about working with two segregationist democratic senators back in the 1970s. >> that conversation was about, frankly, one, me sharing a personal experience and hopefully explaining then why i
11:31 am
felt the way i did about the comments about segregationists. and about the issue of busing in america and the history of that. >> repoer: a new poll conducted after thursday's debate shows biden still leading the 2020 field with 33%. but that's a five-point drop from the previous week. the same poll shows harris surging. now tied with elizabeth warren for third place at 12%. up six points since the debate. biden now facing even more criticism from his rivals after these comments about black teenagers friday. >> we've t got recognize. we've got to recognize that kid wearing the hoodie may very well be the next laureate and not a gang-bangor. >> as a guy who was followed and surveilled, this is just another example of just conversations or lessons that joeiden shouldn't have to learn. >> reporter: meanwhile, harris' 2020 rivals are leaping to her defense after donald trump jr.
11:32 am
retweete retweeted then deled a tweet questioning harris' race. harris is the daughter of immigrants, a black jamaican father. >> we have a president who is a racist and apparently based on a statement yesterday, his son is following in his footsteps. >> reporter: a spokesman for trump jr. says he was simply asking about hahnris' etity and deleted the tweet when his intent was misconstrued. another issue sure to be among the debates in the 2020 campaign, affordable health care. it is a priority for so many americans and already a major talking point for candidates. bc medical health correspondent dr. john torres was in jury rge. he explains how the country'ssy tem works and what lessons could be learned here. >> this chicago native moved to germany six years ago.
11:33 am
she got her master's degree, met her husband marco and is now working in tech. and as a type one diabetic,li re on affordable insulin, the drug she needs each day to stay alive. >> i get five of these for teneuro. >> reporter: about $15. >> right. >> reporter: in the u.s., it could cost hundreds, even with insurance. in>> it's heartbreak when i see these stories in the u.s. of people ratiing their insulin or even going over the border to cada or mexico to get cheaper insulin. >> reporter: but experts say germany is a better model for affordable drugs and health care coverage in general. why? in germany, all workers contribute part of their salary, about 7%, which is matched by their employer, into a public health insurance pool, ensuring everyone gets coverage. >> in ger yny, doou think they consider health care a right or a privileg >> i think they definitely consider it a right. >> reporter: another major difference? tsrmany regulates drug prices and medical cos through an
11:34 am
independent agency made up of doctors, insurance companies, patients and lawmakers. they have strict limits on out-of-pocket costs, so no such thing as surpriseil medical. when you go home, will you get a bill? [ speaking in foreign language ] >> no. >> it's ten euros a day she has to pay for operation and doctors bed th rest is al free. >> reporter: i lieve people would think that since the system isn't costing people as much, it can't be as good of a u.s.m as the >> i think we're doing very well compared with the u.s. system. >> reporter: now, as ourountry moves towards another election, could there be a new fix for health care by looking at germany, the oldest health care stem in the world? dr. john torres, nbc news, berlin. the university of maryland could be in danger of losing its accreditation and a risk of losing federal financial aid for students. on friday, the accrediting commission placed the school on.
11:35 am
warnin it's related to the death of jordan mcnair, a football player who collapsed during the 2018 team workout and later died from heatstroke. mcnair's death le to several major changes, but the commission says umd must provide a, quote, clearly articulated and transparent governance structure. the school has until next march too cly. we are working for your health. the son of a florida woman is speaking out after the family says she died from flesh eating bacteria. >> they say she was infected after she fell during a walk on the beach. nbc's morgan chesky has her story and what you need t know. >> reporter: as millions plans tripto the coast, a family in mourning after walk on the beach turned deadly. >> there were no warning signs. it was a normal day at the beach. >> wade fleming said it began when his 77-year-old mother, carolyn, stuled, exposing a cut to a microscopic danger. the official name, necrotizing
11:36 am
fashi fasciitis. carolyn died two weeks later after complications from surgery. if somebody somewhere would have recognized, you know, the dangers, they would have told her to get morergent care. >> reporter: the infection is rare, but the cdc says up to one in thr people with necrozing fasciitis die, even with treatment. >> some of the earliest symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis would be an area of redness or swelling that's spreading rapidly. an area that's severely painful and/or associated with fever. >> reporter: it commonly enters the body through a break in skin. avoid natural bodies of water, including hot tubs and pools. and if you sgn any si of infection, see a doctor immediately. >> i can't do everything that i was able to do before. >> reporter: for 12-year-old kylie parker, early detection saved her life when she contracted the same infection. after multiple surgeries to halt its spread, recovery could still take years.
11:37 am
>> there is a t possibilityt it may affect her to where she may not be able to walk normally n >> reporter: the fleming family is sharing their moth story, in hopes someone will recognize the problem they didn't catch in time. >> that's what we're hoping to cure right now, is to eucate people, to let the public know that they can go to the beach, they can have fun. but there are dangers out there. >> reporter: a call for caution ahead of a busy holiday weekend. morgan che morgan chas key nbc news, miami. lauryn says enjoy today, because the heat and humidity come back tomorrow. >> coming up, she's going to have a look ahead to the 4th ofd july antorm chances. stay with us. good monday morning, everybody. coming up today at 4:00, you can see our very own weather warrior, doug kaerer, like you've never seen him before. >> doug gives his all on the american ninja warrior obstacle
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course. watch doug leap, fly and swing [music playing] (vo) this is matt and rachel. and this is the few minutes they have until naptime is over.
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this is rachel depositing a check without leaving the house. (rachel) [whispers] have you seen my debit card? (matt) [whispers] no. ngo) this is rachel turff her debit card. (matt) [whispers] babe. (vo) d back on again. this is your right here, right now bank. this iwells fargo.
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♪ >> the historic carrousel at glenho park took its last ride of 2019 over the weekend. it's nearly 100 years old. needs a lot of work, apparently. over the coming months, crews will repair and modernize the building and the antique ride itself. that work is going to cost about a million bucks. the carrousel will reopen next spring. a congregation near richmond will spend the week cleaning up the ceiling in their church that collapsed. pink insulation and drywall now cover the pews. no one was in e sanctuary at t time. when the collapse happened t probably helped save a lot of people from getting hurt. >> this space would be filled
11:41 am
with 50 folks or more who would be practicing getting ready for worship on sunday. so just and few hours at could have been a different situation. >> there's a giant hole in the ceiling in the church's brand-new pipe organ, it's filled with dust. churches in the area are coming to the aid, helping out, supporting, offering space so the congregation can work together. i wonder if that was storm-related. >> i don't know. >> i don't know either. >> interesting. >> yeah, that's interesting. i mean, old churches, who knows. ut i wonder if that was storm-related because i know richmond got a bunch o storms. not sure when that was, but that's interesting. >> no storm for us today, though. >> n we're dry today. >> would be nice to have on a day like this. >> or somebody who has a boat. >> we nee a hookup! let's put our minds together. somebody owns a boat. listen, it is beautiful out there. and if you're headed out on the
11:42 am
boat lateron, you can email all three of us and -- >> absolutely. >> yes. and listen, you're not going to have to keep an eye on the sky. it's going to be beautiful on the bay. gorgeous already right now. and we're going to continue to have some very nice conditions throughout the day. it was a cool start out there this morning. those temperatures were in the low to mid 50s in the shenandoah valley, but we're pretty comfortable with low humidity. the heat and humidity are coming back tomorrow. in fact, back in the 90s tomorrow with the heat index around 100 degree. and wegoing to take that into the weekend with those hot and humid conditions and daily r chances ofn. but no rain out there today. temperatures right around 80 grees in some spots. 70s elsewhere. mid 70s in the shenandoah valley. just a perfect monday. 87 with lowit humid actually, this is about normal for this time of year, but usually, july, we have humidity tacked on so it feels warmer. but today is a bonus day and
11:43 am
absolutely beautiful. so get out to the pool today. it's going to be very comfortable. now tomorrow we'l have the heat and humidity in place. could see a straight storm tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow evening. i would say less than a 20% chance you'll see that where you are. wednesday we'll up that chance to a 40% chance of seeing scattered storms. nothing on the radar right now. feeling low 90s but like the mid 90s out there. now, as we go through the wednesday, thursday and friday, of course, as i said, that heat iindex is going to be rt around the century mark. it is going to be warm. on 4th of july, we also have to dodge some storms. 40% chance we'll have scattered storms for the 4th of july. let's talk about the beach forecast for theth and also we'll show you that ten-day forecast coming up. >> all right, uryn, thank you. we are talking about food, just in time for lunch. we'll take a ok at d.c. staurants honored at a special ceremony last night. and we're going to do a little bit of strawberry tasting. but these are not average berries. these are stuffed with goodies. stay with us.
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you guys have the best display on "news4 midday" ever. >> thank you. >> okay? what inhe world is going on here? i just see sweetness from the beginning to the end. welcome to news4. >> thank you. thank you for having us. >> d.c. natives. you've got stuffed berry as youe business, deng these sweet treats. tell me what this is, though. what's a stuffed berry? >> they are f ourgship product. we have other desserts, but this is our featured desserts and what everybody knows us for. they are stuffe strawberries. and when i say they're they're stuffed with a
11:47 am
cheesecake based filling and we currently have 70 flavors. >> 70flavors? >> 7lavors. >> oh, my goodness. i'm about to explode. okay. talk about what we've got all around the table here. >> okay. >> let's go up there in the front. >> so we have orange creamsicle here. apple pie here. >> getting real good. >> riere we have cookies and cream. >> and this is what i'm holding right here,ookies and cream. >> exactly. >> okay and th you've got a turtle. >> yes, we have the turtle. this is our number-one seller. >> the turtle is your number-one seller. >> it is a combination of caramel, milk chocolate and pecans. and we've added some crushed vanilla cookies to it. >> how did you come up with this dea and how is it working for you? >> it's working beautifully. we have been in business since 2015we and offer local delivery to the dmv. i've always loved to cook, bake, tertain and one day i asked, rico, hey, what do you think
11:48 am
about a stuffed berry, and he said -- what do you mean? and i said i'm going to make you one. and it stted off with just a simple chocolate-covered stuffed strawberry and i said, i've got to make it interesting. take itt to the nexvel. >> because we know about the chocolate dipped strawberries. but this is different. okay. so rico, you guys are delivering to folks across the area, right? >> yes, correct. >> so what do people say? 'i mean, theyre learning about this, and then they're, blown. >> they're, like -- they have never had anything like this before, becausewe categorize them as a dessert strawberry. >> yeah. >> more so than a regular chocolate-covered strawberry. i've even had people that say they dot eat strawberries, they eat my strawberries and my strawberries are then only o they'll eat. >> okay. >> so we are unique to the dmv. we're the only ones doing what we're doing. and we're just excited and thrilled to be able to share this with you check us out on social media, we're on instagram at the stuffed berry.
11:49 am
wecee on faok, the stuffed berry, and we also have an online store. at place yourorders, 24/7. >> you've got th minimum owemos up. >> they go well with everything. and we also have a gift basket. and we put some of everything in them. again, you could use the mimosas and the stuffed berries, if you're doing brunch. a lot of people do them as favors. so we have custom packaging here. order from us, they come in half dozen increments. >> when i met you guys, you had this set up and i had to come up here, because you know i like to eat chocolate. rico, what do you do besides prop her up? >> prop her up. i am the delivery guy. >> you're the delivery guy. >> yes. >>kay, you're valuable. we're going to keep him too. >> yes, yes. he does all my coordination when i get orders sometimes that are a little ways out.
11:50 am
i'm like, babe, i need you to handle this, and he does his thing. >> okay. so we're going to wrap this up.i butwant to thank you for coming, and she's letting us keep all of this stuff. >> keep it all and enjoy. >> thank you guys. >> my pleasure. >> and rico, thank you for joining us. aaron, you like to eat too, but i know you've got some other food to talk about. >> as soon as we hit this ia commerc break, i'm over there. >> enjoy! >> this is a good time to be talking about food. how about honoring some of the best in fo in approximate town here. last night, the best of d.c.'s restaurant scene received honors at the oscars of the food service. the restaurant association told us why the night was so special. >> e.sunshin . >> rather than taking care of all the diners across the region, they come here and we're taking care of them. t >> amonge big honors, chef of the year went to the salt line's kyle bailey. spoken english won best new
11:51 am
restaurant. and virginia alif ben's chili bowl earned the capital achievement award. congratulations to all. art from art. coming up, the sprising material this jewelry is made of, and the women it benefits.
11:52 am
11:53 am
one of the weekend'siggest sports stories involved kevin duheant. he is aded to the big apple. he's going to sign with the
11:54 am
brooklyn nets. e're talking about a four-ye contract here. $164 million. if you can believe it, that's actually below his asking price. kd is taking less money, along with kyrie irving, also headed to br nklyn so theets could also get deandre jordan. >> putting together quite a team there. >> there you go. from basketball to two washington nationals players selected for this all-star game. >> second time scherzr strikes out. >> played a big role in yesterday's victory. scherzer pitched 14 strikeouts. anthony rendon hit the game-winning home run, his fi t first- all-star game. seventh appearance. >> scherzer will show him the ropes. crumbling walls in detroit are serving an unintended purpose. >> income tnbc rehema ellis expw
11:55 am
chips of graffitie ar helping women break the cycle of poverty. >> reporter: in detroit, these walls, so many crumbling, but hold potential. how some women here are finding their way out of the cycle of poverty. >> oh, no! >> reporter: they're sifting through, searching for bits of color, remnants of graffiti unique to this city. for amy peterson, it's a way to build something beautiful andng lasti >> it was really a journey that was inspired originally by the women that i would meet who were living in the shelter. >> reporter: the former sports attorney polished her idea, turning graffiti chips into jewelry and started a nonprofit. >> i noticed underneath were these layers and how could we expose those a layersnd what would it look like. >> reporter: the goal, create something unique and mpower women to overcome, barriers while teaching them about money management and work skills. so far, 22 women have been through the program. >> the women that i've been able
11:56 am
to be around on a daily basis are so incredible and uplifting. >> reporter: business is growing. jewelry sold online andown retail stores in 11 states, helping women like michelle thompson. how ch experience did you have in making jewelry before this? >> i didn't have any experience. >> homeless with a young daughter, her case workest ered her to rebel nail. and in less than two years, promoted to assistant production manager. >> i love it. i'm loving you. >> reporter: with the help of rebel nail, she moved into her own home. o> i mean, i never had a group of people so pr of me, you know, outside of family. this is my family. >> reporter: designing a future, turning one art form into another. rehema ellis, nbc news, detroit. >> that is a sweet story. something good came out of it. laautiful. anryn, you get some dessert
11:57 am
for today's good weather. >> oh, good! an kind of w that whole table, actually. and i'm all about what's in ghose drinks right there. listen, you mi want to have a drink in your hand if you're each.d to the only a small chance of rain if yoare headed to the mryland and delaware beaches thursday, friday, saturday, ocean temperature 7 degrees. mid to upper 80s. daily chancein of rnd humidity coming back tonight. >> it's a real minimum mosa, la. thanks for joining us. we're back on theair this afternoon first at 4:00. >> get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. have a great day,e'verybody. wll see you tomorrow morning.
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♪ ♪>> we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ♪ ♪ >> hey, hey, hey. >> give me lo love right there. vegas has her own song, "flying on my own." monday >> shall we go? >> yes. >> she performs over 1,000 shows in vegas.00 over 1,


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