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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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nothing works faster. we see your pain and what's possible without it. excedrin extra strength. >> announcer"news 4 today" starts now. less than 24 hours since this shocking picture from virginiaovnor ralph northam' past resurfaced, resignation comments are being heard. many say it is time for him to step down and allow move on. to also this morning, in maryland hitting a woman while she was holding a small child. we'l have an update on the victim's condition just ahead. telcome in ons saturday morning, the 2nd of february, 2019. good morning to you. i'm david cuweer. hank you for joining us. we'll have the latest developmts surrounding
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governor ralph northam. rumors are growing of a resignation announcement possiblyater this morning. we'll catch you up on everything. > first, it's 6:01. we'll start with your forecast. some relief on the way from the brutally cold polar vortex. lauryn ricketts is tracking a much-needed warmup. >> definitely much-needed warmup.4 yesterday, degrees. we had anywhere from a coating of snow, upwards of 3 inches north and west of d.c. that may have cames a surprise from some people. we were supposed to get a few snow showers yesterday, and we had a couple inches on the. grou you're waking up, and it is groundhog's day. p puxata puxatauney phil. my goodness a it is cold start
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out there this morning. watch for icy patchesut there. there's a few because i saw some coming in. temperatures, of course, below freezing. it is chilly in the shenandoah valley. single digits. 9 in wd chester and gaithersburg, montgomery counties. another thing we'll be watching are the temperatures.e if you l a taste of spring, wait until you see what i have in store on the ten-day forecast. that's coming up in 20 minutes. like the sound of that, lauryn. 6:02. following the developing story out of the commonwealth of virginia. this mornin major backlash and calls for resignation concerning governor ralph northam and the photo we'rebout to show you. it was taken 30 years ago. it's resurfaced. the governor admits he was one of the two people seen here to the right of your screen,ne painted in blackface, the other in a kkk hthd and robe. picture appears in northam's
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medical school yearbook in 1984. now, he islo azing for it. >> that photo, and the racist andffsive attitudes it represents, does not reflect the person i am today or the way that i have conducted myself as a soldier, a ctor, and a public servant. i am deeply sorry. >> neither in the video nor in northam's written statement did he give a sign that he intends to resign. many folks are questioning timing of the photo's release. news 4's jackie benson explains this mo the picture coming out as northam was catching heat om recent comments on abortion. >> reporter: loudoun county resides and other gathered at the claude moore recreation center in sterling for a program titled, aplay and con rrsation one relations. many learned before the 7:00m. program that ralph northam had become the focus on a
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national conversation on c.e same to >> i think because of his thoughts and ideas on abortion, perhaps interfered with some folks, and somebody let t out of the bag. >> reporter: some we spoke toon questi the timing of the story about the image from 1984 that appeared on northam's page of his medical school yearbook. one man is seen in blackface. the other in a ku klux klan robe and hood. the story appeared o "big league politics," founded by former breitbart employees. it was commented after northam's comments about abortion, which rsovoked a backlash from conservative lawmand others. >> we want the government not to be involved in these types of decisions. we want the decision to be made by the mothers and their providers. this is why, julie, that legislators, most of whom are men, by theul way, s't be
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telling a woman what she should and shouldn't be doing with her body. >> i'm really interested to hear d re about it, to try to f out, why did this come out now? who is actually in the picte? what was t reason for this to suddenly get all kinds of attention? is it really tied to what went on down in theis lture this week? >> reporter: chuck todd is nbc'i cal director and moderator of "meet the press." >> in this environment, in this state, justin fairfax just walked out of a commemorative meeting. the meetings of the democratic party are going to struggle to find a way to stand behind him. >> jackie benson reporting there.t fallver the photo is widespread. colleagues toresidential candidates are reacting. mark warner and tim kaine calling the photo shocking and offensive and orsaid,am should listen to the people he
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has hurt. they stopped short of calling for his resignation. ticalifornia democ senator kamala harris, who is running for president, tweeted, leaders are called to a higher standard, and the, quote, stain of racism has no placern in gont. step rged the governor t aside. the virginia legislative black caucus accusing him of a betrayal, saying the photo rips off the scabs of a painful histor and are a, quote, piercing reminder ofamerica's sins. we'll stay up to date with all the coverage. we'll have more throughout the day on this stor you can keep those updates coming from the nbcng wasn app. search northam. 6:06. some ofour other headlines this saturday morning, rescue find a scrambling to driver who went into the potomac overnight. one person was pulled from the water. there is no word on their condition. we're told rescuers were set up on columbia island to go and get the driver jusfter 4:00 this
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morning. police are investigating thi crash. right now, they do not know what caused the driver to go into e water. this morning, a woman is recovering after she was shool whileng a child. this is in prince george's county. we can show you l the scenet night. it is in direct heights. a man droveith a group to this house to break upieith his girl. the two started fighting. suddenly, someone opened gunfire from the girlfriend. the bullet missed her and struck a relative whoas holding a child. theyre expected to be okay. not exactly clear who fired the shot. anyone with information is asked to call police. police are investigating a suspicious murder in oxon hill. a man was found shot to death inside hiscar. this morning, his killer still on the loose. detectives were called to the scene alo deal drive yesterday afternoon. the man was found suffering from gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead inside
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that nr. police hav released his name. as the district grapples with a growing homicide rate, the mayor said washington gas ii the city $6 million to help in the fight. she says the money will be used provide job training for people at high risk. newe is also going to be a community outreach to stop gun violence before it starts. w connect between to good-paying jobs, we can steer them away from crimes of opportunity or economic crimes. >> the money comes from a settlement agreement with the city related to washington gas's recent merger. bundling up before heading ou in this cold weather is a must, but we must remember those who may not have the warm coats. the non-profit cornerstones is partnering with fairfax supervisor cathy hutchen to provide coats and gloves. it's available4:00 to 7:00 at
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the north county government center in reston. >> we have women's, kids, and men's available at the coat closet. bring government id and fill out the forms. the forms f collect data us, so we can keep our programs running. >> the group is prettyell stocked. they don't need additional donations. 6:09. a notorious kidnapping set to get out of prison sool once out, hee allowed to live near his victim's family. hear from the woman who survived the arkansas deal and,
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♪ ♪ ♪ rhythm is a dancer ♪ it's a soul companion ♪ you can feel it everywhere ♪ lift your hands and voices ♪ free your mind and join us ♪ you can feel it in the air ♪ oh sorry, we were running late. no problem, come on in. ♪
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your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are. ♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, $1 delivery fee. rf a f county kidnapper who tortured a girl is about to be a free man, and he is being allowed to live minutes from his
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victim's family. only on news 4, scott mfarlane reports the victim calls it an t ine. >> reporter: scott tyree wa, on the focus of national attention for a horrific crime, will be a free man in april. he doesn't appear to be returning to his old neighborhood. instead, hs been transferred to a halfway down in downtownur pitt, 4 miles from where he kidnapped his victim, kozakie kozakiewski. >> this should nev have happened. >> reporter: she didn't know untilwas near her parents we told her. >> i'm scared to return home, that my home has been hijacked. >> reporter: this is the neighborhood in which scott tyree held aliciahostage. he broadcast the abuse online.
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it was somebody watching that ut online feed of state who recognized alicia's picture from the fbi's missing posters. called police to come here and rescue here. in the years since, alicia is lobbying successfully in a dozen states to improve sex crime ws, including virginia and maryland. >> 11 states isn't enough. it truly isn't. working onti g it passed everywhere. >> reporter: u.s. bure rau of crimes declined to ask why they claimed tyree to a halfway house so close to alicia's family. when asked why he served 16 years ofn nounced 19 year sentence, they said,lut is projected time for good conduc for alicia, 16 years fighting for laws to make kids feel safer, life feels much less safe. >> the system can victimize you. you can be put right back. the world d feelsferent now.
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>> reporter: tyree spent the last 16 years in a pri north carolina. news 4 learned he was transferred to the halfway house in pittsburgh a month ago. his full relea expecte by april. doreen, back to you. >> i'llt take t from here. thank you. scott macfarlanere rting. 6:14. live look outside on this saturday. a cold start. we are in theeens here in northwest. lauryn ricketts tracking some relief when it comes to the end of this polar vorx.te
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chairman of the d.c. council wants to toughen the laws to make it easier for residents to get help with mold. there was a lack of enforcement against landlords. jodie flieeischer shows us the problem and potential fix. >> it's been very difficult for my children to understand this. >> reporter: monique span is one of several local residents who contacted the i-team because of mold in theirts apartm in moniqus case, it was found on the floors, the walls, even the kreceiling. >> parts look like a petri di i. >> reporte got so bad, she had to move her children and dog out of this northwest apartment and into the hotel, as they waited weeks for repairs. >> we're at the mercy of peopli doing tob the right way. >> reporter: d.c. officials said mold is one of the top rental concerns. in 2014, they passed a law
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requiring landlords to send a licensedr. inspec when mold spreads more than 10 square feet, i t givm 30 days to get it fixed. the i-team found there is little forcement of the law when landlords don't comply. >> hundreds of individualshalk in w housing conditions issues, and it is fair to say that half of them haveome concern about mold or mildew in their unit. >> reporter: harrison oversees the housing law unit for legal aid of washington. whe d.c. has done more than most when it comes to requiring landlords to address i mold, should require an agency to enforce the law. right now, the only remedy for many people is to go to cohat. >>s very hard to do if you don't have the money to get access t alawyer. >> reporter: plus, the department of energy and environment licenses mold inspectors but doesn't conduct inspections. the department of csumer and regulatory affairs which oversees violations cites problems that cause mold, not for mold itself. >> it should be an easier process for tenants.
6:19 am
>> reporter: after the i-team contacted d.c. council chairman phil mendelson, he promised to introduce legislation to make sure they are certified, and the direct would have power to fine. >> courts are the hammer for when the administrative process doesn't work. >> reporter: monique was eventually able to find a new apartment, and she hopes the new law will help keep other tenants from going through what she did. ituation where people are really left in limbo. >> reporter: there is so much expens for renters stuck in this situation. the cost of moving, replacing, all your contaminating furniture, the cost of an attorney. the council chairman hopes the efw law will force landlords to fix the probleme it comes to that. he plans to introduce his new bill next week. jodie fleiscr, news 4i-team. >> the story started with a tip to the i-team. if you have something they should be checking out, visit
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our nbc wasenngton app and s them the details. your tip could be their next story. 6:20 is your time now onay this satu lauryn ricketts alongside me here. hey, we're in the teens, 19 here innorthwest. >> we are. >> it is still really cold. >> yeah, it's chilly out there. >> you're saying there is going to be relief? >> aot of relief. we'll talk about that in a minute. you know it isrodhog day. >> we should take it from the top and repeat the whole thing. >> there we >> it is groundhog day. >> happy groundhog day, lauryn, and i would have said, happy groundhog day, david. >> g hapund dog hhog day, laury >> i hope he gets it right and ings it to spring quickly. it's but a brutal week. >> we had snow yesterd and earlier this week. i'm over winter. >> i know. we're going to get a taste of ? spri >> little taste of spring. i don't know how long it'll last. i mean, itdo, the n ten days. but after that, you know, we
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ve a couple snowstorms that we happen to get in march. that may happen for us. we'll see. of course, punxsutawney phil is supposed to be ming his prediction about an hour from now. get excited. of course, i'll be social mediaing it all over the place. the "today" show will take it, as well. beautiful day outside. beautiful start to this morning. sun coming up, just about7:14. we have next four days icy patches out there this morning, mainly because of the snow we had yesterday. watch out for that. tomorrow is going to very mild. monday, warm. tuesday, springlike. so nice around here. i you want a taste of spring, just wait,s coming. single digits north and west of d.c. where the snow pack is a little greater. you can see here, 19 degrees in d.c. it's ly. all the temperatures are below the freezing mark right now. we also have a little fog outth e. be careful. you can see that fog right through the shenandoah valley and down through portions of
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baltimore, eve upper montgomery county. be careful out and about early on this saturday morning. we have the icy spots. we will have some sunshinehe melting as we go through the afternoon. temperatures right around 40 degreesto for y. more icy watches lapatches late tonight, as we have re-freezing re er we have melting out t today. 41 will be the temperature today. icy spots but all sunshine. it is going to be so nice by this afternoon. you can see notng is going on ght now. we are dry out there. weekend outlook, maybe if you're headed up to t e slopes, going to be a perfect weekend for that. we don't have the winds. we have very nice. conditio we have snow. especially north and west, they got a good mound of powder. good for high pressure is in charge., tomorrow ten degrees warmer than today. 51, partly sunny. it is going to be ce. the next ten days, look at this, we take the temperatures up. on monday, could be a few sprinkles le monday night, but
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mainly that'll be west. tuesday, low 60s. we dip wednesday. 50s and e60s of next week. frontal system will stall across the area,ll and i bring disturbances to our area. we could see inshowers the end of the week. temperatures go up before they temperatures go up before they fall nt exwe switch to fios and get entertainment delivered to your home like no one else. because fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. that means you'll get the fastest internet available and fios tv one with amazing 4k capability, and an advanced voice remote. and now we'll give you a netflix premium plan for a full year. so you can stream your favorite netflix shows and movies in 4k on 4 devices at once.
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he's especially famous with police. this hpened earlier this week in the philippines. thislis roberting up the side of a 47-story building with no safety equipment. folks in the office building were shocked to see him. robert rarely gets permission to make the climbs. he was quickly arrested after climbing down from thatil ng. 6:26, whether it's for the actual game, to gather with friends, or just to watch the commercials, a lot of americans going to be tuning into the super bowl. according to the national retail federation, 72% of adults plan to watch. how will they watch is r thel question. overall, about 60 million folks plan to attend a party, while about 44 milon will host a party. about 13 million plan to go to a bar or a restaurant to watch the big game. even if you'reha not into football, there is something for yo on super bowl sunday, like the puppy bowl. puppy bowl xv. at least one dog from the alexandria area going to be taking the field.
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this morning, resignation rumors arehi swirling after photo from governor ralph northam's past resurfaces on a riwet-wing ite. republicans and democrats calling on northam to leave office. so w evenghing in from the presidential campaign trail. plus,olice say it started with a couple breakin up but ends with a woman getting shot while holding a child. >> ann 4ncer: "news today" starts now. at hi6:30 on 2nd of february, 2019, good morning to you. avid culver. we want to start you off with storm team 4 lauryn ricketts in cee weather er, tracking a cold start to this saturday morning.
6:31 am
you, of course, are so focused on groundhog day. i feeld i sho repeat everything from the top to play into it. >> i love groundhog day. now, we utve to figure o whether we'll have six more weeks of winter. statistically, punxsutawney fill and the otheranimals, statistically, aren't that accura accurate. baa lot of people can py say that about weather people, as well. look, i like them. let's talk about the weather ound our area. the sun coming up just about 15 minutes after 7:00, that's whenl punxsutawney pakes his prediction. we have clear skies around the d.c. area. a little fog, as well. d.c., we're at 19 degrees. north wind at about 5 miles an hour. over the next couple of hours, those temperatures go on weup. l have plenty of sunshine today thanks to high pressure in charge. temperatures un the mid toer 20s right before the noon hour. what to wr as you walk out the door, grab the snowboots. probably need the winter gear roce again today.
6:32 am
temperatures rightd 40 degrees. a little below normal for this time of year. light jacket on sunday. no jacket by monday. you can break out the shorts and maybe flip-flops by tuesday. oh, yeah, we're warming up quite a bit around here. we hhee two warmups on ten-day forecast. do we have any snow? we'll show you all that coming up in about 20 minutes. 6:32. we continue to follow what is a loping story out of the commonwealth of virginia. this morning,as major bac and calls for a resignation concerning governor ralph northam and the photo we are about to show you. it was taken0 more than years ago and has suddenly resurfaced. the governordmits he is one of the two people seen here. one painted in ackface. thther in a kkk hood and robe. the picture appears inm' nort medical school yearbook from 1984. now, he ispologizing for it. >> that photo and the racist and offensive attitudes it represents does not reflect the person i am today or the way i
6:33 am
have conducted myself as a soldier, a doctor, and a public servant. i am deeply sorry. >> neither in his written statement nor in the videoid address northam give any sign he intends to resign. a lot of folks are questiogng the timf this photo's release. the story first appearedn big league policies, a far-right media web site founded by former breitbart employees. it was published after northam's comments on late-termti ab. he was answering a question from news 4's julie carey, and that provoked a backlash from heconservatives and . >> we want the decision to be made by the mothers and their providers. th is why, julie, that legislators, most of whom are men, by the way, shouldn't be telling a woman what she should and shouldn't be doing with her body. >> in northam's wtten apology,
6:34 am
he said he is willing to work hard to earn virginian's t back. fallout is widespread. colleagues to presidential candidates are tire. virginia democratic senators mark warner and tim kaine calling the photock sg and offensive and said northam should listen to the people he has hurt. they stopped short of calling for his resignation. kamala harris, who is running for president, tweeted, leaders are called to higher standard, and the, quote, stain of racism has no place in our government. she urged the governor totep aside. the virginia legislative black caucus really went after mr. rtham. the group accusing him of a betrayal. said the photo rips off the scabs of a painful history and are a piercing reminder of ica's sins. we'll keep you up to date in our nbc washington app. we invite you to follow it there by searching northam. 6:34, your time now. all new this morning, a deadl crash slowing traffic in prince
6:35 am
george's county this morning. the crash happened just after 4:30 on cra highway, just south of pointer ridge drive. state police say this is a single-car crash. beyond that, not much information has been released. several lanes of traffic are shut down as investigators contin t to doir work. still not clear how many people mayave been in that carr the extent of their injuries. police confirm this is a deadly crash. more details as we get a woman in prince george's county is recovering this morningfter she was shot whi holding a child. gunshots ringing out in district heights last night. news 4's shomari stone brings us the latest. >> reporter: the good news this morning is the child is going to be okay. the shooting happened behind me on senator avenue here in district heights. police roped off the block, as you can see. right now, they are gathering evidence. here's what exactly happened. prince george's county police say a man drove to th with some friends. they say he came here to break up with his girlfriend.
6:36 am
the two started arguing, hitting each other outside the house. suddenly, someone shoots a gun in the direction of th girlfriend outside. ,he bullet missed her but went into the ho hitting a relative. the relative was holding the child in her , and they both fell on the ground. medics drove them both to a hospital. they're going to be okay. police are questioning the girlfriend. right now, they are searching br the boyfriend. now,k out here in front of the house, police have not released the nam involved in this case, such as the child, the boyfriend, the girlfriend. they haven't told us if the girlfriend is the mother of the child. one thing is clear, however, the boyfriend and his frienfter the shooting occurred, they drove fast away from this neighborhood. police are in the process of trying to locate them. they want to ask who fired the e shot, was itboyfriend, or was it his friends? police urge anyone with information about this seoting to ghem a call. call prince grge's county
6:37 am
police. district heights, i'm shomari stone, news 4. good news this morning is that the child is going to be okay.ot the sg happened behind me. >> shomari stone reporting therna emot day in a d.c. courtroom. seven people charged in a 10-year-old girl murder appeared in front of a judge for the first time. last year, wson was killed during a shootout near his home in northeast d.c. before yesterday's hearing began, her mother says a friend of one of the suspects egan taunting her. police threw the man out of the courthouse. >> the guy wasng sin the song, this is the reason the murder rate up. it made me very naemot this is not just a tragic case. this is my life. this is my child. 1 she was onl years old. >> there is a spot in hell for anyone who would harass that woman or her family after what she's been through. >> the judge set the trial date for august of next year. the trial is expected to last several weeks. we're told more suspects could
6:38 am
stil be charged in the murder. president trump's lol-time politi ilially, roger one, may be going to trial in october. the only tim he addressed the cour was to confirm he edderstands he is nn ll oowthe t case. eudge said she is considering a aag order gave both sides a week to file ha opinions on tt matter. prosecutors have charged stone with seven counts, including lying to congress about his efforts to obtain hacked e-mails from wikilea during the 2016 presidential election. lawmakers have a couple more weeks to hammer out a deal to as to avoid another government shutdown. with no agreement in sight, federal contractors fear they aretaring down another stretch without a paycheck and without backpay. mark warner proposing a law protect the contractors. yesterday, he hosted an emotional roundtable, where workers vented about their financial stresses. the shutdown left barbara
6:39 am
mitchell struggling to provide for her granddaughter. >> i couldn't pay my rent. she didn't go to school. >> it's frustrating. we serve the gohornment. wed be equal treatment. we should get backpay, as well. >> i have to get my life back in order. >> senator warner proposed legislation to proequitect them. yesterday, susan collins of maine was the first republican to back the so-called stop stupidity act. it'd fund the government but not the whi house or congress during future shutdowns. stocking up ahead of a super bowl party probably on your to-do list this weekend. you'll want to hear some of the tipset mol green got from extreme couponers before you hit the store. the store. we'll have the tips on saving people aren't talking about giant's the store. we'll have the tips on saving easy grab and go chicken wings, perfect for game day. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello.
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maybe you have seen line at the grocery store. the extreme couponer. after watching them for a while, you start to wonder, how can i do that? this morning, we're working for you. we sent our molette green out withwo expert couponers. one huge stopping list, and $100 to spend. let's see how they did. >> reporter: just rang up all of these groceries. how did we do? first, lete show you the long list of groceries that we gave kirk and karen, this sister/bwither act. ten members in the family thar, they now how tosave. how did we do? it cost .5$1 we added in their coupons, right? that brought us down to $124.03. then when you punch in the safeway app, just foryou, that took us down t $84.88, check out the screen. way. there'sle list of tips
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that you guy s gave. planning your trip. getting things together. knowing where the sales are. getting tau up inting coupons f download the grocery apps to see where savings are. maximize. one quick tip? >> you have to download your apps for ahe grocery stores. >> do not be brand or store if sp. >> reporter: do not be brand or store specific. a all of those are great tips so you can save at the grocery store, here at checkout. one last bag. thank you so much. we saved a lot today. y back in . >> sure did. takes extra work, but the savings are big. 6:43. live look outside on this saturday morning. it is cold out 19there. ere in northwest. lauryn ricketts, she is going to walk us through the end of the polarortex and whe we cann
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when i walked through a snowstorm for a cigarette, tothat's when i knew i quit. s for realtime. that's why i'm using nicorette. enonly nicorette gum has pd dual-coated technology for great taste. plus intense craving relief. every great why,. needs a great how. less than 15 minutes away from the start of the "today" show here on nbc 4. let's take you up to new york right now and get you a preview with sheinelle jones and peter alexander, standingby. good morning. >> good morning, david. on this saturday morning, we'll have the latest on the mounting pressure for virginia's governor to resign after racist photo from the '80s resurfaced. he apologized, but calls on both sides for him to step down, will it be enough? >> virginia's governor making national news. also, live in atlanta. hours away from super bowl
6:47 am
liii. security is tight, and the fans are pouring into the city. the patriots and rams preparing for the biggest game of the year. we'll talk to e rams custodian this morning, who was called into the gm's office. wait uil y hear the surprise he got when he arrived. >> that's nice. what does it take to raise a super bowl bound athlete? that's onethe many questions i got to ask rob gronkowski's rmom, whosed not one but four nfl players. what she says she wants her son to learn from fellow teammate tom brady. >> big grocery bill. >> four boys playing professional football. one playing professionalba ba. five pro athletes. >> we'll have those stories >> my mom is thinking, you can't great through jv tennis. thanks, see you in less than 15. >> all right, buddy. thinking of going back bed already? if you're not sleeping enough, like millions of americans, there could be a cure in your ce g phone. doretzler is working for your health and getting you a better night's
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>> reporter:ou tossing and turning at night? you have a lot of company out there. 60 million amecans suffer fro insomnia. >>eople expect to slide into the streleets like they're slid into third se. i'm ready to sleep now. go. it doesn't workha way. ts reporter: dr. catherine said insomnia imp more women than men. >> the encouraging news for women who are struggling with insomnia is that there are more treatments available than ever before. >>ter: that includes smartphone apps, like sleep better, which tracks everything from light sleep to deep sleep, and how much time you spend moving around restlessly trying to go to sleep. sleep time is another popular app. with the tap of a button, it snalyzes your sleep cycles and
6:49 am
creates gra to analyze your behavior and make the right choices. it alseatures white noise to help you fall asleep faster. it can double asrm an alaclock, too. the pillow app uses advanced science and math to track how your weight, blood pressure, diet, and stressevel impact your sleep ptern. thdoctor says the key is going n be consistent on sleep, e weekends >> make sure it is not deviating too much. if you're asleep on saturday and sunday for threeerours l than you get up the rest of the week, those three hours monday morning, your brain is going to say, weren't was ep yesterday? >> reporter: another piece of advice, take notes. >> they say you can lose weight if you keep a food diary because you have to write everything down. keeping a sleep diary to see, gee, are you cheating yourself? according to the national sleep foundation, adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
6:50 am
children and teens need even more. that's not happening for me. we posted a chart tha breaks down the relations for sleep by age group. you can find that in n our washington app. they're going to be waking someon up a little bit from now, right? >>y punxsutawphil. hey, buddy, what do you have to say today? >> there's a lot of pressure on him, given how cold it's been. >> i know. recently, i mean, the cold snap recently -- oh, we have a live shot out there. >> showyou. >> punxsutawney. look at this. i begged to go down here, david. >> you're a fan of this. this is like a party at 6:50 in the morning. that's what i'm saying. that looks so fun. >> this is east coast >> absolutely right. they should make the announcement right before sunrise. 's about 15 minutes after 7:00. the "today" show will all ovat, as well. ♪ groundhog day and a happy
6:51 am
groundhog year ♪ >> to tell you the truth, our weather is quiet aund here. finally, it's not snowing this week. it snowed yesterday. rain this weekend. we have plenty of sunshine. >> no strong breeze, too, looking at the flag. >> it is nice. it is not bad out there. we have some icy patches. that's the only thing we're dealing with this morning. you're going to be dealing with rnthat this g. they're going to melt, a lot of the snow will melt with temperatures around 40. we'll start to see another re-freeze into the overnight.ha really not bad. let's take a look right now outside. our view, oh, yeah, we have some sunshine that's coming up at 7:15. it is not bad out there right now. gorgeous looking view over the washington monuments now, we said, the trend for our temperatures, look at this, yeah. tuesday, low 60s. we still have a little bit onda wedn 50s and 60s end of next week. it'll feel like spring. average temperatur degrees. we're not going to touch that today but better than yesterday.
6:52 am
yesterday, we were 24. taking a look at the temperatures across the board right now. it is chilly. 5 degrees in frederick right now. again, those temperatures are going to come on up once we get the sunshine. again, the icy spots out there this morning. we'll start to see s someshine break out throughout the middle part of the morning. 41 degrees today for a daytime high. now, tomorrow we'll be doing better, thanks to p highssure in charge. we have full sunshine. temperatures will plummet tonight. more icy patches tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow, we're 10 degrees warmer tha today. 51 will be the temperature. partly sunny and, again,r war out there for tomorrow. what to expect, the big change really comes on wednesday. we're going to warm up each and every day until wednesday. we could have a few sprinkles late on monday. i think mainly, that is going to be west ofd.c. a chance of rain returns late on wednesday. we warm back up on thursday and friday as aif warm front through the area. we do have unsettled weather toward the end o the work week
6:53 am
because the frontal system will be stalled across the regis. start tednesday afternoon. wednesday night, rain showers. it'll be rain showers possible throhout the day. throughout the night into thursz mo ursday morning. ursday, we have a chance for rain showers as a warm front lifts through the .ar temperatures warming to the low 50s by thursday, but we havein mid 60s by next friday, again, with rain showers. until then, we're looking wagoo. h out for the icy patches. then the temperatures start to drop saturday and sunday. another chance of rain comesnd next mo. next mo. we have mor news on the other e
6:54 am
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four tngs to know at 6:56. one person rescued from the potomac river after driving into the water overnight. this happened at columbia island on he george washington parkway. no word on the driver'sco ndition or what caused them to go into the water. police are investigating a deadvernight crash. this is in prince george's county. happened on crane hi south of pointer ridge drive. there's no word on how many people were inside the car. we're going to post the latest in the nbc washington app. 6:56, police say a woman was shot while holding a child in district heights. someone fir a gun after a couple started fighting. the woman and child are expected to be okay.or there is no on who fired the shot. virginia governor ralph
6:57 am
northam apologizing for this wooto. shows people, one in blackface, the other in a kkk hood and robe, thatn appeared northam's medical school ye yearbook from 30 years ago. it resurfaced on a far-right website. 50s tomorrow and monday. back to the 60s on tuesday but dry. >> we'll have continuinge coverage of ssue going on with governor ralph northam. with governor ralph northam. let's give you a
6:58 am
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good morning. breakils overnight, cal to resign. democrats and republicans ing virginia's governor to step down after he admitted appearing in this racist photo taken more than 30 years ago. the governor apologizing online. >> i'm deeply sorry. >> but is there any way he can i continue in ce? we're live with the>> latest. russia responds. vladimir putin announces russia is pulling out of a nuc ar reaty with the u.s., one day after president trump said they put the russians on notice puti saying the united states breached the treaty itself. are we headed for an arms race? 100 degree turnaround. a major waup this weekend, days after some areas


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