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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 30, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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as a result of a clear sky and relatively light nd, temperatures have a big range this morning. still three hours before the sun comes up. it will be all sunshine all the time. mperatures go up to 63 degrees this afternoon. a-plus weather. no doubtut that. good morning, sunshine, how's the traffic. >> good morning, sunshine traffic is actually not so bad right now, chuck. in the district northbound 3rd street tunnel at massachusetts avenue. ad work the last couple of days. left lane is getting by the work zone. laurel near powder mill, still have the paving that blocks the ramp. you can see a little bit of delay there near 197.
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beltway, no issues. earlier road work is gone. and afterdemocracy, left lane gets by there. we'll take a look coming down 270 in just a minute. it's now 4:31, an emotional day for pittsburgh. today the community begins to say their final farewells to tht s of the shootings. epere will be three. hisw says the doctor rushed to help other victims and was treatg the wounded when the gunman shot and killed him. thousands of people signed an open letter saying he is not
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welcome. rianwhile, the community of squirrel hill to heal from the violence. there have been city wide memorials and vigils. political leaders dirted the crowd. several people were seen wearing orange ribbons to stand against gun violence and at the university of maryland, hundreds oftudents paid tribute to the victims of the shooting. the event there was orgized by students in less than 24 hours. here in the district, several organizations will receive help to boost security. erday, nine ed ye area organizations will share nearly a million dollars in grant money to enhance training and security. t can be used to purchase cameras, new doors, locks and gates. >> we have an update follong a se that targeted the jewish community in our area. this is sveillance video reported this month at the jewish community center of northern virginia. it shows someone spraying
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graftti on the building. now police say it may be dylan mahoney. he has pled guilty to committing the crimes last year. one of his classmates recognizew him in the video. he's not been charged but a warrant has been filed t track his cell phone. >> today marks exactly one week from the midtermelections. election day of course november 6th. there's several tight races across the country. closer to phome,sident trump is endorsing a couple of local candidates. late lt night, the president tweeted his support for the virginia congressman. he cald him a fighter and said he is doing a great job for virginia. the president called him a popular guy that knows how to get the job done. early voting is underway but all ends this week. you can find polling locations and times in the nbc washington app. >> it's now 4:33.
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re's the other top stories we're following for you this morning. by the end of this week, 5,200 troops will be at the border. last night on fox news, president trump said the move was in response to the migrant caravan still a thousand miles away. but critics call it a employ for midterm votes. >> todayl homeowners w find out if the council will reason to their concerns involng cell phone towers. homeowners spent months fhting the issues. they say they could cause health problems. >> the man accused of sending packages with explosive material to people critical of president trump will stay in jail for now. he was ordered heldithout bond yesterday. in court we learned he had a list of morehan 100 people he was targeting. the fbi also tied him to the packages using dna a and
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fingerprint. >> a scare for passengers on board a southwest airlines flight. last night t authorities had meet the flight coming back from san antonio aftereports of an unknown white substance in a restroom. it turd outo be paper fibers from a tissue box. we're told the plane has been cleare t and returned service. >> take a look at this video from chopper this is a home on pebble brook lane. just in case you forgot, halloween is tomorrow. but homeowners didn't forget. they went all out. lights see the orange and what looks like a bunch of inflatable halloween decorati s decorations. we want to see your halloween decorations and costumes. >> tag us in your social mediay post using @nbc washington. 4:36, coming up this morning, they say age is just aumber d now a local city is
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embracing those numbers with a new age friendly initiative. how it whiks and spots are already on board. >> plus an alarming new study about fire safety. what is better to alert your kids during an emergency.
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smoke alarms are normally so loud and jarring that they can't help but wake up people when they go off agh but that's not the case for kids. they're more likely to wake up when they hear something much
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more familiar like their mother's voice. researchers in ohio conducted controlled studies of 176 kids. only half the kids woke up to a standard smoke alarmea buty 75% woke up to alarms p with mom's voice urging tm to wake up and leave the room. >> don't really know why mom's voice works so well.ot we're sure it has to be mother's voice, perhaps it could be any woman's voice o a human voice. >> the kids in the study range from 5 to 12. researchers monitor the children until they enter deep stage of sleep. >> then they aet out standard tone alarm or a mother's voice shouting. let that mary night for a second. shouting instructions and the child's me.
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i had to shake my kids before they got up. >> do you think they would adjust to your voice. >> get on my back. i got one under the arm. >> it reay was like that. i might have been a little worried. >> i know. >> turned out to be nothing. >> super >> 4:41 right now sunny today, sunny tomorrow. 10-day forecast coming up in about ten minutes. this isn't an election.
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>> a show down at the u.s.-mexico border is g.loom president trump says the move will stop a cavan of migrants from entering the u.s. >> but critics call his decision a fear mongering tactic. susan is on capitol hill with
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reaction. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. 5,200he pentagon says will be by the end of the week joining 2,100 already there. so that's 7,300. by somehe estimates t's not all that many more migrants than there are actual troops there to meet them and stop them. the president said this group is an invasion. he says they are made up ofang members, criminals, terrorists, and quote very bad people. the president was asked about last night r on fox and what happens to them, he says they're going to be held until their trials take place and the u.s. is going to build tent cities. they're going to be held in tents. they're arriving by the end of the week. that puts them days away from the mid-term elections wither boecurity and major issues for president trump. >> susanmcginis on the hill this rning.
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>> survivor of larry nass continues to share their stories. two sisters are suing nassar and the institutions that were supposed to keep them safe. they say he abused them for years. both at the u.s. olympic committee and usa gymnastics turned a blind eye. >> the worst thing is the abuse was happening to childr. 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds. these are children. we must undersand that this the culture that enabled larry toll deceit position himself as the good guy allowing him to take advantage of through his own sexual gratification. >> more than 250 young women and men aused nassar of abuse. he's currently serving 125 years in prison. cu prosers are going after other adults accused of enabling nassar. steve penny is now charged with
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tampering with evidence. coming up on the "today" show this morning, u.s. olympic gymnast aly raisman willoualk t the arrest. she is one of many top gymnasts that accused him of abuse. >> we may hear the announcement from the uylversity of md concerning it's football program. according to our ailiate in baltimore, the university president, athletic director, and footbal coach m with the board of regents last night. thss dis the report following the death of player jordan mcnair. he suffered heat stroke during practice in may and died weeks later. the report found that the football team didn't have aen toxic ronment, but it did have a culture that prevented players from speaking out. >> the truck driver that killed a beloved football coach in rthern virginia pled guilty to involuntary manslahter. heas fixing a boat along the n beltway w a box truck hit him last year. he was a football coach in
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unirfax . news 4 spoke with his heart broken family. they came to watch as 44-year-old carlos garcia pled guilty. schultz mother saidas he the kind of person that cared about everybody. >> but by the gracegof i'm going on and where ever i am, i'm going to try to help others as he wanted me to help. >> schultz's family set up a scholarship in his name to carry on his legacy. >> 4:48now, a new facility to help those struggling with substance a cse ising to montgomery county. that facility will s offerp down care which means treating patients that don't need spitalization but are n ready to be independent. the project is expected to be finished in early 2020. we all know someone that is getting older, whether it's our parents or other loveds o and
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doctors say they have to stay active in order to stayal y. >> that's why the district is encouraging them to make themselves a friendly. mark seagraves shows us how the initiative works. >> 20% of the people in the district are over 60 years thol. number is growing. that's why the distrint is encour businesses to become more age friendly by doing things like providing hand ils, larger signs that are more easily read. elevators, and good lighting. carolyn matthews knows firsthand how people begin to isolate when they c no longer do things like go shoing or go to the >> it's restricting and it's limiting and it's unfair. >> that's part of the reason met with seniors in this movie theater which is one of the age friendly desigtedusinesses in the city. the number of businesses that qualify for that designation h been growing. from just 10 in 2014, to 75 age
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friendly businesses today. if you'd like to see a list of e age-friendly businesses or learn more about the program, go to the nbc washington app and search age friendly. in the district, news 4. >> take off those running shoes and put on the high heels.s tonight i the annual high heel race in dupont circle. this is video from last year's race. the run goes from r to church street with runners in drag. it started with twoen in drag trying to see who could run to one bar and te a shot and another event and take a shot. and these are not small heels. 3>> there's a inch minimum requirement. >> yeah. unning ody can do it in shoes. >> are there any actual women in
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this? >> let's go with no. >> yeah. don't but i it's open to everyone. i'm a pretty good runner in heels. >> you can do it. you are a delicate flower. those ladie would knock you down. >> just letting you know before su enter. this adult swim time. >> so true. i would just be onhe floor. >> rain or shine. this year they get a shine. going to be great weatherni t. i live only a couple of blocks away. maybe i'll make it, but they run that shing late. 9:00. >> i'm not. you know wha -- >> let's just let that one sit there and marinate for awhile. >> it's going to be a g at day today. and we're putting the bow on october. so far the month here has been warm and it has not aeen wet
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that's quite a story for us this year. so far for the month, we'ret ab degrees warmer than average. just over 3 inches of rain but with no more rain between now and the end of the month, we're going to finish up this month just a smidge below average in rainfall. fat's ourst drier than average month since march. not only aree getting above average rainfall, but we have been crazy wet l for thet few months. so our cool weather around here the last couple of t days,t's giving way. high pressure building in. so temperatures are going rain chances remain low here for today, tomorrow, and on into thursday. you have a complete check of tfo cast on our nbc washington app. you can also like me on my social media platforms at chuck bell 4 on twitternd forecast for you on instagram. high pressure in charge of our weather for the next couple of days, get outside and enjoy it. there will be hardly a cloud in
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the sky as well. here's future weather. off and on through clear skies. it's certainly chilly this morning. get your warm coat on. temperures are in the 30s in the suburbs to low 40s around town63 nd sunny today. 72 tomorrow. that's halloween. i'll have your hour by hour trick or treater forecast coming up. 75 on thursday. rain but mild rain onid , and then dry most of the weekend. don't forget, this is theen we that you move your clocks back and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. >> always a good mier. thank you. college park here inner loop near 95 sort of between dw parkway and 95, paving blocking le right lane here now. so atle bit of a slow down there. paving blocks the ramp to and from powder road.e that's nicnd clear so you don't have to worry about that. 270 fm 70 down to the spur, looking good the entire way down
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here. earlier road work in the northboundwelane. till have a little bit of a delay but the road work is done for the morning. kicking back into gear tomorrow morning around 3:00 a.m. so right now, a little slow northbound on 270 southbound looking quite good. ♪ >> oh, last night two local guys rocked it out on nbc's voice. sadly only one of them survived, even after those great performances. funsho advancing on in the competition. he could sti c have ance to win it all. killed it, right? virginia's mike parker will not be moving on. he did a great job. >> you can hea him singing there.
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gave it his all. not quite enoughre appantly. it all starts at 8:00 here on nbc 4. >> i need to hear his competitor if he was knocked out. >> a prince george's county 12th grader is ready to fly to new heights with his private pilot's license. check him out at the controls here. he is licensed to fly a real plane. he's one of 120 air force rotc cadets to complete a private training course on a college campus. it's designed to address the civilian andilitary pilot services. >> i want to fly drones in the air force. that's m ultimate plan. >> i'd hoping to get some experience in these air bec i want to be an engineer. so it would be great to knowt exactly w the pilots are doing with the planes that you're building.
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>> imean, wow. >> flowers high school is one of three i princegeorge's county to offer the flight academy program. >> the application process f cadets toarcipate has already started. it's very competitive. you can get more iormation out the scholarship program inside our nbc washington app. congrats. halloween is tomorrow, but ihop is already rolling out grinch themed menu items. grinchs gre grinch's green pancakes. this is to offer the remake of the gnch which is out in theaters. >> also get a free meal with
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purchase of adult entree between 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. >> candy, lots of it. yeah, i went there. >> candy. >> if you worry about all sugar hurting your child's teeth, fear not. this morning we're working for u. the best w dentists say children should eat their treats. >> plus predent trump prepares to travel to pittsburgh. what he says his role in helping the city heal should be. news 4 today will be right back. st
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trick or treating looks amazin it will beild trick or treating weather for morrow. it's off to a cold start in the suburbs this morning. 38 i baltimore county, 34 near columbia, maryland. 37 now leesburg, front royal, and 37 also in new market, maryland put your jacket on early this morning but a shedable layer. later on plenty of sunshine yo n


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