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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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breaking right now at 11:00, d.c. police catch the man they say hurled anti-hispanic slurs at a school crossing guard. and threatened to kill him. officers investigating this disturbing incident as a possible hate crime.
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>> a dine and dash suspect targeting local restaurants may have h last free meal. why people are now calling one restaurant manager batman. and senator john ccain's casket arrives at joint base andrews as mourners prere to honor the iconic lawmaker with a ceremony and pubc visitation at the u.s. capitol rotunda. >> news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. good evening. we're following twone breaking stories tonight. >> it is a busy night, folks. first to an updateryo a s you saw first on 4. police have busted the man they say yelled anti-hispanic slurs at a school crossing gua and threatened to kill him. a little more than an hour ago, d.c.e told us they rrested lionel hyater of bethesda >> accused of shouting slurs at a man helping children cross the street at an elementary school.
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witnesses say he threatened to shoot or run over the guard ande told him i shouldn't bein workwith white children. parents gave police cell phone vio of the encounter. he faces charges of felony threats and stalking. > more breaking news tonight. one womanll , another woman is injured after a hit and run accident here in northeast d.c. the vehicle struck the two of near kenilworth avenue and easternvenue right near the d.c./maryland line. we're working to get a description of the vehicle that hit them and took off. the other woman struck is expected to survive. >> n right a family felt it in their hearts. their teena jr wast not a runaway. >> they knew sheas missing and something sinister had happened. tonight police say herr kil was as ex-boyfriend. and now he's behind bars. >> news4's jackie bensen is in the alexandria riff area of fairfax county where the vi
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im's body was found. >> reporter: take a look behind me. you can see sti he at the scene where joely moussa's body was found. floral tributes to her. family members say this announcement ofn arrest is certainly welcome but it does reopen an unimaginably painful wound. >> she did not run away. >> joely moussa's murder shattered the hearst of her family, one of the biggest, sharpest calendars of that loss was the wor runway, something they told pice was out of character for the 16-year-old high school student. they said it was highly unusual for her to leave the prowse abruptly january 12th replying to a worried text from her twin sister saying she was going to a party in norfolk. they told detectives about the ay away order she had to obtain against her ex 18, who is now charged with her murder. two weeks after she disappeared, her body was found in woodlawn
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park about a mile from her home. she was smothdered and beate to death. >> hearing the details does not make easier. if anything, it reopens up wounds that we've been working feverishly to try to hidein b and do something constructive with. >> reporter: her murder lady to the creatn of not a runway. aimed in part at changing the way such casesre handled by police departments. blameon't even want t this on the fairfax county police. it's the way legislation is itten. their hands were locked. they cannot do certain things unle certain evidence is presented to them. >> reporter: v ibrahim livy close to this spot with his family. he was recently released after serving a separate charge of assaulting joely in the weeks before her murder. live in fairfax keep the, jackie bensen,news4. >> thank you. tonight for the final senator john mccain returned to
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washington. as the sunset an air force passenger plane carrying his remains flew into joint base andrews. a military honor guard escorted the senator's flag draped casket to a waiting hearse. cindy mccain greeted his colleagues on the tarmac. earlier in the day at a church service, speakers recalle his ability to rise above petty partisanship. . >> even though john is no longer with us, he left us pretty clear instructions. "beliemi always in the p and greatness of america because nothing is inevitablehere." >>he public is invited to pay their respes tomorrow at senator mccain lies in state at the capitol. there is a service saturday at the washington nional cathedral. he will be buried sunday at the academy. >> if you work for the federal government, don't plan on a pay
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raise. president trump has canceled plan 2019 pay increases. locality and across the board increases were scheduled for most civilian federal employees starting in january. esident trump sent congress a letter today saying the government can't afford it. the move ces nine months after the president signed a $1.5 trillion tax cut bill. critics say that bill only helped big companies and not average workers. it's a story you'll only see her on news4. some relief tonight for restaurant owners after a man they say repeatedly dined and dashed at their establishments was finally stopped. new at11:00 tonight, shomari stone is in bethesda with why one restaurant manager is being called a super hero. >> reporter: this is a greekau rent in bethesda. >> ladies how are r:we.
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>> reporhere mike priceler is known as a superhero. >> you're the batman that caught that thief. >> do you feel like a mini celebrity walked into your >>ter: here's why. epstaurant. take a look at surveillance video from the entrance from this past gomery county police say clarence nance walks in dressed in slacks, a love sleeved shirt and tie. >> he was dressed nice. he ce into the bar, ordered beer. >> reporter: and a few dishes including smoked lamb shoulder. little d he know the surveillance camera above the bar captured him. ordered and allegedly told other customers he's a doctor. afterhee fin eating his meal, he told the bartender he left his wallet at home and hee neoney for taxi to go home and come back so he could pay his bill. >> reporter: the bartender got mark priceler he immediately recognized the maas the suspected thief are in a local blog. the blog told people to lookfo t
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the man accused of walking out on bills. >> he introduced himself as doug. i recognized him. d reporter: he cal police and officers arrested nanc charging him with theft. detectives is want business owners whoecognize as a suspected thief to call police. mark is happy he helped cat e suspect. >> it feels good. >> reporter: proving not all super heroes wear capes. >> i don't need much credit. i'm glad t do what's right. >> reporter: shomari ston news4. the redskins preseason is officially over. and now is the time for some tough decisions. of we'll tell you whoade the best case to make this team. dave in. >> put the p tssure on me figure it out. this is what you might call a bubble trouble. th redskins have to cut 37 players by saturday at 4:00 from 90 to 53. tonight the final audition to
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make the roster. most of the starters not playing night. guys pumped up.em to get the running bk rob kelley 11 carries, 49 yards. that's a 4 1/2 yard average. now,lso tonight, samaje ryan was in the running back competition. a good night, yeah. seven kearse, 30 yards. he did have a fumble which has been an issue for him at times. it's a problem. redskins lose the finale 30-20. now the work begins for coaching staff. coming up in sports, we'll head back to baltimore and hear from the redskins. for now,ack to you, jim, as i try to work how to get this roster down. >> that's a tough task. saturday we'll all know. thank you, dave. take a live look now a storm team 4 weather radar. doug is tracking some rain headed our way. >> he joins us now from the storm center with what that rain could mean for the big labor dak
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d. >> tracking some rain right now. g time storms around richmond. mo now it's moving towards our region. the rain in towards part of the northern neck towards west virginia. also right staro see showers develop around the beltway area around bethesda, parts of northwest and northeast. right out 50. down to the south along 301. speaking of south, just uth, a lig storm here. lightning associated with this one.he fa south pretty good rain. yes, we will see rain overnight. should be out of here by early tomorrow morning. he relief tomorrow. not nearly as hot. chance of storms on th increase tomorrow and into the day on saturday. watching the rest of the weekend, i'll see you back here in a minute. >> thank you. a musical farewell tonight for the queen of soul. aretha franklin. ♪ to carry on and i feelpe all
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s gone ♪ >> a sold out free concert call "a ople's tribute to the queen," honored her tonight in detroit. more than 40 artists perfmed. anklin will be laid to rest tomorrow in a private service. all-star list of speakers abs rformers are scheduled a part of that service service. next at 11:00, exclusive new evidence in the mansion murders case. less than a week before trial. >> court documents detail what was not collected at the scene. the story only on news4.
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on news4. new details about evidence in what has become known as d.c.'s mansion murders case. >> it comes nearly a week before the only suspect goes to trial daron wints accused of killing savvas and amy savopoulos, their young son and housekeeper three years ago. investigators say he then set that house on fire tore cover up the crime. >> jody fleischer obtained court filings detailing questions about what evidence was and was not collected at the crime scene. >> reporter: it was a shocking crime in a wealthy d.c. neighborhood. three members of the savopoulos philly and their housekeeper tortured and murdered. the call initially went to 911 as a house on fire. they believe it was intentionally set in an effort to mask idence. >> burning evidence i think in the minds of some of the criminals that we deal with is much more effective way to get
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rid of evidence than it is. >> reporter: glen kershner spent decades as a prosecutor and studie tasd cors f mose signifi is that crime scene investigators did recover dnahi evidence w prosecutors say matches the defendant daron wint. but from e beginning police believe there were other suspects and never charged anyone else. they never reported recovering yone else's dna. but according to this court record obtained byhei-team, when a forensic biologist from the atf arrived at the home, there were water bottles and gloves all over the ene. she was told they were discarded by the first responders and fi fiters. as a result she did not collect the items. the same true for water bottles found in a masterm. bedr when the forensic biologist asked, she was told firefighters took theserirom the rrator in the master bedroom. as a result, she did not recover these items. >> it may that be no actual evidence was st, but it may be
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that the defense will be able to persuade theury that it is yet another iication of less than ideal police work and that may give one or more jurors some doubt in the case. >> reporter: the forensic biologist said she only swabbed the toilet in the bathroom where the bodies were located. it appeared thethers were filled with urine but it was her understanding they had been use by the firefighters. susan is a retired d.c. police detective who worked hundreds of homicides. >> whether he you've got to go, you m not be in an area where there's port-a-potty or anything elo. you've got relieve yourself. so you know, you don't flush t toilet because you don't know what else is there. >>iohe firefighters' a are not unheard of. while the failure to testpo ntial evidence isn't ideal, she doesn't think it will hurt the case. clint van zat says the biggest impact might be what could have
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learned about other suspects but wasn't into there's reasoble doubt that maybe from an evidence gathering stapoint we could have put somebody else at the crime scene. >> reporter: he says perhaps the most critical piece of evidence lost was somhing that could explain how the suspects got into the home. prosecutors noted that in the basement, there was a screw driver holding a window open and that atf expert rawles askingat he screw driver be collected. she does not believe it was recored, wever. >> that was jody fleischer reporting. we did reach out to the atf. they had no comment because of pending litigation. >> we did speak to one long time criminal defense attorney who called theevelations a bombshell because it could weaken the prosecution'scase. >> that's how guilty people go free. it's unfortunate. i'm not saying wint is guilty or not guilty. h ifs going to be found not guilty or acquitted, this is the
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reason why. >> tune in next tuesday as we take a deep dive into this cason the eve of the trial. we'll examine the evidence against daron wint. the clues left behind and the lingering questions for a panel of experts. was someone else involved? and what was the motive? join us tuesday night at 6:30 forxcsive reporting in nsion murde inside the investigation. we turn to doug now with a holiday weekend weather forecast. we've got rain upon us right now? >> did you bring the umbrella? >> i did actually. >> good. i was expecting you to say no. you're the most prepared woman i'y met in life. we have showers outside. a couple showers around the area. most of these not impacting us all that much. but we're starting to see them come through after earlier rain this afternoon to the south. you can see the cloud cover. temperature wise at 84. winds out of the south at three miles per hour.
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we sawit ae bit less humidity today with a high of 93. that heat index was only around 95 today. a lot different than yesterday. 84d.c., 77 in manassas. 79 in leesburg. still warm and humid. here's the rain. most of this very light rain in irough fairfax county, frederick count and around martinsburg towards winchester, y rain into west virginia, and then heavy rain down to the south. aoo couple here. we're right here. here's our station. we've gotho a littler just to the north of the station coming over towards bethesda. rain along 16th and georgia avenue towards parts of prince george's county. t featherethe south, showers into fairfax county. one storm a lot of lightning coming towards la plata. if you're there right now, you may see lightning out your window. take a look at it. you can see what's happening.
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he saw clear skies till blowoff came across the region. thers a little blip of rain around virginia. i had i this moves out of our area overnight t'night. look w behind it. clearing skies. we see sunshine tomorrow. it's timing out for you. here's 11:00 tonight. probably around 1:00, showers coming through. heavier down pours around the metro area. by 00, we're dry. ume sun tomorrow morning helps temperatures get there and forms shower activity. here's noon. somers sho around the d.c. baltimore area. most of tomorrow dry for most of us however, we are expecting a couple showers and rum bes o bl thunder, too. 86 tomorrow. showers and storms yes but not for everybody. most of the day is dry. still humid. how about the bea forecast? i'll be at the beach tomorrow
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4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm off on the 11:00. you didn't know that? degrees, scattered showers and storms on saturday. a chance most of it will be dry sunday and monday. temperatures around 83. pretty nice beach forecast for your day weekend. 87 on your saturday. 90 on sunday. hen we start to get back into the heat as we o make way in towards the first full week of september. look at that. the average high 85.we l be over 90 just about each of the next ten days here for the most part. above average. a seven-day heat wave. we could be warmer into the mid-9mids middle of next week. >> thank you. >> coming up, big bubble n bht for theurgundy and gold. what the players are saying about the final pus toh
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk. here we i arethe season of heat advisories and need for hydration. it's f our 30s football being quenched. preseason is hardly dramatic. for the hard-core fan, it still provides a delight after the playeran trying to a roster spot, the fourth and finalam pre-season often decisive. doug williams, we know him, saying hello to robert griffin iii. taking the field today for the ravins seto take on the skins. ravins starting rookie lamar jackson at quarterback. first quarter didn' have to do much. handoff to this is not good. missed tackles continue to be a
11:26 pm
problem. turner a gain. redskins late in the drive. ravins first-round pick comes through off tti play on. no one in front. yaon rdravins a 7-0 lead. are upping back may be the most cobaetitive le. rob kelley a strong night. 49 yards on 11 4 1/2 yard average. kelley making his kay. i had to borrow the calculator to do the jemath. sama ryan looking good here. sevekearse, 30 yards. did he have a fumble on the night. that will a problem. the third running back capri bibbs. he i very good. but this is brian quick catching a fo -yardtouchdown. he's a receiver that's on the bubble. and now we'll get a look at capri bibbs. bibbs again a player trying to make ta impact here. an interception for the ravins thrown by kevin hogan. tough decision certainly coming. the redskins endposing this game, 30 oil 20 to the ravins
11:27 pm
but really it's not about the result. it is about the decisions as sharee burriss joins us. this ras roster has to go from 90 to 53 players by 4:00 sated. >> there's one position group that makes it hard, t running backs. three of the four reflecting on their performance in the fourth pre-season game. >> i think what i put on film i'm proud of my training camp and proud of otas, proud of my s preason, the whole resume i put kgether. w this coach is going to have a hard time. we have amazing players. >> i have nervousness in me. evybody play well. room.unning back tore me to think i'd mak the roster like that would be stupid. >> i'm confidence of my place. >> i think everybody had a fair shot, everybody had an opportunity toake the team to show us what they could do. and in return, we'll have tough decisions because of that. >> and dave, that's what makes the preseason so hard.
11:28 pm
these four games. 37 guys will not ben the roster on saturday afternoon. back to you. >>he clock is ticking. it is 4:00. it really is what football is all about. you have to make tough decisions. guys put their life on the line and now they may be out of jo >> nervous couple of days till
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael che and colin jost, henry golding,


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