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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. right now at 11:00, a boy shot and killed at a d.c. metro station reaction pouring
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community and making some neighbors rethink where they have chosen to live. we told you about an american missing in brussels. tonight news of more tragedy. off the top at 11:00, a teen gunned down at a d.c. metro station. tonight the mayor promising to bring the killer to justice. darcy spencer joins us live with more reaction to today's news. >> reporter: we are still waiting for police to release the identity of this teenager and to tell us exactly how old he is, and tonight they are still searching for the gunman. >> it was wrong. it was totally wrong. >> this woman was with her daughter and grandkids getting ready to ride the train to go to
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when the shots rang out. >> all i heard was the lady say, they shot my son. and the babies was crying. i was trying to console them. >> reporter: a teenager shot and killed in broad daylight, 4:00 in the afternoon at the station in northeast d.c. >> you said you heard two shots? >> that's it. that's all. >> reporter: what did you do at that moment? >> grabbed my kids. >> reporter: the boy was taken to the hospital where he later died. the station was shut down for hours as police scoured the crime scene. shadow buses were offeror ed to riders stuck at the station. >> reporter: do you know what it was about? >> we don't know what the subject matter was, but doesn't believe to be random. >> the mayor was briefed to the shooting and
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would find whoever open fire. >> we will make sure we bring them to justice. >> i will not catch the train no more. >> reporter: fortunately that family was still able to hold that birthday party today for the little boy who just turned 6 years old. everything turned back to normal at the metro station at 7:30 this evening. we are live at police headquarters. the boy was killed in ward 7 where there is a highly contested city council rating. she was out campaigning and heard about the shooting and came to the scene, and former vincent gray was knocking on doors when he decided to come to the scene and both agree something needs to change. >> this was during the day and people waiting on the train. we really need to start saying something
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need to be angry and take action. we need to take hold of our young people and we need to do it now because its out of hand. >> we have strong and stringent gun control laws in the district of columbia, and it would be wonderful if we could see the same kind of rigor applied in the surrounding areas. >> meanwhile, a man died after being stabbed in the leg. police found william martinez unresponsive to the fairfax county. it has neighbors rattled and thinking about moving. >> my mom wants to move now. i don't think we will be here much longer. >> he lived on celtic drive. no word tonight on a motive or suspect in this case. now your storm team 4 forecast.
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out there today. temperatures made it into the low 60s. now clouds are filling in the evening, not falling too far too fast. a light wind but can you see the wind coming out of the east. that means clouds are going to continue to pile in. when you wake up tomorrow morning, headed into easter services, probably a few morning showers and a little chilly outside the beltway. temperatures tomorrow making it into the 50s. due to the extra cloud cover and drizzle, we're going to track the showers for you and you will know when you will need the umbrella for easter sunday coming up. we learned an american woman and her husband were killed at the airport in the brussels terror attack. and we see the new information as belgium prosecutors announce the first criminal charges with that attack. >> there are so many raids and a
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with one man from brussels suspected of being one of the bombers. after belgium's worse atrocity, charges today against a man that alleged to have had a core role in the attacks. his apartment was raided two days ago and he was charged with terrorists murder and a direct link to the brussels bombs. also charged, two men identified only as rabah n, and another one charged with unspecified terror activities. investigators have not said what role they believe he played in the attacks, and the media suggested he is this man, walking through the airport with the two men that detonated their
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the forensic examination here at the airport is over and the problem now is how to improve security to prevent another atrocity. an atrocity that so many like adela are struggling to recover from. the airport worker's leg has been amputated and he is burned, and like so many, scarred from the isis massacres. a demonstration planned here for tomorrow, they called it a march against fear, has been cancelled because of security fears and because police don't have enough free officers to protect it. nbc news, brussels. big momentum tonight for senator bernie sanders who crushed hillary clinton in caucuses out west today. sanders won the washington state and alaska caucuses. votes are still being counted in hawaii. nbc news analysis shows sanders needs to win about 58% of the
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the democratic nominee. republicans vote next in wisconsin on april 5th. a crowd gathered to oppose the opening of a new gun store tonight. the business owner speaking his mind. passengers were told their flight was delayed because of a seat problem and then they saw
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an american airlines co-pilot arrested on suspicion of being drunk before getting on a flight. a passenger onboard flight 736 snapped this picture. the pilot was detained at detroit metro airport. the faa believes his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. passengers were told the delay was because of a seat issue and then they saw the pilot in custody. >> it's like, there's a police car, and they are coming to get somebody, and then i looked out and saw them walking and thought, oh, they really are. >> american airlines said they are taking this serious and cooperating with the authorities and the airline cancelled the flight to philly and placed passengers on other planes. wind on the way, but when can we expect more sunshine? lauren is standing by with her full forecast. chances are the nightmare traffic
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sometime this week.
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a maryland man facing dui charges after hitting a state police cruiser in alexandria. it happened near van dorn street and officials say he was in his cruiser with his light on when a car hit him from behind. fortunately the
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in the vehicle behind him were not injured. people who live here gathered at the community center to rally against the grand opening of the gun shop. the owner says he has seen a lot of support. >> the gun shop down the street doesn't make sense. >> we have had an outpouring of support. >> the owner, dennis pratt, said his stores comply with all state laws. this is the first weekend the cherry blossoms are in peak bloom and that means peak traffic in and around the district earlier today. but it didn't stop big crowds. >> fantastic. the festival continues through april 17th. >> keep the picture coming. tweet us your cherry bom
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pictures and we will add them to the online gallery. open the nbc washington app and check my twitter handle as well. and then the first of two baby eagles hatched in the nest in southeast. this is a live look at the eagle cam. this is the third eagle chick to hatch in our area this month. how fortunate we are. well, you are definitely going to need the umbrellas for tomorrow unfortunately. and umbrellas for your sunday and, yes, that co-insides with easter. more rain for monday morning as well, and sunshine possible later on monday, but also tuesday and wednesday. temperatures now in the 50s and upper 40s. we are not going to fall too far
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have cloud cover in place. the clouds act as an insulator and the temperatures don't drop too far too fast. we get the easterly flow and the moisture comes off the ocean and then turns to cloud cover for us and also a little drizzle. we will add rain into the mix for tomorrow. let's time it out for you. we will start at 11:15 tonight. you can see some cloud cover still with us, and it's going to continue to pile in as you go through the morning. clouds around tomorrow morning, and again, spotty rain showers often possible, so go ahead if you are headed to sunday service, and go ahead and grab that umbrella because i will put up drizzle, and then showers will continue through monday morning just in time for the monday morning commute and then we will clear out by monday afternoon and into tuesday. get some of the sunshine back.
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morning, and then by the evening, i will tell youfter about 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow night, then you will have to watch for rain showers. a small umbrella possible. that's all you need if you are headed out to easter brunch. temperatures on the cool side. upper 40s to lower 50s, again, it's going to be damp out there. as far as sunday forecast goes, 50s, that is it. we knocked a few degrees off the temperature because of the cloud cover. as far as your planner goes, sunrise service, drizzle and maybe a little fog out there, and easter egg hunt, the grass may be damp and the kids don't care, you may care but the kids don't care, and then evening dinner showers filling into the region. starting in the 40s tomorrow morning and warming up to the mid and upper 50s, and so all in all, not too bad. not the prettiest of easters. what to wear? you need a jacket, and keep the sunglasses at home, not going to need them f
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monday, the easter egg roll. bring the umbrellas, the first half we will have rain showers and then clearing in the afternoon. breezy conditions not only on monday but also tuesday, and i think we will hit the mid-60s and we will have sunshine by the afternoon. next chance of rain will be thursday into friday. >> thank you, lauren. rg3 on to his next stop in
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chris miles here from the cnn studios. everything laid out simply for the caps. beat st. louis and take home the president's trophy. washington, welcoming former teammate troy brower back to the horizon center. a warm ovation from the crowd. and then wheels fall off in the second. and the save is made, and right there for the rebound. over five minutes later, it's 2-0 blues. two minutes after that goal, the blues take apart the caps defense.
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the president's trophy will have to wait but at least a few lucky fans walked away with nice shirts. >> we don't want to have, you know, these little things still going on. we want to come into the playoffs at full speed and playing our game. >> there's a familiar face, it's former red skin brian mitchell. tonight he was given an honor that bears the name of legendary sportscaster. it was the eighth annual washington legend scholarship. noticeably absent from this list or any list moving forward, robert griffin iii, he signed
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>> i am glad for him. he texted me back, and i wish the best for him. it was not right, right now the situation that we as an organization needed and he is a good football player and good person and i wish the best for him. >> and continuing to destroy the tournament, the oklahoma guard hit three eight pointers in the sooners victory over oregon. made a bit of history, became the first player since 1990 to average 25 points per game on a final four team. oregon, the top seed in the west is knocked out. kansas the top seed in the south looks to avoid the same fate facing villanova. no such luck for the jayhawks. they had 11 fields including one in the final to seal the deal. tremendous defensive effort. villanova headed
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four with the victory making the two number one seeds to lose in the same day. and bennett never has been this far in the ncaa tournament and now one win away from taking uva to the final four. in order to do that, they have to figure out a way to put points on the board. that has not been an issue for ben and company, and they are 3-0 against syracuse. the streak the cavaliers would love to continue starting tomorrow night at 6:30. >> i think it's something that we have instilled in this program that we are going to go after, and we're going to try our best to do what we can do to advance as far as we can. that's something that is not going to change. >> we're not feeling pressure and we are enjoying this moment, and we are not worried about the final four but looking at tomorrow's game and taking care of business. >> the
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minnesota, a game the wizards needed to keep a playoff spot in the east. it would be easy to worry about the teams in front of them are going to do down the stretch, it's not a concern these days. >> we're hoping for help. we have to help ourselves first. we have to help ourselves. we have an opportunity to go into l.a., right? a team that has been up and down all year. okay, a team that beat us here. a team that beat us -- there should be, oh, we can just walk in. that's what i tell them. >> randy whitman fired up. wonder what he would say to d.c. united? not a good start, just 14 minutes in. the first goal of the season for him, and doesn't take long for a second. 15 minutes to be exact.
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wins 3-0, and united still winless. so the wizards will inbound action tomorrow. they face kobe bryant and the lakers for the final time in his career, and a later 9:30 start. >> great to see you and happy easter to you. happy easter to you, as well. remember to take the umbrella with you and a light jacket tomorrow. >> yeah. >> that is our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is coming up next. have a great one, everyboy.d
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>> oh, my god. have you guys been watching the primaries? >> yes. hillary got her but kicked in new hampshire. >> i-i know, but we're all still voting for her, right? >> oh, yeah, totally. >> oh, definitely. for sure. >> cool, cool, cool. me too. except i think i'm voting for bernie. what?! well, yeah, me too. >> you are? but so are we.


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