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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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there are enough republican and democratic votes in the house of representatives right now to end the shutdown. >> reporter: a couple dozen house republicans agree but speaker john boehner will not allow a vote. the shutdown's trapping crabbing crews. president obama said he'll deal after the shutdown and debt ceiling hike. >> as soon as that happens i'm eager and ready to sit down and negotiate. >> boehner sounded stunned. >> this morning a senior white house official said the president would rather default than to sit down and negotiate. really? >> reporter: week two of the shutdown. ten days till default. no deals on either in sight. >> reporter: the house over the weekend approved back pay for the half million federal workers still on furlough. the white house signaled approval. and so did the democratic senate which raises a question tonight, if all of these federal workers
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are going to get all of their pay anyway, why not just settle this and bring them back. steve handelsman, news 4. >> thank you. at least 26,000 furloughed workers have filed for unemployment in d.c. and in maryland. d.c.'s department employment says it had more than 10,000 claims and in maryland the number is 16,000. that's nearly four times the number of claims maryland gets in an entire year. virginia did not release numbers. the trickle down effect is forcing some local companies to make cutbacks and many firms that have not started furloughs are getting ready to. one business in tysons corner is feeling the pinch already. northern virginia reporter has our report. >> reporter: the thought of time off and no pay scares tracy. >> i definitely have to have this job. i'm a single parent and the only one supporting myself and my
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children. >> reporter: she has three kids including a college student. >> it's not cheap at all. >> reporter: she works at a i.t. support contractor with one client -- the government. >> we all know that government shutdown affects everybody. >> reporter: ask employees at lockheed martin. 2400 not working not getting paid. tracy's boss calls this period painful. >> are you at the point of layoffs yet? >> no. but it's getting close. in most of these people i know personally. and yes, it will be very painful as we let these various people go or at least put them on furlough. >> reporter: he already sees the trickle down in his building. he suggested that we go down to talk to the local cafe owner simon lee. so we did. >> since the shutdown we lose our business maybe 20, 30%. >> reporter: we asked how much longer he and his employees can hang on. >> maybe a couple more weeks we
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have to shut down. >> reporter: several of the employees who work here tell me even this business complex which is usually packed has been quieter since the shutdown began. their concern is that should it continue to linger on, it will soon be dead silent. reporting from tysons corner, virginia. >> a link involving the secret surveillance program may be impacted. earlier this sumter court in charge of the program sided with yahoo! in a fight to declassify nsa documents. yahoo! says the documents show it did not willingly participate in the nsa spying program. the justice department is now asking the federal court to delay the release of the records because attorneys and other employees involved in reviewing them are not allowed to work because of the shutdown. >> we're looking at weather now. the tornado watches are over t heavy rain has moved out of the area. there was minor flooding and that caused backups in loudoun county, virginia just before
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lunch time today. >> the district today, the strong winds made it difficult to open the umbrella. we saw wind gusts of 40 miles an hour today. other folks didn't watch our forecast and got caught in the rainstorm. >> close call near lincoln park for a driver. a large branched on top of a moving car in northeast d.c. much cooler temperatures coming our way. >> a lot cooler, yesterday we were talking record breaking temperatures, 91 is what we hit. right now we're close to 30 degrees cooler. we'll show you the radar. that storm system continues to move out. we saw the rain move through rather quickly during the day but we did see heavy rain especially during the early morning hours and then right around noon came right through the i-95 corridor from bamt through washington around waldorf and fredericksburg where we saw the tornado warning, no reports of damage down there
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though. we did have a few wind reports today a few downed trees but that's about it. most of the area did not see severe weather and now we're all clearing out. but you mentioned the cooler temperatures. that's what we're going to continue to see as we see the storm system. how much rain? over an inch. 1.6 in leesburg. almost well over half inch in culpepper. we did see needed rainfall. we're not done with the rain yet. we've got cooler temperatures but i think we've got a lot more rain too. i'll show you when. >> thank you, doug. the rain and winds made for a slippery and at times a messy commute. for some the wet weather was actually a welcome sight. pat collins continues our coverage from northwest d.c. pat. >> reporter: doreen, this is the way it works at channel 4. doug predicts it and i stand in it. come over here and take a look at this rose. beautiful rose. know why it's so pretty?
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this was a special weather day. >> why is this day different? >> watch this. it rained today. >> it sure did. >> reporter: bring out the boots, bring out the umbrellas. we've got a gullywasher. >> it's water. . >> it rained today. >> that's good. rain is good. you're happy? >> yeah. >> reporter: close call on capitol hill. 911. tree limb into car. the final score, tree, 1, car, 0. driver and passenger, they escape injury. >> saw a cloud of leaves, and so i'm like a tree that fell. so i'm putting on my brakes and it's nowhere for me to move. and the tree fell on top of us. >> reporter: virginia rain, it usually starts there and then
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well, comes our way. this is what it was like on i-66. today we got rain. >> that's interesting. we did. we did get rain. we needed the rain. >> reporter: maryland rain and prince george's county the wet and the wind led to a two-hour power outage at police headquarters. it didn't affect emergency calls or emergency responses, but some of the bosses, they ended up reading reports by flashlight. rain, rain, rain. it was a washdown, cooldown, that we really needed. rain is good for? >> for the plants and us and the country. >> and farmers? you know a farmer? >> no. >> neither do i. it's good for them. >> reporter: for the record i love farmers. they grow potatoes, and i really love potatoes.
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live in northwest, pat collins, news 4. >> pat, you speak the obvious. you do love potatoes. and steak. and bread. all the good stuff. >> ice cream. >> and the ice cream, too. thanks, pat. we haven't had a lot of storms recently. now is a good time to download our weather app. search nbc washington weather in the app store and google play. >> sisters of the woman killed are demanding ajss about her death. the women say miriam carey was not a threat. she did not have a gun when she was shot by officers. video shows kafry driving away after ramming a white house security gate. her sisters say they believe she was scared after seeing so many police. >> if you hear gun shots it's like i'm afraid, i don't want to be here, i want to get out of here, i have a baby in the car. my sister was fleeing trying to
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figure out how to get out of there. >> i feel this could have been handled differently and maybe there was some bit of over reaction or some negligence, we're trying to find out. >> investigators say they will reconstruct every step officers took to make sure that their actions were justified. >> secretary of state john kerry's remarks today on syria's chemical weapons program. destruction of syria's chemical weapons began yesterday about a week after the united nations passed a regs loogs outlining ambitious disarmament program. at a news conference today secretary kerry pratzed the rapid progress of the program. the state department later clarified that the secretary was not praising the regime of syrian leader bashar al assad. we now know why one of two
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u.s. raids on terrorists in africa did not go as planned. navy seals trying to grab a war lord were apparently fooled by one of the al shabab fighters. that man smoked a cigarette give nothing sign he had spotted the american military team as they lay in hiding yesterday. soon the seals found themselves under siege. children were blocking their view of the terrorist leader. in the meantime, another groom of seals was successful in grabbing an al qaeda leader in libya. "nbc nightly news" with brian williams will have more on that seals raid coming up at 7:00. >> next at 6, a high powered attorney on the other side of the law, tonight new developments for an attorney who is accused of causing a deadly motorcycle crash. >> chaos and concern today when a construction crane got stuck, hauling 13,000 pounds of concrete. >> leaders called it the dust
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bin of history. oneida nation comes to washington to tackle the redskins' controversial nickname. >> i'm tom sherwood. the d.c. government made a big splash when it said it would stay open during the federal shutdown but the city may be running out of cash and may not be able to stay open if the shutdown continues much longer.
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a husband accused of killing his 91-year-old socialite wife says he is ready to go to trial. 49-year-old albert said he plans to act as his own lawyer when the trial starts. he says he is ready for trial despite trying to starve himself in prison. former journalist viola draft was found beaten to death in the couple's home. he claims to be a brigadier general in the iraqi army. >> tonight, the family in ashburn, virginia is trying to come to grips with a devastating loss. a husband and wife both killed in a motorcycle accident and a local lawyer has been accused of drunk driving and causing their deaths. the family spoke this afternoon with julie carey. >> we spent the last day of their life with them, so we do have that to hold onto. >> reporter: this couple never imagined the perfect day of
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riding motorcycles with friends leah and ricky wren would be their last. they were a mile from home when an alleged drunk driver plowed into them, killing both. the navy veteran and his wife would have celebrated their seventh anniversary next week. instead loved ones are making funeral arrangements. kyle is ricky's son. >> it hit me but it hasn't. i woke up this morning and i you know, expected my dad to be there. i mean, expected my mom to be there. walk down in the morning and they are there. okay. it's not like that anymore. and it's just hard to believe. >> reporter: tanya is leah's daughter. only the little ones keep her going right now that and her memory of the couple.
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>> they were enjoying life. they were enjoying everything. they died doing what they love. >> reporter: this is the man charged with two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter for their deaths. mark is a senior partner in a law firm. this sign is all that's left of the accident that happened after midnight on sunday, investigators say the suspect and his bmw was going east on the parkway. the motorcycle was coming westbound, he turned left into the shopping center, smashing right into them. court document shows his breath test registered .15, almost twice the legal limit. after a court appearance he is being held without bond. the victim's friends say they set any anger aside thinking instead of the wrens. >> they were wonderful people full of life, always happy. >> and they say their real last ride together will come the day of the funeral as dozens of motorcycles join the procession.
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>> our next ride will be unfortunatelyscorting rick and leah. >> reporter: julie carey, news 4. >> a heavy load of construction material is back on the ground in new york city. workers spent all day lowering the box after a crane malfunctioned this morning. finally they got it down in time to open the 57th street in time for the evening rush hour with strong storms moving through all day. there were fears that the weight could come crashing to the ground. it's at the same site where a crane collapsed during hurricane sandy. that's a mess. we had -- it was -- we haven't seen rain in so long >> speechless. >> i was. it felt weird. >> it was weird. only the second time we had appreciable rain. today we saw 1.13 inches. the month of september we saw
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only .09 more. got that. >> no wonder it felt weird. >> look at that shot. that one there might leave you speechless. what a great afternoon. or at least a great evening though it is a lot cooler than it has been over the past couple of days after a high yesterday of 91. the storm system as it continued to move flew out to the east right now and now that frontal boundary moving across our region too and behind it cooler air. we did see heavy rain that did come through right around 9:00, 10:00, and since then temperatures going down. 24-hour temperature change down 19 degrees from yesterday at this time, 22 degrees in gaithersburg and 22 degrees cooler than this time yesterday in leesburg so that is a strong frontal boundary and you need a strong front this time of year to really wipe out that heat we saw. 78 degrees the high today. that was before the rain started. low of 61.
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today, as i mentioned 1.13 inches of rain the month of september. 1.22. so we needed to see the rain. mother nature gave it to us. we did not see a lot of severe weather reports so again, that is good news there. and we'll be cleaning out. but at least drying out. dealing with cloud cover in behind this front. notice the clouds are coming up from the south. that's from another storm system that i think will affect us later there week. 64 degrees, winds out of the north, behind that front at about 3 miles per hour. the winds will continue to come and as they do temperatures continue to fallment down to 54 in d.c. 44 in frederick, 46 in culpepper, 50 down toward fredericksburg. so cool but not cold. not a cold air mass but tomorrow will be cooler down to 69 in d.c., 67 in gaithersburg. this is with some sunshine. i think we'll see a lot of cloud cover and those will only increase as time goes by. tomorrow morning starting off with high clouds but that's
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about it on the cool side, tomorrow afternoon a few more clouds build on in. so do the breezes. i think we'll see winds, 10 twrks miles per hour. same deal on wednesday, even more clouds move in. even cooler temperatures, even windier conditions and then watch what happens on thursday. the rain moves back in. this will be what i think could become a nor'easter making its way up the coast. not a strong one but the remnants of tropical storm karen that may give us more rain. an inch more of rain. we went through september, early october without a lot of rain, now it looks like we may be stuck with it. 69 tuesday, 66 on wednesday, 65 on thursday with a good chance of rain. showers on friday and saturday as i think this is going to be a slow-moving storm. not a washout for the weekend. at least not way it's looking right now. so don't put the umbrellas away yet. thanks, doug. coming up a local mother cannot believe what happened while
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watching her son's soccer game. >> pressure to change the team name. >> thousands of dollars. a store busted selling a lot of stolen things.
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opponents of the name of
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washington's football team are bringing the fight to the nfl. they are here in town on the same day that the league's owners are holding their own meeting. news 4's chris gordon has more on the effort to change the redskins name. >> reporter: washington fans love the redskins, but the name has become controversial. >> i also know that it does offend a certain group of people. >> reporter: the oneida indian nation is campaigning to change the mascot. they want the nfl to pressurew washington to change the name. >> the team snam a painful epithet used against my people, indian people when we were held at gunpoint and thrown off our lands. >> reporter: they say president obama's kplenlts are historic. >> if i were the owner of the team and i knew there was a name of my team, even if it had a storied history that was offending a sizable group of
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people, i think about changing it. >> reporter: the redskins play in prince george's county but what if the owner wants to build a new stadium in d.c. >> if dan snyder agreed to come back to the district of columbia, he would change his name because he would see where he's coming to. >> reporter: students at a high school in cooperstown changed their mascot from redskins last year over strong opposition. >> i'm much happier not wearing the redskins jersey, knowing that i'm a ccs hawkeye. >> reporter: the indian nation held this to coincide with the nfl meeting. i'm told that the nfl has scheduled the meeting with the oneida nation on november 22 and could offer to meet sooner. the effort to get washington to change its team name is now decades old. and the oneida indian nation says this is not going to go away. chris gordon, news 4.
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>> the name change will ultimately be up to team owner dan snyder. he has said he will never change it. >> coming up thousands of dollars in stolen goods and a d.c. store and that's not all. >> how long can d.c. survive the federal shutdown. what city leaders are doing to avoid running out of money. avoid running out of money. >> new details 18 deadly
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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really funky weather out there this afternoon. tornado warnings, thunderstorm warnings, all gone now. heavy rain made for wet and slow driving this afternoon. >> in the district strong winds caused part of a tree to fall on a moving car. >> right now after a week of summer-like temperatures, all of a sudden it's feeling like fall. >> sure is. doug kammerer is in storm center 4. what's next? >> what's next is more october-like weather. this is the time of year we start to get cooler temperatures and we talk about with our potential for nor'easters out there and we have that on the horizon i think as we move through the next couple days. out there you can see the storm system continuing to move out clearing the conditions, still some cloud cover and cooler air. take a look.
6:30 pm
this is a shot out toward the national harbor. a beautiful shot right now of the sun going down across the potomac river. we'll talk much more about what to expect over the next couple days including the potential coastal system. thanks, doug. jim is at the live desk with new details about the sex assault accusations against three midshipmen in annapolis. >> a short time ago we learned that the naval academy superintendent will not have to recuse himself from deciding whether those midshipmen face a court-martial. a federal judge in baltimore handed down the ruling today. she said she found no grounds for the court to interfere with a military proceedings. now, the three navy midshipmen are accused of sexually assaulting a female midshipman at a party. attorneys for the alleged victim argue the superintendent could show a bias against the victim for making this case public. again a judge ruled that was not the case, it's not clear yet
6:31 pm
when the naval academy superintendent might decide on a court-martial. we are also just getting in new numbers now on how the government shutdown may impact virginia workers. the governor's office says a little more than 300 state employees will be impacted in some way. 200 of those will be furloughed if they are part-time and if they are full time they will be put on part-time status. in the last hour the d.c. government suspended all tax refunds to individuals and businesses. the city cite add shortage of funds due to the federal shutdown. the district could soon run out of money to pay 33,000 employees on time. temperature reports on the city's financial juggling. >> reporter: local d.c. services including parking ticket writers, are all at work since mayor gray declared all 33,000 city workers essential. but that's created a problem.
6:32 pm
the cash to pay those workers is tight. it could run out in the next two week, some workers and contracts could see paychecks delayed. >> the cash issue we still are assessing at this stage. and we've been looking at whether we can access other areas of cash for the city if this goes further. >> reporter: news 4 learned that the d.c. attorney and city administrator in heated meetings friday and today both warned the mayor he can't easily shift funds to pay bills and payroll. the city spends about $18 million a day on city services and payroll. it had about $153 million of available cash on hand to spend. enough to last a little more than another week. >> have to be in the right pot of money to make it available. >> that's right. we've been using our contingency cash reserve. we have other funds we are trying to determine if we can tap into. >> reporter: the district has $110 million in emergency funds
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mandated by congress, but it would last only a few more days. the mayor's office emfa sized the city can meet payroll next week october 15, but paychecks and contracts could be delayed after that if the federal shutdown continues to hold up the city budget. >> i hope everyone understands that the district of columbia should never be caught in the middle of this. >> classes are returning to normal in annapolis now. all of the school civilian faculty and staff who were furloughed are now back on the job. the pentagon decided over the weekend that civilian military workers are exempt from furlough and they could go back to work today. the academy had to cancel about 20% of classes last week because of staffing shortages. >> the government shutdown's also fueling the already hot debate in the virginia governor's race. after visiting a technology
6:34 pm
firm. >> it's traumatic for so many virginia residents. we've got to end it and ken needs to tell ted cruz and the rest of the folks to stop using the government as a bargaining chip. >> they e-mailed this response. it's not surprising that terry mcauliffe who redefined what it means to abwashington insider is trying to score political points over a government shutdown that's going to affect hundreds of thousands of virginians. >> hundreds of stolen items for sale including phones and medicare cards, and because of that owner of a store is locked up. police say he was the mastermind behind a massive fencing operation. he was already awaiting trial for trafficking stolen goods. mark seagraves with our report. >> shows you how blatant he is and there's such disregard for this. but he certainly was up to doing it again, yes.
6:35 pm
>> today police arrested 49-year-old david brown of capital heights, maryland. the owner of 12 volt electronics. police say these are only about a third of the more than 500 items they recovered when they searched brown's store, just off massachusetts avenue and third streets northwest. >> linked about 50 items to i think around 24 specific crimes that include robbery, burglary and theft from auto. >> reporter: the store was openly displaying stolen items like iphones, cameras, even electric guitars. police recovered dozens of credit cards, drivers licenses and medicare cards. >> we hit the store back in december of 2011, and he was charged back then with receiving stolen goods and we were on this current investigation for several mots, by the time we fwot the warrant. we think he has been doing this for some time. >> district officials have ordered the store closed for 96
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hours, pending a review of its business license. at police headquarters, mark seagraves, news 4. >> a woman was shot in the leg in manassas while watching her child play soccer. it happened last night about 5:00 at the park in prince william county. police say the woman felt a pain in her thigh. turns out it may have been a .22 caliber round. no one reported hearing gun shots or seeing anyone with a weapon. >> tonight this man is wanted for questioning in a homicide in the stafford county sheriff's office says he knows the victim. his name is john douglas cornell. the victim roberta dos. they are not saying how she died but say cornell had access to her van. a 1999 chevy venture similar to this one and that van is missing. >> a teenage driver has been released on bond after a violent crash that left one person dead
6:37 pm
and a child is gravely injured. police say the woman was driving a ford explorer in manassas early sunday morning. there were eight other people in the car including two young boys. she apparently lost control on dumfries road and flipped over several times. four passengers were flown to a hospital, one man later died there. a 4-year-old boy is said to be in very serious condition. the driver is facing several charges of child neglect for not putting the the kids in safety seats. >> a bus driver now called a bank bandit. details on the driver.
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6:39 pm
we learned new information about a glen burnie woman accused of robbing a bank. she was also a bus driver for prince george's county schools. 47-year-old janice queen is
6:40 pm
charged with holding up three banks. in the last robbery a teller got the suspect's license plate number during the get away. >> tonight, delta airlines is taking a new look at some of its procedures. that was prompted by what happened last thursday. on that day a 9-year-old boy managed to evade security and he stowed away. he didn't have a ticket. delta says the company is reviewing its policies and procedures to make sure that something like that doesn't happen again. >> searching the most dangerous streets in central america for a solution to a gang problem here in our area. >> last month erika gonzalez traveled 3,000 miles to el salvador along with a local law enforcement joining us now with a look ahead to her special report.
6:41 pm
>> it is long known that the gang ms 13 has roots in northern virginia. but why? and, does the gang in el salvador communicate with members here? the answers though those questions we found in gang-laced neighborhoods and jail cells and one on one interviews with former members. insider's perspective, that's one you will not want to miss. news 4 in central america, a special report tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to it. >> see you tonight. >> next up, company deals with grieving employees. new developments in a deadly new d[ male announcer ]eadly at northrop grumman,
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we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪
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and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. tonight we're hearing from the illinois-based company whose
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employ died working in a tunnel over the weekend. he was a metro contractor. his death is hitting that company hard and they are sending their own team of investigators here to figure out what happened. adam tuss has the latest. >> reporter: for some riders here like joanne long visiting from texas, no thoughts about the deadly accident that happened just inside the tunnel. >> as a visitor it's been very convenient and clean and i have felt safe. >> reporter: regular riders like ralph are keeping track of metro's safety record. >> i travel all over the worldment i never uncountered a metro system that has as many mechanical issues as this one. >> reporter: the accident happened beyond the platform here at union station. at the time the red line was shut down in this area but about a dozen huge pieces of equipment were operating around the area. metro crews and contractors were welding big pieces of rail together.
6:45 pm
just after midnight early sunday morning a fire and a loud noise. then a section of rail shifts, perhaps violently. two metro workers hurt, one contractor, 41-year-old harold ingram of new jersey, left dead. illinois-based company he worked for has now sent its own team of investigators here with thoughts of the episode fresh in their minds, other riders think about their own personal stories with the metro system. >> me and my friends the other week like it stopped in the middle of one of these things and we're both from california so it was dark and weird. >> reporter: back here now outside union station, the riders try to make their way home, the company that this contractor worked for says this is the first death on the job in decades. and they contract out to many transit agencies. they say it has been a big loss for their midsize firm. at union station, adam tuss, news 4. >> metro made major safety
6:46 pm
improvements to the rosslyn station in arlington, virginia. transit officials built a new entrance with three new high speed high capacity elevators. there is also an emergency evacuation stairway. and a new station manager kiosk also more pay stations. that station is one of the busiest in virginia. >> reality still sinking in. the newest winners of the nobel prize for medicine. two americans share the award with a german-american. james rothman, randy scheckman and randy sudhof split the prize. the research could lead to new treatments for metabolism deficiencies. exciting stuff. >> feels like fall out there, doug. only problem is a lot of the leaves are dried up and off the trees. >> and they are going to be blowing around. we go from 91 to a high of only
6:47 pm
in the mid-60s for many of you. fall is here, for sure. after all of the rain we get today look what we're left with. this is a beautiful shot, almost like a painting. you rarely see colors like this. those orange hues. that one with the washington monument, another to the west, some fantastic shots tonight. wow. that's amazing. around 6:41 sunset. 64 degrees, damp, overcast. 62, cloudy skies around 60 around 9, 11:00 down to 57 so we're not going to be cooling too quickly with the cloud cover. 61 in gaithersburg, 63 in dulles, 63 manassas. temperatures did drop 10 to 15 degrees and it continues to move out. the only area of rain toward dover, ocean city, on the lighter side. we did not see severe weather so that was good news.
6:48 pm
a little wind, a lot of rain. some locations over an inch. tomorrow none of that. 69. 68 in burke and 68 in camp springs. fall-like, cooler and breezy. i think we'll see winds bat 10, maybe 15 miles per hour. but that's going to be just enough to give you that cool breeze across our region. our storm system here it is, moving out. i want to show what you moves in. breezy conditions tomorrow as i mentioned. the breeze continues on wednesday, gets stronger ahead of our next storm system which is going to be the remnants of tropical storm karen. it's going to make its way up the coast. here comes a lot more rain. you've got a lot of atlantic moisture that could be coming in with that northeasterly wind, this could become a little bit of a nor'easter. not a big one but down along the coast we're talking 20, 30-mile-an-hour winds along the chesapeake could see coastal flooding there so that's something we're going to be watching. not a big storm but it is one that we see during the month of october. you want to watch for that.
6:49 pm
69 tomorrow, only 66 on our wednesday, 65 on thursday, a little cooler with the rain likely, then the storm could stall and give us shower activity from, saturday, maybe sunday. but for right now we are leaving sunday dry. don't put those umbrellas away yet and get out the jackets. >> thank you, doug. >> put on your home team jacket too. what you got, jason? >> the redskins saw what tony romo is capable of. plus drama in detroit as the
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
>> so we used to call it dallas week and used to matter. but, it might again. >> it still matters. the records aren't very good for both teams but the game matters. the redskins, cowboys squeak a big one. this match-up like so many before it means a lot to both teams for the skins a victory puts them back in the conversation of defending their nfc east crown from a year ago. on the last day of the bye week many watched the broncos yesterday a game in which tony romo threw for a career high 506 yards as well as five touchdown passes. despite throwing a late game changing interception the redskins defense definitely took
6:53 pm
notice of all of the positive things romo did. >> you know they looked amazing out there. i didn't think you know, offense we could keep up what those guys are doing. but you know, dallas and tony romo never seem to amaze knee. me came out and set all kind of records, made a lot of plays. it was that last end up costing them the game but they played a heck of a game. >> the redskins/cowboys game sunday night here on nbc 4. kickoff is 8:30. on the diamond, the beball postseason continue today with the slate of games in the american and national leagues. we'll start with the pirates and cardinals. pittsburgh up two games to one. hoping to close out at home. the top of the six, scoreless, holliday hits one deep. a two-run blast. the cardinals strike first, and they are up 2-0. that was enough run support for michael walker. you may remember him, he almost
6:54 pm
no-hit the nationals a couple weeks ago. he is striking out starling marte. they go on to win and force a game five wednesday in st. louis. also this afternoon, game three of the alds between the a's and tigers. oakland is up 6-3, the closer facing victor martinez. after the pitch, there is staring going on, words exchanged by both players. very strong words. these two will come face-to-face with each other, a motor city melee, remember it's just baseball. these guys aren't going to fight, no punches, no ejections. the a's did win, 6-3, they take a two games to one lead in the series. >> let's talk hockey now. alex ovechkin named the first star of the week after four goals in three games. the team was in dallas playing the stars and joe ward almost missed the game after getting
6:55 pm
locked in a restroom stall. ward and his teammates reflected on the great escape. >> how do you do that? >> went to the bathroom and locked the door and then it wouldn't open. >> i picked it up and he said you still at the restaurant. said yeah. all right i'm stuck in the wash room. can you get me. >> we went in there and it was quite a debacle. >> there he was poking his head over. the latch was spinning. >> carl was good about it. he kept me company while we were waiting for help so he sang a few songs to me and told me to sit tight. >> i was in the lobby tweeting making fun of him. >> we should have had him out in 10 minutes into the operation, not 35 minutes into it. >> we were listening to toilet flushes. the luckily the maintenance guy brought the ladder. >> once he did get over that's 210 pounds on the door. >> i'm a little bit of a few pounds so i was thank for for
6:56 pm
the boys. >> still with us. >> i had my own mother text me what was going on in the bathroom. >> it took 45 minutes to get joe ward out of the stall. >> no body check to the door? >> a tough door. >> must have been -- who are's the deal what i was laughing at. during that baseball game you saw that? the pitcher threw down his glove, took off his hat and then you could see him saying hold me back, for god sake, hold me back. >> baseball players they don't want to fight. we know we're going to get in trouble. >> you know you're going to get in trouble. >> that ain't why. get your nose broken. >> that's not it at all. >> like i said, dallas week used to matter. let's hope one day it will again. real soon. >> even if it doesn't matter it matters. >> doug's going to explain that to us later on and why that to us later on and why that should make
6:57 pm
february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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on our broadcast tonight, strike force. inside a pair of daring raids oversea s. the u.s. captures one of the world's most wanted. how they pulled it off and what to do with him now. the ripple effect of what washington has done. the government shutdown now a week old hitting families and businesses far beyond the beltway. moment of impact. the scary new view of the crash that's shaken up the world of auto racing and the the technology being credited with saving a lot of lives. and raising the bar. first in the nation in math and science. now outperform ing most of the world. tonight an american success story. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. they are known as special operators for good reason. they are the members of the u.s. armed forces who move in the


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