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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 3, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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police officer was in the car.
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the pedestrian walkway in front of the white house is still closed. adam tuss is live with the latest from there. adam? >> reporter: the situation there, still the same as the past hour, hour and a half. take a look, this is 15th and pennsylvania. you can see beyond the street, the traffic is moving on 15th street. right there, the pedestrian entrance where the secret service officer is and the yellow caution tape, that has been in place for at least an hour now, maybe an hour and a half since the situation started unfolding. of course, if you were a pedestrian or someone on a segway, so many tours come down there. that's the street, pennsylvania avenue, the grand boulevard you would walk on to get in front of the white house. it has not been open. we have seen people coming here
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at security check point. the officers checking badges and ids and letting white house staff go through once they are sure it is secure. the initial report is the women in the car tried to ram the barricades here. there were reports she tried to ram the white house gate. for her to get right next to the white house gate, it would be next to impossible. not only would she have to go through the first set of metal ballards, she would have to get through the second set. then, only then, could she get remotely close to the white house. it seems it started here at the intersection of 15th and pennsylvania avenue. after that happens, the pursuit and chase by the u.s. capital. let me show you what's going on in la fayette square and the crowds on pennsylvania avenue in
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front of the white house are corrdoned off. the people are being pushed off to the side at la fayette square park, which is a good size. take a look over more, you can stee white house police officers out there, one of them on a horse, a couple on their cars. it's an orderly kind of response in front of the white house as the details come in and people try to figure out what happened here. police are keeping people away from the situation. it's not a chaotic scene. the traffic, as we mentioned, still rolling on 15th street and rolling on 17th street, i street, all the perimeter streets around the white house. the traffic is still open. those things are flowing as normal. pennsylvania avenue continues to be ringed off fwi caution tape and the secret service. >> this is tom sherwood.
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1600 pennsylvania avenue, many may not remember was closed in the 1990s by president bill clinton. the oklahoma city bombing went off and they decided it was too close to the white house. that's whyette's been closed for 20 years now. >> reporter: the streets around the white house, this is one of the things we go through living in the capital, there are security procedures that didn't used to be here. e street in front of the white house on the south side of the white house, that carried traffic. those roads are closed right now. >> adam tuss, thanks so much. we are just getting in a first picture of the capital police car and the damage it received. oh! there it is right there. we showed him air lifted to washington med star where erika gonzalez is standing by. we don't know his condition. we do know he was not injured by gunshots, but the impact of this crash here and take a look at that.
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that has to be a high rate of speed, certainly. >> erica also reported that there is a female being treated at the hospital. the police chief, the capital police chief would not confirm the female suspect in this case has been killed, however, according to pete williams, that woman in the car, the woman who led police on this chase was shot and killed by police in that exchange of gunfire. we don't know the condition of the child. >> it's important to note, the officer was conscious when we saw him on the stretcher being taken to the helicopter to be taken to med star. he was conscious. we don't know whether he's in surgery or not. there was a baby inside the small black car being pursued. we don't know the status of the baby's condition. the baby is alive but we don't know anymore about that. >> look at the condition of that car. it's remarkable. this is a reuters photo that's been retweeted and sent out by
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d.c. firefighters local 36, the firefighters union. look at the officers. they were saying the fire department had to use metal cutting equipment to get the officer out of the car. so, i do believe it's a reuters photograph. >> we are learning more about where members of congress were at the time the gunfire erupted on capitol hill. barbara harrison has details from the live desk. barbara? >> we understand many members were in the lobby at the time it happened. many were on the balcony including jerry conley who described a burst of gunfire from the house side of the capital. another congressman described it as the first part of a 21-gun salute. capital police rushed them inside and locked the lobby doors. that's when they were ordered to shelter in place. the house reconvened over a half hour ago and are in session
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right now. i'm barbara harrison at the live desk. >> thank you, barbara. we should also say that the suspect in this case, we believe, pete williams has reported that the woman who was in the car was shot and killed by police even though the chief, capital police department would not confirm that. >> the shot we panned off t yellow markings there, are they bullet casing marks? if so, there were a dozen. six gunshots and witnesses say ten. a satellite truck operator says he heard as many as 15. we hear about two possible, separate shooting locations and rounds of gunfire, too. we want to go to jackie bensen. what are you hearing and seeing right now? >> reporter: a short time ago, i talked to a witness, somebody standing very, very close to where this all went down near
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the capital reflecting pool. he described a very dramatic scene in which he was sitting there. he saw police pursuing a black sedan. the sedan pulled up. the officers got out of their cars with their guns drawn toward the black car. at that point, he said the black car backed up hard, bumping into the capital police cruiser behind it and took off. that is when the pursuit began that eventually ended with what we believe is a traffic accident injury to a u.s. capital police officer. we were here when he was put on a gurney and into an ambulance driven to the capital grounds near the reflecting pool and put into a helicopter and flown to a local hospital. we do not have any information on his condition at this time. they were working on that vehicle. i saw the air bags had deployed. they were working on the vehicle for quite some time to safely free him from the vehicle.
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right now, news 4 crews on the scene all over. we are expecting some more detail from chief kim dine of the u.s. capital police. we are efforting and trying to get information from d.c. police because they are the ones handling this investigation into exactly what happened here. the details as to who was in the car, how many people were in the car, what possible motive they have and ultimately a confirmation of what nbc news is hearing is that the female suspect is dead. reporting live, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank you. we are awaiting the press conference from u.s. park police in about five minutes. 4:15, we are expecting them to update us on this part of the investigation. >> we are standing by for that. we were seeing the yellow markings there. if they are marking where bullets landed, i counted more than 20. >> a lot of them. yeah. >> there they are. that could be any kind of piece
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of evidence. >> it could be, indeed. it could be indeed. >> something large in the top of the screen. >> we are talking two separate locations, perhaps more and initial gunshots fired near the white house. as adam tuss pointed out, we were hearing there was an effort to ram a gate but that could not have happened. she apparently tried to ram the barricades and did not get close to the gates themselves because of the barricades. we want to take a quick break and our live team coverage will continue on the drama unfolding at the white house and on
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. breaking news coverage continues right now. we are waiting for a news conference from d.c. police and capital police on the drama that unfolded beginning back at 2:18 this afternoon near the white house where a female driver, apparently tried to ram a barricade, a baby inside the vehicle, secret service pursue her down constitution and pennsylvania toward capitol hill that was placed under lockdown, gunfire erupted, reunderstand. at least two locations there. >> police telling us it appears to be an isolated incident, does not appear to be related to terrorism. police have gained control at both scenes, secured the white house and the capital.
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we have a police officer, a capital police officer injured and being treated at washington med star and female being treated according to erika gonzalez. pete williams tells us the female involved in this chase, the drama in the shooting was shot and killed by police. >> at any moment we are expecting to hear from capital police as well as d.c. police. adam tuss is standing by near the white house. you have an i-witness, adam? >> reporter: that's right, jim. i'm here with olivia huckabee. she works nearby and was here when it was happening. set the scene about what was going on. >> it was a regular day, just walking down the street, coming back from break. usually when the motorcade comes by it's normal. everything happened so fast. i was coming down this way -- >> 15th street. >> 15th street.
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everybody started running from la fayette park. it got crazy really, really fast. whoever they were chasing, i couldn't see. everything happened so fast. >> reporter: right, people said there's been a lot of screaming. people were saying get away from the white house. it was more than what would be as if a motorcade came by. what was going through your mind? were you trying to get away as well? >> with the shooting just happening, it was like oh my gosh, the white house was going on. everybody was running. all i could see was people running to la fayette park. i was trying to get back to my job. >> reporter: this might have been a black car, did you see a car or hear tires screech, anything along those lines, any sort of explosion or collision? >> no, only thing we heard were sirens and the secret service. they had their speakers outside the cars. they were like get away from the
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white house, everybody started running. i don't know what happened. everybody started running toward la fayette park. it happened so fast. >> reporter: you trying to calm your nerves down? >> yeah. >> reporter: a quick scene of what is going on here. that's pennsylvania avenue as it goes in front of the white house. this is 15th and pennsylvania avenue. the scene is blocked off here. this is where pedestrians would be allowed to go and get in there, still blocked off. back to you guys. >> adam, did she hear gunfire or did anyone hear gunshots near the white house? they hinted maybe there were some initially down there? >> reporter: i did ask olivia and other people in this area. no gunfire, right? >> no gunfire. >> reporter: most people say what they heard was a lot of screaming and yelling. there was a chaotic situation of people running from the white house trying to get away. a lot of people, as olivia
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mentioned trying to go to la fayette park and the barricades separating people there. people trying to get out of the area. >> adam tuss reporting live from the white house. thank you. in front of the pedestrian avenue that has been closed and is still closed. this is a scene, again, from the capital police cruiser there. those markers in the road could be markers indicating the number of shells or shell casings that were found. we understand there were multiple shots fired, two separate periods of gunfire during this chase. this car that approached the capital and took police on a chase in circles for some time before stopping and then starting again and exchanging gunfire during the course of that gunfire, the suspect apparently shot. >> pat, we have some of that video right now. we have slowed it down. this is actually the small,
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black, two-door sedan we have been talking about that we want to bring up now. it's the pursuit around that, it's a fountain on the mall side of the capital building where people walk around, take pictures all day and night. there you see the black car. we highlighted it there as it goes around being pursued. initially, it involved a secret service car. we saw one behind it now. >> this video is slowed. i can't help but mention that in the video that we originally saw, you can tell they were pursuing, but it didn't look like it. it was a high speed chase. >> right. but the impact of the one police cruiser that we saw was significant and we know that officer had to be cut out using the jaws of life before we saw him transported by police helicopter to med star. we don't know his condition. no officer was hit by gunfire. the woman was hit by gunfire.
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there was an exchange of gunfire. jackie bensen reported that at one point that small black car with a baby inside it backed up when it rammed into a barricade near the capital and in the pursuit began again before it hit another barricade. >> d.c. police have taken charge of the crash and the shooting investigation. we are expecting to hear an update from police, capital park police are standing by. we are standing by to hear from them any moment now with an update of what they have learned at this hour. what they have told us is this appears to have been an isolated incident happening here at the capital. it's not related to terrorism. we are going to continue our coverage of the shooting on the capital right after this break. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to our breaking news from capitol hill as we take a live picture. we have word the senate adjourned until 10:30 tomorrow. the house, as you saw, after a half hour under lockdown and recess. they are back in session and debating a minifunding bill right now. this all follows back to 2:18, pat, now, that chaotic chase
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that ended in gunfire. there you see a live picture of that police cruiser and what we believe to be bullet markings around it. >> we are still waiting an update, a press conference, news conference by u.s. park police. an officer was injured in an accident at the end of the shooting drama. erika gonzalez is on the scene at med star washington hospital center where the officer is being treated. she has an update for us. erika? >> reporter: this is where we are two hours after it all started, spiraling out of control. you can see police presence here outside med star washington hospital center. the last information we got was they did, in fact, have two patients, one of them a female, the other a male u.s. capital police officer. now their injuries, the extent of their injuries, whether or not they were scene by doctors has not been privy to us. the last piece of information
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they gave to us, we were expecting a live conference. they were going to pass it over to u.s. capital park police. they would be the ones updating us. anything else would come via social media. the last tweet, two patients from capitol hill, one u.s. capital police officer, no condition updates at this time t. two patients they received were from capitol hill, one a female, the other a police officer. back to you. >> we want to thank you so much and remind viewers pete williams confirmed the woman, we believe the woman driver was killed in this exchange of gunfire. >> our coverage will continue >> our coverage will continue right after this. yeah, oh. no, i gotta go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minute clinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary,
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we are still awaiting a start of a press conference by u.s. park police, capital indianapol police, rather. we are just about 4:30 and continuing our coverage of the shooting that has taken place in the nation's capital on capitol hill this afternoon. we believe the suspect, the female suspect, dead. this is happening in the middle of rush hour now. constitution avenue has been closed. that is a major commuter route.
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>> constitution avenue inbound in the morning and outbound going east in the afternoon for people in the far edges of the district of columbia to prince gorges county. i'm sure mass avenue, one block further north will be jammed as people try to avoid the area. police and d-dot are saying stay away from constitution avenue. you are not going to go anywhere if you get in that area. >> this is the scene right now. we have police tape across very busy arteries across town. we saw a lot of activity with tourists around independence avenue. they ran away from the capital building. this is unfolding around 2:18 when everyone inside capitol office buildings heard on p.a. systems to shelter in place. people were getting text messages and tweets there was
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gunfire. luke russert heard three to five very distinct loud booms. others heard six, ten to 15 shots of gunfire. we want to go now to pat collins. he is at 3rd and constitution. pat, can you imagine cars even getting through there? are they going to be allowed to head down that major artery? >> reporter: it's going to be some time before constitution avenue is opened up. some time before maryland avenue is opened up. however, you still can go north on third street here. you can go south on fourth street in the other direction. now we just received some video from craig who works for comcast sports. he was riding his bike by the capitol when all of this went down. you are going to see in this video people lying on the ground near the steps as they are ducking for cover during the gunfire throughout this
4:30 pm
incident. you will see people actually in the bushes trying to get cover as this all goes down. you can see the police cars going by a little later on, you will see the u.s. capital police car that was wrecked. an officer in that car was injured. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. we are learning more about the suspect. we are told she's a woman. we are told she was born in 1979. we are told that she is dead. we are told that the tags on her car, the plates on her car are connecticut plates. they are looking into the possibility she may be from connecticut. we are told there was a small child in the car. the estimated age of that child, one year to 18 months. we are told the child seems to be okay. police continue to investigate the woman, they continue to investigate the car. they are trying to figure out
4:31 pm
what brought her here to washington for this very dangerous incident. here, first at the white house, then on capitol hill where she tried to run down a barricade where she eventually was shot and killed in a confrontation here on the capitol. earlier, i talked to some witnesses who were right here and this is what they heard, this is what they saw. >> seen these cop cars coming. there's probably five or six cop cars. they were chasing a little black car. at first, i thought it was a motorcade. it wasn't. when you see they were chasing that car, he tried to pull up on the sidewalk of the capitol. the barricades kept him out. the police cars boxed him in. >> they started hitting each side of his car. then we kind of looking at it going wow, i can't believe this is happening. next thing you know, the
4:32 pm
shooting started. once the shooting started, i got behind a tree and he got on the ground. >> reporter: again, we are told the suspect, a woman in that car is dead. we are told she was born in 1979, which would make her about 34 years old. we are told the car she was driving has connecticut license plates on it. we were told there was a young child in the car, maybe between 1 year and 18 months. we are told that child is okay. investigators trying to figure out who this woman is, what brought her to washington. as we get more details, i'll bring them to you. back to you. >> a lot of new information. pat collins, thanks so much. i want to go back to video pat shared. we brought a lot of pictures, a lot of them live, some inside the capitol. if we can show what looked to be tourists in shorts ordered to lie down on the grass. we have the video pat showed.
4:33 pm
sirens blaring in the back grounld. here we are on steps in the grass on sidewalks. they are lying there, cowhering in fear. tom sherwood, we lived in this city for dozens of years. we pride ourselves on being everybody's capitol her. what is the image that this sends out about our city? >> in fact, this is occurring in the heart of the tourist part of the capitol from the capitol to the white house to the mall, this is where the tourists congregate. for it to happen there is terrible. this is not one of the busiest seasons now. when talking to the smithsonian about who is coming here, they said 400,000 people a week come to the city. >> whoa! >> it's a lot of people. >> it's a lot. >> we had the navy yard shooting, the lady with the paint. the city has done a great deal
4:34 pm
to lose its image as an unsafe city. the murder rate plummeted compared to ten to 15 years ago. this will send a chilling message to people. i was on the phone this afternoon talking to vietnam veterans in north carolina who were planning to come up tomorrow to see the vietnam memorial. they are not sure it's going to be open. they are trying to get the senators in north carolina to be certain. they are not going to be afraid of anything. their concern, they are getting up in age and want to come to the nation's capitol. they are worried the capitol will be shut down. it's what people will be thinking. the capitol won't be shut down, but it gives pause about coming. >> when we see the camera pan over, you can see the black vehicle that's being pursued by secret service, by capitol police. >> imagine if you were a tourist, from anywhere, just coming in town and you have to lion the ground, not knowing if
4:35 pm
someone is going to come by shooting. >> the ones we saw laying on the ground looked like tourists because the woman is wearing shorts. >> nobody locally would be wearing shorts. >> it feels like summer here, we want to remind everybody. >> this is the helicopter landing for the event. >> here is the slow motion video we have of the chase of the capital police vehicle or the secret service vehicle. we are told they chased the female from the white house to the u.s. capitol. >> we are waiting for the news conference to begin any moment here from the chief and others. there's been no indication from anybody who saw this what type of motive. did this person yell something? did she have -- a lot of people come to town that want to pass out literature, they sit mute in front of the white house. we have a lot of people come here but there's no indication,
4:36 pm
yet, who she is other than what pat says? >> 39 years old, connecticut license plate on the car, inside the car, a baby. we do not know the condition of the child. the status of that baby. we understand the baby is alive. we do believe, reports from pete williams, the female driver shot and killed. >> born in 1979 makes her about 34 years old. >> oh, 34. >> motive is still the question. we'll bring you that press conference from capitol police as soon as it begins. as soon as it begins. we'll
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he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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our breaking coverage continues now. we have new pictures in from cell phone video. chris gordon is at the live desk. this seems to be the seconds right after the crash, is that right, chris? >> we are going to show you video you will be seeing for the first time of the crash itself. you mentioned there was a chase after that, fleeing suspects vehicle. the black vehicle where the suspect was going up constitution avenue. there was somebody with a cell phone. jamilla stewart is the name recording. police cruiser hitting the barricade. she's saying oh my god. you will go back and see the barricade. it is a white barricade in the middle of constitution avenue that caused, you saw it there
4:40 pm
briefly, the white barricade with orange markings on top. the police officer seemed to hit the barricade. it's usually put up for security. apparently, in this case, caused this crash. you are seeing it again. take a look. this is coming from cell phone video. this is jamilla stewart saying, oh my god. this is the u.s. capital police officer from the vehicle being transported. he was taken to the hospital, apparently non-life threatening injuries. what you are seeing is a close up given to nbc news from the cell phone taken at constitution avenue at first as this u.s. capital police officer was giving chase to the suspects fleeing vehicle up capitol hill and constitution. hit a ballard or barricade causing the accident. he is suffering from injuries from a traffic incident.
4:41 pm
that's the latest, live from the news desk, chris gordon. >> we know the damage to the vehicle, we had another angle that showed significant damage. the officer had to be cut out of the car before he was placed on the gurney and air lifted to med star hospital. >> those are the barriers embedded in constitution avenue. they can flip up and say stop on them. i'm not sure why the officer would hit them. maybe they came up too soon. they are barrier that is are on constitution avenue, independence avenue and the other streets. they can flip up with a switch. >> we have new video coming into the news room of the chase scene. there is the vehicle. there's the vehicle. we had heard that the vehicle led police on a chase around the
4:42 pm
capital on the west side, then stopped. the driver stopped and exchanged gunfire with police and got back in the car. there was another chase before this all ended. >> jackie mentioned, there was a time four or five officers had their guns drawn, that was it, then she took off again. >> look at the tourists sitting there. look how close they are. >> they don't seem to be, as the other tourists were, lying down and afraid. they are watching all this unfold, sirens blaring. some are running there. can you imagine, you don't know what it is. >> you know, i have to say, there are movies made in town. if you are sitting down, not expecting something to happen. >> look at the number of police officers with guns here. >> amazing she got out of the spot with a police car behind her. sthak is what jackie mentioned, too. she backed up and went forward again. >> we talked earlier about after action reports.
4:43 pm
they had a car stop there, did they not block it in successfully? >> several officers. >> again, these things are happening in split moments, not to be critical, just observing there. they did not have her fully blocked in. >> she is a 34-year-old from connecticut, driving a car with connecticut tags. >> the car is from connecticut. >> yes. yes. >> there is a baby inside this while all of this unfolds. this, again, video from alhurra tv. >> there was a baby that is reportedly okay. >> i don't know why this tv crew is there. any number of crews from around the world looking at the shutdown on capitol hill and what's going to happen politically and economically. who knows what kind of video we'll get in here on news 4. a lot of people are up there taking pictures today. >> we talk about the rest of the country and the city's image,
4:44 pm
but what the rest of the world is thinking now, too. i can really talking, pat, as you did too. i talked to radio stations in australia and new zealand. people are wondering what's going on in the nation's capital. here we go again. >> there are all kinds of foreign tourists at the lincoln memorial, the vietnam memorial andmemorial. i think people in this world, which we are all connected by the internet now and the video we can send and the news report. people, i think, are not surprised it happens anywhere, they are surprised when it happens. >> you are watching live coverage of a drama unfoding on day three of the government shutdown. it has nothing to do with the shutdown, as far as we know. a female driver who leads police on a high speed chase or chase down constitution avenue after
4:45 pm
trying to ram barricades at the white house, then approaching the capitol and leading police on a chase in circles on the west side before crashing. and we have a capitol police officer injured, being treated at the hospital at washington med star where we are told a female was being treated, but nbc confirmed and we have reported that the female is dead. >> right. and from two and a half hours ago now, here we go, a female shot and killed, a car hit the white house gate, we understand it, a gate down there. earlier, we heard it may have been a type of barricade or ballard, if you will. we believe she may have been trying to ram a gate. 10 to 15 shots fired. we are hearing at least two different locations. we don't know if they were at the capitol after a pursuit or if some gunfire was fired around the white house. adam tuss was down there. no one he talked to heard
4:46 pm
gunshots down there. the capitol police chief, kim dine, hinted there may have been gunshots around the white house. the capitol was placed on lockdown. staff members told to shelter in place. the house went out of session. they were debating a minifunding bill. we learned in the past half hour, the senate is going out of session until tomorrow morning at 10:30. we have new video, too, coming in now. >> we are going to show the chase video. in is the video where you see the black vehicle. >> the guns are drawn on both sides. >> police had her cornered there. >> guns were drawn. [ gunfire ] >> there you hear gunshots. >> several. maybe five, six shots, i counted five guns drawn on that car. she is speeding away there, again, not to repeat, but there's a baby in that car. it's interesting to know whether
4:47 pm
the officers saw, they were very close to the vehicle. saw there was a child in the car. we don't know whether there was gunshot fired from the car. the windows appear to be rolled up on both sides. >> this chase ended at second and maryland avenue northeast. that's where the vehicle crashed into a barricade and this is where the final, there it is -- >> the d.c. police sent out a tweet still telling, asking, telling people to stay away from the area. the incident is over. the investigation has begun. >> we want to let you know pennsylvania avenue has just reopened to pedestrians. we have seen the pedestrian boulevard had been shut down more than two hours. again, this unfolding before 2:18 and again, pat, as we know, we are waiting for the latest word from police. >> expecting a news conference any moment now. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens and we'll
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we are continuing our breaking coverage. we are waiting to hear from capitol police. we want to show this video again. video of the suspects car that -- >> here it is. >> there it is. this car, the car that gave chase. police have her cornered. you can see police with their guns drawn and take a listen.
4:51 pm
[ gunfire ] >> a volley of gunshots and we are told if you listen very closely, the sounds of people screaming. this, this, suspect gave police chase. they cornered her and stopped her, you saw that. then this is what happened. they circled the west side of the capitol right there on the mall side before this vehicle crashed at second and maryland avenue. then there was another volley of gunshots. the suspect emerged from the vehicle, exchanged gunfire and was shot to death. >> the officers, pat, i counted five with guns drawn. some of them feet from the drivers window right there. we know there, again, was a baby inside the car. where the gunshots were directed, we don't know or if gunshots were coming from the car. were they directed toward the car, a person or tires or what
4:52 pm
was happening? >> we don't know who fired the shots. >> at least five officers had guns trained and drawn on that car before she pulled away. backed up first and tried to pull away. we are waiting for the press conference. we have a take a quick break
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
welcome back. as we continue to follow the breaking news from the white
4:55 pm
house to capitol hill, news 4s mark segraves joins us live from constitution avenue. we are heading, we are in the midst of rush hour. what have you learned where you are? >> reporter: jim, this is where the scene came to an end. you can see the u.s. capitol police car where the officer was injured in the crash. all the yellow tags in the street, they are evidence markers. now, most likely, they indicate shells, shell casings from gunfire. a witness to the incident told me what he saw was the black car racing from the direction of the white house coming up around the west side of the capitol where he heard an exchange of gunfire. then the car sped over here to where you see it on second street and constitution avenue. it's where everything came to an end. multiple sources are telling me the infant in the car, 18 months old was injured. i don't know how seriously, didn't know if it was a gunshot
4:56 pm
injury. the woman was shot and killed. the officer in the car was injured. we don't know the extent of his injuries. moments after this happened, crowds grew in the area over the sidewalk. police were walking through the crowds, yelling, asking for witnesses. they were walking through the crowd yelling, any witnesses in the crowd. did anybody see or hear anything. as people raised their hands, the media tried to get to them. police hustled them away and they are being interviewed by police. in about an hour, we expect a briefing from u.s. capitol police, fbi and metropolitan police for more on what exactly happened here. behind me, the scene as it is now, what appears to be a deadly shoot out at the u.s. capital. reporting live, mark segraves,
4:57 pm
news 4. chaos on capitol hill after a woman tries to ram her car through the white house gate with a baby inside. >> then i hear boom, boom, boom, boom, boom as, you know, the gunfire is unloading. >> tonight, we have team coverage from the wild chase and shootout to the i-witness accounts. >> you could hear multiple shots. we knew we were in danger. >> news 4 is covering every angle of this breaking story. what an afternoon we have. thanks for staying with us for this special coverage. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. we continue to get new information. new pictures from capitol hill to the white house. we have reporters covering every angel on this shooting. first, new pictures just in give us the best look yet at what transpired this afternoon. five officers, weapons on the woman behind the world,
4:58 pm
surrounding a black infiniti with connecticut plates before the car speeds off. it goes around the traffic circle and continues on, making a right and going up to capitol hill. this video from alharra tv. >> this is around 2:15 this afternoon. a woman tried to ram a barrier outside the white house before developing into the chase that ended with the gunfire you have been hearing on capitol hill. sources telling nbc news police fired shots at the female driver. we are toldhe woman was killed. right now, the lockdown that was placed on the capitol after the shots were fired earlier this afternoon has been lifted. authorities are saying this was an isolated incident. as we continue to learn how all of this unfolded, jackie bensen is live with the latest on what she knows down there. jackie? >> reporter: wendy, this was a chaotic scene. when it was over, a female suspect was dead and a u.s.
4:59 pm
capitol police officer was trapped in the wreckage of his cruiser. the scene was chaotic. u.s. capitol police officers worked with firefighters to free a trapped colleague from his damaged police cruiser. they saw police pursuing a small black car at a high rate of speed around the capitol reflecting pool. >> heard sirens. a black sedan followed by three or four cruisers. they stopped about 50 feet from where i was standing. surrounded the car, opened the passenger side with guns drawn. at that point, the sedan slammed in reverse, hit a cruiser behind it to give it space. did a 180 and took off. >> reporter: one man is a furloughed federal worker. he was horrified. >> a government worker like you. >>


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